Man obsesses over and kidnaps a young woman

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They say you can have anything in life if you want it bad enough and work hard enough to get it. I don’t know if this holds true all of the time, but I do know it worked with Ashley, and it sure took a whole lot of hard work and planning.

Even now, as I look at her in the monitor, walking back to her “room”, I find it hard to believe that it’s actually happening, that I actually followed through and carried out my plans. How could I go from a happily married man, expecting his first child with a woman he dearly loved, to a kidnapper, and shortly a sex offender in just under two years?

I always thought myself a moral man, but here I was eagerly awaiting the next step to my grand “plan”, ready to take full advantage of a young girl, almost ten years younger that I, barely 19, and honestly felt no regret, in fact felt nothing but anticipation. If true evil is knowingly doing wrong, and feeling no regret, then I truly had become the definition of evil.

Top understand my position, how I got “here” (a beautiful teenager captive in my basement) from “there” (a happily married family man), I have to explain what I refer to as my “former life” and how an obsession and a seemingly impossible plan shaped the last 6 months of my life.

When I met Mary in college, I knew I found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and I fell in love with her within the first few dates. Mary was the most genuine, sweet girl I had ever met, and had everything a man could look for in a girlfriend, wife, mother, or simply as a friend. I never thought there was anyone in the world with whom I could feel so at ease, someone who I never felt I had to impress or “filter” myself with. In short she was the perfect girl.

My friends used to joke that it was her money that I was so attracted to (her father was actually the inventor of the copier collator), but I knew they were thrilled that I found such a perfect match.

We had a wonderful (and ridiculously expensive) wedding by the vineyards in Napa Valley, then honeymooned for a month in Maui. I can’t say I felt a whole lot of warmth towards my in-laws (perhaps I had a bit of a complex, as a graphic artist I wondered if they looked down on me, knowing I would never come close to the wealth they had), but I shared in my wife’s devastation when they died in a plane crash while touring the Greek Isles just months after our wedding.

The following years were tough for Mary, but she threw herself into her budding career at a law firm specializing in the protection of minority rights. I found my business (started with the help of some quite good referrals by my late father-in-law) flourishing, designing branding and logos for some very lucrative clients.

When Mary got pregnant with a little girl (which we would name “Sara” after her mother), it seemed that we had gotten over the tragedy of her parents’ passing, and were ready to start the next chapter in our lives.

Then came the complications.

Within 2 weeks from that first night when Mary called me into the bathroom to tell me “something was wrong”, my wife and unborn child were gone.

I think a part of me died that day as well.

Never the most social sort, I slowly withdrew from my previous life. I stopped returning calls from my friends, tiring of their never-ending attempts to “get me through” this tough time. My parents were insufferable, I dreaded each time they called, wanted to visit, or insisted that I “come home” for a while. I was thankful they lived so far away, and that I had no siblings to team up with them in their harassment.

And although I now had inherited more money than I knew what to do with, the only facet of my life I kept at was my Graphic Art company; my clients oblivious to my circumstance, and thus allowing me to forget about my tragedies.

It was a little over a year later, visiting one of these clients in the City, when I saw a beautiful girl walking into a coffee shop. Once again my life took a drastic turn when I followed her in, and sat down across the room.

Chapter 2 – Discovery

I think it was the white bow in her hair that caught my eye, who wears bows in their hair these days? She was certainly a cute one, about 5′ 4″ or so, wavy strawberry blond hair tied up in back, cute figure dressed in a jeans and a t-shirt. And for some reason I decided to go into that coffee shop behind her, perhaps to get a better look.

She ordered an herbal tea and sat down on a couch in the corner. Hiking her legs underneath, she pulled out a laptop from her book bag and started typing. I sat down across the shop, pulled out my computer, and pretended to surf the web as I watched her.

She had dark blue eyes, a little upturned nose, and perhaps the slightest blush of freckles on her cheeks. She had an athletic build, with toned arms and a slim waist, and I wondered if she was or ever had been a cheerleader or gymnast. The more I watched her, the more I realized just how attractive this girl was. I found myself waiting for her to get up, just so I could get a better look at her body, examine this little specimen a bit closer.

Twenty minutes later she checked her cell phone, packed away her computer and walked out the door. I quickly followed, and fell in step behind her as she walked up the busy street.

I knew how silly it was, a grown man following a young girl like this and even felt a little embarrassment at the familiar feel of the erection forming in my pants as I stared at this perfect “ass” in front of me. The word “pert” popped into my head. Who described an ass as “pert”? She did have just the most perfect little body, and I couldn’t stop staring at her butt, wondering what kind of panties she was wearing, what it be like to cup one of those perfect cheeks as she walked.

When she turned into the building, I stopped suddenly, finding myself in front of one of the City College’s buildings surrounded by a throng of students in black dress, with tattoos and piercings, smoking cigarettes and complaining about parents and professors. I wistfully looked through the glass door one more time before turning around and walking away.

Chapter 3 – Obsession

Although I hadn’t dated since the death of my wife, and honestly hadn’t felt any desire for female companionship at all, I had utilized my share of pornographic material over the past year. So it was no surprise when, as I laid down to sleep that night, I fantasized about that “unknown” beauty I had seen.

What was unexpected however was that afterwards I felt none of the remorse or guilt I normally feel after masturbating. I had barely cleaned myself up when I came to the decision that I would go back to that coffee shop the next day, just to see if I could get another look at the girl. And this time, perhaps I’d bring my camera . .. .

My life quickly became centered around the girl I soon learned was Ashley Watson, a 19 year old student majoring in finance at the local college. I learned how the train dropped her off 40 minutes before her class each morning, and how she spent this time in the same coffee shop, generally at the same seat. I took the train and followed her home, found where she lived in a modest suburban home with her parents.

I looked forward to seeing what she would wear each day, thrilled when I woke to a bright warm day in anticipation of the knee length skirts she would wear, the glimpses of her toned legs, and if lucky perhaps a look at her slender thighs as she sat with her computer, or reading a book at the coffee shop.

I also started to become aware of other men, and their lingering looks at Ashley, watching her bottom as she walked, turning their heads as she passed. They were so clear in their intentions, their gawking, and I hoped I was not so obvious in my appreciation.

There was no doubt “Jimmy”, who worked the counter on Mondays and Fridays had a crush on her, how he always tried making small talk with her as she ordered her daily tea.

But what I found so peculiar about Ashley, was how she seemed so unaware of all the attention she was getting. Always friendly, always polite, I don’t think it even occurred to her that Jimmy was coming on to her.

My greatest source of information about Ashley was the result of a small wireless camera I purchased and set up, hidden amongst the plants behind her usual place at the coffee shop. This is how I captured her email address and password.

And so I learned of her one close friend Ellen who was taking a year abroad in France. I learned that her father worked for Exxon and was frequently away visiting oil refineries. How close she was with her mother, and a few vague references to an ex boyfriend named Ken.

Most of Ashley’s correspondences with her friend were about Ellen’s experiences in France, the boys she was meeting, her host family. Ashley’s updates were simply about how school was going, her parents, and how much she missed her friend and would be happy when she returned the following year.

When I read the email Ashley sent one day, describing how her parents were going to turn a business trip of her father’s into a vacation for the two of them, the beginnings of my “plan” started to form. This vacation was overlapping her spring break, but she would not be back in time for her classes so she would be staying home.


She went on saying how great it would be if Ellen were in town, and Ellen replied how wonderful it would be if Ashley visited her in France, but ultimately it would just be Ashley at home by herself.

Of course the thought of her alone in that house set off a number of ideas in my obsessed mind. I had visions of going to her at night, breaking in, drugging her, having my way with her. Making love to her, tying her down, making her cry out as she orgasmed time and time again!

I didn’t know where these thoughts were coming from, but whatever their origin, I could not keep them out. I needed her. I needed to have her. And I would do what it took to get her.

Chapter 4 – The Plan

I had almost 4 months before her parents left (and her school went on break), and I knew it would take all of that time to carry out the plan I had come up with. Almost ridiculously complex, I was now as obsessed with carrying out my vision as I had been with Ashley for the past few months. I started the new construction in my house.

I would take her, that I knew, but I would not keep her in her home. I would take her to my house. The house I shared my former life with my late wife, however, I was now beyond all thoughts of her. But in order to carry out my plan, I had a lot that needed to be done. And in hiring contractor after contractor, working one little bit at a time, I completed my new “habitat” for Ashley.

There was a large rectangular room (30’x 20′, concrete walls, carpeted) with three heavy metal doors. Two doors on the opposite short walls with small opaque windows, and one windowless door in the middle of one of the long walls. Above the two side doors, a little light was installed visible on both sides of the door, and above the third door, near the ceiling was a small dark 3 inch square window. On the bare wall across from the door and window, there were two slits about four feet off the ground, from which hung two 1/4″ cables, each with wrist restraints on the ends. The mechanisms behind the wall and in the restraints were perhaps the most challenging of all of my projects. The room had no light source save for a few recessed ceiling lights.

Each of the side doors (the opening and closing which could be operated remotely), let to an 8 x 10 foot room with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and bookshelf, all bolted to the ground. At the far end of each room was a plain door which led to a small bathroom, complete with a shower, toilet and sink. Next to the bed there was a slot on the floor about 16 inches wide and three inches high. There were light switches in both the bedroom and bathroom, both of which could be remotely controlled.

