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Loving wife blackmailed and taken in front of son

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Hi, thanks for taking time to read. This the story of the Branson family. A conservative upper middle class suburban American family. The year is 2005 and the Bransons our hosting a party at their home in Durham North Carolina. Joe Branson pillar of the community and the family patriarch owns Carte Blanche restaurant and is in the process of opening a second location. The party is more of a business event, catered by his staff. Joe is trying to secure additional financing for the new location.
The guest of honor so to speak is Darius Johnson and his wife Denise. Darius owns the local Savings and Loan and is the most powerful man in the southern community. Darius is 6’5′ tall, muscular and black. His wife Denise is tall slender and beautiful. The two are a power couple and make a great team. They have set their sights on Joe’s wife Lindsey Branson this evening.
45 year old Lindsey was the mother of three children. Steve 19. Bob 18 and Mellissa 17 with her birthday right around the corner. Lindsey is former stewardesess with a Political Science degree. She is a stay at home mom who sometimes helps out from time to time hosting at the restaurant. She is a conservative faithful religious wife, soccer mom, who helps with the Girl Scouts and PTA. She is 5’8″ tall with long reddish blonde hair and a lithe way about her. She has a slender figure which has filled out as the years have passed in all the right places. She has a strong B cup boarding on a C cup with only a hint of sag. Tonight she was conservatively dressed in black form fitting dress that went just below her knee’s and up top leaving just a hint of cleavage showing. Capping it off with classic two inch black pumps.
Darius and Denise tagged teamed and split up with Denise sidelining Joe keeping him busy. Darius asked for a tour of Lindsey’s wonderful suburban home. As they entered the country kitchen the staff had a few questions for Lindsey. Darius watched her move about the kitchen with a mesmerizing grace. As Lindsey inspected the BBQ lamb, Darius the predator grew hard knowing that Lindsey was the real sacrificial lamb.
Right about this time Lindsey’s eldest son Steve came in the back door. Arriving home from football practice covered in mud. “Hi mom, how are you?”
“Steve, you remember Mister Johnson?” Lindsey asked.
“Yes, how are you sir?” Darius smiled and shook his hand. Steve always had an uneasy feeling about Darius that he couldn’t quite place, but he smiled and said “please excuse me while I get cleaned up and will join you for dinner” Steve as well as the kitchen staff left to take care of the duties leaving Darius and Lindsey alone.
Lindsey turned around to see that Darius had come into her space and she found herself with her back against the island counter. “aw, Darius why don’t we continue the tour?” Even at 5′ 8″ she felt tiny against is tall muscular frame and the intimidating nature he exuded.
Darius raised his hand stroking the side of her face saying “Lindsey I feel you and I could put the finishing touch on the loan for the second location?” his hand continued to slide down her hair and onto her shoulder.
Lindsey shocked never before in this position, alone with a man as he was clearly making a pass at her!
Somewhat submissive in nature and with one of the most powerful men in the community she hesitated and said “excuse me I don’t understand?”
Darius smiled to himself as he moved in again playing with her hair ” you take care of my need and I will finance your business my dear”.
And with that he moved in and ran his big powerful hand down her left arm then holding her hand he begin to play with her wedding ring. She looked up at him stunned that a man, a black man at that would be so brazen with her husband in the next room. Darius capitalizing on her response slowing ran his hand up her arm again and then looking into her beautiful green eyes gently cupped her left breast! Lindsey opened her mouth to say something and with his other hand he put his index finger on her lips. Slowly tracing her lips with his mammoth finger. Her breathing increased as he fondled her breast with the skill of a surgeon. Then he zeroed in on her nipple poking though her lace bra. Darius place his index finger in her mouth saying “are you ready to serve me my lamb?”
Suddenly sapping out of it Lindsey snapped “stop it Darius I’m a married woman!”
Darius smile as though he won and slowing removed his hand from her breast. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a piece of paper and placed it in her hands and turned and left the kitchen.
Lindsey breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God, I didn’t fall to temptation” she muttered to herself. Remembering Darius place a paper in her hands she opened the paper to read it, praying she didn’t spoil her husbands deal. Shocked as she opened the paper she immediately began to sob. Slipping down the counter until she sat found herself lying on the floor weeping as she stared at a naked picture of her at age 22.
The note read “I’ll be in the master suite. You have ten minutes! Darius”.
“Ohh my God! NO please” Lindsey sobbed.
