Life has strange turns of events

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Now I’m not a young man anymore, I’m in my early 70’s as is my wife. Medical issues have messed up my wife’s sex life in the past couple of years but after nearly 50 years together, friendship and love binds us together. I’ve always been mechanically inclined and shortly after I retired, I inherited some money and build myself a nice shop where I could tinker on cars and do some welding and other projects to keep myself busy. It seems my kids and their friends almost always needed something done.
My son-in-law, Thomas (pronounced Toe-Mass, he’s Hispanic) was a royal pain because he thought he could fix things and almost always made it worse. Once my daughter’s car was miss firing and he could smell the rotten egg smell coming from the catalytic converter so he drilled a bunch of holes in it. Then the car would barely get out of the driveway. It took her an hour to drive the two miles to work. She called me and I brought my trailer, loaded up the car, and took her home then put her car on my lift and put a new catalytic converter on it as well as doing a tune-up, oil change, and a brake job. I then took it down and had 4 new tires put on it and had it aligned. She had the cord showing on three of her tires. Kids, ugh!
Anyway, one day, Thomas calls and asks if Maria could bring her car over for me to look at. Her husband had taken it to California, supposedly to look for work and now the car drove terrible. Maria and Carlos are my daughter Lora, and Thomas’s best friends, at least they’re always talking about going over to their place to go swimming or parties. Now I had never met Maria but my wife has at our youngest grandson’s birthday party. I was sick and didn’t want anyone else to get it.
My wife told me they have a son, Juan, in college on the coast learning to be a surgical nurse, a daughter, Cynthia, in college not far from here learning to be a physician’s assistant, and their youngest daughter, Emilia or Em, just started at our local college to be a commercial interior designer.
I told my son-in-law to have her bring it over. He said it might be her daughter Em and I said fine. I was working on my old Plymouth when I hear this car pulling into the driveway and the sound of metal on metal of the brakes didn’t bode well. Then a loud clunking noise as it came to a stop told me it really needed work. I headed out and this very beautiful young lady gets out of the car. Her long black hair in a ponytail cascaded down her back, almost to her waist. She was wearing a pair of shorts and 2″ heels and a crop top showing off her pierced navel, flat stomach, and a nice rack. If I had to guess, I’d say 38 C or D. I thought, man, her daughter is fine. I’d better behave myself.
As I stepped forward, wiping off my hand she said, “You are the Pa, they’re always talking about that can fix anything?”
I blushed a bit and said, “Well, not everything but quite a lot. I take it you’re Em?”
She laughed. “I’m Maria. Em’s mother and Carlos’s wife. You know me, you see me all the time.”
I looked at this vision of loveliness and said, “If I had ever seen you before, I’m sure I would have recognized you. You’re hard to forget.” She smiled and looked around my shop. Then she spied a rack I built to hold my hats, coats, and vests near the man door. She walks over to it, throws on a vest, then a Four Corners Co-Op baseball cap, tucking her hair under the cap. She walks back to me and says, “May I help you sir? What are you looking for today? More of those 3/8″ bolts you got last week?”
I gasp, I then realized that I had seen her hundreds of times but she was always wearing bulky jeans, a plaid shirt, a denim vest, and Four Corner’s Co-Op baseball cap. I shook my head and said, “You were hiding that under that camouflage.
My jaw dropped, I said, “It can’t be. What, did you have your first at what, 10? You can’t be over 32 or 34 years old.”
Maria pulled herself quickly to me and kissed me on the lips and said, “Flattery will get you everywhere with me, mister! I’m 45.” as she pressed her firm tits to my chest.
I swallowed hard, not knowing what to say. I stammered a bit then asked her about her car and she told me that she and Carlos weren’t getting along as Carlos had lost his job in April when this pandemic hit. Then it dawned on me and I asked, “Should I be wearing a mask?”
She smiled and said, “Well, I just kissed you so the damage is done, isn’t it?” I nodded and asked for her car keys. She went on, “His cousin told him he could get him a job at the trucking company in Southern California where he works so Carlos went down there and applied, only they required a drug test and Carlos smokes pot and they don’t allow that. His cousin was hired before they required the test. He was so pissed he went for a long drive out in the desert for several days and now my car is like this. Do you think it can be fixed? I really can’t afford a new one. I just got this one paid off. Please can you help me? I took it to the dealer where I bought it and they said it would run around $3500 and I can’t afford that.”
I told her to go in and get a sweet tea from Linda and she gave me a half-smile. I put a towel across her seat and drove it into my lift and raised the car. The front brake pads and rotors were shot, as were the half-shafts. Both control arms were bent and the struts were both leaking. It looked like he had tried to run the Baja 500 in this poor little SUV. I pulled the back tires to check the brakes and they were filled with dust. The rotors were glazed a bit, but the pads needed replacing. I made a list of parts and went into the house where Maria and Linda were chatting away. I went to the den and I called my buddy, Gary, at the auto parts store where I have an account and had him price everything out. I then checked my computer and used eBay and priced things there. The staff at the parts store I get is all made here, that’s why I use them. The parts store was $657.70 and eBay was a little over $480.
I went in to see Maria and putting down a towel before I sat down, as I’ve been in trouble enough before to know better, I asked, “Tell me, Maria, are you planning on keeping the car or are you going to sell it?”
“Why?” she asked.
“Well,” I said, “If you’re going to keep it, I want to use good parts in it. If you plan on selling it, I can save you a couple of hundred bucks though we will have to wait a week for some of them to get here. The good parts I should have here by tomorrow.”
Now Maria was in tears. “I would like to keep the car. I really like it. How much are the good parts?” she stated.
“Sweetheart,” I told her, “Don’t worry about that right now. I know Carlos hasn’t been working and with three kids in college, I imagine money is tight. We can try to work something out. Maybe Carlos can come over and help me around here?”
My wife smiled at me silently nodding, then Maria leaped across the room and tried to hug the life out of me. pressing her huge tits into my chest as her tears wet my shoulder and chest.
She turned to my wife and said, “I don’t work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I can come over and help you, maybe wash windows or clean floors or anything you’d like me to do. All Carlos wants to do is sit around the house and drink beer or go over to his buddies and play pool.
I asked my wife to give her the keys to her car and called my guy at the parts house and ordered what I needed for Maria’s car. She followed me out to her car and I let it down so she could get in and retrieve her purse. Watching her ass and seeing her camel-toe as she climbed in got me so hard, I was embarrassed as hell when she turned around and took notice. She took a long look at it too and smiled. As she walked past me, she drew her finger across my chest and said, “You know, it’s nice to know I still got it.”
I said, “Sweet thing, you have it in spades, most definitely.” I looked up and my wife had been watching us from the garage with the keys to her car dangling in her hand. Damn, I felt guilty. If my wife was upset, she never said anything. Maria went over to her and left. She thanked my wife telling her she has trouble driving her husband’s old truck as it was a stick shift.
I got busy tearing all the damaged parts from Maria’s car and readying it for the morning. Some of the nuts I had to cut off because they were so dinged up. It took me a couple of hours to get the parts off and I still had time before dinner so I pulled out the shop vacuum and after removing the floor mats, I vacuumed out her car then hosed down the mats and Armor Alled them. I used 409 on the dashboard and gauges, I don’t like the glare from Armor All. Then I dosed it with half a can of Fabreeze. I was cleaning her windows with a glass cleaner when my Linda came out. She gave me quite the look and said, “Maria really got to you, didn’t she?”
“What do you mean, my love?” I asked as I crawled out of her car.
Linda put her hands on her hips and giving me ‘the’ look and said, “Don’t play dumb with me, mister. I’ve never seen you clean anybody else’s car before. Hell, I have to beg to get you to clean mine. You only do it if we’re going on a trip or company is coming to town. Why are you trying to impress her?”
