Married Lady forcibly Fucked by multiple men

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Shalini had just got back from office when she got a call from her husband Ravi.

“Honey , How are you doing ” Ravi’s voice sounded impatient

” I am fine …wassup with you ? Anything serious ? ” Shalini replied

” Yeah Shalini ..actually you remember me telling you about the man who used to work for my father ? ”

“No….I mean I do not recollect ” Shalini replied after a pause of few seconds

” Okay…few weeks back I met an accountant who used to assist my dad in his business…a middle aged man ..I never knew he was a native of the town we are in ..” Ravi paused for a moment

“I am all ears” Shalini had to respond..

“Yeah, so I promised to help him get few government contracts..he will pay you a visit in a short time..there are few contract documents lying on the first shelf inside the cup-board need to hand over those ..” Ravi spoke in one breath

“But he knows that you are not here ? ”

” I am not sure….I did not have his mobile number..So I requested an office boy to pass him on the message…” Ravi explained

“Okay….Don’t worry Ravi..I will manage..anything else ? ”

“No that’s all…Thanks a lot …and how is everything Honey ? ”

“It’s been manageable till now…but I have been missing you like anything ..When you are coming back ? ” Shalini sounded a little exasperated

“Honey….I understand ..even I miss you like hell ! I have already talked to the director…hopefully will be back in a month …”

“Love you !! Take care !!”
“Love you too….I might not come for skype chat tonite ..Sorry ..Bye”
“Its okay Bye” smiled Shalini before Ravi hung up from the other side.

Ravi and Shalini have been married for almost 4 years now .Ravi is a senior engineer with the state government. Recently, they shifted to this small town in Uttar Pradesh from Mumbai since Ravi was assigned the duty of supervising a hydel power project of the government to be commissioned near that town.But just three months into this new place, Ravi had to make a trip to Japan to recruit few part-time engineers for the project leaving behind Shalini and their *** son Akash.

“Akash..beta an uncle might come to visit us …no more TV go sleep for a while…lots of homework to be done at night ” Shalini literally forced her son to hit the bed and herself went for a shower !

Shalini’s life revolves around her son Akash. She is a MBA from a reputed institute.Before she took a career break due to childbirth, she was one of the most promising talent for the MNC bank she was working for.But she was happy to sacrifice everything for the sake of her baby.But its not that she sat all idle ever since.She had utilized this time to complete her PhD.Nowadays, she is working as a freelancer financial adviser which means she needs to visit client office only once every fortnight and work from home on the rest of the days.Balancing everything in hubby’s absence is tricky, but she is managing it with elan.

“I don’t think I should put on a pair of jeans …These small town folks can be awful ” Thought Shalini to herself.

Shalini is certainly one of the most attractive ladies of that dusty town.Getting sight of such hot married beauty is a rarity in the town which have still not seen prosperity and the consumerism of metro cities of India. Shalini stands 5 feet 5 inches tall with assets reading 36-28-36 ; perfect even by the standard of american porn stars.
Ravi would often tease her ” Any American blue film director would offer millions to cast you !! ”
To which Shalini would turn red and scold him back ” Just shut up Ravi !!”

Shalini knows the reason why men find her irresistible : Its her huge boobs which have not lost any tightness even after 4 years of marriage.In fact after marriage,her breasts have only grown in size.Standing in front of the mirror in bra and panty, she could not decide what to wear : a traditional salwar kameez or a kurti. Dressing up in that town was actually quite difficult for Shalini. The first day after shifting here , she went out to the local market in a pair of jeans and that was an unforgettable experience.She felt like being gangraped by everyone in that market right from the sabziwallah to the auto drivers.She has never ever come across such dirty ogling in her 30 years of life.In Mumbai, she remembered being ogled at only when she roamed in shorts or miniskirts !! Its a different world here altogether !!

Life otherwise was lonely for Shalini. Her late father was a professor; so staying in a small town was not something new for her.But this time it is very different.She does not have a real companion here. Ravi has been her only friend and she definitely missed him.More than the physical pleasures, she missed a real and only companion in the form of her hubby.

The trail of thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ring.

“Namaste Madam ,I have come for the contract papers. !!”

“Namaste ..Yeah ..please come in and have a seat ”

“Thank you ..I already got Ravi’s message ..and Sorry for bothering you..I mean those files are little urgent ” the man stood still and looked to be in hurry !!

Shalini replied in a reassured tone “I will get at once !! You seem to be in great hurry …Ahh?”

The man smiled discreetly and pointed towards the window of the drawing room “I don’t think you have seen those dark cloud cover. barish aane wala hain ..and I have a bike”

Shalini went near the window “Ohh ..Its already drizzling !!! ” She added ” Don’t take the paper out in this rain…plus you will be drenched”

Finally Both sat down on the sofa facing each other. He was a strong tall man with broad shoulders and thick muscular arms.He must be over forty at-least appearance wise. He was medium complexioned, but have tanned considerably over the years.His bushy eyebrows and moustache gave a queer look to his face.His small eyes somewhat revealed that he was a man of little words and clarity in thought.He was wearing a half sleeve shirt and trousers which Shalini could make out was not very expensive.But the gold plated wristwatch he was wearing was expensive ; must be a wedding gift thought Shalini.

“That’s kind of you Madam !! …”

Shalini interrupted “Call me just Shalini and you are …”

“Kishore ….KishoreLal Singh…I am a native of this town… Many years back I used to work as an accountant for your father-in-law in Pune..your husband was a teenager then…..Left all those and started a construction business ..that was 07 years back….”

“Thats interesting…Entrepreneurs …we don’t have too many these days..” Shalini’s eyes showed her genuine interest which was quickly picked up by Kishore !

“Himmat aur mehenat karne wale kitna milega aapko ? Sab American MNC pe jaate hain …Big Salary ..Big house…Pretty Wife…Village main Business kaun karte hain ? ..” Kishore spoke passionately

“Exactly…This has been modern India’s problem…So Kishore Saab your family ?”

“Yea Wife and one son ..they live in our ancestral village…son will move to higher secondary school…Shalini.aapke bete ko nehi dekh rahe ?”

“He is sleeping upstairs naughty devil…”

They talked for some 20 minutes. May be because of his experience or age or whatever, there was a sense of professionalism and purpose in that man which Shalini really liked.The man spoke of his myriad experiences around business and discussed books and movies also.It was difficult for her to believe the almost semi-educated looking small town man was actually an avid reader specially Hindi literature.

“So you thought we small town folks don’t read ? You must have believed our only pastime is country liquor ? ” Kishore said and grinned loudly
Shalini could only mutter a shy “No” and then asked “Tea or coffee ?”

“Tea….this habit of mine is rather small townish…”

Even Shalini could not help but laugh.

While making tea Shalini thought to herself ” this man certainly have taste quite uncommon of a small-time trader !! May be it’s because this is the first man I am talking for so long after shifting here ..!!”

Meanwhile Kishore rose up from the sofa and went near a money plant carefully examining it.But his real gaze was on Shalini. Such a beauty.Ahh ! Shalini wore a green half sleeved kurti and matching churidar. The kurti was decent by all standards but slightly tight at chest which meant her 36D boobs was looking as alluring as ever. Kishore could not recall having seen such big,round,ripe pairs of mango ever in life.

“Bitch ..did not bother to put a dupatta also!!! ” thought Kishore

As Shalini have almost finished making tea, Kishore asked “Hey can I just examine the money plants in the staircase…”

Shalini replied ” Ohh you seem to love plants also…sure….have a look ”

Kishore climbed 4-5 steps through the stairs and positioned himself above the sofa set.Just then Shalini came near the glass center table and bent to keep the tray carrying the tea cups. For a fraction of second,Kishore could catch Shalini’s juiciest cleavage without Shalini even getting an inkling of what is happening since she had her back to the staircase.She could not even understand that money plant was just a pretence, the real reason for Kishore climbing the stairs was something different.Due to his superior height,Kishore could see deep inside her kurti and could even make out her black bra clearly.

He felt a definite tightness in his trousers as he descended down the stairs……and thought to himself “Lucky Bastard Ravi….must be drinking her milk like crazy every night !!”

Shalini ,totally oblivious of the entire exploits innocently asked Kishore “So you into gardening ..that is impressive !!”

Kishore could only unmindfully pick up the cup of tea.

Shalini got the papers from the cupboard and handed over to him “Here are your documents..”

The rain outside was incessant with no sign of slowing down !!

She looked outside and commented ” Kishore saab you wait .Its raining too badly even now !!”

Shalini felt KishoreLal is a man who have weathered tough crises throughout life which have made him tough yet gentle from outside. Yet from time to time, she distinctly realized the man was stealing furtive glances at her boobs and occasionally from head to toe.His gaze did make her uncomfortable but not angry.After all, it is not the man’s fault. It is the first time Shalini is meeting a colleague of Ravi in his absence.Considering her assets and the circumstances, she should have put on a loose salwar kameez.

But overall, she found Kishore interesting.A rugged and strong character !!

“So, doing business here must be tough ..I mean lot of politicians hungry for money and blah blah !! ” Shalini tried to strike up a somewhat different conversation.

“Mrs. Shalini I must say you have kept yourself well informed about small time traders in India..I did not expect this out of a modern urbane good looking Indian lady who worked as a manager in a MNC !!”

” I have already told you I had a different sort of upbringing and I must say you are way too more educated and well read than I expected of a half brute small town man ” Shalini giggled which made Kishore burst into a roar of laughter !

“Yes doing business is tough and risky…and if you call me a brute …well…” Kishore interrupted and finished his tea…

He said ” I think I need to go now..” and looked outside through the window and just then the bungalow got rattled by the sound of a roaring thunder ! The rain god showed no sign of mercy !!

But the impact of the thunder was so huge that the lights started to flicker and after few moments there was pitch black darkness !! It was a power cut !

Shalini heard Akash calling her “Momma..Momma…” probably in his sleep.The fear of darkness plagues all kids universally.Kishore helped Shalini to light two big candles with the luminesce of his cell phone.

Shalini rushed upstairs to Akash’s room only to find him frightened and sitting on the bed.She placed a candle on the bed-side table and pacified him. Akash hugged her, but soon snuggled under the blanket and went again to sleep. A long sports day at school have taken a heavy toll on the child.

Shalini came downstair and heard Kishore asking “Everything all right ?”
“Yeah..this is the first power cut I have experienced here …” she replied as the bushes on the other side of the road overlooking shalini’s bedroom seemed to be giant shadowy figures eavesdropping on her.The road outside looked deserted and dark with an eerie silence.Except the tick-tock of the clock,everything was so silent she could literally hear her improvised heart beats.Life here can be scary also even if you leave out the loneliness angle.Although, she was a bit relieved that a man was there in her house who can help her in need of an emergency.

But what was she scared of ? It was a puzzle even she was trying to unearth.May be because her bungalow is quite far from the nerve centre of the town , in a sparsely populated hamlet of the town.May be because she is a misfit in this town both culturally and emotionally.May be because she has heard and read gory stories of violence and murder in movies and books in the small towns of U.P.

Her trail of thoughts were interrupted “Madam…I need to leave now ..Its dark ..I do not know I would be able to reach home or not ”

Shalini instinctively replied ” The roads are submerged..its dark..i belive power will be restored soon even if the rain does not stop…Do not take this risk….I will make you another cup of tea”

Even in the flickering candle lights,Kishore felt something changed in her face.Was it her own vulnerability which made her stop him from going or is it she is genuinely concerned about his well-being ? But her face showed signs of vulnerability.It cannot be an imagination…thought Kishore.

As she moved into the kitchen,Kishore noticed she looked hot from behind also.Her boobs were so sexy,Kishore almost overlooked the fact that she is also endowed with beautiful shaped butts.The salwar she was wearing is decent from all angles, but still Kishore’s horny eyes could make out her fleshy,protruding ass like a pack of hyenas searching for prey.A denim jeans would have looked killer hot on that pair of ass !!

Kishore lit a cigarette and asked in a louder voice so that he can be heard across to the kitchen ” Ma’am Will you mind if I smoke ? I need the ash-tray !!”

“Yeah it is on the side table next to sofa ” Shalini replied as she came back with a cup of coffee for herself and tea for him.

Kishore puffed the cigarette,grinned and said “I forget to tell you ..the tea was indeed perfect..”

“Thank you”

“Shall I ask you something..”

“Go on”

Kishore paused and asked “Why Indian ladies loves Marlboro lights?” The tone had an air of rude sarcasm!!

Shalini’s smiling face furrowed for some time and she could not hide her amazement.

Kishore’s grin only grew larger….”The ash-tray had one half smoked cigarette stub of Marlboro Lights…Now ma’am that cannot be your hubby’s because men seldom smokes that brand..So it’s easy guess ”

Shalini broke in a small mischievous giggle.Visibly impressed she teasingly asked “So.Mr Sherlock how can you be so sure its not some other woman ?”

“Huh ! Come on..It’s not your Bombay….women have not ever heard of Marlboro Lights in these part of the world !!”

“Very rarely I do smoke..picked it up during MBA days..Last night was very boring ..So..” Shalini explained.

“Huh….fancy expensive imported brands…and that too you wasted almost the entire cigarette” Kishore picked up the stub from the ash-tray and threw it out of the window.

He gazed at her and spoke” You should have thrown the stub immediately…People here will judge you immediately if they find a married lady smoking ..”

Shalini protested ” No..I mean its so rarely I do not think anyone will ever find out”

Kishore asked in a low voice “What about trying a new brand ?” He offered her one from his own pocket.

“No..No..I am rarely into it….and very particular about brands …”

“It will help you ease those soothing nerves…Try it once…If you don’t like throw it ..”

“No please….I will never like..Its too heavy for me ” But KIshore have already lit the cigarette by that time.

She unwillingly took the cigarette from him and tried once.The harshness of the filterless nicotine took her by surprise and she started coughing.

“You will soon love the taste…”And abruptly he changed the topic diagonally and suddenly spoke “Are you really not very aware of the crime scene of the town ?”

Shalini could only nod her head as she tried to cope with the bouts of coughing !!

“There has been series of extortions happening since last month !! Ask any shop in the town and they will tell you same story..and these people kidnap small time business men if we refuse !! And now you realize why I have kept my wife and son back at village”

” That’s scary !! They harm women and children also ?” Shalini now liked the taste and feel of the cigarette may be unknowingly!!

But for Kishore, he could feel his erection growing strong. A hot sexy wife of his colleague enjoying a smoke with him!! In the flickering candle light,he looked at her beautiful pink lips which smoked the cigarette almost nonchalantly and her rising boobs which swelled when she tried to exhale the fumes.He recalled during early days of marriage ,he used to persuade his wife to wear hot skimpy dress and smoke just before and after sex so that he gets a feeling of fucking a high-class escort!! His wife never ever budged in to his demands of smoking.Even Kishore stopped persisting for his fetish after that !

“Yes…the family members of the business men are particularly at danger..” Kishore explained and continued ” But I do not think your husband realize such threats ..”

“My hubby ? What ? How is he into all this ? ” The cigarette almost fell off from her hands.

” Yea …Do not mind me telling you all this ..But your hubby had got involved into a dirty heated argument with a dangerous goon type man ..Your hubby was obviously trying to be a super honest government official !!”

“Who is the man ? What happened then ?”

“You have not heard Ravi saab speaking anything about this to you ?”


“Okay…the man knew about you !! He kept on threatening about harming his beautiful wife and cute son !!”

“That’s more irritating than scary..Why the hell he needs to get into quarrels with such animals ?” Shalini looked more irritated than scared.

“Honest men of ideals is your hubby !!” mocked kishore

The rain have stopped by now , but still the outside as dark as ever.Kishore stood up and bade goodbye.

“Thanks for such wonderful cups of tea” Kishore grinned

“I then must thank you for the cigarette ” blushed Shalini

“Ha..ha …I told you you will love the taste…Keep one more..”

“Shut up” Shalini replied but with a smiling face !!

“Okay as you wish….” Kishore crossed the front door and warned her ” Mrs. Shalini be alert…the man was constantly referring to “beautiful” wife of Ravi during the quarrel !! Shalini understood what he meant and looked down.

As they neared the doorway, Shalini asked “do the animal have a name also ?”
Kishore smirked ” Seems like you are desperate for the name ? What will you do? track him like Rani Lakshmibai ? ” A sarcastic laughter followed !!

“Ahmed is his name !! A 6 feet 4 inches tall giant ! With a huge cut mark under left eye !! If you ever visit your hubby’s construction site, you can surely find him somewhere…”

Shalini’s face colour had almost changed to a pale white. “A cut below eyes ?” she murmured unmindfully.

