Just like Mother

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Sandra was a widowed woman with a grown up daughter, Jackie, who was nearly half her mother’s age; being 26 compared to her mother’s 53 years. Other than their age difference, one could easily take them as sisters and often did, for they were almost identically built with the same hair colour and distinguishing features. Both women were blond blue-eyed and well stacked, they both weighing in at a medium weight for their height of 5’8″ tall.
Now the story I’m about to relate to you, began when Sandra found one of my stories on a well-known adult website, now in the beginning I did not know how she began to pursue the matter but I received an e-mail asking me if it was possible for me to train her daughter. Several e-mails were exchanged between us but the main body of which amounted to the fact that according to Sandra Jackie was a submissive slut who needed to be trained to be obedient. As I said in the beginning I did not know how her mother knew this of her own daughter, but as I was about to find out it was an intriguing story.
One of the last e-mails we exchanged amounted to arrangements for me to meet the two women, for their safety it was decided to meet at the shopping mall. The instructions were fairly simple they were to enter a well-known department store, go to the ladies lingerie section and to purchase a black lacy bra that would fit her daughter and then go into the changing area to try it on, however they were to leave a gap in the curtain so that I could witness Jackie putting on the new bra. I would then make contact with them outside the store and take matters from there.
To me this meant placing myself near enough to the changing area and waiting for two women to go into the cubicle carrying a black lacy bra and then watch as one of them tried it on with the Gap in the curtain, this would then identify them to me so I could approach them outside and in many respects was proof that they wish to continue further with what until now had been merely erotic e-mails. Sure enough I watched as the two of them entered the cubicle and the older of the two begin to undress the younger to actually try on the bra, I could see that the older one was actively looking for someone taking an interest to try to identify the person they were to meet.
20 min later I approached the pair of them as they stood window shopping and merely asked for directions to the nearest public convenience, when they turned to answer me I quickly asked if they were Sandra and Jackie and got an affirmative nod by way of response. I told them to follow me and lead them to some benches where we sat down to Chat. I half think that Sandra expected me to leave her there and take Jackie away to begin her training, because the look on her face was an absolute picture when I told them both to follow me.
It was only minutes later that we were in the car park and they had indicated their car to me, I told them to get in the car both of them in the front seat and I climbed in to the back. Light general conversation followed as I gave them directions to my home and at no time did I hint at what was to follow. Once outside my home I told them both to follow me inside and lead them into the living room, where I suddenly turned and faced them before speaking.
Before we begin I wish to know who made the decision to contact me in regard to this training matter. I asked.
Sandra spoke first saying that her and her daughter never kept secrets from each other and because of this she knew that Jackie had already had some bad experiences in regard to being submissive and was scared that allowing her daughters slutty nature to be witnessed would lead to further bad episodes, and so it was decided between them that Jackie needed training. I turned and asked Jackie what was she expecting to get out of being trained and received a reply of all the usual things one would expect, that mainly she would get great sex, no guilt complex, and is much cock and she could handle. I then turned and asked Sandra exactly what she was looking to get out of this training session, and she replied that she just hoped her daughter would become sexually satisfied and happy with her lot and peace of mind that her daughter would not be at serious risk of being blackmailed.
I then took the next half an hour to explain the rules of the house and that once entering the front door my word was law and failure to adhere to that would result in punishment set by me, administered by me in whatever manner I deem to be most appropriate. Jackie then agreed to this and it seemed as though she was waiting for me to continue with my speech, after some 10 min of silence I turned and stared at Sandra. It seemed to take a while for the penny to drop then all of a sudden Sandra replied oh and I agree too. She said.
Very well I continued that will be the last time that I ever wait for a response without issuing punishment. I informed them. From now on if I have to wait more than 30 seconds for an action or a reply I will start to add punishments the situation so it’s in your best interest to react and respond promptly. I instructed them.