Now I hadn’t really thought about it but I guess I was. I mulled for a second and said, “Well, after Carlos abused her car so badly, I figured it was the least I could do for her to show her that not all men were assholes. You got a good one, right my love?” as I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss.
Linda pushed me away saying, “Stop it you old fool. You’re all dirty. Besides dinner’s nearly ready. Go wash up and get into the house. You can lock up after dinner if you don’t get it done now.”
I took off my coveralls and went to the washbasin and washed up my hands and face then pushed the button to close the big door and locked the man door before heading into the house. Linda had made one of my favorites, slow-cooked pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onions, and cheesy biscuits. After dinner, I was comfortably full as we watched TV but my mind kept going to watching Maria crawling into her car and seeing her ass and that lovely camel-toe. I found myself becoming aroused and was afraid my wife would notice. I pulled a pillow to my lap and held it there until my wife got up to go do something in the kitchen and made my way into our bedroom and quickly hit the shower. I got my pajamas on and as Linda entered, she came up to me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me.
“You know I still love you, don’t you?” she said.
“Yes, my love, as much as I love you after all these years. What brought that on?” I answered her.
Putting her hands on my hips, and looking me in the eyes, she said, “You don’t know how sorry I am that we can’t have sex anymore. I wish I could do something about it but the doctors messed things up down there and it hurts too much for you to enter me.”
I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply then said, “My love, I understand and it’s all right. I just have to learn to do without. I know you can’t or won’t do oral or handjobs and at my age, the doc says occasional masturbation wouldn’t hurt. I just feel guilty doing it and you not receiving any pleasure.”
Linda started to undress and I playfully swatted her butt. I unhooked her bra and gave her a good back-scratching. She arched her back like a cat for a while before pulling down her panties then took off her socks and went in to shower. I crawled under the covers and picked up a book I had been reading. When Linda got in bed, she moved in close to me cuddling up close, looking up at me as if to say something. I looked away from my book and asked, “What?”
Linda took a deep breath and let it out, then she softly said, “You know, you could always find a girlfriend.”
I wasn’t sure I heard her right. “Did you just say I should find a girlfriend? Isn’t that cheating? In our nearly 50 years of marriage, as rough as it has been at times, I’ve never cheated on you and now you’re saying I should go out and do just that?”
Linda took the book out of my hands and took my hand in hers and said, “Dick, I know you love me and I love you. I didn’t think I would ever be saying this. I feel it wouldn’t be cheating if I gave you permission and I knew who it was. Does that make any sense?”
Now I was speechless. I just looked at her trying to figure things out. After a few minutes of silence, I finally said, “Now you say this. Why couldn’t you have thought this way 25 years ago when I asked you if you wanted to go to that swingers party?”
Linda punched my arm, “Brat! Do you want me to change my mind? Behave yourself or you will end up taking care of yourself for the rest of your life. I saw the way you looked at Maria today. I also saw the erection you had tonight. That pillow didn’t hide anything.”
I softly caressed Linda’s face and said, “Do you have anyone in mind? Any of your friends looking for a friend-with-benefits? I won’t play with anyone that’s married.”
My wife had this half-smile and said, “Really, you sure seemed turned on by Maria today.”
“Honey, you have to admit, she’s a very beautiful, sexy young woman but why in the hell would she ever have anything to do with an old guy like me? Besides, she IS married.” I said to her in all honesty.
My wife looked deep into my eyes and said, “My love, I saw the way she looked at you and it reminded me of the way I looked at you when I first saw you. At first, I was jealous and wanted to come out to your shop and scratch her eyes out. Then I wanted to cry because I knew I couldn’t satisfy you the way I wanted to and you deserved it. I don’t know if anything will ever come of it but if it ever does, I want you to know, you have my complete approval. Are we in agreement?”
There were a few tears in the corners of my sweet wife’s eyes and I kissed them away and held her tightly. We turned away just long enough to turn off our bed lamps then held each other and fell into a blissful sleep.
My bladder woke me up so I got up and put on the coffee. I opened a package of cinnamon rolls and about the time the toaster oven dinged, Linda was coming out. I served her coffee and fresh hot cinnamon rolls with butter. She smiled and said, “Trying to butter me up after me giving you permission last night?”
I kissed her, dunked my cinnamon roll in my coffee, and dashed into my bedroom to get dressed and go retrieve the parts. Gary had them all ready for me so I signed for them and headed back to my shop. It took me until nearly 3:30 that afternoon to get all the parts installed. Thankfully I had called and made an appointment to have an alignment done on her SUV. They didn’t get it done until their closing time. On the way home, I stopped and ran it through the car wash. I got home about 5:30, just as Maria was pulling in with Linda’s car. As I drove up, Maria was shrieking in joy.
Linda heard her and came out to see what the commotion was. Maria was wearing her work clothes which is a dark shirt and slacks but she fills them out very nicely. Sticking her head in her car she began going on in Spanish, opening up the back doors and hatch to see how clean everything was. Linda and I were holding hands watching her. It was like watching our kids opening Christmas presents. Linda’s make-up was smearing from her tears of joy. She kept saying “Why? You didn’t have to. Oh, my God. Thank you so much!” She ran to us and hugged my wife.
Linda said, “It wasn’t me, thank Dick. He’s the one that repaired your car, had it aligned, and cleaned it out for you.”
Maria threw her arms around my neck and kissed my face probably fifty times, the last one a long kiss on the lips. I handed her the keys to her car and told her to take it for a spin. She said, “Pa, you have to go with me. I want you along in case anything goes wrong.”
Linda made this go-away motion with her hand so I got in the passenger side and we took off. Maria zoomed around the back roads smiling like she had won the lottery. She was so pleased. She drove for several miles before she turned around and headed back, this time doing closer to the speed limit. As we pulled into our driveway, she looked over at me and said, “I need to find a special way to pay you back.” Then she grabbed my thigh nearly grabbing my cock and squeezed it as she gave me a big smile and winked.
This flustered the heck out of me. She was married and my daughter and son-in-law’s best friend. As we got out of the car walking back to the house, Maria had put her arm around my waist and Linda came out and said, “Back already. I didn’t expect you back for at least an hour.” When she said that, Maria squeezed my ass. I nearly let out a yelp.
Maria said to us, “Let me tell you, my car has NEVER driven this well, not even the day I bought it. I really need to do something special to pay you guys back.”
Linda said, “Don’t worry dear, I’m sure you can find a way that will make Dick and me happy.”
True to her word, Tuesday Maria showed up to help Linda clean and asked what she wanted her to do. I was out in the shop working on Charlie’s old plow, welding that thing up for him. I swear, it’s got more welded up metal on it than when it came from John Deere. I was lying on a creeper welding underneath the plow and about 12:30, Maria came sauntering over, her blouse unbuttoned enough to show off her bra, her tight shorts showing her lovely small ass and nice legs. Maria is short, 5’4″ and she straddled my head holding a paper plate with my lunch.
“Time for you to eat something, Pa,” she said with a wicked gleam in her eye. I knew what I’d really like to be eating.
“Ok, set it down and I’ll be right out,” I told her.
No, Ma said to make sure you eat so I’m not leaving until you do,” she said so I scooted the creeper out from under the plow and got up. I washed my hands and pulled off my dirty coveralls. Linda had made me a pot roast sandwich with potato chips and Maria had brought two Bud Light Chelada’s for us to drink. As I enjoyed my sandwich, I watched this gorgeous creature next to me. My mind was trying to figure out if she was teasing me or if she was really interested in an old guy like me. I mean I’m as old as her father. 25 years older than she is. I was deep in thought about being with her when she broke my concentration.
“Pa, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did to my car. Even my girls say it’s like brand new. It’s so nice that I don’t have to worry about it now that I’m going to be on my own,” she said then took a big gulp of her beer.
Taken aback, I asked, “What do you mean you’re on your own? Did you and Carlos split?”
