Loving Wife fulfills her Husband’s fantasy – Sharing My Wife Roni

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I walked back into our apartment and into our bedroom. Roni was sitting with her back against the headboard, covered with a sheet. Her eyes were wide and she was biting her lower lip. When she saw me she smiled and said, “Sorry.”
I said, “You chickened out, huh.”
“Yeah… I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart, that was amazing!”
“God… that was such a rush; I have never been so turned-on in my life! Did you see the way they were watching every move I made? ….and the looks on their faces when my panties fell to the table? Oh my god! I was so excited just watching their reaction; I don’t think they really thought I would do it!”
“Baby, you really put on a show. I have never been so proud of you. I was so nervous, but when you were finally nude, and I saw the way they were looking at you, I came in my shorts.”
“No, you didn’t!”
“Yeah, you had me that excited, I couldn’t control myself.”
“It turned you on that much?”
“Watching you strip, slowly exposing every part of your body as they watched was the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my whole life. God, you were incredible!”
“They made me feel so sexy!”
“Baby, you were sexy!’
“I can’t believe I actually did it.”
“Me either, I was so afraid you would stop before you got nude; I’m so glad you didn’t.”
“You can thank the Tequila for that. I could have never done that sober.”
“So, why did you stop?”
“I just got scared. Stripping is one thing, but having sex with them is completely different.”
“I was so ready to watch you play with their cocks.”
“I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t. I really wanted to though.”
“It’s okay Sweetheart…… that was still amazing, I loved every minute of it.”
“So you’re not mad?”
“No way. We both agreed we could call it off at any time. I thought what you did was sexy as hell!”
I walked over to the bed and got undressed. When I pulled the covers back to get in I stopped and stared at Roni’s beautiful body. I said, “Damn, you are gorgeous!”
“Thank you. I’m sorry I stopped, I wanted so bad to go through with it for you; …..So what happens now?’
I said, “Well we can try again, if you want. What do you think?” I got in bed and lay down next to Roni. I kept the covers pulled down so I could admire the beautiful body that she had just shown to Josh and Mike. I reached over and started rubbing her breasts with the back of my fingers. “So how does it feel to know that Josh and Mike now know what these look like in person?”
“I think it’s pretty thrilling; it will be even more fun to tease them now.”
I slid my hand down to her smooth vagina and gently rubbed her. “And how about letting them see this; do you think you’ll be embarrassed knowing that they have seen your pussy?”
“Actually, that was what turned me on the most. I could see in their eyes how badly they wanted me to slide my panties down so they could see all of me. It was so exciting!”
“You know when you turned around and bent over we could see everything. Your pussy was slightly spread. It was awesome!”
“Well, that was the idea.”
“You wanted them to see that much?”
“Well, yes, didn’t you?”
“Yes, but I thought you were unaware of just how much you were showing. I am still surprised that you actually stripped for them. Knowing that you wanted them to see all of your pussy is incredible!”
I moved up and inserted myself into her. “Did you enjoy showing your pussy off?’
“Yes. It made me so wet!”
“You know, Mike had an incredible view, it was only two feet from his face.”
“Did you like it?”
“Absolutely, seeing you bent over, with Mike staring right at your pretty little slit was amazing!”
“Do you want me to show them again?”
“I would love for you to.”
“I have to confess, I loved having you guys watch me.”
I began fucking her a little harder. “You like showing off, don’t you?”
“Yes, I loved it.”
“So, you want to do it again.”
My cock was ready to explode. “Maybe we can invite them over next weekend.”
“I think that may be too soon. I don’t want them to get tired of seeing me nude.”
“Baby, I don’t think that would ever happen.”
“I think we should wait a while.”
“Are you going to let them touch you the next time?”
I could feel myself about to cum. “I can’t wait to watch them with you. I want them to feel how firm your body is. Would you like that?”
“I think so. I do know that I loved having them see me, maybe next time we can take it a little further.”
I couldn’t hold off any more and came in her, I kept going until Roni had an orgasm as well. Afterward as we lay together, I asked her, “So, what was your favorite part of tonight?”
She said, “All of it; it was just so thrilling. To have you guys staring at me the way you were, made me feel so wanted. I could see the desire in their eyes.”
“Baby, we all wanted you! I think we should see what their plans are tomorrow. I would love to see how you guys act around each other after tonight”
“I think I’d be okay with that.”
“Cool. I’ll call them in the morning and see what they have planned.”
When I woke the next morning I was slightly hungover, but still excited about the events of the night before. I picked up my phone and called Josh.
He answered on the third ring.
“Hey Josh, it’s Steve.”
“Good morning, dude. Please tell me that everything is still cool between us.”
“Yeah, everything is fine.”
“How’s Roni?”
“I’m not sure; she’s not up yet, but I’m sure she’ll be okay. She was pretty drunk last night, so she’ll probably be hungover.”
“I hope everything is still cool between us. Man, I can’t thank you enough for last night. I still can’t believe that she stripped for us!”
“Yeah, it was great, wasn’t it!”
“Hell yeah. I jacked off three times when I got home!”
“Glad you had a good time. I have wanted her to do something like that for a long time. I’m glad I finally found the opportunity to make it happen. So, what are you guys’ plans for the day?”
“We’re just hanging out. Hannah and Ashley are coming over; we may go to the pool.”
“I’m not really up for the pool, how about later?” He said that he would talk with everyone else and find out the plans were for later. I asked him to keep me informed.
When Roni woke up I asked how she felt about the events of the previous evening.
She said, “Honestly, I don’t feel bad. I found it really exciting. I mean, they have already seen my nude pictures, the only difference is that I know that they’ve seen me naked now. I don’t have to pretend I don’t know anymore. It should make my flirting much more fun!”
I told her again how much I had enjoyed her stripping for us.
“Well I really enjoyed letting Mike and Josh watch me get nude. I think you were right; I may be an exhibitionist.”
I still had my sandwich from the night before, so I shared it with Roni. We then went back to bed and took a short nap. When we woke up it was 2:00, I asked Roni if she felt like going to the pool and she was up for it. We both took a shower and got ready. When we got to the pool, we found Mike, Josh, and the girls in the water. We put our stuff down and joined them. Roni acted as if everything was normal. You would never have guessed that these two guys had watched her dance nude the night before.
We spent the day at the pool, then went to Josh and Mike’s for drinks and games. Everything seemed to be fine with everyone involved the night before. I saw several looks pass between Mike and Roni, and the same with Josh. I know they were saying “I have seen you naked.” and Roni’s reply was “Yeah, so what.”
When we got back to our apartment, Roni told me she felt very comfortable around Josh and Mike. She said she thought it might be weird, but actually it was pretty exciting to think about them having seen her completely nude the night before and yet still be able to act as if nothing had happened. She also told me she would strip for them again, but she said she would like to speak with them first. I told her I thought that would be awesome.
Me and Roni spent Sunday alone. Sunday evening I called Josh and asked if the girls were still there. He said they had already left. I asked if he and Mike could come to our apartment, and he agreed. They showed up about twenty minutes later. When they came in, I told them that Roni would like to talk to them.
Roni was already in her pajamas. She looked so sweet and innocent and yet sexy as hell at the same time. I asked them to sit on the sofa. Roni was already sitting in a side chair.
After a few seconds, Roni started talking. “Hey guys, I just wanted you to know that I am fine with what happened the other night. Steve was afraid that I might be embarrassed, but I want you to know that I’m fine.”
Mike said, “Well, thank god. I thought you might be mad at us.”
