Loving a mature man and finding happiness

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Sometimes I think it’s time to settle down and have the security marriage can offer. Having been married twice, neither bringing the sexual excitement I have had as a divorcee, it would make the perfect man satisfy my needs.
Over the last two months, I might have found the guy I have sought.
I was picking out frozen pizzas at the supermarket. I guess I was hogging the area as I would pick one up, then another, and finally accepting the third for my choice. I did this a couple of times and finally heard someone say under their breathe, “hell, I didn’t take that long to pick my last wife.”
I turned to see a nice-looking man, in his fifties, leaning on his cart. He smiled and said, “I hope you didn’t hear that.”
I turned to face him and said, with a smile, “You must have had a loser.”
His eyes immediately went to my open blouse, barely concealing my bikini top. His eyes went up to meet mine and had a twinkle in them.
“I sorry, I’m not in a hurry, so that I could have waited all night.” I guess he liked what he saw. “I’m Nick. Live nearby, and I must say, you are very pleasant to look at.”
I guess I gave away my approval by realizing I had thrown my shoulders back a little. Nick immediately noticed. I told him my name, and like him, I was a two-time loser and have spent my recent years trying to make up for all I had missed.
Nick said, “no, they were the losers. To give up something like you were the worst decision of their lives”.
We chatted for a few minutes more and then agreed to meet later at a bar near his place.
It was apparent Nick was a boob man. And that is just what I have to entice him. After showering, shaving all the right places, I picked out a yellow sundress that allowed an abundance of cleavage to be viewed, no bra or panties, and yellow strapless heels. After applying makeup, I checked myself out in the hallway mirror and was pleased with what I saw.
Nick stood as I walked in the bar and motioned me to sit with him at the bar. He is a handsome man, deeply tanned, and with little excess weight.
He ordered me my favorite wine and another bourbon, straight up, for himself.
He filled me in on his background, work, and his current situation—nothing to dislike.
I told him about my son and his wife living we me. Adding I was in my own home, still working, and admitted I was tired of the bar scene. “The problem is I have desires that I can’t satisfy staying at home.”
Nick smiled and told me he is much in the same predicament.
Taking a slight chance of being rejected, I placed my hand on his thigh. He liked that!
“Sue, we seem to be in the land of lost love most of our lives. Too young to sit and watch television but knowing we are unsatisfied with the status quo.”
Nick placed a hand on my leg, but not before he pushed the dress up my thigh. A finger brushes my bare pubes. I smiled and cooed. “Nasty boy,” I allow.
We mutually agreed we should leave and go to his condo. I left my car and rode with him. I stroked his thigh and touched his penis as we rode. I was a little surprised he wasn’t growing erect.
Once in his foyer, we quickly began to remove our clothing. I was out of my sundress and standing in my heels as he removed his shirt. I helped to unfasten his belt and pushed his pants to the floor. Nick cleared his shoes and socks. I pushed his boxers down and found a semi-erect cock.
Nick kissed me as he took my left breast in his hand and lifted it slightly. “Nice,” he commented when we broke the kiss. “I love full, heavy breasts. So womanly. Let’s move to the couch.”
His den steps away. I sat on the couch and leaned back on my elbows to force my breasts out. Nick immediately grasped each in hand and began to massage them. I laid my head back and savored the attention. I felt his knees on each side of my legs; he raised my breasts, and soon his lips sucking one nipple and then the other.
“Oh, baby, I love to have them sucked. Please don’t stop”. I wanted to tell him I have climaxed with only breast manipulation; soon, he would undoubtedly find out.
I wanted to reach out and play with his cock, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I didn’t want to break the moment.
“Harder, suck them harder,” I urged Nick. He began to take his teeth and pull the nipple out further. ‘Now, the other one,” I said. “Squeeze them,” I almost shouted.
Nick was manipulating my boobs perfectly. I moaned and told him, “please don’t stop!” Nick bit my right nipple, and it was too much. I began to feel my excitement coming to a head; I released my body to a full climax.
Nick leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back, more challenging.
“That was wonderful. Give me a minute and do it again,” I joked.
Nick stood and moved away. I moved forward on the couch and took his cock and balls in my hand. “My turn,” I told him. Nick inched back, stood, and reaching down; he took my arms to raise me.
“Sue, I want to be honest with you. I’m not sure I can get and maintain an erection. I am on several medications, and they have caused me not to get erect,” Nick informed me. “It very embarrassing, and I don’t want you to think I don’t desire you and anything you do.”
“Let’s get drinks,” I said. Nick lead me into the kitchen, where he fixed both of us a glass of wine.
We returned to the den and sat on the couch. We were side to side, but I move away from a little and told Nick to lay his leg across my thigh. Soon he sat with one leg on mine and the other on the floor. I began to caress the thigh on mine and softly side my fingers up to his scrotum. “I know men feel pressured to perform, but there is more than intercourse. I want you to know you please me. And you certainly did. We’re fine. I promise.”
I cupped his testicles and cock in my left hand and gently massaged them. “You do like to be touched?” I asked.
“Oh, Gawd, yes,” Nick said. “Funny, I have no problem releasing cum, and it can be quite messy.” Smiling, I pulled his penis and twisted it a little. “Hell, yes, that feels good.”
We talked about sex and its importance to us. Each wanted to enjoy all of its possibilities.
“What do you want, your woman, to be sexual?” I quired.
Nick smiled and took my hand and forced it to be more firm on his testicles. “Probably too much more than I should expect.”
I asked what he meant. “Don’t you think I could satisfy your needs?”
“You could satisfy all my needs, but I would feel uneasy to discuss all of them. They might be too much in your opinion”.
“Nick, damnit, I doubt you can, in your wildest imagination, scare me off, especially when it comes to anything involving sex. I am a seeker of pleasure and have no qualms going to any extend to give or receive it.”
I ran my fingernails across his balls. He jumped. “Too much?” I laughed, “wait until I get out the jumper cables and battery. TEASING!” I said.
“Sue, you are too good to be true. I hope we can enjoy each other for a very long time”.
“Me too.”
We sat and drank wine for the longest time. We were telling each other more about ourselves. Nothing seemed to come up that would hinder our relationship.
I went into the kitchen to refill our wine glasses. Nick stood and took his. I sat on his wooden coffee table in front of him as he settled onto the couch. I spread my legs, allowing him to view my shaved pubes and an initial look at my hanging inter-labia lips. I reached down and stretched them slightly. “Sometimes, I get embarrassed by their length. I mean, are they suppose to be longer than my pubes?”
“I think that’s something special. Something for me to nibble on.”
I leaned back on the coffee table and opened my thighs wider. “Nick, please do. Nibble all you want”.
I positioned myself where he could sit on the floor and place his face closer to me. He licked up my inner thigh, the first one, and then repeated it on the opposite side. He stuck out his tongue and used it to flick my labia lips. “Oh, yes!” I whispered. Nick moved his tongue between my pubes and went in search of my clitoris. He found it within seconds. I don’t have an unusually long clit but one that becomes thick and very sensitive.
Nick began to lick me with a long slow movement of his tongue. I inched forward to cause more pressure. “MMmm, I love that. Be careful. I can cum very quickly and with juices. OH, Baby, don’t stop now!” I hissed.
I began to cum, and cum, and cum. I don’t think I ever came as much from oral sex. Nick knew when to move away without causing me to be too tender.
Baby, I think we are going to have a fantastic time together,” I told him, meaning every word of it.
Needing to work the next day, Nick drove me back to my car. With a promise to meet him at the same bar, we had our initial drink later after work that afternoon.
I fell asleep with visions of happiness of what is possible with us.

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