“Yup a cut below eyes ? What’s the matter with you ? You know the man ?”

“Absolutely No…”

“Okay goodbye” the Motorbike disappeared amidst darkness.

Shalini was deep in thoughts as she returned back to her drawing room ! She needs to cook as there is no sign of maid still !!

“Ahmed” Shalini muttered the name twice !! “A deep cut below left eye ” Yes she have definitely seen the man and that too amidst remarkable circumstances.

She remembered some 5-6 weeks back, she and Akash was alone at home around evening.It was a thursday like today and she had gone to the LIC office for her freelancing project.Back from office,she was taking showers when the doorbell rang.She thought it was Ravi back from office.So, she asked Akash to open the door.After few moments, she had come out of the showers with only a towel wrapped around her body assuming it will be her hubby.As she neared the drawing room,she realized it was not Ravi !!

A tall monster was standing instead in her drawing room !! They saw each other for few seconds !! Shalini quickly said sorry and rushed to a bedroom and locked the door.But the man had already seen her in a towel.The towel was obviously quite small given Shalini’s voluptuous body.As it was carelessly wrapped, it revealed a huge amount of her juicy cleavage.The towel revealed her entire thighs and legs. Shalini was not sure how much body show the man enjoyed, but she noticed that he had a deep cut mark below his eyes !

And before leaving ,he heard the man telling Akash in crude Hindi “Beta take this chocolate..and tell momma my name is Ahmed…I work with your father ..I came to meet him ..”

So, she was sure this Ahmed is the man Kishore was speaking about.Was that before he and his hubby had the quarrel ? She had no means to find out that !!

But she still remembers that face.Shalini have never witnessed a more savage looking man before Ahmed! Was he looking like that because Shalini was in a skimpy towel ? Or is the man a born brute ? Did he came to look for her ? Or was it entirely accidental ?

Power was not expected to be restored before next day morning.Shalini called up her hubby and chatted , but missed the skype conversation.She could not muster enough courage to start speaking about Ahmed.

She helped Akash with some homework, but even he was not willing to study in candle light.So, she told him a fairy tale and made him sleep.

The night was immensely lonely and scary.The giant looking bushes seemed to be smothering her with the darkness although every single door and window of the bungalow was tightly shut.

She tried to sleep, but a strange eerie fear overwhelmed her.Ahmed’s eyes kept on coming back to her like a daydream!! She has never witnessed such raw lust in any man’s eyes ever before.It was maximum for 6-7 seconds.But even within such an infinitesimally small time, the animal like hunger in his looks and demeanor had stupefied her !!

But why is she suddenly thinking about Ahmed now ? She realized it was because what kishore said.In these parts of Uttar Pradesh,government official’s wives often become victims of sexual exploitation.

But is she really concerned about sexual exploitation ? Perhaps No.She believes she is intelligent and careful enough to keep any predators at bay come what may happen !! Then what is the concern or fear ?

She tossed uncomfortably in the bed.Its the unknown fears which are much more stifling than real tangible fear.

She got up from the bed.She limped to her hubby’s room and searched for his case of cigarette.She wanted a hard dose of men’s cigarette to divert her mind.

The cigarette did soothe her nerve, but only little.Ahmed’s hungry eyes seem to be looking at her from the dark ghostly bushes amidst sound of cricket and occasional whimper of some street Rocky(D)!!

There was nothing.No power, no TV, no internet ! Even her phone ran out of charge !! She picked out a novel , but the light was too dim to concentrate on the small letters.

Her mind was tired,but her tender body was afresh. Her mind wanted affection and warmth, but her body wanted excitement.

She paced helplessly along the drawing room, too scared even to move to the verandah !! Then suddenly, a thought struck her.

She hesitated, but then reasoned out.”This boredom is killing me ..I can do anything to get some sleep” She said to herself …

She lit another cigarette and headed straight to the bathroom.She was in a loose nighty without any bra and panty – something she usually wears at night when there is a chill in the air.

Inside the bathroom,she stripped open the nighty.She put on the same towel which she had put on when Ahmed had come accidently.

What the hell is she doing ?

She came out of the bathroom in that towel wrapped around her and furtively walked towards the drawing room !!

Any soul watching her would be confused…what the hell is she doing ?But she is not confused.She is enacting the entire Ahmed episode bordering her imagination.

As soon as she reached the drawing room,she imagined Ahmed standing and looking at her!! Just like that day, she muttered a sorry and rushed to a bedroom and locked the room.

Then very unlike that day, she said to an imaginative man outside “Mr. Ahmed , why don’t you wait for few minutes..I will just get dressed and come out ..”

She could hear the imaginative Ahmed telling ” Sure Ma’am…”

She started getting dressed up inside the room thinking Ahmed sitting outside.She put on a black bra and a red panty.Then she put on a tight fitting red tank top. That top was gifted to her by a Russian girl whom she had met during her honeymoon in Goa.She and Ravi met this Russian couple at goa and they had become good friends.The girl had gifted her the top as a memoir.It had a outrageous deep neck and someone could suck her boobs with the top still on.

She doesn’t know why is she doing all this.She could not actually believe she is doing all this.But the thought of an imaginative Ahmed had made her exciting beyond any control whatsoever.

“Some crazy fun I am having” she tells herself as she put on the skimpiest shorts she has in her wardrobe.Those shorts are so small, practically it only covers her pussy and panty.That’s all!! Ravi had gifted her those shorts,but she had never put on those shorts even in front of Ravi.Each time Ravi used to beg her to wear those ..Shalini would protest ” Ravi…I am a mom now…I can’t just wear anything and everything..Those shorts are simply outrageous!! Its better to be naked than wearing this ..That’s a bad gift of poor taste ..”

But today,she is in a state of delirium.Imaginative Ahmed have made her practically crazy.Nothing is poor in taste for Shalini now at this moment !!

She looked at the mirror ..She could not recognize the Shalini in front of her !!
Ravi used to tell “Shalini you will look great in those shorts !! Please wear those…You can’t even imagine how much pricey are those..You know these are the ones flaunted by Penelope Cruz”
Shalini used to scold Ravi “Why do you want to make your wife look like those porn stars ?”
Ravi used to argue ” Penelope Cruz is no porn star..and my wifey is infinitely more sexy than her ..”

Ravi is right.At Least the mirror is telling such.

She unlocked the bed room door and came out.She imagined Ahmed’s jaw dropping seeing her what best can be described as half-naked.

She seductively walked towards the sofa where she imagined Ahmed to be sitting.

She imagined Ahmed thinking” Nice shorts Madam !! Those are of same size as my underwear “, but not telling her anything on face.

She sat down on her sofa facing the imaginative Ahmed and crisscrossed her legs in the hope of showing as much of her thighs to him as possible !!

In her imagination, she was sure about one thing.She never ever wanted imaginative Ahmed to touch her,but she wanted to tease him as much as possible.

She struck an imaginative conversation with him almost like she is rehearsing some scripts of a play or movie.She adjusted her top so that a tall man can virtually see her nipples.She imagined Ahmed drinking her milk through his eyes.She imagined Ahmed’s crotch grow like a huge tent.She got up and brushed the sofa with her thighs and imagining she was brushing her shorts on Ahmed’s face accdentally.

But she was never in a mood to let Ahmed touch her even in those wild imaginations.Not even for a fraction of second.

Soon,she felt some wetness in her panties.She knew she reached a climax.She also felt an enormous heap of exhaustion.She reclined back at the sofa.

She said aloud”Sorry ravi..I will never have these dirty thoughts..Forgive me Ravi..”

She repeated those words like a cheating wife.But soon tiredness won the battle.She sank into deep sleep on the sofa itself.

The following week was a little busy for Shalini since she had to complete few assignments for her clients and she had procrastinated so far assuming the assignment would be fairly easy.But it was her folly.The work was far more challenging than she actually expected and it took a very significant amount of time.

Her schedule was hectic throughout the entire week ; she got up early in the morning. After a little free hand exercise, she would straightaway bury herself into the laptop and start working . She would come out of the house only when she had to drop Akash for school.And during afternoons, she would request her maid Rekha to bring home Akash from school.

Practically, thoughts about Kishore and Ahmed have almost escaped from her mind.Because the project was not only challenging, but interesting also.So, she did not have time for the minutest of distractions like chocolates or her favorite T.V serials.Thinking about her husband’s colleague and a local goon was beyond question.

She had a client meeting every Thursday.By Tuesday evening, she had sent the reports to them and had got the feedback by Wednesday morning.They were extremely pleased with her efforts and dedication.They were even willing to recruit Shalini as a senior manager for Retail banking which she rejected for obvious reasons.

That Wednesday Shalini was elated by no means.This was her first freelancing venture and it went on far better than she had expected.Out of elation, she even went online and ordered a brand new luxury sports wristwatch for Ravi !! A gift from her side for a successful freelancing project.

In the evening,she went out to the market with Akash as the child was eager for an ice cream treat for long !! But the real reason for coming to the market was different.She decided to visit a beauty parlor for the first time in this town.She wanted to reshape her hair and indulge in some basic beauty treatment.

But the beauty parlor was far better than she expected and she ended up getting a brand new hair cut.

She reached back home around 7 pm.She changed into a loose tshirt and a pair of shorts and stood in front of the mirror.She realized she was standing in front of the mirror after a long time.The new hair do was looking awesome on her. She recalled its been quite a while since she last had cut her hair short.She was looking much more hotter,sharper and sexier. And the pair of shorts just perfectly accentuated her heavenly beauty.It ended just above her thighs exposing her long slender smooth legs.She recalled the days during the first year of the marriage when Ravi used to strip her to panties and used to madly lick her legs and thighs.He used to continuously repeat “Shalini, you have got the sexiest legs and thighs..” and the next moment he used to shag and smear her entire legs and thighs with his white cum.

But over the last one year,she realized Ravi was not the same man anymore.He have grown considerably weaker ever since and looked at least 5 or 7 years older than his actual age of 34.Shalini almost forced him to join the gym and in the initial few months he did regain some of his lost strength.

But,he soon became irregular due to work related stress and after few days stopped gymming altogether.He even confided in Shalini that more than the physical stress or mental burn-out, it was political pressure which made office stress unbearable.

Shalini knew her hubby was a timid honest man who will always have difficulty handling political goons.So, when one day when Ravi told her that he wanted to take up the chief engineer’s position and that would mean shifting out of Mumbai, Shalini had mildly objected!! She made him understand that he is practically running away due to fear. But it was futile to argue with Ravi.Neither can he overcome his fear, nor he is willing to become corrupt.

Shalini had been the most supportive wife ,but she was quite unhappy because her hubby turned out to be a weak character-ed wimp.But for the great wife she is, she never showed even a semblance of displeasure in her behavior towards Ravi.But all this taken a cruel blow on their sex life.Ravi’s defeated self-esteem at work made him jittery and anxious even on bed.Add to that his mysterious physical weakness.Shalini did her best to revive Ravi by buying expensive lingerie and trying to revive his confidence with words of encouragement.Even Ravi tried his best ; he frequently arranged weekend trips to exotic locations.But nothing could bring back Ravi’s lost strength.

On the night just before Ravi flew to Japan,Ravi tried his best and they indeed had a memorable episode of love-making.
After sex, Ravi casually asked Shalini “You must be feeling bad right these days that I can not make love like before?”

Shalini kissed Ravi’s cheeks and replied “You are still awesome Ravi…and what does not change with time huh ? ”

Ravi nodded and replied in a tone of appreciation “Yea …even you have changed ..”

Shalini was taken aback “Me?”
Ravi continued in a playful voice “You have turned into an absolute tigress in bed…”
Shalini could only giggle….
Ravi pulled off the bedsheets and pointing to her boobs said”And these boobs of yours have already become a huge topic of discussion among neighborhood men”
Shalini playfully hit him with a pillow and said “Shut up Ravi…How can you say such things about your wife ?”

The trail of thoughts was interrupted by the doorbell.It was Rekha the maid

Shalini settled with a fashion magazine as Rekha moved to the Kitchen.She was of the same age as of Shalini, but was dark complexioned and shorter than her.Her face was pretty but she was far less endowed than Shalini. Shalini was quite fond of Rekha since she was hardworking, honest and punctual.Shalini liked chatting with Rekha since she was born and brought up here and knew many interesting unknown stories about the place.Rekha used to compliment her generously on her beauty and grace and learnt quite a few beauty tricks from Shalini.

Rekha came to her room with a cup of coffee. She saw her and with genuine appreciation filled look commented “Achi lag rahi hain aap Madam !!”

Shalini smiled “Thanks Rekha aur bolo kaam saab ho gaya ?”

“Haan bus thora hi baki hain …..”

Shalini smiled and took a sip into the coffee. Rekha kept on standing.

“Kuch bolna hai Rekha ?”

“Hain..Aaj Mahine ke dusre din hain mere marad (husband) aane wala hain aaj aapse pagar lene ..”

Just then Shalini recalled there was a monstrous practice followed among poor people of the town where the husbands would come and take their wives salary themselves because they thought otherwise the wives would not give them their entire monthly salary.Shalini had never met Rekha’s husband before since in the preceding two months Ravi had handed over her salary to that man.

But this practice had irritated Shalini to a great deal.She could not believe that patriarchy was such deep-rooted and devastating in some parts of India.

In a visibly irritated tone, Shalini said “Aaj aane do usko…maine usko samjaungi ..aese jurm tumhara pati nehi kar sakta tumhare saath ..”

Rekha replied in a frightened tone ” Nehi Memsaab…Aap kuch mat bolie use….woh muje ghar jake marenge..pitenge..”

Shalini got extremely upset at the mention of physical torture .She assured Rekha “Nehi Rekha, tum chinta mat karo..main usko achi tara samjaungi..”

Just then there was some noise near the doorway which indicated the man have arrived.Rekha almost pleaded before leaving “Madam..mere mard sharab piye hue hain….” Then pointing to her shorts ..she said ” Aap aisse kapde pehenke maat jaie unke samne …”

Shalini replied “Theek hain..Tum chinta mat karo ” but by then she had vanished into the kitchen.

Shalini was in no mood to change into some other dress just because she needed to deal with an alcoholic husband of her maid.She looked around and pulled out a white dupatta. She wrapped the dupatta around her waist like a sarong to cover her naked sexy legs.

The man was sitting on the floor next to the sofa. He looked to be older than Ravi, but was much taller and stronger than him.His unshaven face resembled an escaped convict,but his sharp quick glances caught Shalini’s eyes.He was wearing an old stained shirt and loose black trousers.Shalini could not make out whether the man was drunk or not since he was looking at a different direction observing a painting of a car on the wall.

As soon as he saw her,he got up, folded his arms and said “Namaste Memsaab …..”

Shalini smiled “Namaste …Aap Sofa pe baith sakte hain ..”

“Nahi Nahi Memsaab …main khara raahunga ..”

“Nahi….aap baithie…chay peyenge ?”

“Nehi..bahut Shukriya Madam..”

The man could not help but notice Shalini’s heavenly beauty.His heart raced faster as he saw her walking, head held high, the front of T shirt stuck on her chest and he could clearly see the fullness of her tits encased in her bra. He could make out underneath her dupatta around the waist, she was wearing a black coloured shorts.The light dupatta only added to the sensuousness of Shalini.The man could easily make out the structure of her lovely,long slender milky legs !! As she turned to get her wallet,his eyes was quick to spot the round,full ass swaying…Rekha’s ass is not even half as firm and taut as her…

As he took the money, he asked “Madam, Ravi saab nehi hain ?”

Shalini answered “Nehi woh abroad pe hain..kaam ke liye….”

She clearly realized that the man’s eyes had glistened for a moment.

Meanwhile Rekha had completed her chores and came and stood at the edge of the drawing room.

Shalini called Rekha to stand next to her husband so that she can talk and sort out the matter.

She spoke softly “Dekhie aap ..Rekha bahut hi achi ladki hain…yeh pyasa uski kamai hain…”

She was interrupted by Rekha who said in a timid tone ..”Memsaab aap mere pati se baat kijie ..muje thora dukan jaana hain..”

Shalini tried to stop her,but she slammed the front door and left clearly showing she feared her hubby like death.So much so that she did not want to take part in any kind of negotiation whatsoever.Because Rekha knew her hubby would beat her up once back home assuming she had urged Shalini to give him this lecture.

Shalini never imagined she would be alone with this uneducated ruffian.She felt greatly uncomfortable considering she was in a teasing shorts and the transparent white dupatta only made her look sexier.