She said, “He had left me a note saying he was over at Ruben’s playing pool when I got home. I fixed dinner and tried his cell phone. He didn’t answer. I went over to Ruben’s and Ruben told me he hadn’t seen Carlos in weeks. He doesn’t know it but there’s a find my phone feature on our phones. I went home and opened the computer and put in his number and got the location of where he was. I drove over there and found his old truck in front of an old house. I got out my knife and flattened all four of Carlos’s tires then went up and rang the bell. Then Tiana answered the bell. Tiana is Ruben’s girlfriend. I asked for Carlos. At first, she denied he was there and I told her well his truck is out front and if he isn’t out here in 10 seconds, I’m coming in. When he showed up at the door it was obvious that had been in bed because his belt was undone and he had his tee-shirt on. I told him his clothes would be in the front yard but the locks would be changed. I was filing for divorce and he could move in with Tiana for all I cared. He tried to tell me it was the first time and Tiana laughed at that. That’s when I left and threw all his things in trash bags and threw them all out in the front yard while my brother changed all the locks. In the morning, the bags were all gone. I don’t know if he got them or they were stolen.”Maria looked like she was going to cry so I put my arm around her and she tried to brush me away but I held her tightly. She looked up into my eyes and said, ‘Papi, why aren’t there any good men like you around anymore?”
I held her and said, “Maria, there are good men out there. You just need to pick carefully. Don’t rush into a relationship with the fire of passion. Take time to let friendship build a good foundation. Make sure there are common interests and you have good communication with each other. That’s what has made our marriage work. We can talk and work things out. We never go to bed mad. We’ve had to stay up half the night talking things out, but we don’t go to bed mad. And the make-up sex is great. Well, it used to be. I’m sorry Maria, Linda would probably kill me if she knew I said anything.”
“That’s OK, Papi,” Maria said, “She already told me all about her problems and you being so good about it. Not many men would have stuck by their wife as you have. To tell you the truth, it’s kind of a turn-on to see you looking at me the way you do, not that anything ever could develop between the two of us.”
Damn, just when I thought she was feeling the way I was but I guess it was all in my mind. I patted her on her soft, smooth leg and told her I needed to get back to work and she said she did too and picked up the plate and went back into the house.
Maria worked for two months helping Linda around the house, cleaning, canning, cooking, chatting with Linda, and sometimes going shopping together. My wife told me she was going to tell Maria that she had paid us off for my fixing her car and that she didn’t need to come over any more the next time she came over. It was Tuesday and Maria showed up in a nice flowing summer dress just above the knees. Her long black hair glistened in the sunlight and her hour-glass figure brought naughty thoughts to my mind. Maria saw me and waved and gave me a big smile. I waved back as she walked into our house. I went back into my shop and resumed work on my old Plymouth.
About half an hour later, I heard our front door slam and saw Maria on a march over to my shop. I was preparing to do some fine work and had already washed my hands when she stormed up to me and with tears in her eyes yelled, “Papi, was the only reason you fixed my car so you could have sex with me? Tell me the truth!”
I gave her a smile and said, “My sweet lady, never in a million years would I presume that doing work on your car would require you to having sex with me. I did it because I knew you were in a financial bind, what with Carlos not working and your three kids in college. Plus you are my daughter and Thomas’ best friends. What happened? Did my wife ask you to have sex with me? I never said anything to you or intimated that I expected sex in return for working on your car, did I?”
Wiping the tears off her cheeks, she shook her head no. I went to my workbench and grabbed her some tissues. She dobbed her eyes and I offered her a seat and sat down across from her. “Look, Maria, not too long after you started coming over here, my wife got the idea that you were coming on to me. I know it’s crazy but she felt that way. I told her that I was old enough to be your father and you wouldn’t want anything to do with a guy my age. Besides, you’re married and I told her I wouldn’t play with a married woman.” That got a giggle out of Maria.
“Look, Maria, you are one hell of a sexy woman that honestly drives me nuts at times but you’re just fantasy fuel. I know that there will never be anything between us but friendship. I hope a friendship that will last a long time and I don’t want to hurt it by you thinking I’m trying to seduce you. Are we clear on that point?”
Maria stood up and walked over to me and I stood up. She put her arms around me and gave me a big hug, holding me tightly. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, “You know Papi if things had been different, maybe, just maybe. . .”
“Maybe what? I asked.
She just smiled and turned and walked to her car, waving as she left. My heart ached as I really wished I could have bedded that sexy Latin lady if she had allowed me. Well, life went on as usual for the next few months.
Fall was upon us; God I love this time of year. I was getting ready to go hunting when Linda came out and said, “Dick, you’re going to have to delay your hunting trip this weekend.”
I couldn’t believe my wife, she knows how much I love hunting and I asked, “What’s so important that I need to cancel my hunting?”
Linda smiled and said, “Maria has invited us to a party and I’ve already accepted, YOU INCLUDED! She is celebrating her divorce. It was uncontested as Carlos and Tiana had moved to Texas to avoid another run-in with Rubin. Apparently, Tiana had still been seeing Rubin when Carlos was staying with her and getting money from Rubin. Then he caught the two of them in bed one night and threatened to kill them if he ever saw them again. Carlos and Tiana have been working for her sister. She manages a seafood processing plant and the judge is making Carlos pay for half the house payments going back to April plus he will have to pay for half the kids’ college tuitions.
The party was OK, loud Mexican music but the food was good and the beer cold. Thankfully, Maria, had some Bud Lite Chelada’s stashed for me. She was flittering around chatting with everyone. Cynthia and Em were there and boy did they take after their mother, both of them were sexy as hell. Cynthia was wearing a yoga workout top and shorts that were showing off her big breasts, nipples, and a wonderful view of her camel toe. Em was wearing a white lace crop-top blouse with a lavender lace bra and a micro-mini skirt and every time she bent over, I wasn’t sure if she was wearing panties or not. It might have just been a very tiny thong.
About 11:00, Linda came up to me just as I was scoping out Em, looking in the lower cupboard for a container to take food someone brought home and I turned, feeling guilty as she said, “Dick, I’m not feeling well. I don’t think something I ate is agreeing with me. Lora and Thomas’ are going to run me home as Lora needs to get up early for work anyway. You stay here a while and maybe you can help clean up.”
With that, she walked over to them and they left. Now, most of these people were speaking Spanish so I just wandered around drinking my beer. I got a chance to meet Juan, Maria’s oldest. He was a striking young man and his date was quite the looker. Her breasts looked like they were going to fall out of her top at any second and she was constantly adjusting them back in. Half of her nipples were showing. We talked for a few minutes then he said he needed to get his girlfriend back to the motel. It was obvious she had a little too much to drink. He went to pull her away and she leaned into me and whispered, “He’s taking me back because I’m horny! I need a good fucking!” she giggled and skipped to catch up, nearly tripping as she went.
Soon most of the people began to leave and I took the garbage pail and began to pick up the empty red cups and dump the ashtrays. God, I hate the smell of burned cigarettes. Soon it was just me, Em, Cynthia, and her boyfriend in the kitchen doing dishes and wiping things down. Maria was blitzed and sitting in her recliner in the living room., her eyes half-closed. We loaded the dishwasher and finished the rest of the dishes by hand. Cynthia and Raul her boyfriend took their leave and it was just me and Em. She looked at me and said, “Can you help me get my mother to bed? I know if she sleeps on the couch, she will be a bitch in the morning, complaining about her back hurting.
Em, and I got Maria up and I managed to get her up the stairs. I got her to the edge of her bed and Em unzipped her dress and managed to get it off of her. Here I was holding this goddess now only wearing her panties, nylons, and heels. Her breasts firmly against my chest. Then Em removes her shoes, and nylons, then before I could say anything, she pulls down her panties. Em smiles at me and said, “Mom likes to sleep in the nude.” Em goes to the closet to put the shoes away and hang up the dress. I tried to lay Maria down on her bed when she grabs me and pulls me on top of her and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her hands were pulling on my ass and her legs were wrapped around mine.