It had cost a fortune, a fortune in my in-law’s money to build this so fast and discreetly, to wire it just right without raising any suspicions (or so I hoped) as to what was its purpose. But it was ready, with weeks to spare. Ready for Ashley to move in. The only thing left for me was to plan my departure. I would only have her for two weeks, then I would leave her, unhurt, and have nothing but the memories of those two weeks and any video, pictures, or other mementos I may gather to remind me of her.

Chapter 5 – Capture

The night after her parents left for their trip/vacation to Tampico Mexico, I loaded up the minivan I rented and headed over to the Watson residence to retrieve the “package”. I pulled over a house down from hers around 11:00, turned off the ignition, and watched her house. On the second floor I could see the flickering of a television in the far window, the window of Ashley’s room (I had figured that out long ago).

At 11:43 the light went out, and I could feel myself getting instantly erect. There were many nights I sat out here, knowing my sweet Ashley lay sleeping so close by. I would wonder if she wore pajamas to sleep, or perhaps just a t-shirt and panties. I would fantasize that even as I sat there, Ashley would be quietly masturbating, stifling her moans of pleasure as she climaxed, afraid her parents might hear. I tried to imagine how her lovely face would look as she orgasmed, and wonder at the possibility of installing a camera outside her window.

But it was different tonight. I would know what she slept in. And I would soon see that beautiful face, that sweet, innocent, wonderful Ashley as she allowed the pleasure of her body bring her to glorious climax.

I waited there until after 2:00 to be sure she was asleep before I drove the minivan up their driveway to the side door. I quickly slipped out of the van and went right for the third flowerpot on the right side of the door. Months ago I saw Mrs. Watson take the spare key from under the pot, opting to leave her keys in her car, to run in and get something she must have forgotten inside. I wondered how she would now feel if she knew the trouble she had saved me.

It’s funny how differently that night went to what I expected. I wondered if I’d have the restraint to keep from ravaging her the first time I touched her, not being able to resist fondling her in her bed, undressing her. But I was honestly so frightened about what I was doing, I could barely breath, let alone think of anything other than getting that chloroform rag over her face.

After that I scrambled, filling the bags I brought with the clothes from her dresser, then almost every item from her bathroom, and finally her bookshelves. I took a few trips to the van, filling it with anything I thought she might need for her little vacation. It wasn’t until I had returned to the minivan with Ashley (her room almost bare) and placed her gently in the back amongst bags of her clothes that I even noticed what she was wearing (an oversized t-shirt and gray sweatpants).

The rest of the night was a blur. Getting home, administering more chloroform, quickly filling the dresser in one of the rooms with her clothes. The one moment I did pause and realize exactly what I was doing was when I filled that top drawer with her undergarments. My first exertion of control over her was her clothes, and I made sure to only give her items I wanted her to wear, and the most important of these were her panties. I only allowed her 7 pair, all plain cotton, no thongs. Two all white, a pale yellow, pale blue, pink, green and white striped, and one white pair with a heart and the words “Little Girl” across the front in red. As I placed these in the drawer, I stopped for a moment, bringing the yellow pair to my face and inhaling the wonderful smell of that precious garment.

Knowing there’d be plenty of time for this later, I quickly placed it down and finished filling her drawers (with a heavy emphasis on skirts and blouses), and loaded the shelves and desks with her other belongings. I checked three times that I had her cell phone safely turned off and in my pocket. Finally I placed an envelope labeled “ASHLEY WATSON” on the floor by the slot, turned on the small desk lamp I brought from her house, and turned off the lights.

Once her room was all set, I put the last piece of the room in place. I laid her down gently on the bed, quickly left (and locked) both her room and the main chamber, and collapsed in the chair in my “control” room. I let out a huge sigh.

I couldn’t help feeling that I missed out on something. For the first time I had touched her, I picked her up, I carried her, and I couldn’t remember even looking at her face, couldn’t remember what she . . . felt like! But tonight was about getting her here successfully. There would be time enough for more in the days to come.

Chapter 6 – Training

From the wide angle camera in the corner of her room, I watched Ashley as she awakened and groggily sat up in bed. She brought her hand to her head with a pained look on her face and slowly looked around. I could see the first signs of her panic as her head started darting about, taking in the small closed room she now occupied.

She scrambled out of bed and immediately went for the door, vainly peering at the small opaque window, then dejectedly looking around as she found the door to be securely locked. She then more closely examined the room, recognizing her books and her computer. It wasn’t until she came out of the bathroom with a puzzled and slightly less panicked look on her face that she noticed the labeled envelope on the floor. Looking around one last time, she sat down on the bed, pulled out the paper within and began reading.








I saw her read the letter carefully, looking up only once, surveying the room until looking straight at the small lens recessed in the corner over her bed. With trembling hands she put the sheet of paper back into the envelope and placed it on the foot of the bed. Slowly she climbed back under the covers and turned to the wall, leaving me staring at her back.

I heard the muffled sound of her sobs and saw her shaking back as she cried. I turned off the monitor and walked out of the control room and up the stairs. Satisfied that everything was going according to plan so far, I decided to take a quick nap (it had been a long night) before the next phase of the operation.A few hours had passed (it was now 12:30 in the afternoon) and after a little sleep I was ready to see how Ashley was doing. I set up the next envelope in the mechanism behind her wall, then turned on the monitor to her room.

Ashley was sitting up in the bed with her back against the wall, with her computer on her lap. She had stopped crying, and honestly looked to be in pretty good shape.

I pressed the button on my console, causing the slot in her room to open, and the next envelope to slide into her room. She looked down at the envelope as it skidded to a stop, and with a quick glance up at the camera, scooted off the bed and reached for the envelope.







Ashley jumped down from her bed after reading the new note and pulled the water and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out from the slot.

After quickly wolfing down a sandwich and a bottle of water, I watched her as she sat there thinking. A few minutes later, as if she suddenly made up her mind, she jumped up, rummaged through the dresser, and closed herself in the bathroom.

It wasn’t until 20 minutes later when Ashley emerged from the bathroom that I finally realized what I had done. There on the monitor (and practically in the next room) was that beautiful girl that I had been so obsessed with all these months! I stopped looking at her as the “objective” I kidnapped and stowed in my basement, and once again saw the object of my desire, feeling a powerful erection form as I watched her sit back down on the bed facing the door.

She was dressed in a pair of jeans (the only one I brought her) and a blue long sleeve pullover. She looked as beautiful as ever, perhaps wanting to look as normal as possible for her parents.

I wondered which of her panties that I brought she was wearing, and felt a little disappointment that she didn’t bring her night clothes out to be washed. With regret I realized that with all of the time she was out I never checked to see whether or not she slept with underwear beneath her sweatpants!

In any case my excitement was certainly back as I thought of what the days ahead would bring. I spent another few minutes admiring her face, again picturing how that adorable girl would look in the throws of orgasm. She got up and started pacing, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her firm young buttocks. My hands involuntarily clenched, impatiently waiting to touch her. I couldn’t believe I carried her unconscious just last night without any of these lustful thoughts!

Finally it was time. I switched her green door light on.

She looked up at the light, then glanced at the computer now on her desk, presumably to check the time.

I switched on the lights for the main room, the flashing red signal light and the two camera monitors. The newspaper, envelope and shackles were all set.

After 10 minutes, I pressed a switch and her door opened. She carefully looked into the main room, then nervously stepped inside. With a button push, I closed and locked the door behind her.

Ashley walked around the room, looking first at the restraints, newspaper and envelope against the one wall before heading to the door below the flashing red light. She halfheartedly tugged at it before continuing to the door across from hers, again giving the cursory pull.

I saw her look back to her door, with it’s opaque window and then look back at the opposite door, I’m sure noting the similarities.

Finally she walked back to the material by the wall and picked up the newspaper and envelope. I could feel my heart race as she pulled one restraint out of the wall and examined it with her free hand. I knew that this was a pivotal moment in my “training”.

Instead of slipping it on her wrist however, she let go, allowing it to retract to the wall. She looked up at the camera and the flashing light for a moment then began opening the envelope.

I had anticipated this and immediately turned off all the lights. She was suddenly immerged in complete darkness save for the little flashing light signifying the camera that was recording her. Of course I could no longer see her, but I hoped she got the message. She had not followed the instructions.

I listened carefully for some indication of what she was doing. Perhaps I heard her feet shuffle, perhaps the rustling of paper. My plan was to wait 10 minutes before turning the lights back on, and if she attempted to again read the letter without the restraints on, I’d plunge her back into darkness.

“I’m sorry”, I heard her say haltingly, and my heart leapt hearing her voice. “I put it back in the envelope!”

After a deep breath, I switched the light back on, causing her to cover her eyes at the sudden brightness. As promised, she held the closed envelope in front of her.

“I’ll put them on . . .I’m just . . .” She trailed off looking at the restraints.

She gingerly slipped her right hand through the left restraint which tightened firmly about her wrist. Transferring the papers, she did the same with her left.. With the push of a button I locked the cords giving only a foot of slack for each restraint.

I had to remind myself to blink as I watched her suspiciously open the envelope and read the note.




Ashley looked up briefly before turning the newspaper forward (the restraints only allowing her hands to barely touch), then took a deep breath, and looked to the flashing red light in the dark window.

“Hi mom, hi dad! Umm, well here I am, I’m not sure where exactly . . but I just want to let you know I’m fine.” She flashed a brave smile. She gestured down, “Don’t know if you want to read it, but here’s today’s newspaper. . . I hope I’ll see you soon . . ..I miss you and. . . . .”

