Kasthuri : A New Beginning

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It was supposed to be Saurabh and Kasthuri’s sixth wedding anniversary if they had not had the divorce just a few months ago. More than five years of marital vows undid just within fifteen minutes at a session court. But it was thankfully, a mutual affair. No ugly business. No regrets. No pains. No, not exactly.

It was hard to forget so many years of togetherness so quickly. It would have been difficult to carry on like that. So the divorce was the best choice, and both Saurabh and Kasthuri agreed to it. But it was still very hard on Kasthuri to move on, forgetting such alluring memories.

Especially on special days like their wedding anniversary, the memories kept haunting Kasthuri like a tormenter. So naturally, the jolly and bubbly girl was unusually quiet the entire day. It was a Saturday, so usually, the entire office was in a jovial and spirited mood, but not Kasthuri.

It didn’t take long for Ayan, her boss, to notice the mood of his most motivated employee. But he knew the reason very well. Ayan and Kasthuri were good friends outside of work. And he knew exactly why Kasthuri was sad on that particular day.

But at the same time, it was not within Ayan’s nature to see and leave his friend in the same state of feeling. He had to do something. Ayan picked up his phone and dialed Kasthuri’s number on the intercom.

“Hello,” Kasthuri answered from the other side – her voice sounding deep and disturbed. “Yes Kasthuri, can you please come to my cabin,” Ayan kept it brief and disconnected. And then he watched through the blinds as Kasthuri put the phone down and then got up and started heading towards his cabin.

The door opened, and the Kasthuri entered – her face resembling a cold feeling which was so unlike her. “You wanted to see me, sir,” she enquired politely before shutting the door behind her.

“Yes please,” Ayan responded and then carried on. “And please drop the sir. I wanted to see my friend, not my employee. Have a seat, I have something to show you.” Kasthuri responded with a fake smile as she sat down on one of the chairs opposite to Ayan’s large oak desk.

She looked on while Ayan fiddled with a folder before bringing out a large paper. “Do you know what this is?” and before Kasthuri could respond, he carried on. “This is a couple’s invitation to a party at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight, which I intend to go to. And I was hoping if you could have come along.”

He finished and then gave a pleading look at her. “Oh! Tonight?” Kasthuri stopped abruptly, still thinking in her mind what to say next. She was not in the mood. Not tonight. She wanted to be left alone with her misery. And that was exactly what Ayan didn’t want to do.

“You know, it’s not a good day today, maybe some other day. But you please carry on. I am not feeling well today.” She made up something to try and avoid it.

“I know what is wrong today Kasthuri,” Ayan added with a reassuring touch on her hands which were resting on the table. “And it is exactly why I wanted you to come with me so that you can come out of your self-imposed misery.”

Kasthuri looked up at Ayan’s eyes and found genuine concerns in them for her. Ayan continued, “What is done is done. It’s over. There is no point going back to those memories. Move on. Forget these feelings and move on.” And he pressed her hands even harder to get a reaction out of her.

Kasthuri looked up blankly, not knowing what to say. But Ayan quickly pressed her further. “Nothing doing. You are coming with me. I will pick you sharp at eight. And you better dress like the gorgeous diva you are.” He added the last expression to make her feel slightly better for herself.

Kasthuri looked at his eyes again, they were shining with hope. And Kasthuri couldn’t have turned them down. She smiled again this time too it was a weak smile but no more a fake one. She wanted to smile genuinely. She wanted to shake off the feeling which was bogging her down since morning.

She wanted to get over those. She wanted to live her life without worrying. She shook her head and then got up and left his cabin. It was 5 pm. Ayan was done for the day. He wrapped his work quickly and then hurriedly left his office.

Kasthuri was still at her desk, going through some last bits before she could call a day. Around her, others too were either busy wrapping up or had already left. She didn’t notice when Ayan came and stood by her desk.

“Eight pm, don’t forget. Don’t keep me waiting,” Ayan said quietly. Kasthuri looked up and smiled. It was a radiant smile this time. “Good. That’s like the Kasthuri I know.” And then Ayan went on his way. Kasthuri too wrapped the final bits quickly and left for the day.

No more feeling miserable with memories, but focused on thinking about tonight. What dress she should wear, what jewelries will match with it? She absolutely loved the Hard Rock Cafe – Its ambiance, its parties. She just loved it so much. She reached home, quickly took a bath.

Did her hairs, put up some light make up. Choosing the dress was always such a difficult thing. It took almost 30-40 minutes to decide the right one for the occasion. And once it was done, it needed another 30-40 minutes to decide on the right jewelry and accessories to go with it.

And finally, after 2 intense hours, she was looking ravishing. She looked at herself on the mirror and as if immediately thoughts from the past came haunting back. Thankfully, before they could have devoured her, her phone started ringing. It was Ayan, he was waiting for her on the road.

Kasthuri spotted Ayan’s black BMW very easily. She proudly walked up and climbed into the car whilst envious eyes looked at the posh car waiting for the gorgeous lady. As soon as Kasthuri was on-board Ayan started driving towards their destination.

“Someone is looking very nice today” Ayan gave her a compliment. “Thank you, and I must say, someone is looking very handsome too,” Ayan himself was wearing a nice semi-formal jacket paired with a white shirt and blue denim.

It worked as a nice ice-breaker as the two continued chatting all the way until they reached their destination. They stopped at the gate and then leaving the car with the valet. They upstairs for the cool retro pub which Kasthuri liked so much. The place was already buzzing with lots of people and noise.

The two found an empty table for two and settled down quietly. Ayan ordered vodka with coconut water and some whiskey for himself. He already knew some of Kasthuri’s favorites. He topped it up with some dry chili chicken and flavored hookah.

