Katrina Will do anything for money

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My name is sunny & i work as a Assistant for an famous cameraman in Bollywood. Being in der i know both bright & dark side of bollywood. But I like only the darker side bcoz i have seen many things which others can’t even in their human life. I have seen many heroines humiliated fucked or enjoyed by various producers, directors, actors & even sometime cameraman. I have seen Aishwarya Rai fucked by Hrithik during jodha akbar shooting like that i have seen many a heroines like Bipasha basu, kareena kapoor, hot bomb vidya balan & even many more. Even recently i myself got to fuck the young & bubbly actress prachi desai in order to satisfy me to make her a part of an big movie.
But that is not the story which im gonna talk about but its all about the tall & sexy heroine Katrina kaif & how i got my golden opportunity to fuck. It happened during the time of shooting De Dana Dan movie which was starring AKSHAY kumar, Katrina, Sunil shetty & Sameera reddy as the star cast. I have heard tat Katrina is really fun loving & would do anything for it bcoz at the time of the shooting i saw it as how the heroines r enjoyed by their make counter parts. One day i saw Akshay & Sameera fucking their minds out in their vanity van with Akshay fucking sameera in an threesome with his friend but that bitch wasn’t satisfied even with an threesome & in order to satisfy fully she made even Chunkey panday to fully fuck her. While i was shocked to see her stamina there were more know about these heroines slutty behaviour as one night i saw how the actress Neha Dhupia was satisfying the Director priyadharshan & the other actor Paresh Rawal an mind blowing blow job to their cock. She was such an expert in it as i was able to see how much of ecstasy she bought even to their old cock. I even took an mms of this which i play to myself anytime wen i wish to shag myself. And more importantly i even saw this mind blowing heroine Katrina being fucked by Sunil shetty. He was real brutal in his sex as we biting her breasts, pussy lips & made blood to flow out of her tender body but she didn’t seem to worry about but was only enjoy her sex by making him to cum all over her body & even her pussy. Thus i got the chance to witness the sex experience of each heroine.
Now lets go to my story, my cameraman had leave out for some urgent work & so i was asked to take the camera to shoot on his behalf. I was really ecstatic bcoz now i got the chance to film these beautiful heroines & have more close interactions. The first shoot of myself was an cock throbbing experience as i was made to shoot the rain song of Gale lag ja of that movie in this song Katrina was made to year flimsy diff coloured sarees wit an matching bikini blouse exposing huge breasts & her whole stomach, sexy navel as she wore saree really low. While due to the rain effect her saree was sticking to her exposing the whole shape of long tanned legs & while on the up even her nipples were protruding thru her saree. The shooting started like always Akshay was enjoying his movements with his heroines as she running his hands into katrina’s body, kissing her breasts,lips even her navel which his hands cupping her exposed ass & her sexy thighs. Though everyone knew it was unnecessary no one couldn’t do anything as he was one of the top heroes & more over Katrina didn’t object to Akshay’s action as actually she was enjoying his touch, was moaning real hard. I thought that she even attained an orgasm in it. So now the shooting was over & Akshay went with fully satisfying Katrina fully. So i could find that Katrina was full horny.
Now i too planned to leave home after enjoying such beautiful scenes & shots of katrina’s body but i stopped by the director as he asked me to perform an photo shoot on Katrina in those saree which she wore in song as he was planning to use them promotion to draw more crowd as it was the first time Katrina was exposing such large amount of flesh of her body & moreover he said i alone have take all photos bcoz he was actually leaving overseas to select shooting spots.so i was asked to enquire Katrina about the timings for photo shoot b4 she leaves. I was really happy to hear that i was gonna get chance to spend time alone wit Katrina & that too an photo shoot wit Katrina in those exposed saree.
So i went to her,
Me: hello madam. Im sunny. The director asked me to enquire about the dates for photo shoot.
Katrina: yup. He told me but it seems i busy this whole week can v take on weekend. Ill arrange Yash raj studios for us during that time.
Me:ur wish mam.Ok so ill meet on weekend.
Katrina:good.So how was song shooting. I was hesitant to expose my body. So do u think that song turned out real sexy make people mad?
Me:ur song was mind blowing mam. It was really hot & sensous. All the shooting crew was mind blown to see you in this avatar. U really were awesome when u shook ur ass.
Katrina:Ok dont make me blush.ill meet u weekend
Soon the time arrived. It was the weekend & so i had two days to spend wit this beauty for both these days. So i quickly got ready & made my way to studio. I was waiting for Katrina for an hour wit getting the studio ready for the the hot shoot.
Soon my beauty arrived in beautiful white stone studded designer saree. She looked like a goddess at the same looked damn sexy. She entered into the studio by giving me an sexy smile & shook my hands which gave shivers to my body. We shared complimentaries & talked for some time. Then i asked her to get ready for the photo shoot.
So went into the room to get herself changed. While i sitting there alone thinking about her & what made me happy was that i had also signed with an famous magazine to take an nude picture of my beauty Katrina. I was anxiously waiting for her & soon her room opened wit she dressed in beautiful black saree which she would wearing in the song. Wow! She was looking so beautiful in it as her transparent saree was exposing her whole stomach & while her blouse was a deep cut showing lots of her cleavage & more over wasn’t wearing any petticoat so her bomb shell thighs could seen in traces. I was so happy see her in that position & pleasant as i was gonna spend more time with her to see her exposed beauty.
Those saree were exposed in such an excellent way & such taste but there was an mistake in the way of dressing. So i started to explain her,
myself: Mam u r looking gr8 in tat this saree. But there is slight mistake in it.
Katrina:IS it so mr. Kenny. Shall i know what it is?
Myself: mam! Ur costume is apt but actually the director wanted me to resemble u in the rain drenched way as u were in the song in our movie.
Katrina: hey u can call me Katrina. But thing is I feel uncomfortable in doing as photo shoot in those wet clothes.
Myself: ok Katrina. But u see as director thinks his movie doesn’t have an story to make his story an hit. So he wants to his heroine to expose more of her skin for his promotion stills. So only mam.
So Katrina got ready
The saree that Katrina wore for her sexy photo shoot

