Learning a few home truths

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Pete and Jan had been married for only five years, and to be honest the novelty was already wearing very thin, as most couples they had their ups and downs but as Pete was soon to find out not everything in the garden was rosy. He arrived home almost as usual from work to find his 5 foot six wife taking a bath, now this was unusual in as much that normally she preferred to take a shower first thing in the morning as she had done this morning. Despite this unusual behaviour he didn’t really suspect anything and just put it down to her needing a relaxing bath, however when 30 min later she emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a white fleecy towel she immediately disappeared into the bed room. Again nothing unusual in this except the bedroom she moved into was the spare single room.
Knocking gently on the door, Pete entered and found his wife sat in front of the dressing table with her 36C breasts on display, initially she did not notice him enter for she was busy shaving her pubes. Now this was unusual for she always claimed that she liked the natural approach and only rarely did she trim her pubic hair. Pete coughed and instantly Jan looked up, but never stopped lathering her pubic area. Hello Pete she said, I thought we may have a little fun tonight but only if you agree. She added.
Depends what the fun is. He declared.
I know you like bondage, because you like to tie me up as often as possible. Jan said, but how would you feel if it was you that was tied up tonight and had to do everything I demanded. She asked.
Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, he answered.
Very well then, I will tie you up and we will take it from there. She responded, but first be a good boy and go shower and then shave not only your face but also your cock and balls. Intrigued Pete smiled as he left the room and went to take a shower. An hour later he was dressed in just shorts and a top as he entered the main bedroom; there he found Jan sexily dressed in a Basque black seamed stockings and bright red suspender belt with bright red 6 inch high stiletto heels.
She turned to face him and ordered him to remove his clothes before inspecting how well he had removed the hair from around his cock and balls. Next she ordered him to lay on their divan bed with his head overhanging the bottom of the bed and to spread his arms out crucifix style. Taking the normal Japanese bondage ropes that he used normally on her, she secured his arms in this position, then tied his ankles as far apart as possible at the top of the bed.
Now unable to move, Pete began to realise the fascination that Jan had about being tied up, for now he was powerless to prevent anything happening to him and this was proved to him when his wife tied a pretty pink ribbon tightly around his balls finishing it in a bow around the base of his cock. Now in the five years they’ve been married Jan had never complained about the size of Pete’s manhood but tonight she chastised him for only mustering 5 inches fully erect and that like it or not he was going to see double that amount at very close quarters.
Pete was about to say something when he found Jan was anticipating this and slipped a gag into his mouth and quickly fastened it behind his head. The gag was not the usual ball-gag type but instead it was a type that contained a large circular device and was designed to keep the lips open allowing items or liquids to be passed through the centre of the ring. She leaned down and whispered in his ear that when you learn proper obedience I will remove the gag. I am going to tell you now that I am going to paddle your worthless cock until you agree to everything I demand, I know from the stories you read online that you have a thing about seeing your wife fucked by another man, and that you want to eat his come directly from a freshly used cunt.
Now when you decide to the level of obedience I demand, you will nod your head three times but be warned if I remove your gag and you try to stop my fun tonight I will cut your cock off so beware.
With that Jan walked over to the bedside cabinet and took out a leather paddle, before walking slowly to the side of the bed but making sure that he saw what she was carrying. As far as Pete was concerned there was less than a second between the swishing sound and the almost unbearable instant pain he felt spreading from the tip of his cock down towards his balls.
Time and time again this was repeated over the period of the next 30 min, each time he and just began to believe that the last one had been the final one when she hit him again. At this moment in time he would have sold his own mother into prostitution to stop the pain in his groin, so we began nodding profusely.
Instead of removing the gag straight away, Jan grabbed her mobile phone and dialled a number, all she said into the phone was; everything set I’m ready and waiting. Closing the phone she smiled at her bound husband and slowly moved to his head, then she opened her legs and literally pushed her cunt over his face until his nose was pressed into the entrance of her cunt, cutting off his air supply. She purred that she had power of life and death over him and if she so chose she could cause him to die a heavenly death from suffocation by cunt juice. Reaching beyond his head she released the gag and yanked it out of the way.
Pete noisily gulped in air until his breathing returned to normal. Soon Jan insisted he begin licking her cunt in preparation for the large cock it was about to take, fearing reprisals for not obeying the instructions, Pete began his best efforts.
He was in full flow when suddenly Jan lifting herself off his face and left the room, panic began to set in for Pete as he heard his wife talking with someone as they climb the stairs. It was clear by the depths of the voice that the other person was a male, Pete’s pride was now about to be shattered as he realised a stranger would see him in this predicament and not only that the chances were that the stranger would ridicule him for his lack of size and the fight that he was bound to the bed unable to move.
Pete felt he wanted to die rather than face what was about to happen but suddenly from somewhere inside in he began to feel more horny than he had for a long, long, time and he began to think about all the different scenarios he may be put through.
