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Made my Son Crossdress in my clothes – Story of Mother Son Crossdressing

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Hi friends, my name is Bani. I am a 45 years old woman working in a Govt Bank. My husband works in a top IT company and thus he mostly stays outside the country. I have a daughter who is studying engineering in New Delhi. I have a son who is in high school and is 17 years old. About me, I am a good looking woman who is very traditional and loves to wear sarees while on work. My height is 5.2 feet and my vital stats are 38-34-36. Yes I am a plump woman or you can say that I am a curvaceous woman.
Because my husband stays out of the country and daughter
stays in Delhi, me and my son stay alone at our home in
Kanpur. My son is a good student who likes to be at home and study rather than playing outside and hanging out with friends. He has a few friends and I was a bit worried.
One day, I decided to search his personal belongings and
know what keeps him away from friends and why he likes to
stay alone. I thought may be its a break up issue with a girl. When I searched his room, I found nothing but books, there was no personal diary in which he could write about his feelings.
But when I searched his wardrobe, I was quite surprised to
see what I found in his drawers. I found some girly stuff like
nailpolish, lipstick, foundation cream etc. When I searched in other drawer, I found a pair of bra and panties which belonged to his sister. First of all I thought maybe his sister who happens to be my daughter, might have kept these in the drawers because this room belonged to her before she went to new delhi.
But still, I could not digest the point. Lots of thoughts came to my mind. Is my son masturbating in her panties??? Then why the lipstick and nailpolish??? Is he wearing these bra and panties???
I thought of talking to my son, Rajesh. But then I thought maybe I was thinking too much. But I was worried. I thought to confirm what is the issue and then talk to Rajesh.
When Rajesh came home from school, I kept my cool and talked to him in the usual way. I gave him lunch and after that he went to his room. I went to my bedroom and kept thinking what should be done.
I decided to peek through the keyhole and clear my doubts about Rajesh. I quietly went to his doorway, sat on the floor and peeked in to his room through the keyhole. I was watching his actions from the keyhole of his door. I saw him Coming out of the bathroom wearing a towel. I wondered what he was going to do next. Then what I saw was what I was not expecting to see. My son opened his drawer and took out the yellow panty. He removed his towel, adjusted his penis and wore the panty.
Then he started behaving like a girl in front of the mirror. My breathing was becoming heavy. Then he took out the yellow bra and wore it. Then he atarted applying nailpolish and lipstick. Then he lied down on bed and started reading Femina magazine.
I understood that he took the Femina magazine from my room. I was very worried and started sweating by seeing all this. My Son was wearing his sister’s bra and panty. He was a Crossdresser, He was a gay.
But then I saw Rajesh slowly removing the panty. His hard penis sprang out from the panty. Oh my god is was so big. It was almost 8 inches. He started masturbating his penis very fast and spurted out a lot of sperms on the bed. After that he removed his bra and wore his male clothes and slept.
I was a bit relieved that my son was crossdressing but he was not gay. He saw the pictures of hot models in Femina Magazine and masturbated. But still, I had some doubts in my mind. I thought of confronting him but in a different way. I wanted him to speak to me about his crossdressing.
That day went like a normal day and in the night I told him that next day I would wash his clothes so keep his wardrobe open. When next day he went to school, I opened his wardrobe and found that he had removed the bra, panty and other stuff and hid them somewhere else. I knew he would do that.
I had a plan in my mind. I took all his clothes including his underwear and put them in washing machine. Then I continued with my usual household activities. I was waiting for Rajesh to come back from school so that I would continue with my plan. Rajesh came home at 2 pm. Whenever he came home from school, he would go to his room and change his clothes.
This time also, he did the same thing. He went to his room and opened the wardrobe. He saw that there was no cloth to wear. He came to me in the kitchen and said “Mom, where are my clothes?”
I behaved as if I was in shock “Oh beta, I am so sorry, I put all your clothes in the washing machine and forgot to wash them.”
Rajesh said “Mom!!! Now what will I wear?”
I kept my hand on his cheeks and said “Beta, let me do something. You go to your bathroom, I’ll arrange some clothes.”
He went to his bathroom and had a bath and came out wearing a towel. I went to him and gave my pink nighty to wear. I wanted to see his reaction. I said “Beta, for now, wear my nighty till I wash your clothes and dry them.”