Shalini paced up and down the drawing room and started a lecture to which the man who was seated on the sofa only uttered occasional “yes/no”. Though not directly gazing,but his mind was transfixed on her beautiful long legs and delicious shape of her ass.Being a sufficiently horny man,he remembered he had seen Mallika Sherawat wearing such sarongs over her panty in the movie Murder when she was in the beach with Emraan hashmi.But Shalini’s ass looked much more delicious than even Mallika Sherawat.Within minutes, his penis became like a propelling rocket.

The man picked up nothing of the long 15 minute lecture which Shalini gave him.

At the end, he only got up and before leaving told her “Bahut Shukriya…aap bahut samajdar ho…..maine aur aese kaam nehi karunga..”

After he left, Shalini bolted the door , removed the dupatta from her waist and threw on the sofa….and muttered ” Idiotic misogynists….All these poor low-class men are absolute jerks..will do nothing the entire day..then will get drunk with their wives income and come home and beat them up….Bunch of ugly swines…”

With a visibly irritated mind, she switched on the T.V. and soon immersed herself in a Shahrukh Starrer blockbuster !!

The next few weeks saw winter approaching and Shalini found this time of the year most pleasant.The morning were chilly and the afternoon pleasant and soothing.Shalini loved her assignments, read lots of novels, helped Akash with homework and learnt to cook few exotic dishes from T.V. shows.Meanwhile, Ravi’s recruitment project have almost come to an end and he will be flying back to India in a while.

But over the days, Shalini observed startling changes over her maid Rekha.Rekha hardly used to speak these days and always looked tired and jaded.Shalini like always tried to speak to her but to no avail.

But that evening,Rekha bore injury marks all over her face,neck and arms.It was clear she was brutally beaten up. After much persuasion, Rekha broke down in front of Shalini.She was almost knocked out fainted the night before due to beating from her hubby.Her hubby was recently fired which made him more irritable and alcoholic.And Rekha bore the brunt of her frustrations.

“Memsaab…..ek naukri dhund dijiye mere marad ke liye ” Rekha pleaded and cried.

Shalini could not assure her, but showed genuine concern.She even gave away her 2000 rupees as advance salary to be deducted later.

That night around 9 pm , she got an unexpected call from Kishore.

“Wassup Shalini Ji ”
“Me fine….Anything important Kishore Saab ?” Her tone betrayed her disturbed state of mind.

“Yeah…I was reviewing the files..there is a tender report document which is missing…”

“Ahh…Yeah even I think so..I saw a white envelope…I think it fell off from my hand into the wardrobe …that day..Sorry…I will get it delivered to your office”

“Its okay..Shalini Ji..My office is quite close to your son’s school…If you come to drop him to school, just ring me up ”

“Thanks Kishore ji”

The next day both met near Akash’s school.Shalini was dressed in a full sleeved salwar kameez with matching dupatta.She always made it a point to dress most decently at least around Akash’s school because she used to be letched by all school bus drivers and helpers who used to gather to ferry children after school.But in spite of all these, Kishore could feel her mighty boobs bounce against the soft fabric of her kameez.

Shalini handed over the required document.

Before parting, Shalini hesitated a little before blurting out something which she was contemplating to tell Kishore on the phone yesterday itself.

“Kishore ji..there is something serious..I seek your help..”

“Sure , ma’am”

“My maid’s hubby was fired by his employer…Their situation is tricky…Can you help him get a new job..I would have told Ravi if he was here..”

“Okay…That’s sad…Do you know what he used to do beforehand?”

“Not very sure…But I heard he was working at a garage…”

“Okay…that will do…I will definitely find something for him..”

“I know you can.You have been here for such a long time…Thanks a lot “Shalini’s voice sounded pleased and relieved…

After she left, Kishore murmured slowly to himself “Hmmm…Quite a kind-hearted teaser of a lady…”

Ravi reached home in the following morning .His flight got delayed or else he should have reached the previous night itself.It was a thursday and she had to go for this client meeting.

Shalini was delighted with Ravi back and prepared the breakfast which he absolutely loves.Then she got dressed for office and joined Ravi at the breakfast table.

As soon as Ravi saw her,he whistled and exclaimed “You look awesome…My god”

She was dressed in a formal white shirt and matching grey skirts which extended till her knees.The shirt was decent by all means,but because of her 36C boobs it appeared tight around the chest.One could easily make out the entire shape and size of her boobs may be because the white fabric was of superior quality which stuck out naturally with the bra.
She was wearing a gold chain with a heart shaped pendant lying across her cleavage.

As she sat facing Ravi, her skirt which was knee length while standing got lifted up to as much as her mid-thighs exposing her long slender milky legs.

Ravi still mesmerized “Its after quite few months, I am seeing you in formals..”
Telling this, he came forward and gently kissed her lips.

Shalini only had a glass of juice. “I am getting late for the meeting Ravi..”

Ravi reassured her”Have a proper breakfast ..Honey” and he placed two sandwiches on her plate.

“Mr.Kapoor will be really angry..Ravi….I just have 20 minutes to reach ”

Ravi gently kissed her palms couple of time and said” Thanks a lot for managing everything are the most awesome wife…”

Shalini gently smiled “Thanks and thanks for all the gifts you brought for me and Akash..”.

Meanwhile Ravi had come from behind and hugged his wife.Slowly,he slid his hand over her boobs and fondled gently and said “Your client Kapoor must be wanting to meet you everyday”

Shalini removed his hands from her boobs and replied” Ravi….please not now…You will spoil my make-up and this meeting is super important for me…”

Ravi’s eyes spoke that he is starting to loose sense.He held Shalini against the wall and told “Honey you realize how alluring your boobs are looking…Okay nothing much let me just play with your melons for just 5 minutes please..”

Shalini sweetly responded “Nehi…Baba Ravi..Look I am getting very Akash is all around ..”

Ravi grabbed Shalini and started kissing violently.Shalini with a gasp could only mutter ” My God Ravi I have never seen you so horny…but trust me I am running late..”

Ravi’s eyes became dark red with lust.As he was unbuttoning Shalini’s shirt,he triumphantly yelled “Every work can stop ..Shalini..”

She was wearing a raunchy half bra which covered less than half of her huge boobs.
Shalini by this time slowly started to feel the pain of not indulging in sex for 2 months.She started to feel a little horny, but said “What are you doing Ravi ? I will miss the meeting ..”

Ravi was kissing and fondling her boobs like a half crazy sex starved teenager.Ravi yet again spoke” look No meeting is more important than sucking these boobs …” He stopped for a little and looked into her eyes and spoke “What sort of Bra you wear to office Shalini..? My goodness …You have turned so slutty ..My god…”

Shalini a little embarrassed blushingly said”Ravi..I am your wife..stop saying these..”

Ravi unhooked the bra and held it in his hand…” I am not telling ..This bra is telling…”
With the bra in right hand, he grabbed her boobs and started sucking her nipples ..”

He made an ugly sucking sound and continued till he ran out of breath.He muttered “You have become slutty like anything..Shalini..I now realized that you were looking so hot because your bra were so small that your naked boobs were brushing against your shirt fabric..Just woow.”

They both moved to the bedroom.Shalini was already aroused,but Ravi was beginning to feel the pangs of exhaustion he so frequently felt these days.But he was determined to make it a memorable one.

Shalini once in the room messaged her boss about being late for the meeting.She seductively told Ravi to relax down and stop acting like a college sex desperate kid.

Ravi little surprised said”I thought you were in hurry”
Shalini replied”I was..but when you initiated it, you must do it properly..”

Telling this,she seductively removed the white shirt. Her bra was already removed.Total topless, she climbed up Ravi on the bed.

Ravi was beginning to unzip his trousers, but she stopped him ..”Ravi you are not a 17 year old…”

Then she kissed Ravi and told him “Don’t remove my skirt please…remove my panties and lick my pussy first..I have never experienced it from you..”

Ravi little bewildered by his wife’s slutty transformation muttered softly”Because you never asked for ..”

He slid down her panties and exclaimed..”My god…..these panties are as thin as strings…Where did you get all these ?”

Shalini only giggled and chose not to answer.Ravi started licking her V-spot and inhaling the wonderful smell of her ripe pussy.

Shalini started moaning but stopped realizing Akash might be in the next room.
It was not rare for Shalini to demand things during love making.Whenever she was in mood, she dominated Ravi who gleefully accepted his loving wife’s wishes.But again , she seemed to be in mood once in 2 months or so.
Ravi loved Shalini for this.Ravi used to make love making a boring mundane physical necessity. It was always Shalini who used to make it kinky and hot.Most nights she was this demure quiet Bharatiya nari who obediently satisfied her hubbie’s carnal urges.
But there were few nights like these which were special.When, Shalini used to shed all inhibition and suddenly transform into a tigress.

Ravi continued licking till she was wet.Then. Shalini herself pulled out his dick and placed near her cunt.His dick was not huge, but average.Around 6 inches in length and 2 inches in width.

Shalini used to tell Ravi ” Ravi size does not is how you do..”

Ravi used all his forces to hump Shalini.She was unstoppable today.No matter, how hard Ravi was fucking her cunt, Shalini kept on repeating “Harder Ravi..harder…Use all your strength…darling..”

On other days, Shalini hardly used to tell all these during fucking.But today, Ravi’s power seemed inadequate.

Ravi kept pounding her pussy like a crazy Rocky(H)…before he cummed within next 5 minutes.He was not sure Shalini had reached orgasm or not.Thick white semen filled up Shalini’s pussy and the rest spilled on the bed.Ravi have cummed a lot.

After bringing out his dick from her pussy,Ravi casually remarked”Today you needed a bull in the bed..I don’t think I am any where near..”

Shalini’s cleaned her pussy off the semen with a cloth and said”No Ravi..You were just amazing Darling….Do not always have this low self-esteem..I assure you were amazing…”

But Ravi could somehow feel probably from her eyes she needed a little more for complete satisfaction.May be a bigger dick or a stronger giant type man.

Ravi was completely drenched with sweat and exhausted, but Shalini looked fresh and energetic.This somehow gave Ravi the feeling his wife was not stretched to the maximum.

Ravi really enjoyed when Shalini dominated the sex like today, but at the same time it did no good to his wounded self-esteem.
Ravi is 5 feet 6 inches , an inch taller than Shalini. Over the years, though he strived to have a muscular build,he could not add much muscles to his lean skinny frame.
As he was looking at his slutty wife getting dressed, he suddenly had a thought that a tall strong bull would be able to satisfy Shalini much better.He immediately tried to vanquish the thought, but could not get much respite from thinking on hose lines.

Meanwhile, Shalini got dressed and put a light peck on Ravi’s cheeks…
‘ Ravi….why this pensive look darling ? You were awesome today…”

“No Shalini..I am just fine..” Ravi smiled back…

Then he shot a quick glance at Shalini’s huge boobs and said” Shalini…you will go like this ?”

Shalini looked up to his hubby.

Ravi went around Shalini and said” Put on a blazer or an overcoat ….Shalini…or else I am sure your client Kapoor and his men would tear off your shirt and rape you hard..”

Shalini gave out a flirtatious smile and in a fitting gesture appeared to playfully scold her hubby. “You are jealous Mr.Ravi, but I take it down as a compliment”

“Who would not be jealous if he knows four horny men will ogle at his wife’s boobs and would madly want to tear off her shirt and drink her milk ? ” Ravi paused and then added with a pervert sarcasm in his tone…”Remember your bra is almost non-existent..So even if you bend a little those bastards will have the time of lifetime..”

Shalini though smiling replied in an haughty tone “You are incorrigible Ravi.. ”
She pulled out a grey jacket and put it on and said “Ravi make Akash have lunch..He might throw tantrums ..dnt listen”
Ravi nodded.

She left for office…

After Shalini left for office,Ravi felt a little guilty for equating his wife with a slut.He knows for sure, Shalini’s love for him is far more profound and deep than his love for her.Shalini has been his pillar of support from the first day of marriage.Her sacrifices for the marriage outweighs Ravi’s sacrifice by miles.

Shalini has always been an interesting lady to hang out with.Ravi also knows that as far as mental strength is concerned he is no match for Shalini.Yet Shalini has been the best wife a man can even dream of having.

But is Shalini really that much happy and satisfied in this marriage? Ravi wondered. Ravi does not have the answer.

Then is Ravi doubting her? Is he suspicious of Shalini ? Ravi closed his eyes and pondered with the question. Again, he hated himself for having such crooked idea about the most dutiful and loving wife.No, absolutely No. Shalini is not that type of a woman.She never was. She never will be.Not even if the worst crises hits her.

Shalini is too nice a lady to let a man other than Ravi fuck her.Had she been that type,she would have done that long back.Ravi does not have the personality or strength of character to stop her.But Shalini have not done anything even remotely close to that.In Fact,Ravi always believed Shalini was a sort of feminist. She has been a radical feminist activist all through her college life. She had screwed many roadside romeo’s life who tried to fool around her college campus.Ravi even thought she was a man-hater, but Shalini later convinced she is neither a man-hater nor an activist.She just loves protesting against injustice.Period.Nothing more ; nothing less.

But Ravi have also seen the bolder and uninhibited side of Shalini.A Shalini who is a complete folly of the otherwise demure,loving and dutiful Bharatiya Nari.Ravi just recalled an incident which happened while they were holidaying at a South Kerala beach a year back.It was the couple’s first holiday trip after Akash’s birth.And though the incident can be dismissed as insignificant by Shalini,Ravi remembered as clearly as if it was yesterday.There was a fort on the other side of a cliff and they had to trek through the beach to reach atop the fort.Ravi had hired a local guide who would help them with the road to the fort.

And Shalini just came back after a dip in the sea.Shalini was in love with bathing in the sea.And she was in a floral print one piece bikini.By that time,she had shed most of the weight she gained after childbirth and was looking hot as hell in that skimpy bikini !!

The guide was a burly dark localite who kept on ogling Shalini like a hungry hyena.As they started walking through the beach, Ravi casually told Shalini in hushed voice…”The guide is shamelessly leching you …I believe you should go back to the hotel room and change into something like a salwar kameez…”

Ravi expected Shalini would go at once to the hotel and change and come.
But she replied “Ohh Comeon Ravi..It’s too hot now to change into a salwar …and I may go in for another round of bathing..Leave these men ..They have nothing better to do than leching at me ..”

Telling this,right in front of the horny guide Shalini pulled out a flimsy sarong and wrapped around her fleshy ass.And that piece of cloth made her ass look more sensuous and made the man more horny.

Ravi had never encountered such a bold avatar of Shalini.He did not argue further.The Bikini had a deep cut at the back and there was no bra as well which meant underneath the bikini, she was practically nude.

While they were coming back from the fort,Ravi faked an injury and sat on the sands , while Shalini and the guide strayed on to a local fish market.Ravi never believed that Shalini would foray into the fish market in that sexy bikini with hundred local shopkeepers devouring her with their eyes.

The guide was shrewd enough to entice Shalini “Memsaab, this market is famous for fried pomfret…I don’t think you will want to miss it..”

Ravi had scornfully replied to the guide ” Nope… I think I had picked up an injury..we will not go into the market.Thanks for your services..Here take your money..”

But Shalini had interrupted ” Ravi dnt be a spoil sport always..You relax here with Akash..we both will come from the market in a while…we should atleast try one..fried pomfret ”

While they dispersed into the market, Ravi almost felt an indomitable urge to follow Shalini and the guide into the market.His injury was after all fake.

Ravi noticed the guide took Shalini to a particular shack at one end of the market.It had sign boards indicating the shop sold fried fishes.There were 3-4 savage looking dark skinned men inside the shop who appeared to be friends of that guide.Those men rose from their seat and greeted Shalini when they entered the shop.There was a man who was standing behind a makeshift stove and frying fishes.Ravi kept observing standing behind a thick bush.The Guide told something to the man who was frying and the man immediately moved away from the flame.Shalini went near the gas stove and the guide was apparently teaching her to fry pomfrets !! The bastard guide’s hands were millimetres away from Shalini’s huge ripe breasts.And then Shalini placed the fishes on the oil and started frying.It appeared to Ravi that the guide was not at all proficient in cooking and Shalini was actually telling him one or two tricks of proper cooking.

Then there was a strong breeze from the sea and the sarong Shalini was wearing started to unfurl due to the wind.Probably just then Shalini realized, she was near the flame and the sarong might catch fire.Since both her hands were tied, she asked the guide to remove the sarong from her waist.Ravi could not believe his eyes when he saw the guide reach out to Shalini’s ass and very slowly removed the sarong.Ravi was sure for a second or two the guide even fondled her huge fleshy ass.After taking off the sarong, the man threw it off to one corner of the shack almost as if he was stripping her.