I switched the flashing light off, and pressed the button to loosen the shackles, at the same time open the door to her room.

“Oh”, she said in surprise, quickly taking off the slack restraints. A bit confused she started walking back to her room.

“One thing . .” she said suddenly, returning to her previous spot. “Can I have a salad or something? I’ve never really cared for PBJs. . . . Thanks . . ”

She turned and walked back into her room, my eyes glued to her sweet bottom as she closed the door.

The wait during the next two days got harder and harder, but I had a plan and I was determined to stick to it. I kept the same routine. Three times a day she would need to shackle herself to the wall, and either give a message to her parents, or do some other task I came up with (for instance taking her temperature one day, her blood pressure the next, both without the “flashing red light”, as if assuring her this was not to be recorded for her parents), and she was getting more and more used to following my orders. She was being treated well, and didn’t seem mind the routine.

I was rewarded on the second day when she emerged to the main room in her sweat pants and t-shirt to do something which looked like yoga. She did it in the corner of the room away from the “display” area, perhaps trying to get as much privacy as possible, but I had two cameras for that room, one focused on the shackles, and one with a wide angle lens. Although I had planned to wait for greater things, I couldn’t help but masturbate as I watched her beautiful little body stretch in all kinds of wonderful ways.

After showering and dressing (I started to regret the omission of a camera in the bathroom!), she did slide a bundle of clothes through the slot for washing. For some reason I had a sudden gentlemanly compulsion, discreetly retrieving her clothes and dropping them in the washing machine upstairs.

By intercepting an email from her parents (I replied for her how busy I was and would write back later, and oh . . .my phone broke as well . . .), my notes gave her an update about her aunt who’s doing better in the hospital after her hernia operation. My plan was to further reassured her that whoever was holding her was indeed in contact with her parents. I also made sure to update her as to when she would be released, within a week or two.

All of this seemed to work to earn her trust and I knew it was finally time to move to the next stage of my plan.

Chapter 7 – Immersion

The fourth morning I had Ashley hold up the daily newspaper, say hello, and then I shut the lights and had her return to her room. I watched her as she got out her computer and started typing something. She was wearing a knee length beige skirt and dark blue short sleeved top. She had on white sneakers, I could see no socks.

. . . . . . . . .

When her door opened a few hours later she probably left the room, looking at the floor first to make sure she didn’t miss any messages. Perhaps she noticed the red light wasn’t on, perhaps not. But I’m sure she did notice that the opaque window on the other door was now showing light. I don’t know if she knocked on the door, or called out or just waited. And when the green light went on, I’m not sure if she counted down the ten minutes, anxiously waiting for the door to open. But I do know that when I awoke in that bed, my head pounding from my self induced, drugged slumber, Ashley was kneeling down next to my bed with the most angelic smile I had ever seen.

“John?”, she asked sweetly, holding up the envelope with my name.

“Yea?”, I replied with a not entirely faked grimace. “Who are you? Where am I?” I looked around feigning confusion.

“My name’s Ashley, and you’re ok, you’re fine.”, she assured me, and I delighted in her gentle touch on my shoulder. “I know this is going to be really scary, but I . . I’ve been here a few days and it’s OK”.

I looked at her suspiciously. “Here” she offered, handing me the envelope, “this was left for you. I got the same thing a few days ago.” She showed me that first note to her, held in her other hand.

I read the note (basically the same as hers), and made a bit of a show asking about my parents, confused about why “they” were doing this. I offered to her that my father owned an oil refining facility in the Gulf of Mexico, and could this have anything to do with why I was here? I acted shocked as she informed my of the similarity of her father’s work.

Ashley showed me around my room and bathroom (of course not knowing about the hidden doorway behind my medicine cabinet), pointing out my books, my clothes, my DVD player which were all provided for me. I swear I started falling in love with her then, as sweet as she was being to me, as hard as she was trying to comfort me.

She took me into the main room and showed me the shackles and told me how it wasn’t a big deal, and what she’d had to do while she’d been there. I couldn’t believe how positive she was being about the whole thing and wondered how much was for my sake and if she possibly could be adjusting that well.

And every time she turned around I couldn’t help but stare at that perfect ass of hers. I couldn’t stop leaning in and smelling her hair. When she turned back around, took my hand and asked if I was all right, I thought I’d melt.

And as I answered “Yes, thank you”, I stared at that beautiful mouth and wondered if I would soon have those lips around my suddenly raging hard-on. Suddenly afraid she may notice my excitement, I put my hand in my pocket to push the button on the remote, turning off the main light.

“Oh,” she remarked, “that means I’m . . .we’re supposed to go back to our rooms. You’ll probably be called out for the newspaper thing later.” She started backing away.

“Thanks Ashley” I called, watching her silhouette in the doorway. “Thank you.”

I stepped in my door and had both doors close. I couldn’t help but run into the bathroom and wildly masturbate into the toilet with visions of my sweet beautiful Ashley running through my head. I knew I would have her soon.

I kept Ashley’s schedule pretty much the same, but once a day I had our time in the main room overlap so we could talk and I could admire her up close. I thanked her for her guidance, and told her everything was as she said it would be. I told her that I even asked for and received a couple of DVDs I had requested.

When I wasn’t in the room with her, and my door was safely shut (and presumably soundproof), I would go into the control room and idly watch Ashley as she read, typed on the computer (a diary of everything that’s happened since she’s been in here, she whispered to me earlier that day while gesturing to the camera), or ate her salads.

With this routine set, it was time to move to the most rewarding stage of my plan. It was amazing I had kept my hands off her this long, and now finally, after months and months of lusting after her, the wait would be over.

Chapter 8 – The Next Step

That morning my heart was pounding so fast I thought I would pass out. It was finally time, today would bring the first of my rewards.

I don’t know why I was so nervous as she took that note off the floor of her room. It’s contents were certainly nothing out of the ordinary.



The green light above her door turned on and she waited patiently for the 10 minutes to pass before the door would open.

Staring at the monitor I cursed myself for this delay, but knew it to be essential for what would follow. I forced myself to run upstairs and take out the trash, do the dishes, anything to occupy those 600 seconds.

Finally it was time. I was back in the control room, alternating between the monitors of the room, the wide angle and the close shot of the shackles and the new envelope waiting on the ground.

The door opened and Ashley walked right over, picked up the envelope, placed the pulse monitor on her finger and slid on the restraints. If she noticed that they retracted a bit more than usual, pulling her hands near her shoulders, she made no indication.

I stopped breathing as she opened the envelope and read the note.



A perplexed look crossed her face as she read and reread the note, as if trying to discern some hidden meaning. She shook her head and looked towards the camera, then towards my closed door, as if searching for an explanation. Did she notice that the flashing red light was off? Did this matter? I wondered if this small detail of mine was helpful, perhaps assuring her (incorrectly) that she was not being taped. And would the monitor on her finger keep her from trying to “fake” an orgasm?

She shrugged her shoulders in disbelief, and in doing so, the cables retracted a bit more, pulling her hands to her sides just below her breasts. She shook her wrists as if to loosen the cable, but each movement just seemed to pull her hands closer and closer to her sides.

Realizing she was now pretty much stuck to the wall she stopped struggling and just stood against the wall looking straight ahead.

Standing there she was a vision in her jeans and white button down top. With her hands pulled back against the wall, her chest jutted out a bit, displaying her perfect B-cup (I found out from her laundry) breasts, causing her top to pull just the slightest bit on the button between them. I zoomed the camera in and a little lower, framing the “v” formed at her crotch, imagining the delights held just behind that one button and zipper. I went back up to her beautiful face, her little nose, those cute freckles, that wonderful mouth. . .

Looking at her, knowing that she was even just thinking about the word “orgasm”, was just about driving me crazy. Had she orgasmed before? Has any lucky man (or perhaps her friend Ellen?) been fortunate enough to help bring about her climax?

I knew in my state I could hardly pull off what I had planned next, so once again, while staring at my sweet Ashley’s face, with the thought of her own climax running through her head, I decided to take care of myself.

Twenty minutes later, although still aroused, I felt I could control myself enough for the next step.

Ashley had been standing there for almost 30 minutes now, pretty much just staring straight ahead. I had no idea what was going through her head when I pushed the button to activate the light over my door.

She snapped her head up to look at the doorway, then slowly down, apparently deep in thought. I leaned closer to the monitor, looking to see what she would do, knowing my door would soon open.

As if making up her mind, she glanced over one more time to the door, then closed her eyes. I stared at her crotch, her thighs, looking for any kind of movement. Sure enough, I saw her knees press together, her legs turned inward, trying to create some pressure in that most tender spot. Her hands strained downward in futility, unable to aid in her task.

After a couple of glorious minutes watching her squirm like this, her eyes shot open and she opened her hands in frustration.

“How am I supposed to . . . .” she growled, now just standing still against the wall.

I had two minutes left to get back to my room and prepare for the best acting of my life.

“Ashley are you OK?” I asked with great concern when my door opened and I saw her stuck to the wall. I rushed over to her doing my best not to stare at her beautiful chest displayed before me.

“Yea, fine . . I’m just . . . stuck”, she said quietly. I delighted at the flush in her face.

“It didn’t release this time? Is it broken?” I asked making a show of examining the restraints.