“No, not at all, I was pretty drunk. I enjoyed it. You guys made me feel very sexy. Thank you.”
Mike and Josh both had big smiles on their faces.
Josh said, “Well you’re welcome. Anytime you want to feel sexy, just call us.”
Mike looked at Roni and said, “We are the ones that should be thanking you. I thought you were amazing!”
Roni said, “Thanks, who knows, maybe one day we can do it again.”
Josh said, “All you have to do is call, I’ll be here!”
Mike said, “Count me in.”
Roni then told them that she valued their friendship and hoped that she could trust them not to tell anyone about her stripping for them. She told them that it would not be good if rumors were going around about her stripping for residents of the complex. They both swore not to say anything. I then suggested that as a goodwill gesture, she should let them see her nude again. Roni looked at me a little surprised. I said, “Well baby, they are willing to keep quiet. That deserves a reward.”
Roni said, “Seriously?”
“Well yeah sweetie, I’m just saying it would be nice.”
Mike said, “I’m not going to say anything either way, but I would like to see you naked again.”
Roni laughed and said, “You guys are too much.”
I said, “Well…?”
She said, “So you want me to just stand up and take my clothes off?”
“Well, yeah, that’s the idea.”
Roni looked at me for a second then said, “Okay, if you think that will help.” She surprised me when she stood and in one motion pulled her shirt over her head; she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her perky tits instantly popped into view. She then pulled her pajama pants and panties down at the same time. There she was, once again, my beautiful wife, completely nude in front of these guys. She just stood there and let them take in her body. She turned around so they could see her backside. She rotated back to face them and said, “Now what?”
“Maybe they could feel how firm your tits are.”
“Really, Steve?”
“Well, baby, they have already seen you nude. I thought you could give them something new.” Roni looked at me for a moment and then moved over in front of them and stood there. I said, “It’s okay guys, give them a feel, I know that you want to.” They both looked up at Roni and she said “It’s okay…go ahead.” They each reached up and grabbed a breast. Her nipples became instantly erect. Roni let them feel for a few seconds and backed away. “Okay guys, so do we have a deal?”
Josh said, “Absolutely.”
Roni looked at me and said, “I’m going to bed now.” She looked back at Josh and Mike and said, “Thanks guys, just remember, not a word to anyone.” She collected her clothes off the floor and headed for the bedroom.
Mike looked at me and said, “Well, that was unexpected.”
I said, “Yeah, I can’t believe she did it either!”
Josh said, “Well thanks again. I’m really enjoying hanging out at your place.”
We all laughed, and I told them I was going to bed also. They got up and left.
Roni was laying nude on top of the bed. As soon as she saw me she said, “Well, that was different!”
I got undressed quickly and climbed on top of her. When I was inside her and slowly making love to her she said, “If you keep this up, you are going to temp me into fulfilling your fantasy.”
“Did you enjoy getting nude in front of them again?”
“Yes, it was just so unexpected. I didn’t know you were planning that.”
“I didn’t either. It seemed like the right thing to do. Did you enjoy having them touch your breasts?”
“That sent chills down my spine.”
“It felt good, didn’t it?”
“Yes, I was worried that you were going to tell them to rub my pussy.”
“Would you have let them?”
Roni was getting very turned on, and I could tell she was fantasizing about the two of them. “Do you want me to call them back?” She said nothing, just started pushing herself hard against me. “If you want me to, I can have them come back up.” She started moaning and told me to fuck her harder. As I did, she had an orgasm. She wrapped her legs around me and held me deep inside her. I came shortly after her.
After laying quietly for a moment, she said, “You are determined to get me to have sex with them, aren’t you?’
“I’m trying baby. Maybe one day…”
She said, “If you keep pushing, it will happen. I just hope you are ready for it!”
“I don’t think you’d have the nerve.”
“Keep pushing and you’ll find out.”
The next week was uneventful, except for the sex–it was amazing! We had sex every night. We were both still very excited about the previous weekend. We had a few role-playing nights, both were the Josh and Mike threesome fantasy. Roni told me numerous times how much she enjoyed stripping for them. I told her if she wanted, we could do it again this weekend. She told me that it was too soon. She assured me that it would happen again, but not until she was ready.
We spent the next few weeks hanging out at the pool, and on occasion at Mike’s and Josh’s. Hannah and Ashley were there most of the time. Summer was quickly ending and autumn was closing in. Josh and Ashley had a falling out, so she stopped coming around. Mike and Hannah were still together, and she and Roni became pretty good friends.
One Saturday night we were at Mike and Josh’s apartment hanging out with Mike and Hannah. Josh was visiting his parents out of state, so it was just the four of us. We threw some darts and then started playing penny poker. Hannah didn’t know how to play, so we had to teach her. When she ran out of money Mike suggested that we start playing strip poker. Both of the girls declined to play, but eventually we talked them into it.
Roni hit a lucky streak and was still fully clothed, Mike and I had lost our shoes and shirt. Hannah had lost both and her shorts as well. Looking across at her in her bra was quite a treat; I had seen her in a bathing suit and knew she had a nice body. But, seeing her in her lacy bra was so much sexier. I was looking forward to seeing her naked breasts. Roni finally lost a couple of hands and was now down to her bra and shorts. Mike, Hannah, and myself were in our underwear. Hannah lost the next hand and was very reluctant to remove her bra. Mike told her she didn’t have to; she could remove her panties instead. It didn’t take her long to decide to remove her bra.
It latched in the front and all eyes were on her as she reached down to unhook it. She popped it loose but held it in front so it wouldn’t fall open. After much coaxing, she let it drop. I was surprised at just how lovely they were; nicely rounded full C’s. Her nipples were perfectly centered, with small areolas that were slightly darker than Roni’s. We all gave her a round of applause as she unveiled them. I had a hard time taking my eyes off of them as we continued to play. Watching the way they gently swayed as she moved was very distracting.
We played on. Roni lost her shorts, and then Mike lost his Boxer briefs. As he began to slide them down Roni’s eyes were glued on his mid-section. As he removed them I could see that he was semi hard and his cock looked huge. When it came into view Roni blurted out “Damn!” She quickly apologized to Hannah, she explained that she was just amazed at the size. Hannah told her not to be sorry, she understood, that was the way she felt the first time she saw it.
Instead of sitting back down, Mike said he needed to use the restroom, and turned to leave the room. As he left Roni turned to Hannah and said, “My god girl, how in the world…,” and then started laughing. Hannah joined in. It left me feeling a little inadequate.
When Mike returned he didn’t sit back down, he came into the dining area and asked if anyone needed a beer. I told him that I did and he headed into the kitchen. When he returned he didn’t sit down and simply hand me my beer, he walked over and handed it to me. Roni was sitting closest to the kitchen so he reached in front of her to hand it to me, which meant his cock was only about a foot from her face. Hannah said “Damn Mike why don’t you just slap her in the face with it!”
Unfazed Mike replied “I’m just trying to be a good host.” I’m not sure if he meant by getting me a beer or allowing Roni to get an up close and personal view of his semi-erect penis. He seemed to be taking his time making his way back to his side of the table. I knew he was showing off for Roni and it worked. I could see Roni trying to catch a glimpse of his large member until he was seated.
Roni lost her bra on the next hand. She didn’t hesitate, she just reached back, un-hooked it, and let it fall off. I could see Hannah sizing her up and said, “Very lovely breasts my dear.” Roni thanked her, and we dealt the next hand. Roni lost that hand as well.
She said, “Well, crap.”
She then asked Mike to close his eyes while she removed her panties. He refused. He told her that she had seen him nude, so it was only fair for him to see her.