Kasthuri was overwhelmed by looking at the spread of her choice. And before she could know the evening started rocking. In between the bouts of hookah and the repetition of vodka, they also had a few quick visits to the dance floor. Every time the DJ conjured up a favorite number of Ayan, he would drag her to the dance floor.

It was turning out to be one crazy evening. So much so that it almost drove Kasthuri to tears. “Hey what happened?” Ayan asked looking at her glistening eyes. “Nothing, it’s just…,” but before Kasthuri could complete, Ayan pulled her closer and held her in a tight hug.

“It’s alright. What is over is over. Just let it go,” he said while holding her in his tight embrace. Kasthuri nodded her head silently, and the two remained like that for some time. Then he let her go, only for some more vodka, some more dancing trips, and some more fun.

And by the time Kasthuri finished her sixth drink, it was already past midnight. But the place was still buzzing with more crowds. “I think we should leave now, it’s too late,” Kasthuri said in Ayan’s ears. Clearly, her words were now starting to jumble up.

But Ayan nodded and then he signaled towards the captain for the bill. He finished the remaining of his drink by the time the captain brought the bill. He paid in cash, sufficiently enough to leave a fat tip behind. And then he helped Kasthuri up to head towards the door.

“Wow, how would I go home in this condition?” Kasthuri was feeling quite wobbly as she could not stand on her feet. Ayan didn’t know what to say whilst they waited for the valet to bring his BMW back. There was an awkward silence for some moment and then the BMW roared in.

Ayan handed a fat tip to the valet before helping Kasthuri to get in. “Listen, you could come to my place if you don’t mind,” he said, trying not to sound too creepy about it. But there was still a moment of awkward silence. “You can use the spare bedroom, it will be alright” he added trying to make the moment lighter.

He looked towards Kasthuri but she was staring blankly ahead with teary eyes. He had to take a left from the Ring Road to drive her back home. But instead, he took right towards his own place on the Fern Road. Shortly he arrived at the gates of his posh building society.

The guards recognized the BMW and hurried to open the front doors. Ayan drove in and then stopped at his designated parking under his apartment building. Kasthuri looked around startled as the car came to a halt. “Where are we?” she looked around and asked.

“We are at my apartments. How could have I left you alone in this state?” Ayan answered hoping Kasthuri will not mind. Kasthuri took a deep breath and then opened the door to get off. Ayan too felt slightly relieved as he got off too.

“You can rest for the night here until you feel alright, or I can drive you back home anytime you want,” he added trying to reassure her even further. “Thanks. That is very kind of you” Kasthuri responded as the two headed inside the building and towards the lift.

Once again there was an awkward moment as the two reached Ayan’s apartment. He unlocked the door and both entered into the dark before Ayan turned the lights on. Kasthuri had been to his apartment so many times before, but never alone. They had so many parties at his place and she knew his place quite well.

“Do you want some coffee? Lime juice? Will make you feel better” Ayan asked out of courtesy. “No, but some more vodka will be really good” Kasthuri responded back. Ayan felt joy sensing the opportunity to spend more time with her. He quickly ran up to his personal bar and grabbed two glasses, a bottle of fine Russian vodka, and ice.

He quickly stirred up a nice drink for his guest. Kasthuri was in the balcony, looking up at the night sky when Ayan appeared with the drinks. He gave one glass to her. The two struck the glass while Kasthuri offered a toast – “To my eleventh wedding anniversary,” she almost said in a mocking tone before taking a large sip.

Ayan too took a sip but put his glass down on the edge of the balcony. “Come on, there is no point thinking about it now. Let it go” he said standing closely next to Kasthuri, who was once again staring at the night sky with teary eyes.

“I know. But it is not easy. What is left with me now?” she asked, still looking at the sky.

“Well, it’s a new beginning. There is so much of life still in front of you. Why waste it thinking of a past you should forget” Ayan added. Once again there was an awkward pause. A long silence as Kasthuri started at the night sky, occasionally sipping from her large drink.

Ayan too took less frequent sips, eagerly waiting for something from her to carry on with the conversation. But as the silence got drawn even further, he started feeling impatient. Ayan held Kasthuri firmly and turned her around towards him.

“Listen, I cannot see you like this, you are such a jolly creature,” he looked at her face – her moist eyes, her watery cheeks. He took his face in his arms, lifting it up slightly, “Look what you have done to yourself” he said waiting for her to react.

Kasthuri didn’t move, her heart beating fast, her face still in his hand, she looked at his eyes and found genuine concern and warmth for her. She froze in fear. She was not ready for this moment. Her heart started beating faster, her head was wobbly, and the whole world suddenly started spinning.

Her vision became blurring and suddenly it started getting dark. And hot. She felt a steady stream of hot air suddenly blowing on his face, colliding with her own breathing. And then suddenly something soft touched her lips and kept pressing further.

She was unable to move as her lips kept pressing against something soft. It stayed like that for some moment and then suddenly something moist and sleek parted her lips and pushed inside her mouth. Ayan removed his hands from her face and held her once again in a tight hug.

She stood motionless as he pressed his lips against her, and then finally pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Suddenly the world stopped spinning for Kasthuri, and the air in her head got cleared as she slowly started making sense of what was going on.

She felt Ayan’s arms tightly wrapped around her body and his tongue making polite inquiries inside her mouth. At first, she continued staying motionless, torn between her choices of action. But the cool night breeze and the multiple vodka shots soon showed its effect. She raised her arms but to pull him closer.