“No, I guess it’s OK”, she said quickly, looking down. “I just . . haven’t . . ”

I waited for her to continue. “Haven’t . . .?” I prodded.

She looked briefly up at me before shyly averting her gaze. “Haven’t done what . . . it says . . ”

I looked down at the note which she had dropped and stooped to pick it up.

“No!”, she cried suddenly, “Don’t . . read it please . .”

I gave her a surprised and sympathetic look and shook my head. “All right.” I put the paper back on the floor. “How long have you been like this?”

She gave a weak smile. “I don’t know, a while . ..”

“Well,” I said, walking confidently back to my room, “Let me at least get you a chair to sit . . Oh . . .” I came back empty handed. “Sorry, bolted down.”

“Thanks anyway . .. ”

I sat down against the wall by my door. “Hmmmm. . . Ashley, you know you’ll be released once you do . . . whatever it is on the note. Can’t you just do it, or say it, or whatever?”

She looked at me for a few seconds. “It’s just that . .” I could see her face getting redder. “It says to . . . . Ok, just read it.”

I got up and once again felt my heart race. But I had to play this straight.

I picked up the note, read it and did the best “shocked” face I could muster. “Are they serious?”. Apparently my facial antics were unnecessary as Ashley was still just looking at the floor. She shook her head in the affirmative.

“Um . . . that’s ok . . ” I started backing up. “I’ll go back in my room, so you can . . . ” I backed towards my room.

She nodded her head as I went inside out of sight, crossing my fingers.

“John?” I heard her call meekly.

“Yes?” I replied looking out the door.

“I . . I can’t . . . ” She splayed her fingers out, showing how she was bound.

“Oh!” I said as if I had just realized her predicament. “Oh, uh . . . sorry . .”

The innocent look of embarrassment on her face was priceless.

“Maybe. . I’m sorry . . ” she started, ” . . I can’t believe I’m saying this . there anything I can . . rub . . against . .? ”

“Oh, yes, um . . I went back into my room. “I guess the table or chair, if they weren’t bolted.” I came back out, deep in thought. “Is there anything in your room not attached?”

She shook her head no. “Hmm, ” I said, sitting down again.

We stayed like that for several moments as I planned exactly how to word what I was going to say next.

“John?” She asked.

I looked up.

“I’m sorry to ask this but . . .. maybe . . . if you just . . stand here in front of me. .. maybe I could . . . .”

“Oh, sure . . ” I tried desperately not to leap up too quickly.

“Thanks. . .” she said weekly.

My heart pounded as I walked in front of her and put my left arm down at my side, my hand grasping the side of my leg. I slowly moved sideways towards her until the back of my hand was all but touching the front of her jeans. “I’ll just think about football or something.”. I turned away from her, as if to give her some sort of privacy.

“OK . . . Thanks.” she said quietly.

My pulse pounded in my ears as I felt her take a small step outwards with each foot, slightly opening her legs. She then tilted her pelvis, bringing the crotch of her jeans into contact with the back of my hand. At this first contact I heard a tiny expulsion of air through her nose and I was suddenly more aroused than I had ever been before.

Ashley started to rhythmically slide herself against my hand and I gently began pressing back meeting her pace.

Her breathing started to quicken.

After a couple of minutes of this exquisite torture, every ounce of my willpower needed to keep from just turning my hand and cupping that wonderful spot which was bringing her such pleasure, I heard her first little grunt.

Little sweet Ashley, masturbating herself against me! I could feel her breath against the side of my neck.

I had to look, to see her face. I turned my head.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth partially opened, grunting softly with each thrust of her hips against me. Her brow furrowed in concentration as the pleasure built within her. It was exquisite! Her thrusts started to quicken.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh . .” , I reveled in her involuntary cries as they grew louder and she grinded into me harder and faster.

“Uh!, uh!, unh!, uh! uh!” Her voice getting more urgent with every whimper.

Suddenly just before her orgasm, in that split second before her release, her eyes opened and she looked straight into my eyes. Her body froze and then spasmed as her eyes shut once again.

“OoooUhhhhhhhh!”, she wailed throwing her head back and pressing herself against me as I leaned into her, trying to extract every ounce of pleasure from her body that I could.

Finally her head fell down to the side, and she stood there panting to get back her breath. I dared not move, the images of her orgasm burned in my brain as I felt her slowly tilt her hips away from me, breaking that wonderful touch.

With a start I reached into my pocket and pressed the remote releasing the restraints, her arms falling to her sides..

Ashley quickly removed the restraints from her wrists, shyly brushed a stray wisp of hair from her face and walked to her door, not once looking up at me. “I’m sorry John.” She said weakly. “Thank you for .. helping me.” She closed the door behind her.

I all but ran back into my room, remotely locked both doors, and climbed through the hidden doorway into the control room. Needless to say I was about to burst, my erection insistently calling for attention. I quickly rewound the video, intent on finishing myself while once again viewing Ashley as she climaxed against me.

“Damn it!”, I cursed aloud as I saw the replay. I had so carefully set the camera to capture her face during the “action”, but forgot to get out of the way, so most of the video was of my shoulder and back of my head. I started rubbing myself through my jeans, and glanced over to the monitor showing her room. She was already in the shower, the bathroom door closed, the tell tale sound of water all I could hear and I once again cursed my decision to give her such privacy.

I was about to take out my throbbing hard-on and stroke myself to the sweet memory of her orgasm, when a fleeting thought hit me. I went over to the box on the other side of her room slot, opened the top and peered hopefully inside . . .

There, deposited for laundering, were the clothes Ashley was just wearing.

I reached in and pulled out the soft dainty pair of pale yellow panties, still warm from her body. With shaking hands I lifted it to my face, my thumb running over the damp gusset, the spot which so recently was pressing into her sweet pussy. I inhaled her wonderful scent . . .

“Ashley . . . Uhhhh!” I grunted, ejaculating wildly on the floor and the wall as I collapsed, her panties clutched against my face.

As I laid there, my breathing starting to normalize, basking in what must have been one of my strongest orgasms, I came to a decision. While she was my captive, that would be the last time I would climax by my own hand.

Chapter 9 – My Reward

I kept us apart for the rest of the day, letting her into the main room for a couple of hours in the evening, but keeping my door locked. We had already determined that the doors were sound-proof (not exactly true, but I insisted that I banged on her door when I was alone in the main room, and claimed I couldn’t hear her knocks on mine), but by the light coming through the window, she would assume I was locked away in my room.

The next morning I gave her instructions to do the whole “newspaper” thing, and when her door opened, I was just taking off the restraints myself.

“Oh, hi Ashley . . ” I said. “I just finished my daily update.” I raised the paper in my hand.

She smiled shyly looking down. “I guess it’s my turn now.”

I stepped aside as she started slipping on the restraints. “At least I think that’s what I’m doing . .” She stopped suddenly, giving my an embarrassed glance.

“Go ahead,” I said taking a step back and looking around. “I wonder why they’re overlapping us this time. And look, the red light’s still going.”

Ashley took a deep breath and finished securing the restraints on her wrists. Satisfied that all was ok, she looked towards the cameras and addressed her parents, assuring them of her well being.

The moment she finished, the red light turned off and the restraints released her. Ashley gave a little smile again and took off the shackles. “Well, I guess that’s it today. . .” She looked up at me. “John . . ”

I averted her gaze.

“About yesterday . . .I’m sorry you had to . . . had to do that . . I don’t know why they would . . ”

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” I chimed in lightly. “Let’s just forget about it OK?” She nodded her head obviously relieved. “I’m just glad I was here, or who knows how long you would have been stuck there!” Ashley smiled, a small chuckle escaping her lips.

“Yea, who knows . . ”

We just sat and talked for the next hour, pretending the previous day’s pleasantries never happened. I feigned ignorance as she told me about her traveling friend Ellen, and her school and her family. I gave a slightly modified version of my life, omitting any mention of my late wife, making up relevant details about my parents.

She really was a sweet girl and I started to realize that I really did like her. Beyond all of my lust and obsessions, she seemed like a really sweet person. Perhaps it was my imagination, but we really seemed to be hitting it off.

After a while I casually reached into my pocket and pressed the buttons to turn off the main lights, our signal to return to our rooms.

“See ya'”, she called out, waving to me as she closed her door. I went back inside and activated the door locks. Everything was perfect!

My next “encounter” was planned for the next day, but I was forced to move things up that afternoon after Ashley’s yoga workout. I certainly enjoyed watching her, but it was when she emerged fully dressed from the bathroom after her shower that I knew I couldn’t wait.

She was wearing a light blue sweater over a pink ruffled skirt which fell just to her knees. The pink in the skirt matched the color of her socks along with the bow in her hair, tied up on the back of her head in the same way as the first time I had laid my eyes upon her. She sat on the bed and pulled her legs under her, reaching for a book. Staring at this beauty, I knew I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

When her door opened a little while later, she found me shackled to the wall, my hands trapped, pulled to my sides. I gave her an embarrassed smile. My heart raced as she looked over at me.

“John?”, she hesitated in the doorway. “What’s going on?”

I gestured weakly with the paper in my hand. “They got me this time. But I . . . can’t . . either . . .” I turned my hands out in futility.

“What do you mean?”, she asked walking towards me. “Oh . .” She stopped suddenly, a step away from me, quickly looking at her feet. I could see a redness creep across her face and immediately felt the blood rushing to my groin.

