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Mohini exposed by her husband Final Chapter

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About to point to the balcony, he thought better of it. Why mention the opposition. Hearing one of them say Mohini needed to go home, he figured on using that as an excuse.

‘Sudhir asked me to keep an eye out for anyone needing a lift home. Anyone need a lift home?’ he innocently asked.

‘Mohini does,’ one of her friends said.

‘I’d better go with her,’ Reema offered.

‘Good idea,’ Shahid said, without meaning it.

Sudhir watched Shahid, and was surprised he hadn’t been sent packing already. He remembered vaguely how popular he was with the girls in high school, so maybe he still had the charm. Wasn’t it a naive, honesty about him that won them over?

He watched his friend talking to Mohini, and figured the guy was using her to get to Dhruvi. What Shahid had said about Dhruvi sank in. The guy hadn’t been talking about Dhruvi, he’d been describing Mohini. The quiet one, a bit of a prude, used to dress old fashioned. 

Shit! He’d told the guy she was divorced, and looking for fun. Shit! He’d told Shahid his wife was desperate for cock. He watched Shahid, Mohini, and Reema break away from the others. Shahid had his arm around Mohini, almost holding her up. Oh! Shit! He’d told the guy she was up for it, and he was taking her away. 

It looked as though his wife was going to be more than flashing her body tonight. Ironically, he set her up with the guy hoping to lay her. Was she drunk enough to fall under Shahid’s charm? It looked like she was more than drunk enough.

‘It’ll take awhile getting her outside, so catch us up,’ Shahid told Reema.

Sudhir was taking two stairs at a time. He collided with someone, apologised, crashed through a fire door, and into the dance hall. No sign of them. They must have staggered out through the main doors. Pushing through the crowd he caught sight of Reema. He headed in that direction, pushing and shoving others out of the way, and caught up with her. Just as he was about to pat her on the shoulder, she walked into the ladies rest room.

He abruptly turned on a heel, as though in a line dance. He got out of the way of women in the queue, after having shoved them out of the way. The bad comments on his character were ignored. Looking around, there was no sign of Mohini. He pushed his way through the double doors to reach the cool air of outside.

Once outside, away from Reema, he asked, ‘What do you want to do, Mohini?’ 

She tried to focus with one eye, giggled, and said, ‘Strip naked and run through the park.’

Shahid was surprised, but not shocked. He remembered what she was like in high school, and was wise enough to know people sometimes let loose as they matured. Or was it the confines of marriage that bored them, so they needed to rebel.

‘Alright, let’s go for it!’ he laughed.

Across the road, they disappeared into the city park. It was dark at midnight with the lights off.

Sudhir pushed his way outside, and looked up and down the sidewalk. If he had looked across to the park on emerging through the crowd, he would have seen his wife. 

Hand in hand with Shahid, they skipped across the grass, and found a path. 

‘Let go of my hand,’ she slurred, and nearly fell.

Wriggling in the dress, she peeled it off, and giggled. On automatic, she unclipped the bra. Luckily it had a catch at the front. Taking another few steps she almost fell again, while pulling at the thong. A close run thing, stepping out of it, and not falling to the ground. 

He kept steadying her, which was a good excuse for not getting undressed. They danced over the grass between trees, parallel to the main road. There were trees on both sides, so if he saw anyone he would draw her into the bushes. Her clothes were scattered along the path, back there somewhere.

The stockings and suspender belt were long gone, leaving her naked. He liked what he saw, but figured she had been too drunk to start with, and would soon sober up the way they were skipping through the grass. Either way, he didn’t fancy his chances. This was certainly refreshing and a totally different night out.

They came to an opening in a hedge. He stopped her running headlong through the hedge, into the brightly lit street, with an arm around her waist. Holding a naked woman tight, usually meant he was in bed. He was beginning to wish he was.

To the right a few hundred yards away, was the club. To the left was the city centre. If they walked straight ahead, or nearly straight, and the police didn’t pick them up, his car wasn’t far. Looking out for traffic, they stumbled forward, crossed the road, and dived down an alley. Cars beeped in appreciation of the midnight streak. They were soon safely tucked away in the dark, between store loading bays. 

Shahid recognised where they were, and quickly found his car. She wouldn’t sit on the back seat out of the way. She sat next to him, as though demurely dressed. After a short distance she became talkative, only not making sense. 

‘Who are you? Where are you taking me? Are you going to ravish me? Are you going to keep me as your sex slave?’ she asked, and giggled over every question.

‘Shahid, and home, then no to all the rest,’ he laughed.

‘Where are my clothes?’ she asked, sounding only mildly interested.

‘In the park. You stripped naked in the park,’ he reminded her.

‘Are you going to leave me somewhere, naked?’ she giggled.

‘No, I’m taking you home,’ he said.

He was wrong about her sobering up. He kept telling her to be quiet as they made their way up the drive. 

‘I’d rather be making my way into you,’ he scolded her.

‘You mean you want to fuck me. Go on then, fuck me,’ she loudly stated.

At least the house lights didn’t come on. Neighbours began to twitch the curtains, and he wondered what they thought they saw. She obviously didn’t have a key. He thought of searching her body for one, but figured that would certainly bring the neighbours out. As a bit of luck, the front door was unlocked. Someone knew they would be too drunk to fiddle a key into a lock. 

