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Kajal Agarwal is well known in South India as one of the prominent actresses. She has a huge fan
following and has been part of many commercial movies. She hails from a Punjabi family and has a
sister called Nisha Agarwal who is also an actress. Almost everything about her life is well known to
the public…
Except for an incident that happened in 2014.
Only Kajal Agarwal knows this incident and she hasn’t breathed a word out to anyone. The incident
severely damaged her mental health and she had to avoid shooting for her subsequent movies for quite
some time. It was that shocking and debilitating to her.
This is the story I’m going to narrate to you guys now.
It happened during a movie shooting. Kajal had finished shooting for Jilla and Govindudu
Andarivadele movies respectively. Before she signed up for Temper movie, Kajal had signed another
movie by a debutant Telugu director. But this movie shooting got cancelled midway, because of the
incident I’m narrating to you. That is why it never got released. I won’t be naming the hero or director
for the movie. It is up to your imagination.
Here we go…
The first phase of the shooting took place in Karnataka, in deep interior Western Ghats. They were
shooting a duet song in the forest.
“CUT” roared the director and the camera was turned off. “We’re going to take a break now. Kajal,
come here for a moment.”
Kajal Agarwal was wearing a blue top and skirt. Her top was just enough to cover her round, stiff
breasts. Her midriff was completely exposed down to her underbelly. She was wearing her skirt in a
low hip. The scene was where the hero gently touches her navel and she has to push his hand away in
shyness. That was the scene. They were shooting for it…the hero’s hand was on her navel and she
gently pushes it away, blushing.
That’s when the director shouted cut.
Kajal walked to the director’s seat. A production boy offered her a towel to wrap around her exposed
body. But she refused. Back in her early days as an actress, she had initially felt shy to expose her body
in front of so many men. But then, with time and exposure, she didn’t feel shy at all. In fact she had
learned to love it. The sight of several men glaring at her exposed midriff and bulging breasts gave her
an odd satisfaction. She felt as if she could control those men with just her body. So, she swayed her
hips while she walked, enjoying the attention she was getting. At times, it helped her finger herself to
sleep at night.
She reached the director. “Yes, sir?”
The director was drinking tea. “Hmm yes, Kajal. You did wonderfully. Nice expressions. This song
will be remembered for your expressions, I’m sure. By the way, the hero talked to me before this final
take…and…” Kajal waited.
“…he wants you in the caravan now.”
Kajal raised her eyebrows. “Now? While the shooting is still in progress?”
“Yes, please co-operate with him. You know how big of a star he really is…Please get inside the
caravan now. He’s waiting.”
Kajal scowled and walked towards the caravan. She should have seen this coming. The hero’s pants
had already bulged while he was dancing with her. She should have known he would call her to the
caravan. He had called her to the caravan every 3-4 hours. It was getting irritating. But she had to
adjust…he was a big hero after all!
She knocked on the door and she entered inside the caravan carefully.
She walked inside and turned here and there. On the couch, the hero was sitting.
His pants were off and his hands were stroking his dick…
“aaaaaaaaahhh kaju…come, darling!” He moaned on seeing her.
He was sitting with his legs stretched wide on the couch. His dick was throbbing as his hands stroked
the shaft. It was around 4’’ long. But his balls were bigger. Kajal didn’t like his dick one bit. It was too
small for her liking but she had no choice.
She walked towards him. “What is this, sir? You can’t wait for 2 more hours for the shooting to get
She knelt before him.
Unable to wait any longer, the hero grabbed her head and shoved his cock inside her mouth. As it was
small, it didn’t disturb her. Although she was shocked at this sudden movement. His cock went inside
her mouth and rubbed on the inner side of her tongue..
“Ooooooommmm” Kajal moaned.
“Suck me, Kaju! Come on!”
She began to suck his cock. She took it inside and outside, bobbing her head. Her lips were curled
around his cock shaft and they moved up and down the length. Kajal’s seductive eyes were fixed on the
hero’s face as she sucked his dick. His dick throbbed inside her mouth but she kept sucking. Her saliva
flowed down his dick and onto his balls. But she kept sucking…slow and steady…
With her hands, she started massaging his balls. She knew he liked it. After all, she had been sucking
his cock every now and then for the past week, ever since the schedule started. So she massaged him
and kept licking his dick, eyes fixed on his face.
In a minute or two, he cummed. As she noticed his expression change, she took the dick out of her
mouth and moved away. She wasn’t going to drink his cum. It was bad enough that she had to suck his
little dick every few hours. He ejaculated hard, his whole body shivering in orgasm.
“Kaaaaaaajuuuuuu” he moaned as his cum sprayed all over the floor.
Kajal made sure her dress wasn’t stained with his cum. Without another glance at him, she stood up
and walked out of the door.