“It just said to put on the cuffs, and I didn’t see the pulse monitor thingy, so I didn’t think . . .”

A few agonizing moments passed as I stared at the beautiful girl, looking down biting her lip. I wondered if she could hear my heart hammering away at my chest, if she would notice the bulge I could hardly hide in my pants.

She took a quick breath, and with a nod, looked up at me with a smile.

“It’s OK John!” she said cheerily, any shyness or embarrassment gone from her face. “I’ll . . . help you out.”

The anticipation as she walked in front of me and turned to the side was maddening. As I did the previous day, she put her arm at her side and looking away, slowly leaned into me, making the slightest contact with the front of my crotch with the back of her forearm. My body shivered as a wave of pleasure radiated from that point of contact.

I stared at her adorable profile, looking for some reaction as I started pressing myself gently against her. It was wonderful! I leaned my head towards her, my cheek brushed against her soft hair. I had to force myself to keep the touch light, to keep control over my body. The sensation rubbing against her arm was so fantastic, the situation so unreal!. I forced myself to stop suddenly and I pulled back from her. “Ashley?”.

She turned her head, still not quite looking at me. “Am I . . doing it wrong? I don’t have . . I’ve never really done . ..”.

“It’s fine,” I assured her. “It’s just . . ” I looked down, feeling a bit of real embarrassment. “I’m sort of stuck . . pointing down.”

“Oh!” She exclaimed taking a step away, glancing down at my crotch before quickly looking away.

“Hey, ” I said softly. She once again looked into my eyes. “It’ alright . . . . you don’t have to look away.” She smiled. “Can you just . . . turn me so I’m . . . facing up? I think I’ll be able to finish that way . . .”

Ashley nodded solemnly and I watched her slowly turn her head down, and stare at the bulge pointing down the left leg of my pants.

She reached out her left hand and gently placed it over my throbbing cock and gently at first, and then with a bit more force, massaged it sideways until it was pointing straight up towards my stomach. The feeling was incredible as her little hand manipulated my hard-on. I watched her face, mouth partially open, her beautiful eyes locked on her hand pressing against me. I couldn’t help but push outwards with my hips, my body demanding more contact, more pressure.

“That’s good . . ” I croaked, my mouth now dry. “Now up and down.”

She nodded, looking down at me mesmerized, my hips matching the rhythm of her hand as she pressed against my aching cock.

“Uh!” A small grunt escaped me, snapping her out of her trance, and she embarrassingly looked away.

“Ashley” I spoke urgently.


“Please . . . look at me while you’re . . .” I trailed off.

She turned back to me. I gazed into her beautiful face as she stroked me. My gaze wandered to her chest, her breasts hidden beneath that sweater. My restrained hands grasped uselessly for her. She licked her lips as her hand and my hips moved more and more rapidly. I knew I was close . ..

“Ashley” I gasped. She looked up at me. “Please . . ”

She waited for me to continue. “Yes?”

“Can I . . . I need. . . ” She looked expectantly, her hand’s actions never wavering. “Can I see . . which panties . . you’re wearing?” My breathing was labored as I looked at her imploringly. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew I shouldn’t have said it like that, but I was well past the point of thinking rationally.

She didn’t seem to notice my little blunder as she only hesitated for a moment before bringing her left hand to her waist, beginning to pull down on her skirt with her thumb.

“No,”, she froze, “The other way. . . from the bottom. . .”, I pleaded.

She looked me straight in the eye before bending down and slowly lifting the front hem of her skirt. My eyes were glued to her legs as the pink material of her skirt lifted, first baring her knees, then her beautiful smooth thighs. I started bucking wildly against her pressing hand as more and more of her sexy little body was revealed. A small triangle of white finally showed, her panty covered pussy finally coming into glorious view! When I saw that cute red heart, and the words “Little Girl” written on top my muscles clenched and I strained myself into her hand, the pleasure almost unreal.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I felt wave after wave of ejaculate release into my pants, my body arching off of the wall into her hand.

I blissfully collapsed into the pull of the restraints.

After a little while I opened my eyes (unaware that I had closed them) to the sight of Ashley, standing in front of me. Her right hand in front of her, palm still out in the same position it was while stroking me. Her left hand was still clutching her skirt, revealing those adorable panties. Her eyes were wide open, transfixed on me.

She suddenly looked away embarrassed, dropping her skirt down in place. “OK. . . umm . . was that . . . OK?” she asked uncertainly, looking around as if for something to now do. “And, why are you still . . stuck?”

Slowly coming back to my senses, I pressed the carefully positioned remote in my shoe with my toe. As the restraints released I literally fell on the floor.

“Are you all right?”, she asked helping me up.

“Yes . . Fine . . .Thanks . .”, I panted. I stood up, conscious of the sticky mess in my pants. “I’m gonna . . .” I gestures to my crotch, “Clean up . . ”

She nodded and took a step back. As I retreated to my room, I couldn’t help but notice how flushed she still was, her breathing still seemed a bit labored.

“Thanks” I said, closing my door.

My body was so spent I could’ve just collapsed on the bed and fallen asleep, but there was something in her manner that I just had to check on. I forced myself back into the control room.

I felt a quick jolt of panic as I looked at her room, at first not seeing anybody there (the bathroom door was wide open). But then I realized Ashley was in bed, tucked under the covers. By her movements, it first appeared as if she was crying, however as I turned the microphone up, I realized it was something else entirely.

I heard her sweet gasps, and the same rhythmic “uh, uh, uh . . ” from the day before as she secretly masturbated in her bed! In spite of my exhaustion, I felt my arousal build once more, and wished I could pull away those covers and see her manipulating that tender young body.

“Ooooh! . .. ..John! . .. ” I heard her whimper softly an her movements ceased. I couldn’t stop grinning as I walked out of the room to shower.

Chapter 10 – Sharing

After setting everything straight that afternoon, I opened both doors and we spent most of the rest of the day talking. I was a little disappointed to see that she has changed into sweat pants, but for some reason I wasn’t feeling as lustful as I had been, and just enjoyed spending some time with her.

We only spoke briefly about what happened, both of us alternating between acting shy and pretending it was no big deal. I wondered if she was thinking about the next time we would be forced together, wondering if it was something she perhaps was now looking forward to?

Predictably, my longing for her returned in full force that night however, as I could not get that wonderful image of Ashley standing there, displaying for me those cute white panties. Again I was disappointed in myself; although I had a great video of Ashley’s masturbating me, she obviously was not facing the camera, so the only pictures of her standing in those little cotton panties were in my head. In any case, I planned to get much closer to that alluring triangle of material, and the sweet tender flesh behind it the next day. I finally fell asleep, anticipating the next morning.

There was one simple note delivered to Ashley when she woke. She was to put on the restraints, hold up the newspaper and tell her parents that she was well. As she walked out of her room, I turned on the green light signaling the opening of my door in 10 minutes.

Wearing a blue pleated skirt and white button down sweater, Ashley looked every bit the cute school girl. As she looked into the camera and spoke to her parents, I wondered which pair of panties she was wearing today under that short skirt. I could hardly wait to find out.

Once she finished, I turned off the red light and watched her pull at the restraints. Although the cords had not retracted any more, allowing the full movement of her arms, they had not released their grip either. I picked up the piece of paper and went back into my room, waiting for the door to open.

“John!”, she called as I walked in. “This time I think it’s really stuck! Look!” She held up her arms, showing her freedom of movement. “And the light went off, but I think these are broken or something.” Ashley held out her wrists for my inspection.

I walked over to her, shaking my head slowly.

“What?” She asked, noticing my expression.

“I think you’re supposed to stay there a bit more.”, I said.

“Why do you say that?”, she asked suspiciously.

I held up the note I was carrying and showed it to her.




She turned an immediate shade of red, her breathing suddenly quickened.

“What. . . .you don’t have to . . . I can’t . . “, she stammered. This flustered girl standing against the wall was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

“It’s all right Ashley,” I said walking to her. “I don’t want you stuck on that wall all day.”

“But . . . but . . ” I thought she was going to hyperventilate, she was breathing so quickly. She was simply adorable.

I put my hand on her cheek and kissed her gently on her forehead. “Tell you what. I’ll do what I can, and if you need me to stop, or if I’m hurting you in some way, I’ll stop, OK?”

She nodded hesitantly, and I thought I had never seen someone so nervous.

I kneeled down slowly in front of her, until I was level with her waist. I looked up at her. “You ready?”

She looked down sheepishly. “I . . guess ..”, she replied quietly.”Give me your hands.” I asked. I gently lifted the front on her skirt and placed her hands on the hem, revealing her slightly shaking knees. “Now slowly lift your skirt . . . no slower . .”, I corrected as I wanted to savor every moment.

As the day before, I saw her toned legs revealed to me, awaiting that patch of cotton covering her sweet pussy, that place where I would force such pleasures upon her! But this time I was close enough to lick those young legs, those tender thighs. I placed my hands behind her legs and as her skirt moved upwards, my hands followed, sliding over her wonderfully smooth skin.

And then, between her closed thighs, the pale blue of her panties came sweetly into view, and I couldn’t help a sharp intake of breath, her pussy just inches away! Her hands froze at my gasp and I wondered if she had any idea, any clue as to how much I was enjoying this!

