Marti’s behavior takes the sex to another level – Tanning to Entertain

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The relationship between Mike and Marti seemed to be developing quickly. I had no problem with them being together. Marti was two years older, supporting herself, and a young lady who wasn’t into abusing alcohol or a drug user, hell, what’s not to like?
The evening of mutual masturbation and exhibitionism had gone wonderfully. No one appeared inhibited, and I perceived to be enjoyed by all three of us.
The next weekend Marti and I were sitting on the deck enjoying wine coolers before she and Mike were going out. I brought up our little party and asked her if she was OK with what had happened.
“Oh, Gawd, I loved it,” she told me. ‘Seeing you so relaxed and participating made it great,” she replied with a smile.
“I had a great time, and seeing you were accepting me and playing in unison with you and Mike got me hot,” I said. “You reminded me of myself at your age.”
Laughing, Marti asked, “So you weren’t a goody-two-shoes”?
Placing my hand on her knee, I told her, “I lost it at 17 and never looked back”. There wasn’t much to do in my little hometown but enjoy sex.
“I bet with your body and looks, you didn’t have to look for dates,” she said.
Marti told me she lost her virginity at 18 to a guy who she was sure she was going to marry. He had money to throw around and show her a good time but was cheating on her regularly. When she found out, she broke it off immediately.
Mike came out and reminded her if they were going out, they needed to get going.
I didn’t know if Marti knew about my sex with Kent, but I was sure she would find out eventually.
Around eight, showered and put on a short terry cloth robe before I went down to fix a sandwich and get a Coke and Bourbon. A second strong drink had me very relaxed when Marti and Mike came in.
Seeing my condition, Marti said, “I think she started without us.”
“I can’t let you two have all the fun. I’ll go up and let you two have the den”. I told them. I kissed both on the cheek and got out of the way.
Laying on my bed, nude, I thought about what had transpired previously. As I ran over the event in my mind, I reached down to my pussy and found it wet. I began to play my clit with my forefinger. Recalling Marti playing with herself, I thought of her beautiful body and watching her breasts as they danced as she masturbated.
I began to use my other hand to massage my boobs and started to move in a swaying movement to cause them to move over my chest. Looking down and seeing my nipples hard, I raised one to my lips and sucked, softly at first and then taking it in my teeth.
I was imagining someone doing it to me, instead of myself.
I orgasmed within minutes. I finally went in to take a shower.
I went down to get a glass of ice water. Wearing the same terry cloth robe, but untied, I walked into the kitchen. A wall away, I could hear Mike and Marti having sex. The action as noisy, adding in the verbal comments of Marti, telling him to use her more vigorously, oh, we were so much alike.
I heard Marti announcing her pending climax, which caused me to move closer to the den.
She was on her knees on the edge of the couch, legs spread, and taking Mike’s cock.
I remained a minute too long observing them, realizing they had heard me come down.
Mike backed away from Marti, still quite hard, and sat on one of the recliners.
“Come on in Mom,” he told me. Shit! I felt like a peeping Tom.
Marti was off the couch, her hand between her legs in an attempt to catch the draining sperm. She looked at me wickedly and walked to the downstairs bathroom.
I sat on the couch, facing Mike. “Sorry, honey, I couldn’t resist,” I told him, smiling.
He began to stroke his rod, shiny with their juices, as he answered. “No problem. It ain’t like you haven’t seen it before”. He continued to jerk off.
I watched him and opened my robe. I spread my legs and opened my labia to find my labia lips. I love to pull them as foreplay before moving on to my clit. I watched his cock just feet away.
Marti had reentered without me knowing. I don’t know how long she had watched me playing with myself as I looked at Mike.
She stepped around the corner and into view. “Not fair,” she announced. “Looks like Mom is enjoying herself without me.”
She walked over and knelt in front of Mike. She removed his hand and lowered her mouth to his penis. I could see her taking more and more of him as she ran her lips up and down his shaft.
She was on her knees, her butt in front of me, and I could see her ‘sex,’ still red from their intercourse. I don’t know what came over me, but in seconds I was on my knees behind her. I licked my finger and ran it over her slit. Looking at her to see a response, she simply continued to pleasure Mike. With my other hand, I ran my fingers over her ass.
I noticed she had opened her legs slightly. Accepting her invitation, I moved my fingernail to her opening. Waiting again for her reaction, I was pleased to see her push back against my hand.