She had a flashback to 1980 in a moment of poor decision she agreed to pose naked for a high profile mens magazine seeking female stewardesses to pose naked. Her conservative husband, Joseph Branson a Decon in the church would never married woman who was less than pure. Lindsey was a virgin when she married Joe and had always been faithful. Before they were married she took a job as a stewardess to see the world. In a lapse of judgement she agreed to pose naked in Stewardesses a Glorious Pictorial. Once the magazine hit the news stands she lost her job and moved to Durham where she met Joe and settled down and got married. Being over twenty years she thought the photo had long been forgotten. In a fog she picked herself up off the floor and left the kitchen wiping her eyes and adjusting her wrinkled dress brushing away the hand print over her breast.
Entering the Great room where the party was in full swing her mind scrambling to find a way out the situation. Out of nowhere she felt a strong female hand grab hold of her arm and spin her toward her. She came face to face with Darius’s wife Denise. The tall black woman looked at her like a spider in her nest.
“Where are you off to darlin?” asked Denise.
Seeing her husband Joe by her side she said, “ohh I was going to check on my son Steve, he was limping when he came home from football practice.”
Her husband Joe slurring his words said “no worries Denise and I are having a pleasant conversation on finance.”
Denise, smiled at Lindsey with a half cocked smile raised on the right side of her face and raising her eyebrow as well, communicating “I know you’re going to service my husband like a common ordinary whore!”
A tear streamed down her cheek, on the side of her face Joe could not see.
But Denise, grinned and looked her in the eye and said “I can’t wait to sample your lamb as well” then looking over her body like she was buying an animal at the stock yard! Then her steel brown eyes rose up over her breasts and she stared into Lindsey’s eye’s as if to say “I own you!”
Lindsay started to turn away and Joe said “I love you honey!”
Lindsey’s voice cracked as she said “I love you too” as she ascended the stairs to the Master Suite!
Lindsey Branson was ascending the stairs of her beautiful upper middle class suburban home. The home filled with laughter and joy as the party was in full swing. Lindsey was shaking, feeling as though she was moving in slow motion. She was not going to check on her son Steve, as she told her husband Joe. Instead the forty five year old Lindsey was going to meet her blackmailer in her marital bedroom! The powerful Thirty year old black Banker Darius Johnson. With each step she desperately tried to figure a way out. She heard someone shout her name, turning back she saw her Pastor climbing the stairs!
The Rev. William Snow of the Southern Baptist Church where her husband is a Deacon was a stern old fashion preacher.
“Where are you off to Lindsey? I was hoping to get the first dance of the evening?”
Lindsey turned to Pastor Snow and glanced down at her form fitting dress to see if it was still wrinkled where Darius had fondled her firm womanly breast.
“I… I’m going to check on Steve. Please, save me a dance?”
“Of course said the Pastor. Is everything okay? You look pale as a ghost.”
“I’m fine thanks Pastor Snow. Just a lot on my mind between the party and kids.”
“Why don’t you come by the rectory this week and we will have a cup of tea?’
“Thank you Pastor, I would enjoy that.”
Lindsey turned and continued up the stairs feeling as though she was between Heaven and Hell. Downstairs her preacher waiting on a dance. Upstairs in her bedroom, Darius was waiting for her and would most certainly expect her forsake her marriage vows!
“It’s just a picture, she thought, a lot of people have posed nude. Joe would understand. I was so young. Oh, who am I kidding! My husband the Decon of the church. He would never understand! I can’t believe this! All my life I’ve lived like June Cleaver! And now because I pose nude, a black man expects to fuck me! Oh Lord please help me and please forgive my language!”
She found herself at her bedroom door and leaned against the door and thought, “I can’t do this! I’ve never been with another man ever! And now a southern white woman with a black man in my bedroom! God please take Satan out of bedroom and out of my life! I’ve got to be strong!” As she began to open the bedroom door.
Lindsey started to close the bedroom door when she heard his dominate voice.
“STOP! Leave it open!” Darius bellowed in his deep voice.
“Are you insane? OPEN, with my family and a houseful of people downstairs! Why?” Lindsey sobbed.
Darius smiled and sat on the marital bed and said, “Tell me no again and I will walk out of this room and you won’t hear from me again! Then you can see your naked picture sent to your husband, family, friends, preacher and all over the internet! Are you feeling lucky?… Tell me NO again!”
Tears were gliding down her cheeks as she broke. “I’m… I’m sorry. But please don’t do this! I’m begging you! At least not in my husband’s bed! Can we please go to the Guest Suite? Please, I beg of you.”