Kajal stepped out of the caravan and walked straight to the director’s seat. As usual, the men working
there turned to glance at her when she walked. Their eyes feasted upon her exposed curvy hip and
breasts over her dress. She didn’t mind. She kept walking and reached the director.
The director turned to her. “Hey! You’re…finished?” he asked, wide-eyed in surprise.
“Yes, sir.”
“This fast? What did you do to him to finish so fast?”
Kajal stayed silent.
The director smiled. “So, can we go for the next shot? Is the hero ready now?”
Kajal took a deep breath. “Sir, I want to take a break. I’ll report for shooting tomorrow. I want the day
off. I’m really sorry.”
The director looked taken aback for a moment. Then, he agreed. He signalled his assistants and the rest
of the crew to pack up. Kajal Agarwal breathed out a sigh of relief. She was worried that the director
might get angry at her. Very few directors in the film industry were accommodating. Most of them
were rude men. She was surprised that this debutant director was so friendly and understanding. He
hadn’t even asked her why she needed to take the day off.
Everyone started to pack the equipment and cameras. Kajal walked towards the edge of the forest and
looked at the trees. The air was a chilly but pleasant. Yet, it couldn’t put her at ease. The taste of the
hero’s penis was still fresh in her mouth and she could do nothing to make it go away. She hated
sucking his little cock but she had no other choice. The fact that she had to do it every now and then
made her feel worse.
She decided to take a walk into the forest.
Signalling to her make-up woman that she is going for a walk, Kajal walked into the woods, alone. She
kept walking, feeling the twigs crack beneath her feet as she stepped on them. At times, she had to lift
her skirt up a bit and jump over tiny branches, but she kept going. The chilly forest air was giving her
goosebumps. In fact, her nipples were hardening beneath her top.
Hugging herself for warmth, Kajal walked on. Deeper and deeper into the woods.
She came across a huge branch in front of her. She knew she couldn’t just jump over it. There was no
other way to get past the branch too. She would have to climb it.
Kajal pulled her skirt upto her thigh and started climbing over the branch, holding the nearby tree for
support. Carefully, she placed her foot one above other and tried to get to the other side. As she
stretched her legs, a smaller branch caught her right in the panty.
She tried to move her legs and keep going, hoping the branch would let go of her. It didn’t
Her panty tore…
“Fuck!” Kajal screamed out into the air.
She disentangled herself from the branch and got to the other side. Looking down, she realised that her
panty was torn and beyond help. To avoid the discomfort, she reached down and pulled down her
panty, removing it. Lifting her legs, she took off the panty and looked at it.
Her blue panty with a red border was torn completely. She couldn’t wear it ever again. She would have
to ask the costumer for something else.
Swearing to herself, she threw the panty right into the branch that had blocked her way.
“Keep that as your souvenir, fucker” she swore at the dead branch.
Breathing fast and deep, she walked on. The wind in the forest whipped up inside her skirt and brushed
her exposed vagina. The cool breeze felt like a man’s hand on her pink vaginal lips. Somehow, that
turned her on. Her nipples became harder than before. She tried to keep walking but the chilly breeze
kept stirring up her sexuality. She started to feel vaginal secretions making her wet. It was as if her
body was telling her that the atmosphere and the climate was perfect for steaming hot sex.
But she had nobody to have sex with. Even at the shooting spot, there was nobody she really liked.
Plus, from her experience, most men weren’t good in bed.
Evening set in and Kajal was still in the woods. She had no idea of returning back to the shooting spot
or to the caravan. She wanted to spend some more time alone.
As time passed, she was getting hornier. The wind kept tickling her vagina and she stood with her legs
widened, to allow more breeze to enter her skirt. It was a really wonderful feeling.
Biting her lips, she lifted her skirt a bit more and touched her pussy.
It was glistening wet.
She looked around her. There was nobody. Apart from the wind, there was dead silence in the woods.
Not even birds seemed to come to this place. Certainly, there were no animals or humans in sight.
She decided that she needed to blow off some steam.
It is masturbation time, she thought to herself!
Finding a soft rocky part on the earth, Kajal sat down, leaning against a tree. Sighing to herself, she
lifted her skirt up to her waist and exposed her nude, clean shaven, pink pussy to the lonely world
around her…
Kajal sat on the rock, with her back leaning on the tree. The bark of the tree was slightly uncomfortable
for her but she didn’t mind. She was so engrossed in her lustful feelings that she couldn’t bring herself
to worry about some damned bark that was rubbing across her soft back. She spread her legs and pulled
her skirt right up to her waist.
Her vagina was exposed to the chilly breeze. Kajal kept sitting, feeling the wind ruffle up her soft pink
pussy lips. She licked her lips in lust and put her hand between her thighs and felt her moist pussy.
“uhhh” she sighed gently.
