Lockdown Days with Father in Law

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I am a 27 years old happily married woman. My family includes myself, husband (29 years old), father in law (58) and mother in law (56 years old) We stay in northern part of India. We have been married just for a year or so. Ours was a love marriage.

My husband works for a construction firm and had gone for a project visit for 4 days in South. Due to the ongoing situation a sudden complete lockdown was announced. Also, my mother in law was stuck at her sister’s home as she was supposed to return back next day.

But Due to the lockdown neither my husband could come back home nor my mother in law. We were all sad but at the end we decided it was best for them to stay wherever they were until the situation improves.

Now only we two were left at home i.e my father in law and myself.

We started living normal routine life – I would make food and he will be helping out in washing dishes or doing gardening and other stuff. I was in regular touch with my husband and mother in law through phone. Around 2-3 went days was spent in the same routine.

On the 4th day, My father in law asked to use our washroom for a bath since the one attached to his room had some problem in water heating. But the thing is that I had left my under garments in the washroom itself after my morning shower because normally nobody else uses this washroom other than me or my hubby.

In the evening when I went for a bath, I found some sticky white fluid on my black bra which was kept there. Although it appeared to have been washed but still a small amount was present there. It didn’t take much time to confirm that my own dad in law had jerked himself off on my panties. I was in complete shock because never before I had thought of this and also a bit angry because after all he is my husband’s father. I also felt good and naughty that my father in law touched himself thinking of me. I kept the bra at the same place and took a shower.

After the bath, I came out but didn’t show any signs on my face and body language was also normal.

But, after that incident I started noticing that my father in law would occasionally stare at my body parts once he confirms I am noticing him. While serving him he looks at my cleavage and I also noticed him many a times staring at my tight ass while doing some house chores or walking.

I did not mention anything to my husband that day and gave my father in law a glass of warm milk (he likes to drink a glass of milk every night before sleep) and slept peacefully.

Next day, the same routine followed as cooking meals, speaking to husband and mother in law, chatting about current events with dad in law, etc.

But one event happened which changed my whole life after that day. When I entered my father in law’s room with a glass of milk, I was in shock seeing him jerking himself off watching some clips on his computer.

I was in state of shock and so was he that I apologized and went back to my room keeping the glass of milk on his table. I couldn’t sleep that night. The whole scene was being played again and again in my mind.

Next day, we avoided eye contact. I guess even he felt embarrassed about what had happened last night. We didn’t speak anything the whole day.

After dinner, he asked me to serve the milk. I went up to his room with a glass of milk and while returning back, he asked me to sit near him. Then he started explaining how every person has his own needs and he should have ensured the door was closed.

I came back to my room. Spoke to my husband about the current state of lockdown and his work and some naughty stuffs but I didn’t mention the whole scene with father in law. That day whole night my father in law’s words were echoing in my mind. I also felt bad for him.

Next day after breakfast, I observed that my father in law has started being more bold and would occasionally stare at my ass while I would be involved in some work. He would also try to touch me while helping me out in household chores.Last few days after the jerking incident whenever I have been feeling horny, it was my father in law’s cock which was coming to mind, it definitely looked much thicker than my husbands and more in length as well. My father in law is in good health compared to his age, definitely he doesn’t look like he is in his late 50’s.Whenever my father in law’s cock and jerking scene comes into mind I would be feeling wetness down there.

It was not that I was sexually unsatisfied with my dear husband. He had a decent size and pretty good stamina. But still visuals of father in law’s dick were not going out of my mind.

Returning back to the incident…

I was wearing tight jeans and a knee length top (usually worn in india) which showed off my figure quite well. As I was preparing dinner, my f-i-l came in the kitchen for drinking water. And then suddenly he patted on my ass and felt it for a good 2-3 seconds and went away. I was in a complete state of shock. I was getting the feeling that this was going out of hand now. A good 20+ days (Lockdown) and God knows how many more days I would have to spent with him alone.

A good part of my mind also felt bad for my father in law thinking that maybe he will be missing my mother in law or he must be unsatisfied with her or something else.

I called him for dinner and at the table he was continuously staring at my cleavage as well ass.

During the course of dinner he was touching and playing with my foot. And I was doing my best to ignore it and concentrate on dinner. But I knew he was trying his best to attract me. I had also made up mind that if my dear father in law wants I would be ready for his pleasure.

Maybe it was absence of my husband which resulted in so many days without sex that I was feeling horny and I was also slowly being attracted towards my father in law. His manliness, his thick dick, his constant wooing me, everything was playing in my mind and making me wet.

It was time for his after-dinner milk now. I went up to his room and saw him reading some magazine, I kept the glass of milk near his bed and I turned back and a sudden “smack” on my ass. Before I could react, my father in law with his right hand feeling my ass after the spank, kissed me on my lips. His right hand was constantly feeling the roundness and firmness of my tight ass. Our tounges were playing with each other. His mature mouth feeling the young luscious lips of his own son’s wife. The kiss continued for a good time before we were interrupted by a door bell.