He wasn’t too drunk to fiddle his key into her lock, but he didn’t like the idea of screwing a drunk woman. In the lounge he noticed a framed picture of her and her husband. It would need a clearer mind to figure out why, and what, Sudhir was up to. Next morning he might try to figure it out, or forget about it. Probably the later.

He dumped her on a sofa, and said, ‘Good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for.’


A short time later, Sudhir walked in, ready to look through the phone book for Shahid’s number. He stumbled over his wife’s legs, and exclaimed expletives. He shouted at her from shock, and for worrying him so much. She was naked! He felt between her legs, and decided she hadn’t done anything with Shahid, or anyone else. 

Her thighs clamped upon his hand, and she smiled at him. He almost fell backwards on the carpet. 

‘I’m not so drunk as I made out,’ she laughed.

‘What happened?’ he demanded.

‘Nothing. Except I stripped naked in the park, and got driven home. I think the neighbours might have seen me,’ she pondered.

‘I thought, well, you know what I thought,’ he said, through gritted teeth.

‘You’re not a very good detective. I saw you following us all evening,’ she laughed.

‘Alright, you caught me,’ he almost smiled.

‘Sudhir, I need you!’ she moaned.

A hesitation indicated he was merely considering her offer. Instead he was quietly undoing his pants in the darkened room. He suddenly grabbed her ankles and pulled her off the sofa. On the carpet he roughly shoved her legs apart, and fell to his knees between them. In one swift movement he was into her.

Mohini hardly had time to take a breath, when she was dragged to the floor, and felt his cock entering her. She lifted her hips, pushing up at him, wanting every inch of cock. She needed it all, and needed to be ridden hard. 

For a fleeting moment a wicked idea came to mind. It didn’t matter who’s penis it was, just so long as it was hard and powerful. If it had been Shahid’s, or anyone else’s, she would have willingly spread her legs. A small consolation was that she hadn’t been given a choice, she was simply being taken. Such dirty thoughts were wiped away as a cock was driven deep and hard into her.

‘Fuck me! Pound my pussy! Faster!’ she implored.

She dug her nails into his back and scratched, wanting to inflict pain. The terrible filthy desire to be fucked, filled her entire body with a painful need. She was no longer Mohini the nice housewife, she was a dirty slut, craving a cock, any cock. In the dark he could be anyone, and so could she.

‘Fuck this dirty slut hard, pound my pussy. Whoever you are, fuck this cunt, punish this filthy slut with your big dick,’ she screamed.

He heard her say, ‘who every you are’. He knew what was going on in her mind. The screaming wasn’t her, the words weren’t hers. He loved that she was so carried away, to be someone else. He was tempted to ask who she was.

An off key wailing burbled up from her throat. Her back arched, and then she lifted her hips, bumping his, crashing hard. He thrust in and held her pinned to the carpet. He began to pump sperm into her, in great strings of cum, jetting into her. She sensed being filled, rather than he was there at all. 

‘Fill me up with your cum, fill me,’ she broke off to wail.

His hips were pressing down upon her, and was supporting his weight with straight arms. He was looking down at her, examining her. She writhed a moment, then settled down. From bucking up at him as though trying to throw him off, she sank into the floor, replete and exhausted. 

‘Did you enjoy that, stranger?’ he asked, with a put-on voice.

‘What have I done? I’ve let a stranger take me! A stranger cum inside me, and will make me pregnant! Oh! My! God! You must go before my husband gets in,’ she spoke, in an over dramatic voice.

They both broke into peals of laughter, and he collapsed upon her squashing her into the carpet.

‘I can’t breathe, get off,’ she complained.

He rolled to her side, and pulled her in his arms. He kissed her lips, with a great warmth of feeling. 

‘You can finish me off now, I don’t want to leave with a sticky cock,’ he taunted her.

‘I’ll lick your cock clean, only if you tell me your name, sir,’ she said, only just refraining from giggling.

‘How much more will it cost, to deep throat me?’ he asked, sounding imperious.

‘I’m not sure I can deep throat such a big one, sir,’ she teased back at him.

They played around for awhile until tiredness overtook them. In each other’s embrace they fell into a deep sleep. They would ache in the morning, from laying on a hard floor, despite the thick carpet. They wouldn’t care about that, thinking it had been worth it.

Mohini’s husband was working late at the office, and had been for a couple of weeks. It meant they hadn’t had time to play a game for some time. She was feeling lonely and abandoned without that closeness they had built up recently.

Mohini walked into the spare bedroom preparing to undress. The light was off, but she purposely forgot to switch off the hall light. None of the neighbours could see her, and there were no houses behind theirs. Although, anyone walking a Rocky(D) in the woods would have a fine view. 

‘Damn! This is stupid!’ Mohini told the empty room.

She loudly swore, and walked out the room. This was all wrong! Exposing herself had developed from an indulgence for her husband, to an irritating craving. They hadn’t played the game for awhile, and now exposing herself had become a nagging itch. If she didn’t do something it would become a deep desire that threatened to overwhelm her. 

She walked back into the spare bedroom, and told herself not to be silly. No one would see her, so what harm was this to anyone. Pretending men were watching her would be a harmless fantasy. Something to excite her while she soaked in a bath.