Roni acted as if it was really embarrassing for her, but I knew she loved it. She stood up slowly, slid them off, and then quickly sat down. Mike told her that he couldn’t see anything because the table blocked his view. He looked at me and said “I think she should have to walk around the table so everyone can see her.” Without a word Roni stood and moved to the end of the table where Mike was sitting, and stood in front of him. I saw Mike’s eyes go immediately to her pussy. She said “how’s this, can you see me now?” Mike looked for a few seconds then said “would you mind turning around?”
Roni turned so Mike could see her perfect little ass. My cock grew rock hard watching Mike check out my wife’s sweet little body, I was so turned on seeing her showoff for him. After a few seconds Mike said “okay, you can sit back down now.” Roni returned to her seat.
I started clapping and said “Nice show!” Mike clapped as well; Hannah sat quietly staring at Mike. Roni played shy and said, “Thanks. That was really embarrassing.”
Hannah lost the next hand. She was mortified at the thought of removing her panties. Mike told her that she had to. He reminded her that Roni didn’t complain when she lost. He told her to be a good sport and gracious loser. She finally agreed. But instead of standing to remove them she did it while still sitting in her chair. We all booed her. She sat with her face in her hands until Mike convinced her to stand so everyone could see her. She very reluctantly stood.
As she stood, I saw her pretty, full pussy. Unlike Roni, she had kept a small patch of pubic hair just above her lovely slit. When she was fully standing, we all gave her a healthy round of cheers. Mike told her she needed to go stand at the end of the table like Roni did…she refused. She kept her face covered with her hands as she quickly sat back down.
Instead of playing another hand Mike said, “Since everyone is nude but you, it’s time for you to join us.”
I tried refusing, since I hadn’t lost, but could see it was useless, so I stood and removed my boxers as well. I was quite aroused, but after seeing Mike’s large cock just a short time before, I was feeling a little undersized.
As my member sprang into view, I got a round of applause as well. It was pretty exciting to see Hannah checking out my cock as it came into view. I knew it was nowhere near as impressive as Mike’s, but just the fact that she was watching was exciting. I could feel myself growing a little as she watched.
When I sat back down, Mike asked, “So now what?”
I said, “I guess we get dressed.”
It really surprised me when Roni said, “Why? We have already seen each other nude; what’s the hurry?”
Mike quickly agreed. Hannah and I went along, although I could tell she was a little uncomfortable with the idea. I stood and excused myself for the restroom. When I returned, Roni had moved and was sitting next to Hannah, talking. Mike was throwing darts. I wasn’t sure where to go. Not wanting to miss a chance to see more of Hannah’s lovely breasts, I sat across the table from the two girls. It was really strange to be sitting at a table with two naked women.
Mike said, “Hey Steve, come over and play me in a game.”
I really couldn’t refuse, so I got up and went to join Mike. Roni and Hannah turned to watch us play. It was a bit imposing to be standing so close to a nude Mike. I looked down to make sure my little fellow hadn’t shrunk any. He was still doing fine. But, he certainly looked small compared to Mike.
Throwing darts in the nude is not easy, especially when you have an audience. Mike kicked my ass. When the game was over, Mike suggested we play partners, he and Hannah against me and Roni.
Hannah declined, but Roni was up in a heartbeat. With a lot of coaxing, Hannah finally stood to join us. I could not take my eyes off her incredible body. Those lovely full breasts, nicely trimmed pussy, and, for the first time, I got to see her rounded, full butt. She was very well put together. I understood why Mike was dating her.
The game went by too quickly. Mike and Hannah won in short order. But it was exciting to be able to enjoy the sight of Hannah’s nude body. And I’m sure Mike was enjoying seeing Roni nude again as well. I could see Roni checking out Mike’s manhood whenever she could without getting caught by Hannah.
I was surprised at how comfortable Roni had become with being nude. She never once tried to cover herself. Hannah was being very modest and standing with her hands in front of her pussy every chance she got. Of course this left her breasts exposed, which was a view I would never get tired of.
When the game was over, Hannah announced that she was going to bed and left for the bedroom. Roni and I gathered our clothes and proceeded to get dressed. Mike didn’t. He stood talking to us as we were putting our clothes back on. As he was watching Roni, I could see his member growing again. When we were fully dressed Roni moved over to give Mike a goodnight hug. To my surprise she reached down and grabbed his cock before hugging him. I could hear her say very quietly to him, “Sorry, I just had to see how it felt.”
Mike merely smiled and gave me a wink. She held on to it for a few seconds and then let her hand slowly move forward down the entire shaft until it was free of her hand. She stepped back and said, “Thanks.” We then turned and left.
On the way home, I said, “Well?”
“Well, what?”
“How did it feel?”
“Huge!” she giggled
“Did you like the way it felt in your hand?”
“It was incredible. I wonder what it would feel like inside me.”
“Are you drunk?’
“Yeah, a little.”
“I can’t believe you just did that.”
“Are you mad?”
“No. It was just surprising.”
“Well, he had been teasing me all night with it.”
“Yeah, I think he’s pretty proud of it.”
“I feel bad that I did it now; Hannah is so sweet, and I just grabbed her boyfriend’s dick.”
“I’m sure he’ll never tell her.”
“I hope not, I really like her.”
“Yeah, I do too. She has incredible tits!”
Roni started laughing and said, “Guys… Is that all you think about?”
“Look who’s talking, Miss Grab A Cock.” She started laughing harder. By this time, we were back home. As we were walking in I had to tell Roni to hold it down. It was after midnight, and she was still laughing uncontrollably.
I finally got her inside, and she stripped on the way to the bedroom. She lay on the bed and said, “Come over here and fuck me, big boy.” Then she started laughing again.
I said, “Good god. Somebody turned your giggle box over.”
She took my arm and pulled me toward her. She said, “Shut up, and make love to me.”
I happily obliged.
The next morning, we decided to go out for breakfast. I called Mike to see if he and Hannah wanted to join us. Mike informed me they had a big fight after we left. Evidently, she was pretty upset about him having her get nude in front of me, and also because of him parading around, showing off for Roni. He said it got pretty ugly.
I told him I was sorry. He told me not to worry about it; they were about through anyway. He said that he would miss her body though. I told him I understood. I asked if he’d like to have breakfast and he said, “Sure, give me fifteen minutes and pick me up.”
When we got to Mike’s he was waiting outside. As he was climbing in the backseat, Roni said, “Hey Mike, sorry about Hannah. I really liked her.”
He said, “It’ll be okay. We’ve been having issues for a while now, so it wasn’t really unexpected.”
“Well, maybe she’ll be back.”
“I don’t think so.”
Over breakfast Mike told us all about the problems he and Hannah had been having. He told us not to worry about him, that he’d be fine.
Football season had just started so on the way home I asked Mike if he’d like to come over and watch the game. He said sure. He said he’d go to his house grab some beer and come up. We dropped him off and headed home.
Roni was all smiles on the way home. She said, “So, Mike and Hannah split up; I guess I don’t have to feel guilty about touching his cock now.”
I said, “And, you won’t have to feel guilty if you touch it again.”
“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.” I looked over at Roni, and she was smiling back at me.
I said, “You’re thinking about doing it, aren’t you?”
When we got back to our apartment, Roni said she was going to take a shower. I said, “Hey, you know what you should do?”
“What’s that?”
“When you get out of the shower, you should come into the living room butt naked.”
“Mike should be here by then. Just walk in, say hello, and go about your business.”