“Just a bit more Ashley . .”, I directed. She continued pulling her skirt upwards until she was fully revealed to me and I could see a half inch of white flesh between the blue top of her panties and the darker waistband of her skirt. I just stared, trying my hardest to memorize the glorious sight in front of me. I slowly let my hands travel up the back of her legs, running them over the back of her butt, finally feeling the smooth muscular cheeks through the thin cotton. It was everything I had dreamed it would be!

I looked up at her, at this gorgeous being standing over me, her skirt clutched almost to her chin, looking down at me with such an innocent, nervous expression. I smiled at her. “You are so beautiful.” She smiled back, as her blush deepened.

I turned my attention back to her crotch, staring lustfully straight ahead. I leaned in slightly and breathed in the wonderful smell of her most private area, a sweet smell of lingerie and female arousal. I no longer cared if she knew how much I was enjoying this, how much I lusted for her!

My hands slid off of her buttocks and back down to behind her knees. “Lean back against the wall”, I said quietly. As she leaned back, I pulled her knees forward, trying to give her some stability. Staring at the blue gusset at her crotch, I slowly pulled her legs apart revealing to me that wonderful gap between her thighs. When her legs were about shoulder length apart, I stopped again to admire my little Ashley, leaning against the wall in such a provocative pose.

With the increasingly loud sound of her breathing above me, I leaned forward and tilted my head slightly underneath her and gently touched her most sensitive place with my lips.

“Uhh!”, she murmured softly, and I felt a shiver run through her body. It was such a sweet sound! Using just my lips, I began gently and slowly nibbling at her pussy through the flimsy blue material.

Her body started rocking slowly, meeting my mouth with peck, each kiss. I heard her start to whimper softly.

Though the ever dampening material I began to lightly gnaw at her folds, doing my best to tease her as much as possible, trying to generate as much desire in her body as I possibly could! I ran my tongue lightly up the center of her panties, careful to let up the pressure when I reached the little bud of her clitoris. And as each lick neared this sensitive spot I would have to move slightly back to avoid her body’s attempt for more stimulation as she pressed herself towards me.

“Ooh, Ooh, Ooh . . . John . . .that feel . . . so good, . . so good . . .”

I pulled back just a few inches and watched her continue thrusting her pelvis towards me in the same rhythm, her body searching out the pleasure that was suddenly taken away.

“Uhhh!”, she all but whined. “Please, please, . . . don’t stop that ..!” Her hips thrust forward sliding her a few inches down the wall her crotch splayed openly before me.

I reached forward with my left hand and hooked into the leg band of her panties, soaked from both my saliva and her arousal. I slowly pulled them aside and viewed the gorgeous glistening wet folds of her womanhood, the sparse light blond hairs above. She breathed in suddenly, knowing what was about to come.

I slowly touched my tongue to her bare flesh at the bottom of her opening and slowly licked upwards as a moan rose from Ashley above. When I made contact with her clitoris, her hands flew to the back of my head dropping her skirt around me.

“Oh my god . . .Oh my god . ..Oh my god . . “, she whimpered and I hungrily attacked her with my lips and tongue. I brought my right hand up to her and slowly inserted my first finger into her, feeling her vaginal walls clench around it. She lifted her left leg and hooked it over my shoulder. “So. . .so good . good!”

I had only slid my finger in and out a few times when she suddenly, and with surprising force, pulled my head towards her, letting forth a long guttural moan.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!”. Her body spasmed for a moment, the intense orgasm paralyzing her as her thighs squeezed tightly around my head. I lessened the pressure of my tongue on her and slowly pulled back, allowing her to collapse against the wall, her hands now held above her in their restraints above.

I got up and looked at her sitting against the wall with her eyes closed, still breathing heavily in post orgasmic bliss. I pressed the release and her arms flapped to her sides. I kneeled next to her and she looked up at me with a shy smile on her face.

“That was . . . incredible.”, she said. “Nobody ever . . . I didn’t know it could be that . . intense!”.

I sat down next to her and she leaned her head on my shoulder. I took the loosened restraints off her hand by hand. “My pleasure Ashley. I . . really enjoyed doing that for you.” She rested her hand on my chest and snuggled closer.

Of course I was now almost painfully aroused. I wondered if she could possibly be unaware of my erection. I was just about to mention my state to her, ask if she could help me, when she spoke in a quiet voice.

“John? Do you think . . ..” Her hand slid down my chest to my stomach. “Do you think I’m supposed to do that . . to you now?” I couldn’t help but lift my hips, meeting her hand as it slid over the bulge in my pants. She began lightly rubbing me as she has the previous day.

My mind went blank at the pleasure of her touches, the possibility of what she was offering. “I . .I think so . .”, I managed to say in gasps.

She sat up and clumsily fumbled at the top button on my jeans. Unable to wait for her I quickly unzipped my pants and in one motion bared myself from the waist down.

Ashley just sat there for a moment looking a bit stunned, staring at my bare penis. I have what I’ve always believed to be average sized equipment, so I was at first a little surprised at her hesitation.

“Have you ever . . done this before?” I asked.

She looked at me, smiled unsurely and said “Not really. . . but I . . . I know what to do.” She reached for me.

I almost blew my load the moment she grabbed me in her hand. I saw that adorable face, those luscious lips descend upon my cock and take it in her mouth.

“Ouch!”, I exclaimed as she gagged, scraping her teeth on me as she jerked her head back.

“Sorry!” Her hand froze still clutching me as she looked up guiltily.

“Keep going . .” I urged, placing my hand over hers, guiding it up and down my shaft. “You don’t have to put it all in . . . ” Her tugs were getting stronger and faster and I knew I was already close. “Just. . . the tip. . .”

She shook her head in understanding and seemed to redouble the speed of her hand. I thought she was going to tear my penis clean off! But when she bend over and placed the tip of my penis in her lips, the wonderful sensation, her pretty mouth, I could hold back no longer.

“AAAASHLEEEY!”. The first spurt went in her mouth, causing her to jerk her head back off of me. and she received the next wad on her forehead and then another on her chin. I had to put my hand on hers to stop her from pumping away at my now oversensitive and quickly deflating penis as she stared openmouthed at her hand.

“Sorry, sorry! I . . . didn’t think it would happen like that.” She finally let go.

I sat there for a moment collecting my thoughts. And although I had just received the worst blow job of my life, I was ecstatic over what had just occurred, what Ashley had volunteered to do!

“That was awful wasn’t it?”

I put my hand to her cheek. She was such a sweet girl. “You are so adorable Ashley. It was . . nice.”

She looked doubtfully at me. “You’re lying.” I smiled. “Well I’m gonna clean myself up.” She stood up, running her hand through the sticky hair at her bangs. “But I’ll do better next time.” And with one last shy smile, she retreated to her room.

Chapter 11 – Affection

I left both doors locked the rest of the morning and left the house to run a few errands and restock the supplies I needed to keep the house running. I couldn’t stop thinking about Ashley and how cute she was in her first attempted blowjob! On a whim I decided to stop into the local library to browse the DVDs they had.

I pocketed the copy of “The Princess Bride” and brought it back to the house to watch with Ashley. I realized how much I was looking forward to spending time with her, and it seemed like a feeling beyond just my chronic lust. I really liked this girl.

We hung out together that afternoon, with just a quick mention of that morning’s activities, acting like it was no big deal. We played a few games of Scrabble that I had brought that first night from her house, and talked more about our lives before imprisonment and when we thought we’d be released (by her calculations it would be in about a week). I played my part, speculating with her about our parents, our captor’s motives and our release, but found it more and more difficult to keep up the charade.

I had us both go to our rooms late in the afternoon so I could prepare her dinner (run out to the local convenience store for a salad), but opened both doors afterwards so we could again be together to eat.

I showed her the movie I “requested”, and we settled down lying in her bed watching the movie. I have to say, it was so wonderful holding her like that, watching my portable DVD player in bed, just like a normal couple. It was so. . .comfortable.

She must have dozed off towards the end of the movie, and I quietly got up from the bed, careful not to wake her. I pulled the covers up to her shoulders, gave her a little kiss on her cheek and took a step back. She looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping there.

Tired myself, I crossed the main room and collapsed in my bed. I was too exhausted to exit through the secret door and figured I would just get a little sleep here.

As I drifted off to sleep, the last thing on my mind was locking the doors.

“John?” I opened my eyes to see Ashley standing next to my bed in the white t-shirt and sweatpants she was wearing during the movie.

“Yea?” I sat up, at first a little panicked at what was happening. “What time is it?” I finally realized my failure to lock her in her room.

“Only 11:00 or so, I think.” She shuffled her feet looking down.

“What is it?” I asked, sensing something was wrong.

“I got another note just now.” I sat up, now really confused. Did I forget about a note I left? I tried to pull myself together. No, I was sure there was no note.

She looked up at me. “I’m supposed to . . . . Make love to you.” She looked down shyly. “Is that OK?”

I sat there stunned. I couldn’t believe what was happening. But I was certainly in no mind to call her bluff. “Yes Ashley. I would like that.”

Ashley looked up at me and smiled. She bent down and pulled off her sweatpants, revealing a cute pair of plain white panties. I swung my legs off the side of the bed and placed my hands on her hips as she lifted her shirt off, revealing the soft wonderful globes of her breasts. Her hands went to the sides of my head as I leaned in and took her right nipple into my mouth, eliciting a moan of pleasure as I rolled the hardening nub between my lips.