Rajeev took a short cut to his favourite bar, using a track between the woods and the back of the houses. He glanced at each house passed, for no real reason except curiosity. He stopped suddenly, focused, and fixed on a window. A shapely woman had caught his attention.

The woman lifted her arms, while holding onto the hem of a dress. Her thighs were revealed, and she shimmied it up to display white stocking tops, and suspenders. Another wriggle of her hips revealed a pair of frilly white panties. The dress was tight around her body, hence the seductive wriggling. The dress was tightly caught under her ample bust. The woman pulled hard, and the dress suddenly moved up, letting her overflowing bra bounce free. 

She was carelessly undressing, unaware of a pathway at the back of the house. Obviously she was unaware of him watching her, and so she carried on innocently undressing. She had a wonderful figure, and he was about to see more of it.

It was easy now to pull the dress over her head. She turned around and bent over to fold the dress out of sight. The wiggle of her heart shaped ass was mesmerising. She stood up, and it made him flinch, as she seemed to be staring at him. Obviously she couldn’t see him in the dark, with the woods behind him. 

The explanation was obvious when he noticed both hands were struggling behind her back. She gave up and shrugged the bra straps off her shoulders. Pulling the clasp around the front, she unhooked it. She held the cups to her breasts for a moment, then turned and bent over. The sight of her cute panty clad bottom was breathtaking. 

Maybe it was because she was a complete stranger, and he was sharing something private, even something illicit. He should have walked on, rather than invade her privacy, but the show was so intoxicating he was rooted to the spot. The woman stood up and turned around. He didn’t wonder why she faced him, as his mind was focused on her body.

Her breasts were magnificent. They weren’t overlarge, but were a good handful and stood up well. He figured she was in her late thirties, a good ten years younger than him. Her breasts stood up well, even without support. The light from another room was shining on her skin, which looked smooth and blemish free. It was difficult to tell, but his imagination filled in the gaps.

Her hands slid into the sides of the panties. It was then he noticed they were over the top of the garter belt. She turned around, and bent slightly to pull the panties over her bottom. 

He thought he heard something close, and looked around, with eyes darting this way and that. It was his own breathing, and the sudden intake of breath that startled him! It was no wonder, as she had revealed her bare ass, and a little something between her thighs. He tried to steady his breathing and remain calm, so as to take in properly what was being revealed. The panties where pushed down her legs, so she had to bend more and more. 

He could see her ass through the floor to ceiling window. A light was shining into the room, lighting between her legs. He was sure there was a glossy shine at her crotch. Were her lips wet and shiny?

She stood up with panties in hand, then dropped them onto the pile of clothes. Probably the clothes had been folded and placed on a chair just out of sight. It was what she was wearing that held his attention. There was no fuzzy patch in that golden triangle. She was shaved bare. There was just enough light to show her pussy, and his imagination could fill in any blanks.

She lifted a foot onto an unknown something, perhaps another chair. Separating her legs while not wearing panties stiffened his cock. Not thinking it possible to become any stiffer, it was a surprise to feel it harden. His balls were aching to release their load. He dare not rub himself, or he would spurt his load into his pants. Going home with a wet patch would be out of the question. It wouldn’t be much better in the bar. He would have to recount the show to his buddies, and this was something he wanted to keep to himself.

He watched avidly the straps unclipped from a stocking. The stocking was pulled down a long leg, on its enthralling journey. The other leg was attended to. Each clasp was pulled open, and both hands pushed into a stocking top. The sheer stocking was eased down her leg, with care not to ladder it.

The striptease was nearly complete. She pulled the garter belt around and unclipped it. It was folded and placed on a table or chair, or something out of view. She turned around and bent over, leaning with one hand on something. He knew it was one hand supporting her, because he could see the other. The hand cupped her crotch. It was flexing, gripping her sex, easing off, then again tightening the grip. 

The hand moved up her body over her stomach out of sight. A finger appeared between her legs, and pushed at her bottom. It circled her asshole, stopping to press at the relaxed entrance. The finger was joined by another, with both running under her crotch, between her legs. He couldn’t see clearly but it looked as though her fingers were disappearing into her pussy. Fuck! She was really putting on a show! He looked up and down the path, hiked out his cock, and pulled on it. She arched her back, and obviously had an orgasm. The sight of her perfect ass, slim waist, and long hair, had him spell bound. 

When she cum he relieved the ach in his balls. He spurted over the fence. Sending a stream of cum into her garden, which was as close as he would get to entering her secret garden. Unaccountably, it came to mind that her hedge had been clipped.

He stumbled away, and leant against a tree, getting his breath back. His heart settle down to a steady beat, while he memorised the sight of the beautiful young woman stripping. No longer interested in the bar, he decided to walk home, and give his wife a surprise.

Mohini couldn’t see anyone outside in the dark, but was almost sure she had an audience. A possible flicker of a white face in the dark was all she had glimpsed. If she had been certain, there was no way she would have played with herself, and certainly not gone as far as an orgasm.

Next day Mohini felt as though she needed a fix. Sudhir had been too tired to play with her, when he came home last night. Although it was Saturday he went in to the office to work on a project. She was buzzing all over, with no hope of satisfaction. If only she could have been sure someone had watched her performance last night. 