She was sucking Mike’s cock with a steady movement.
I moved my finger into her. She was still wet. Removing my left hand, I raised it to her left breast. I cupped it and flicked my thumb over her nipple. They were hard.
Marti moaned at my touch.
I moved my finger deeper into her wetness. Her response was to push back against my hand.
She worked on Mike with more intend to cause his orgasm. He soon shot his load into her mouth and throat.
I watched as she cleaned him with her lips. I still had my finger, actually two, in her pussy. She raised, causing me to stop and withdraw my fingers
Mike looked pleased. WELL PLEASED!
Marti turned on her knees to face me. Looking into my eyes, she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I had never been intimate with a woman before. She and I ended up in a body hug, with both of us caressing the other’s body. She entered my pussy with her fingers, causing an electrical shock to shoot through my body.
“Oh, Marti,” I moaned.
Her response to me, “just relax.”
We adjusted our position to find us laying on the carpet, and with each other’s hands moving over the other’s body. Again Marti slipped a finger inside me. She raised that finger to her lips and licked it. She repeated the action.
Marti pushed me onto my back. I reached down to play with my clit, thinking she would do the same to herself. She put her hand between my legs and opened them. Looking up at Mike, I could see him watching us.
Marti moved between my legs and raising her mouth to my pussy; I felt her tongue licking my inner thighs. Her fingers opened me and took my labia in her mouth. She began to slip her finger into my pussy. I was in a trance as she pleasured me.
I had my fingers in her blond hair, not wanting her to stop. She released my labia and began to move her mouth and tongue with precision.
“Please don’t stop,” I told her. She replied, not vocally but by pushing her tongue deeper into me. Her tongue’s action on my clit was working me to an orgasm. “I am going to cum,” I said more loudly. She licked more quickly.
Pushing her head into my crotch, I came violently.
I was exhausted.
She stayed between my legs without moving away. She licked at my opening. I was still internally convulsing.
Marti finally moved away. I don’t know where they went, but a few moments later, I opened my eyes to find me alone in the den.
I had just experienced the most satisfying sex in my life. I finally got up and picking up my melted glass of water, walked up the stairs.
Mike and Marti were in the guest shower.
I moved into my room and made my way to my shower. As the water ran over my body, I savored the thoughts of what had occurred. It possibly was a single event, brought on randomly, but I knew I would never orgasm like that again.
I was in my shower when I heard the two of them shutting the door on Mike’s room,
I don’t know if they had pre-planned the happenings, but even if they had, I wasn’t going to protest.
I was still in bed when Marti left for work the next morning. Mike was still sleeping.
I put on my bra and panties, a pair of shorts and a simple blouse. Applying a little makeup and slipping on sandals, I decided to visit Marti at her work.
She was folding tops when I approached. Seeing me, she smiled and stopped. “You look great, Mom,” she said.
“And you do too,” I told her. She was wearing a cute red dress with a white belt, short heels, and expertly applied makeup caused her to look beautiful.
She moved a step closer and asked, “Are we OK?” Knowing what she was referring to, I grasped her hand and smiling, I said. “yes.”
She squeezed my hand with hers as her reply.
“You are an unbelievable young woman. I hope I’m not getting in the way of your relationship with Mike”. I said.
She gave me an approving look and told me, ‘I love him, and you are a woman who I admire and understand your feelings. Everything is perfect with me”.
Having to ask, I went further. “Was what happened last night planned”?
Winking, she told me, “Maybe. Ah, hell, yes. Are you upset?” She asked.
Knowing hidden cameras might watch her, We needed to cut our conversation short. I said, “not at all.”
I told her I would see her later.
I wanted to give her a gift and found the perfect items.
I found a beautiful black bra and pantie set, very sexy; I wanted to give it to Marti.
I got home around 1:00 to find Mike still in bed. I woke him up and told him I wanted to talk.
Sleepy eyed, he came down to the den. I told him I had talked to Marti at her job, and she admitted last night’s happenings were pre-planned.
“Not planned,” she told me. “We had talked, and she thought including you in our sex might cause you to seek someone for yourself.”
“Damn Mike, I don’t want anyone to think I’m a charity case. Since it’s known at work Jimmy and are divorcing, several men have been coming on to me”.
“Around the house, you dress so sexily. But when you go to work you look like a school teacher”, he told me. “Loosen up!”
He was correct with my professional attire. Business suits, collars buttoned to my chin. It was difficult to hide my large breasts, but I never wore anything to show the slightest cleavage.
