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Lucky Partner From WhatsApp​

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My first ever affair outside marriage happened in a very strange situation. I had never expected in my eleven years of married life that I would end up having the most satisfying sex in an entirely unknown, imaginable place with a completely strange man.
Let me tell few words about my family.

I am Shaila, aged 35 years, married for eleven years to an engineer who was working in an MNC. He had a good income a gentle person with pleasing manners. I had a son in my eleven years of marriage. Mine was a very satisfying family but something I was feeling. I was missing which I could not pinpoint.

My hubby, Srinath was a good looking person, no doubt, gave me a kid but what I missed, I was not myself clear. Srinath was in fact so kind-hearted that he never hurt me in any way and even on the bed. What was wrong with me. I was not aware but I felt, I had missed something in my life.

Srinath used to leave home early morning and return late night, tired and just after dinner would go to bed. The only time we had time for each other was on Sundays. But even many Sunday he had to go out for work, being a senior official in the organization. After his promotion three years ago he absolutely had no time at all for the kid and for me.

Yes, I was missing him very much. And on few Holidays when we would be together, he used to be busy with his laptop and phone calls. Nights, yes we did mate occasionally but he was so gentle that I was feeling that I was having sex with a lesbian. Stroke me for some time, put a hand on my boobs, kiss once and before I finished counting ten he would be off and sleep to the other side leaving me high and dry.

That would take care of his conjugal needs for at least two months before another counting of one to ten began. Was I missing a rough body, a wild bear hug, and unending sex to reach my orgasm which I had only heard of till then? Perhaps yes. But I was not sure.

Afternoons I used to watch few TV serials, read magazines etc. We had a laptop and I used to chat with friends on Facebook for hours. One afternoon, I got a message from an unknown person:

He: Hi, dear, how are you?
Me: May I know who are you?
He: Your profile pic is very nice (An Emoji of flower)
Me: Thanks, but may I know your name please and you are from where?
He: Good God you are not angry with me. Your saree in profile pic is very s_ _ _ y. Gorgeous!
Me: I thank you for compliments, but may I know about you?
He: Sends another emoji of love sign through messenger; this is ‘me’ dear.
Me: Thanks, but Mr. please introduce you otherwise I will disconnect.
He: I’m Ramesh. I also know that you will not disconnect – an emoji of smiling doll.
Me: How dare you? See I disconnected you.

And I logged out of Facebook.

I came to the kitchen and had a cup of water. Unknowingly I felt the warmth and somehow excited with that strange chat. I put on TV but my mind was filled with that stranger. Shall I see if he is still online or off? I looked at the messenger in my smart mobile. He was there and immediately messaged me with a welcome emoji of a kiss.

Now, what should I do? Reply him or not? I decided to keep quiet. Returned to the kitchen and had lunch. An hour or so but something was dragging me to check the messenger or at least tell him not to communicate in future. I opened the messenger and he was on the active list. Not knowing what to write I just wrote:-

Me: Hi
He: Came back? I knew it. Had lunch, dear?
{Now what?) Should I just say him to quit or continue the chatting? I was puzzled.
Me: Just finished lunch and you dear? (Unconsciously I also had addressed him as ‘dear’)
He: Thanks, Shailaji, now we are friends? OK? Tell yes, please.
Me: OK, No problem. Friends but only on Facebook. And one more don’t use messenger.

(Somehow I was feeling excited and didn’t even know what I was typing)

He: This is my WhatsApp No. Please send me a Hi on WhatsApp.
(Should I send as he asked or just ignore, I stored his name in phone book as R)

I waited for few minutes. In an impulse I wrote on WhatsApp:

Me (on WhatsApp): Hi dear, this is Shy. Store my No
He: Why should I store? Means you want to chat? Right? I knew we will be good friends.
Me: No problem in FB and WA friends.
He: What are you doing now Shy, I call you Shy as your name is too long.
Me: OK you can call me that. I just am waiting for my son to return from school.
He: They return at 3:30 na? I know it.
(How he came to know it)
Me: Yes, between 3:30 to 4:00, OK then bye.
He: OK darling, I wait tomorrow by 1 PM, finish lunch and we can be online for an hour.
Me: (Sent a smiley) and OK dear, I come sure.
(Why I said that I would come online tomorrow was a big question to me)

Yes, I had liked to chat with that stranger. In fact, I was hungry to talk to someone in the afternoon. Someone with whom I can laugh, exchange few lines and spend time. I felt there is no harm in chatting online.