In any case, there would be other opportunities to show off her body. Her husband had demonstrated that, time and time again. Anytime she thought about the naughty things she had committed, it gave her a thrill. It was a pity the memories weren’t enough to satisfy her need. 

‘Don’t be so ridiculous,’ she told herself.

These games were for her husband. They got him going so much, it was worth the embarrassment of exposing herself. She wasn’t fooling herself one little bit, but had to pretend it was for him. More and more it was becoming a deep seated need that kept her playing the game.

The phone rang, to become a welcome distraction. 

‘Hi, Dhruvi. Of course, anything I can do to help,’ Mohini said.

Dhruvi, her neighbour, was organising a party for charity, and she had been, ‘volunteered’, to help. She was wearing old bikini bottoms, and a t-shirt, to slum around the house, when Dhruvi summoned her. The woman was twenty-three, yet had a domineering way about her, that couldn’t be refused. Instead of changing into something more appropriate, she rushed out into the heat to receive instructions. At least with Dhruvi she wouldn’t be thinking of flashing her body.

The bikini top was needed, but it was too small since her breasts had grown a couple of inches. Why they had blossomed a size or two, she had no idea, but Sudhir wasn’t complaining, so it wasn’t a problem.
Walking across the grass between neighbours houses, she found Aditya washing his truck. It was soapy, and he was ready to rinse it. She folded her arms over her breasts, just in case he hosed her down. He was a great one for playing around, but she didn’t want to visit her friend in a wet t-shirt. 

‘You can do mine when you’re finished here!’ Mohini joked.
‘If you help me out, I’ll help you out,’ Aditya laughed.

‘Depends on how you want to help me out,’ she teased.

‘Anyway you want,’ he smiled.

The sound of his voice revealed he was getting a little too serious. His wife was in, so she would have to be careful. Dhruvi had a temper, and wasn’t someone she wanted to annoy.

‘You missed a bit,’ she said. He threw her a sponge, and she caught it against the t-shirt. Mohini pressed up against the side of the truck, to reach the roof. The sponge wet her, and the window added to the wet t-shirt look. When Aditya opened the passenger door, she knew what he was doing. He hadn’t climbed in to clean the seats. She wiped her breasts across the driver side window, pressing them hard against it.

She shouldn’t be teasing Dhruvi’s husband, but couldn’t help it. He was in the truck, so she was safe. This was an opportunity to play, and it drew her in. The thin wet t-shirt was see-through now, but she could pretend not to know. He was sitting in his truck, watching her wet breasts pressing against the glass. She heard the window purr as it slid down. She continued to sway back and forth while rubbing a stubborn stain on the roof. She knew it was a paint mark, but again pretended ignorance. With each hard push of her hand, her wet breasts were jiggling back and forth. ‘How you doing there?’ he asked.

He’d shuffled across the seats to get close to her breasts. Not wearing a bra under the white t-shirt wasn’t a good idea. It was see-through when wet, and Aditya was finding them very tempting. ‘I can’t shift this mark. I won’t give up. Do you have something else to clean it with?’ she asked.

She knew what he was doing, and it was getting her hot and bothered. If he took notice of anything other than her tits, he would see her becoming hot and sweaty. It would look as though she were working hard. It was hot outside, but she was so stoked up that she was hotter.‘Hey! What you doing? Stop it, let me go!’ she complained.

Feeling his hands grip her breasts was too much. She didn’t mind him looking, but grabbing them was going too far. Alright, it must have been very tempting, but he was a neighbour. She didn’t want to get a bad reputation in her own back yard. He let go of a t-shirt covered breast, and pushed a hand up to grab a bare breast. Then repeated the action with her other breast.She was balanced on the step of his truck, with her tits bared!

‘Hi, Mohini,’ a neighbour shouted.

She waved at him and another neighbour, who joined him for a gossip.

‘Hi,’ she returned, hoping he wouldn’t walk over to say hello.

‘Pull the t-shirt down, please, Aditya. Someone will see,’ she firmly told him.

His handling of them was very nice, but she was in an awkward position. He pinched a nipple and she sighed. She couldn’t pull away or make a fuss, as the two neighbours settled in for a marathon tongue wag. He stroked her other breast while pinching the nipple. The man had experience and knew what he was doing. 

The old guys hadn’t seen what was going on, yet. 

‘Aditya, please, I can’t move away, I’ll be seen,’ she pleaded.

‘Give me a kiss, then I’ll let go of them,’ he grinned.

She couldn’t see him, but heard the grin in his voice. He had her at a disadvantage, and knew it.

‘What if someone sees us?’ she moaned.

‘Just a kiss, Mohini,’ he teased.

She scrunched down to the window and leaned in, with his hands still firmly holding her breasts. It would have been a little painful, but she could of pulled away, though where would the fun be in that? She pushed her head into the window, and closed her eyes. She knew he would insist on a deep kiss, but didn’t want him to know she was willing. The way her crotch was on fire, she was up for anything. Just so long as he didn’t know that, she could remain out of reach. Perhaps being, ‘out of reach’, was a concept too late.

She felt the t-shirt pulled, and it was over her head before she could react. In an automatic response, she covered her breasts.

‘No! Aditya, please! Give me my top back!’ she hissed at him.