My father in law answered the door. It was our neighbour uncle who had came to ask for some tools to my father in law. Almost 10 mins went in this. Meanwhile I was back to my room sitting on bed thinking about what all had happened. The long kisses, his hand feeling my ass.

My father in law entered my room. Our eyes met and there was complete silence for a minute or so. He finally ended the silence with telling me “Shikha, I have not been with a woman for quite a few years now. Your mother in law is not into sex for a few years now. Because of this I have to indulge in online videos for pleasuring myself. And I am not of the type who could go to any random women for some fun. Your mother in law is the only women I have been involved with until now “.

My father in law’s words made me a bit emotional as well, as he had not been with a women for quite a bit now and at the end he was a man. And everyone has their own needs. I had made up my mind that I will fill the void in his life and to be honest I was little excited as well.

He took my silence as a yes and planted his lips on mine. He would have never thought in his life that one day he would get to devour a young beautiful woman that too his own son’s wife. The kinkiness in this relation definitely added a pinch of excitement as well as hesitation in both of us.

He held my head and began kissing roughly now, enjoying my lips. In between the kiss, he kept his left hand on my tight boobs from top of the cloth I was wearing. He gently pressed it. I couldn’t handle this as breasts are any woman’s weak point. I closed my eyes enjoying it. And he began pressing my breasts feeling its roundness and firmness. I am a young woman with tight firm body and quite fair.

He kept on saying “my son is lucky to have such a beautiful wife”. He carried me and pushed me on the bed and came on top of me and began kissing me on lips. I was totally wet down there. He began undressing me. He opened me and my started at my firm big breasts through the bra. He took his hand behind and unhooked my bra. I felt a little shy and hurriedly I hugged him. This was the first time when I was naked from upper part except in front of my husband.

He pushed me back and began mauling his own son’s wife breasts. He pinched the nipples in circulating motion. He started sucking my big breasts like a baby but also mauling them hard with his hands. His hands were also bigger than my husbands.

He was saying “what a beautiful pair of breasts of you have. I have been lusting for it from the day I saw you”. I have jerked thinking of you numerous times. And today is the day I have been successful. I felt naughty hearing these words.

He then moved on to lick my navel. I was enjoying this act by closing my eyes. I was slightly moaning enjoying his licking of my navel. He started opening my jeans and removed it. I was now only in my panties in front of my father in law.

He kissed my pussy mound from top of the panties. He slowly put his hand on sides and removed the last piece of cloth from my body.

He was smiling and staring at it. I was feeling completely shy. Here I was totally naked in front of my husband’s father on my marital bed.

This was the same bed where I had lost my virginity to my husband and had spent numerous nights with him. But today instead of him his own father is going to enjoy his wife. He his going to use his son’s wife as he likes.

My father in law kissed on my pussy. I was in heaven. After a long time I felt tongue down there. It felt different than my husbands and it was his father’s mouth added the kinkiness. He began kissing and playing with my vertical lips. He inserted his finger there and began finger fucking me. I have never felt this way. His fingers were large compared to his son’s. And maybe this was the reason I cummed so easily. He began lapping up my juices.

Now was the time I had to repay him back for his wonderful work.

He pushed me down on my knees in front of the bed. He opened his lungi. What a wonderful piece of specimen it was. Much thicker and bigger than his son’s.

I knew what he wanted, I saw up to his eyes. The lust the want to take the beautiful big pole in my mouth. Wow what a beautiful big dick it was. Almost double in thickness than his own son. His daughter in law, his own son’s wife was going to take his dick in her luscious mouth. I gently kissed the tip of his dick. “Ahhh” came out of his mouth. I licked the base and then slowly took the entire big beautiful dick in my mouth. I had never taken such a big thing in my mouth. Not to exaggerate but only half of it was going inside my mouth. He was definitely loving it.

He was surprised when I suddenly took the dick out of mouth, looked upon him and took his big hanging balls in my mouth. The expression on his face were priceless. I had never done this with my husband also. After a few seconds of licking his mammoth balls he pushed his dick again in my mouth. He started being rough now and was pushing in and out of my mouth as if fucking my mouth. He became more rough and mouth fucked hard and rough for a good 15 minutes. I would feel choked by his big pole in mouth but he would hardly care and would start fucking my mouth back again. He would also slap my face while fucking my mouth. I was feeling like a slut. He held my face and to my shock spat on my face. My own father in law was doing this to me. He was quite rough as compared to his son.

He took his penis and kept and on face and started laughing indicating how beautiful his big black dick was sitting on my face. He carried me on the bed.

By Shasha_993

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