She said, “You think so?”
“Yeah, I’m sure Mike will love it. He just broke up with his girlfriend. He could use something to cheer him up.”
She gave me a coy little smile; “I’ll think about it.” She then left for the shower.
Ten minutes later, Mike was knocking at the door. I let him in, took his beer, and told him to have a seat on the sofa. As I was putting the beer in the fridge, I heard the shower cut off.
I grabbed a beer for Mike and myself and headed back to the living room. I handed Mike his beer and he asked, “Where’s Roni?” I told him she was taking a shower. He just nodded.
A few minutes later I heard our bedroom door open. I waited nervously to see if Roni had granted my wish. I was disappointed when I saw she wasn’t nude. She had on a half tee shirt and gym shorts. As she got closer, I could see she was braless. I was happy to see she was at least willing to tease Mike.
She walked in, said hello to Mike, and asked what our plans were for the day. I told her I just planned on watching the game with Mike and that was it. She said cool, and then asked if we minded if she joined us. Of course, we told her we’d love to have her join us. I was sitting at the far end of the sofa; Mike slid over so she could sit between us. We sat watching the game for a while.
I had all these thoughts running through my mind. I kept picturing Roni’s hand on Mike’s cock from the night before. Looking down at her barely covered tits was stirring something inside me. I wanted so badly for something to happen. I kept picturing Mike’s hands on her bare tits or Roni playing with his cock. I could feel the desire building inside me. I felt that Roni coming out dressed as she was, was giving me an invitation to start something. I was fairly certain that Roni was getting braver and I wanted to take advantage of it. I finally couldn’t take it any longer.
I reached over and slid my hand up her shirt and started rubbing her breast. She was a little surprised when she felt my hand.
She looked at me and asked “What are you doing?”
“Just wanted to see how your breast was feeling today.”
She raised her eyebrow and said, “And?”
“They feel just as nice as I’d remembered.”
She reached up and pulled my hand down. I waited a few minutes and then did it again. This time, she didn’t stop me. I played with her breast for a while, and then reached further to play with the other one. I could see Mike watching from the corner of his eye.
As I was playing with the other breast, I let my arm start to move her short shirt up. As I was playing, I could see the bottom half of her left breast was exposed. Roni kept watching the game and pretended not to notice.
I switched back to her left breast. This time I pulled her shirt up, exposing the full breast. Roni just continued to watch the game. After playing with that breast for a few moments I reached back over to the right breast. I pushed her shirt all the way up, exposing both breasts. This got Mike’s attention, and he turned to watch. Roni just sat there staring ahead, pretending to watch the game. I moved back to her left breast. Mike looked at me, and I nodded down at Roni’s breast, indicating he should feel her other one.
He reached up and gently touched her breast. Her nipple became erect at his touch, but she continued to say nothing as she watched the game. Her breathing became faster and I could tell she was becoming aroused. Feeling bolder, I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth. This got her attention, as she let out a soft sigh. I sat back up and took hold of her shirt. I started pulling it over her head, she raised her arms to make it easier for me to remove. I tossed it to the floor and resumed sucking her nipple. I could see Mike had returned his hand to her right breast. I raised my head and told Mike that her nipples felt incredible against my tongue. I told him he should try it.
Roni looked at me when she heard this. I returned her look, and asked, “Would it be okay if Mike felt your nipple with his mouth?” She said nothing; I could tell she was contemplating where this may lead. After a few seconds she nodded her head and said “okay”.
I said, “Go ahead Mike, she said it was okay.” Mike leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth. Roni let out a soft moan. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back and pulled his head into her breast. I watched with nervous excitement as Mike enjoyed her aroused nipple. Roni looked so sexy holding Mike’s head against her breast. I sat back up and enjoyed the action. When Mike noticed her vacated left breast he reached up and began gently playing with that breast as well
Mike was wearing a baggy pair of athletic shorts, and I could see his growing erection. I allowed him to play with her for a short time before I said, “Roni really enjoyed feeling your cock last night.” Roni raised her head to look at me when she heard this. I continued, “Do you think she could feel it again?”
Roni said, “I can’t believe you just told him that.”
“Well, that is what you said.”
“Well, yeah, but I didn’t know that you were going to tell him.” Mike had stopped sucking her breast and was now watching us as we had this discussion. I said, “So… you don’t want to feel his cock?”
“I didn’t say that. I’m just surprised you told him.”
I looked at her with an excited smile, “So, do you want to feel it again?”
She said nothing just looked at me with a nervous smile.
I looked back at Mike and said, “She told me last night that it felt incredible.”
Mike looked at Roni and asked, “Would you like to feel it again?”
Roni looked back at him, nodded, and said, “Yes.” Mike took her hand and led it inside his shorts; he placed it on his growing cock. I could see him start moving her hand up and down the length of his excited shaft. He removed his hand, I watched as she continued to stroke him. I asked Mike if he would pull his shorts down so I could watch her. He slid his thumbs in each side of the waistband and pushed them down. His large cock sprang loose. Roni stopped rubbing him and sat staring at his cock in her hand for a short time. She said “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
Mike became fully erect when Roni released her grip and slowly ran her fingertips up and down the length of his cock. She said, ” I can’t get over how large it is.”
I urged her on “Go on, feel it in your hand. I want to watch you stroke him.” She wrapped her hand around his swollen cock and began slowly stroking him. Roni’s hand looked so small holding his massive swollen cock. I said, “It feels good, doesn’t it?”
“You’ve wanted to do this for a while, haven’t you?”
“Look at Mike and tell him that you have fantasized about his large cock.”
She raised her eyes to look at Mike. “I have.”
Mike’s cock became even more rigid.
He asked “Does it feel as good as you thought?”
“Even better.” She tightened her grip as she stroked him. Mike leaned back and enjoyed the attention Roni was giving his cock. I watched with fascination as my wife serviced another man with her hand. I was so excited that I felt light headed.
Mike placed his hands behind his head as he too watched. I could see just how much Roni was enjoying the feel of his hardness; her nipples were very erect as her breasts gently swayed back and forth with the rhythm of her movements. Her eyes never left his cock, it was as if she were hypnotized. She would stroke him a few times and then gently massage the head. Mike sat very still as he watched my lovely wife enjoy his manhood.
I let Roni play with her new found toy for a few minutes then asked “Would you like to feel it in your mouth?”
Roni looked back at me, contemplating. She continued to stroke Mike.
I could tell he was waiting for her answer with excited anticipation.
I couldn’t believe that I was so close to making this become a reality. I was so nervous that my hand was shaking as I placed it on the side of her face and made her look at me, I asked again “Do you want to take him in your mouth?”
“Are you sure you’d be okay with that?”
“Yes, I would love to watch you.”
“Then yes.”
That is when the reality hit me…after thinking about this for so long, all the fantasies that me and Roni had talked about was here….I felt a nervous sickness in my stomach. I wondered if this was maybe a bad idea, but I was too excited to stop her. So instead I pushed on. I wanted to make this an afternoon to remember!
“First, I think you should let Mike see you naked.” Roni said nothing as she stood up, placed her hands inside her waistband, and slid her shorts down. I got a little thrill when I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties. I said, “Oh Baby, you were planning on this weren’t you, no panties… such a dirty little girl. I’m sure you won’t have a problem spreading your legs a little, so he can see you better.” She spread her legs. I could see she was getting wet. “Spread them a little more for Mike.” Again, she complied. I could see her inner pussy lips beginning to show. I asked, “Is it okay if Mike feels how smooth you are?”
