Mike and Kent bring home their dates to enjoy sexually – Tanning to Entertain

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Jimmy and I worked out a deal for me to purchase the house from him, and he surprised me by being quite generous.
Two weeks later, I went on a long weekend trip to give him time to clean out what he wanted, and we left the rest in the hands of our attorneys. No hard feeling just relief for both of us to get things settled.
Without the pressure of trying to find a new residence, I was able to get on with my life. I wanted to enjoy going out, meeting new friends, and traveling more.
The situation with Mike and Kent was settled in a long meeting a few weeks later. I admitted I was the one who had stepped over the line and allowing Kent to see me sunbathing nude, and let it go too far. I wanted them to understand I accepted all responsibility for what had happened, and I should have been more adult in my behavior.
I was shocked to hear neither Mike or Kent had thought my actions were wrong. Mike said he keep my marriage to Jimmy was the ‘pits,’ and he was surprised it had lasted as long as it had. He said he had seen his stepfather a few times with another woman in his truck but thought it might be a co-worker, but I knew better.
As we talked, I was burning to ask about where we stood in our sex play. I decided to just let it ‘happen. I still wanted to continue the activities, but I wasn’t really confident Mike was comfortable with how it was going.
I fixed supper for the three of us, and they told me they were going out on dates. I knew Mike was dating Marti, a young woman two years older but who he had been friends with for a few years. I told them I was going shopping for a couple of hours and again if they were bringing anyone home to call and let me know.
I visited Victoria Secrets and was amazed to find a few items I could wear. One was a sheer black camisole and thong I knew I would put to use.
Mike announced they were coming to the house. He asked if I could stay upstairs, laughing, I told him I thought I could do so.
I heard them driving up, so I went upstairs and into my room. Well, not exactly. I brought my vanity chair out was staying on the landing, out of sight. Both couples must have warmed up in the car because it wasn’t ten minutes before I heard them removing clothes. I peeked down the stairs and saw Kent’s date, Darla, in her panties, entering the downstairs bathroom. A cute body but not shapely at all.
I waited a few minutes before I glanced again. Both couples were totally nude and in various forms of foreplay. Marti was laid back as Mike was sucking her breasts, and Darla was licking Kent’s cock.
Marti had the figure of an adult woman. Fully developed, large breasted and toned.
Hell, this was better than watching porn! I glanced down every few minutes and saw both girls reach climaxes within minutes of each other. I was surprised to see Darla cleaning Kent’s cock almost immediately after he withdrew from her. I believe this young lady has had some experience in sex.
Mike called up the stairs and asked if they could come up and use the showers. I told him they could.
I moved the chair, and ALMOST closed my door. I saw Kent and Darla go into the guest shower, and thought Mike and Marti would wait their turn downstairs.
I was in just my panties when my door pushed open, and the two of them walked in. What the hell was I supposed to do?
I pulled the sheet up to cover me as Marti sat down on the edge of the bed. Sitting there without a stitch on, she began to tell me what a ‘cool mom’ I was and she wished hers was so understanding. I was speechless as to what to reply.
I liked Marti and knew much about her life. Her mother, Pam, and I had worked together at the bank. Her husband left when Marti was just becoming a teenager, which causes financial hardship for them. Marti began working the next year at a fast food place and eventually ended up at a large department store as a clerk.
Pam and I still are in contact and try to have a drink frequently. She is living with a guy, and Marti is staying with an aunt.
Mike sat on the edge of my bed, and the three of us talked until Kent and Darla got out and went into Mike’s bedroom.
It’s challenging to lay in bed, your son and his date, nude, and talk about everyday events. Thank goodness they left to shower when they went into his bedroom.
I didn’t bring up the activities of that evening to the guys, but I did feel pleased they thought of me as a confidant when it came to their sexual activities.
A week or so later, I told the guys I was going to go to see some family members in a nearby town and would be back around 9:00. I teased them if they were having their ‘women’ over to call me before my return.
I was driving back when I got the call. Mike said they were going to bring their dates over and wanted me to know. I told him I had no problem with the idea.
Make said he was with Marti, and they may be in my bedroom. What could I say?
I told him I would stay downstairs for the evening and don’t wake me if I was on the couch. There was no way I was going to sleep, knowing the activities going on upstairs.
Around 11:00, Mike and Marti came down. She was wearing one of Mike’s tee-shirts and him in a tee-shirt and boxers. Both seemed to be ‘gleaming’ with satisfaction, so no explanation was necessary. I was having a glass of wine, still in my clothes. Now that I could change, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.
I was upstairs picking out something to put on when I heard Kent and Darla going downstairs and apparently leaving to take her home.
