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I’m Nish (name changed), aged 28, from Bangalore/Bengaluru. I’m a software engineer by profession and working in an MNC & also an experienced masseur (providing massage) for females. I have travelled to major cities in India to give massage to my clients. Life has been smooth & fun for me so far. I don’t believe in paying or receiving money to have sex. Though I charge a very nominal amount for massage. I usually advertise my massaging ads on chat sites & other few websites.

This experience of mine does not involve much of hardcore sex. Its purely massage. People who are expecting sex during massage, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I got a mail from Anjali from Hyderabad. She was looking out for a massage where hubby & wife are together. After getting the details of her & her hubby, I explained her about my charges for the massage & the type of massage & other services which I provide. They accepted without any hype, since the charges are very nominal and sponsored tickets for my visit to Hyderabad.

Once in Hyderabad, the couple came to receive me. We had seen each other and made sure all of us are genuine. That made us comfortable and we headed to their place in Banjara Hills. It took a while to reach their place, because of traffic. On the way, we purchased some oils and the required things for the massage. We had our lunch on the way back home, made much more comfortable with each other.

Once we were at home, all of us got refreshed one after the other. They had arranged a room where the massage can be done. The room was filled with lovely aroma of the candles lit, soft music, 2 single beds, a chair and a table, and an attached washroom.

About the couple. Anjali is 29 & Prabhat is 32, both working professionals & open minded too. Post their refresh, they came to the beds. In the meantime, I had luke warmed the oil, which we had got and also some chocolate sauce. I started the massage with Prabhat. He was wearing innerwear. I first, massaged his shoulders & neck made him feel relaxed. I took some luke warm almond oil and poured on his back and started massaging the back. While massaging, we kept talking on different things, my experiences, their first time massage experience which turned in a disaster, and few more things. The back massage for him took upto 30mins and asked him to relax for a while.

Anjali was waiting for the massage to be started on her. She had covered her lower abdomen region, but her breasts were not covered. I poured the luke warm oil on her back and massaged her shoulder & neck region first, then moving on to her back. She had complained about back pain. I had used a special oil for her, especially to reduce her back aches. I massaged for few minutes and allowed the oil to absorb on her body and moved to Prabhat. I took the molten chocolate sauce and poured on his back and did a massage for 5mins. I allowed the molten chocolate sauce to absorb the oil content in it.

I went back to Anjali. I massaged her bit more by adding some more oil and molten chocolate sauce. The beds were arranged in a way that, I could massage both of them together. Its never easy to massage 2 people at a time. I stood in between the space of the beds, and used my left hand to massage Prabhat & right hand to massage Anjali. I massaged their backs for some-time and asked Anjali to relax, so that I can massage Prabhat’s legs. It took another 20mins for me to massage his legs. I used to the same oil, which I had got. Once his legs were also massaged, he got an emergency call.

On attending the call, he told Anjali, that he had to rush to his mom’s house, as she has met with a minor accident, but asked me to continue the massage to Anjali. Initially, Anjali said, she would like to get only a decent massage. But when Prabhat asked him, if she is ok with complete body massage including her breasts, ass & yoni, she thought for few seconds and agreed for the massage. There was a glow in Prabhat’s eyes.

He quickly refreshed himself and ran to attend his mother in her house. Once he got refreshed, he rushed towards the door and said, he would be back as soon as possible. Prabhat closed the door with the key and I came to the room, where I was massaging Anjali. She was in the same position. She was feeling bit relaxed.

Anjali : Nish, your massage is very soothing & relaxing.
Nish : Thanks mam.
Anjali : Don’t call me mam. Call me Anjali / Anju.
Nish : Ok Anju.

I asked her to turn around, so that I can massage her breasts and the front of her body. She was no more shy. I had promised Prabhat & Anjali that, I’ll not have hardcore sex with Anjali. Keeping that promise in mind, without any bad thoughts, I started massaging her tummy, navel, hips & breasts. She had closed her eyes and was biting her lips. But, as per the promise made to them, I just moved on. This massage went on for 30mins again.

As a masseur, one needs to have that stamina and patience to control anything. Do not act as a despo. Its always good to respect your work and respect others & their words too.

The leg n foot massage for her went on for another 20 mins. She was very happy. I could see the relaxation on her face. I did keep speaking to her, so that, she doesn’t sleep off while massaging.

Anju : Nish, your massage is making me feel horney. I wish Prabhat was here, he wanted me to see like this. Being massaged by other guy & the expressions seen on my face.

Nish : Its good, you have such a lovely person as your hubby. Both of you are very lucky.

Anju : You are sweet Nish.

These kind of formal talks, sexual talks kept happening during the course of massage.

I asked her to remove her clothing on her yoni area, so that, I could massage properly. Without any hesitation she removed it and gave me clear sight of her yoni.

I poured some oil, mixed it with the molten chocolate sauce, poured on her yoni region and started massaging it slowly slowly and steadily increasing the pressure, changing the directions of the massage. This made her moan. I was still massaging the surface of her yoni. Then slowly, I put one of my finger inside her yoni and started massaging it. She was getting so much excited that her moans were increasing. I inserted my 2nd finger and started to increase the aggressiveness of the massage.

Anju : Nish, it feels so good. Aaahhhhh, uuuummmmm, ooohhhhh…
Nish : This is not over yet. There is some more time. Enjoy.

She closed her eyes again and was biting her lips. I increased the speed more. This went on for 15 mins.

Anju : Nish, I’m cumming.

I didn’t get even a second to move away. She just squirted. I poured some more oil and used her own semen to increase the vigor of the massage. The aaaahhhh’s, oooohhh’s, mmmmmmm’s, yeaaaahhhh’s kept on escaping from her mouth. This time the massage went on for another 20 mins. I used her vibrator to give her the complete massage in every region of her vagina. I was also massaging her ass from my other hand. I kept switching my hands and her bums and to give her the simultaneous pleasure.

Just then, Prabhat returned back, seeing Anju scream in pleasure, he quickly became naked and started fucking her right in front of me. I went to the washroom, cleaned myself, got refreshed. They were indulged in a hardcore sex.

I came to the hall. Once they finished their session, they also got refreshed and came down. We all enjoyed the dinner at one of the good hotels. They gave the tips & dropped me back to the airport as I had to catch a flight back to Bangalore. Prabhat & Anjali thanked me a lot and said, they would really take my services again.

Hope my dear reader have enjoyed reading my experience. If there are any females or couples, who would like to get a massage done by me, feel free to contact me. Lemme tell you again, if you need massage, I would give only massage. The charges for a massage are very very nominal. Massage includes decent and as well as complete hot massage.

I have an experience of massaging over 40 females & few couples (Indians & Foreigners). I respect the privacy of my clients. So please don’t ask for any references, pictures or videos. If at all, you want to get a massage done, your details will not be shared with anyone.

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