Before letting him get ready for work, I suggested he might want to arrange his schedule so he could spend more time with Marti. I knew he had enough seniority to shift days, but he was stuck with the hours. He said he would try.
Marti came over to the house around ten that night. Mike was still at work but should be in in a few hours. We fixed drinks and sat in the den. Remembering the bra and panties I had bought, I told her I wanted to show her something. I had left the bag on the kitchen table.
I retrieved the items and handed them to her. “What do you think?” I asked her. She removed the items from the bag and held them up.
“So, sexy!” was her response. She examined the sheerness of each piece. “This ought to get the men hot and ready.”
“I bought them for you,” I told her. “Try them on.”
“No way,” she said, still admiring the garments.
“Try them on damnit,” I said, jokingly.
She went upstairs and came down in a few minutes. Her blond hair, falling on her shoulders, and the black bra resulted in her looking like a model in a fashion magazine.
Once in the den, she pivoted and looked at me. “They fit me perfectly. Thank you so much”.
She saw me glancing at her pubic area and asked, “What?”.
“Just a suggestion,” I said. “You might want to shave a little ‘down there.”
“I noticed you are shaved bare. Is it hard to keep it that way?” Marti asked.
“No, quite easy. I clean it up every day in the shower”. I explained. “It will be so easy to do so with your body.”
“Let’s do it,” she said. Her tone reminded me of a young person wanting someone older to teach them how to do something.
I agreed to help her, and show her now not to nick something and to get it smooth.
We went upstairs, and into my room, I told her to take a shower. I gathered a razor, cream, and a towel. I was waiting on her when she stepped out of the stall.
She followed me to my bed. I suggested she allow me to shave her the first time, and then I would show her my technique. ,
I laid out the towel, and she laid down with her legs off the end of the bed. I gently spread her legs and kneeling in front of her; I saw she needed to be trimming with scissors first. I got mine from the vanity table and got to work. I noticed her lips were quite puffy and full. Thinking she must drive guys crazy when she wore a bathing suit. She had the perfect ‘camel toe’!
I trimmed her as short as I could. I began to apply the cream and slowly started to shave from the top of her mound downward to her lips. Within minutes I was finishing as I carefully cleaned around her butt hole.
I went into the bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth. I cleaned the remaining cream from the anal area.
She looked down at my handiwork. Running her fingers over her mound, she smiled broadly. “Damn. I love it. I feel so sexy”.
“Open your legs and feel below your cunt,” I told her.
“Nice!” she proudly exclaimed. “Mike will go nuts. I can’t wait until he gets home”.
I moved around her and looked into her eyes. I kissed her as I ran my hand down her stomach. I caressed her smoothness and began to open her with my fingers.
No resistance on her part.
With closed eyes, I asked her if I should stop?
“No” she replied.
I kissed her again and then led her to my bed. We laid down, and I started to open her pussy with my hand. I began to work my way down her body, pausing at her breasts. I took her left nipple and then the right nipple between my lips. Both were taut and erect. I flicked my tongue over them for a minute or so and then slid down to her mound.
Using my fingers, I opened her to find she was wet. I searched for her labia lips but decided to slip my tongue into her.
“Ah, YES!” she exclaimed.
I began to lick her and lapping at her juices. She was flowing with minutes. The liquid was draining down my chin and one to the sheets. I took my finger and slipped it in her, searching for her clitoris. I began to work on it with the tip of my tongue.
“OH, MY GAWD,” she screamed. Her words caused me to work more quickly on her clit. I raised my hands and started pulling on her nipples.
Marti started to cum; her hips were pushing her sex into my face. I drove back, trying to maintain contact with her clit. She arched her back and grabbed the back of my head. She climaxed with several shudders, and then went still.
I cleaned up her juices the best I could with my lips and tongue. Finally, I moved away and laid beside her.
I had to know. ‘How did I do?” I asked. Having never attempted oral sex on a woman, I hoped I was a quick learner.
She rolled over and placed an arm over me. “Fan-fucking- tastic,” she said.
We laid there together for several minutes.
Glancing at the bedside clock, I told her she needed to get cleaned up so she could greet Mike in her new bra and panties.
I laid in bed, listening to the shower. I was ecstatic with our coupling.
I got a pair of black strapless heels for her to wear and kissed her lightly.
She walked downstairs to wait for her boyfriend.

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