She opened her mouth but to kiss him back with passion. And the two bodies soon engulfed in each other’s arms, kissing and smooching passionately under the night sky. Ayan lifted her up in his arms and carried her inside. They left their two unfinished drinks on the ledge itself.

He carried her inside and put her down gently on the couch. Kasthuri winced as he sat up to remove his jacket. She closed her eyes, slightly embarrassed from the moment. But Ayan couldn’t remove his eyes from her. The gorgeous and ravishing Kasthuri lying on the couch, in front of him, and waiting for him to take her.

He started unbuttoning his shirt. He so dearly wanted this moment and quickly passed his thanks to the almighty. He removed all the buttons but left his shirt on while still looking at the stunning beauty waiting for him. He touched her, rubbing his hand gently on her dress, through her midriff, up towards her shoulders.

He could sense her heartbeat beating so hard. And once again he bent forward and planted a kiss on her cherry lips. This time Kasthuri wanted more, but he stopped. His hand reached behind her head, fingers tangled in her neatly done hairs, sending a tingling sensation down her spine. Kasthuri was feeling desperate for more.

He rubbed his tongue on her lips but didn’t give her the pleasure of the kiss she was urging for. He turned her head slightly and then kissed on her neck, her ears, her shoulder, leaving her urging for even more. Ayan then carefully removed her earrings, and the neck piece she was wearing.

He lifted her chin slightly upwards for a better view of her slender neck and then started kissing on her neck in a sudden burst of mad rage. Kasthuri too bit her lips trying to control her feelings but all the time wanting him to carry on like that. And he could only oblige by kissing, licking, and even gently biting on her soft skin.

It felt so nice, she started whimpering gently. Once again Ayan sat up – looking at his prized procession from top to bottom. He hurriedly removed his shirt and threw it at one side. Kasthuri was still fully dressed but was not going to be for long. As soon as Ayan removed his shirt, he reached for Kasthuri’s dress and started pulling it down.

Kasthuri too helped so that it smoothly went down her shoulder and arms. Then he pulled it further to get it off completely, leaving her in her modest bra and panties. Kasthuri blushed as she tried hard to cover herself off with her hands which made Ayan smiled at such a lousy attempt.

She just let him undress her, and now she was trying to cover herself with her hands. He removed her hands slightly and bent forward to kiss on her tummy. He was so close to her crotch that he could almost smell her arousal. But he concentrated on her tummy for the moment, sticking his tongue out to lick and tease her navel.

Her belly started throbbing in pleasure and he started enjoying the way she was reacting to his tongue movement. He put his tongue in good use to lick almost every single inch of her belly, making her even more desperate and horny in the process. He even bit her a few times, making her jump up in excitement.

He kept kissing and licking all over her midriff – from her waist to her bra lines. Kasthuri no more attempted to cover herself. Instead, she wanted more of him. The foreplay was driving her crazy and making her wet. She was also moaning louder by then. Breathing much faster, and taking his name under the breath.

Ayan once again looked at the stunning beauty lying and waiting for him. Just till the afternoon, Kasthuri was a good friend and a gorgeous colleague who he desired secretly. And now within just a few hours, she was lying half-naked in his arms, wet and waiting for him to take her.

He once again ran his eyes on his slender and stunning body, filling his mind with more lust and hunger. His eyes stopped at his rapidly rising and falling chest as he looked lustfully at her deep cleavage and then down towards her crotch. Her bra and panties were still protecting her modesty.

She was completely exposed, wet, and horny, but her most intimate and private parts were still hidden under covers. Ayan looked up at her face – she still had her eyes shut, but her face betrayed her emotions and her aroused condition was clearly visible on it.

He is used to seeing a different face on her at work, a friendly and social face. But he had always desired her like this. And there she was, her face was no more friendly, no more social. It was a lust filled, aroused, and it was craving for his touch. He once again looked at her stunning body.

Her panties and bra still covering the most desirable part of her. He looked back at her closed eyes, imagining looking into them, he whispered under his breath, “Nothing will come between us today. All the covers will be removed, you will be wholly mine.”

His eyes were filled with lust. His hands were trembling in excitement as he slowly held her bra and then pulled it up gradually, unwrapping his best present. Ayan had imagined Kasthuri like this in his mind a thousand times. But in reality, she looked so much more desirable.

Her perfect milky white globes, with their pink nipples already hard with arousal. Ayan lifted her bra higher so that both her breasts were now free and for him to enjoy. He immediately grabbed one of them and pressed them to feel the firm softness of those honey jars.

Kasthuri made a sizzling sound as Ayan pressed both her breasts. He then touched her nipples, first with his fingers, and then with his tongue. Kasthuri sizzled again as Ayan covered one of her nipples with his saliva. And then with a bright smile on his face, he took it in his mouth and started suckling at it hard.

He started pressing and sucking both her breasts in turn. And it made Kasthuri moan louder than before. At first, Ayan kept sucking her breasts alternatively, but soon he focused on just one of them. He started sucking it hard while fondling the other one.

Initially, it sent a lot of tingling sensation down her body. But then slowly it started growing in intensity. Then suddenly she felt an orgasmic urge inside her. She started moaning – urging him to continue. Taking his name while moaning, grabbing his other hand and digging her nails deep into his skin.

Ayan too was only obliging her by taking her to further heights of her aroused self. Quite rapidly driving her nearer to that elusive orgasm. Kasthuri started squealing in pleasure, her body completely out of her control, desperately seeking the inevitable.

Ayan realized she was at her most vulnerable, her body craving for something more. Her entire body shaking and trembling in excitement. Her hormones acting crazily inside her. Ayan suddenly stopped sucking her nipple. And before Kasthuri could realize or protest, he placed his lips on her lips and started kissing them.