She stood staring at Mike as if she were in a daze, I could see the desire in her eyes. She answered, “Yes.”
Now this was getting interesting! My wife seemed to be completely under my control. I couldn’t help but push on. “I think you should ask him.”
“Mike, would you like to feel my pussy?”
“I would love to!”
“Ask him to be gentle”
“Please be gentle.”
Mike leaned forward and gently touched my wife’s pussy. Roni’s closed her eyes as his fingers made contact.
“Did you shave your pussy for Mike when you were in the shower earlier?”
“Were you planning on letting him feel your pussy?”
“I didn’t know what might happen…but I was hoping.”
I could see her knees start to shake and I knew that Mike had found her clit.
“Does that feel good, baby?” I asked
“Oh, god, yes!”
“Are you ready to suck his cock now?”
Roni said nothing as she got on her knees and positioned herself between Mike’s legs. He slid to the edge of the sofa and held his hard cock toward her nervous mouth. He moved the head forward presenting it to her. She reached out and hesitantly took the shaft in her hand. Roni turned to look at me and asked “are you sure you want me to do this?”
My heart was beating so incredibly fast as I replied “Yes…do you?”
My question was answered as Roni turned and very slowly leaned over and placed her lips on the tip of Mikes waiting erection.
Mike looked up at me as Roni’s lips touched his cock.
I winked at him and said, “You are in for a treat! I want both of you to enjoy this, so go ahead and have some fun.”
My breathing got heavier and I felt a strange ache in my chest, as I watched my beautiful wife take another man’s cock in her mouth.
Mike spread his legs even further as Roni kissed and gently sucked the head of his cock. I saw her look up at Mike as she pulled back and started slowly licking his shaft. She moved back to the tip, then started slowly sliding the head back and forth across her lips. She opened her mouth and the entire head disappeared. I could tell by Mike’s reaction that she was still working him with her tongue. Mike raised his hips and tried to push further inside. When that was unsuccessful, he placed his hand on the back of her head and forced her down.
It was such an erotic sight. I thought I might cum on myself as I watched Mike use my wife’s mouth for his pleasure. I sat in awe as two more inches of his fat cock passed her lips and into her mouth. She started very slowly bobbing up and down on his cock, still stroking him as she was letting him enjoy her mouth.
There was something so incredibly thrilling about seeing Roni work so hard to please him….My wife was making me very proud.
Having had this fantasy for a while did not prepare me for all the mixed emotions I was experiencing. Watching the two of them together made me jealous, excited, nauseated and horny all at the same time. It was so painful and yet so exciting to watch. Maybe I should have stopped it…but I couldn’t, I had to see just how far she would go. Watching my nude wife with her smooth arched back working Mike’s cock with full abandon was so crazy, I wanted her to make him cum, which was obviously her goal as well. I just kept thinking…I can’t believe this is actually happening. The jealousy would return, but then I would look at her sexy little tits swaying back and forth with that big cock in her mouth and would then be overcome with excitement.
She started taking more and more of his massive cock into her mouth. She had about four inches in her mouth when she stopped and held it there. I could tell by the way Mike was raising his hips that she was doing something that he obviously liked. She started stroking him a little faster. She reached up with her other hand and started fondling his testicles. Mike let out a groan as he felt her small hand caressing his balls.
He reached down and started playing with one of her breasts. Roni let out a small sigh as his fingers found and caressed her hard nipple. I sat back down and watched with both amazement and excitement as Roni enjoyed the largest cock she had ever touched. Seeing how much Mike was enjoying it and watching him pinch and tease her nipples was so surreal.
I noticed that Roni was moving her mouth up and down, taking as much of his cock as her mouth could handle; she was stroking the rest of it with her hand. She took his cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the length of his shaft a few times. She looked up and made eye contact with Mike as she was doing this. It was really turning me on to see just how much Roni was trying to please him…It showed in her eyes and her actions. I have never had her treat my cock with such zeal. It was so damn erotic!
She then went back to licking and sucking on his large engorged head. After a short time Mike guided her mouth back on top of the shaft and pressed himself back inside. Roni hungrily took it. Mike leaned his head back and I could tell he was getting close.
Thinking back to when I was showing her nude pictures to him and the reaction he had. Him telling me he wanted to stretch her pussy out. I wondered if he ever thought he would actually get the chance…..And now I was about to make it happen!
I told him not to cum yet. Roni was so involved with what she was doing that she didn’t hear me when I told her to stop. I had to gently shake her to get her attention. She looked up at me in a daze. I said “hold on for a second, Mike needs a break.”
Roni rose up on her knees, but kept her hand on his balls. I had to tell her to let go and let Mike recover. She obediently did as I asked.
Looking at Roni I could tell she was in a completely new world. I had never seen her with such lust in her eyes. I asked Roni to get us a beer while Mike cooled down. She stood and headed toward the kitchen without saying a word.
When she was gone I asked Mike “Are you okay?”
He said ” Damn that was incredible…why did you stop her!?”
I asked “Are you ready for round two?”
Mike looked at me with a sly smile and said “Absolutely!”
I whispered “I’m going to let you fuck her now.”
The look on Mike’s face was priceless.
When Roni got back she handed Mike a beer and then me one as well. I told Roni not to sit down yet.
I said, “Why don’t you sit on Mike’s lap.”
Roni looked at me like she didn’t comprehend what I was saying. I said “Turn and face him, I want to watch you rub your pussy against his cock.” She looked at me with a concerned look and asked “are you sure?”
“Yes, I want you to feel his hard shaft pressed against you.”
She placed a leg on each side of Mike and eased herself down on his lap. I watched with such pride as Mike eyed every inch of her sexy little body. I saw him look at her pretty little breasts, then down to her moist pussy, then back up to her eyes. They were looking at each other as she lowered herself down onto his aching cock.
When she was on top of him I told her to see how that big cock felt against her pussy. Mike took a long pull on his beer then handed me the bottle. His cock was standing straight up, lying against his stomach. She lowered herself all the way down and pressed herself against his swollen cock. She slowly started rubbing her pussy up and down the length of his cock. Her breasts looked so sexy swaying back and forth mere inches from Mike’s eyes; she continued to rub her pussy against him.
I watched with trepidation as her slightly spread pussy rode up and down the length of his hard cock. It was obvious that Roni enjoyed the sensation. I started feeling a little hesitant, should I stop this before it went any further?
“Does that feel good?”
“Oh, god, yes.”
There was something in her voice that let me know just how much she needed to be fucked right now. I couldn’t help myself.
“Would you like to feel him inside you?”
Breathlessly she said “Steve… are you sure… that’s a good idea?”
She didn’t stop rubbing her pussy against him, it was so sexy to watch the way she arched her back as she moved up and down his hard cock. She started moving a little faster. I knew that she wanted so badly to feel him inside her.
I said “It looks like you could use a big cock right now.”
She pressed herself harder against him and started riding him with short quick strokes.
“Would you like Mike to fuck you?”
I could tell she was completely overcome with lust when she said “YES!”
“Mike, would you like to put your big cock in my wife?”
“God, I would love to.”
“Go ahead Roni, I know you need this.”
She raised herself up, reached down and took hold of his cock. She started rubbing the head against her clit as she gently grinded her hips. I was watching my wife in full- blown heat now, God it was exciting!
After about thirty seconds, I could see her trying to force it inside her waiting pussy. She was having trouble getting it in, but was determined to make it happen. I got up and went into the bedroom to grab the lube. When I returned Roni was sitting on the sofa next to Mike. Roni looked at me and said ” I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”
I showed her the lube and said “I got this to help you.” I could see the look of relief on both their faces. She said “Thank God, I thought you left because you were upset.” I told her I was perfectly fine and very turned on. I asked if she wanted to continue. She looked at me with that sexy smile and said “if you want me to.”