Slowly, she started rubbing her vagina. Her middle finger and ring finger were joined together and they
moved in a rhythmic fashion, massaging her pussy lips. Kajal closed her eyes and felt the pleasure
surging through her body. Her entire body was warming up in the heat of the passion. Lifting her head
a little, eyes closed, Kajal kept rubbing her vagina.
Slowly, gently, she increased the speed.
Her vagina was secreting more and becoming more wet by each passing second. Kajal’s lewd passion
was climbing higher and higher up an imaginary ladder. With her right hand rubbing her pussy, Kajal’s
right hand moved inside her top and found her breast. She gently squeezed her own breast as she
masturbated. Her fingers found her own nipple and she twirled it between her fingers, pinching it and
squeezing it with the right amount of pressure. Her body shivered in pleasure and instantly, her vaginal
secretions increased by a good amount.
She wished she had a man with him. Her mouth longed to suck something and she slid her own fingers
into her mouth and sucked them like she was sucking a dick. Her nipples were completely erect. She
would have loved to have a man stroke her pussy lips and finger her to orgasm before pushing his dick
inside her and giving her a second orgasm…taking her to the heaven.
But she had no one with her. At this time, her fingers were her most faithful servants.
Kajal rubbed her vagina faster.
“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh fuckk!” she squealed.
She could feel her vagina juices spraying a bit, with the way she rubbed her pussy lips. Kajal bit her
lips and kept rubbing. Pleasure was spreading through her body, travelling all over, through her nerves
and her blood, perhaps
Unable to take it, she slowly slid her middle finger inside her cunt.
Her finger penetrated her pussy lips and moved inside her, sliding easily inside the wet cunt. She began
fingering herself, moving her finger in and out of herself. Her mouth was open and her eyes were
closed, in pleasure, as her head was looking up at the heaven…her back arching as she was leaning on
the tree. In fact, saliva drooled out of her open mouth and she was oblivious to it.
Her body felt like it was on fire. The heat of her passion was coursing through her body and she felt
warmed up and comfortable in the chilly breeze that was blowing on her body. She began finger
fucking her pussy, harder. Her thumb was pressing and massaging her clitoris. Her other hand was
grabbing her breasts inside her top and squeezing them hard, like a man would squeeze a female’s
Her pussy juices were spraying on the soil around her as she kept finger fucking herself. She now
inserted another finger inside her cunt and fucked herself faster and harder.
Kajal’s body was shivering as she began moaning louder.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk fuuucckkkkk!”
She was trembling in supreme pleasure. She knew she was about to orgasm soon. It was coming to her.
Kajal could see her orgasm crouching before her, advancing on her with each stroke she gave herself
inside her pussy. She knew she was going to orgasm like she had never orgasmed before.
PCHIT! A sound of twig breaking shot out across the woods like a gunshot!
Kajal opened her eyes and looked around her, startled. Rubbing her drooling mouth and hastily pulling
down her skirt, she turned in every direction and searched for the sound that interrupted her moments
of pleasure.
And then she saw it.
Crouching behind some trees, they all moved into plain view.
Four men. All around her, in four different directions. They were all dark and were of different body
sizes. One was tall and another was short. One was well-built while the other was chubby and fat. They
all wore the same attire. A thick mesh of yellowing dried up leaves and sticks covered their crotch.
Otherwise, they were pretty much naked.
How long have they been here? Had they watched what she had been doing all along?
Kajal stood up from her place, trembling. “Who are you?”
They didn’t answer. They moved forward towards her.
“Hey, who are you? Don’t come forward!”
They kept coming.
Kajal tried to run but she collided directly into the path of the tall man and he grabbed her, throwing
her back into the soil with a good display of strength. She sat on the soil, her heart hammering against
her ribs, trembling in fear, watching these men surround her.
Her eyes began tearing up. “Hey, what do you want, tell me? Please let me go.”
The well-built man answered.
(In reality, it was a local tribal dialect of Kannada that they spoke. Kajal could understand it slightly
and respond in the little Kannada that she knew. But for reader’s comfort, I’m writing the dialogues in
“You trespassed into our territory. Now, Come with us!”
Kajal whimpered. “No, wait. It was a mistake. I didn’t know.”
But they weren’t ready to listen. The three other men grabbed her and pulled her up. They started
walking and dragging her, with the well-built man leading the group. Kajal tried to struggle and pull
herself out from their grip. But she was a lean woman and they were quite strong. Their grip was
powerful and she couldn’t escape. Kajal cried and tried to kick them.
Nothing helped.
She was dragged on and on…slowly, she resigned to her fate and began walking along with them
without struggling. Her eyes were shedding tears. Her heart was fluttering fast and her body was
trembling. The stench that came from these men’s bodies were very overwhelming for her.
She glanced into the distance and saw several huts…

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