At the same time, he removed his hand from her other breast and pushed it inside her panties, and deep between her legs. And as soon as his fingers came in contact with her vagina, Kasthuri was taken apart by a body shaking orgasm. Ayan pressed his hand firmly on her vagina, rubbing it while Kasthuri pressed his legs tightly around his hand.

Her body was trembling with pleasure as she pulled him closer. She kissed him back madly whilst she felt an orgasm like never before. Both were panting heavily and smiling, Kasthuri hung on to him for what looked like forever whilst her body continued feeling a never-ending orgasm.

But they were not yet done. Ayan got up and lifted Kasthuri up on his lap once again. She wrapped her hands around his shoulder and hung on as he carried her to the bedroom. She winced as he dropped her on the bed. Still smiling from the earlier experience, Ayan maintained eye contact.

Kasthuri once again felt a little embarrassed and blushed while she took a position on the bed. Ayan removed his denim and climbed on the bed. He was already so hard it felt as if his pants were barely capable to hold on to the excitement any further.

He took Kasthuri feet and then kissed on them. Slowly he kept kissing through her leg towards her crotch. Stopped at her thigh to spend slightly more time there. All the while Kasthuri was once again getting aroused and surrendering herself to her burning desires.

Ayan sat on his knees, between her legs, making them slightly spread. Rubbing his hands gently on her feet. He was looking at her, her naked body, on his bed. She was no more a secret desire, but a burning reality. He looked at the clock, it was almost 2 am. Six hours from when he picked her up for the evening.

She was looking absolutely ravishing in that party dress. Even then he would not have believed that in a few more hours, he was going to strip her off that dress and have her completely naked for himself. Not yet completely naked though, he realized as his eyes fell on her panties.

And immediately he felt the excitement building up. The feel of her vagina on his fingers when he had just recently rubbed her to orgasm was still burning in his imagination. He has touched it already, now he had the burning desire to own it completely.

He once again bent forward and kissed on her tummy. Kasthuri felt the tremor run through her body and then immediately winced as she felt his fingers tugging at the sides of her panties. She put her hands on her face, partly to hide her embarrassment, and partly to show him that her hands are not going to come in the way.

And before she could calm her breathing, she felt the panties slipping down quickly. Kasthuri was naked, lying on his bed, legs slightly spread, and she was now completely his. He gently ran his hand on her cute patch of curly, vaginal hair. Finding it yet hard to believe that his hands were rubbing the most private part of her body.

Something which hardly many had seen or touched before this. But he has now seen it all. Seen every single inch of the woman he desired so much. He has seen each and every intimate part of her body. Now he had to give her something in return.

Ayan lowered his pants, and his hard cock sprang out in attention. He further lowered his pants till his knees and then removed it off completely. Both of them were naked now. Kasthuri looked down at his manhood, waiting to unite with her.

She then looked up at him, their eyes met and he saw her approval in her eyes. Then assuming a comfortable position between her legs, he held her cock and started rubbing it on her vagina. Kasthuri closed her eyes once again, feeling the magical touch of his cock against her vaginal opening.

Ayan primed his tool for action. He rubbed it gently around her vagina until it found the opening passage. He then bent forward, once again kissing on her tummy, then slightly upwards, and slightly more, pushing himself further up against her. It had been one long evening for the two.

When he had hugged her back in the pub, in the pretext of consoling her, he was hopeful for more. Then when Kasthuri was back at his apartment with him, his heart was leaping in joy. Then when he held her face and kissed her, his joy knew no bound. He had stripped her off her dress, removed her bra.

He once again grabbed her breast just how he did on the couch. He kissed on her nipples once again, making her sizzle under breath once again. How her body shook in pleasure when he had touched her vagina to make her come. He kissed once again on her slender neck.

Just as he was about to kiss her lips, she let out a passionate moan – he was now inside her. He kissed her passionately once again as he pushed his manhood further and deeper inside her. There was no pulling back from here, not unless to push it back again.

He pulled it out, and pushed back again, pulled it out again and pushed back again, harder, and faster, and deeper, with each time, he was finally fucking her. With each thrust, Kasthuri too moaned one notch louder. He would suppress her moans by kissing her at times.

But then he would let her moan to enjoy the result of his actions. He continued thrusting in her in a continuous rhythm – both rising towards the crescendo at the same time. Kasthuri lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back – pulling him tightly closer as she reached yet another orgasm.

She wrapped her hands around her, digging her nails on his skin as her body reacted to the orgasm. Driving him crazy as his thrusts grew stronger and harder. Ayan started grunting too as he as well neared a well-deserved climax. He carried on, harder, harder, and harder until he collapsed with a large grunt.

Pushing himself the farthest he could manage inside her – his cock spitting out its massive load deep in her womb. They both were sweating incessantly even in the air-conditioned room. They were both exhausted to the maximum possible limit. Their breathing still abrupt and panting.

Ayan could barely pull himself out but they had no energy for anything else. Kasthuri once again wrapped herself in his arms and the two snuggled each other before settling in a deep, exhausted slumber.
Kasthuri woke up with a start. She felt such a terrible headache that she could hardly bear the pain. She sat up. She was in a complete mess, trying to remember what had happened last night. She painfully opened her eyes and took on her surroundings.

It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the morning light. But she couldn’t recognize her surroundings. A headache was getting heavier, and then her eyes fell on the person beside her on the bed. She was shocked to see Ayan lying on the bed beside her. She jumped out of the bed.

