Lonely wife gets taken at the club

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My husband was going to be late at work, and the kid was with his grandparents for the weekend. Quite bored at home, I was fantasizing about the taste of old monk in my mouth – a large one.

Dressed in my red tank top and black micromini, I headed towards the local ale house. As expected, it was packed, over flowing with rich men from all over the town – rich college kids, rich bachelors, rich and bored husbands, rich consultants, and my favorite – men-in-uniforms. But I was in no mood to flirt, just needed to gulp my drink down and get outta the place.

But the door-monkey wouldn’t lemme in – I had forgotten my ID at home. Gratifying as it was, I’d have preferred to have had it on me. Of course, he had seen me quite a few times before, so he willingly made a deal. I flashed. The door-monkey was happy.

While I was sucking hard on the delicate piece of lime, these two men came from nowhere and started talking to me…dirty stuff…said I looked untaken and ready for a lay. My indifference towards their blather made them even more pushy. One of them even tried to cup my tits from behind. Quite outraged, I tossed my drink on his face and got up to go to the ladies room.

Inside I looked at the mirror and pondered whether I was really giving out the impression of ‘user- friendliness’, when suddenly I realized my nipples were erect and were fairly visible through my bra. I tried to rub them with water, but they stood rigid and upright. May be that’s what made those men get the wrong idea. May be they thought I was hungry for some whipped cream myself!!

Now to quickly describe myself – I am a 31 year old, married for over 6 years with a little one. I have wheatish skin like most Indians, and used to sport waist long hair that my husband insisted I cut – so now I am left with hair that reaches midway to my waist, but retains the salon-induced curliness that he loves to pull while he bones me. I am also proud of my titties – they are 36Ds and ost bras have expressed their utter inability to contain them successfully. I suppose my biggest asset is my ass – they are round and curvy and accentuates my body. Not surprised I have been getting attention.

I whisked up my mood and was about to open the door, when these two men forced themselves inside the ladies room and pinned me against the wall. Before I could shout for help, one of them put his strong palm on my mouth and asked me to shut up and have a good time. He ripped apart my tank and exposed my purple mesh bra. The other guy sat on the ground and slowly deliberately shoved his middle finger inside my pussy..one …two..three…unhurriedly..bit by bit…With his palm on my mouth, the other guy’s tongue started playing with my erect nipples. I tried to oppose and hit one of them with my hands, to which they smirked and called me a wild cat – about to be tamed by two real men. In no time I was actually moaning when one of them started pasting his long tongue against my clit and thrashing and teasing and stroking it till I started sucking on to the other’s fingers. He cupped my tits again and sucked on them too. I tried to stop him but it felt so good – my resistance was easily countered by the two strong men who were about to violate me in that tiny ladies room.

Somebody knocked. But these two were busy assaulting me. By this time they had taken my bra off and moved my skirt up. I was wearing red thongs. They didn’t take it off but pushed it aside and suddenly one of the them turned me around pushed me down and shoved up his throbbing dick inside me. I was holding onto the wash basin and could feel his member enter me. He rammed me Rocky(D)gy style while the other one thrusted his hard obstinate penis inside my mouth, forcing it open with a loud slap on my face.

After I blew him off his mind he wanted to fuck me too. But the knock outside was becoming louder, so they both decided to do me at once. While my pussy sat on one, the other one smashed inside my ass. I started to cry out now. It pained as both of them were banging me hard and wild. I was really groaning now as I could feel I was climaxing…my holes were filled with their huge cocks and this was the first time I was done double! I pressed my boobs and told them to stop the fucking torture as I could take it no more…and then suddenly my juices gushed forth spraying all over his dick. I trembled while I came and cried out loud.

But they were not done. They asked me to get dressed. Before I could wear my bra they opened the door and I saw a few pairs of lecherous eyes ogling at my hanging titties. Topless, I was dragged outside and pushed inside the service elevator. There after blowing them for quite sometime, they took turns in fucking me. The elevator doors opened and to my shock the liftman came inside and stared at what was happening in sweet disbelief. He started stroking his dick and then fondled my boobs. He said those were the biggest tits he had ever seen. Two men sucked my boobs, pinched my nipples, bit them hard, licked them like they were chocolate pies, and while I sat on top of another, he laid me on the hard elevator floor screwing me like a mad Rocky(D).

I was again double banged when the liftguy took his pants off and shoved himself in my ass. He needed to take his load off then and there. He came in a flash. And now it was the other guy’s turn. He fucked my tits and squirted his cream all over my face. Exhausted, I licked off the remaining from his penis.

But the guy who was doing me from behind had a fetish for public places. He forced me into a dark corner of the street outside and nailed my against the wall, took one of my legs on his shoulder and hammered me hard. I was cold and tired and sore. My mangoes were bare as I had left my bra and top inside the restroom. At this point, except for my skirt, I had nothing on. He pressed my left boob with his left hand and stormed his huge pounding dick inside my pussy again and again. There were passersby who stopped to sneak a peek at us and went by. There were cars which slowed down, guys rolling down their windows and shouting whether they could be next. Everyone thought I was a 200-buck whore. But this man wasn’t done. He fucked me till I came again. This time I thought I’d faint coz my whole body shook with the ultimate pleasure I’d just experienced. Multiple orgasms – had heard if it. Now got them for real. I screamed out loud and he erupted at the same time….inside me!

I walked back home much later that night, somehow draping an abandoned napkin from the bar around my naked body. All said and done, it was some night of my life! Crazy and wild.

I was raped but raped good.

By : babs100

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