Latin maid made my day

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After dressed again, Calvin went back down to floor three and went into his room in his apartment. Flopping onto his bed and turning on the TV to watch Comedy Central Presents, he turned on Seinfeld. Immediately he changed the channel and got to Gabriel Iglesias. Calvin got naked because he loved to sleep naked. He was walking around his apartment room bare butt and staring out the window at the NYC lights. As he was thinking to himself, “I have had a long day,” he heard the door open behind him. “What?” He said.
“Oh I am sorry Mr. Knight”, said the maid. “I will come back tomorrow.”
“ No it’s okay Julie, stay and sit down.”
“ But sir, you are….”
“I know I’m naked,” said Calvin, “just sit down. Want a drink” he asked her?
“ Um yes please” she responded. “I have had a very long day and you’re my last room to clean.”
“Okay, here is some Vodka.” Calvin said.
“Thank you very much Mr. Knight.”
Calvin was still naked on one bed watching the Tv and Julie was on the other bed sitting down at the end watching and drinking her vodka. Julie was short, about 5′ 5 and had brown hair with blond highlights. She was a Latino. Julie had no ass whatsoever but had a huge rack. They must have been at least a D cup. She had a sexiness about her though. Julie was independent and hard to get in bed, not many men had. Calvin only knew of one guy who had, but he wasn’t thinking about that now. She slugged back the Vodka and Calvin went from checking out Gabriel to checking out her black and white maid outfit with long white stockings and a white crown.
“I love Gabriel Iglesias” said Julie.
“ I do too,” said Calvin “He’s so cool”. She put her shot glass in the sink and stayed in the kitchen for a while. Calvin lay back on his bed and his dick was limp laying on his belly. It felt good to be naked on his fluffy bed. When Julie came out of the kitchen she was half naked in only her long white stockings, white bra and white crown piece. “What are you doing Calvin asked?”
“I just wanted to feel sexy she said and giggled, I haven’t in a while you know,” she said again. “That’s fine, relax” said Calvin.
“I will,” she commented and lay down right next to Calvin. He was watching Iglesias and fell asleep. He then woke up to a slurping sound. Calvin lifted his eyes to see Julie slurping half his six inch cock in her mouth. She was in between his legs and he was laying back.
“Oh senor, you woke up. I thought I’d give you a blow job to make you feel even more comfortable.” Calvin smiled and felt her hair that was laying on his legs. Her massive mammories were stuck in between Calvin’s legs and he saw them sitting there. She started licking Calvin’s body and started moving up it slowly with her tongue. She moved back down to his pulsating dick and she grabbed her tits in both hands and started rubbing them. Next, Calvin felt a feeling only God could create. Julie took her D cups and put them around Calvin’s hard dick. She slid them all over his cock and made him feel really good.
“Aw harder Jules!” He yelled to her. She engulfed his hard penis in her tits and put her mouth on the very top of his penis. He came so much and so hard in her mouth but she took it all. She let the cum drip from her mouth onto her tits and started massaging his dick with her tits and his cum. Calvin fell asleep and he woke up under his covers laying sideways with his cock in Julie’s pussy. She was facing him and woke up. She kissed him on the lips and looked into his eyes. Then she turned around and looked at the clock. The clock read 8:30.
“Shit” she said and started talking really fast in Spanish. I was suppose to start cleaning half an hour ago! “Hasta luego papi”. She said as she put her maid outfit on and flew out the door. Calvin woke up and had a nice bowl of fruit loops.

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