It was tantalisingly out of reach. He sat there with a big grin on his face. She could push further in the window to reach the top, but would have to let go of her breasts. Once in the truck he could take more of an advantage of her, so she hesitated.

‘Off you go then. Unless, well, I could give you a t-shirt I found. No, you don’t need one. It’s a nice hot day, no need to cover up,’ he said.

‘How can I leave like this? There’s two neighbours between here and home. What would Dhruvi say if she saw me?’ Mohini moaned.

‘She would be shocked. She would wonder what a nice housewife is doing wandering around half naked,’ he laughed.

‘Please, Aditya, be nice to me,’ she pleaded.

‘I’ll make a deal with you. Swap you the bikini for the t-shirt,’ he suggested.

‘What? No! I can’t do that!’ she whispered.

He started up the engine, and put it into gear. 

‘You can pull the t-shirt down to cover your ass. Think about it, but don’t take long as I’m going,’ he said.

‘Please, Aditya, you can’t expect me to run home with a bare bottom,’ she pointed out, sounding cross.

‘OK, go as you are,’ Aditya smiled.

‘No! I can’t do that. They will see, and gossip will spread around the neighbourhood,’ she pointed out.

Mohini didn’t need much persuasion to strip off. Since her husband had started her off, she was finding it difficult to keep her clothes on. Was Aditya aware of her weakness? Had it been obvious to everyone else except her? The truck moved forward an inch or two, and she panicked. Not wanting to be left topless on the driveway, she pulled the bikini bottoms off, and threw them at him.

‘If you tell anyone about this, I’ll tell Dhruvi you made me. I won’t ever speak to you again,’ she crossly spoke.

Aditya paused over the idea of ‘making her’, knowing Mohini was too innocent to realise what was meant. Although she was ten years older than Dhruvi, she was so sexy looking, it was almost worth the trouble it would cause. He put his foot down a little, just enough to pull away. She was still standing on the step, and holding onto the mirror.

‘Hold on tight,’ he said. 

‘No! Please! You can’t do this to me!’ she screeched. ‘We had a deal!’

With Mohini standing on the step, naked, they drove off. The two neighbours didn’t even look up from their conversation. Besides, she was on the other side of the truck, scrunched down out of sight. At any moment someone would see her naked body, and she would be so very ashamed. He drove around the block, in their quiet neighbourhood, unseen, so far.

A couple were sitting on their porch, and he waved to them. Mohini was hiding on the other side of the truck. He pulled up, to let her in before someone saw what was going on, and reported it to his wife.

‘Get in,’ Aditya said.

She scrambled in over his lap, and became caught under the steering wheel. He pushed her legs down and closed the door. Her head was touching the floor, and her bottom was up over his knees. He playfully slapped her ass. A hoot from behind, not hers, made him drive on.

He couldn’t help pushing a hand between her legs as he drove. He pulled up again, with his hand wedged in her wet crotch. The vibration of the heavy engine was shuddering through her, adding to her arousal.

‘You’re such a naughty girl,’ Aditya told her, and slapped her ass.

‘Please, let me go!’ Mohini whined.

‘Do you want me to put you out here?’ he asked.

‘Nooo, please, sir, please don’t make me walk home naked!’ she moaned.

He was silent for a moment, contemplating what to do with her. He knew she was thirty-four, as he went to her birthday party not long ago. She was ten years older than him, yet she now sounded ten years younger. Why she hadn’t forcibly stopped him tasking advantage right at the beginning, he didn’t know.

She was a neighbour, and his wife’s friend, so what could he do? The sense of sexy fun had suddenly evaporated. He was left feeling guilty, though he wasn’t going to let her off lightly, for she had been teasing him.

He slid his hand between her thighs, and felt how sexed up she was. Her pussy was wet and open. It was so tempting, he could hardly hold back. Angry with himself, and her, he slapped her ass.

‘Sorry, sir, for being a naughty girl,’ she whined.

He slapped her again, yet she didn’t complain. Instead she apologised for being a tease. The self anger died down, leaving him angry with her. He slapped her ass again, leaving it red, with a hand mark colouring it.

‘Sit up, and be a good girl,’ he told her.

‘Yes, sir, whatever you say, sir,’ she humbly spoke. ‘Thank you for punishing me, sir. I’ve been a naughty little slut, and deserved punishing,’ she whined.

Mohini was absorbed in a fantasy, with the spanking making it so very real. Told to sit up, she struggled, but couldn’t get free.

She was evidently trapped, so he helped her off his lap. A good opportunity to feel her body without her complaining. Despite wanting to delve into her sex, he made her sit in the cab. She was one hell of a sight. She looked so hot! Like one of those foreign commercials for a cold drink, sweat was beading on her skin. If he offered her a cold drink, would she roll it across her bare breasts? Her nipples were already hard as bullets. Her breasts were luscious, and firm. They were naturally large, no silicon there, as he could testify.

‘You’ve been a very naughty girl, playing around, and losing your clothes,’ Aditya said.

‘Yes, sir, I’m sorry, sir. I promise to behave and to do as I’m told. Whatever you want, sir,’ she murmured.

He caught what she said, and wondered why she had. At least she wasn’t blaming him for what happened. That had been his main worry, and it seemed to have been solved. Whatever was going through her sweet head, he was off the hook. She was so very tempting, and ready for it, yet his life would be thrown into turmoil if he fucked her. He couldn’t just make use of her like an object, and expect everything to go back to normal afterwards. 