She pushed me gently on my back and stepped out of her panties. I had just a second to admire her perfect naked young body before she climbed into bed, straddling me. She leaned down, and for the first time our lips met as she kissed me. I felt dizzy as I put my hand behind her head, my tongue parting her sweet lips. We kissed passionately and she started grinding herself into my enlarging penis.

“Take off your pants.” I did.

She smiled and lightly grabbed me, guiding the head of my cock to the folds of her wet pussy. I felt all sorts of wonderful sensations as she began to slide herself onto me. But suddenly she froze.

I looked up and saw the look of distress in her eyes. “Have you ever done this before?” I asked, aching to plunge myself all of the way into her.

“Sort of . . . ”

“We’ll just go slow.” I assured her, trying to relax myself. “Don’t move.”

I placed my right hand on her stomach, turning my thumb down, and gently began stroking her clitoris. She closed her eyes and after a minute or so of my manipulations, I felt her body relax and she eventually slid down fully on me. We stayed like this for a moment or two and I could feel her body reacting more and more to my thumb’s administrations.

Ashley started swaying her hips in time with my strokes, finally sliding herself slightly up and down my shaft. She began grunting as her body more and more enthusiastically rode me, my cock awash in pleasure. Slowly I saw all discomfort leave her face replaced by that look of pleasure I was now so addicted to! Her eyes unfocused, her body bucking on me, my thumb steadily matching her movements. And when that body which I now knew so well was on the verge, I pulled her to me, covering her mouth with my own, stifling her cries as she climaxed upon me.

When I felt her body tense, the walls of her pussy spasming, clutching me within her, her bare breasts mashed against my chest, I gave one final thrust as far into her as I could and emptied myself inside her.

We laid there breathing heavily, my shrinking member still inside her warm grasp and fell asleep. The last thing I heard while holding her was a whispered, “I love you John”.

The next morning I woke up as Ashley was putting her clothes back on.

“Good morning sleepyhead!”, she said brightly, kissing my cheek. “I’m going to take a shower; you go back to sleep!” She looked around. “I don’t know why they left the doors unlocked all night. Maybe they’ll be opened all the time now!” She gave me another light kiss before walking out of the room.

When I heard her door close, I waited a few minutes then locked the doors. I obviously could not leave them open all day, as the only time I had to prepare everything was when she thought I was safely locked in my room. But before I left I wanted to see her just a bit more.

In the control room, I watched her emerge from the bathroom fully dressed in a sweater and jeans, and I had to smile when I heard her say “Aww man!”, when she found the door to be locked. She looked around the room, pulled a book off her desk, plopped on the bed and started reading.

Oddly enough, I started feeling a little dirty watching her like that. I switched off the monitor and went upstairs.

The rest of the day was pretty much like the previous one, locking us up for hours at a time, but also giving plenty of time for us to hang out, play games, or simply talk We spoke of ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, and of her only other sexual encounter which was painful and entirely unfulfilling. I told her of my first time, and how confused and inept I was, having no idea what I was doing.

“Well you certainly know what you’re doing now.” She looked down smiling. “I never knew I could . . feel like you make me feel.”

I took her hand in mine. “I love making you feel that way.”

She blushed. “I want YOU to feel that way,” she answered. She looked up at me. “And tonight I’m going to try again!” I smiled and looked away. “OK, now it’s your turn.” She said, surveying the Scrabble letters before her.

I attempted the difficult task of turning my thoughts back to the board between us.

Chapter 12 – Lessons

Later that evening I sat in my bed waiting for my door to open. I had released Ashley a few minutes before my door would unlock, and wondered if she’d be waiting there for me, eager to fulfill her promise made to me that morning. And as I heard the locking mechanism disengage and the door open, there was my sweet Ashley standing in the doorway.

“Hi John.”

I stood up and went to her, kissing her gently on the mouth. “Ashley . . .you look beautiful.” I put my hands behind her and cupped her pert bottom through her jeans.

She smiled up at me. “It’s not about me now. . . It’s about you.” She pushed me gently towards the bed. “Lie down, I have something for you.”

“First I want to show you something Ashley.” I turned and sat her on the bed. “Lie down.”

“But I wanted to . . “, she began pouting.

“I know, I know. And I’ll let you, but I wanted to show you something first.” With a mock scowl, she allowed me to lie her on the bed.

“Do you know what I like the most about pleasuring you?” I asked as I quickly undid the button and zipper on hr pants. I pulled them off, displaying her cute green and white striped panties. “It’s the control I get over you.” I pulled her shirt over her head, leaving it bunched up at her wrists above her head. “Keep your hand there,” I commanded. She nodded.

“The control I have when you become a slave to the pleasures you’re feeling.” I opened the clasp at the front of her bra, pulling each cup away to lay at her sides. “When your body aches for more, and you are helpless to it’s demands.” I started sliding my hands over the body stretched out before me, carefully avoiding any direct contact with her beautiful breasts or her panty clad pussy.

“The way you squirm as you are now, trying to get me to touch you here, ” I ran my hand over her left breast, flicking her erect nipple with my thumb as it passed. Her body shook and she let out a gasp. “Or here.” My other hand slid up her inner thigh, slowing as I traced the folds of her pussy through the gusset of her panties. Ashley moaned as she pressed her hips upwards.

I continued this massage, only occasionally touching her most sensitive areas. I could see her eyes glassing over as her body tried to increase the pressure of my touches.

“I want you to want to be touched, to need to be touched.” Her body twisted sensually beneath my touch. I continued running my hands over her perfect, tight little body. Her movements became more insistent.

“Please touch me!” She pleaded quietly, her head turned to the side, her body squirming under my hands.

I bent my head down and began running my tongue in circles around first one erect nipple then the other. At the same time I brought one hand to her crotch and ever so lightly ran my finger up and down the front of her panties.

“John . . please . . please!” I flicked her nipple with my tongue eliciting a moan as she jutted her chest out to me.

I slipped my fingers inside the front of her panties and watched her face as I gently stroked my finger through her wet folds.

“Ooooh . .”, she moaned, closing her eyes. She started bringing her hands down, prompting me to pull them back over her head.

“No Ashley, keep them here.” I whispered in her ear, increasing my touch inside her. I continued sweetly masturbating her like this, with one hand in her panties and the other holding her hands above her. Seeing her stretched out like this, I couldn’t help but take her breast in my mouth again, increasing her body’s squirms.

I could sense she was nearing her climax and eased the pressure of my finger dancing on her sensitive bud. “This is the best part.” She looked up at me through half open eyes. “You don’t cum when you want to cum.” I had to raise and lower my hand to keep the pressure light as she bucked her hips. “You cum when I let you.”

The frustration on her face was delightful! “I want to . . “, she pleaded. “I want to now . . . .” I continued my light strokes for a few minutes more, drawing out this wonderful scene.

I smiled at the beautiful creature spread out before me, lost in her desire and need. “OK Ashley.” I increased the pressure on her and she shut her eyes once more, as she continued to grind herself into me. “Uh!, uh!, uh!, uh! . ..”

“Look at me Ashley.”

She opened her eyes to me. Her grunts getting louder and higher pitched and I knew her climax was near.

“Keep looking at me Ashley . . .”

“Uh! . . . uh! . uh!. . Uhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaah!” Her eyes seemed to lose focus but she kept them open to me as her body convulsed with another powerful orgasm. I can’t describe what an unbelievable sight it was to see my sweet Ashley, experiencing nothing but ecstasy and the pleasure jolting through her sweet little body!

As her climax subsided and she relaxed back against the bed, I kissed her gently on the mouth, keeping one finger pressed against her.

“And now I know how sensitive you will be down here, so I must slowly release my stimulation.” She nodded dreamily to me and exhaled loudly as I removed my finger from her.

“That’s what I love Ashley, giving you that pleasure. I love being the one to make you feel it.” She took my hands in hers and brought them to her face, resting her cheek against them, her eyes closed.

“So Ashley, are you ready to try again?” She smiled and nodded her head. “I’ll go back in my room and give you some time to collect yourself. Come when you’re ready.” I stood up to leave but she held on to my hands. She smiled and opened her eyes.

“Make sure you have no clothes on when I get there. . . ” She let go.

My knees shook as I walked back into my room. I climbed under the covers and took off all of my clothes as I thought about Ashley, her sweet orgasms, and what I knew she would soon be coming here to do! But one thought suddenly intruded, interrupting all others. It didn’t surprise me as I thought it would.

I loved her.

It wasn’t about her pert little ass, or her beautiful smile, or even the pleasures I so enjoyed giving to her. It was everything about her. This obviously was never part of my “plan”, but it had happened none the less!

“John?” My thoughts were interrupted as I looked over to see my sweet Ashley, dressed only in her green and white striped panties and a green satin camisole on top. She looked the perfect mix of sexy, beautiful and adorable, all in one stunning girl.

She walked casually over to my bed and pulled off the covers, exposing my completely naked body to her. She leaned her thighs against the bed, arching her back to press her pelvis towards me. My eyes fixated on the gusset of her panties and the sweet flesh within.

She looked down at me, staring at her. “I know you like seeing me in my panties don’t you?” She asked, drawing her fingers across my chest. “You like touching me there don’t you?”. I nodded, hesitantly. Her hand swirled over my body. “Would you like to touch me now?”

In a trance, I slowly raised my right hand across my body and slipped my fingers into the warmth between her legs as she closed them, trapping my fingers against the bottom of the green and white fabric. At just that moment her passing hand brushed against the side of my penis.

