Learning to be a sub husband

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I was married for 7yrs to a very dominat red head. After 6 yrs of marrage, I was 27 yrs old and she was 26. We have always had what I thought was good sex, but I did always cum in less than a minute, but I always cleaned her up and ate her till she cum. Well, one night we had a small family and friends party and my 18 yr old. Brother in law and his buddy showed up with him. As the night grew longer and people left, my brother in law had to run, leaving his buddy Shayne at our house alone w us. He told us his parents were out of town and he was suppose to stay w my brother in law at his parents, so we said he could stay w us for the night. My wife went to go and get a shower as Shayne. And I visited, my wife re appeared in her mid thigh night gown , which did little to hold her 36d breast. She sat beside me across from Shayne and as we visited , my wife and I both noticed a HUGE tent in his shorts. We finally called it a night and went to our room. I was so turned on that I ripped my clothes off and started eating her out, after about 5 minutes I slid up and shoved my 5″ hard cock in her and began to cum. My wife was frusterated but our attention was quickly broken by the low laughing. I jumped and pulled the door open all the way and Shayne was there, snikering, and looked right past me to my wife and asked if she even felt my cock in her. Then he pushed my smaller built body out of the door and walked into the light, showing off his naked rock hard body and his 7 inch semi hard cock. My wife didn’t move , but laid spread eagle, and naked for him, then he walked to me and thumped my now 3 inch soft cock. As he moved to my wife , she obed him as she took most of his cock in her mouth. I got so angry and pulled him from her and her mouth, to which he punched. Me and as I knelt at his feet , he told me to show my wife who the real man is, and I began to suck my first cock. Shaynes cock grew to a full 10 inches in my mouth. Omg I love it, my wife told me to suck that cock and get it ready to fuck her, and then he had me lick my cum out of her , and had me slide his big, thick cock into her pussy. My wife moaned and cum all over his cock two or three times before that monster cock filled her w his ton of cum. Then shayne had me clean his cock and the my wife. That was the beginning of a few good yrs.
That night that Shayne dominated me w his 10 inch amazing cock and made my wife cum so many times was a huge change in our life style. I was against male male stuff, but her I was , waking up next to my wife, w this 19 yr old filling her already this morning. She neve let me have morning sex, and she’s begging for it now, after he filled her, she went to get a shower, leaving us. I told Shayne that we won’t do this after this is over, and he smiled at me. His 6′ 185lb walked over to me and said that’s ok, we won’t do it any more after today, but right now I need my cock cleaned. I leaned over and began to suck his thic long cock until it was hard as a rock, and Shayne pointed out how my ” usless lil cock is rock hard” and he knows I love sucking his big dick. I didn’t say anything, ust kept sucking, what was to say, but I couldn’t get him off . My wife walked in as I was sucking, and he didn’t let me stop, and pointed out to my wife how my cock was hard. My mouth got so tired, so he told me to lick my wifes pussy so he could get ready for a tight hole to fuck. As I was eating her out, she grabbed my head tight into her pussy, and I felt this young mans monster cock forcing me open, ripping me open. He was kind enough to use oil, but w that big thing in me, I began to cry, it hurt so bad. After he just stayed in me , bottomed out for about 3 or 4 minutes, the pain began to go away. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of me, and he told my wife our conversation while she was in the shower, I let out a moan, I couldn’t believe it, but I did. Shayne grabbed my hair and told me he will fuck me or my wife when he wanted, and asked me if that was clear. I only moaned, and her removed all but his large head and told me to answer w a “yes sir” and as soon as I did, he slammed that wonderful cock all the way back inside me and I started to cum all over my wifes leg. She pointed this out to Shayne and he continued to fuck me. He has so much staminia, to fuck so good, how could I deny my wife that wonderful cock. Finally he started to fill me w his cum and had me lay there and took picks of my ass gapped open and his cock resting below it and told me that that was just for my wife to have so she knows who has the real cock. Then he had my wife take a bath w him as I bathed them and jacked off. That night he left, my wife told me that she will need his cock and she knew I loved sucking and being his bitch. She also said if I didn’t like it, my buddies would love to know how much. I love cock. That night I got my cock in her as fast as I could, and I cum in a lil over a minute, and she asked me if I was even in her, then she kissed me and told me she was joking, but tomorrow Shayne has to come over so she can have a real cock. I learned to address Shayne as sir when at our house, in which we gave him a key so he could come as he pleased. I just never thought that he would bring others over.

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