She was completely naked and she instantly grabbed the bed cover to cover herself. What was going on? She asked herself. How did she end up naked with Ayan? Oh my God, what had she done last night? Her heart started racing as she felt clueless about last night.

She looked around and found her panties lying on the floor. She quickly grabbed it and started putting it on. Her legs were all sticky and gooey from their juices from last night. She spotted them and looked at them in disgust. She looked around but couldn’t find the rest of her clothes.

But her mind was still disgusted from what she realized looking at the sticky juices on her legs. She immediately headed to the bathroom. Locking the door carefully from inside, she looked at herself on the mirror. Once again the image of Ayan lying naked and next to her flashed in her mind, and tears started rolling immediately.

She went under the shower and started rubbing and rinsing every part of her body. She felt disgusted from what she thought may have happened last night. Kasthuri came out half an hour later. Ayan was still asleep. She had covered herself with one of his gowns.

She tiptoed outside to the lounge and thanked God for finding the rest of her clothes lying on the lounge floor. She picked them up, dressed up quickly and carefully so that she didn’t wake Ayan up. And then she silently left his apartment without saying goodbye.

The guards stared at her with a knowing smile as she left the building society. Stopped an auto and headed back home. Her headache was still intense, but she hardly felt it anymore. A stronger and burning feeling of guilt was consuming her as the auto progressed towards her home.

Ayan woke up an hour later, slightly startled for not finding Kasthuri anywhere. He called her on mobile, but she didn’t answer. He called her multiple times, left her many messages. But she didn’t answer to any of them. It left Ayan utterly confused on what might have happened.

19th May, Monday.

Ayan was completely anxious when he came to office. Kasthuri had not replied to any of his messages or called him back so far. He was completely puzzled what may have happened. He came to office hoping to find her and ask what was wrong. But her desk was empty. That annoyed him even further.

He headed to his cabin and got busy with work. A few hours later, he was busy in a call when the office boy came to give his tea. He looked up and asked if Kasthuri had come, and the boy nodded in confirmation. Ayan waited for the boy to leave, and then he finished his call.

Then looked through his blinds and saw Kasthuri at her desk – working at her PC, with a serious look on her face. She was wearing a saree. But immediately her naked image from the other night flashed in his mind. He felt aroused just by looking at her. He went back at his desk and called her on the intercom.

“Hello,” Kasthuri replied from the other side.

“Kasthuri, can you come to my cabin please?” Ayan said in a slightly terse way.

“I am currently busy, it is urgent?” Kasthuri asked, clearly in an irritated tone.

“Yes, it is urgent, please see me immediately” Ayan too replied in a heavier voice. No matter what had happened, Ayan was still her boss. And if she had come to the office, she had no way to avoid him at work. So Kasthuri got up and then walked to his cabin.

“May I come in, sir?” she asked in a formal tone. She had never taken his permission to come to his cabin before. She clearly looked irritated. “Yes please” Ayan responded, and as soon as she came in.

He got up from his chair and walked in her direction, “What happened, I called you, messaged you so many times, where were you?” He asked with a genuine concern in his voice.

“Please sir” Kasthuri stopped him from coming any closer, “What happened that night shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know how it happened, but it shouldn’t have happened.”

“But Kasthuri, I didn’t force myself on you, you were willing,” Ayan tried to explain, startled with Kasthuri’s behavior. “Please, I don’t know how it happened. Please don’t mention it. Please don’t make it any more difficult for me here,” she added.

Then she left the room without even waiting for Ayan’s reaction. He looked on, through his blinds, as she went back to her desk. He looked at her, her body, and once again that night flashed back in his mind. And he immediately lowered the blind and returned to his desk. Still confused and puzzled with what may have happened.

Then days passed by. But still, the mystery around Kasthuri’s weird behavior remained unsolved. Ayan tried a number of times in between to make things normal, but all his attempts went in vain. He had said a number of messages saying sorry, and requesting to remain friends.

But all his messages remained unanswered. So much so that even her other colleagues started noticing the change in her behavior. Her best friend in the office, Poulomi, was the first to notice that she was behaving differently with Ayan. So one day she asked her directly if something was wrong between them.

But Kasthuri denied any such thing completely and said it was just normal, nothing unusual. Poulomi told her that they all feel that Ayan had a weakness towards her. So she wanted to check if he had proposed and that may have upset her further. Kasthuri denied any such speculations and said it was nothing as such.

But then Poulomi advised that if she was her, she would have gladly accepted if Ayan had proposed. To which Kasthuri started teasing her to change the topic for the time being. No matter how much Kasthuri tried, someone or the other would push her to it.

She was slowly getting irritated with so many of her colleagues suddenly becoming so interested in her personal life. They were giving her unwarranted advice, especially the ones who were speculating about things between her and Ayan. No matter what she tried, she was simply not able to shake the things off.

Ayan too had been sending her messages and often flowers to her home apologizing and asking for one more chance at the friendship they had. One evening she was alone at home. It was quite late too, almost eleven in the night. She was about to go to the bed when the door-bell rang.

Kasthuri was slightly startled. It was an unusual time to have guests. She approached the door and checked through the peephole. Ayan was standing outside, he looked anxious.

“Ayan what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Please Kasthuri, open the door I want to talk to you,” he replied.

“No Ayan, it’s very late, go home, there is nothing left to talk between us,” she replied adamantly.

“No Kasthuri, I will not go before I get my answers,” he responded angrily.

Kasthuri opened the door and let him in. “Make it quick. What do you want to know?” she once again sounded very irritated.

“What happened to you? We had such a great time together last time. What went wrong? Why are you behaving like this?” he demanded to know.