That night, I slept with mixed emotions. Without any reason, I was feeling good, light-hearted and was smiling to myself often. Again and again, my mind justified that chatting is harmless and a good time pass. Right from morning next day I was looking at the cloak. I had breakfast after Srinath left for office. My son left for school when the van came. It was an only Ten’O cloak. I had a hot shower, touched my boobs hips and thighs and felt proud. How would it feel if R touches? Even under the shower, I felt I was sweating. I could not avoid smiling to myself with my wild thoughts.

What if R makes a video call? I decided to wear a very attractive saree with sleeveless blouse. I opened WhatsApp and R was not online. Should I wait or send a message first. I took the initiative and sent a ‘Hi’ message. Within a second his reply came.

He: How are you, Shy darling? Take my rose flower and a smiley of a kiss.
Me: I automatically sent the kiss emoji back.
(Was I anxious for a video call or audio call or only chat?)
He: Dear, I could not just sleep at night was waiting for this time since morning.
Me: Same here.
He: Wow. Thanks, darling. I was dying to hear this from you my Shy darling.
Me: (Shall I also call him as Darling? No, I decided not to but…. Did the opposite)
Darling, what are you doing now?

He: Just thinking of my dear Shy I forget everything else. Can I make a call?
Me: Silence….
He: Please, dear my darling once, please
He: Koon, Koon, came the call.
(Now what to do? Should I receive? Am I not moving too fast? I decided not to take the call)
He: Message: Shy darling, you are extremely beautiful and sexy?
Me: Thanks, but even without seeing me how you decided that I am sexy?

He: There is hunger in the eyes of your profile pic.
Me: Don’t be silly. But you have not put your profile pic at all?
He: Yes I recently removed. I own a garment shop, selling party sarees and dresses. I am myself a dress designer and we have very good business in India and also we export garments outside.
Me: Nice to hear that. I wish all the best.
He: Our shop is in Ram Maruthi road, Thane and where you stay?
Me: No, I can’t tell you. Just enough that I too stay in Thane.
He: At least tell me the area, please, my dear
Me: OK, I stay at Godbunder road, No more details, please.
He: Ok dear, that is sufficient. I won’t force
Me: How is business going on in the festive season?

He: Very crisp business. I have reserved a nice dress and a black net saree for you.
Me: No No I don’t want. I have enough and normally I don’t go anywhere.
He: Doesn’t worry darling, they are not expensive, heavy discount going on.
(In fact, it was long time since I had bought new clothes and my mind was asking me to see once)
Me: Let me see, give your shop name and I will try to come.
He: Wow, when can you come dear?
Me: Tomorrow my son will be going for a picnic and return by 6 in the evening and I can try to come in the afternoon.
He: OK dear I wait for you. Will WhatsApp the address.
He hung up although I wanted to continue

I switched off the mobile. Prepared lunch and after lunch, I checked if the address has come. Nothing was there. Bit disappointed, I sent a flying k_ _s smiley.

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He: I am here dear. Had lunch?
Me: Yes finished, where is the address of your shop?
He: Shy darling, in fact, I have some work at Hyper city on Godbunder road and if you don’t mind and give your address I will bring few pieces which you can select.
Me: (I was at loss as to what to reply) I just typed my flat address at Harmony Horizon with a welcome sign.
He: Will be there by 3, OK?
Me: Not OK
He: What happened dear?
Me: Come for lunch with me. I will wait at 1:00
He: OK Darling, you order, I obey.

I hung up only to hit the chat after my son had his lunch and went down to play at 5 PM

Me: R dear, what happens?
R: Just waiting to meet you tomorrow, I can’t wait
Me: Same here dear, I am finding it difficult.
R: When we meet first time tomorrow I wish to hug and kiss nonstop.
Me: OMG, I can’t do all that baba. No, no, forget it. If that is in your mind you don’t come here and I only will come to your shop.
R: Don’t worry dear, I just told how I was feeling. Won’t proceed without your consent.
Me: Do you think I agree?
R: I am 100% sure of my darling.
Me; No way, just forget and be a good friend. Got it?
R: No, I won’t get it unless you give me.
Me: Don’t be naughty dear.

R: OK I will be a good boy. But I need to take your measurement for a blouse, you agree to it or not?
Me: Let me think tomorrow. I can give you a measurement blouse it may be fine.
R: Oh! Let me see my luck.