Ravi observed with bated breath how Shalini after trying her hand in frying , served the guide one and herself took one fish on separate plates.She sat on a very small stool which stood few inches above the ground.Anyone standing can easily catch Shalini’s naked boobs underneath that bikini because of the low height of the stool. And Shalini did not bother to put on the sarong as she crossed her legs and sat opposite the guide.Due to the awkwardness of the stool,her entire thighs right up to the V-spot was in full public view.But Shalini was nonchalant as there were not many people crossing in front of the shop.But, the guide had the view of her lifetime right till Shalini’s pussy.

Ravi got a feeling Shalini would be raped by that guide and his men if she persisted with the strip show.He was not sure what happened to Shalini.Does she not understand that this is a filthy Kerala beach village and not also a proper tourist location ? These men have seen foreigners in bikini, but not a sexy desi MILF like Shalini exposing so much.

Ravi thought of breaking into the scene, but he knew he would look like a joker in front of those savage strong monsters.All the men inside the shop were above 6 feet tall and had enormous bodies may be due to hard physical labour daily.Ravi would look like a wimp in front of them.

The tension made Ravi red.He slowly understood it was more of sexual tension as he felt his erection underneath his trousers.It made him hard because his sexy wife is almost flirting with a semi-educated brute and that too in a skimpy swimming dress.Ravi felt his hands inside the trouser.It was rock solid.He closed his eyes sitting behind the tall bush.As soon as he closed his eyes, images of Shalini being gang-raped inside the shack floated in front of his eyes.He imagined Shalini’s bikini being torn from all ends by the men who had surrounded her in a circle.But Shalini by now was a willing participant.Ravi imagined Shalini telling the men “Will you not pull down the shutters ?”

Ravi started sweating as he imagined Shalini going down on her knees and sucking the dick of the guide who was also the gang-leader.Ravi could not hold any longer.His both hands were full of thick white semen.He had just shagged thinking about Shalini getting fucked by multiple men.

By the time, Ravi got back to his feet and gazed back to the shop, he saw both the guide and Shalini have started walking back to the spot where Ravi was lying.Ravi quickly ran behind the bushes and reached the spot.

It was almost lunchtime as Ravi was lost in that very erotic thought and totally forgot the the time.
But he quickly recovered.That kerala incident was an one-off incident. It happens in everyone’s life.Shalini’s character is as spotless as a pure white cotton cloth.He loves Shalini and life would have been horrible without her.

He proceeded to call Akash for Lunch with that thought in mind and guilt in mind for thinking her as a slut.

That year winter was not too harsh in North India.Ravi’s hydel project was nearing completion which meant he had to battle weariness and anxiety right through the winter.The project would be operational by June next year which meant Ravi and Shalini can shift back to Mumbai by July.Just some 8-9 months more.Obviously, this development had delighted Shalini and she already applied for few jobs in some of the best commercial banks in Mumbai.

Meanwhile,Ravi had a torrid time at work.There was corruption at each and every level in the department.There was immense political pressure from multiple political parties and sometimes from different factions of the same political parties.The stress had become so unbearable that Ravi got reduced to a bundle of nerves by november end.

On a chilly November night, Ravi came back from work and collapsed on the sofa.His face looked so pale and colourless that Shalini thought her husband may convulse any time.She immediately called for the dJulor who examined Ravi and administered him sedatives to make him asleep.

” Ravi has been looking ill since last week ” Shalini told the dJulor after Ravi sank into deep sleep.

“Yes, his nerves are weak and I believe there is certain Vitamin deficiency” the dJulor replied while writing down the prescription.

The next morning Ravi appeared much better. The medicines worked wonder.

Shalini lovingly brushed Ravi’s forehead and asked ” Ravi , now just don’t hem and haw ..tell me clearly why exactly you look so worried these days ? ”

Ravi sat up on the bed , coughed a little and replied ” No ..nothing so serious just long tiring week …..lots of work ..and not much of sleep in the last few days ..”

“Ravi…you are lying ….will you answer yes or no ?”

There was a long silence.

Shalini continued ” I know something is amiss….after you slept yesterday night, you got at least 20 calls on your mobile…I picked up a few to tell you are ill .. and well….I know for sure that most of the men calling could not be described as gentlemen…I could make out most of those had crude manners and uneducated….Now I won’t nag you ……but when 20 brutes are calling you in the middle of night, its something bad you have got entangled into …..”

Ravi had to tell because its his health which is at stake.

“It’s about financial irregularity …It’s complex Shalini …”

“Explain …”

“There are few vendor companies which supply us raw materials….These suppliers are always paid in credit ….I mean they always get their payment months after they actually supply the products….Now, its time when I should pay them their due….But it’s government money…the tender they have passed have been siphoned off somehow..I don’t know who did that ..”

“You don’t know how the money vanished ? How come ? You sure the vendors were not paid intermittently ?” asked Shalini .She looked concerned and interested.

“You are quite right Shalini…..I don’t know whether the suppliers are paid intermittently because I was in Japan and most of the vendors hardly produce receipts…and most payment are done via district magistrate office ..”

“District magistrate office ? you mean the contractors ?”

“Yes …the contractors like Kishore lal whom you have met I supposed….and I don’t know what and how much these bunch of contractors have paid the suppliers..”

“It’s grave ..then….. it’s an unholy arrangement between contractors and suppliers …so how many contractors are there excluding Kishoreji ?”

“I am not sure ..there must be many..but I have interacted with only Mr.Kishore ..”

Ravi opened an excel sheet on the laptop and showed few transactions and balance sheets.He pointed out with red marks on few transactions and said ” I don’t know where are the receipts for these ..”

Shalini gave a shocking glance ” These are quite many”. Shalini spent the next 30 minutes minutely studying the transactions and asking Ravi minute questions most of which Ravi was clueless about.As it turned out, Ravi was more clueless about most transactions that took place.

At the end of it, Shalini exclaimed ” You see Ravi…….there is some deep nexus between some vendors and some contractors ….that is why most of the account books are cleverly fudged….You see even the profit and loss statement is not balancing up…..”

Ravi snapped ” I do not care much about the’s only that government money is at stake and the vendors are queuing up everyday for their share of money …and now whom I trust vendors or contractors ?”

“Forget about trusting …it’s problematic because you may be penalised for all these because the district magistrate office will be clever enough to wash off their hands off..”

Ravi looked crestfallen and dejected.

Shalini said ” Would you mind if I get into the financial details ”
“It would be useless Shalini…I should have been way more careful while dealing with these animals… ”

“Ravi…..I have handled these issues umpteen no. of times while I was working…I believe you should at least allow me to try once..I just need to show the accounts are fudged…just like an external auditor..Nothing more..nothing less….and If i discover irregularities, you may approach the police….let police handle the trouble…Then you will be off the blame….and free from worry”

Ravi sat still without any sound.

Shalini studied all the files again with utmost details as Ravi sat silently.

After a long silence, Ravi spoke ” No.. Shalini …It’s not only risky ..the bigger problem is your involvement will be useless….”

“Useless ?” Shalini looked up from the files …

“Yes..Look I can have anyone prove the irregularity of the transactions..But once proved , what to do ? whom do I implicate ? Plus I do not want the department see you getting involved in this….” Ravi sounded slightly agitated.

“Ohh rest assured with that…I will look at all these from home..only…Not a soul will know about my involvement…”

“okay..I will give you the entire files..I will at once get the entire bunch for you…we will sit together tomorrow on your background work by then…And how much do your clients pay you for projects like these ?”

“Ohh..Shut up Ravi..I don’t need money…I am doing your work ..”

Ravi held out a 07,000 rupees cheque in Shalini’s hand.”If you are working , give your best and don’t do it for free.It’s like you are either doing it or not doing it….No half measures..Work as if I am your client”

Shalini felt a little odd.Her husband is now banking on her as a professional.She is totally unsure how much she can contribute since it is clearly a corruption case of grave proportion.She hardly knows anyone here she can fall back upon.

“Do you trust Mr.Kishore ” Shalini had asked during Lunch.

Ravi smiled and answered ” I do and I don’t also.He is very shrewd.And he has all the bad connections.But over these months, he has helped me.Now that can be part of a bigger plan which one never knows.”

Then staring at Shalini…he asked “So you contemplating to seek Kishore’s help ?”

Shalini did not look into Ravi’s eyes.She replied indifferently “No..I do not need to …I will just try and look for loopholes in the Income statement..that’s all…”

Ravi spoke passionately ” I never intend to discourage you…You may speak to few contractors over phone including Kishore..There is no harm in that….But only thing they should not know that you are investigating the irregularities…”

“How is that possible Ravi…I mean why will they tell me about financial stuff …”Shalini looked confused…

Ravi spoke with a sarcastic tone…”Your enthusiasm is remarkable , but don’t you think you’re too naive for this ?” Ravi’s voice had contempt written all over it.

Shalini was apologetic ” I am sorry …I did ask a stupid question…I won’t let you down ….Promise..”

Ravi kissed her cheeks and said ” Don’t over strain…Just be safe..Don’t venture out to get details…That may be dangerous…Just get those data from these contractors which they will never give me…”

“But How ? ” Shalini naivety almost made Ravi burst into laughter.

“You will land me in serious trouble Shalini…You Don’t have to manipulate the contractors…You are too naive for such work..I will seek your help for the Income statement..”

“Ohh Come on…Ravi don’t be a snob !! I am your wife ….You gotta help me out …And this will be a golder experience for me….I do intend to work in Central vigilance sometime in life..”

“Shalini this is not some joke…Huh ? What if you screw the entire thing ?”

“Ravi …give me the chance…keep me on probation for a week…”

Ravi was agitated.He did not answer and went to bed since he started feeling weak.He could not sleep.He knew Shalini was the best bet for this job.He cannot trust any body in the world with this because everyone is someone or other’s pet. His contractors and vendors hardly knew Shalini and her qualifications ; so she can smoothly get the truth out from them.But at the same time, he does not want those wolves to even hear about Shalini and Akash.He does not want those bastards possessing Shalini’s phone number which can be dangerous for her.

That evening Ravi got multiple speed posts from the MLA’s office which demanded an explanation for the financial irregularity from him.He was lost in deep thought throughout the entire next day.He and Shalini did not talk about the issue even once the entire day.Shalini was out in the market with Akash most evening.

That night just before retiring ..Shalini told Ravi “Hey you never told me about the speed posts which you received ?”

Ravi replied in an irritating tone ” Because I do not want you into this..”

“Look I do not care if you underestimate my abilities..But I do want to help you in every possible manner…Don’t you want those scoundrels to get punished ..”

Ravi just nodded in reply.

“Ravi..leave that to me…”

“What ?”

“Give me a week’s time..I will read the statement ..try and identify few suspects and extract information and present it to you …If you are happy ..I will continue the good work..or else I will stop immediately”

A week had passed.The couple never spoke anything about the issue.

After one week, Shalini reported about few names to Ravi.

Shalini explained how she managed to take another sim card in her mother’s name and how she called up those men and posing as Income tax officials or finance department officials tried to extract by whom and when they were paid money …She knew none of the contractors liked each other …so they will never discuss about the calls from government officials..There was not much progress, but Shalini got the names of few banks where some fictitious accounts were held.

Ravi replied ” That’s great…I may manage now from here on..the names of bank branches was crucial…”

Few months passed on.It was now January end with the lovely spring blossoming in all glory.The financial irregularity case was not solved , but Ravi could save his skin somehow because most senior colleagues in Mumbai defended Ravi for his clean image and brilliance as an engineer. Shalini helped Ravi in many aspects , but most of the fraud were done so brilliantly that she gave up trying after few days.Even a police case was filed by the Mumbai headquarters, but nothing came out. Ravi was not formally punished but was severely reprimanded for being a weak character and allowing corruption to take place right under his nose .Ravi could prove his innocence, but his promotion prospects suffered due to such weak personality.He was humiliated in front of contractors and vendors for not being a strong, rough and tough administrator. Ravi had accepted everything since he knew he was never ever a dare devil man who could handle such wild beasts like men. But his health had suffered due to poor self esteem and depression. Shalini who remained very busy due to skype interviews for a new job tried her best , but Ravi generally took huge time to come out from humiliations.But all through she felt utterly sorry for her husband.

One February night, the local police O.C. threw a private farewell party since he was getting transferred to a nearby town. Ravi always avoided such parties but generally he never dared to miss any party thrown by a police official. Shalini was not too keen to accompany Ravi, but Ravi knew going without Shalini will again make him look like a weak husband.There has been already discussions where people cracked jokes like Ravi was a “namard” who never deserves such a sexy wife.People openly cracked jokes on how Ravi never brings Shalini to the departmental parties because he fears the contractors and the vendors will have dirty eyes for her.But the truth was Shalini simply avoided the parties because she hated such loud music and spicy foods. But the rumors had badly damaged Ravi’s self-esteem.

Just before the couple started to leave for the party, Ravi stopped Shalini in front of the mirror. Shalini was looking elegant in a cream colored saree and light yellow blouse.These days Shalini rarely puts on a saree since there are not many parties and events to attend.As Shalini was applying some light makeup,Ravi suddenly told ” Shalini, Hey don’t you think your blouse is not matching at all with this saree ?”

“We will just stay there for a little time..I don’t care Ravi…and I am in no mood to go”

“Shalini…I want you to look best….you know about my humiliation..I want you to be at least the cynosure of all eyes..” Ravi’s voice trailed in an emotional tone.

“Ravi..I do not want to be cynosure of all eyes in such a bastard’s party…after all these people have done grave injustice to you ..”

“I agree that those people are pure evils…but imagine their jealous expression when they find out my wife is the most beautiful lady in the party….” Ravi had a proud smile as he spoke.

“I know you are a great honest man..those people will be punished one day or the other..”

Ravi winked.Shalini smiled and asked “Leave all those ..So you sure you want to make those filthy beasts jealous , you naughty devil….”

Ravi answered apologetically ” I can’t digest such insults Shalini…No man ever could….Even the day labourers these days don’t listen to me….They tell me on my face that I should quit this job..Can you believe it…? ”

Shalini interrupted him. She had a sweet reassuring smile. She spoke with lot of care and love ” Ravi….let’s forget the last few months..It’s been a bad dream for both of us…And we will together make life miserable for all these filthy scoundrels…And it will start tonight ..I will look my best tonight and I will make sure you regain your lost confidence in front of those crooks…. ”

“Shalini I never knew you love me soo much ”

“You are my world , Ravi…..” Shalini exclaimed and then she opened her wardrobe and pointing to her collections of blouse asked Ravi ” Choose one blouse for me sweetheart !! ”

“I just want you to look hottest…and make each and every enemy of mine rage in the fire of jealousy…I will show them they can insult me as much as they want..but I am also blessed with the hottest wife of this town ”

Shalini giggled “He..he I won’t mind looking hot either…” Then she pulled an orange blouse and showed it to Ravi…
Shalini spoke “You have not seen this.. Its a special type designer blouse.”
Saying that she removed the blouse and bra she was wearing and started wearing the orange one. Ravi just watched beautiful wife covering her firm boobs.

Ravi was perplexed as she was wearing it w/o bra and about to say so, but by then she had already done the two hooks at the back.

She swirled around to show off her blouse to Ravi. He was speechless and just a soft whistle came from him. “WoW shalini darling, this is awesome. You look ravishing in this.”

Ravi forgot that she was not wearing any bra, but he was super excited and his eyes were all sparkle.

But sensing some question in his eyes, Shalini started explaining to Ravi: “You see I can’t wear bra or else straps will show…but the front part of the blouse have a double fabric which covers and support the boobs. It wont show skin but will still look gr8. Won’t it Ravi”

Ravi nodded in super excitement “Yes honey, you look pretty as well as desireable in it. It does full justice to your lovely figure !!”

Shalini looked slightly nervous “you sure? I have never worn it before …”

Ravi almost cajoled her into wearing that blouse.Probably heaps of insult day-in-out left him hungry for revenge.But it is difficult for a weak hearted fearful man to go against such cunning brutes.So, he had to play the jealousy game.

They reached the party around 9 o’clock and by then most of the family oriented people had already left. People started noticing Shalini. She looked elegant and sexy at the same time. Her sleeveless blouse covered her bustline, but the back had a deep cut with just two hooks holding the blouse in place at back.