“That night was an accident. Please don’t remind me about that night anymore. I want to forget that night ever occurred,” she said. Ayan looked at her in utter dismay.

“An accident? You call that night an accident?” Ayan asked her in disbelief. But he was not looking for an answer. He had grabbed her hands asking the same thing over and over.

“Ayan please, you are hurting me” Kasthuri cried out as he grabbed her tightly and pushed her to the nearest wall. He had her pinned completely against the wall so that she couldn’t move.

“This is hurting you? What about the pain you are causing me for the last few days” Ayan cried out in rage. Kasthuri looked at him in disbelief, still writhing in pain. “You are mine Kasthuri. You are mine, and nothing can come between us” he said and turned her around.

“What are you doing, leave me, you are hurting me” Kasthuri cried out in pain once again. But it was too late. Ayan grabbed his handkerchief from the pocket and used it to tie her hands at her back. “Please, stop. What are you doing” Kasthuri cried in desperate plea when she realized what was going on. But to no avail.

Ayan tied her and then turned her around. Raw lust reflected from his eyes as he looked at her carefully. She was wearing a short nightdress and felt helpless with her hands bound behind her back. Ayan once again pushed and pinned her against the wall and started kissing her on the lips. Kasthuri couldn’t stop him. Ayan kissed her, and pushed his tongue inside her mouth, making her feel more uncomfortable.

He then stopped but looked at her again with the same lustful eyes. Kasthuri was feeling more scared. Ayan then grabbed her nightgown and yanked at her so hard that the threads gave up. The piece of clothes tore off instantly. Ayan pulled the two sides apart until the gown was completely torn into two pieces, exposing her naked body.

“Told you, you are mine, nothing can come between us,” Ayan said in a proud tone. He picked her in his arms and carried her inside to the bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and immediately took off his own clothes and imposed himself on her.

He started fondling and pressing her breasts and sucking her nipples the same way as he did on the other night. Occasionally reaching down and rubbing his hands on her vagina. He sucked her hard again, making her aroused and feel orgasmic all over again. Kasthuri wanted to protest but all she could manage was a feeble mumbling as her own desires overwhelmed her.

She started whimpering as Ayan continued sucking her and rubbing her hand on her vagina. His own cock, once again erects and hard, poking at her and waiting for its turn. He didn’t keep her waiting for long. Soon he took his position between her legs, forcing them wide open, and then expertly guiding his tool deep inside her once again.

Kasthuri let out a large moan as he reached the deepest part of her body, and started pumping her in a known, assuring rhythm. Ayan also continued kissing and licking all over her body – her face, her neck, her shoulder, her breasts, and her tummy.

He was making her completely wet with his saliva whilst his cock was making her wet inside. Soon his thrusts grew harder in intensity as he once again took her near climax. “YOU ARE MINE, UNDERSTAND, YOU ARE MINE,” Ayan shouted on her face.

Kasthuri suddenly got up startled. She was all sweaty and alone in her room. She looked around carefully, there was no one there. Her heart was still beating very fast. It was a dream. A dream which has left her completely in sweat and aroused. This was the fifth time in two weeks when she had such dreams involving Ayan.

She sat up and drank a glass of water. She took her phone and saw a few unread messages from Ayan. She opened them. And she opened his profile picture, looking at her smiling face. Unconsciously her hand reached down and she started touching herself. Once again she thought about the night with him.

She harbored absolutely no feelings for him. But she didn’t know how she ended up like that with him. As much as she could recall the night, she enjoyed it a lot. So much passion, so much heat, so many emotions. And once again she helped her ease into an orgasm, thinking about the night with Ayan.

06th June, Friday.

Twenty days have passed since that night but yet Ayan has not got an answer why Kasthuri started behaving indifferently since that night. He had almost learned to live with it now. Kasthuri too, despite continued having those wet dreams, had not made any attempt to reconcile or talk to Ayan.

Even her colleagues had given up hope by then. But there was a different hubbub at work on that day. 9th June was Ayan’s birthday, and the staff was collecting contributions to buy something nice for the boss for his present.

“I hope you remember its boss’s birthday on Monday,” Poulomi brought up the topic in the morning. But Kasthuri remained silent. “No I meant, I was reminding you for the contribution.” Kasthuri opened her purse, took a currency note of five hundred out and offered it to Poulomi.

“You could have given it nicely too,” Poulomi teased her slightly, “And you are also welcome for the surprise party we are planning for Sunday night.” But Kasthuri rolled her eyes showing that she was not interested.

“You know what would be a nice present for him from you?” Poulomi brought up the topic once again. Kasthuri looked clearly annoyed, but she hardly cared. “Yourself,” and she burst into laughter.

“Come on, we all know that he likes you,” Poulomi defended herself when Kasthuri gave her an annoying look. “And it’s his birthday, he deserves something special baby.” She nudged Kasthuri at the shoulder slightly. And Kasthuri simply nodded her head in disgust.

“Saturday at 8 pm, don’t forget. It’s his birthday after all” Poulomi reminded her one last time as Kasthuri was about to leave. But she once again rolled her eyes, showing complete lack of interest.

As soon as the clock turned twelve, someone popped a party cracker and all the thirty people who had assembled for the party shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in unison. Ayan was overjoyed. One of them brought a large chocolate cake with a candle. And Ayan was asked to do the honors.

They had surprised him by assembling at his place at 9, with food and drinks. They had partied all night long until it was twelve. Almost everyone from work was there, but Kasthuri didn’t join. Ayan was hoping that she will be there too but was quickly disappointed after not seeing her.

