Meeting submissive Sandy

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Damn – I realized I never sent this—I moved this to a thumb drive and now sending it from an internet café— hope you like it, even though it is late- Happy Neew Year
Hi – I am Janie and wanted to tell a story of what happened the other day during the storm that hit the east. It is wild just because of the name of the girl I met I think, but still pretty wild.
I live in an apartment building that has 4 floors and 6 apartments on each floor. I am 24 and live alone, as I have a nice job at a law firm. My sex life is pretty normal I guess, I date, fall in love some times, and masturbate regularly.
Anyway, I live on the 3rd floor and when Sandy hit, our area got blacked out. I was making due the best I could, but by the 5rd day our building was getting really cold. My work place building was normal and I almost wanted to stay there over night.
So I was walking up the stairs with my flashlight when I came up on another girl. I had never seen her before, but I guess that wasn’t too unusual, I didn’t live here that long and many people came and went.
She was wearing a coat, as we all were these days, but she looked nice and was about my age. We started talking and she says. “Hi there, I can’t take this fucking cold, I am from the south, and this fucking sucks.” I laughed a little and replied, “I’m Janie and yes I am cold too. “
She smiles and says “don’t laugh, but my name is Sandy.”
Well of course I had to laugh and said “well I hope you are nicer and not as cold as the last one we met.” After I said it I felt like it might be a pick up line and that I was coming on to her, I have never been with a girl and panicked a little as I heard my tone.
Sandy looked back at me and said “Oh, I can be hot but maybe not any nicer.” I just smiled not knowing if she was just kidding off of my semi come on. “Hey look I have some food in this bag, and I have a camping stove so go change into something more relaxing and come up, I’m in 4G.”
I went to my apartment and was actually thankful not to have to be alone, with no lights, internet or tv or heat!!!
I got to Sandy’s apartment and she let me in. We were both now in jeans and sweaters. I could tell now that she was prettier than me, but my boobs were bigger, I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but figured I would tell you.
I had brought a bottle of wine with me and we drank and ate dinner. After cleaning up with cold water Sandy looks at me and says “I cant believe how fucking cold it is.” Oh, if you haven’t picked it up at this point, this girl didn’t go two sentences without using the word – fuck.”
She opened her arms to me and says, “Come here and help warm me up.” I didn’t think anything of it and stepped in and we hugged each other. We did that thing where you rub the other person’s back hard to help warm you up.
I felt like we had done this long enough and started to pull away. She grabbed me a little harder and said in a surprisingly firm voice “I didn’t say we were done!”
I pulled my head back to look at her and she turned into me and kissed me on the lips. I didn’t open my mouth and tried to turn my face away and tried to wiggle away. She held firm. “Stop this act, you know you want me” she said in the same firm voice.
“I’m sorry, I am into guys.” I replied.
“I don’t care if you are into fucking cock, I am cold and you are going to heat me up. Your answers to my questions over dinner let me know all I needed to know about your submissive personality, now kiss me back, now!” she stated.
I was totally confused at what she had just said and while I was pondering her statement she kissed me again and for some reason I opened my mouth.
With the storm and the power out and being scared alone in my apartment my emotions let loose and I started kissing her back.
We stood there making out and rubbing each other’s back and actually I was warming up quickly, in more ways than one. I realized that not only was Sandy rubbing my back, but she was moving her boobs across mine at the same time.
She broke the kiss as suddenly as it started and said “lets get warmer.” I had no idea what she meant but she grabbed me by my wrist and pulled into her bedroom. She had two sleeping bags zipped together on top of a kind sized bed, damn why hadn’t I thought of getting a sleeping bag.
She pushed me toward the bed and said “lets get undressed and get in quick, it’s a lot warmer in there naked.” I started to protest, this was all happening too fast for me. Sandy was pulling her clothes off and I was just standing there. She stopped and said “I said fucking get undressed. Look bitch you are going to do what I say anyway, so get to it.” I guess I tilted my head to the side while she was talking and I was thinking about what she said.
Sandy looked around the room and grabbed a magazine off her dresser, rolled it up and then smacked me on the butt. “If you are going to look at me like a little Rocky(D) turning your head like you don’t understand, then I will treat you like one.” and she smacked me again, this time on my left breast.
I pulled my sweater over my head and when it cleared my face I saw that Sandy was now totally naked. She had a tattoo of a snake heading down her side – then I noticed another tattoo of a doll on her hip. It looked like the snake was going to devour the female doll.
Sandy saw me looking and said “fuckin awesome huh?”
I said “yeah” before I even thought about how to respond. I was feeling cold so I quickly finished getting undressed, except for my panties and jumped into the sleeping bag that Sandy had crawled into.
