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Married woman is taken forcefully by her doctor

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After almost sixteen years of marriage, like many
couples, are sex life had become stale and almost
nonexistent. Before then we had a very conventional but
healthy sex life, but without any particular
For several days I had a pain in my left breast which
was bothering me and I finally got around to booking an
appointment with my GP. It was late in the evening when
I finally was shown into his surgery. I had been at the
end of a line of other patients that had taken longer
than he had expected. My doctor about 50 years old, a
bit flabby but otherwise reasonably good looking
although nothing I had ever remarked about before, and
I am 42 and after 2 children still in reasonable shape.
In his office, he had me strip down to my panties and
bra; and I then lay on my back on his examination
table. At his order I removed my bra and he proceeded
to feel my breasts for any lumps or other problems. I
didn’t really think anything and from what I could tell
his manner was totally professional.
However he then asked me to slip my panties off as he
wanted to check the glands in my groin area. Even then
I never really registered anything other than that this
was a normal examination. I was a bit embarrassed
though when he gently pulled my thighs apart and I
realised that I was totally naked. His fingers prodded
and probed in my groin, and at one stage he cupped my
pubic area completely in one hand as he prodded my
breast with another.
Inexplicably I started to notice that this was not
quite normal and I tried to shut my thighs which simply
trapped his hand sending a finger snaking into my now
slightly moist slit. He immediately withdrew his hand
and said that the pain in my breast as being nothing
particular other than hormonal and that I could now get
I sat up and started to pull on my clothes whilst he
sat down behind his desk and wrote me a prescription
for the pain. I was turned away from him struggling
with my bra strap, but now wearing my skirt when I felt
him behind me. He grabbed both my breasts and thrust
his hips against my buttocks. Through the thin material
of my skirt I could feel his rock-hard erection in his
pants. He was breathing hard and pulling on my breasts:
“You know you want it Annie, I bet you haven’t had a
decent cock in years; there is no-one else here and no-
one will ever know… come on, bend over the table and
I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before.
He was strong as an ox, and I struggled against him as
I felt him lifting up my skirt and pressing me against
the high examination table.
“No,” I gasped. “I don’t want to… please!” I implored
him. I was frightened now, he was really strong and my
skirt was bunched up around my waste and a strong hand
was holding me hard down on the table top. I felt him
pull my panties aside and then with mounting terror I
could feel his naked cock sliding up and down against
the crack of my bottom. I struggled harder and harder;
but my movements simply brought his cock up against my
slit and with a shove he slipped partly inside my cunt,
and then another and another and he was fully inside. I
could feel his pubic hair against my skin and his hard
member deep inside me touching my womb.
“For god’s sake” I shouted, but my words were muffled
by the position I was in, my face pressed into the
leather of the table, a hand on the back of my head and
his elbows pressing into my back keeping me from
struggling. This was pure rape and I could do nothing
about it. I knew there was no-one else in the surgery.
He grunted as he started to pick up his rhythm, and
despite my protests, my cunt responded to the unnatural
feeling of a strong cock pistoning in and out of me. I
started to pant, and closed my eyes as I felt my body
responding. He leaned back a bit taking his weight off
my back. He knew he had won and that I was now his for
the taking.
“Please don’t cum inside me, doctor. I am not on the
pill. Please, please!” I gasped as he thrust in and
out, sometimes withdrawing until just his head was
teasing my lips and then thrusting again until he was
fully embedded.
If he heard he didn’t respond. A finger was inserted in
my anus and I twitched and bucked like a spiked fish. I
must have made an incredible sight, bent over the
doctors table, my skirt bunched up at my waist, and a
cock hammering in and out of my soaking cunt. I could
feel his thrusts becoming more urgent. “Oh god, no
please don’t cum in my…” I yelped again trying to
Suddenly he pulled back, and in one movement grabbed my
shoulders, spun me around and pushed me to my knees and
holding my chin in one hand and his cock in the other
he shoved all 8 inches of swollen purple cock into my
mouth and with a grunt, he thrust as deep as he could
and my mouth was suddenly filled with hot salty cum
that spurted and spurted into my gagging mouth.
He left the head between my lips and slowly wanked
himself to ensure that I had got every possible drop,
before withdrawing and stepping back to zip himself
back into decency. I on the other hand was kneeling,
sobbing gently on the floor, my mouth full of his cum,
and my pussy sticky with my own juices from the frantic
fucking it had just received.
“Thanks Annie,” He said quietly. “I needed that, and
have been wanting to fuck you for years.” He helped me
to my feet and handed me my clothes. “Lets do it again,
call me whenever you want” he said as he handed me my
prescription and his cell phone number.
I don’t think I said a single word; I was so dazed that
I just stumbled blindly out of his surgery and down the
stairs to my car and home for a shower before I faced
my family. I knew, and he knew, that I would say and do
I never phoned him, but I did get a call from him
asking me to come to the surgery next week!

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