But the others partied so hard that his disappointment disappeared into the thin air. They ate, they drank, they sang, they danced, and then finally at twelve, they celebrated by cutting the cake as well. The party may as well have gone until dawn. But it was Monday the next day and they had to be back at work.

So by 1 am, everyone wrapped up and left one by one. The room had become a complete mess, but it was a delightful mess. Ayan looked around as everyone left. He couldn’t feel much luckier than this. He still had cake all over his face, which had to be washed before he hit the bed.

He was in the bathroom, taking a shower when the door-bell rang. At first, he didn’t notice it, but when it rang for the second time, he hurriedly headed to the door. Someone must have forgotten something, he told to himself as he put on his shorts before answering the door.

He opened the door and was completely surprised. It was Kasthuri who was waiting for him outside. “Kasthuri! At this time?” he asked, partly startled, partly delighted. “Can I come in?” she asked, sounding more polite than what she had been in the last few weeks.

“O yes, please come in,” he opened the door and let her in. She looked around at the room, looking at the mess her colleagues had created and looked at him questioningly. “You missed a great party, as you can see. I wish you could have joined us early,” Ayan said, still unsure that he was seeing her in person.

“No, I wanted to see you alone,” she said, “which is why I was waiting for them to leave first.” Ayan stared back at her in surprise, “What? You had been waiting for so long? But why?” He looked confused, searching in Kasthuri’s eyes for the answers he was hoping to hear.

“I wanted to say sorry for my recent behavior. I was confused, and…” Kasthuri too looked back in his eyes and found genuine warmth in them. “I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday, and…”

“…And?” Ayan’s heart started pounding heavily. His breathing became heavy and shallow and his eyes narrowed towards Kasthuri, anticipating what she was going to say.

“I have brought a present for you,” she said, looking straight in his eyes. None of them dared to look away as a moment of passion started building between the two. There was a moment of silence, whilst the two looked at each other with a burning fire of desire in their eyes.

Kasthuri quietly unclasped her dress and then gently lifting the straps off her own shoulders, she let the dress fall. Her gorgeous single piece dress fell off her body, leaving her exposed in a white bra and matching panties. “I am your present. Just as you always wanted,” she said and she planted a kiss on his lips.

Ayan grabbed her in his arms. Kissing her back he lifted her off her feet. Grabbing and hugging her tightly he started moving in circles in utter joy. “Oh, Kasthuri…” – he kept uttering her name in complete relief of finally getting the best gift of his birthday. Kasthuri too hugged him tightly so that the two don’t fall down.

He finally put her down, looked at her eyes for a brief moment and then started kissing her once again. “Oh my dear…” he uttered in between spells of kissing and sucking her lips. Kasthuri too wrapped her hands lovingly around his neck and kissed him back ever so passionately.

She had already decided to give herself up for him. He pulled her even closer as his hands felt the silky smooth touch of her bare flesh. “This is the best gift ever,” he said and continued kissing her, completely overjoyed. Kasthuri blushed at such pampering and giggled when he picked her up in his lap.

And then Ayan carried his birthday gift, still laughing, blushing and holding on to him tightly, to the bedroom. He put her down on the bed and immediately started kissing her lips once again. Kasthuri too, pulling him closer, grabbing him tightly, kissed him back with a burning desire.

She was whimpering, moaning, and also giggling whilst he kissed all over her – her lips, neck, shoulders, and ears. Gradually moving down, leaving a faint trail of saliva from his lips. Ayan pulled one side of her bra down and started kissing on her soft breasts. Holding and gently squeezing it with one hand, whilst licking and sucking the nipples with his mouth.

“Mmmmm,” Kasthuri let out a moan and immediately inviting him for yet another long and wet kiss. Still not believing his own luck, Ayan kissed his beautiful friend for one more time before once again shifting his focus to the rest of her beautiful body.

He immediately attacked her slender and sexy midriff. Licking around her navel and kissing the soft skin of her belly. Kasthuri lifted her hands, pulling her hairs back as she continued enjoying the way Ayan was treating her. And once again he got up, this time kissing and sucking the other breast.

Kasthuri was completely engrossed and getting wet with how Ayan was treating her two breasts with extra care. But then he suddenly stopped. She looked up and then immediately bit her lips with a shy smile as she watched her man starting to pull her panties down.

Ayan quickly removed her panties, exposing the prized possession of his birthday gift – her love hole with a cute little bush around it. Kasthuri smiled shyly and opened her legs to let him bury himself between them. She threw her head back and closed her eyes in excitement.

She finally felt the touch of his wet tongue against her anxiously waiting vagina. Ayan buried himself between her legs. First kissing her crotch and vaginal area, and then finally putting his tongue at work on the curled skins of her clitoral opening. Kasthuri got up abruptly, unable to bear the sudden rush of excitement.

But Ayan pushed her back down while putting his tongue slightly deeper inside her cunt hole. Kasthuri let out a long moan, showing her appreciation for the great work his tongue was up to. Ayan realized how excited he has got his girl, and from there on he simply didn’t let her relax even for once.

Licking, and kissing, and sometimes putting his tongue deep inside her pussy, he made her moan and beg for more constantly. She squealed in delight every time Ayan pushed his tongue further inside her crevices. She was so hot by then that her love juices kept flowing freely which Ayan licked and sucked in all eagerness.

Ayan continued eating her pussy while his hands grabbed and fondled her breasts. Kasthuri was in a complete trance as she grabbed his hands and allowed him to push her further closer to an orgasm. Her entire body raked and shivered as she moved much nearer to the climax with every passing second.