Although Pete was not gay, for some reason he imagined the guy coming up the stairs with his wife was at the very least, bi sexual, and would force Peter to suck the very cock which would then go on to stretch his wife’s overheated cunt. Instead of repulsing him, Peter began to think of the ultimate outcome, where after spunking his wife’s cunt, he would be made to clean the guy’s cock before licking Jan’s cunt clean and he suddenly experienced a tingling in his balls as he realised this would make him a cuckold, but how far would this unknown guy go and did he really have a ten inch cock?
As the sound of the voices of the stairs grew louder and louder, Pete found himself getting more and more excited for when Jan left the room he had been sporting a semi-hard on but as he tried to catch even snippets of conversation taking place on the stairs he now found that his cock had grown incredibly stiff and almost painful in anticipation of what was about to happen. As he listened more intently he figured that they were just outside the closed door and any minute now his embarrassment and humiliation would start. He found himself almost praying they would hurry up and get his initial embarrassment over and the eagerly craned his ears for the creaking of the door as it began to open. The seconds seemed like hours as he twisted his head to try to see the lever on the door handle begin to turn, but nothing seemed to be happening.
What Pete could not see, was his wife on the other side of the door waiting and counting to 1000 just to increase Pete anticipation levels. Not that Bill was idle while they were waiting, for he was busy checking out how smooth Jan’s freshly shaved cunt felt on his thick fingers. At a nodded signal from Bill, Jan quickly opened the door and both of them entered the bedroom. Suddenly Pete was a complete mess, he was a jumbled up mixture of embarrassment and mixed with a fair portion of fear and exhilaration. It was almost as if his mind refused to accept what his eyes were telling him, because right in front of those eyes was his wife scantily dressed in front of a large 6 foot six Afro Caribbean male.
One of the first things his mind registered was the stark contrast between his wife’s ivory skin and the dark almost black like skin of the man. It seemed an eternity without any word being spoken but in fact it was just a couple of minutes, until Jan turned to the man and said Bill this is my wimp of a husband that wanted to see me take on a real man’s cock, why don’t you show him what real man’s cock looks like. Right in front of Pete’s face, Bill undid his belt and quickly divested himself of his trousers, now Peter’s face was an absolute picture because Bill had more to piss out of than Peter could hold in two hands.
Peter noticed how Jan seemed to be hypnotised by the black trouser mamba, so much so that without being told she lovingly and gently stroked it. Bill turned slightly towards Jan and with almost a grunt rather than proper words demanded that she hold out his prick as if to show off its magnificent length, I she did so he proudly announced that there was 10 1/2 inches of solid meat and that before the night was out Jan was going to be begging to bear his child as she rode this cock. In many respects this was music to Pete’s ears for a long time he had secretly fed a fantasy, and that fantasy was to see his wife riding a black cock and even better that it was going to be such a big black cock.
Suddenly something in the back of Pete’s mind brought him back to reality, he swore blind that he had just heard that he would be expected to suck this cock to make it hard enough to fuck his wife, Jan did not know but many years before he met her Pete had been technically raped by another man and part of that rape had been being forced to suck the cock that eventually took his anal virginity. Suddenly Pete was struggling hard against the ropes that bound him to the bed and Jan simply thought he was playing along at the thought of having to suck a cock she would die to take in her mouth. Without being instructed to do anything Jan guided cock ever nearer the face of her husband and despite his violent attempts to pull away she laughed and Telling him that she could see how much she really wanted not only protect this cock in his mouth but to lovingly prepare it for her cunt.
Thinking she was playing along with Pete’s efforts, she now threatened him that she would put the mouth spreader back in place so that he could not prevent the cock entering his mouth. A mixture of humiliation and fear prevented the disclosure of his main fears and that was that he was about to get raped all over again. So now quickly Jan be located the mouth spreader and quickly fastened it tightly in place before guiding the cock head of this large cock into Peter’s mouth. A cold sweat broke out on Peters forehead and he found himself producing a lot more saliva, as it dribbled from the corners of his mouth, by now the cock head was resting on his tongue and Pete half expected Bill to begin forcing it down his throat but he didn’t instead he allowed him to adjust to it being there before he even began to move it a millimetre.
Now suddenly Pete’s mind was in turmoil, as he expected a violent onslaught of having the cock slammed into his mouth but in effect the kindness shown to him and not moving the cock was beginning to turn on and he found that because his mouth was celebrating so much he soon had to begin to move his tongue as he went through the swallowing process, this movement of the tongue began to stimulate the black cock in his mouth and in turn Pete began to get turned on to. For Jan it all looked like game and she leaned forward and kissed the on the chin and at the same time managed to run her tongue along part of the black cock now resting in his mouth. It was not long before Bill found that he could not wait any longer and he gently began short thrusts, I suppose it was the natural process of things that as Bill began thrusting Pete began enjoying it all the more although there was a touch and go moment when the cock head hit the back of his throat and blocked his natural airway, Pete baulked at this and recognising the signs he was told to breathe through his nose.