Em came out of the closet and yelled, “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing Dick? Get off my mother!” I managed to pull my mouth away and said, “Em, help me get away from her, she pulled me down.”
Em ran over and untangled her legs and arms and I managed to escape but Maria was saying, “Don’t go, Dick, please. I need you tonight. Can’t you stay with me?” Em was pulling the covers over Maria as I backed out of the room. Em came up to me shaking her head.
Giving me a questioning look she asked, “So you weren’t trying to take advantage of my mother?”
“Listen, Em, do I look stupid enough to try to ravage your mother with you in the room with us. Besides she’s drunk. If your mother wants me, she’d better be sober,” I said.
As we headed down the stairs, I heard Em mumble, “In your dreams old man.” I headed home and found Linda waiting up for me. As I walked in the door, she was sitting up watching a 60’s show on TV. She looked up at me and asked, “Did you have fun dear?”
I sat down next to her and took her hand and said, “The party was OK, the food was good and NO, I didn’t have sex with Maria.
Giving me this big frown she said, “Well then let’s go to bed. I’m tired.” We went in and I got in my pajamas. We crawled into bed and held hands as we do every night. The next morning, everything was back to normal, as were the next few weeks.
I had been working out in the shop when Linda brought out a plate of her homemade triple-chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven with a large glass of milk. She handed me the glass and a cookie, the chocolate chips were still gooey and so good. I quickly ate one and grabbed a second one. After finishing that one, I went to grab a third and Linda pulled the plate away and said, “No dear, the rest of these are for Maria. Now get your tail into the house and shower and put on some clean clothes. I want you to deliver them to her, hopefully, while they’re still warm.” Then she turned and headed back into our house.
I didn’t know what was going on but I’ve learned not to mess with Linda’s plans so I turned off the lights and compressor, locked the shop up, and double-timed to the house and up to our bedroom where I stripped and shaved, then jumped into the shower and took a quick one and dried off. As I exited the bathroom, Linda had laid out a nice outfit for me, Casual slacks, a Polo shirt, silk boxers, nylon shortie socks that matched my Nike jogging shoes. I reached for my wife’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes and said, “OK, dear, care to tell me what’s going on?”
She smiled and said, “Nothing really. Maria called today and asked if you could take a look at her lights, the ones in her bedroom are giving her troubles. I’ve put your tester and your electrical tote bucket in the trunk so take my car. I’ve got a terrible headache so I’m going to take a pain pill and you know how they knock me out so I won’t be having dinner with you and will probably be asleep when you get home and still asleep until tomorrow morning late, maybe even later. You know how they affect me. I just wanted her to see you looking nice instead of your usual grease monkey persona. Is that too much to ask?” I smiled and gave her a big kiss then quickly dressed. She added, “And babe, in case she doesn’t have enough milk, pick up a gallon of whole milk, I know how much you like your milk and cookies. I didn’t want the cookies to cool down too much myself.
I was almost over to Maria’s house when I received a text from my wife asking me to please park my rig in the back of her home, telling me it would be safer as cars on the street had been broken into lately. I parked and got the cookies out of the back seat and my tool bucket out of the trunk and went and knocked on Maria’s back door. She opened the door in a robe with her hair wrapped in a towel. “Dick, what are you doing here?” Maria asked.
Stammering a bit, I said, “Linda said that you were having an electrical problem in your bedroom and had offered me to help you out. And oh, before I forget, Linda made some triple chocolate chip cookies and they need to be eaten while they’re hot for the best effect.” I stood there smiling as her robe was having trouble staying closed and trying to open up. I was getting a wonderful view of her inner thighs, nearly to her treasure cove.
I was having trouble looking away and I’m pretty sure I was caught then I tried to change the subject and said, “I brought you a gallon of milk, Linda wasn’t sure if you had any and these cookies require a lot of milk to wash them down. What do you think?” Maria had her eyes closed and was almost purring as she chewed up the delicious morsel she had bitten from the cookie I had handed her. She opened her refrigerator and there was only enough milk for her to get a swallow. I said, “I’ll be right back with more milk!” and ran to my car and got the gallon container. When I returned, there were two tall glasses sitting there and Maria had a coy smile on her face. I opened the milk and poured them close to the top.
“Really Dick, Linda told me that you would call first. But since you’re here, follow me,” Maria said, as she headed into the front room and sat the cookies on a coffee table in front of her couch and motioned for me to sit. So I did, Maria sat down right next to me, handing me a cookie. Watching her eat it was so sexy, and her robe falling open showing more of her silky smooth thighs and her full breasts sure didn’t help me think about electrical.
When Maria had eaten six or maybe eight cookies, I had lost count, she had stretched her arms over her head, which pulled her robe up and gave me a clear view of her smooth hairless pussy, which was juicy and leaking. Oh GOD!
Then she said, “Well Dick since you’re here, come on and let’s see if you can fix my problem.
I smiled and said, “Your wish is my command, M’lady.” She got up and headed towards her bedroom.
As we got into her bedroom, she sat on her bed and pointed to the switch by the door. I asked, “What was wrong with it.”
I was taking off the cover plate with my power screwdriver and was about to test it when I heard her say, “Dick, whenever I turn off the lights, all I can think about is making love to you. I swallowed hard and slowly turned around. The towels were now on the floor as was the bedding. Her silken thighs spread wide, inviting me to her treasure and her arms framing her lovely full breasts as she beckoned me to join her.
I think I set a record for shedding my clothes and quickly lay down next to her and we passionately kissed. Maria was caressing my face and chest, then her hands went down for my cock. She stroked him into full readiness and as we broke our kiss, she looked deep in my eyes and said, “My sweet Papi, please be gentle with me. I have never been with a man your size. You are a good twice the size of the largest man I’ve ever been with and that was two nights after my divorce party. I really wanted you that night but Em messed everything up. And he was bigger than Carlos but he was only interested in his own pleasure, not mine.”
I know she wanted me to fuck her but I had to follow my instincts. I gave her a deep soul kiss, then kissed her neck and ear lobe, I then moved down to her neck and her upper chest, then I kissed butterfly kisses around her nipples before moving down to her belly button. Digging my tongue in there for a bit, I then moved to her crotch where I spread her legs and gave her rosebud a strong lick. I tried to insert my tongue but it wouldn’t go so I drug it through her folds and up to her clit, where I sucked her clit into my mouth and began humming my favorite rock song.
Maria was pulling my head tight to her crotch as her orgasms began hitting her faster and faster, stronger yet ever stronger as she was going crazy with lust and cursing in Spanish and squeezing my head between her thighs with extreme force.
“OH GOD, PAPI STOP! I’m GOING TO PEE. PLEASE DICK DON’T DO THIS TO ME!” She screamed but I had an butt cheek in each hand and wasn’t slowing down one bit. Her ass arched off the bed and she began filling my mouth with her female cum, then again only this time stronger, and again with a yet harder squirt and she went limp, her toes curled, her legs shaking and her stomach quivering like the desert during a size 6.5 earthquake. I wished I spoke Spanish so I could understand what she was saying to me as she stroked my hair and forehead. I moved up and kissed her softly and she pulled my lips tightly to hers, tangling our tongues with a fiery passion so that I felt like a teenager and my shaft was rock hard. I moved my knees between her legs and let her guide me into her sweet, tight, little pussy, and damn was she tight.
Maria was lightly pushing on my stomach and telling me to go slow, so I did. She was shaking her head so I asked, “My wonderful lady, would you like me to stop?”
Maria looked up at me and with fire in her eyes said, “Papi, you try it and I’ll cut it off so I can keep it all to myself. I want you, all of you, in me. I want you to fuck me with all of your glorious cock. Just take your time, please.”
