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Me and my mom as lovers

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on the night of my 18 birthday my mom walked in my room naked and told me she was my birthday gift. my mom has been divorce for two years and had no cock in her cunt mouth or ass for them two years as far as I know. She said she was very horny and need a nice big thick cock like mine to fuck her cunt. and were it was my birthday she wanted the birthday boys cock in her cunt. I was on my bed with just a pair of shots on when mom walked in my room naked and I saw my mom naked body for the first time and her beautiful set of 38 c tits and her shaved cunt my cock got rock hard, I though my cock was going to rip the shots that I had on that is how hard and big my cock got. I said mom I wanted to fuck and suck you ever since dad left but I did not know what you would have said if I asked you if I could fuck and suck your cunt .

Mom said I been wanted to fuck and suck your monster cock ever since your dad left and I saw you naked with a hard on in the shower and you stroking it but you were only 16 at the time . I got off the bed took off my shots and cock was sticking straight out and rock hard it seamed big and thick then it ever was before.

Mom came over to me and took my cock in her hand and said it been a while since I had a cock in her hand mouth or cunt. I said mom you will not ever have to go with out a cock any more as long as I am here. Mom said I want you and need you in my mouth and cunt so bad right now my cunt has a big itch and is soaking wet just thinking how your monster cock is going to feel sliding in and out of my mouth and cunt. I took mom to the bed laid her on her back and asked he if I could suck her cunt first before I slid my 10 inch cock in her cunt mom said she would love to feel my tongue on her clit.

I started licking and sucking mom cunt she was moaning and lifting her ass and cunt up so I could stick my tongue deeper in her cunt and all the while she was telling me to keep sucking and licking her cunt and drink her cunt juice after she had squirted in my mouth a few times. and had many orgasms then mom told me to stop licking and sucking her cunt before she passed out. After a few minutes mom said it was her time to suck my monster cock, Mom said your cock is so much bigger and thicker then your dad cock was she sucked me for about 20 minutes when I told her I was getting ready to come she started sucking my cock harder and taking it down her throat by now my ball were nice and hard with a big load of cream ready to shoot in my mom mouth and down her throat after a few more sucks I shot one of the biggest loads of cream I had ever shot in a women mouth mom gag a little as the first shot hit the back of he throat then she took my cock out a little way so she could take the rest of my cream down her throat with out gagging when I stop shooting my cream in mom mouth and down her throat she took my cock out of her mouth and cleaned of all my cream that was on it ,Mom then looked at me and said that was the biggest load of cream she ever had in her mount and down her throat. I said mom I never came that much before it had to be you were you are my mom and you were sucking my cock for the first time.

Mom said I hope you give me more loads of your cream like that also your cream tasted nice and sweet not salty like you dads We rested for a few minutes when mom said are you ready to put that monster in my cunt I said mom spread your legs and let me in that cunt with my monster I mount mom and slit my cock all the way in her cunt till I hit bottom she let out a little scream her cunt was a little tight from not being used in a couple of years as I started fucking mom cunt she started moaning and lifting her ass of the bed so I could keep drive my cock all the way in her cunt as I pulled it out mom kept tell my to drive my cock in harder and faster that went on for about 15 minutes when I felt my cream building up in my ball and ready to start shoot in my mom cunt. I asked mom if she wanted me to come off in her cunt she said she want to feel my big load of your cream in my cunt. when she said that I started shooting rope after rope of my cream I her cunt I must have shot about eight ropes of my cream in my mom cunt and like when I came in mom mouth I never shot that many ropes of cream in any cunt before.

When I finished coming I just laid on mom with my cock still in her cunt till it got soft and slit out and I rolled off of her we hug each other till we fell asleep. in the morning we got up took a shower went to the kitchen naked mom cooked breakfast we eat and then I fucked and sucked mom on the kitchen table after we clean it off. We fucked and sucked the hole day and night and we been fucking ever since. Mom told me she had a surprise for me I was going to be a dad I look at mom and said what are you going to tell the family she said nothing we are going to move away from her and live as husband and wife mom looks a lot young then her age and has the money to support us her dad left well off. Well we had a baby girl and mom is pregnant again she wants five children so I guess I will have to knock he up three more times.

We are happy together and have not seen or talked to the family other then her mom to let her know she is all right for over a year. they are on the east coast and we are on the west coast

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