Leaving both women still standing there I moved over and sat on the sofa and waited to see what would happen, sure enough both women looked at each other as if to dare each other to be the first to make a move to sit down, it was as if silently they had agreed that they would do it together as they both made at the same time to sit either side of me on the sofa. No sooner had their backsides touched the sofa then I stood straight up, turned to them and bellowed stand-up you fucking sluts. I informed that they had both earned six spanks on their bare asses to be delivered by me, I informed them they would be given whilst they leaned over the offending sofa. Sandra face was an absolute picture once more for I think she did not realise that the punishments could come her way as much as daughter’s.
I now led Sandra to one end of the sofa and Jackie to the other end and told them both to raise their skirts and remove her panties, I watched as with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement they actually watched each other remove the offending items, to their credit neither one tried to lower her skirt to cover up. Then on the count of three they were informed to bend over and then reaching above their heads they were to hold hands with each other and await the completion of their punishment. To add further humiliation I informed them that they were to speak in a clear voice and to count the number of spanks but not only that but they were to describe anything else that was being done to them.
At this point I went and stood behind Sandra raised my hand and brought it crashing down in a firm to hard slap and then slowly and deliberately run my fingers between her spread legs and up to feel her cunt. Jackie’s quivering voice called out one, and then nervously described how my fingers were spreading her cunt lips and the tips of my fingers entering into her wet cunt. No sooner had the top half inch of my index finger penetrated her cunt then it was gone and I moved quickly behind Jackie. I noticed that Jackie tensed herself as soon as I stood behind so instead of delivering her first slap I held out my fingers, the same fingers that had been up her mother’s cunt and rubbed the cunt juice across Jackie’s lips I then told her to lick her lips and tell me what she tasted. For the umpteenth time that day Sandra seemed to blush, and Jackie mumbled something about cunt juice, so I made her repeat it until I could clearly hear what she said which turned out to be that she could taste her own mother’s cunt juice. Whilst she was saying this I quickly raised my hand and delivered Jackie’s first spank and again slowly allowed my fingers access between her spread legs only this time my fingers pressed against her anal ring until the tip of my fingers slipped inside.
One called out Jackie before rather hesitantly describing to her own mother what my fingers were doing to anal ring, the way they spread it and the way it was pushing into her tight arse. I think Sandra knew what was coming when I moved behind her the second time for my finger traced the outline of her mouth her tongue snaked out and almost lapped at my fingertips. I suspect that Sandra was used to this sort of treatment because at no time did she tense up as she waited for her second spank. This time as my fingers found her anal opening I pushed my index finger and forefinger into her to the second knuckle and kept them there occasionally wiggling my fingers. Sandra counted the second slap and almost breathlessly described what my fingers were doing inside her anal chute.
Again I made Jackie taste her mother’s bodily fluids before continuing with the administered punishments to her backside and fingering her cunt. Both women were soaking wet by the time I had completed the punishments, I then allowed them to stand and show each other their now cherry red arses. Then Sandra seemed to be looking for permission to leave but was scared to ask and I was in no mood to actually grant that wish anyhow. In fact I now made it plain to Sandra that I considered her as much my submissive slut has her daughter was going to become and the fact that she was going to be used as an example to her daughter on what a real slut did and could expect.
Sandra was about to complain until she saw the stern look on my face and he thought better of it, instead she asked if she could ask a question. I granted her permission to ask the question and waited to hear what she would have to say. Why when our agreement was for you to train my daughter, am I now being used in the same fashion? She asked.
My years in security has taught me to read between the lines, and right from the very first e-mail it has come across to me that whilst he was setting up the training of your daughter subliminally you were also asking for the same treatment for yourself, because why else would you be so interested in what I was going to do to your daughter; if you had no interest in experiencing it yourself, you would just have asked how long would the training take to reach the level that your daughter would be happy at! I replied.
Once again Sandra blushed but never answered, and when I finally pressed further she did admit that my graphic descriptions of what I would be doing to her daughter had turned her on so much so that she had spent several nights masturbating to those very thoughts.