I eased the head of my shaft further into her silken tunnel a little at a time. I was making shallow strokes and these were enough to get Maria to blast off into orbit. Her head was shaking, she was crying out to Jesus and Mary and several saints. It took me what seemed like an hour before I was finally all the way in and she grabbed ahold of each butt cheek and pulled me tightly to her, not that I was going anywhere. I began to make short strokes, then longer and longer until I had a good rhythm going on and I was thinking of the last time Linda and I had a real good romp out at the lake. I was trying to re-create that in my mind and actions and was nearly pulling all the way out then slowly pushing back in then a quick pull out and a quick jab in, followed by a slow pull out followed by a slow re-entry. Linda loved this action and apparently, so did Maria. She had her legs wrapped around my waist and her nails dug into my back and I believe, she was biting my shoulder, though not that hard. Her orgasms were close to continuous.
We had become a sweaty, very sated, tangled couple when Maria asked, “Papi, aren’t you going to cum?”
I softly kissed her and said, “Yes, my love, in due time, in due time. Right now I’m more concerned with your pleasure than mine. You are more important than I am.”
She yelled, “No, o, o, o, Papi! That’s not fair. I’ll bet you’ve given me at least a thousand orgasms and I haven’t even given you one yet. Maria had her head on my chest, her fingers playing with my chest hair. She was softly singing a Spanish love song as I stroked her hair and back and held her tightly. Somewhere in our reverie, I closed my eyes and fell asleep, as did she.
A couple of hours later, I was awakened by her luscious lips being wrapped around my cock and going all the way down to my pubic hair. I was loving what she was doing and I attempted to pull her into a 69 position and she swatted at my hand and said, “No, Papi, this is my turn to pleasure you,” and went back to deep throating me. Never has Linda given me head like she was. I mean Maria was taking me deep in her throat, all the way down to my pubic hair then slowly pulling back up. Her nails were softly scratching my balls, teasing me. God, I wanted to taste her so much. I finally relaxed and could feel myself building and building. As I was about to orgasm, I warned her that I was going to explode and figured she would pull off of my cock like my wife used to do, Linda hated the taste of my semen. Instead, Maria just began to suck that much harder. I swear that woman was pulling my semen right out of my balls when I came. It was like someone had lit off a huge firework inside of my crotch and everything was going nuts. I was spasming, shaking, arching my ass off the bed, moaning very loudly and telling her what a wonderful, sexy woman she was and how lucky I was to be with her. As she pulled off of my cock with a pop, my legs and stomach were quivering like Jell-O on a bumpy road, I couldn’t speak, all I could do was smile like an idiot and caress her lovely face as she gave me this very pleased look, then sucked my fingers on my one hand, one at a time.I pulled her to me and we deep kissed for a long time before I rolled on top of her and using my knees, spread her legs and entered her tight little pussy and began a nice slow cadence with my ass, pumping in and out and thinking how wonderful her tight little pussy felt. Maria had a couple of nice orgasms then said to me, “What happened, I was supposed to be the one pleasing you here, Mister. Not the other way round?”
I kissed her on her nose and said, “This is what pleases me the most, giving pleasure to someone I care about. Honest my lovely lady.”
Maria looked at the clock then said, “Papi, Let’s see if we can get a couple of hours sleep, then I need to get dressed and get ready for work I will be back as soon as I can. I really would appreciate a repeat performance if you’re up to it. Are you?”
I gave her a soft kiss on her nose and said, “With a sexy little treat like you, what red-blooded man wouldn’t be ready for more? Let me clear it with Linda first though.” She snuggled up tight to me, closed her eyes, and quickly was asleep. Sleep evaded me and it took every bit of restraint I had to keep from making love with this angel pressed up so tightly to my body. I was torn between the feeling of euphoria she had given me tonight and the guilt of breaking my marriage vows. But was it really breaking them when Linda had obviously known what she was sending me over here for? My mind wrestled with the possibilities until Maria’s alarm went off.
Her smile was infectious and I had to kiss her. I tried to insert my tongue into her mouth but she pulled away and said, “No, Papi, let me brush my teeth first. We both probably have dragon’s breath,” with a giggle as she hopped out of bed. Damn, I loved watching her cute butt as she tip-toed into her bathroom. She came out with an electric toothbrush in her mouth and a regular one with toothpaste on it for me. I took it and went into the bathroom.
Maria had dug out one of Carlos’s old razors and put a new blade in it. I had to use her shaving cream but I managed to scrape off the stubble on my face. Once I was done, I could hear her running the water in the shower as I washed off my face and turned to leave the bathroom. As I did, Maria grabbed my arm and said, “Where the heck do you think you’re going, Papi? Aren’t you going to wash my back and some other parts?” as she gave me a wicked grin. I joined her in their large shower and we took our time washing each other.
I had fingered her to an orgasm then she dropped to her knees and gave me another blowjob to completion. I fell back against the tile; my legs were wobbly and I was out of breath. Maria pulled herself up, dragging her nipples against my body as she did. I tenderly held her shoulders, kissed her, and said, “My lovely lady, If you don’t stop, you’re going to have to call in sick because I’m going to drag you back to bed and ravish you until you can’t walk. It’s your choice.”
Maria giggled and hopped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and throwing one at me. Honestly, I was glad she decided to stop as she was a wildcat and I needed some time to recharge. We quickly dressed then gave me a smoldering kiss and said, “I’ll call you later. Honestly, that was the best sex I have ever had in my life. I’m going to call Linda and thank her as soon as I get to work. That’s if I can find a place private enough. Oh, God, Papi, I hope this wasn’t a one-time thing.”
I wrapped her in my arms and said, “Maria, believe me, I’m hoping for the same thing. You and I need to talk with Linda and see what we can work out. Let me see if she is up to the three of us going out to dinner tonight, OK?” then I gave her a quick kiss and turned her around, guiding her out to her car.
As I walked back into her house, I was startled by Em, standing there in just a white tee shirt. She had her hands on her hips and I could tell she was not very happy with me. I poured myself another cup of coffee and asked her, “Care for a cup?” She pursed her lips and nodded so I poured one for her and sat it at the table, across from where I was sitting. There was sugar and creamer on the table. I sat down and put a half spoonful of sugar in my cup and stirred it while Em just glared at me. Finally, I said, “Em, are you going to just sit there, or are you going to say something to me?”
She screamed, “You asshole! How could you? I thought you were her friend then you take advantage of her like this. Dammit, I was about to call the cops on you. I thought you were hurting her from the way she was screaming. I had grabbed my brother’s baseball bat and was about to rush into her room and beat you half to death when I partially opened the door and saw that she was enjoying herself like I never heard her with my father. I shut her door and ran to my room and cried myself to sleep. I heard the conversation between you two this morning and I’m not sure I understand what she sees in an old guy like you but if she’s happy, I guess that’s all that matters.” Em had tears in her eyes now so I walked around the table, leaned down, and put my arm around her. She hugged me and looking up said, “Pa, don’t ever, and I mean ever hurt my mother, or so help me I will make your life a living hell.”
I pulled her up onto her feet and gave her a real hug and whispered in her ear, “Emilia, I want you to know that I have deep feelings for your mother. I know it’s hard for you to understand. My wife and I can no longer have sex and haven’t had any for years now. I still love her very much. She has asked me to find another woman to have sex with. It was your mother that instigated this tonight. I would have never forced my way on her or any other woman. Emilia, I think your mother is a very special woman and I am just a stopgap for her. I’m not trying to replace your father or butt into your lives. I do have real feelings for her and she seems to have them for me.”
“But you’re so old,” Em said between her sniffles, “though I will have to admit, mom really seemed to be enjoying what you were doing to her, a LOT.” Now I was getting embarrassed.
“Emilia, I think we both gave each other a lot of pleasure and I’m hoping that it won’t be the last time. I really care for her and just so you know, Linda had asked your mother months ago if she would consider having sex with me and she got very upset with me. I didn’t even know that my wife was going to ask as I considered her a good friend and that’s all. I came over yesterday under the impression that she needed some electrical fixed. Apparently, she had other ideas.”
