Kajal Agarwal Fucked

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Kajal agarwal sex with her gardener.Kajal is an south indian actress with decent n cute look which reminds her as an homely actress.Kajal went to her home after completion of her upcoming movie.she was tired n want to take rest for 2-3 weeks.After taking rest for few days she found relaxed n started her regular exercises that have to be done to keep her structure slim n sexy.One fine day she woke up early in the morning to do yoga in her garden.she freshed up and wore an skin fit dress which was convinient for doing yoga.in that attire she looks like an sexy godesses born to be fucked like an slut.her boobs are bouncing infront n her tight pant shows her D shaped ass perfectly.she went into the garden n started doing yoga.her house gardener gopal while wattering in d garden seen kajal doing yoga posing different angles.on watching his sexy master he want to fuck her in all d angles she posed.he is waiting for dis chance frm very long time but his owner doesnt know even h4s name,even he is working for last 8 yrs.his dick gettng harder n harder on seeing her.kajal saw gopal watching her with his jaw opened.she shouted at him “u bloody servant r u watchng me?”ur just an servant be in ur limits othrwise u wil be thrown out she said in utter pride.gopal says sorry mam n left the place.gopal went in to his room n masturbated with high speed recollecting his sexy bitch kajal in her yoga dress.Next day also he watched her n mastrbatd. It has been continued like dis for a week.One day she woke up n went nearer to her window to welcome her day with fragrance of flowers.she shocked seeing her gardener fucking her house keeper in the bushes.he is fucking hard in her ass hole n she is moaning.her moanings make kajal very hot.kajal also not had sex for last 20 days.her pussy b’came wet n she started to move her hands on the boobs n pinchng her nipples.she was eager to have dat cock in her all holes.Aftes dat she freshd up n cald her house keeper.she orderd her to leave the house as she saw her fucking with the gardener.housekeepr pleaded her n6t to remove her job.but kajal didnt listen to her words bcoz her intention waß that no body should be der n want to fucked hard by her gardener.She went in to garden n started doing yoga.asusual gopal started watchng her.dis time kajal want to show more of her assts n make him die for her as slave.kajal bent in Rocky(D)gy style with one leg raising to show her boobs.gopal saw her huge milky melons n rubbing his cock with his hand.he cant able to control he want to fuck her hard whether she accepts or not.he doesnt cared about his job,he thinks dat there is nothing to loose after fucking a sexy slut like her.while he was thinking he heard a voice calling him.it was his owner kajal.gopal went to her n asks what mam what do u want.kajal looked at his erected dick calmly and ordered “massage my waist as it was aching due to posing an wrong angle.gopal felt happy as he was going to touch his sexy godess waist.kajal bent in Rocky(D)gy style and asked him to continue.gopal went back of her n started massaging.he saw her beautiful round butts his dick grown even lönger.he want to lick dat in dat angle.he touched her waist n kajal moaned slowly aahhh….n said great work yar u had good arm keep on going.gopal pressd hard kajal shouted n said dont go hard on d waist show on other she said by giving sexy expresiön.gopal undrstod her feelings n started licking her waist with his lips.kajal going in to mood n biting her lips hard.gopal slowly placed his hand in her panty where his hand touches her hot butt.he removd her pant n smelld d fragnance of her ass hole.he started licking it kajal moaning aaaahhhh…,lick it aa..hh ahhh gopal its urs aaahhh.he licked it for ten mints.he turnd kajal sothat he can able to ride her pussy n boobs.he removd her pant fully he saw her pussy which was pink in color n cleanlz shaved.he touched her pussy lips n startd licking dem.while lickng he moved his hands upwards n catched her melons with both his hands.kajal widen her legs to make him easier .she moved her hands in his hair n moaniog heavily as she was in heaven.he licked it for 30 mints.kajal is ready for her first organsm.Then both of dem stod up n kissed each other passionatlz.they kissing very hard.kajal is growing in heavy mood n removd gopal baniyan.she saw his wide chest n impresd by his muscular arms.she startd kissing his chest n slowly come downd.she removed his pant she was shocked on seeing such an huge cock of 12”.she kissd øn d head of the cock it was smelling badly but she doesnt mind dat.she opend her mouth nd took his cock inside.gopal fucking her mouth with immense pace he never thought that his pride owner wil give him such a hot blow job.he handled her hair in one hand n head in d other making her swallow full length of his cock.his cock touching her throat he is feeling the heat of the tongue of kajal.he is moaning aaahhh…. Sss……ahaaaaaaa u take dis bitch i am cumming aahhhhh….,listening to his words she increased her pace.he shouted i am cumming aaahhaaa.,……dont waste a drop if u let it out i wil tore ur ass in to pieces he shouted.listening to his words she said”i am ur owner ‘r u ordering me!.