Ignoring her he said, “Are you ready to service me?” A sly smile creeping out. Darius had wanted this trophy wife for a long time! This exquisite lady was the perfect southern belle a former debutante from one of the oldest most prominent families in the community. Darius would now break this woman and his ultimate goal to break the entire family
“Oh… my God! I can’t, please… don’t.” Lindsey wept. The beautiful woman looked around the large romantic suite where all three of her children were conceived and realized something unholy was about to take place.
“Strip now!” The big muscular black man ordered!
The trophy wife stood in the middle of the bedroom a tear rolled down her cheek as her trembling hands rose to her neck and started to remove her gold crucifix. “Leave the crucifix and your wedding rings on slut!”
Overwhelmed with shame she began to unbutton her black dress. The buttons went from just atop her breasts to just below her knees where the dress ended. As she unbuttoned, her splendid cleavage came into view and then she froze and said. “I can’t, please I’m a respectable married woman!” Lindsey moaned and dropped her hands.
“HOLY SHIT,” groaned Lindsey’s 19 year old son Steve! As he was passing his parents bedroom on his way downstairs. Frozen in place not believing his eyes!
Darius rose from the bed and moved towards Lindsey. The beautiful Bell sensed he was going to pass her and walk right out the door. “Darius please, please don’t go…” her voice cracking.
The monster of man stopped it front of her and looked deep into her eyes. This man a descendant of slaves now had this prim and proper lady a descendant of plantation owners begging him to stay in her marital bedroom!
Darius raised his large hands raised up to the neckline of her dress and slowly and deliberately begin to tear her dress down the front! The satin material ripping easily until the dress hung off her shoulders, exposing an ample amount of cleavage! Leaving the front of the dress fully open!
“Very nice!” remarked Darius as his eyes roamed over the pale skin of her chest and belly with a slight pouch.
“MAMA!” the 19 year old boy muttered under his ragged breath.
Darius turned around and sat on her husband’s side of the bed and simply stared at her as though he owned her.
Defeated, Lindsey brought her hands up and slowly slid her dress off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor!
What a vision before her new master. Wearing a black lace underwire push up bra cradling her 34″ very full b cup breasts! His eye’s traveled down to the matching lace French cut panties. The icing on the cake was the the matching garter belt holding up her thigh high lace topped stockings and two inch delicate pumps. She obviously dressed as a present for her husband later this evening. A prize Darius was only too happy to steal!
“Oh God” she managed to grasp as her breath came in quick bursts! She reached behind her back and undid her bra and a tear shed as she let it fall to the ground. Her breasts were nothing short of magnificent for a forty five year old mother of three! Her nipples were long like an eraser with somewhat small pink areola. There was a slight hint of sag to the rather large b cup breasts. Just the right amount sag that let a man know she was a natural woman. Darius noticed the sag and thought “If everything goes as planned her breasts will be plump with a mother’s milk for his child she will bare!”
Steve wanted to barge into the room and defend his mothers honor, but was glued to his spot as he started to rub his hard as steel cock!
“Please I’m begging you, I… I will give you money! Please don’t humiliate and use me in this manner Darius!”
looking into his dark blue eyes she realized she was the lamb and started to unfasten each garter strap. As she bent over her breasts swayed like beautiful utters! When all the straps of the black garter were undone she once again looked to Darius but saw no mercy in his eyes.
“Please, I’m not protected. You can’t cum in me! Please, I can’t get pregnant she whimpered.”
She slowly lowered her French cut panties exposing herself to the black man! Realizing she had just given him permission to enter her with her last statement! A true strawberry blonde as her well groomed bush came into view!
Her son was absolutely dizzy looking at her swinging breasts as her pussy came into view!
Darius held out his hand as she dutifully slid them down hers legs and over her heels and placed the panties in his hand. He looked deep into her soul as he raised his hand to his nose and smelled the pheromones! He smiled and she blushed as both knew the submissive wife was wet. He balled up the panties and threw them across the room and out into the hall.
The black panties landed at Steve’s feet as he watched the scene unfold the bedroom mirror! He peered around the door knowing he had to save his mom, but could not stop himself from first examining her panties! As he bent over to retrieve them they were suddenly scooped up by a delicate black hand with a French Manicure.
“You’ve been a bad boy Steve!” As Denise, Darius’s wife wrapped her hand around his waist and smashed her small b cup breast’s into his muscular back!
“Mrs. Johnson it’s not what it looks like!..”
“Stay still my little Cuckold,” Mama’s in control now as she lowered her her slim hand to his hardening cock! Her other hand she brought to his nose and he was inhaling the wonderful sent of his mother’s panties.