Now with Sandra and Jackie standing facing each other I demanded that Sandra tell me her first slutty experience and I warned her not to leave anything out. Rather hesitantly she began, it was six months or so after my wedding to Jackie’s father, Tony, when one-day he came home with his brother, William. I knew they had been drinking because I could smell the alcohol on their breath but they didn’t appear to be drunk, when Tony called me over and rather matter-of-factly informed me he was not happy with our sex life and intended to spice it up. My instant reaction was to tell them that we should not be discussing this in front of his own brother, Bill. I was somewhat taken aback by his reaction as he suddenly burst out laughing, and then he let me in on what he saw as the little joke. Apparently he and Bill had been discussing our sex life while they were drinking in the pub and between them had come up with a solution, but when I asked what that solution was he simply said that I would soon see.
Tony turned round and told me that for some time now he had been wondering about my pre-marriage reputation, for he had heard many rumours as to just how free and easy I had been with my virtue and besides he had begun to wonder what it would be like to actually watch his precious wife being fucked by another man. As Tony told me all of this I have to admit that the alcohol on his breath seemed to be burning into my taste buds and the words seemed to be seared into my brain, did my husband actually want me to fuck someone else and more importantly did he actually want to watch all the action. As he was telling me this I didn’t notice but Bill had managed to manoeuvre himself just to the side of me, the first I became aware of it was when I heard my husband say Bill is here to witness just how much of a slut you really are.
Barely a word in protest had managed to pass my lips when I felt a rapid stinging sensation on my right cheek, it seemed to take ages to register that my husband of some six months had just slapped across the face. I was shocked and confused, I was shocked that my husband had physically assaulted me but confused because suddenly for no reason there were tiny atom bombs going off inside my cunt. I couldn’t work out whether it was because I had been slapped or because they were going to make me their slut, but whichever it was it was doing a good job in pressing all the right buttons and making my cunt soaking wet. Tony must have realised the effect all this was having on me, because he suddenly began calling me all sorts of names and in the midst of this he demanded that I remove my blouse.
Again I was about to complain and refuse when my left cheek suddenly began to sting and burn, he had just slapped me again and once more my stomach turned into joyous wonder. Before I could react further suddenly Tony and Bill’s hands were all over my top and the sound of them tearing my blouse seemed to deafen my ears, I looked down to see my blouse on the floor in tatters and only my black lacy bra preventing my brother-in-law from ogling my tits. Tony then told me that I was to obey the rules or I would suffer further spanks as they saw fit, he grinned like a Cheshire cat as you told me there was only one rule. That rule was to do what I was told without hesitation.
Tony further went on to explain as he stroked my red stinging cheek that if I did not remove what I was told to do when I was told to do it then they would do it for me and I would feel the pain for refusing. The words he used were seared into my brain but the one thing that I was aware of, all the time that Tony was uttering them, was that Bill’s eyes were boring into my scantily covered breasts and this only added to the raging furnace now brewing inside my cunt. With my mind still trying to clear the fog of what happened so rapidly I barely heard the next thing was said to me, it was Bill who told me to remove my bra, suddenly everything seemed to be in slow motion that is until I felt the third stinging sensation in the space of 10 mins. Before I could react to this both men had their hands gripping my bra and very easily wrenched it from my body, my natural reaction was to cover my now exposed breasts with my hands but Tony quickly grabbed my arm twisting it and pushed it up behind my back. Very calmly he said put your other arm up behind your back or the slap you just took to your face will seem like a butterfly landing.