I handed her the lube and told her to help Mike applying it. She squeezed a little out and rubbed it on the length of his shaft. She squeezed out more and put a good amount on and around the head. Mike just sat back with a satisfied smile as she lubed him up. When she was finished she handed the tube of lubricant back to me. She threw her leg over Mike and got back into position. I thought I might pass out with excitement as I watched my beautiful wife getting ready to take another man’s cock into her waiting pussy. Seeing how much she was looking forward to this was almost too much to take. My knees were shaking and I had to sit down. My heart was beating incredibly fast as I watched Mike reach down and help guide himself inside her. Seeing her pussy begin to part as his cock began to make its entrance was amazing. I couldn’t believe I was letting this happen…but I was too excited to stop it.
She reached down with both hands and spread her pussy for him. He was able to penetrate her with very little effort this time. I reached down and started stroking myself as I watched the head of his cock disappear into my wife’s aching pussy. She let out a loud moan when she felt him enter her. Mike held his cock for her as she lowered herself down, taking more and more of him inside her. “Why don’t you tell Mike how much you have thought about this?”
She was looking him in the eyes when she told him “I have thought about it a lot.”
She raised herself back up a little.
Mike never took his eyes off her as he replied “Really?”
“Oh, god, yes! Ever since I saw how big you were at the pool that day!”
She slid down a little further on his cock.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
She started pressing herself further onto him; “You were dating Hannah.”
Mike started thrusting back against her, “So you have thought about having sex with me?”
“And Steve knew about it?”
“Yes, he encouraged me.”
Mike looked at me. “I guess I should be thanking you right now. But, you should have told me sooner…we could have done this a long time ago. You knew how bad I wanted this!”
“We have talked about Roni having sex with you, we just didn’t know if she was ready.” Mike started thrusting into her harder. I said, “Go easy Mike, she’s not used to something that large.” Mike said “judging from her actions…I think she is enjoying it.”
Looking at Roni he had a point, she was obviously in ecstasy.
Mike was looking Roni in the eyes as he was fucking her, he said “do you want me to slow down?”
“Don’t you dare!”
I sat and watched in amazement as my lovely Wife handled that fat cock with so much enthusiasm.
I said “remember when you told me you wanted to stretch her pussy out?’
“Which time?’
“All of them.”
” Yes…I guess I got my wish!”
He reached up and took a breast in each hand. He was gently playing with her tits, as Roni worked him further inside her. She had both hands on his chest to steady herself and was looking him in the eyes as she slowly rode him.
I moved closer to Mike so I could watch as his cock slid in and out of her pussy. It was very erotic to watch as his fat cock pulled the inner lips of her pussy outward each time she pulled up from him. She wasn’t paying any attention to me as she was enjoying being used by Mike’s large manhood.
After a few minutes he was well over halfway in. Roni pressed harder against him and let out a loud moan as she moved down another two inches. She rose back up and slid back down. I could tell by the wetness on Mike’s cock that Roni was extremely turned on. She continued riding him until, at last, she had most of him inside her. She was beginning to moan constantly now.
I said, “Damn Roni, I can’t believe you are handling him as well as you are. I am so proud of you!” Roni let out another loud moan. She continued for a few minutes, then picked up her pace. She wasn’t taking all of him, but she had a nice steady rhythm going. Mike started pinching and rubbing her nipples more aggressively now. I could tell he was caught up in the moment and had forgotten that this was my wife he was fucking. I heard her moans increase and I knew she was getting close. I told Mike not to cum in her. I said, “Please hold off until she is done, and then you can cum on her, but not in her.”
Roni pushed herself completely down, taking every inch of his massive cock inside her. She stayed there, rubbing her drenched pussy against him. I could see Mike pinching her nipples very hard as he rubbed them between his thumb and fore finger. Roni threw her head back and let out an incredibly load moan as she came. She started grinding her pussy against him harder as she had an orgasm. After a few seconds, she collapsed on top of him and lay still. Mike said, “If you don’t get her off me soon, I’m going to cum in her.” I quickly reached over and helped her off Mike. As I rolled her off him, I could see her pussy still throbbing. Her pretty, tight slit and exposed labia was a little wider than I remembered.
Mike sat there collecting himself. I’m not sure how he had the control not to cum in her, but I was glad he did. He told me he was about to die if he didn’t get some relief. I Looked at Roni and she seemed to be recovering. I asked if she could help Mike get off. I thought that she would reach over and finish him with her hand. But instead she looked at him and said “take me from behind.” She then turned around and pointed her ass outward. She put her arms and head against the back of the sofa with her knees on the front edge.
This took me by complete surprise. I was shocked watching my wife offer her pussy to Mike in that manner. Mike never even looked at me, he simply stood and got behind her. I continued stroking myself as I watched him move into position. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy a few times, then forcefully entered her. She spread her legs a little more and took him willingly. I sat there stroking my cock as I watched my wife acting with complete abandon. Mike started fucking her like the slut she was quickly becoming.
After a short time, Roni started getting aroused again. She began moaning every time Mike pushed deeper and deeper inside her. He was now completely inside her and slow fucking her and she was loving it. “So, you’ve thought about me fucking you.”
“Do you want me to fuck you harder?”
“Oh, god, yes.”
Mike grabbed each of her hips and started fucking her with more aggression.. He would pull his cock almost all the way out and then quickly ram it back in with full force. He reached up with his right hand, grabbed her hair and started pulling her head backward as he pounded her. As he was doing this Roni had an incredible look of total ecstasy on her face.
He picked up the pace and was fucking her harder and faster. I couldn’t believe how Mike was fucking her like he owned her. Looking back now…I guess he did.
Mike asked “Do you like that?”
In a throaty growl Roni replied “Yes!”
“Your Pussy needed this… didn’t it!”
In a voice that I had never heard before Roni said “Oh God Yes…fuck me harder. ”
Watching the way she was thrashing around and hearing that voice come out of her…I was concerned that she was now possessed.
I sat spellbound as I watched Mike use my wife as his fucktoy.
After a few more strokes, Roni moaned that she was going to cum again. Hearing this, Mike forced his cock deep inside her and held it there forcing himself against her. Roni started grinding herself against him and had a second orgasm even larger than the first. As soon as she started to cum, Mike pulled out and shot a huge load on her back. He came with such force that it shot all the way up into her hair.
As he was cumming, he leaned his head back with his eyes closed as he claimed his prize. He started sliding the length of his cock up and down between the crack of Roni’s firm, well rounded ass as his cock continued to pump semen. When he was finished, he collapsed on the sofa next to Roni.
As he lay with his back against the sofa, and his legs spread with that massive cock fully displayed, I couldn’t help but be amazed that Roni was able to take all of it. Roni finally turned over and lay against the back of the sofa next to Mike. No one spoke for a while.
Roni finally broke the silence, “Well Steve, was it everything you thought it would be?”
“It was that and more! I can’t believe you took his whole cock!”
“God, I bet I’m going to be sore tomorrow.”
I looked at Mike and said “You were a little rough there Buddy.”
He apologized and said he was caught up in the moment and got carried away. He said he had masturbated quite a few times thinking of Roni, but never thought anything would actually happen with her. And when it did it was too hard for him to control himself. He said the sensations he was feeling were incredible!