Back in the bedroom Lindsey went to remove her garter belt and Darius shook his head. She stepped back knowing what he expected and reconnected each garter strap to her lace stocking tops. She stood back up her breasts bobbling. He pointed to her hair and she knew to let her hair down. Slowly she let her reddish blonde hair fall and frame her face and touch the tops of her breasts. She was frightened and oddly enough starting to drip as well!
Standing back a bit she deliberately displayed her pale skinned, lithe body to the man who now controlled her destiny!
The lovely Lindsey was all woman, nothing plastic about her! As her body had filled out some over time only making her more desirable! Large natural teardrop breasts with pink areola’s and eraser like nipples! Along with a tiny little pouch and lithe hips expanding just a touch. Her body was near mirror image of actress Almudenia Leon.
There was a part of the married woman had a desire to submit to Darius! She wondered if her mature motherly frame would please the black Adonis!
Darius stood and stated “It’s time, undress me!”
“Oh… please, there must be some other way? I’m begging on my marriage vows.” Lindsey choked.
She stood in front of the towering man that he had no patience for disobedience and she raised her arms up and removed his suit coat. The large black man towered over her as she felt humiliated and small looking up into his eyes. Next looking up the front of his chest she removed his necktie and then began to unbutton his fine dress shirt. Exposing a mountainous chest of pure muscle. The large man was naked from the chest up and was dark as coal!
Lindsey was repulsed by the black man and yet could feel the sweet juice literally running down her inner thighs. She had never been abused and taken in such a way and it touched a nerve with her Biblical roots to honor and obey her man. Only one problem, Darius was not her man, he was her rapist!
“I grow annoyed, finish undressing me now!” bellowed Darius!
“Yes Master” replied Lindsey without thinking. “Oh my God, why did I say that!”
As she slid to her knees and raised her hands to his belt. Trembling she began to unbuckle his belt and then the sound of a zipper echoed though the room! The reason for the echo was out in the hall Darius wife Denise had unzipped the young son’s pants at the same time!
“Ohh… moaned Steve, please no…”
“Your a dirty little boy jerking off to your own Mother!” hissed Denise!
She dropped his pants and wrapped his mom’s panties around Steve’s sizable seven inch cock and started stroking him off! He gripped the wall watching his Mother on her knees disrobing a huge black man! All the while Denise seemingly unfazed that her husband was taking a married white woman in her bedroom!
The prim and proper conservative wife on her knees naked except for a garter belt, lace stockings and two inch heels! Slowly she pulled down his trousers as her breasts swayed and she came face to face with something abnormally large and unnatural!
She thought, “It can’t be, impossible!” Lindsey simply stared.
It was difficult to determine who was most excited between Darius, his wife Denise or Lindsey’s own son Steve!
Lindsey raised her arms up and gripped the sides of his black silk boxers and lowered then down his legs as she saw the amazon like black cock come into view! She whimpered as she saw the black log that was swaying in front of her face! It was huge easily 11 or 12 inches long and about as thick as a coke can!
She had heard idol gossip at lunches with other Southern Belle’s where they spoke of Plantation stories about black bulls and lady of the house. But that kind of taboo she thought was just old wives tales. Her own husband was 8 inches and filled her completely.
Mesmerized she just stared at this huge black as coal log. Darius now had stepped out of his briefs and was completely naked. Every inch of his six foot five inch figure was all muscle! He was nothing short of a God, no a Mandingo!
“Oh… God. Darius no! You’ll ruin me!” A tear ran down her cheek knowing making love to her beloved husband would never be the same! And he would enviably know that she had been unfaithful!
With a cold callous expression he reached down and grabbed her chin with his massive hand and drew her head up to look in his eyes! “You no longer serve your husband! You will be his in name only and maybe not even that, unless I allow it! You belong to me now!”
A tear rolled down her cheek as a wave of emotions were going though her mind of how her orderly perfect life had turned completely upside down in less than an hour. The 45 year old wife and mother rose from the floor and started to move around him towards the bed when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in front of him!
“Where the fuck do you think you are going whore!”
Stunned and trembling she whispered I… I was going to get in bed.
“Did I say you could get up off your knees slut! I own you do you understand?” Darius reached out and grabbed her left nipple and squeezed it as hard as he could and she howled in pain and fell to the floor in front of him.
Lindsey looked at the floor and whispered, “Aw… yes Master, um… You own my body.”
“You may service me now slut!”
Lindsey looked up at the semi hard log and brought her mouth up to it and started licking the long length taking both hands to support it. This is something she rarely did for her husband and she prayed Darius would not cum in her mouth as she never would swallow for Joe.