She rolled on top of me and we started kissing again. This time I was more into it and realized how great she kissed. She rolled me over a few minutes later so I was now on top.
“Ok enough kissing, suck one of my nipples and play with the other.” She instructed me. It was funny, to me she sound like she was ordering me, not seductively suggesting it, but I did what she asked, or told or whatever-
I was now sucking on my first breast, and actually getting more turned on. The neat side effect was I was further down the sleeping bag, and for the first time since the storm I was actually getting completely warm.
I got even warmer, but much more nervous when Sandy’s two hands were placed on my shoulders and I was being pushed down. What was wrong with me, I had never had the desire to lick another girl between her legs and now I was almost being forced to do so.
I was running out of room to scoot down her body as the bottom of the sleeping bag wasn’t far from the bottom of her feet. Because she had two zipped together I figured I could move my legs over to the side. Unfortunately this part of the bag was cold and I reacted by stopping my descent for a moment. Sandy didn’t like that and her hand moved from my shoulder to my hair. She grabbed and pushed my head and said “no second thoughts at this point, eat my fuckin pussy you submissive slut.”
I guess I was committed at this point, and why did I want to please this girl so much, we had just met, and yet her I was starting to kiss her lower lips, with my upper ones.
Sandy had given up waiting and she raised her butt, putting my mouth right where she wanted it. I stuck my tongue out and moved it up and down the length of her pussy lip. Instead of hearing a moan or something I heard her say “Jesus Christ Jane lick it like you want it, because I know you want it, you want to please me, so fucking stop playing around.”
I stuck my entire tongue out this time and started to lick her the way I guys to lick me. This time I did get the moan I was looking for, which encouraged me to continue. Actually she was right I did feel better knowing I was finally pleasing her.
I also tried to figure out why she called me Jane, I hate when people call me that, my name is Janie.
Because I had had to shift my body to get to her pussy in the sleeping bag, my butt end was in reach of her hand. I felt her hand appear on thigh and she was lightly running a finger around in a design.. She kept getting closer to my pussy and I could feel a drip of my juices run down my inner thigh.
I was really getting into licking her and was now working on her clit. Her body was reacting and she was rocking her body underneath my mouth. I wanted her to finger me already. I reached up to wrist and after finding it, I tried to move it so her hand was at my pussy.
Instead she moved her finger to butt crack. I tried to move her hand down and she was fighting me. I took my mouth off her pussy about to ask her to finger me, but as I lifted my mouth she said “ I didn’t tell you to stop. After you please me, we will see if I want to pleasure you—for now you can have my finger in your ass, or nothing. And very honestly I don’t usually give my slaves a choice, but you are doing a good job down there. Now, back onto my fucking clit!”
“What the hell” I thought to myself. What is with her comments about submissive and slave. Am I really that way? My mind was a mess, but I was hornier than I could ever remember. I am not an anal virgin, but I don’t really enjoy it I just do it when I know a guy really wants to play back there. Oh hell, maybe I do like pleasing guys more than myself. I didn’t respond to her and she just squeezing my butt not entering me.
At that moment Sandy lifted her butt off the bed, she was moaning loudly and I knew she was close, but as she was getting closer she was grabbing one of my ass cheeks really hard in her hand, and it was starting to hurt. But I had to finish her off – she was so close.
She took her free hand and grabbed my hair and pushed me harder into her crouch so I sucked on her clit hard and she exploded in this great and wet orgasm. I felt so great that I was making this happen. She pounding her pussy against my chin as I kept on hold on her clit. What was coming out of her mouth was scary as well as almost making me cum just from the words:
She was screaming “Eat me, make me cum, you hot little cunt, oh I’ve been looking for a little sex slave, way eat my fucking cunt.” To say nothing about the hundred times she said “fuck, oh fuck and fuckin suck my clit”- over and over.
Sandy was finally coming down and pulled me up to kiss her. At one point between kisses I wispered “My name is Janie not Jane.” Her reply hit me like a brick when she said “Ok, I will call you Janie, and you will call me Mistress.”
We made out for awhile and then she turned and put me in a spooning position. I felt her start to fall asleep. I thought about what had just happened and was happy that the storm had brought us together, and that now this missing feeling I have had in many relationships was answered. I hated the question of “what do you want me to do to make you cum?” I had faked a lot of climaxs, I guess I wanted to get my partner off, that was what made me feel good.
I felt Sandy in a nice sleeping rhythm on my back, so I moved my hand between my legs and lightly rubbed my engorged labia, when I pushed down on them I couldn’t help but squeal as I came instantly, it was so satisfying. Then I was put in my place however when I heard Sandy whisper “that’s the last time you cum without asking, now go to sleep.”
I smiled as I did what I was told.

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