‘Get dressed, and I’ll take you home,’ he quietly said.

At that moment he saw a look of relief replace a brief look of disappointment. He wasn’t going to get a kiss after all, and he dare not demand one. It would lead to other things. How come he was the sensible one, when she was an older woman? Damn! She wasn’t just sexy looking, she was sexed up!
They were soon home, and parked in her driveway. She leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. Neither of them dare say anything. 

Once inside her home, she leant back on the door, breathing heavily. That was a close call, and would teach her to be more careful. She really shouldn’t play around without her husband’s protection. If Aditya had decided to take her, she was painfully aware of being so aroused, it wouldn’t have been possible to stop him. 

She dropped the bikini bottoms as she walked into the lounge. She leant over the arm of a sofa, and spanked her behind. 

‘I’m sorry for being a naughty girl! Please, Aditya, don’t send me home naked! I’ll be a good girl, and do as I’m told. I’ll be your girl, and do whatever you say, whatever you want,’ she admitted to the empty room.

She pushed two fingers inside and marvelled at how wet and open she was. It was no good, she couldn’t bring herself to a satisfyingly deep climax. The desultory orgasm wasn’t enough. She needed more, a lot more to fill her up. She needed Sudhir to play a game with, then play with her.

The phone rang, and of course it was Dhruvi, asking where she was. Mohini scribbled a note for Sudhir to get changed, and join her, as soon as he got home. She didn’t like him working late, as it didn’t give them much time together.

Mohini helped set up the delivered food for a party. As usual her friend was raising money for charity. There was plenty of space, and two rooms were set aside to change into fancy dress. Her parties were always well attended as she had a knack for creating a lively atmosphere.

‘Thanks for helping out, I’d never have got it all done without you. Shivani let me down at the last minute, but I knew I could rely on you,’ Dhruvi said.

‘I’d better get home and change,’ Mohini said.

‘Would you do me a big favour. Change here, and you’ll be able to greet the guests. I’m sure to have something for you,’ Dhruvi firmly said.

It was typical of Dhruvi to sound authoritative, and for Mohini it was an automatic response to follow orders. Besides, she had thought of going home to try on that new outfit. This would save her some embarrassment, because the one she was thinking of was too risqué. It was indecent if she weren’t careful, which would inevitably happen after a few drinks. 

‘Good, let’s see what I can find for you,’ Dhruvi said, and led her into a changing room.

Dhruvi hadn’t waited for an answer she simply marched Mohini to a spare bedroom. She certainly had a more expensive wardrobe than hers. It was more to a younger woman’s taste, though Mohini had been buying more flamboyant clothes recently. Some of the outfits Sudhir bought her, were downright trashy. 

Remembering that scary walk in a rundown mall, made her blush. She’d been wearing hardly anything at all, and ended up looking like a street walker. Several strangers thought she was, and made her an offer. She’d shown off more of her body than intended, and became over excited. If Sudhir hadn’t been there to save her from those men, she would have been in serious trouble.

Only a couple of days ago, while soaking in a hot bath, she thought about those two young black guys. They had picked her up in that awful mall, and were marching her off to their vehicle. She imagined it was a passion wagon, as they called them in her youth. They were too big to struggle against, and being so worked up she tamely went with them. 

At the time they thought she was a prostitute working in their territory. They said they would look after her, as long as she worked for them. How could she explain she was just playing a game with her husband, they wouldn’t have believed it. Luckily Sudhir had intervened before they got to the parking lot. What if he hadn’t, or they decided to fight for her.

In her bath time fantasy, they led her away to their van. Each had an enormous penis, and they rode her hard, again and again. Eventually she was exhausted, and made submissive to their demands. They had fucked her into submission, making her their sexual plaything. 

They told her she was to work for them from now on. She murmured agreement. Still woozy from multiple orgasms, she would agree to anything. Before she had a chance to recover, they took her to a brothel then ran. The big black woman running the place, took her in hand. She wouldn’t take any nonsense, and had her working the night away.

After that, what was she to do? She couldn’t go back home to her husband, and the brothel was the only place she had to stay. 

Laying back in the bath, she rubbed her clit, imagining the rest of her life spent as a prostitute. She would be given a small allowance, but never enough to escape the sordid life of prostitution. Soon she was settling in to being fucked by strangers. The thought had her rubbing her clit, and filling her pussy with a vibrator.

‘We’ll take turns welcoming the guests, and take them here to change. There’s nothing here worth stealing, so we can leave them to it,’ Dhruvi explained.

‘Are you all right, Mohini? Have you been listening? You look flushed,’ Dhruvi commented.

Dhruvi found a pink plastic, one piece suit, and offered it to Mohini.

‘How do I go to the bathroom in this?’ Mohini chuckled.

There was a plastic zip lock at the crotch, but Dhruvi decided not to tell her. She wasn’t sure why, but hurried the woman along instead.

‘Never thought of that. It smells of plastic, but hasn’t been worn. No one dare. There’s no label, so try it on, see if it fits. I’ll know what size it is then,’ Dhruvi told her.