The deep cut at the back exposed her smooth flawless skin from shoulders down till the edge of her lowly tied sari. Except the thin strip of blouse tied at hooks, her full sexy shining back fm shoulders till her waist was in full public view. Every male eyes found her full sexy back from shoulder till her waist very desireable.

The two ends of blouse that joined at hooks were so narrow and low that every male concluded that possibly she was not wearing any bra inside. But her proud boobs filled the cups of her blouse and stood proudly firm. Her sari pallu draped across her chest just covered only half of her right boob which displayed its fullness and firmness.

She had tied her sari about 3″ below her round deep navel. That showed off her slim waist that was than flaring to her round hips. She had wrapped her sari pretty tight around her hips so that while it covered her round bottom, but showed pretty well its shape, and roundness. The pleats of sari just below her navel drew attention of onlookers and made them think and desire what it was covering / hiding.

Her slim hands emerging from sleeveless blouse had smooth clean armpits and everyone were tempted to caress and kiss those smooth hands till her painted nails on slender fingers.

But Shalini covered her back and front with the pallu as Ravi introduced her to the host of the evening , the police O.C. Balvant Singh.

Balvant folded his hands with deep courtsey..
“Madam I am pleased to at last meet you….you never attend the parties we throw…”
Shalini could only try to fake a smile in return as Balvant and Ravi exchanged courtesy handshakes.
Balvant was a strong stout looking man in her early forties.He had a dirty dark complexion and wavy moustaches and eyebrows which made him look indeed like an intimidating police officer.He was well dressed in office formals but even such decent sober dress could not hide the strong animal like man beneath the branded clothes.He had rough Rocky(H) like enormous arms and chests and looked to be exercising regularly.

But what struck Shalini was the voice of the man.It was deep and husky like those of the bollywood villains of the 80’s.

Shalini looked around the villa when her eyes met a pair of familiar eyes.It was Kishore.They met after a long time.Shalini kind of avoided Kishore these days.She exactly did not know the reason why she hated Kishore’s presence.She always had a feeling that Kishore was a hypocrite.And she was sure after she studied the financial reports carefully.Yes he was an obscenely corrupt man too.

Kishore smelled of alcohol when he said to Shalini ” Nice to see you Shalini ji..”
“Same here Kishore ji…How you have been ?”

They talked for few minutes.Shalini did not want to prolong the conversation.After few minutes, Shalini said she needs to be excused because she was getting a call from her mother.
Even Kishore understood that Shalini was possibly lying.Kishore simply moved away.This was something very good about Kishore.He never asked too many personal questions or nagged people about their behavior.When he sees someone ignoring him , he simply disappears from the scene.

Shalini was super bored.Ravi kept on moving and exchanging handshakes with lots of men like a monkey.With such a skimpy sexy blouse on,Shalini did not want to mingle with those men.

She casually informed Ravi “I cannot fool around with these men wearing such a skimpy blouse.Just before leaving the party, introduce me to those men …but not now…”

She saw a wheelchair bound middle aged lady on an elevated terrace.She inquired from a waiter that she was the wife of Balwant Singh.She met with a car accident 6 months back and had been like that ever since.

She went up the terrace and started a conversation with the lady.She was a nice pleasant lady who sounded resigned to her fate.

“How did that happen ” Shalini wanted to know..

“Met with an accident at Nainital…”

“That’s most unfortunate”

They talked for a while.After accident, she stayed at her father’s place in Lucknow and Balvant had been living alone in his police quarters.Now, that he is transferred , he will again live alone in the new place while she will go back to Lucknow after the weekend.

The lady wheeled away after some time as she needed to have some medicines. Shalini went down to look out for Ravi.She could locate him inside a room made of glass walls.She saw him sitting with 5-6 men including Kishore ; but the host Balvant Singh was not there.All men had food plates and drinking glasses in front of them.She got anxious since Ravi should not be drinking in this health condition.

Shalini went forward to the buffet.She did not exactly feel like eating anything.Still she took a little salad and some chicken.Kishore had also reached there to refill his plates.But Shalini distinctly felt Kishore came out of the room to see Shalini was eating properly or not.But this time Shalini was glad Kishore came out of the room because the whole party looked eerily empty.The entire hallway had only one servant cum waiter who stood next to the buffet.Otherwise, everything suggested that the party was well over except those 5-6 men eating inside the glass room.

Shalini had covered her back and front carefully with her pallu to ensure the waiter or anyone else would not make out the skimpy blouse she was wearing.

But still, Shalini did not feel like talking to Kishore.She simply said ..” I am perfectly okay Kishore ji…You should join your friends inside…”

Kishore felt a little odd with Shalini’s indifference.He replied in a phony tone..”Yeah I will go inside…just came out to refill my plate…”

Kishore was about to leave when he heard her telling “If you can do me a favour”

“Sure..Tell me ”

“Just see to that Ravi does not drink much..You know about his illness..”

“Will do my bit…”

“Thanks…Kishore ji..”

Shalini stepped outside onto the garden of the bungalow and walked on to the edge of the garden.And to her awe, she discovered the garden was situated next to the riverfront. The still water of the river looked beautiful and serene.She could see few small boats crossing the river far away with their lanterns swaying like diamonds.Such a tranquil place !! She has never been near the waterfront in the town and she never knew it was such pure raw beauty!!

She felt enchanted with the view.It was dark and very quiet.She flung open the small iron gate and stealthily started descending the slope which gave its way into the river water.

She stood there in the dark watching the river water making small waves.It was dark and probably the moonlight was obstructed by the cloud cover.

Just then he saw a tall broad man talking in hushed tone with a small thin man.It appeared that the tall man was negotiating some amount with the other person.The tall man’s alert eyes could easily spot Shalini among the bushes.Immediately, the small thin man handed over few currency notes to the tall broad man and dashed off.Now Shalini could easily identify the tall dark figure.It was Balvant Singh.

Shalini could only fake a smile.”Hello” she said sweetly as the imposing figure of Balvant stood in front of her.

Balvant had a queer smile on his tough face.”Quite a brave woman…huh ? Out alone amidst dark ..”

“No….actually have never seen the riverfront here….”

“Huh..That explains it..”

Shalini tried to strike a normal conversation.” The food was delicious…”

Balvant : “You think so ? okay….”

They walked to an edge which was farthest away from the garden gate.The edge had a cement sitting place which overlooked the water.Balvant indicated Shalini to sit down.

Shalini “”I prefer standing !!”

They talked about high tides in the river and the serene villages on the other side of the river.Balvant occasionally glanced through Shalini’s body but he was not shamelessly checking out her unlike most men.But even when the man was not looking at her, Shalini felt uncomfortable and scared due to his ferocious eyes.She felt those eyes spoke most of the unspoken words.

Shalin eventually said ” I think we should go back now” when she could not anymore bear the savage glances of those eyes.

Balvant hissed subtly and suddenly spoke with his trademark nonchalance “Were you spying on me a little while ago ?”

Shalini did not flinch on hearing that.Rather, she got amused at such a statement.
Shalini :” You think so ?” A smile of contempt engulfed her pretty face.
Balvant replied in that same composed tone..” You may ….you are beautiful,smart and quick witted….”
Shalini :” Thanks for the compliment …But why the hell will I spy on a Policeman ?”
Balvant :” Okay may be to know more about the case which caused your hubby all the humiliation..”
This time Shalini was little surprised ,but she did not show it.Instead she glanced towards him full of curiosity.

Balvant:” If you were spying, I think you have hit the bull’s eyes ..Yes what you saw there was actually an act of corruption…That skinny fellow is a fisherman..They bribe me regularly….”

Shalini showed an air of indifference…She replied haughtily “What made you think I will be interested in all this ?”

Balvant smiled.His imposing set of teeth shone in the darkness like a flash of torch.”I know you are intelligent enough to understand policemen thrive on bribes in these parts of the country ..That’s not the point…I think you already know the point I wish to make..”

Shalini :” I frankly do not have any idea what are you talking about..”

Balvant:” I want you to sit down and listen…And if you do so …well…you and your family stand to gain ..not I ..”

Shalini had a puzzled expression.” I believe I think listen to you considering you are a cop..” Telling this she sat down on the cemented place facing Balvant.As Shalini tried adjusting the straps of her blouse, she felt piercing eyes of Balvant scanning her bust line. The way Balvant looked at her boobs, she realised that he is aware that she is just wearing blouse – NO BRA.

Balvant took out a cigarette from his pocket.
Balvant :” Will you mind If I smoke ?”
Shalini ” Certainly not ..and for god’s sake just tell me fast what you are getting at ..”
Balvant :” Patience is a golden virtue…anyways I will try and make things clear..Mrs.Shalini….Tell me something ..How about your investigation on the financial scam case ..?”

Shalini received a rude jolt.She had a look of disbelief on her face..She could only mutter ..”What investigation ?”
Balvant : “You are beautiful and gorgeous ..Shaliniji…but not a good actress…Now I want few things from you…..”
Shalini almost interrupted ..”What things..?”

Though Shalini controlled her apprehensions, with tension rising, her breath quickened and her breasts rose and fell with it. Sitting at close quarter to her, it did not go unnoticed by Balvant. While Shalini had wrapped her pallu to cover her back and front, but she did it tightly, as a result instead of hiding, it highlighted the fullness and showed the swelling prominently.

Balvant:”I want you to be honest as we talk through this…I don’t like women playing games..”

Shalini :”Look I do not understand anything….Are you wasting my time ?”

Balvant:” Hmm….You really do not understand ? Look Mrs. Shalini I know all about how you helped Ravi to untangle the financial scam case…”

Shalini :” How on earth you know about that ?”

Balvant :” Is that important ? Tell me…is that important ?” He looked intimidating and ripe with anger.

Shalini somehow calmed him down ,but she maintained her trademark arrogance..”Yes I want to know…”

Balvant..” Look I know almost the entire thing….You calling different government officials under fake names and trying to extract information about the real culprits..Ma’am..I know all..”

Shalini did not feign disbelief this time around.She replied defiantly..” Stop behaving as if I committed any crime..You can’t prove the phone calls and I was only trying to help my innocent husband..and what do you really want Mr.Balvant Singh..Why you are telling me all this ?”

Balvant had a contemptuous smile. He continued smiling as he spoke with his savage eyes pierced deep into Shalini’s eyes..

“You are smart….and well what I want ? I want to give you a simple warning ….”

Shalini:” I am sorry…..may be I over reacted….” Shalini smiled genuinely at Balvant.She knows she can flaunt the most beautiful smile in the world when she wants.
But Blavant continued with his hideous smile and air of nonchalance.
” I do not want you to be sorry..I rather want you to listen carefully..every word I speak irrespective whether you trust me or not trust me….”

Shalini :” I trust you Mr.Balvant..actually I know very little of you to mistrust you..”

Balvant :” I am not here to win your trust..I just want to communicate something…Look you wanted to know how I know about you working on the scam case ? It was very simple for me..the officials you called are very close to soon as they received the call from you, they approached me….I knew at once something was amiss…I tracked the SIM and could easily make out who was the mysterious female caller..You seem quite naive ”

Shalini bit his lip on hearing this which Balvant found extremely sexy.Balvant felt Shalini can seduce even a dead body to have sex.shalini quickly recovered and told..”I knew this was not foolproof..”

Balvant:” Now look understand this carefully..This scam is very deeply rooted ..The DM office, irrigation department, panchayats and even the police is involved in all this…”
Shalini:” Hmm….So you are also in this ? I somehow expected..”
Balvant..” Mrs.Shalini will you first care to listen before opening your damn mouth ?”
Balvant..” Yes I am involved ..but in an extremely indirect manner…I know you will not trust me ..But the truth is …..”
Shalini:” The truth is…??”
Balvant :” The truth is I have no inkling about the real culprits…The level of my involvement is just that I had to release few political goons …due to pressure from the cabinet..I had to release a goon named Ahmed ….just that….I know you won’t trust me..”
Shalini’s eyes momentarily shone when she heard the name Ahmed.Balvant was quick to spot it.
Balvant:” You seem to know Ahmed?”
Shalini :” No..What made you think I know him ? Kuch bhi hain ? ”
She added after a pause ” And It does not matter whether I trust you or not..I wanna hear the full story..”

Balvant continued “Anywaz I felt bad for your hubby Ravi.He is an honest man but extremely coward and weak.Whatever, I could not gain much information about the case and just when I was about to make some progress ..Here I am shifted to a different village ..They do not want me to work on this case..”

Shalini gave a concerned look but seemed composed and calm.

Few night birds flew over the breezy river water.
Shalini :” So….? Drop the case….and don’t bother yourself..”
Balvant..”Hmm…..It’s not that simple….This transfer will hugely affect my career…It will prevent my promotion …But there is a greater problem at hand..”
Shalini:” What ?”

Just then, they looked at the garden and saw Ravi following a man into a small room on the other side of the garden.

Balvant quickly signalled to Shalini “Quick come follow me…I think this will clear all your doubts..”

As Ravi entered the room with another man..Balvant and Shalini came and stood in front of the door of that room.Shalini heard Ravi pleading like a child for something.On careful hearing, she understood Ravi was pleading so that she was not suspended from service..

Balvant quickly left from the door and went to the other end of the garden.
Shalini:” What was Ravi pleading for?”
Balvant:” Well…That was the danger I was speaking about…Your husband is pleading so that his suspension order is revoked….and you know he is plain innocent….”
Shalini:”Oh god…Yea..Ravi looked extremely distressed the last week ..I think he was fearing this..”
Balvant:”Yes he was..and that fellow is a head of the irrigation department…Ravi had come to my party chiefly to meet that head and plead…”
Shalini :”What the hell…?”
Balvant:” Yup…..Believe it or not…”
Shalini” i said repeatedly its immaterial whether I trust you or not..”

Balvant :” And there is another impending danger…Its about you ..”
Shalini:” About me?”
Balvant ” yes they know you have all the data about the case..They fear since you are very smart and know who the real culprits are…So..they see you as a potential threat….Plus you have a young son…”

“They planning to harm Akash?” Shalini’s face suddenly turned colourless in fear and agony.

Balvant:” Hey..Do not freak off….Just be careful and take care of your son…”

Shalini nodded. Her eyes looked soft and beautiful, but it spoke of her amazing inner strength.Shalini have always been that perfect protective mother to Akash.She can’t bear any harm done to her.Never ever.Not even in any wildest dream.

She finally looked at Balvant’s savage eyes” Any other help you want from me ?”

Balvant: “I do not want to insult you…but to be honest….well…..You think you can help me ? You are smart …but this affair is too murky for you….so stop meddling into all this…..or else……”

Shalini this time did not react to Balvant’s intimidating gesture.
She smiled “Or else what ? You think I really need your advice ? Thanks for warning me though….Bye…Good night ”

Balvant:” Bye.”

Balvant again smiled hideously.
Shalini turned to go since Ravi have already come out of the room and was waiting in the hallway.

As Shalini turned to go, she let go her pallu letting it be draped normally, which let her back fully exposed.

Balvant commented from behind: “That blouse looks awesome on you, your figure…..”

Shalini did not turn back; may be she wanted to flaunt her back in that skimpy blouse…

Shalini just halted for a second: “You liked just my blouse..?? Not saree… or anything else… strange…..?”

She had a seductive tone of mischief in her voice.

She brushed her hair and gathered them in front as she walked briskly on her high heels. Balvant lustily watched her swaying full bottom.

Shalini did not want to believe that they are in deep trouble.She had already been offered a lucrative role at a MNC bank in Mumbai.She just waited for the month of August when they will eventually leave the wretched town.

She did not feel like discussing with Ravi about what Balvant told her.To be honest,She could not fully trust Balvant ; rather she could not find any reason to trust him.He is corrupt like most involved in the case and he does not know his real intentions.

Few weeks have passed since that night.Ravi have become unusually quiet.Once Ravi was discussing that, he was made to just function like a clerk now since after the scam a new chief engineer is now looking after the projects.Though officially, still Ravi was in charge of most things regarding the project.

Officials of all sorts now dominated Ravi at office.Though Ravi never relayed his humiliating stories to his wife,Shalini could make out from his eyes.Meanwhile Ravi once told Shalini that Kishore was also a principal contributor of the scam.Shalini blankly nodded hearing that.She knew already that Kishore was a big time player.

Shalini did not want to get very deep into the scam again.She felt pity for Ravi.But deep down she started to despise Ravi for being a weak and coward man.But she never showed such signs of resentment and tried to support her husband as much as possible.

She grew more and more indifferent about the case, but one day she got jolted by a discovery.

She found a closed envelope which Ravi had probably hidden from her view.She felt like reading the letter which was addressed to Ravi from some senior director of the Anti corruption department of Government.