He was overwhelmed to see the nighty but didn’t react, however I could see the excitement in his eyes. He said “Ok Mom”
He wore the pink nighty and came to me in the kitchen. He said “Mom, can I have my underwear atleast?”
I said “Oh Beta, they are also wet. Let me think what to do.. Can you wear my underwear?”
When I said this, I could see his hardon from the nighty as there was a bulge in the nighty.
He said “Okay Mom, till my clothes dry up, I will wear your panty.. I mean underwear”
I could feel the excitement in his words. I went to my bedroom and came out with a black velvet panty. He took the panty in his room and wore it. He came out and sat on the chair. I served him lunch and went inside my bedroom.
I came out with a t shirt and a pant and said to Rajesh “Beta, I found your dad’s old tshirt and his pant, now you can feel relaxed. You can change into your dad’s clothes and remove my nighty.”
I could see that he was worried. He said “Mom, let it be.. I am liking this nighty. Its so soft and so comfortable.”
I said “But Rajesh, you are a boy and this is my nighty. How can you be comfortable in this? Please remove it. I don’t want my son to wear ladies’ clothes. These clothes don’t look good on you.”
He became sad and said “Mom, I don’t have the patience to change clothes again. Let me wear this nighty.”
I said “Ok Rajesh.”
I sat beside him and kept my hand on his shoulder and said “Do you like wearing this nighty? Have you ever wore other ladies clothes?”
He hesitantly said “Mom, I never tried. But sometimes when I cannot find my underwear, I wear didi’s panty.”
I said “Would you like to wear a bra?”
His hands trembled and without looking at me he said “Mom, but why?”
I said “I used to dress you up in didi’d frocks when you were a child. So would love to to that again.”
He said “If you insist.”
I went to my bedroom and came out with a black bra. I asked his to remove his nighty. I made him wear my bra which was 38 in size and was very loose. So I inserted folded cushion covers in the bra cups. Then Rajesh wore the nighty. He was happy.
I said “I know you wear your didi’s panty as well as her bra. Dont worry I am not angry but anxious to know that do you like girls or boys? Dont be shy, tell me, I will support you.”
He hugged me like a child and started crying. He said “Mom I am so sorry. But I like wearing girl’s clothes but I am not gay. I am very straight but I like to wear bra and panty.”
I was relieved. I was tension free. I kissed his forehead and made him sit on bed. I told him “You can wear all of didi’s old clothes in the house. You can even wear my clothes. I am in full support since you are not gay. I knew that you are not a gay.”
Rajesh said “How mom? How did you know?”
I said “I saw you in bra and panty and masturbating while looking at female models in Femina Magazine.”
He said “Mom, I knew someday I will get caught.”
I said “Son, it is absolutely fine at your age. I give you freedom to wear your sister’s or my clothes whenever you are at home, but masturbate only in your room.”
Both of us started laughing. I said “Do you want to masturbate now?”
He said “Very badly mom, but I will go to my room.”
I said “No, this time masturbate in front of me. I will teach you how to masturbate properly, and next time onwards do it yourself.”
I could not wait and removed the panty from under his nighty. He took out his hard penis in his hand and started shaking its skin in up and down movements. I said “I will get wigs and fake breasts for you next week. Tell me what do you think when masturbating while you are crossdressed?”
He said “Mom, I think I am having sex with a hot girl.”
I took his penis in my hand and started shaking it up and down very fast. He was panting hard and said “Ohh mom, I am in heaven.. I want to spurt out all my cream.”
I masturbated his penis more fast and soon he spurted out lots and lots of sperms on the floor and as well as in my hand.
I told him “I have shown you how to masturbate, now no more discussion on sex as I am your mom. But you have the freedom to wear ladies clothes while at home. Now go your room and change. Wear something nice like a salwar kameez of your sister.”
He was happy and went to his room. I quickly went to my bedroom and closed the door. I was feeling very horny. I want to rub my throbbing wet pussy. I removed my purple saree and was just in purple blouse and petticoat. I was holding my son’s hot sperms in one of my hand.
I lowered my panty, lied down on bed. I put all my son’s sperms on my pussy surface and inserted two fingers in my pussy. I was rubbing very fast with low moaning sound. Within 2 minute I had an orgasm like a blast.
I didn’t want to indulge in sex with my son but I relieved myself by masturbating again. I came out of my bedroom and saw Rajesh in a green salwar kameez. I hugged him. From that day, we became more close and he loved his mother like anything.

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