Before long Pete was sucking on the cock like a seasoned pro and all the fears that had surfaced at the beginning was now long gone, in fact if he was honest he too was thoroughly enjoying the action. Pretty soon Jan climbed onto the bottom of the bed and positioned herself with her cunt just below Pete’s chin and suddenly Pete felt the cock disappeared from his mouth and the next thing he knew was that bills balls were hitting his nose as Jan took the full length of her well stretched well shaven white pussy and because of the mouth spreader Pete was actually catching some of the cunt juices as it dripped off the ink black cock now ravaging his wife’s cunt. Jan’s cunt took an awful pounded as it seemed never-ending and all Pete could hear was the climactic screams of his wife as she raced from one orgasm into the next.
It seemed like hours and hours of her being fucked before Bill thrust and held his cock deep in her cunt and most probably with the cock head deep in Jan’s womb. At that exact moment Peter could not believe his ears for his wife was screaming for Bill to give her a black bastard baby and she was promising that her and her wimp husband would raise it as their own. After much closer quarter Peter could actually see bills testicles throb as they delivered their potent ejaculation of spunk deep inside his own wife’s cunt. Just after bills balls stopped throbbing, Bill began to pull his cock from Jan’s cunt and Jan altered her angle of her body so as to make the cock rubbed against Pete’s still trapped open mouth. Tiny traces of streaks of spunk did rub against his lips but nowhere near as much spunk went into his mouth as when the cock head finally exited her cunt lips. Suddenly Jan’s well stretched wide open cunt delivered an excessive dollop of spunk that had Peter almost choking as he tried to swallow it quick enough.
While this was happening Peter was only vaguely aware of the flashes of the camera going off in the background and it wasn’t until Jan was actually rubbing her cunt against his mouth and forcing the last of bills spunk into a husband’s male that he heard Bill saying that these pictures of the willing cuckold would be worth a fortune on the Internet. When Jan managed to stagger to her feet she turned and kissed Peter full on the lips savouring the taste of another man’s spunk as she undid the mouth spreader and then she asked her husband if he had enjoyed sucking on the cock, before he realised what he had said Peter had admitted he had found it thrilling and exciting.
Suddenly alarm bells began ringing for Peter as he heard Bill turn round and say, if you loved it in the mouth then just imagine how much you will love it when I shove it up your boy pussy. Jan burst out laughing as she turned round and admitted to Peter that part of the deal she had had to do with Bill was that after fucking her Bill was allowed fuck Peter and play with Peters cock. Suddenly Peter was begging to be released and almost screaming no no no and saying that he did not want bills cock anywhere near him but Jan quietened him by saying but darling I made a promise on your behalf.
Whilst Jan was quietening Peter down, Bill silently moved to the head of the bed and the first Peter knew anything happening was when he felt bills weight disturb the mattress and with fearful eyes he looked down between his legs to see Bill positioning himself with still at very stiff looking cock. Suddenly Peter’s head was pulled back and everything went dark as Jan facing Bill trapped Peter’s head between her legs and ordered him to lick her cunt. It felt really strange to Peter that he was eating his wife’s cunt and yet he suddenly felt and another man’s hand playing with his cock. The gentle stroking of bills hand on his cock was starting to work its magic as Peters small cock began to stiffen when suddenly Bill grabbed it tightly just above the balls and literally lifted Peters arse off the bed as he found Peters anal ring with his own massive cock. Suddenly the pain of his anal ring being split open by this massive intrusion was too much for Peter and the screamed and screamed but very little sound came out as he was literally screaming into his wife’s still stretched and open cunt.
The best way to describe the feelings that Peter was experiencing was to say that he felt suddenly constipated and as though he needed desperately to dislodge this large shit from his intestines, but it wasn’t actually a large shit it was bills cock. Just as soon as the pain had hit him in now disappeared and the was surprised to feel a warm contented glow in his arse and that glow turned into an intensive fire as Bill began to work his cock in and out. Jan then moved away from Peters head and watched interestedly as her husband’s cock bounced around from the force that his arse was being fucked by.
Suddenly Peter began to feel his wife was complete and it was as if this had been the missing piece in his life for as long as he could remember, yes he still wanted to fuck his wife but also now he wanted just as much to be full of cock up his arse. The new feelings he had overwhelmed him and he was soon begging Bill to make him his bitch and to fill his arse with spunk. The bisexual Bill was only too happy to oblige and somehow managed to almost bend himself double and get his mouth onto the end of Peters cock while still fucking Peters arse with his own cock. The sight of this sent Peter over the top and he was soon filling bills mouth with his own hot salty spunk and no sooner had he finished spurting then Bill lent over and kissed Peter full on the mouth as they shared the deposit of spunk. It was not long after that that Peter felt the walls of his arse being coated in scalding hot and he marvelled at the sensation in his arse as Bill’s cock began to shrink. With a loud plopping noise Bill pulled his cock out of Peters arse, leaving a now pooling puddle of spunk developing on the bed. An exhausted Peter watched in a daze as Bill and Jan kiss passionately before Bill turned and left the couple to their own devices.
Carefully now Jan untied Peter and helped him to the bathroom where he managed to empty his bowels into the pan and not all over the floor and whilst he cleaned himself up Jan went and changed the bedding in the master bedroom. Later together in bed they discovered that tonight had been the perfect night for the pair of them as they both had discovered a few home truths about each other’s sexuality and sexual needs.

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