Em laughed and said, “Now that sounds like mom,” and gave me a hug. “Now get out of here or I’ll tell her you’re a dirty old man and wanted to have your way with me.”
My mouth opened but at first, there were no words. I gulped and said, “Emilia, I would never try anything with you. What makes you think that I would?”
Em gave me this wicked little smile and said, “After hearing the way you were making mom orgasm, a girl can only hope, can’t she?” She turned away, wiggling her ass at me as she headed to her room to get ready for school. To say I drove home in a fog would have been an understatement.
As I drove in, Linda walked out of our house and wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss, and said, “Well my husband, it seems you still have it. Maria called and she’s absolutely glowing. She said her pussy was still tingling. God, my love, I remember those days when we first got together and we’d screw our brains out in the back of your car or on the rare occasion we could snag someone’s couch or bed. I could tell by her voice that you really made her cum, a lot, didn’t you?”
I held my wife close and said in her ear, “My love, I still wish it could have been with you.” With tears in her eyes, she kissed me deeply, then took my hand and walked me into our house.
Once inside Linda said, “Breakfast will be ready in ten. Get comfortable then I suppose you will be needing a nap,’ giving me a grin. Linda asked, “Maria called and wants to come over for dinner, then possibly have a repeat performance. I guess I could sleep in the guest bedroom.” It was funny but she didn’t say it with malice but seemed to be sort of relieved.
I took my sweet wife of nearly 50 years in my arms and said, “Have I told you lately how much I love you and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful woman as you as my wife?” Then I kissed her deeply before she could answer.
Linda gently pushed me away and said, “Honey, you’re just saying that because I’m allowing you to have sex with a beautiful young woman and we both know it, but that’s ok, I still love hearing you say things like that to me.” Then she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, passionately, which made me wish we still could play. She broke our kiss and said, “I’d better get your breakfast on the table before it burns. Go sit down.”
We ate in silence, I knew she had a thousand questions for me, I could see it in her eyes but she never said a word. As soon as breakfast was done, she told me to go and take a nap while she cleaned the kitchen and she would join me when she was finished. I asked her to come with me now and clean up the kitchen later while I went out to the shop and worked but she wouldn’t hear of it. I went into our bedroom and took off all my clothes except my boxers and crawled under the covers and was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.
I had been asleep for about two hours when I felt Linda climbing into bed with me. She snuggled up to me and I realized she was completely naked. That was a first in a very long time. Her hands began to caress my chest, then my side and she worked her way down to my crotch and took my cock into her hand then began to stroke it. This was the first time in many years that she has done anything like this. She gave me a quick kiss on my lips then began kissing her way down my body as she pushed the covers down and off the bed and began to lick my shaft. This was something I had wished for since we first had dated but she swore it was something she would never do. It was dirty, she claimed. She was holding my hardening shaft, examining it closely. I could feel her breath, she was so close. She began to blow on the crown of my cock which sent shivers throughout my whole body. Then her tongue flicked out and she licked the edge of the crown.
“Oh . . My . . God . . ” I moaned as she took me into her mouth for the very first time in our marriage. Linda bobbed up and down a few times as her tongue swirled around my glans. Even though I had orgasmed multiple times with Maria earlier, I felt like a huge blast was forthcoming.
Then Linda pulled off of my cock and looking up at me and said, “You know dear, the taste isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I find it rather pleasant and you sure seem to be enjoying it.” Before I had the chance to answer her, she dove her mouth down on my cock and was going even further down my shaft. I couldn’t believe it was my wife doing this to me after all these years.
“Linda, my love. I’m about to cum. Unless you want a mouthful, you had better pull your mouth away,” I said trying to be nice. Linda stopped sucking but kept licking the underside of my cock as I shot three or four spurts high in the air.
She was fascinated watching as it arched and hit, some on her face and hair, some on my stomach. She dipped a finger of my seed from my stomach and stuck it in her mouth then said, “You know, other than being a little salty, it’s not nearly as bad tasting as my mother had told me it was. She had told me that only whores would suck a man’s cock because it’s so dirty and tastes so nasty. I guess I shouldn’t have listened to her and tried this out a long time ago.” I pulled her up to me and kissed my sweet bride over and over. Then I took her into our shower where we sensually washed each other off. She did let me finger her clit for the first time in years until she had a knee-buckling orgasm. Linda’s arms were wrapped around my neck and our tongues dueled as she came. Afterward, I carried her out of the shower and dried her off then carried her to our bed and laid her down and pulled the covers over her and watched her smile and drift off to sleep.
I dressed and went into my den/office and turned on my computer, there were several emails from Maria. A lot of hearts and kisses along with notes about how much she had enjoyed our evening together plus things she wanted to try when we got together again. She really wanted to play in our hot tub and ride me hard she said in several of her messages. I was wondering if Chuck, the owner of Four Corners Co-Op, realized how much time she was spending messaging me and I told her so. She replied that business was very slow that day and that Chuck wasn’t in so she had time to text me. She wanted to know what she could bring for dinner.
Being the smartass that I am, I said, “Well my sweets, just slide down the banister and heat up my dinner, that’s all I will need to eat.”
She chided me saying, “Get out of here, you old pervert! You know you will eat it just like it is and love it, won’t you?”
I said, “Most definitely. You have such a sweet-tasting pussy, my dear. How can I not forget it? Linda said she would even sleep in the guest room tonight.”
“Are you sure?” Maria asked.
“Most definitely!” I told her. “She seems very happy that you are taking care of me.”
Maria interjected, “Really, I feel it’s you that’s taking care of me, so now we are becoming more in tune with each other. God, Papi, am I making any sense?
Maria arrived for dinner carrying a small overnight bag. She was still in her work clothes and went into the bathroom and came out in a sheer white blouse and flowered skirt with open-toed sandals. I offered a drink and she asked for a wine like Linda was drinking so I poured her and myself a glass.
As we sat down to dinner, I said grace then Maria added, “Thank you Lord for bringing the two most wonderful people in the world into my life. I don’t know what I would have done without Linda and Papi. You must have been out of angels and sent them to me. Amen.” Then as Linda served up our dinner she turned to Linda and said, “Papi told me you were going to move into the guest bedroom so we could use your bedroom tonight. I don’t think that would be right. I want you to stay in your room and we will use the guest bedroom for a while then Papi can join you in your bed later. How does that sound?”
Linda was in mid-bite and had to finish chewing. Taking a swig of wine, she reached over and took Maria’s hand and looking into her eyes said, “That’s so very kind of you. You know this isn’t the easiest thing I have ever done but I really do want you two to be able to relax and be comfortable having sex, even if I’m around. To be honest, I would prefer if you two used our bed. It’s king size you know. There’s room for three if that wouldn’t freak you out. It’s something I’ve never done but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?”
Now both Maria and I had stopped eating and were looking at my wife. Almost in sync, we said, “What are you talking about?”
Linda blushed and said, “Well, I know that I can’t have sex and please Dick the way you can but do you think it would be possible if I joined you two and maybe . . . maybe helped you please him. You know help you get him ready for you, or hell, I don’t know. I would love to be there and watch you as you two pleasure each other. At least this one time and if it bothers you, we will never do it again. I pray it’s not asking too much of either of you.”
My wife looked at me then reached across the table for me to take her hand which I gladly took. Maria sat there; her mouth open. I was worried that she might bolt. She was turning her head looking from Linda to me and back and not saying a word. I used my free hand and took hers and said, “Well, that’s something I never expected to hear from my wife. Maria, how do you feel about her request?”
Maria scooted her chair back and got up, walking across the room and looking out the window. She then turned and came over to Linda and said, “Sweetheart, since you are so nice to share your husband with me, allowing you in bed with us is fine with me. Now the next question is how he is going to feel about it.” Then they both turned and looked at me.