Almost in panic I did as I was told but all the time I was aware of Bill licking his lips at the prospect of his passions being unleashed to maul my unfettered tits. So you can see in many respects I had no choice but to remove my skirt when I was told to but the strange thing was by this stage I actually wanted to. I was now stood in front of my husband and his brother wearing only my black lacy panties and if I’m honest I was loving it. Very quickly I felt one of my husband’s hands slide down the side of my panties on my hip and grip them, I expected him to slowly pulled down but instead without a word being spoken my brother-in-law did the same on the other side and with an ear piercing rip my panties were gone. Tony my husband let go of them and I watched in a mixture of horror and sheer lust as my brother-in-law lifted the panties up and began to sniff the gusset. He quickly pointed something out to Tony, who simply smiled and nodded and then Tony pinched my nose until I had to open my mouth to breathe and instantly Bill pushed the wettest part of the panties into my mouth telling me to suck my own cunt juice from them.
By this stage I couldn’t care less, so I did just that and never even tried tied my blushes at being naked for the first time in front of my brother-in-law, if my husband wanted me to act like a whore then I would and if it was to be with my brother-in-law then that was his choosing. That night I was spit roasted for the first time, took my first cock of my arse and then was double penetrated as my husband fucked my cunt whilst my brother-in-law fucked my arse for the first time too. By the time they had finished I had come six times and taken four loads of spunk from each of them all over my face and tits and I loved it.
At this point I stepped in and told Sandra that I was not happy with her description, I made her tell me in front of her daughter how she felt taking your brother-in-law’s cock first in the mouth and then in your cunt and finally up her arse. Sandra apologised and begged not to be punished and promised to tell me all the details.
She began. At Tony’s command I was told to kneel in front of Bill and I watched up close and personal as he undid the belt buckle of his trousers and drop them, I could already see the outline of his stiff cock inside his pants and by now was eager to see it in the flesh. Once she had dropped his pants my husband grabbed my hair and brought my head down towards bills cock, he made me lick Bills balls before kissing my way up his 6 inch cock and made me lick at the bright pink cock head. Bill thrust forward at just the right moment and his cock slipped into my mouth, this was the first cock, other than my husband’s, since I married Tony that I had seen let alone tasted and with Tony urging me on I soon got into a rhythm of sucking it, all the time I was doing so I could feel Tony’s hands gripping my hair while his other hand began to explore my cunt. I barely heard Bill announce he was about to come but felt him pull his cock out of my mouth just in time for the first spurt this to hit me just above the eyes and the less powerful ones hitting my around my mouth and chin. Exactly when Tony undressed I was not sure but suddenly his naked prick was in front of me and he was wanking furiously until he too added his load into my face almost hitting me in the eye.
I thought this might be the end of the escapade but I was wrong as very quickly they both recovered and I was soon sucking Tony’s cock as I felt Bill’s slightly thicker cock spreading my cunt lips as he entered me. My mind was in a world I had only ever heard about been spit roasted like this and to be honest as much as I protested I was really loving being a filthy little whore. It really felt wonderful to have a pulsating cock in each end and working in unison. Once again rather than come in me they came over me and added to the already cooling clammy amount on my face. Now I was sure things would come to an end because I had never known Tony to come more than twice before losing interest but how wrong was I, his cock never even went soft as suddenly he was beneath me chewing on my nipples whilst guiding my cunt onto his cock, this seemed to be a signal for Bill to climb behind me and literally force his cock into my anal ring. God I nearly screamed the place down as the initial pain was so horrific but it was quickly replaced by a much longer lasting intense pleasure, I had experienced my first anal sex ever and couldn’t wait for it to happen again. I suppose because of the fact that they had both come twice already, that they lasted much longer and drove me over the top to several orgasms before finally pulling out and adding to the already drying cold spunk that was forming my face mask at that point.
Now they both sat staring at me as occasionally one or the other of them would finger my cunt, and on more than one occasion they both began sucking on my nipples in Unison. I was scared to make a move to go and get dressed in case I was punished me further and it proved a wise move not to go anywhere, for suddenly Bill ordered me to sit on his cock whilst facing him and I felt my husband press his hard cock to my ravaged anal ring behind me. Now I expected them to fuck me in Unison they didn’t instead they made me do the work bouncing back onto their cocks and this time they didn’t pull out and I felt my cunt walls being washed with my brother-in-law’s sperm whilst my anal walls felt the brunt of the now much weaker blasts of spunk from my husband’s cock.