Next three days R was not online and he didn’t even text me. What happened? Is he sick? I didn’t know. Why should I worry about a stranger? I had no answer. But all time I was thinking of R. Sent many messages with no reply. A week and no further contact. Fifteen days no trace of R. One afternoon I got his message seeking excuses and feeling sorry.

He had written that one of his near relatives expired in his hometown and he had to rush. Yes, I was angry but all anger melted and we sat for a long chat lasting an hour. He narrated about his hometown, parents etc.

He never again raised talk of his coming or me going to his shop. We chatted like college going teenagers for a month and then two months. It was good time pass and now we had no hesitation in sexting our messages. He was very candid and I also started to text him equally erotic messages.

That kept me very hot always. Invariably during such chatting session, I was getting wet and automatically my fingers would go between my thighs to rub myself, which I had no hesitation in sharing with him and he used to explain about his hard erections. I was longing to see him. But there was no talk of the meeting. I didn’t want to initiate myself about the meeting.

I started to doubt if R is really a male or a female posing a male? Maybe an old perverted person who wanted to chat sexy talks? Who knows? I had heard of impersonation on Facebook. But our chat didn’t stop and neither had I questioned him as I was also enjoying the chat. Our texts now were on the borderline of erotic. We spoke about kissing, oral sex, orgasm, positions and almost everything xxx. He was teasing me if I wanted to try, but I never replied him in affirmative though I was dreaming of it. But there was no talk of the meeting.

A stage had come that I would have gone anywhere he calls to meet and mate him. The last two months had made me mad. But my doubt was, was he a real person? He never sent his photo nor posted his profile picture on Facebook. I started to doubt again and thought of slowly stopping chatting. But every morning I would wait for eleven o’clock and run to the messenger.

One such day, I was chatting real sexy talks with R. It was around half past twelve. I was really horny and too wet to describe. I had to remove my panties also to reach the right spot. To my disturbance, the doorbell rang.

May be some salesman. Cursing him, I came to the door and opened. A man pushed the door open and came in, closing the door behind him he held me from the back. He closed my mouth with his hand still standing on my back. He turned me to him and sealed my open mouth with his. I was unable to open my mouth even to shout. Unable to wriggle out, I pressed on to him. It was highly exciting to be held so tight in strong arms.

I was damn wet by that time. Clinging to this unknown mountain of strength, I opened my mouth wider to invite his extra long tongue to explore mine. Our tongues joined and twisted and his hug tightened further. I circled my hand around his neck and pulled him to me. He lifted me up and my legs surrounded his waist. He carried me to the bedroom without removing our joined mouths.

I was slowly melting in the heat of his embrace and kisses. That stranger further lifted me forcing me to hold his head with my hands and hang my leg on his both shoulders. My gown was lifted up and his mouth was right at my pussy. As my legs were widened his tongue entered straight away into my pussy fast and deep. I was shivering with high excitement and discharged good amount of my fluids on to his face.

I just could not count the number of times I hit orgasm right when his tongue was digging inside me and licking my vaginal walls and sucking my clitoris. Mercifully, he lowered me on the bed and I was too much in hurry to undress which he helped and I tore his jeans and pulled out his brief to expose a giant of a penis, huge, hard and erect with its eye wide open.

I was sitting at the edge of the bed when he pulled my face and pushed his phallus in my mouth. I had to open my mouth to the widest to allow the entry of that magic wand. He was holding my head and assisting me. Only when he was completely inside my throat, he opened his mouth and said, Oh dear Shy, that is heavenly. I raised my head in awe when I realized that this stranger was none other than my dream man R. Much pleased with this realization I pushed him further down my throat so that my lips were now kissing his testicles.

His hardness was like a stone sculpture. He grew in length and girth in my mouth. When it became unbearable to hold that big weapon in me I withdrew and started to lick all along the shaft and down below in circular motions. He drew me up and our mouths jelled again in a satisfaction of meeting at last. My 38C boobs were an exact match for his big palm’s grip. He played, squeezed and sucked them making me wanting more and more.

By now it was like a river flowing between my thighs. My own fluid stream was uncontrollable. Knowing my preparedness R balanced between my legs and on one long and slow stroke went in completely accomplishing the best copulation between a male and female that can be defined in books of sex.

I held him immobile lest he may reach climax. Squeezed his phallus between my muscles to halt the process. R rested on me digging his face in the depth of the valley between my boob hillocks. His hot breath was gushing from his nostrils heating the inner side of my breasts.