I shrugged my shoulders and said, “The more the merrier, right?” They both laughed at that. Maria sat down and we finished dinner and a second glass of wine. The three of us cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher, and cleaned up the kitchen. Then the three of us nervously headed towards the bedroom. Maria went into the guest bathroom and Linda into our bathroom while I undressed, sprayed on some cologne, putting on a clean pair of boxers then laid down in the middle of the bed. Maria came into the bedroom first, wearing a pink silk pajama top and silk boy panties. She crawled into bed and we kissed deeply, only to break apart when Linda exited our bathroom, wearing a sheer white nightie that I hadn’t seen on her in probably 20 years.
“Get over here lady, Let’s see if we can get his motor running.” Maria said to my wife. Linda smiled and bounced into bed and kissed me deeply then stuck her hand into my boxers and fished out my cock. She immediately went down on me and began sucking like crazy. Maria looked at me and said, “I thought you told me that she wouldn’t give you head. What gives?”
Linda stopped long enough to say, “Dear, before last night I never had done it. My mother had me convinced that only whores did that and that men’s penises were dirty and fowl tasting and their sperm was even worse. For some reason, last night I felt compelled to find out if my mother was right and I found out that she was wrong and that I really liked giving my husband pleasure. It really turned me on, I just wish I could have had sex with him. That’s your job now.” That said, she dove back down on my cock with a passion like never before. Maria smiled and we deep kissed as I fondled her lovely breasts and began to play with her pussy.
Then Maria pulled off her panties, moved up, and straddled my face so I began to lick the juices leaking profusely from her folds. She was holding herself up and just teasing me with them and I would reach up and occasionally touch her clit with the tip of my tongue. My wife’s ministrations had me about to fill her mouth and I said, “My dear if you keep that up, I’m going to blast off in your mouth.”
My wife moved away and tapped Maria on the shoulder and said, “Dear, I think it’s your turn.” Maria smiled and scooted back and guided my shaft into her wet, tight little pussy. Oh God, it felt so good. I was thinking of pulling apart an old oily tractor engine, trying not to cum. I wanted her to enjoy it. It took a bit but I finally calmed down and grabbed her hips and began moving her up and down on my shaft. I was surprised when Linda reached up and began playing with Maria’s nipple though I doubt Maria realized who it was, she was orgasming that hard. I didn’t want to leave my wife out so I reached over and began playing with her breast and pulling on her nipple. Then I noticed that my wife’s other hand was between her legs. Hell, she was masturbating. I had never seen her masturbate before in all our married life. What a night for firsts. That sent me way over the edge and I blasted off a major eruption into Maria’s tight sweet pussy just as she orgasmed quickly followed by Linda. WOW!
The three of us lay there together in blissfully quiet, just enjoying the afterglow. Then I turned and pulled Linda to me and gave her a deep kiss, then Maria, then back again. Suddenly, Linda moved up and kissed Maria and this was not a little peck but a very passionate kiss which Maria seemed to be responding to. I needed to pee so I scooted out from under Maria and headed into our bathroom. When I returned, the two of them were under the covers, holding each other, softly caressing each other, whispering things to each other, and occasionally kissing as I stood in the bathroom doorway watching. There was some movement under the covers when suddenly, my wife rolled her eyes back in her head and she quivered and I recognized that she was orgasming. What the heck? Who was this woman? She sure wasn’t the Linda I had been married to all these years.
Then I realized that standing there naked had gotten me very cold so I walked to the other side of the bed and crawled under the covers and spooned with my wife who was breathing heavily. She had the most heavenly smile on her face that I had seen in years. She took my hand and softly said, “My love, how would you feel about Maria moving in with us for a while? That way she could be here for you on a regular basis.”
I kissed her cheek and said, “For me or for you, my love?”
She took a deep breath then said, “God, mother was wrong about so many things I’m just finding out. I’ve wasted so many years with her crap running through my head and now I want to explore and enjoy what I can, while I still can and do it with you and Maria. Can you understand what I’m trying to say?”
Maria leaned over and kissed her then said, “Papi, listen, this is all new to me but I’ve found that what the three of us did here tonight opened feelings that I never knew I had. I too want to explore more with you two, and with Linda. How do you feel about having two wives to love you that also want to love each other occasionally?”
I smiled and said, “As long as it will make my two favorite women in the world happy, I’m good with it.” I’m glad I didn’t say what I thought which was, why the hell didn’t this deal come up thirty years ago? Then I continued, “The deal is, if at any time, any of us wants to stop, we all have to agree to end our arrangement amicably. My main concern is what are we going to tell our children?”
Linda said, “Screw them. If they don’t like it, then they can just stay away. We don’t bother them about their smoking pot or doing whatever. Besides, they don’t have to know that we’re having sex, do they? We can just say that Maria is going to move in here to help me and give her some extra income. She can rent out her house if she wants or whatever. So there!”
Maria smiled and said, “You know, now that the kids are almost all gone, Em has been spending most of her time at her girlfriend’s apartment anyway, I’ve been thinking of selling my home. This might be a perfect time. Papi, si or no?” I kissed the two of them and we all drifted off into a wonderful sleep.
The next seven months was heaven for me, and for them, it seemed. Then one day while I was working on putting in new brake lines for my old Plymouth when I had this shooting pain in my left arm. At first, I thought it was a muscle cramp, then it hit my chest and I went down to the floor. I felt like the car hoist had come down on me it hurt so badly. Shit, was I having a heart attack? I could barely control my hands. I fumbled with getting my cell phone out of my pocket. For some unknown reason, I hadn’t put it on the counter like I normally do when working under a vehicle that afternoon. I first tried to call Linda but when I fell, my glasses had landed out of my reach and I wasn’t able to move to get them. In desperation, I remembered to press and hold the 9. I was so glad when the 911 operator answered and asked what the emergency was and I managed to get out, “I think I’m having a heart attack.”
He said, “Where are you located? Is the locate function of your phone on?”
I said, “End of Baker Road, in my shop. Please hurry.”
He said, “Sir, help is on the way. I will stay on the line with you until someone gets there to help you. Can you tell me what your symptoms are?”
Everything went fuzzy after that. Linda didn’t know anything was wrong until she heard the approaching sirens and the paramedics and fire engine pulled into our yard and the men rushed into our shop. She ran out and saw them working on me, putting oxygen on me, and setting up the defibrillator. It took three of them to stop her from getting to me. A few minutes later, Linda told me that Maria had arrived home and the two of them were crying hysterically because they had to use the paddles on me three times before they could get my heart started.
Six hours in surgery, 3 stints, a new valve, and 32 hours in recovery later, I opened my eyes to find Linda and Maria on either side of me, their eyes red, each holding a hand and a ton of flowers in the room. Seeing my eyes open, Linda pressed the nurse call and asked me if I wanted anything. My throat was so dry I couldn’t talk. I was hooked up to IVs, monitors, and oxygen. I tried to get them to understand that I wanted water so Maria went out to see if I could get some. She came back and said, “The nurse told me that she needs the doctor’s permission before she can give you anything to eat of drink. I’m sorry baby.”
Just then this young doctor and two nurses come in. He said, “Well, well Mr. Combs, you’re a lucky man. Lucky, that I had started at this hospital the day before you came in. I’m one of the top cardiologists in the tri-state area. You had a doozy of a heart attack. By looking at your records, you haven’t been to a heart doctor for nearly 10 years. Would you mind telling me why?”
I mouthed, “Can’t talk! Need water!”
Then the nurse behind him said, “Oh, that’s right doctor, he had asked for some water earlier and I forgot to ask you. Would that be alright to give him some?”
He swore under his breath and said rather tersely, “Get him some ice chips, stat!” She left and quickly brought back a glass and a pitcher full of ice chips and Linda helped me get some in my mouth.