The feeling got more and more intense as Ayan felt flooded with a flurry of her pre-cum. Feeling the end was near, he grabbed her breasts even more tightly and kept rubbing his tongue against her clitoris ever so fiercely. Kasthuri closed her eyes and her entire body grew stiff as she threw her head back silently.

For a moment she didn’t make any noise. But then suddenly she let out a huge roar as her body exploded in one of the most intense orgasms she has ever felt. Her breathing got faster and she started panting as her body continued leaking juices uncontrollably.

She lay naked on Ayan’s bed, breathing and sweating profusely. Ayan got up and watched at her sexy and hot form, still in disbelief. Kasthuri calmed down slowly as her body finally adjusted to the shivering climax it experienced. Still breathing heavily and her body drenched in sweat, she lifted her head up to see Ayan taking his shorts off.

She then quickly grabbed him and pulled him back to her even before he could get rid of his shorts completely. Once again the two got lip locked, kissing and smooching in passion whilst Ayan slowly pushed his shorts off his body. He imposed himself on her completely. Their two bodies mingled romantically.

Ayan was already very hard and throbbing. His cock started rubbing against her cunt as the two lovers kissed each other while being in a tight embrace. He rubbed his cock on her already wet and soaking pussy. Then, with a single push, he got inside her smoothly.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Kasthuri moaned with wide eyes as she felt his cock slide deep inside her. And as he started ramming his cock, she could once again feel her body readying itself for one more round of ecstasy. Both of their bodies tangled awkwardly for a while.

Ayan settled down with a far smoother rhythm. Kasthuri hugged him tightly as his cock continued ramming her and making her aroused once again. Ayan was slow and gentle at first. But he gradually got faster and harder with each stroke. Kasthuri too was enjoying at first, but gradually moaning and squealing at the top of her voice as Ayan rammed her hard.

Once again her body was building up for yet one more orgasm. And she was only getting closer with each stroke inside her. Ayan didn’t care for anything anymore. All he wanted was to make her come once again and make it a night none of them could ever forget.

Soon Kasthuri was near her second climax of the evening. She grabbed him tightly, digging her fingers on his flesh. Ayan realized this and continued fucking her in the same intensity. And then just before she could explode yet again, he started kissing on her lips.

Kasthuri too started kissing and sucking his lips back passionately. Her entire body had already started giving up to another orgasm. Her body got tensed once again and then immediately relaxed as it relieved itself in another orgasm. Ayan continued banging her with the same strength for some more time so that she could relieve herself completely.

And then he stopped and the two kissed each other once again. “I still can’t believe this,” he said between kisses. Just an hour ago he was still surrounded by his office colleagues, having an average birthday celebration. But then in hours, everything turned surreal as he lay completely naked and inside the girl he wanted the most.

Kasthuri looked at his eyes which were looking greedily at her. She kissed him once again as she tried to get up. Ayan watched her curiously as she got up and then pushed him down on the bed. He lay down, still curious what she was going to do. Kasthuri kissed him once again as she positioned herself carefully for her next move.

And then she quickly grabbed her cock and put it in her mouth. Ayan watched her with wide-eyed excitement at first. Then he dropped his head and started enjoying as she wrapped her tongue around his cock and started sucking it lovingly.

Kasthuri positioned herself between his open legs, which gave her enough leverage to treat his cock in the best possible way. Ayan too started moaning by now. And Kasthuri made sure that it only intensifies as she sucked and licked it even more passionately.

“Please stop or I will come,” Ayan said in a heightened sense of trance. And Kasthuri immediately stopped. But still holding his cock in her hands, she looked up at his face. She felt proud by seeing the look on her face. And then she gradually climbed up, closer, and whispered – “If you want to come, come inside me.”

Then she lowered herself on his cock, carefully inserting it all the way inside and up her pussy. “Ouch…..” She let out a moan at the initial discomfort. But as soon as she had his cock completely inside her, she started rocking her body, fucking herself on top of him. Ayan watched in genuine surprise as Kasthuri rode him and fucked herself expertly.

Kasthuri too looked at his eyes and immediately blushed in embarrassment. Just until yesterday, she was completely confused. Yet in a day’s time, she has surrendered herself and was behaving like a complete slut. Ayan understood her embarrassment and he grabbed her and pulled her closer.

She gave up as they two hugged each other tightly again whilst Ayan continued fucking her in that position. The two remained like that – their bodies becoming one, intertwined, and frequented with moans from each one of them. “Are you ready?” Ayan whispered in her ears.

Kasthuri lifted her head and looked at his eyes. They were filled with a burning passion. “I am going to come,” Ayan said, looking at her eyes. And once again Kasthuri blushed as she hugged her and kissed her back. “Ohh,” Ayan let go a massive load which exploded deep inside Kasthuri’s womb, igniting one more shivering orgasm in her.

She sat up immediately. Her body was still gyrating against Ayan’s cock which was still deep inside her. Both of their bodies were sweaty and Kasthuri awkwardly removed her bra so that she was completely naked. Ayan too reached out for her breasts and held them as his cock pumped out whatever potion was still left in his balls.

Only after Kasthuri was sure she has got all his juices inside her, she dropped down on him. Ayan embraced her tightly once again. The two kissed as their body eased in a more comfortable position. Cuddling her in his large form, he kissed on her forehead. “Thanks,” he said, “Thanks for the best birthday gift of my life.”

“Thanks” Kasthuri too said in return. Her breathe still abrupt. Her body still recovering from the three orgasms it had gone through just now. “Thanks for giving me a new beginning,” she said. She smiled before burying his face in his chest and lying there until the two slowly fell asleep, still naked, and still in trance of a wonderful night.

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