Mr. Ravi Mehta,

This is to inform you that the anti corruption department have decided to re-initiate an enquiry of the financial scam case in which you are one of the chief accused.

It is believed that you are planning to get a transfer to Mumbai during the month of August.But we strongly need your presence for the enquiry.So, we hereby inform you that you will not be getting a transfer to Mumbai before the month of November.

Yours truly,

Shalini threw the letter in rage and yelled “What the fuck…”
Stuck in this god-damn place till…..November …She felt defeated and helpless for the first time.

The letter was dated 12th March and a week have almost passed.Ravi did not dare to tell this to Shalini.

Shalini in all probability will lose the bank job.She felt like crying like a baby.She felt like cursing Ravi, but then she realized her idiot husband is not even worthy of her curses.

That evening, before Ravi returned from office she dialled up Balvant.

“I knew I would be getting a call from you ” Balvant’s hoarse voice sounded painful to Shalini.

“What you mean, Mr.Balvant ?”

“Come to the point Mrs. Shalini…I know you guys are staying here till November..”

“What the hell..How on earth you know that ..?”

” I don’t like you the same stupid question always…What will you do by knowing how I got the information ?” Balvant sounded like a monster.

Shalini could only gulp in fear

“Hey…can we discuss some stuff about the case…?”

Balvant shot into laughter…

“You sure you want that ..”

“Yes….I am ..” Shalini nodded like an obedient child.

Balvant : “I don’t want you to discuss anything about the case…I want you to untangle the financial angle of the case because you have access to the balance sheets..Do you understand..”

Shalini:” Yes I do….”

Balvant:” You need to mail me all the details….so that I get a firm idea first hand..”

Shalini:” Yes I will….But I don’t think we can meet because I do not want Ravi know that we two are collaborating..”

Balvant:” Even I do not want Ravi to have an inkling about the whole thing…because he can anyday give us in in front of the corrupt men..”

Shalini :” Yup..exactly so..”

Balvant said “Mail me the details” and hung up the phone.

Shalini and Ravi dd not talk about this.In Fact, the couple did not communicate much throughout the week.Shalini worked hard and explained everything to Balvant over mail.

Shalini started to trust Balvant.They chatted online for long hours where they planned each steps of how to reach the bottom of this.Shalini liked the composed,professional demeanour of the man.She can’t afford to lose the MNC job which she got after such efforts.And Balvant is the man who will make it possible. She was now comfortable talking to Balvant.

Ravi had to frequently travel to non-descript villages and work as supervisors where he had to stay for 2-3 days.Shalini did not want to stay alone ,but she felt there was no point discussing the same with Ravi.

It was one such day and Shalini did not even know the village where Ravi had gone to supervise.It was around 07 o’clock in the night.Shalini had just finished dinner and already had made Akash hit bed, when the doorbell rang.

Shalini could see the tall broad figure of Balvant Singh standing in front of the doorway grinning at her.

Shalini hesitated a little to open the door.She was wearing yellow buttoned shirt just reaching her waistline. It was snug fitting around her bust and then loosely fell till her waist .She paired it with a floral printed shorts which she loved wearing at nights.With summer months approaching and since no one visits her after dinner , she does not mind putting on skimpy pair of shorts.She could not wear shorts or miniskirts at home for the past one month even at night because there was some small construction work happening in her neighbourhood and the labourers used to hang around the place quite late through night.Due to that,She used to wear only proper decent salwar kameez throughout the entire duration at home.But just two days back, the construction work had stopped due to some reason. With no labourers hanging around, Shalini did not think twice before wearing the skimpiest pair of shorts she had that night.It did not even cover ten percent of her wondrous thighs.

Shalini saw no point in hesitating more since Balvant Singh could easily make out what she was wearing through the large window overlooking the garden.Shalini did not even bother to draw the curtain since she was pretty confident because the construction work stopped no one would even cross through her bungalow.

As soon as she opened the door,Balvant apologised..”I am extremely sorry…..I cannot visit you during daytime..because there are men chasing me like wolves ….”

Shalini did not look irritated.She smiled..”Hey come inside….Don’t apologize please…”

Balvant cast a quick glance at her as she turned around approaching the sofa.He felt spellbound for a second seeing her rippling thigh muscles and perfect calf as she walked. He just drank the naked beauty of sexy bare thighs of Shalini. His hyena like eyes grew like a ball of fire.

Shalini : “Tea or coffee ?”
Balvant maintained a strict business like attitude.It almost appeared that Balvant did not hear her as he fumbled through some documents which he brought.

Shalini had to repeat..”Mr.Balvant..Tea or coffee.?.”

Balvant :” No Thanks….Give me a glass of water….”
Shalini :” Hey…relax…you can’t concentrate without some tea..or coffee… And I would like you to taste my coffee… I make sweet creamy hot coffee. You will like it.”

Balvant looked up at her and tried to smile.But he looked even more intimidating with his nicotine stained teeth dangling like a predator.Shalini stood behind the sofa obviously to hide her hot legs from Balvant’s view.

Balvant:”Ok, Coffee..And keep the main door open…My Rocky(D) has come with me..He is roaming in the garden”

Shalini:” Hey I am quite fond of Rocky(D)s ..You can get him inside the house..”

Balvant:” No..He might disturb us since we have something important to discuss…”

Shalini came back with two mugs of coffee as Balvant had spread some documents on the center table.She sat on the sofa crossing her legs. Balvant did not look at her directly and immediately proceeded in discussing the case.

As Shalini picked up a paper to examine, Balvant looked at her through the corner of her eyes. Shalini had put her hands on her legs and put the paper she was examining on it so that Balvant cannot see much of her thighs. But she did not realise that her crossing legs (left leg over right) gave a sensual round shape to her left bottom and actually Balvant got a fantastic view of her outer thigh along with some under thigh view too…

They discussed few important points.Throughout the discussions, Shalini covered her legs with the papers pretending she was examining them.But Balvant could easily understand this and smiled hideously.

Shalini saw him smiling and asked “Any problem.?.”
Balvant :”Nopes….Could you do me a favour…You have some biscuits at home? Can you give me a packet ? I would feed them to Jimmy..”

Shalini:” Ohh Sure…..”

Shalini got the packet from kitchen handed over the packet to Blavant.Balvant started to go to the garden where the Rocky(D) was probably roaming around because they heard occasional howling.

Shalini :” Hey don’t go to the garden now….snakes may be there….You call the Jimmy inside please..”

Balvant :” Don’t worry Nothing will happen?”

Shalini:” No ..Please call Jimmy inside..I love Rocky(D)s ….and I have no problem having them in my drawing room ?”

Balvant :” You sure..”

Shalini :” What is there to be sure? Please call him ..I will go and quickly scan these documents in the other room ..”

Balvant called “Jimmy..Aaa jao ..quick ” as Shalini went to scan the documents.

Balvant started feeding Jimmy the biscuits.Shalini finished scanning the documents and came back to living room. She saw the Rocky(D) for the first time.It was a large canine of the golden retriever breed and had a mahogany colour.

Shalini went forward and stroked his head lovingly.The Rocky(D) sniffed and then barked slightly as a token of appreciation for Shalini…
Balvant:” Jimmy seems to like you..”
Shalini:” All animals like me Mr. Balvant..” Unconsciously her eyes moved from Jimmy to Balvant.

The packet of biscuit was soon over. Shalini got up ad got another packet.
Shalini :” I will feed it this time..”

Balvant:” I hope you can manage…He is not a very friendly beast..”
Shalini:” Mr. Balvant all beasts can be turned friendly.. You need to be friendly to them and show your love and care for them..”
Balvant nodded..
Shalini lovingly walked to Jimmy, sat near Balvant on sofa to feed him.

The Rocky(D) suddenly turned a little aggressive and snatched the entire packet from Shalini. Shalini caressed him along its length and patted its head with lots of love.
Shalini : “Baby you seem hungry..”

Balvant: “He should be fine now.. Don’t bring another packet please….”

Shalini:” Hey he seems hungry.. let him eat more.. don’t be so cruel..”

Shalini went to the kitchen to get another packet, but this time the Rocky(D) followed her.As Shalini got on to her knees to feed him, the Rocky(D) slowly started licking the hands when she was giving the biscuits to its mouth.But once a biscuit broke and fell on her legs. Jimmy’s head immediately went to her thighs to pick it up and then Jimmy gave few licks with his full tongue on Shalini’s smooth fair legs.

Balvant’s hungry eyes looked on unbelievably when he saw Shalini giggling and protesting mildly as the Rocky(D) went on licking till the edge of her shorts.He started getting a hardon inside his jeans.

Balvant:” Jimmy What are you doing …Stop… I will beat up you..”
Shalini:” Hey he will anyway stop..Don’t ever dare to hit an animal..”
Balvant muttered slowly ” Don’t blame me if he tear your Shorts apart..”
Shalini seductively replied” Don’t worry..He will never do such things, he is a lovely good creature..I know Rocky(D)s much better than you ”

Balvant could not resist viewing such a nastily sexy scene as the Rocky(D)’s tongue was all over Shalini’s naked legs.. Her smooth thighs glistened from licking by Jimmy’s saliva..and Shalini’s seductive smile made it apparent she was enjoying the treatment.
Shalini :”I believe Mr.Balvant you don’t at all take care of him”
Balvant:”I know how to treat my pets..You should never give them too much care..”

The Rocky(D) almost finished five packets of biscuits by now.

Shalini” seem to have starved him for years…Look how hungry the poor guy is..”
Balvant:” I am sorry to have finished all your biscuit stocks..”
Shalini :” You should be rather sorry that you don’t feed Jimmy properly..”

Balvant said sarcastically ” I will leave jimmy occasionally in your care..”

That was the last biscuit packet Shalini had in stock.But the Rocky(D) was still hungry.She felt sorry for the creature. Just as she was giving the penultimate biscuit, something unthinkable happened.

The biscuit accidentally fell from her hands and slipped into her top. As soon as the biscuit disappeared inside her top, Jimmy hungrily latched on to the front of her top and in a quick move to retrieve his food, Jimmy ended up ripping opening three buttons of her blouse.The buttons flew away to one corner of the room as the top portion of Shalini’s blouse flung open with her beautiful milk filled breasts struggled inside a tiny black bra . It happened so fast Shalini could not react. Balvant was too shocked to even bat his eyelids. Both Shalini and Balvant’s initial reaction was to check whether she has been hurt or not?

And both were relieved when they saw that Jimmy’s teeth had not harmed her boobs in any way. They were pretty safe in its full glory….

Shalini saw the biscuit stuck on the front end of her bra in between her plunging neckline and the cup of the bra. Balvant’s hungry eyes shuffled between Shalini’s boobs and her dangling mangalsutra-the signature of a married Indian woman. Just then Jimmy standing on his hind legs tried to retrieve the biscuit from her bra cups. Shalini yelled “No..Jimmy No..Not from here..”

She was now quicker than Jimmy as she moved away from the Rocky(D)’s grasp. She threw the biscuit piece on to the floor as Jimmy hungrily picked it up with his teeth.

Shalini quickly covered herself with her hands and obstructed the view of her boobs with the ripped top.But she never showed even a semblance of panic throughout the entire incident.Nor her eyes showed signs of anger or panic or hysteria.She looked composed and calm as if a very minor inadvertent accident just happened and surprised her. As a matter of fact,Balvant looked more surprised and disheveled than Shalini by miles.

Balvant jumped on the Rocky(D) and severely hit it with a stick which lay near the door.

“Asshole……” He shouted at the Rocky(D)..

Shalini this time had an alarmed tone in her voice…”What the hell is wrong with you ? Don’t hit him…..I will go and change..Please don’t hit him..”

Telling this Shalini lovingly took away Jimmy from Balvant’s grips and told him..”Don’t misbehave like this Jimmy…or else Mr.Balvant will hit you badly”

Telling this she went to her bedroom to change.The Rocky(D) tried to follow her into the bedroom,but Shalini managed to close the door before Jimmy could enter the room.

Shalini came out of the bedroom in a white colored kurti ,but still had the skimpy shorts on.When Shalini went to change,Balvant thought for a second that she might put on something like track pants or Yoga pants to hide her lovely sexy legs.Balvant grinned in an uncouth manner as Shalini came out of her bedroom.

But Jimmy was in no mood to relent.As soon as Shalini came out of the room, Balvant called out to him “Jimmy lets move..we need to go back !”

But instead of going towards Balvant ,Jimmy rushed into Shalini’s bedroom.
Balvant made an angry gesture in sheer frustration that the Rocky(D) was not listening to him.

After few moments,Jimmy came out of the room holding Shalini’s torn Shirt in his claws and her Black Bra in his mouth.

Balvant shouted in anger ..” What the hell you are upto Jimmy …”
Telling this Balvant flung on Jimmy to get back the torn Shirt and her bra. Shalini who was initially dumbfounded and a little embarrassed spoke..

“Hey.Mr.Balvant….please do not over-react..It must be that the biscuits crumbs have got attached on to my clothes and that’s why he is behaving like this..”

Balvant struggled to get back the clothes ,but eventually succeeded.

He held out the Bra to Shalini and said..”I am so sorry…..I will never get this stupid Rocky(D) around…”

Shalini took her bra from Balvant and saw the Rocky(D) have almost bitten off the bra hooks .She muttered “I can’t wear this in future..” Then she cheerfully added ..” Jimmy is really cute..You don’t have to be apologetic Mr.Balvant…Trust me…”

When Balvant got on to his bike to leave, Shalini courteously thanked him for paying her a visit and giving her access to important documents.

After Balvant left,Shalini stood in front of the mirror.She did not realize before hand she was looking so raunchy.The shorts she was wearing resembled conventional panties most Indian women wear.She instantly started feeling guilty for exposing so much to a man who is not her husband.

Talking about Balvant , his colleagues think there are very few men who are as cunning as Balvant. His colleagues knew exactly that Balvant also got a fair share of money in the financial scam case.And they suspect that Balvant and the ministers are now enemies because some money deal did not work out between them.He is a man of very less words and his colleagues does not know much about his personal life.Only they have heard that many years ago, Balvant was once suspended from duty for beating up his wife. Balvant is very rarely seen during police get together events and picnics.No one seem to have any concrete idea where does Balvant go after duty or who are his actual friends.But they are sure that the man have no good friend at least in the department.He is considered to be too emotionless and ruthless a person to make real friendship.He is feared by his juniors , peers as well as his seniors.

Almost three months have passed since Shalini was disrobed by Jimmy the Rocky(D).The monsoon was all over India in full glory.The town was totally cut off from the neighboring villages which meant Ravi was stranded in some far-off village.

On that Saturday evening, she got a call from Balvant.

Balvant :” Mrs. Shalini needed a favor..”
Shalini :” Regarding ?”
Balvant :” It is a cheat fund company investigation I am doing presently.I have great difficulty understanding few terms of the case…”
Shalini paused for a second.Then she teasingly asked ” My fees ?”
Balvant :” Will pay you handsomely If you help me promptly ..”
Shalini :” I do not need money ..”
Balvant :” Then ?”
Shalini :” I applied for my passport long back..Police verification is still pending..I want you to fast track the process..Sounds Ok ?”
Balvant :” Done….will reach your place by 7 p.m. evening”

Shalini enjoyed dealing with this man.This was a man with no frills.He does not waste time on petty words.His decisiveness is so impeccable that the other person simply needs to abide.

Balvant reached 7 p.m. sharp.He was badly drenched when he reached because of riding the motorcycle.
Shalini saw Balvant drenched like a crow, but his body language seemed even more savage.

Shalini :” My god you are so fully drenched ..”
Balvant :” Help me with a towel..”
Shalini :” You better change into my husband’s clothes….or else you may catch pneumonia ..”
Balvant smiled sarcastically. “You think his will fit me ?”
Shalini :” You will not be judged because of mis-fit clothes by me atleast now….So rush to that room ..I will give you his clothes..”

Balvant picked up the neatly pressed clothes which Shalini gave him.He picked up the underwear and threw it to the ground. He smiled absent-mindlessly and said to himself “I am thrice as huge as Mr. Ravi….”

He wore Ravi’s track pants and shirts ,but it hardly accommodated his huge frame.

As Shalini and Balvant settled on the sofa for the discussion , Balvant noticed Shalini was quite decently dressed today if compared to the skimpy shorts she was wearing the other night.She wore a full sleeved kurti which was otherwise conservative but the V of the neck was slightly more deep than usual.

They discussed in details about the case which stimulated Shalini’s curiosity and interest.They got along well and soon they were discussing stuff which was not related about the case.