Finally able to talk, I said, “Doc, I’ve been feeling fit as a fiddle. The last time I saw my heart doctor, he told me not to bother coming back unless I was having any pain or trouble. This was the first time I’ve had anything at all, honest. Otherwise, I would have gone in at the first sign.”
Shaking his head and looking at my chart, he said, “Sir, I really find that hard to believe. You mean to tell me that you haven’t been experiencing any chest pains or palpitations whatsoever? Normally a person will get warning signs before something like this happens. You are going to take it very easy for the next few months. Complete bed rest for the first month, then it will be some easy walking and sitting in your recliner. No more working on cars and tractors. Understand?”
He looked at the ladies and talking to Linda he said, “You’re his wife and you are going to have to make sure he follows the diet I’m going to send home with him. You are going to have to watch him and make sure he behaves himself. OK? She nodded.
Then he turned to Maria and said, “And you too young lady. You two are going to have to pitch in and help your mom and dad during this time. Can you do that?”
Maria cocked her head and said rather succinctly, “I’m not his daughter, I’m his other wife. Damn, right I will take care of him. We all live together!” The doctor stood there with his jaw hung open and the nurse behind him smirking like all get out. Then she asked, “Ok, doc, how long is he going to be in the hospital and how long before he can have sex again?” I thought the doctor was going to fall down as he grabbed the railing on my bed to steady himself.
Stammering somewhat, the doctor said, “W,well he’ll probably be in here for three or four more days, depending on how he is doing, and as far as sex, I would say, it could be as little as six weeks or as much as six months. It all depends on how fast he heals. I mean he is almost 72 and you are still having sex?”
She smiled and said, “Several times a day, why?”
The doctor patted my hand and said to me, “Maybe I’ll keep you in here a while longer to rest up. I don’t want these two messing up all the great work I did on your heart.” Boy did Maria give him a dirty look. The doctor smiled at her then turned and walked out of the room. After a while, the ice chips did their job and we were able to converse normally. After the ladies left, I wondered how this was going to affect our relationship. Dinner was terrible, a dried out piece of chicken, a watered-down cup of broth with two unsalted crackers, a small salad with fat-free dressing, and sugar-free Jell-O for dessert. I think the doc was punishing me for having the two ladies as wives.”
Right after breakfast, which consisted of aa bowl of Cheerios with non-fat milk, a piece of toast with fake butter and black coffee, my lovely wife walked in. She had snuck in a sausage egg McMuffin with hash brown patty and a diet Sprite for me. God I love her so. She and I chatted and she said that Maria was going to take her lunch break up here to be with me. She asked if I wanted anything from Subway and handed me one of their menus, telling me it was her idea. I looked at her and asked, “You know, the doctor says I should be on a salt and fat free diet and you two are going against his orders, don’t you?”
She said, “Dick, you are 165 lbs. and don’t need to lose any weight. Our regular doctor says you don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. He feels your heart attack was just one of those things that can happen to people. It was probably a defect in your heart that you’ve had for years that nobody ever caught. If you want, we will follow his instructions to the letter but we’d better not hear you bitching about it, got it buster?”
I took her hand and kissed it then said, “Turkey on whole wheat, lettuce with onion with light mayo. Oh, and a diet Sprite please.” She shook her head and smiled at me as she blew me a kiss and walked out the door.
Just before noon, two of the paramedics that had resuscitated me walked into my room and introduced themselves to me. They wanted to know how I was doing. Jake, the older of the two, I’d say maybe 50, was very interested in my old 41 Plymouth as his father had one when he was young. I thanked them for saving me. Jake said, “I’m glad we were able to get your heart going again. It was touch and go for a moment there. I wish the guys that worked on my wife for years ago had been more persistent. They gave up after the second try. I guess that’s why I push a little harder than most guys do.”
Just then Maria walked in with my lunch. She had changed from her work outfit and had on a thin spaghetti strap top with a short pleated skirt and 4″ heels. I know she had done it to please me but Jake’s head nearly broke as it snapped in her direction. As Maria walked up to me with my lunch on the other side of the bed from the guys, Jake and Maria couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other.
Jake asked, “Mr. Combs, I take it this is your daughter?”
Maria corrected him and said, “No, I’m just a very good friend that he and Linda have been helping me out for a while now. They have been so good to me; I don’t know what I would have done without them.”
Then Terry, the younger of the two said, “Jake, don’t you think we should be getting back to the station?” as he seemed to be getting bored.
Jake looked at him, then Maria, then back at Terry and said, “Just go back to the wagon and call me if something comes up. I still have some questions for Mr. Combs about his Plymouth. I shouldn’t be too long.”
He left in a huff and Jake asked me a few more questions while I tried to answer in between bites of my sandwich. When Maria said she should be heading back to work, Jake said he should be going to. I could tell that he was smitten with Maria and part of me was jealous but I realized that she needed someone permanent in her life and hoped that Jake could be the one.
I was right and he left with her and Jake had asked her out for a date. She hadn’t refused but said she would think about it then when she returned that afternoon after work, she asked me, “Papi, how would you feel if I went out on a date Friday night?”
I smiled and said, “With Jake?” She nodded. I smiled and said, “My sweet angel, we can’t hold you down. You need to spread your wings and fly. Go see what this world has to offer. Go on a date with him and see what happens. I would suggest you take it slow though but I know hot-blooded you can be. I don’t want you to get hurt. I will always cherish the time we had together.”
I pulled her to me and kissed her on the cheek. She turned and kissed me deeply, our tongues tangled together for several minutes before we slowly broke apart. Then she whispered to me, “I will always love you, Papi. There will never be another man like you. I’m just afraid that if I stay, our lovemaking might harm or even kill you and I could never live with that.” Tears were streaming down her face and I took my sheet and wiped them away. We heard a soft cough and realized that a nurse had been standing on the other side of the bed watching us and probably heard our entire conversation.
Linda just then walked in and the nurse said, “Hello Mrs. Combs. Your husband and his friend were just saying goodbye.”
My wife caught her drift immediately and said to her, “Oh darling, she’s not just his friend, she’s his second wife. The three of us live together and share one bed.” The nurse turned red-faced and quickly left the room. She promptly returned and handed me a cup with a pill she had brought in the first time but hadn’t given me then dashed away. Linda looked at Maria and asked, “What’s going on?”
I said, “Linda has a date with a very nice guy. His name is Jake. He’s a widower and one of the paramedics that saved me. I told her it was time to move on with her life if she felt it was time. From the short conversation I had with him today, I think he’s a very nice guy. As soon as I get out, we need to have him over for dinner.” I turned to Maria and said, “OK?” she nodded with a big smile.
Maria didn’t come home Friday night or Saturday night. When she came home on Sunday, she looked like she was walking on a cloud. Linda said it first. “Someone’s in love, aren’t you?”
Maria smiled and said, “I never would have believed that I could fall in love so fast but Jake is everything I could ask for in a man. He’s polite, sweet, caring, loving, and damn near as good in bed as you are Papi. Well, maybe a little better because he’s younger. He was a little surprised when I told him that the three of us were lovers but he said that he didn’t care as long as it made me happy. He said if I needed a lady friend it would be alright as long as I did it with him and not behind his back. I don’t think that I will though. I want to devote myself to him for the rest of my life. I will always cherish our time together. You two are so special to me.” She came over to me and leaned down to me in my recliner and gave me a big kiss, then her and Linda went up and she began packing. Jake had a nice house not far from us and she was moving in with him.
Two months later, Maria flew into our driveway with Jake. She had to show off her engagement ring and asked Linda to be her matron of honor. Jake asked me to be one of his groomsmen. We gladly accepted. Since the wedding in our big backyard, they have become good friends and Jake even bought an old 41 Dodge Coupe so the four of us go on cruises and to car shows. Linda and I have become more in tune sexually and are more in love than ever.

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