so now Katrina got ready for her photo shoot in the sexy orange transparent saree which she wore for the song. She was looking divinely beautiful in that dress more over she was made to make her dress more wet so that saree got stick wit her own body making her expose her flesh in more quantity.
Now i got ready to to take photos of my sexy beauty exposing her gr8 beauty to all the world. I took various snaps of Katrina in various positions. I continued to take photos of her in the various saree she wore in song of that movie.
It was most happiest day of my life as i got to witness the nakedness of my my beauty in various positions. Now i got various snaps that the director wished me to take for the movie promotional activities.
Now it was the time i was waiting for the whole day. As i was even contracted to take an naked photo shoot of her. But when i contacted to allow this photo shoot. Katrina completely rejected my offer bcoz she wasn’t ready to take an photo shoot wit me bcoz i wasn’t an recognized photographer. Though i reminded her about the contract she didn’t seem mind it as she made an couple of calls to the magazine. So using her powers she got the naked photo shoot into an lingerie photo shoot.
The lingerie i made Katrina to wear for my photo shoot

She came into photo spot & removed her shawl to showcase her beauty & her sexy body to me. This sexual mood was more for me but i had to control myself bcoz Katrina was the top heroine at time so i didn’t want to risk my position in the film industry & more over i liked to her naked beauty more.
Once the shoot start, Katrina was out of her control as she was giving multiple sexy poses to my camera as she was closer peek of her internal parts by boosting her breasts out of her bra to showcase the size of her massive boobs.
As the shooting was going on, suddenly the knot of her panty got loosened & it was about to fall down exposing her naked pussy. KATRINA was in shock but tried to catch but b4 she could i made a leap & saved her from it. In tat course of action, i was able to feel the soft flesh of her big round ass, pinched by pussy while i even got feel her long slender waist & even kissed her breast b4 we bought the situation under control.
I was really happy & suprised by luck i got of feeling Katrina, sexiness. But due to all these actions i could see some changes happening, with tension building all around with Katrina looking hot & seducing. But soon i got scared as she came near me, but to my disbelief she came & locked her lips with mine to give me an strong kiss with all pleasure & might. While she was kissing me she guided by hands towards her ass to feel them.
It was more than i asked for. She kissed me for more than ten mins with my pleasure grew to its peak with both of up gasping for breath b4 we broke our kiss as she again wore her white saree but this time front of me but b4 leaving she promised me that she would really give me an chance to enjoy b4 the shoot of movie gets over.
Now we both were ready to leave but they intercom rang to inform us tat the director is on his way & he had asked us to wait. So no other way we had to stay back continuing our talk. After an wait of thirty mins we were joined by the director but he was followed by an person who was at late 40’s whom i found out looking at him first. He was an top hero in southern film industry of Malayalam & a very dear friend of the director.
The director quickly enquired me about the photo shoot & asked me the pictures taken. I too showed him my pictures but i could see that both the director were enjoyed the beauty & nakedness of Katrina rather than my photo work but u can’t say anything wrong if u have such an beauty like Katrina exposed in front of u. The actor was totally immersed into his beauty & i saw him winking at the director which i think Katrina didn’t notice.
Now my director introduced her to his friend & Katrina gave her hands readily to him to shake. After the formal introduction, the director told her that his friend is gonna make an multi crore worth movie project & so he think u would right for his movie but b4 doing so he wants u to do something & provide him services with ur body.
I thought Katrina would get humiliated & leave the set at once but it didn’t happen tat way rather she jumped over to hero & hugged him tightly to give him an deep kiss to his sucking lips while she asked me to take the photos & videos of the actions that gonna take place.
While she kissed him she removed his shirt to look at his white chest & fat stomach. She seemed to be in such an mood as she even asked the Director & me to strip naked. Now all three were naked but from apart mine the others penis were looking like dead rats kept in prison. Anyway i knew i won’t get an chance to fuck her atleast today but though Katrina seemed to be in an gr8 mood seeing those penis she was seeming to loose her mood. So actor took something out of his pocket & swallowed it. It seemed some of those magic tablets so that quickly their penis grew long. Now Katrina stripped her clothes one by one when at least she was standing in her lingerie she played sheela ki Jawani & started to make those sexy which had made many men cum in their boxers itself on seeing it. Seeing her erotic dance all the there of us were now uncontrollable, so now Katrina stood in middle of those two guys & took their penis in their hands to give them hand job by shaking them hard to reach climax. Once they climaxed she put condoms into their manhood & asked to enter in her respective holes but i seemed to be lucky guy as i was about to get the blow job from this beauty. Now all the three of us entered into our respective holes, wit the hero in front, director in back. Who banging her using all their strengths while i was getting an beautiful sucking job wit her tongue playing wit my rod. Both the oldies seemed to have such strength as they continued to rock her due to it she was giving more pressure my rod which eventually led to bite my cock hard but i didn’t mind as i was getting wat i wanted. Soon all the three cummed in all 3 holes. Wit v 3 got satisfaction of fuck while she got the meaty role in a big movie.

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