All the time that Sandra had been telling her tale, I had been sat between the standing figures of her and her daughter and at every opportunity had been playing simultaneously with both their extremely wet and wide open cunts, so much so that poor Jackie had almost fell over as she climaxed as she listened to her mom’s account of how she started as a common little slut. To be honest I had two fingers buried all the way in Jackie’s cunt and four fingers buried in her mother Sandra’s cunt. I now turned to Sandra and asked her to explain why she was still not Tony and Bill’s slut.
Tony and I agreed that there would be no one else involved apart from Bill, and around the time that Jackie reached the age of 12 it was proving to be difficult to keep it from her and by chance at this time Bill announced he was leaving the country on a long work contract so it seemed the natural conclusion to our episodes, but being totally honest I still miss those occasions and often fantasise about them continuing.
Suddenly Jackie interrupted, I knew there was a special relationship between mom, dad and uncle Bill because when I was 11 one night I couldn’t sleep and came to find mom. As I approached the top of the open stairway I look down into the scene in the living room in which my dad was fucking my mother’s face whilst uncle Bill was eating her cunt, at first I couldn’t work out what the red thing was that was sticking out from my mom’s rear end but later found in a drawer in her bedroom the self-same red vibrator. I watched mesmerised for quite a while in fact until the time my dad came all over moms face, the images stayed with me for a long time and it was at this time I had my very first orgasm and I didn’t know what was happening to me. It started as a funny tingling sensation in what I now know to be my cunt and the tops of my legs became wet with this clear liquid which tasted divine, I also discovered that by just running my finger along my cunt slit made my legs turn to jelly and increased the lovely sensation. Two days later in my bed late at night I had my first wet dream and it was me in the same place as I had witnessed my mom only I was taking both their cocks and loving it.
About a week after witnessing their little tryst I discovered that mom kept that red vibrator and used to borrow it whenever I was home alone and I always imagined it was my dad’s cock or Uncle Bill’s as I kissed it, sucked it, or happily rubbed it against my cunt. However it was not until I was 16 that I plucked up courage to actually insert it up my cunt and was amazed how quickly the tearing pain stopped and became sheer ecstasy, after that, that vibrator and I became firm constant companions and intimate lifelong friends. Sandra suddenly said, I wonder what happened to that vibrator I thought your dad had thrown it but it now appears it had been you that took it.
Sandra continued to speak and it gave me an interesting insight into what must have been a real horny household at the time these events were taking place and she continued. I expected the fun to die down after I became pregnant with Jackie, but if anything the more pregnant I showed the hornier the two men became especially after the seven months stage of the pregnancy. For it was at this time that the lactation began leaking from my tits, it seemed that neither Tony nor Bill could get enough sucking my tits and drinking mother nature’s best milk. Even when my extended belly became big enough to get in the way they would find new position’s to use me. Like the time the bought a hot tub so I could be fucked surrounded by water, which was surreal. It was at this time I discovered exactly what a tit wank was and after Jackie’s birth my enlarged breasts never returned to their original size which Tony in particular was glad about, in fact Jackie was three years old before my tits stopped producing the milk, but this was because Tony and Bill kept up the actions of milking them almost hourly.
When I asked about where Tony was now, I was told that two years after Bill left the country on a contract, Tony had been driving home from the bar the worse for wear and had collided with a tree killing himself instantly and that Sandra had relied on her toys and her memories ever since.
I asked if Bill had ever been back in touch since the last time the three of them had played and Sandra explained that obviously he had returned for Tony’s funeral but nothing sexual had happened as it turned out that Bill had married a Filipino lady. It seemed a perfect relationship for Bill as traditionally most Filipino ladies obey her husband’s far more than the Western women do. During the week that Bill was back for the funeral, I did get to speak to Bill a couple of times on the phone and I actually asked him if his wife Suzie was submissive and he laughed saying wouldn’t you like to know.

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