The fancy dress party was an excuse for everyone to dress in something outrageous. Mohini had a vision of wearing something demure, that accidently peeled away from her body, leaving her in her underwear.

‘I’m not sure about this, it seems too revealing,’ Mohini worried.

‘That’s the beauty of the outfit, it doesn’t reveal anything of your flesh. You’re covered from head to foot,’ Dhruvi told her.

‘It’s too tight, I can hardly walk,’ she complained.

‘It’s too late now, the guests will be arriving any minute. Come on, let’s get into the party spirit,’ Dhruvi ordered.

Mohini felt as though she had been tricked into wearing the outfit. It was true, it covered her body, but at the same time it revealed too much. If she hadn’t been playing those naughty games with Sudhir, she wouldn’t have dared wear the lewd outfit. 

She struggled into the dining room, where the two friends started off the evening with a vodka on the rocks. She made a note to herself, that this would be the first and last. She dare not make a fool of herself at Dhruvi’s party. The vodka seemed to lubricate the outfit, as it was easier walking to the front door.

The first couple walked in staring at her outfit, or her body, she wasn’t sure which. It looked as though her naked body had been spray-painted pink. The bright colour meant nothing was in shadow, and nothing hidden. It was perfectly clear she wore no underwear.

‘Welcome to Dhruvi’s party,’ Mohini chirpily spoke.

Mohini was pleased to be showing herself off, and it was all her friends idea, not hers. The guests followed her to the changing room, where the couple left their coats. Conveniently they were already wearing super hero costumes. Mohini changed the door sign back to vacant, and went to greet the next ones.

Time sped by as she was kept busy. Dhruvi was caught up in selling the idea of a monthly contribution to the charity. Aarti was busy serving drinks, and that left Mohini guiding late comers to the changing room. 

‘Sorry!’ she giggled.

A woman was down to her underwear, when she led a man into the changing room. 

‘It would be better if you use this bedroom to change,’ she told him.

‘I’m not fussy, that other one would be alright,’ he grinned.

‘Not sure Dipti will ever forgive me, after showing her off like that. She would want to look her best for a hunk like you,’ Mohini smiled.

‘It’s nice of you to say that, Mohini,’ he said, and put his arm around her.

‘Not now,’ she quietly spoke.

‘When, later?’ he said.

He still had his arm around her, with a hand on her hip. It slipped a little to her bottom.

‘Not later, I meant, no,’ she said. 

Mohini was unable to put much emphasis into the little word. The gentle touch to her bottom was more electric than a slap. It was then she realised how worked up she still was from this afternoon. Since the last game with her husband, she was becoming ever more frustrated, and more needy. She was like a bitch in heat, or something like that. 

‘Nice outfit, you deserve first prize for it,’ he said.

It didn’t matter what he said, it was the sound of his deep, penetrating voice, that vibrated her insides. Her thoughts concentrated on him penetrating her, and it was difficult to shake off. She felt particularly vulnerable in the clinging suit. It displayed her body, letting everyone know what was available. He slowly pulled her close, gradually into his arms, giving her a chance to refuse. Her voice had gone, even if she could find the words to stop him. There were no words, except shouldn’t.

‘This is your prize,’ he said.

He kissed her deeply. Her mouth hung open, unresisting to his invasion. It felt as though he were taking her. It was what she needed, to be taken hard, only he was soft and gentle.

In retaliation, she gripped him tight, and roughly kissed him back. A vicious biting, a lascivious tongue, shoving and twisting around his. He gripped her bottom, and ran a finger between her cheeks. She’d never been taken back there, but his finger was pushing at her virgin place. It felt as though he would take her if he could. 

He was pressing her against his hardness, with a strength she knew would be impossible to fight against. If he decided to take her, she would be taken. There was nothing she could do about it. The days of increasing hunger left her in an awful state of desperate need. It was awful because it left her so pathetic, and so willing. It didn’t matter who they were, she was ready for them. Recently she’d become easy, easy prey, easy to take, easy to master.

There was a knock at the door.

‘Later then,’ he said.

‘Yes,’ she heavily sighed. 
The word was immediately regretted, but the passion and regret behind it couldn’t be denied. The door was opened and she fell out into the corridor on weak legs. Not falling to the floor was an achievement. She made it to the front door to welcome a couple. They looked at her as though she were a praying mantis, about to gobble them up. 

Later. The word rang through her head like a mantra. It had only been a kiss. Of course she dare not, not later, not anytime at all. What if he wanted her virgin bottom. It was something she had never thought of doing, until now. Why him? How dare she think of giving her virgin bottom to a stranger.

Her thoughts were in a whirl. From bad to worse, then chastising herself for having such terrible thoughts. Working on autopilot, she greeted guests, and showed them where to change. Some quietly ogled her body, some made crude comments, and others looked at her as though she were a harlot. 

Catching sight of herself in a mirror was devastating. Not in a good way. The one-piece had moulded itself to every crack and cranny. Her lips were swollen, and obvious. A slight indentation showed where her vagina was open and ready. No wonder some of the guests almost crossed themselves on seeing her.

Mohini worked her way through the crowd looking for Dhruvi. She spotted her friend the other side of the dance floor, and pushed in among the throng. Hands were everywhere, and someone indelicately grabbed her crotch. They pressed a finger between her lips, hitting her spot. That slowed her down. She swung around on them, to tell them off, with a demand to be let go. The grip tightened on her crotch, and a thumb worked her bud. 