Mike came hurrying up the stairs and told me to go back down and be ‘sexy.’ I looked at him, not understanding his reasoning. ‘Just do it,’ he said and left.
I wasn’t sure what was planned, but I picked out the new back bustier and the thong. I freshened my makeup and when down to see what was intended.
When I entered the den, Marti stood up and told me how beautiful I looked. I posed for her with my hand on my hip, and everyone laughed. With them sitting on the couch, I sat in the lounger across from them.
I told the two I was going to fix myself a drink and asked if they wanted one. Of course! All three of us had mixed drinks since I knew no one was going to be driving.
I was in my lounger when they came back into the den. My bustier was barely covering my nipples, and I threw caution to the wind and quit trying to cover them.
As we talked, I noticed both of them had placed hands on the other’s body and were watching me for my approval. When I didn’t respond after a couple of minutes, Marti was pushing back Mike’s boxers to pull his cock out.
I glanced and saw what was happening, so I said maybe I should go back upstairs. Marti, said ‘no.’ Really? Then she revealed Mike had told her about our mutual masturbation and it including Kent. I was trying to wiggle out of admitting it, but Mike spoke up and said Marti totally understood why I had done it.
I told Marti I probably had been wrong in allowing the guys to know I was using them for my sexual release and started to go into more detail when she stopped me. She revealed she had witnessed her mother with men making out in their apartment frequently. Adding how it had excited her to hear and sneaking to watch them in their living room.
Mike’s cock was at full erection. I guess hearing his lady friend and his mother discussing their sexual activities was turning him on. I smiled and said if they kept it up, I was either going upstairs to my vibrator.
Marti stood and removed her the tee, leaving her totally nude. Her large breasts were beautiful. I hadn’t realized she was an inch or two taller than I am and had to body of an athletic. Firm and with sexy upturned nipples. She apparently was trimming her bush, not bare, but more into a bikini cut. Standing there, looking at me, I knew she was saying it was my turn. I stood and removed both the bustier and thong. Now bare in front of them, I sat back down, allowing my legs to remain slightly open.
Mike got up and undress. Marti looked at me and jokingly asked, ‘may I?’ as she knelt and took his penis in her mouth. I watched her manipulate Mike’s cock with her tongue as she cupped his testicles. He was waiting for me for approval. I had no objection at all.
I opened my legs, licked my middle finger on my right hand, and placed it into my bare slit. I couldn’t believe I was watching the happenings.
Marti was taking more and more of his cock into her mouth, and then I heard her choke. She backed out and began to work him with expertise I was amazed by.
I began to take my left hand and play with my boobs. Seeing the sex just feet away, I was getting so turned on!
Marti backed away from Mike’s penis and stood. She stood and laid back on the sofa, with her shoulders against the back. Spreading her legs, she invited him with a smile.
I watched him slipped into her wetness. She readily accepted him, and with little effort, he was up to his balls in her. I was watching them, and then notice Marti was looking at me and seeing me pleasure myself. She lowered Mike’s head to her mouth, and I heard her tell him she was loving this.
Mike began to move inside her, and after a few minutes, Marti was bucking up to meet his thrusts. I watched mesmerized. Her large breasts were dancing all over her chest, and she was making sexual noises to urge him on. Mike lost his load in a couple of minutes, then finally pushed himself off her. He moved over and sat in the other lounger.
I was now inserting three fingers in my cunt and working furiously to bring myself to a climax. I had my eyes closed and doing all I could to bring it off.
Looking at Marti, I saw she was working her fingers into her pussy to match my efforts. I watched her mimicking my hand on my breasts, and she was pulling her nipples as she did. She sat up and continued to masturbate.
I climaxed as violently as I ever had in my life! Seeing this young lady working herself as I had been having too much.
I continued to watch her and finally moved to the couch to sit beside her. With my mouth just inches from her ear, I urged her on. I told her she was beautiful, and seeing her pleasure herself was so exciting for me.
She began to arch her back as spasms ran through her body. She moaned as she came.
Mike got up and went into the downstairs bathroom and returned with a wet washrag and a couple of towels.
I couldn’t imagine what the two of them were thinking, but at that very moment, I didn’t care.
A short time later, I got up and helped pull both of them to their feet. We all smiled as we looked at each other.
I picked up my undies and started upstairs. I told them they had better not make fun of me and my attempt to keep up with them.
As I reached the top landing, I heard Kent pull up.
Mike and Marti almost ran over me to get up to the shower.
Several minutes later heard them go into Mike’s room and close the door.
After showering, I laid on the bed and dozed off in a few minutes.
The night was certainly unexpected, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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