Roni reached over and rubbed his arm, she said “Oh Mike that’s so sweet.”
I stood up; with my hard cock still in my hand, I looked at Roni and said, “Do you think you could help me with this?”
She said, “I’m sorry. But right now, I can’t move.”
I was disappointed, but understood “Is it okay if I jack off on you?”
“As long as I don’t have to move.”
I walked over and started stroking myself. She spread her legs so I could get a good look at her well used pussy. It was red and swollen. I looked over and noticed Mike was watching me also. He reached over and started gently rubbing her pussy. He said, “Do you like it when I touch your wife?”
“You like watching me rub her pussy?”
Roni reached over and put her hand on the side of his face. She said, “Oh Mike, he has been talking about this for a while now.” She lay back and looked me in the eye as she spread her legs a little more, to give Mike better access. She let him continue to play with her pussy as I watched.
This was an unexpected turn. Mike had just fucked the hell out of my wife and was now making himself at home with her pussy, while I had to jack off. But what surprised me was the look of total satisfaction on Roni’s face as she watched me try to get myself off. She started pressing her pussy against Mike’s hand as she gave me a wicked little smile. He had her lips spread with two fingers as he gently rubbed her clit with his middle finger.
It only took about thirty seconds for me to cum. I shot my load on her leg as Mike continued to make himself very familiar with my wife’s pussy. She kept her legs spread and let him play with her, even after I had finished cumming.
I sat down in the side chair and thought about what had just happened. I knew that I was the one that had initiated it, but I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Watching Mike continue to play with her pussy didn’t help. I finally said, “Well, I’m sure I’ll never forget this day.”
Mike agreed, “Me either, Steve. We could have done this months ago if you would have just asked me!” Roni just sat silently with her legs spread, enjoying Mike’s fingers on and in her pussy.
I said, “Roni, why don’t you go take a shower?”
She seemed reluctant, but finally removed Mike’s hand and stood up. Mike said, “I need a shower too. Is it okay if I take one with her?”
I was a little surprised by his request, but he had just had sex with her, so what the hell; I said, “Sure, go ahead.”
I could hear the shower start and felt the jealousy return. Looking at the sofa I could see Mike’s semen stain where it had come off of Roni’s back. I went into the kitchen and returned with spray cleaner and about a dozen paper towels. When I had it cleaned up I went into the bathroom. They had their backs to me and didn’t seem to notice me as I entered. My heart dropped into my stomach when I saw them.
Roni was standing in front of Mike with her back to him. He had his hands on both of her breasts. I could see the soap in one hand, so I knew he was washing her. Roni was reaching back with one hand stroking his cock. He had his face nuzzled in her neck. I watched with excitement and nausea as the hand with the soap in it moved down to her pussy. Roni arched her back as he touched her. I could see her stroking him a little faster. I was a little surprised, although I suppose I shouldn’t have been. I said in a loud voice, “Well, looks like you guys are having fun.”
Mike pulled his face up from Roni’s neck and said, “Oh, hey dude. Just getting clean…” He didn’t stop rubbing her pussy, nor did she stop stroking his cock. I stood and watched in disbelief as they continued washing each other. I closed the lid of the toilet, sat down and watched. When Roni noticed I was still watching, she turned to face Mike. She took the soap from his hand and began ‘washing’ his cock with both hands.
Mike’s cock was now at full attention again. Roni playfully slapped it with one hand and said “Look at you. That didn’t take long.” They both laughed, and he reached out and hugged her. I could see him pressing his hard cock against her stomach.
I was starting to get a little irritated. “Are you guys about done?”
Mike said, “Yeah, we just need to rinse. Could you grab us a towel?” I grabbed two towels and held them while they shut the water off. When Roni finished drying, she said she was going to get dressed. Mike asked her, “Why cover that beautiful body?” He looked at me and said, “I’ve already seen her naked, would it be okay to let her stay nude?” I had to admit, after everything that had happened already, having her sit around nude seemed minor.
“Sure, what the hell, Roni you don’t have to get dressed if you don’t want to.”
“Cool, I’m starving. Are you guys ready for lunch?” I told her I wasn’t hungry. Mike said he’d love a sandwich. Roni headed toward the kitchen. When she was gone, I said, “Hey Mike, please don’t push it. I let you have sex with my wife. I didn’t give you permission to use her anytime you wanted, so please respect that. You were pushing it in the shower just now.”
He seemed to be oblivious to what I was talking about, but swore he respected our marriage and wouldn’t do anything to put it in jeopardy. I said, “I hope we have an understanding.”
He assured me he would never do anything with Roni without my permission. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I love you guys.” He left the bathroom and headed toward the kitchen.
When we got to the kitchen, Roni was in the middle of making sandwiches. I asked to speak with her in the bedroom. She could see the concern on my face and didn’t argue. She asked Mike to finish the sandwiches, and then followed me into the bedroom.
“What was that in the shower?” I asked.
“We were just washing each other; my god, you just encouraged me to have sex with him, but him washing me was too much?”
“I saw you stroking his cock”
“You mean the cock you had just wanted me to put in my mouth thirty minutes ago?”
“Yeah. That one.”
Roni started laughing. “You know how silly that sounds, right?”
I couldn’t help but laugh as well, “Well, when you put it that way, it does sound pretty silly.”
“Steve, you have to trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you. I thought I was doing what you wanted. You said you wanted to watch them play with me. You also said it would be even more exciting if I enjoyed it too. Well, I did enjoy it! I’m sorry if I misunderstood what that meant. I love you. You are my husband. I don’t want anything to come between us. This was your fantasy, remember?”
“You sure did let him play with your pussy for a long time.”
“Sorry, I didn’t know there was a time limit on how long I was allowed to enjoy it!”
“And, it really upset me to see him taking advantage of you in the shower.”
“How long had you been in there before you spoke?”
“Long enough.”
“Were you in there when he asked if it would be okay if he washed me?”
“How about when he asked if I thought you’d be okay with me washing him?”
“I guess not.”
“Hell, Steve, we weren’t doing anything more than what you wanted me to do. I really thought you would follow us into the bathroom. Mike wouldn’t do anything until he asked me first. I swear to god, Steve, you need to decide what you want. Do you want to watch me with other men or not, because right now you have me completely confused!”
“Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I thought Mike was taking advantage of the situation and I thought you were letting him.”
“No, it was nothing like that. He asked me before he did anything. I thought you would be thrilled that I was opening up to your fantasies!”
She was right, and I started to feel guilty. “Roni, I am so sorry. I should have asked before I jumped to conclusions. You are absolutely right. I did push you into this. I guess I got a little jealous. If you promise you’ll never do anything with him without me knowing about it, I will never doubt you again.”
“Steve, I have already promised that, but I will again, if you’d like.”
“It would help if you reaffirmed it. After seeing how much you enjoyed what Mike did to you and how much he enjoyed it also, I just need some reassurance.”
“Yes, I promise, I would never do anything behind your back and without your blessing.”
“Thank you.”
“I’m getting dressed now.”
Thinking about everything that had just happened was confusing. Watching her take Mike the way she did and how eager she was to please him. Seeing the way Mike completely used her and obviously enjoyed her firm perfect body was exciting and hurtful both at the same time. But it was so erotic! Looking at her nude body now and thinking; I can’t believe I just watched her have sex with another man. If I ever wanted this to happen again I had to choose my words carefully.
“No, please don’t. I was wrong to accuse you. I don’t want to punish you and Mike for my nonsense. I would like for you to stay nude for us.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.”