I involuntarily raised my body to follow her hand as it passed back up to my chest.

“Yes, I think you do like that don’t you?” I tried sliding my fingers along her pussy, but she kept her legs clenched, rocking her body back and forth with my stuck hand. “Now John, this isn’t about me now, it’s about you.” Her hand brushed over the sensitive underside of my penis, my body again trying to follow her moving hand. I looked up at her and the big grin on her face. “Tell you what, why don’t you put your other hand over here.” She removed my right hand from her crotch and picked up my left hand to put it on her right buttock behind her. I immediately began kneading that wonderful flesh. My right hand reached again for her, but she slapped it down to my side.

“That’s better.” She continued running her hand lightly over my body, careful to only give the slightest stimulation to my erection.

“I bet you’d like to lick me there too wouldn’t you.”

“Yes”, I croaked out, barely recognizing my voice. Her hand lingered on my penis as she cocked her head as if deep in thought.

“Well, maybe just . . one . . lick .. ” Ashley slowly raised her left leg and brought it over my head, straddling my face. She now had one foot on the floor her right thigh by my left cheek, and her other knee on the bed by the right side of my head. That sweet pussy was hovering just inches from my face! My right arm snaked around her left thigh and I pulled her even closer. I inhaled her sweet smell and felt her increase her the pressure slightly on my throbbing hard-on. I gently nibbled on her panties, just at the spot where I knew her clitoris to be.

I heard her sharp intake of breath. “Just one lick John”. She scolded, although her voice lost some of it’s previous control. As I increased the pressure, kneading her little button through her gusset, her body began responding, I heard her start to pant. Her hand left my cock and instead was used to steady herself on me. I extended my tongue and slowly traced upwards, eliciting a guttural moan as I finished the stroke.

“OK, “she said panting as if out of breath as she suddenly pulled off of my mouth, putting both feet back on the floor. She smiled at my look of astonishment as she backed away, running her hand over the front of her panties, pressing into herself. “Mmmmm. You almost had me there. . .” She gave a mischievous grin.

Now standing at the bed by my waist, she kneeled down and took my cock in her hand. She slowly and gently started licking upwards. First the sides, then the top, and then the underside. When she reached near the tip of the underside I let out a deep moan and arched my body to her, as if my penis was seeking out her lips.

“Oh! I think you liked that!” She then began experimenting with her licks and nibbles, gauging my reaction to find the most effective administration of her affections.

I was in tortuous ecstasy, watching my beautiful Ashley lavishing such attentions on me, watching her sweet mouth play all over my raging hard on. It was all I could do to resist grabbing her head and forcing myself inside her sensual mouth!

She began stroking up and down with her fist on the lower half of my shaft, leaving any stimulation of the sensitive underside at the top to her lightly darting tongue and gentle lips. I spread my legs and threw my head back in frustration. My head spun, the feeling too exquisite. “Ashley!”, I called out.

Without looking up, or faltering in her administrations, she replied, “Yes?”.

“Please . . please . .” I bucked my hips trying to either force myself into her mouth or at least have her pumping hand reach the top of my over stimulated penis.

“Please?”, she asked, her beautiful eyes now on me, her lips running back an forth against my most sensitive spot. “Please what?” I could see her try to keep her lips in contact with me as she smiled.

“Please . . your mouth! Take me in your mouth!”. Her smile widened and she stuck her tongue out, licking up and down where her lips just were.

“Please . .” I pleaded weakly.

Her head bobbed more exaggeratedly as she increased the stoke of her tongue more and more until her mouth opened wide and she finally took me into her sweet warm, wet, wonderful mouth.

“Oh Ashley, Ashley!” I cried out at the wonderful sensations, her tongue still pressing on that same spot, but now with the full pressure I so badly needed. I felt as if every nerve of my body was right there, basking in the wonders of that mouth!

“Ashley . .Ashley . .Ashley! . . .Ohhhhhh!” I grabbed the sheets beside me as my body arched, trying to get as much of myself into her as possible. I thought I would pass out as I finally came into her, shooting wave after wave of my semen shooting into her mouth.

I sunk back into the bed, Ashley’s mouth still clamped around my spent penis, her throat gently working as she swallowed the last of my fluids. I was entirely spent.

After a few moments lying like that I felt her open her mouth and release my penis, which seemed to shrink and pull back as if in protest. She crawled up kneeling beside me.

“Was that better?”

I looked up at the sweet eager face in front of me. “Well I don’t think it can get better than that!”

She squealed in delight and threw herself down on me, burrowing her face in my neck, hugging me tightly. “Doesn’t mean I can’t try does it?”

Chapter 13 – Honeymoon

The next few days it was like we were newlyweds locked in our rooms on our honeymoon. With the exception of the few hours I needed to tend to the house (and her “newspaper” sessions), I left both doors open and we spent most of the time together.

We made love each day, and would play sex games with each other, seeing who could get the other one more aroused, who would be the first to lose control and give in to the other’s manipulations.

Even our captivity didn’t seem to bother her anymore, and she inevitably started talking about life when we got out, and how much her parents and friends would like me. I don’t know if she noticed how quiet I would get at these times, or how I never brought the subject up myself.

I knew I only had a few more days if I were to carry out my plan that I had so carefully prepared for these past months.

And when Ashley said, as she so often did after lovemaking, “I love you John.”, I heard myself say, “I love you too Ashley. . .. I really do.” I knew things had to change.

Chapter 14 – All Good Things Must End

That night, two weeks after I first took Ashley from her house, I brought her into my room. On my desk, I had a bottle of wine on a sheet, two burning candles and two salads. Her eyes went wide when she saw the display.

“What’s this?” She turned to me. “How?”

“I begged!” I lied, shrugging my shoulders. “I asked for candles, the wine, a box of chocolates and two gourmet meals. Well, this is what they gave me!” I looked over the salads. “I think these are from Wendy’s.”

She laughed and grabbed me for a hug. “It’s perfect. Thank you John.” She raised her head to me and we kissed. “But if I knew you were getting Wendy’s I would’ve asked for a Frosty!”

We ate dinner, drinking red wine out of paper cups, acting as if we were on a date at some fancy restaurant. And that was it. I so wished I could take her out. Go somewhere normal with her. Hell, I wanted to meet her parents, her friends! And look at what I’ve done.

But I wanted to have at least this to remember her by. A small glimpse of what could have been, if I spent all of that time an energy getting to know her, trying to win her love, rather than forcing it from her.

She seemed a little tipsy, telling me she hardly ever drank and I made sure to limit her to one small cup. She was so adorable, excitedly telling me stories of her exploits with her friend Ellen, gesturing wildly with her hands, apologizing sweetly for her enthusiasm, blaming the wine.

And I just stared at her.

I suddenly stood up, and pulled her up beside me.

“I love you so much Ashley.” I felt tears well in my eyes. She looked up to me sympathetically.

“I know . ..” She smiled, wiping away the tear running down my cheek. “I’ll be OK! It’ll be wonderful!”

We embraced, kissing passionately, my hands pulling her top over her head.

We undressed quietly and crawled into bed.

I rolled on top of her, kissing her tenderly. I turned her head, kissing her neck, then traveled down to her breasts, lavishing my love upon perfect chest. I continued down, rubbing my face down her tight stomach, kissing and kissing until I reached her naked pussy.

I simply kissed her. Time and again, not teasingly, but out of the sheer love I felt for her. I began traveling back up, and when I reached her mouth I leaned back and slipped myself into her.

I slowly pulled in and out, trying to feel every nerve of my penis inside her, trying to transmit as much of myself to her as I could.

I kept my eyes locked on hers as our rhythm increased, not a sound coming from either of us. Then she threw her head back, moaning with her sudden orgasm, her body’s clenching sending me over the edge as well.

We laid there holding hands as I waited for her to fall asleep. And when I was sure she did, I got out of bed, took the chloroform out of the hidden doorway in the bathroom, and pressed the rag to her face.

Chapter 14 – Gone

And so Ashley, as you awaken back in your own room in your parent’s house, you find this last envelope. I give you this written tale of my life since that first time I saw you.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I lied to you all this time, but I give this to you now as a sort of confessional to you. I want to apologize, to tell you how sorry I am to have done this to you, but I know how hollow that would sound. I have no right to be forgiven.

If this were a movie, perhaps I’d tell you what I did and you’d be angry at first before eventually coming back to me and we’d live happily ever after. I can’t tell you how much I wish it were so, how I long to have a future with you. But I know what I have done, and I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you, my sweet Ashley.

Please log into your email and change your password. You can see the emails you’ve received these past weeks, and my replies as I pretended I was you, assuring your friends and family that you were busy but fine. I have no right to ask, but I have done my best to give you the chance to go on with your life as if these past weeks never happened. I know the police is the more likely course.

Finally, in your address book I have created a new entry for “John”. I realized that I could not possibly leave you without some hope that you may one day forgive me. And so I leave you this email address which I will check, most likely every day for the rest of my life. I am well aware that you could share this address with the police, perhaps luring me out of hiding for my capture. I have decided it is worth that risk to keep my hope alive.

By the time you read this, I will be on my way out of the country with a new identity which I have created over the last few months. I have twice now lost my loves, the first taken from me, and the second I have ruined myself.

I love you Ashley. I can’t tell you how much I wished I had approached you that first day, said “Hello”, bought you that first cup of tea. I wish things were different.

By Jumpinjetta

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