Out in the hall Denise was enthroned she could not believe the impending destruction of the debutante and cuckolding the son was a toy she would be sure to manipulate long after today! “You sick little shit! Are you getting off on watching your Mother? Or are you some fudge packer hoping Darius will take your ass?”
“I…please, I want to help my mom!” Steve said.
Denise unwrapped her hand and took the panties from his cock and backed away from him. “You’re free, go and save your Mother.” Smiling at him while calling his bluff.
The boy looked deep into the strong willed black woman’s eyes and then scanned down her body. She had absolutely perfect teardrop shaped breasts and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra as her V neck dress went all the way down to her navel!
Looking back at his Mother and the beautiful black lady in front of him he was torn. “Why… Why are you and your husband doing this?”
Denise reached up and slid the V shaped dress off her shoulders reveling her perfect black body the dress pooling around her hips.
“All in good time my boy. You will learn your purpose and my purpose. But you must commit yourself to me.”
“Please… make me cum, I need to cum, please… Mrs Johnson.”
Denise smile curled up on the right side and said “Of course my Pet, let your Mistress relive you.”
With that she turned the boy around and pressed her bare chest against his back her hard nipples poking into his back! His attention was again focused on Darius and his Mother, as Denise started to jerk him off with his Mother’s panties again!
The scene in the room was like a insane! His Mother near naked on her knees licking the long shaft of Darius. The contrast of the pale white woman to the coal dark Mandingo was stark and mesmerizing to Steve as well as Denise. The pretty strawberry blonde licked her lips once, with nervousness! Then parting them slowly, lowering her lips to let the massive mushroom head into her mouth! He groaned as he felt her warm lips around the massive head. Slowly she worked about four inches into her mouth as she looked down she saw her wedding ring glitter as she held his penis to her mouth! Slowly she bobbed her head up and down never allowing more than four to five inches inside her mouth. Instinctively, she found her left hand stroking his long shaft, in rhythm with her mouth. Hoping this would be too much for Darius and put and end to this humiliation.
Working the cock with precision she felt a copious amount of pre cum began to enter her mouth. Pausing for a moment and removing it from her mouth to look at the black penis smeared in white fluid! Much more than her husband ejaculated into her mouth that she would then spit out into the sink.
“Look at you, you’re a slut! Nipples poking out hard as pebbles and a puddle dripping on the floor between your legs! Get back to work Whore!” Darius barked!”
Lindsey bowed her head in shame. Taking the python back into her mouth engulfing six inches deep as Darius grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her face with all his will! Back and forth, over and over again ramming his brick like cock in as far as he could crying! “Deeper Lindsey Deeper…” and then a pop and his log went down her throat balls deep! “Yes…” he moaned triumphantly! “Good girl.”
His balls resting on her chin. Lindsey is one of the few with no gag reflux! The debutante can deep throat just about anything! Sometimes teasing her husband with a cucumber while cooking in the kitchen. Darius began pounding away pushing in so far his pubic hair would tickle her nose as he went balls deep!
“Keep going I’m close, I’m going to fill your stomach with my baby batter!”
Suddenly Lindsey put her hands on his hips and pushed until she popped out of his mouth! The big snake falling on her breast sliming it with his fluid!
“No Darius! I don’t swallow for even my husband!” she pleaded.
She could see the anger in his eyes as he raised his hand to slap her and stopped himself! “Who the fuck do you think you are! Your a whore servicing me and nothing more! I will cum in your mouth, pussy or ass! Or you will find that naked picture from the dirty magazine in 1980 all over town! Stewardesses in the nude. You slut!”
‘That’s it, mom posed nude! WOW! I’ve got to find the magazine!’ Steve thought.
She trembled and nodded her head in shame with tears rolling down her cheeks she said, “Master will you please cum in my mouth? Use me for your pleasure.” she whispered.
She then took the python back into her mouth! Then moved her hands to the back of his muscular ass and pull him completely down her throat! Starting seductive rhythm slowly moving to a breakneck speed! He moaned loudly at one of the best blowjobs he ever had! Suddenly she felt his log grow in her throat and she knew he was close!
Darius grunted and said, “You better take every drop and hold it in your mouth till I allow you to swallow slave!” He suddenly pulled out leaving just the mushroom tip in her mouth as he pumped rope after rope of his seed! Three, four, five, six blasts and still flowing! Finally he moaned as a final burst went in her mouth and let his penis slip from her mouth.
He padded her on the head as she sat on her knees and said “Open wide.”
Lindsey opened her mouth to show a rather large load of semen. Her eyes bloodshot and red blotches on her pale skin. “Stay!” He commanded, then walked into the Master Bathroom where he took a piss, washed his face and had a glass of water.

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