I placed my arms around her in a loose hug. I looked into her eyes and said.” Thank you sweetheart, you just made my fantasy come true. I love you; I just need to know that nothing will change between us.”
“Steve I love you with all my heart, just because he has a big cock doesn’t mean I’m going to stop loving you!”
“Yeah, he is pretty big.”
“He most certainly is!”
“You really enjoyed it didn’t you?’
“I have to be honest…yes, I did.”
“You were like a wild woman out there!”
“Don’t get jealous again…but, he touched something inside me that I’d never felt before.”
“I could definitely tell that you were enjoying it.”
“Yes, Steve, I did. I hope that doesn’t upset you.”
“Not anymore. I talked you in to this… and I have to admit, it was very exciting to watch!”
“Are you going to be okay with me naked in front of him now?”
“I’m sure I will.”
“No more jealousy?”
“No, that’s out of my system; you’ve made me feel much better. Let’s try this again and pretend this conversation never happened.” I squeezed her tighter and gave her a long kiss. I said, “Goddamn he fucked the shit out of you!”
She reached up and put her hand on the side of my face and said “Yes he did.”
“And you loved it.”
“Well yeah sweetheart, what did you think would happen?”
“It just surprised me the way you were letting him use you.”
“Wasn’t that what you wanted?”
“yeah I guess so, I just never thought he would take control like that.’
“Sweetheart, I think we all got caught up in the moment, once it got started there was no slowing down.”
“Would you do it again?”
“If you wanted me too… Yes, absolutely! I’m not going to lie, that was amazing!”
“He made you cum twice.”
“Three times, I came again when he was playing with me as you got yourself off.”
This tidbit surprised me “He was able to make you cum with his fingers?”
“I was so turned on watching you play with yourself while he fingered me, I know it sounds messed up, but that was so erotic to think you were that excited about watching him touch me. Having you watch him as he played with me … made me cum!”
That left me speechless I finally said “We should be going, we have a guest to entertain.”
Roni looked at me and asked, “Are you sure that you’re okay now? Do you want me nude or clothed?”
“I have always preferred you nude.”
When we got back to the kitchen, Mike was standing at the counter eating a sandwich. He had put his clothes back on. Roni said, “So, am I going to be the only one naked?”
Mike said, “Sorry, I thought Steve was upset, so I just thought it would be better.”
I apologized for my behavior and began to explain myself. I told him how it had been a fantasy of mine to see Roni with another man and I saw the opportunity when she had grabbed his cock the night before and she had told me how good it felt.
I told him it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, watching him with her. I had just gotten a little jealous afterward, seeing them together in the shower. I told him that Roni had explained everything to me and that I was sorry for doubting them. I said I was fine now, and if he could, please get naked so Roni didn’t feel alone. I told him that I would even join them and started taking off my clothes as well.
So, we were back on the sofa, completely nude, watching the second half of the game. Roni was very comfortable with being nude around Mike now and didn’t seem phased by sitting between two nude men.
We had tequila, so I suggested a shot. Mike and Roni both agreed. We did a shot and then another shot. We drank beer all afternoon. Then did another shot; I was starting to get a pretty good buzz. I should have eaten that sandwich. The drunker I got, the more it turned me on thinking about what had happened earlier between Roni and Mike.
When the game ended, the conversation turned back to sex. I told them I thought it was important that we talk about what happened earlier. We were all a little buzzed so everyone was very straight forward.
I asked Mike what his feeling were about what had happened earlier.
Mike said “Steve it was incredible… everything that happened with Roni was amazing! It was so unexpected; I couldn’t believe it was actually happening!
I asked Roni what she thought about Mike being with her. She reached over, rubbed his leg and said, “I think the results speak for themselves!”
I asked if she had a hard time handling him. She said “a little at the beginning, but seeing how much Mike was enjoying it was a big turn-on. I knew you wanted it to happen, so I just went with it.”
I asked Mike how he had enjoyed having sex with my wife.
He looked down at her nude body and said, “It was amazing; her body is so beautiful! And, to be honest, I was surprised that she could handle me as well as she did.” He told us that on a few occasions, the woman he was with would stop him before he could get all the way in. Looking at Roni’s small body, he was surprised that she was able to take all of him the first time.
I told them both how much I had enjoyed watching them together, that it was even more exciting than I thought it would be. To watch them enjoying each other so much made it so much more exciting to me. I went on to tell Mike how we had role played, pretending a large toy was him. I told him how much we both enjoyed the fantasy. I then thanked him for making the fantasy come true.
Roni asked how I felt now. I assured her that I was fine, that I had found it incredible to watch her enjoying herself. I then told her that I would be willing to let it happen again.
This got her attention.
She said “Really?”
I told her, “Absolutely.”
“You don’t think you’d get jealous again?”
“No, I think I’m over that.” I then looked at Mike and said, “Squeeze her breast if you want to.” He reached over and gave a quick squeeze. I said, “Nope, not jealous, go ahead and touch her pussy.” He reached over and gently stroked her pussy. “Still nothing, but that was quick, try rubbing a little longer.” He reached down and started slowly massaging her pussy.
Roni let him for a few seconds, then grabbed his hand and said, “Steve, you are going to get something started if you don’t stop.”
I said, “I’m perfectly fine with that.” She let go of his hand and he proceeded. I told Roni it was okay if she wanted to touch his cock again.
She looked at me and asked, “Are you positive? Are you sure you want to go down this path again?”
“If you want to, go right ahead, I’m fine.”
She continued to look me in the eye. “You know where this is going to lead.”
“As long as you are enjoying it, I’ll enjoy it as well.” She reached down and took Mike’s rapidly growing cock in her hand. She looked down at my cock and could see my increasing erection.
“Well, it certainly looks like you’re okay.” She reached over and took my cock in her other hand.
This was more of what I had expected: Roni with a cock in each hand. She was slowly stroking each of us. I turned to face her, squeezed her breast, and took her nipple in my mouth. Mike reached down and started playing with the other one. Roni spread her legs and let Mike continue to play with her pussy. She lay her head back and was enjoying everything that was happening to her.
That was when Mike’s phone rang. He picked it up, looked at it, and said, “It’s Josh.” I told him to answer it.
“Hey Josh, what’s up?”
“Back already, I didn’t expect you until later.”
“Yeah. I’m watching the game with Steve.”
“No, at his place.”
“You guys mind if Josh comes up?”
Mike cut his eyes at me and held his hand up, like what the hell. Roni continued to stroke his cock. I said, “Sure tell him to come up and have a beer with us.”
Mike said, “Yeah, come on up. Okay, see you shortly.” He ended the call.
“Well, that’s disappointing.”
Roni said, “Why?”
“Well, I was hoping this would go further.” He motioned toward Roni stroking his cock.
Roni looked at me and said, “You know what we could do. We could just sit here on the sofa and act like everything is normal.”
I said, “You mean nude?”
She said, “Yeah, I think it would be hilarious!”
Mike said, “I’m sure he would be shocked. He wouldn’t know what to say.”
In my drunken stupor I said “I’m game.” I looked back at Roni and asked, “Are you sure you’re up for it?”
“Why not? I think it’ll be funny.”
I suggested we do another quick round of shots. We all went back in the kitchen. After the shots, I told Roni to stay in the kitchen until Josh arrived and then bring him a beer. I told her that I wanted him to get a full view of her nude body before she sat down.
Mike and I went back to the sofa and tried to find what might pass as normal positions on the sofa and waited. I tried watching the game so maybe my erection would subside.
Five minutes later, we heard a knock on the door.
In a loud voice I said, “Come in.”

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