Soon Shalini insisted Balvant to have dinner with her. On the dinner table,Balvant kept blabbering with Akash just like Ravi used to do.Whenever Shalini had to bend to serve Balvant food, his eyes would be transfixed on her generous cleavage which was otherwise not visible when Shalini was standing upright. Balvant’s massive dick started making a huge tent inside his pyjamas since he was not wearing any underwear.Even in that heightened situation of sexual arousal, Balvant kept on talking to Akash.

After they finished dinner, Shalini told Balvant ” I think you need to leave ..I will just go and make Akash fall asleep and come back to bid you goodbye…”

Balvant shot a curious glance at her and said ” Its raining heavily..I will better wait ..You can take time to get your son sleep ”

When Shalini came back to the drawing room,she saw Balvant smoking a cigarette looking at the incessant rains smashing down like bullets.

Shalini sat down on the sofa and teasingly told Balvant “I think the rains won’t stop tonight..You need to spend the night in my house in these ill-fitted clothes..”

Shalini let out a casual laughter.

Balvant did not turn around.But said ” I have no problem in these clothes…But you seem too covered up today…”

Shalini did not want to go into the details of her clothes; In an hope to change the topic, she switched on the television.

She said ” The IIFA award show is being aired today…you might like it Mr. Balvant or you want me to put on some sports channel for you ?”

Balvant did not answer as Shalini browsed through the channel.
He asked after a long pause in a mysterious voice ..”You planning to sleep this early ?”

” Yea I sleep early these days …I will go into my bed room for the night ..You can either use the drawing room or Ravi’s study room …Is that okay ? ” Shalini smiled beautifully.

Balvant again did not respond.He puffed away his cigarette and told ” You look hot even when you are fully covered in a decent salwar kameez”

Shalini looked a little embarrassed.She still managed to say ” I have heard these words from millions of men …I am tired….I am retiring for the night..”

Balvant looked at her and spoke ” I don’t believe only in words..You know policemen are men of actions..”

Shalini rose from the sofa and said “Excuse me ..I did not get you ..”

Suddenly Balvant went close to her and held her from behind.Before Shalini could shout,Balvant hugged her tight. It was a bear hug. Shalini struggled like a caged beast under Balvant’s embrace.

Keeping his hold tight over Shalini’s waist,Balvant put his tongue deep inside Shalini’s mouth and smooched her with tremendous force.He practically bore his mouth into hers and appeared to be drinking juice off her luscious red lips.

Once he let go off Shalini, she started panting from this unexpected shock.Her mouth and lips were drenched with Balvant’s saliva.She took few moments to regain her composure.
“Just get out of here before I shout ..” Shalini found her voice at last.
” Neither you will shout nor I will move out of here….” Balvant eyes bore the ferocity of a wild bull.

Balvant pushed her into the sofa and jumped on her. Shalini knew she was no match in front of the brute power of Balvant. As Balvant continued kissing her neck, she meekly told him “Look !! This is wrong …please leave me ….I am married ….”

Balvant stopped kissing Shalini. Balvant’s ferocious eyes met those of Shalini and she buckled down in fear. Balvant’s eyes did not show any kind of emotion.

He spoke in a soft soothing voice with that same ferocious look ” Shalini …you know I will get you this way or the other……”
“Listen ..Just go away from here ….We both are married and its a sin …” Shalini appeared too scared even to plead.

“The moment you stop thinking its sin, it becomes fun ” Balvant smirked at her.
Shalini had recovered from the initial shock and knew she was helpless.She made a last ditch effort to free herself from Balvant’s clutches.But she could not manage to even move an inch due to Balvant’s grip on her. Balvant’s thick hairy hands held her down like Iron Fists .She had seen movies where wolfmen would rape beautiful actresses, but she never imagined her fate would resemble those scantily clad women of the C-grade movies.

Balvant’s hand went near the V of Shalini’s kurti and with one violent shove, he ripped apart her Kurti.In a flash,she saw her Kurti being torn and reduced to tatters.Her beautiful bra covered breasts flung open in front of Balvant.Shalini was wearing a imported black bra which was made up of very thin material and was more skimpy than the local bras.She always loved wearing fancy lingerie and today was no different.
Impulsively,Shalini covered her big tits with her hands. She tried yelling,but felt tongue -tied.She realized within seconds Balvant was no ordinary man; someone who could tear her full sleeved Kurti so effortlessly is nothing but a wild bull !!

Meanwhile,Balvant casually removed the torn Kurti from her body and threw it over the floor.Though Shalini sat almost topless at one corner of the sofa,Balvant did not show any unusual emotion. He was as composed as before with his eyes bearing the same ferocity and lust.

He grasped Shalini’s hands and started kissing her shoulders over her bra straps.Shalini could not bear to see the man playing with her twin globes like there is no tomorrow. She closed her eyes in humiliation as Balvant started licking her cleavage.He kept on licking her cleavage and side boobs just like Jimmy the Rocky(D) was licking her naked thighs on that night.Shalini clenched her teeth as Balvant’s tongue licked every inch of her bra covered boobs.

Shalini shrieked in embarrassment when Balvant bit off the hook of her flimsy bra.
Shalini yelled “No Balvant …..Stop I say ”
Shalini froze in disbelief as Balvant used his teeth to break the hook and removed her bra with his mouth.
Shalini’s huge breasts jiggled right in front of her tormentor’s eyes.
“This is wrong Balvant..You can’t do this” Shalini felt shy even to shout…

Balvant held both her boobs in his big strong hands and started squeezing them.Even for the freakishly large hands of Balvant, Shalini’s boobs were a handful.Balvant took out his tongue and flicked her left nipple as he continued squeezing her tits hard with full enjoyment.Balvant put almost half of her boobs inside his mouth and started sucking them hard.He kept on sucking her tits making a filthy loud sound of sucking which echoed throughout the drawing room.As the pace and ferocity of the sucking increased ,Shalini started to loose control.Balvant realised Shalini’s withdrawal of resistance and started maneuvering the area near Shalini’s areola.Shalini had beautiful pink nipples like foreigners which made Balvant absolutely mad in lust.
And Balvant was spot-on.Shalini had a really sensitive areola which was never ever explored by Ravi.But with Balvant literally flirting and playing with her nipples,suddenly Shalini started getting a rare sense of forbidden pleasure.Balvant deliberately stopped licking Shalini’s areola , it was a means to tease her by depriving her of the sensations tit sucking brought.

Balvant had so expertly sucked her breasts, Shalini was now on the verge of losing all self-defense.Her hands which earlier tried to escape from Balvant’s grip now
clutched the sofa in pleasure.Forget breast sucking, even full fledged fucking sessions with Ravi never gave her this amount of satisfaction.

Now when Balvant tried to smooch Shalini,there was no resistance. Rather they tasted each other’s tongue till Shalini ran out of breath.She could not believe this ugly hairy beast of a man could provide her with such raunchy pleasure.It seemed the wolfman have hallucinated Shalini into submission.The writing is now clear on the wall – She is a willing participant now ; She is not being forced rather she is willingly allowing the raunchiest violation of herself.

Finally, when Balvant let go of Shalini’s boobs, both of them sank deep into the sofa.Shalini felt rejuvenated with excitement as if she had some magic potions which suddenly manifolded her libido.Balvant had that same expressionless stone face with a smirk which spoke of how much he also enjoyed Shalini’s loss of dignity.

Shalini smiled weakly and said”You know how to make good use of your tongue ”
Balvant happily looked at her eyes.The helplessness have vanished from her face.She is nothing but a slut now.

Balvant casually replied “I haven’t even touched your jeans…..or pussy..and here you are already in the mood…Looks like Ravi does not even know how to fuck a woman ”

Shalini did not respond to this jibe because she did not want to think of her husband at this moment.

Balvant got down on his knees and turned his face towards Shalini as she was sitting on the sofa.He violently dug his tongue deep into Shalini’s navel and kept on licking it.Shalini’s slim waist got wet with Balvant’s thick saliva.Shalini shuddered in pleasure and bit her lips in sheer excitement as Balvant held her tits with both hands as support and kept on licking and biting her navel.

As Balvant turned more and more violent, Shalini spoke out somehow blurting the words ..”No Balvant stop ..I can’t climax now…”

Balvant decreased his pace and finally let go of Shalini.Shalini closed her eyes and panted with her huge breasts moving up and down with every heavy breath she was taking.Her body was aching in pleasure and they have still not even seen each other’s genitals.Shalini had become so turned on that she was on the verge of cumming.But Balvant denied her that ultimate pleasure, thus making her even more hungry for sex.

Balvant went up and increased the fan’s pace so as to help Shalini calm down.He said in a calm harsh voice “Don’t worry I will not allow you to cum so easily..” He let out a sinister laughter !!

Shalini replied in a flirty voice “I never believe a man can use his tongue so well ” Shalini felt even more guilty talking like this with Balvant.Her mind have just stopped working.Shalini could not believe the moral degradation she has undergone in the last one hour.Even an hour ago, she was a dutiful wife, a loving mother and a highly educated and cultured woman.And now just within an hour she was sitting completely topless without even a bra with a half educated filthy policeman.

Balvant pulled her towards him and Shalini allowed herself to rest on Balvant’s huge frame.Balvant held her strongly and kissed her passionately on her lips and occasionally on her neck.Gradually, he brought Shalini’s hand over his trousers and she could directly feel his erect dick over the trouser.

Even as Shalini shouted “No Balvant not here ..”, Balvant quietly lowered his trousers.His huge black erect penis sprang out like a hissing snake.

Shalini shrieked in embarrassment “What the hell…wear back your pants…” and turned on her back to look in the opposite direction.
But Balvant had already undone his trousers and his tool was hard rock pointing in the direction Shalini was sitting.

Shalini was shocked to see Balvant’s dick was so long and thick.She could only feign seriousness and told him “Balvant ..pull up your trousers..we can’t do this”

Balvant smirked in response and got even closer to Shalini so that his erect penis almost brushed against Shalini’s jeans.Shalini had still kept her eyes closed in sheer embarrassment.Balvant grabbed her right hand and placed it right over his dick.
Shalini blushed in utter shame as soon as she touched Balvant’s manhood for the first time.A part of her wanted to stop right now and run away, but the other part of her had been swept away by lust and craving for some ultimate pleasure.She felt blank in her head and guilty at her heart because she knew this was so wrong.But she has little or no choice.Even if she resists, Balvant would rape her with full enjoyment.

But forget resisting,she now wants every bit of it.

Balvant roared in a low but ferocious voice “Do I need to tell you what you must now do ?”
Shalini quickly wrapped her fingers around Balvant’s dick and started moving her palm up and down. Balvant shrieked with pleasure as Shalini expertly kept jacking him.Shalini could not believe she was actually doing this ; but the more she touched Balvant’s filthy dirty penis , the more inhibitionless she started becoming.
After about 07 minutes or so, Balvant removed Shalini’s hand from his dick and to her utter disbelief ejaculated entirely on Shalini’s huge tits.Shalini’s beautiful bouncy tits got splashed with thick sticky cum from Balvant’s penis.

Shalini yelled in anger “How dare you Balvant do this ?”
as she picked up her torn kurti to clean the cum off her boobs ..
“Who gave you the liberty to splash on me….Yuck !! Chi !!! ..Look it’s so sticky I have to get a bath now …”
Droplets of Balvant’s semen trickled from her boobs and fell on her jeans.
“You have spoilt my brand new jeans also” Shalini got up and scampered towards the washroom to get herself clean.
Balvant knew almost every man in the town would dream to bang Shalini.Most of the men working in Ravi’s office have masturbated thinking about her after they have got a glimpse of her.And that sex goddess is now completely at Balvant’s mercy.Still,Balvant did not show any emotion, any expression ; he was as quiet and ferocious as ever.
Balvant got up and charged towards the washroom with his enormous body muscles flexing like Hulk.
Shalini had just got in and locked the bathroom door.Balvant banged the door hard and the feeble latch key of the door cracked due to Balvant’s inhuman power.
It was not sure whether Balvant really wanted to break the door or the door simply gave in due to his animalistic force.

Shalini was about to strip her jeans when she saw Balvant break the door lock and standing right next to her.
“Are you crazy Balvant ? What the hell you doing here ? ”
Balvant did not make even the faintest noise.He pushed Shalini lightly and made her squat on her knees holding her shoulders with tremendous force.He brought out his huge black monster penis and pushed it right inside her lips.Shalini understood what was expected out of her.She realized it was futile to resist considering the mood Balvant was in.She could not imagine a man could so easily break open her bathroom door.
Shalini meekly opened her mouth and accommodated Balvant’s massive dick inside her mouth.Shalini was not at all used to oral sex, and she always considered it dirty.But this was even dirtier as Balvant’s thick pubic hairs also brushed against Shalini’s luscious lips.As Balvant pushed his dick deeper, Shalini felt gagged and choked.But there was no respite as Balvant had held her head strongly against his penis.Balvant started moaning loudly and his pleasure filled cries echoed in the bathroom.Surprisingly, Shalini soon started enjoying which was beyond her wildest dreams.Balvant did not hold her any longer, and she was expertly sucking out his penis using both her lips and tongue occasionally.

Balvant saw Shalini’s mangalsutra brushing against his balls every time his penis went deep inside her mouth.That same mangalsutra – the sacred symbol of Hindu marriage, the symbol of loyalty towards Shalini’s husband Ravi was now touching another man’s dick.Even Shalini knew tonight will transform her from a loving,educated wife to a sophisticated married slut.

Shalini made perfect sucking sounds like “Slrpppppp..” as Balvant mouth fucked her.When Balvant knew he could not hold any longer , he ferociously said “I am cumming inside you ..”
Before Shalini could stop, jets of cum had already filled her mouth.Some amount splashed on her face and eyes.She had no option but to swallow some of the semen, while she rinsed off the remaining from her mouth.Both Shalini and Balvant sweated profusely from the heat generated by the act. Shalini was too embarrassed to speak or even move.She has just now willingly sucked a dirty huge black dick of a cheap pervert policeman completely forgetting her husband, her small son, her education, her dignity in society !!

She silently stood clutching the bathroom door looking down the floor with every tissue of her body reeling from guilt and conscience.But the next moment, she realized she enjoyed it madly and her guilt ridden face transformed into that of a slutty pleasure-seeking woman.As Balvant stared at her naked milk jugs, Shalini pulled a towel to cover her tits.
Balvant put on his trousers and calmly moved out of the washroom as if nothing ever happened.
He glanced a quick look at Shalini. With that same ferocious intimidating voice,
he said to her “You give great blowjob I must say ..”
He paused as Shalini’s humiliation mounted.
Then with the same harsh voice , he continued “Now I want you to clean yourself up..probably take a bath….I am hungry now…I have a killer appetite and get really hungry at night…I want you to cook some nice snacks for me”

Shalini shot back in disbelief “What the hell ? What you think myself as ? Your Wife ? Remember your place Balvant ”

Balvant angrily stopped Shalini’s protest ..”I don’t listen to things others tell me.I make others listen to me ..Understood ? ”
Shalini decided to stay quiet considering her dignity.

Balvant roared “You have only half an hour.After cooking, you need to wear a dress which I will tell you now.You will have to put on your raunchiest shorts for me…Not the type you were wearing that night…those were still slightly decent….I want you to put on the most skimpy one you have…the ones which are shorter than the panties my wife or any other conservative Indian woman would wear…and on top you have to wear a full sleeve Kurti ..the ones you wear while you go out to shop or when you drop your son to School…Is that clear ?”

Shalini kept silent.Her head was already spinning from the sequence of events.
“Tell yes or No ..”
“Yes” Shalini’s voice resembled the toy robots Akash plays with.
“Good….I will be waiting inside your bedroom …30 minutes you have…to cook and wear the dress and come..remember to put some nice make up as well..”

“ not my son is just sleeping in the next room ..”
“Shut up…See you in half an hour..
Balvant hurried away from the washroom and went up the terrace for some relaxation before the ultimate enjoyment of the night begins.

Shalini smiled to herself as she got under shower.She was surprised that she thoroughly enjoyed sucking Balvant’s dirty penis. When Balvant’s thick rough hands were mauling her breasts, though it hurt her bit, she wanted him to go on and on. But she knew it was wrong. She cannot break Ravi’s trust like this. It is a sin; a grave sin.