After a while, we realized that that moment of climax has been successfully stopped and he is again ready to start. R was a great lover and I was the perfect match for him in every way. A million kisses followed thereafter and time stood standstill. I never wanted this to stop and wished we remain locked, copulated for life. But nature has its ways. An hour of lovemaking, resting made both ready for the ultimate climax. Sensing that moment R pushed deeper and I pulled him in with my thighs.

Starting with trickles, stream he ejaculated his load in me which flowed like a river in spate filling me completely. I was shivering with unbearable excitement and orgasm as R continued discharging his love juices in me. Not wanting it to come out I tightened my thighs and kept a pillow below my hip and raised my legs. That helped for further penetration which pushed and deposited his semen right on my cervix.

We got detached after he rested for some more minutes keeping his tool in me. On retrieval, I took his limp weapon in my hand and its soapy feeling was awesome. Rising up I cleaned the life wand with my tongue.

The limp penis was small and I could completely take it in my mouth and taste it to my satisfaction. R was playing with my boobs and inserted his finger in my semen filled pussy. The sensation of his fingers inside my highly lubricated cunt was a joy inexplicable in words. I thanked him with a kiss.

I got up reluctantly and wore my gown. I prepared steaming coffee. We sat on the cot and had coffee talking about the chat days we spent. I confessed that I was astonished to find him as handsome and strong as I had imagined in my fantasy. R said that he had also fantasized me and masturbated few times. I pushed my hand between his thighs and told that in future there is no need of masturbation and wasting the precious semen as I am here and waiting eagerly.

He hugged me. I removed my gown and pushed my nipple in his mouth. He sucked them like a hungry cat, bite on the flesh all around exciting me to unbearable levels. My hand was continuously busy stroking him and he rose to new heights of hardness. Pushing him down me went on his top keeping my right leg on his other side.

Centering his erect tool at the G spot I pushed myself down. The descent was easy and complete when I bent and slept keeping my breasts on his chest. R caressed my open tresses and back, bums and thighs. I got the maximum pleasure in that WoT position as I could rub against his hardness to the spot where I needed most. A whole dam was burst open inside me as I squirted and experienced orgasm again and again.

R lowed me to a side and entered me from back raising my left leg up to the sky. The entry was complete and I could feel his testicles with my hand. There was not a fraction of an inch gap between my perineum and his testicles. Our unification was that much closer and packed. His right hand held my boobs and he started his magic inside me unstopping and with equal strokes. When R finally climaxed in me I pressed on to him allowing complete fluid to enter me. He left after half an hour.

That night was special. I could not sleep for a long time and be recollecting the afternoon sex. I felt lucky to have met R. I was not bothered if R was married or not. I didn’t ask him. It was enough for me that he was giving me what I had not got.

The pleasure, the unknown heavenly experience, the satisfaction, and happiness. After some time I got sound sleep and complete body rest. I woke up as a freshwoman the next morning. After my husband left for office and kid went to school I sat with WhatsApp. He was not online. Bit disappointed I got up to wash clothes. Ting rang the bell. Maidservant had come. She left after an hour.

Watched TV and had lunch. Recollecting previous afternoon to evening sessions I removed my clothes and checked my whole body. There were ample teeth marks on my breast, belly, and thighs. But I felt no burning. I touched at my weak spot and became weaker. I closed my eyes enjoying and feeling the touch of R on my body. R’s hand was around my waist and one hand on my breast.

The imagination was so good for me that I was wetting already. But the tightness increased and one hand moved down to feel my wetness. What is this dream? R was whispering in my ears all lovely words. His hand on my breast held the nipple between his thumb and finger and pinched. I was scared to open my eyes and lose the beautiful dream. But the pinch was strong and I opened eyes. To my greatest astonishment R was holding my nude body tight and he was physically on my back. I wondered how he came in. Maid had left the house and I had forgotten to close it.

R left only at seven in the evening. I leave it to readers to imagine our good time from 12 to 7. We were thereafter meeting and mating alternate days. I would have defied nature and God if I had not conceived. So in obeisance to God, I conceived soon. I didn’t bother to correct my husband’s belief that the child is his.

When my daughter was born, only I could realize that she was a replica of R. My belief that if God takes from one hand and realizes that he has done a mistake, he gives double of it from another hand. Thank God for gifting me R and my daughter. And thank you guys for reading my sex story.

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