(she said dese words to get him angry n made him to fuck her lile animal).gopal got angry nd he shouted ‘Today ur a slut to me i wil fuck in such ahard way until u cry i wil remove ur pride he said.kajal rplied dats wat i need.He liftd n taken into her bed rum.he brought a thread and a long pole.he placed her leg on a table nd opend her ass wide.kajal knews what’s going to be next.he taken d pole n drilled in her ass hole.her hole is small he drilled it forcefully.kajal shouted in pain den he turnd her n lockf her mouth wid his lips.he bite her lips hard kajal wants to shout in pain but she cant.he came down n squeed her boobs.he was placing his hands all ovr her body n pressing her ass hard.he comes little down wards n licked her navel.kajal really gettng high pleasure from his lickings.he slowly kneeld down,kajal pusy is placed on his face he licking it softly by placing his hands on her ass.she is moaning heavily ha… Haaaa.,ssshhhaaa she biting her lips in pleasure.Kajal widening her legs n enjoys his lickings he licked it for 15 mins.kajal is in heavy mood now.he removed d pole from her ass hole slowly kajal says aaahhh…nnnn…..slowly she moans he removd the pole completly she gets a great relief…she is in great mood now n started kissing him and leaning on him.gopal understood her feelings n want to tease her.he wants to beg him for sex.he places his cock on her navel n startd massaging.she feels the hardneßs of his cock,she hold his cock in her hands nd pulling it down towards her pussy she wants it inside her hot bulging hole but gopal just making his cock 2 touch her pusy lips nd dragging back without digging it inside.again she tried to get it inside but gopal did the same.both r in standing position kissing each other,kajal standing on her toes n trying 2 sat on his cock by placing her two hands on his shoulders but gopal teasing her by pulling his cock back.Kajal- mmm.,..aaaa….plz fuck me…..fuck me harder n harder in my cunt plz….. I cant control any more…..treat me like ur slut aahhaaa……gopal placing his hands all over her boby n kissing her neck left n right.she was in heavy mood n pleading him to fuck her pussy hard.Gopal-u cant get my cock right now.u have to give some warm up to dat before it tores ur pussy…..bitch.Kajal-i will do anythng for dat……plz order me.Gopal-let go n sleep on sleep d bed he ordered.she immediately went to dat.he asked her to sleep on her stomach placing her head upwards.she obeyed n gopal went on d bed kneeling towards her.he holded her hair in his hand n stretched her neck backwards kajal opend her mouth in pain…aaaaaah……gopal placed his huge dick in to her mouth n started fucking her throat.,since his dick was huge she cant able 2 get it completly…gopal increased his pace n completly digged in her throat she cant bear it she is screaming nnnn…….. Ooooo……ookkkkkk……..gopal was in high pleasure as he iwas fucking her sex goddess mouth gopal moaning haaa….aaaaahhh i am cuming haaa…..he cummed in her mouth.he removd his dick from her mouth kajal at a sudden had a long breath.she cant able to moan a single word she down d bed for relief. Though her throat was brutally fucked she really enjoyed alot from her throat fucking.she was growing more wild she taken his cock once again inbetween her boobs nd pressed hard inbetween those beautiful melons.she tasting his tip of the cock by rubbing his cock inbetween her boobs in up n down motion.gopal getng high pleasure from her acts. Gopal-mmmmhhh hhaaa ur a great slutty bitch to any dick in dis world haaaa…..press it hard inbetween those he sayingkajal- ur dick is so tasty uuummmmm……. I want more from dis.Gopal-k den i will make dis day most memorable 2 u by my wild acts he said.Kajal-go ahead den i like 2 have ur dick in all my holes.Gopal by listening to her days his moods increased by numbers.Gopal now taken her in his hands making her to sit on his cock from back.kajal felt so hard to dig his fat cock in her pussy she screamed aaahhh….slowly its difficult to take gopal.gopal stands by holding in her hands n he throwing her up and down.her ass cheeks falling on his cock nd making nice sounds tupp… tupp.,.kajal screaming aaahhh aaahh…aaahh fuck me gopal fuck me aaahhhh no one fucked my pussy in air as u did haaa…. Haaaa she feeling d pleasure.he fucked her for half an hour in dat angle.kajal is in heaven now she moves her hand on his face n making him 2 kiss her neck wildly.gopal biting her neck badly she is moaning mmm.,ummmMmm..,and biting her lips wildly…gopal ready 2 cum he throwed her on to the bed nd hold her neck infront his dick and started jerking it.kajal pleaded him to cum in her pussy she wants the pleasure of his cum.gopal obeyed her and again taken her into his facing each other.she sat on his cock by placing her hands around his shoulders.gopal started riding her pussy.kajal also ready to cum both are moaning heavily. Kajal-fuck me hard aaahh,…haaa…..kissing gopal lips in pleasure.Gopal-take my load u sexy whoreee aaahh…..both are in the final stage gopal cummed in her pussy.kajal felt his hot cum in her cunt and hugged him tightly.

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