She murmured herself “I am Sorry Ravi…I know this is a crime I am committing…but I will be used by another man now”

While coming out after the shower, Shalini sighed deep and said to herself “Ï never knew I would enjoy forcibly taken by a brute so much …”

Shalini had already prepared bread omlette for Balvant before going for shower and had kept it on the dining table for Balvant to eat. She did not wait for Balwant to come ; she knew Balvant would grab the pieces whenever he would want. She was in a hurry and eager to meet meet Balwant’s 30 min deadline.

After showers and getting dressed as instructed by Balvant, Shalini saw her bedroom dark and unoccupied. There was no sign of Balvant.

Where is the man now ? Pondered Shalini.

She thought she should check the terrace, but reclined thinking about the dress she was in. Nevertheless, she climbed the stairs and when she reached the terrace door, she finally saw Balvant inside the room adjoining the terrace door.

It was Ravi’s study room next to the terrace. Ravi loved spending days and nights in that room undisturbed reading throughout.

And now the demon Balvant was there sitting on Ravi’s arm chair munching on the food prepared by his sexy wife.

Shalini slowly walked in. As Balvant checked her from toe-to-head, he found her dressed exactly the way he had commanded her.She is indeed a bigger tease than Balvant had imagined.

Balvant casually ranted “The bread in the sandwich are half-toasted, but I am happy in the way you had put efforts to dress up” Balvant had a tough victorious look in his evil eyes. As Shalini came inside and sat on a chair facing Balvant, he cast a deep stare on her. Shalini had worn the raunchiest shorts she had in her wardrobe. It was a floral printed shorts that snugly fitted on her like a second skin and the bare little cloth covered her V leaving her white smooth slender legs in full view. As instructed, she had put on a conventional black kurti, the ones she wears commonly in markets and roads. Shalini did not bother to put on a bra as he did not want it to be shredded to pieces by the monster. She felt sexy as light material strained against her heavy bare boobs.

Shalini did not have guts to look at Balvant’s ferocious eyes. Those eyes can terrorize any woman. Balvant was smitten by her as he gulped the last bite.Any other man would have shrieked in euphoria had they seen Shalini in such an avatar. But Balvant silently licked his lip in his characteristic casual composed demeanour.

He clasped his hand in raw anticipation and went on his knees within a flash and grabbed Shalini’s legs. Shalini’s milky legs turned red as Balvant started kissing every square centimetre of her legs. When he reached her thighs, he stopped kissing and started licking her inner thighs like a Rocky(D). Shalini shuddered at this unexpected sudden surge of pleasure as Balvant found back his animalistic ways leaving soft bite marks and hickey on her inner thighs.

The room soon filled with Balvant’s licking sounds and Shalini’s half moans. Soon, Balvant pulled off her short’s button with his teeth. Shalini never experienced such brutal power before as her shorts were now torn off by the ferocious man’s teeth.

Shalini yelled albeit slowly “What the hell….You have ripped off my expensive shorts..”

Balvant smirked ” Expensive ? Huh !! They make you look practically Nude…”

Balvant pulled up the flimsy torn shorts and threw them at one corner of the room.

And yes she was now nude from below. She had decided against wearing any panties because she feared Balvant would tear and destroy any panties she would be wearing.

Balvant marvelled at the beautiful sight of Shalini’s pussy. It was shaved and looked clean as expected out of any sophisticated modern elite woman.

But Shalini did not try to hide her pussy from Balvant, she just looked away from his face as he looked lustily at her pussy. Balvant who had become blinded with lust, dashed to eat Shalini’s pussy, but stopped midway.

He spoke harshly “Now get up and show how your pair of butts look like ”

Shalini stood up obediently from the chair as Balvant looked at the mesmerizing beauty of Shalini without anything to cover her pussy.

Almost instinctively like a mistress obeying her master, she turned on her own and slightly lifted her kurti exposing the most magnificent pair of ass. Thousands of men have stared and fantasized looking at her churidar or jeans clad butts wherever she went.

Balvant regained his tough composure and spoke slowly ” That was a good show !! Now turn back to original position ”

Shalini moaned loudly as Balvant dug his face deep into Shalini’s love spot and started inhaling the musk of her sex. He pulled her to the edge of chair as his tongue made smooth slow movement throughout the contours of her cunt till Shalini eventually felt wetness in between her legs. She grabbed Balvant’s hair to ensure she does not release the pent up love nectar into Balvant’s face.

She lifted her kurti whenever it was obstructing Balvant from giving her a great licking. She experienced the most exquisite sensation along her vulva as Balvant’s tongue roamed and traced her vertical lips. She spread her legs as wide as possible thrusting her pelvic forward – inviting the invading mouth to her intimate areas – which no male other than her Ravi had seen or touched.

As Balvant just lifted his face away from her cunt, Shalini hissed, “Please”

Balvant looked questioningly in her eyes as his hands just caressed her under thighs, but did not show any sign of continuing what he was doing. Exasperated Shalini blurted out, “Please lick me or suck me there !! You are not supposed to stop abruptly”

Balvant’s hand went under her butts and as he squeezed them, Shalini again said, “Balvant please. don’t tease me, please. lick my cunt”.

As she forced his mouth on her mound, Balvant too went ahead and started licking her mound with abandon, for what he had been desiring for quite some time. He expertly used his tongue on her mound, around it and at times did not hesitate in softly nibbling at her outer lips, driving her crazy for more, licking away her juices that had started oozing out of her hot cunt.

Balvant’s hands moved northwards to her swelling boobs. Worried that he may tear off her kurti, and more out of desire to feel his rough hands on her tits, she quickly shed that last piece of cloth. Balvant pulled her to ground, got between her legs.

Now Shalini lay naked on the white marble floor with her legs spread apart allowing Balvant the most memorable time of his year.As he kept on licking and slowly fingered her already wet cunt, he tweaked and rolled her swollen nip buds. The simultaneous play on her tits and cunt made her moan loudly. Her excitement was soaring higher and higher.

She wanted her prize – his cock and return the pleasure Balvant was providing her. She tugged at his leg and asked: “Balvant”

Balvant knew what she was asking for. Though Shalini was stark naked, Balvant still had his entire cloths on. Balvant went over Shalini and positioned his mouth near Shalini’s choot and placed her pyajama clad bulging penis near her face. Shalini readily lifted her head and kissed his bulge over her husband’s payjama that he was wearing. She pulled down the payjama freeing the caged monster, she looked in awe as it danced in her face. As her soft fingers pushed it back between his legs, his dangling manhood jerked back hitting her chin.

Shalini put her tongue on Balvant’s balls and licked the portion which was covered with his thick pubic hair. Shalini lapped up his balls with his tongue and lips and kissed his penis like an obsessed lover as Balvant continued with his amazing sucking of Shalini’s trimmed sophisticated well maintained cunt.

They sucked each other at their heart’s content till Shalini almost reached an orgasm.As the rain continued uninterrupted, the inside of the room was filled with Shalini’s shrill moans
“No …You are too Good…Right there ..Aaah …Aaah ”

Ravi had never ever even come closer in terms of giving the kind of pleasure that Shalini was experiencing now.Balvant like an expert in the act of sexual fun denied Shalini the orgasm which her body desperately wanted. She did not have a proper orgasm for long as Ravi’s thin small penis and skinny body was not enough to satisfy her these days.

Balvant looked still and emotionless as ever.He moaned in pleasure occasionally but never expressed anything except that characteristic ferocious look on his face.Shalini for a while believed she is going to be fucked not by an Indian, but by an African Negro.

Shalini was beyond all caring now. Its a rare blessing for any man to see her naked. But Balvant did not utter a single word of praise for her naked beauty.

He carried Shalini on his arms and threw her on the small bed beside the study table.The bed had few old books which Ravi used to read before falling asleep on the bed. Now his prized hot wife is being used on that very same bed by an evil pervert policeman.

Then Balvant jumped on her and pulled down his pyajama. Shalini knew she was on the verge of being the slut wife who is being happily enjoyed by some other man.She gasped and pleaded
“Balvant I think we should not do this …I am a wife and a mother..Get down off me..”

Shalini covered her pussy lips with her hands as Balvant’s thick erect penis reached for her love all.

Shalini tried sounding tough this time around ..”Balvant ..I gave you the pleasure you wanted…Get off me ”

Balvant smirked at Shalini and replied in the most spine-chilling tone ” Move your hand from your pink cunt if you do not want me to break your fingers,,”

Balvant’s words reverberated in the room like a strong wine as Balvant threw away Shalini’s hand which was covering her pussy. Shalini shrieked in embarrassment ” I can’t cheat Ravi like this No……”

Shalini’s shriek stopped when she knew Balvant would have his ways and its too late even to think of a resistance. And considering Balvant’s enormous physical power, she stands nowhere to even resist if Balvant wants to fuck her. Shalini knew for sure no power in the world can stop her getting raped by this man.

Balvant gleefully grabbed Shalini’s thighs and shoved his dick right into Shalini’s cunt in one swift go.Shalini’s tight pussy had some initial difficulty adjusting to Balvant’s monster penis, but soon enough the pain gave away to undefinable pleasure.

Balvant started slowly initially, but soon he buried his dick to the hilt inside her cunt.The strokes started getting harder and rougher as Shalini yelled “Ohh God..Its so Big ..You are completely inside me ..”

Balvant fucked Shalini like a true marad which Ravi had not done so far in their married life ; Shalini was not sure whether he ever did or would he ever be qualified as a real marad. Balvant pounded her pussy with strong strokes and penetrated deep into her ; something which can be only done if you possess a monster dick like Balvant.
Shalini moaned like a woman on her first night as her body is not used to such extreme pleasure.Such was the intensity of the fucking, the old feeble bed was almost on the verge of cracking.

Mid-way into fucking, Balvant got up which was followed by a question mark from Shalini.
Balvant smirked ” I am not stopping …Lets do now in some other position ..”

Balvant grabbed Shalini’s ass and turned her around ..”My god..U have the most awesome ass of all the women I fucked till date ..Its so round fleshy and creamy”

Telling this, Balvant spanked her ass hard and kissed her fleshy ass.He reached out for Shalini’s boobs from behind and started fucking her from behind like a Rocky(D).

Shalini’s huge ass and boobs jiggled and bounced as Balvant mercilessly pounded her with great force and intensity. Their clasped bodies made distinct clear sounds like
” Fck..Fck…Fck…” followed by deep Aaahs and OOhs from both Shalini and Balvant.

Never ever Ravi generated such powerful thrusts , Shalini was sure he was not even capable of generating even a quarter of the power generated by Balvant.She now realized what a wimp Ravi is, and what she actually needs.

Balvant almost echoed Shalini’s thoughts and started hurling expletives in Ravi’s name. Shalini already in a heightened position of pleasure loved it when she heard abuses about her hubby from the person who is fucking her.

As Balvant called Ravi things like ” Ravi is a poor weak cowardly bastard..He doesnt deserve to fuck a beauty like you ..”

With Balvant’s dick deep inside her cunt, Shalini enjoyed all the slur hurled at his weak husband and replied back ..”Yes you are right… Ravi is not a real man ..He had never been one .Please fuck me hard…..I don’t care now that I am cheating him”

Balvant replied with a smile “You bitch wife Shalini ..Your idiot husband deserve to be taught a lesson !! ”

As the pounding got faster and ruthless, Shalini gradually accepted the fact that she has degenerated herself from a loving dutiful Indian wife to a big time slut enjoying with other men -something which was unthinkable to her in her wildest dreams.But now , she is completely naked getting fucked Rocky(D)gie style by a manipulative corrupt police man who tricked her into all this. And she is enjoying this like never before.

Balvant’s shrieks made Shalini realize he can climax any time soon. Shalini blanked out for sometime before realizing what was coming. She was in her fertile period and Balvant did not put on a condom.

Shalini regained lot of composure from the brutal fucking and told Balvant panting “Hey Do not even dare to release inside me ..I warn you ”

Balvant roared back like a Tiger ” Just shut up..You bitch…”
Shalini shook under the effect of extreme violent fucking from Balvant ..but still continued pleading ..”No..Balvant Please….I can’t get pregnant now ”

Shalini tried to shove Balvant away …but Balvant held her tightly like a bull.

Shalini gasped – another battle was lost. When Balvant exploded inside Shalini, she was surprised to find the amount of semen released inside her.Not only Ravi had a weaker and a smaller penis, he could not even cum half as much as Balvant.

Balvant had cummed completely inside her , but the semen started oozing out of her pussy and rolled onto her thighs. Balvant got off from her and started panting like a Rocky(H) as Shalini closed her eyes in reaction.

Balvant triumphantly remarked ” My seeds are finally inside a high-class housewife’s pussy…I hope you become pregnant with my child ..”

Shalini looked vulnerable and replied “Shut up..Just shut up you Bastard …I do not want to become a mother again..we are not husband and wife…..I must go and pop an anti-pregnancy pill..”

Balvant laughed like a hyena listening to this.He wore back the pyjama and went to the terrace landing looking like a man completely and thoroughly satisfied . Shalini simply lay on the bed covering her boobs and pussy with a bed sheet.
Deep inside she felt guilty doing this. Ravi might attempt Suicide if he comes to know about this.And she was more than sorry for him.But what about the pleasure she got ? Can she deny herself the fun of getting fucked by a huge penis ? Is she justifying the act ? She felt confused – but she knew she is a slut and she is proud to be one.

Shalini got up to dress when she had regained her composure completely.Shalini looked like a cheap whore with her huge boobs hanging naked and her expensive makeup smeared all across her beautiful face. The fact that she experienced great sex moments ago showed clearly on her pretty face.

She wore back her kurti but did not put on her raunchy shorts this time.She went to the terrace landing naked and pulled out a decent long skirt which was kept for drying there.
She wanted to go and check whether her son was sleeping properly or not and had no intention to show her sexy legs to her son.She put on her long skirt and went towards the mirror to adjust her hair and make up which was all over the place after the great fucking session.

Within few moments, Shalini was next to the bed of her son.She did not take much time to transform into a loving mother from the cheap whore just a few minutes back when she was enjoying the dick of some other man than her hubby.
Akash was awakened by the thundering sound of lightning and could not sleep thereafter.Akash looked extremely scared and was sweating in fear.
Akash asked innocently “Momma where were you ? It was so dark and there were so many big thunders…” Akash was on the verge of crying.

“I was here only beta ..”
” Don’t lie Momma…you were not here …I called your name….Where you went in this dark…”

Akash started sobbing as Shalini hugged her tight. Balvant walked into the bedroom at that moment and enquired “Wassup Akash ? Why you crying like a girl ?”
Shalini did not want Balvant coming in and talking to Akash at this hour.She bit her lips as Akash repeated his questions sobbing “Where was mom Police Uncle …It was so dark .. ”
Balvant smiled and answered “Momma and me were discussing something important Akash…There is nothing to be scared about …Sleep now !!”

“Momma No I can’t sleep alone ..”
As Shalini bend to pacify Akash, her low necked Kurti slid a little exposing a big hickey little over her cleavage.Akash pointed to it and asked innocently “What happened Momma got hurt there ?”
Shalini again bit her lips as Balvant replied “No Akash nothing much …She must have hurt herself..You sleep ..Your Momma will be soon joining you ..”

Shalini noticed Balvant had already worn back his dress and had his bike keys with him.He was probably planning to leave.She felt relieved. She cant get fucked again that night.

As Shalini and Balvant came out of the room, Balvant told “Shalini I got a call about some case in a nearby town ..I need to leave now ….”

Shalini looked down without speaking ; probably too humiliated to even open her mouth.
Balvant gently pressed her ass and spoke “You are a great fuck …getting one hour in bed with you can satisfy any man for years to come”

Shalini still looked down breathing heavily.
Balvant commanded “Ok I am leaving But wanted two things ….I need to carry your bra and panty with me ..The ones you were wearing during Dinner tonite ..”

Shalini closed her eyes ..took a breath and replied slowly but angrily “You not getting anything…Get lost ..”

Balvant hissed back” You look good as a tigress in the bed ..but don’t act like that in front of me in real life…Bitch !!!” Telling this Balvant broke into a laughter which spoke only of contempt.

Shalini smiled suddenly and there was a sudden change in her voice.Her voice seemed playful and sensuous now.
” You men are all same..” Both Shalini and Balvant roared into laughter and then broke into a long smooch with Balvant groping and squeezing Shalini’s boobs with full enjoyment.

When they stopped, Shalini packed her used torn bra and panties in a polythene and handed over to Balvant. She grinned and said
“Hope you will preserve my lingeries as a souvenir of Mrs. Shalini Mehta starting to become a slut wife ..”

“I will Mrs. Shalini Mehta ..Good night ..”

The motorbike rode off amidst flooded streets in that deserted rainy night,


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