Instead of moving on, she was stunned. Among the writhing bodies she was being sexed up. Was it possible to become more aroused than she already was? She was stoked to boiling point, ready to explode. Any moment she would throw her head back and scream an orgasm. 

A hand was pinching a nipple, and her other breast was being squeezed in time with the music. A hand was pumping a cheek. Then she realised there were too many hands massaging her body. His friend had joined him. They were both working her up, and she lost the will to escape.

The song came to an end, and the crowd thinned out. They could no longer get away with playing with what looked like a naked woman. Maybe it was their wives, or they had become bored with a body that was unavailable. The suit revealed everything yet sealed it away from use.

Mohini staggered away to find Dhruvi. She didn’t think why, she just did.

‘This outfit is getting indecent, Dhruvi. I’ve got to change,’ Mohini moaned. 

‘Oh, don’t worry, dear, it’ll be fine. Some of the others are wearing racy costumes, so don’t worry, no one will notice,’ Dhruvi reassured her friend.

Dhruvi almost burst out laughing, but caught it in time. She looked Mohini up and down. It was obvious the poor thing was sexed up, almost beyond control. The suit hid nothing of her charms, and indecently showed off her state of arousal.

Mohini wasn’t so sure. Catching sight of herself in a mirror, she had to turn away. The bright pink showed off a distinctive camel toe. The guys on the dance floor had pushed at her little place, making a more pronounced indentation. She could feel a seam digging between her cheeks, parting them. 

As for her breasts, it looked as though the material had been sprayed over them. The plastic held them up, and separated them in a provocative way. They seemed even large than usual, but that wasn’t the problem. The material clung to them, showing of a pair of big hard nipples.

‘Please Dhruvi. I’ve got to go,’ she whined.

‘Far from going, it looks as though you’ve got to cum,’ Dhruvi laughed.

‘I’ll change and come back, honest,’ Mohini said.

‘The party hasn’t started yet. When the old folks go, the swingers will let loose. You’ll wait till then. Don’t stare at me with that pathetic kitten look. In future you won’t play around with my husband, alright sweetie?’ she smiled.

‘I’m sorry, Dhruvi, I really am,’ Mohini mumbled.

‘Maybe you are. I don’t care. Just do as you are told, or a rumour about you will go the rounds. Well?’ Dhruvi heavily stated.

‘Alright, yes, whatever you say,’ Mohini had to agree.

She was using Dhruvi’s threat as an excuse to stay, and continue wearing the lewd outfit. She was uncertain, but thought Dhruvi was aware of it, and approved. What was her friend up to? Her friend didn’t seem angry with her, but there was a gut feeling that she had been set up for something.

Mohini was under orders to circulate among the guests, serving drinks. It was getting late and more than a few had too many. It was the sober ones that were the most trouble. It wasn’t only the men that stroked her body. Two women were more discreet, but less gentle. They also knew what they were doing.

A fingernail was run from an inner thigh, up to her crotch. The finger pressed a button, and kept ringing her bell. Other fingers were stroking her prominent lips. Mohini couldn’t help arching her back, to push her crotch into the woman’s expert fingers. 

It felt as though the plastic was being thinned out from all the stroking and fingering. She dare not look in a mirror at what was happening to the suit. It felt as though it were painted on, and the guests were trying to rub it off. Men pinched her nipples, and weighed her breasts. It was no consolation at all, that she was sealed in. It didn’t matter that her flesh was protected, as the effect of their touching was just as effective. She was maddeningly frustrated and desperate for satisfaction.

‘Hi darling, I got your note,’ Sudhir said.

The fingers had gone, but the aftershock of the touching was still running deep. The nerve endings in her crotch couldn’t believe the fingers had stopped delivering wonderful sensations. Her brain was buzzing from the woman’s touch, and everyone else who stroked her body.

‘You all right?’ he asked.

The woman smiled and walked away. Mohini just stood before her husband holding an empty tray. She had certainly served Dhruvi’s guests. She had been a side show, and a part of the entertainment. It took a little while to bring her breathing rate down, and recover the ability to talk.

‘No! No, I’m not alright. I’m, I’m, in a state. Where have you been? Just look at this outfit,’ she heavily breathed.

‘I couldn’t miss it. Everyone was looking at you when I walked in. What was that woman doing to you?’ he asked.

‘She was playing with me. What she was doing was indecent. Take me home,’ she managed to demand.

‘I’ve just got here. I’ll finish this drink, then think about it,’ he grinned.

‘But look at me, it’s so bad,’ she whispered, sounding out of breath.

‘That’s what you like doing isn’t it? You can’t deny it, otherwise you wouldn’t be so obviously worked up. My wife is a dirty slut, and we both know it,’ he smirked.

‘Everyone’s been playing with me, stroking me intimately,’ she told him.

She thought that might get through to him, and make him take her home, but she was wrong.

‘You’ve obviously enjoyed it, my lovely slut. You look as though you’re about to orgasm. You would have if I hadn’t arrived. Sorry about that, I should have let you. Everyone here is looking at you, and they see a sexy, slutty, wife. They all want to fuck you. They’re guessing you’re a dirty fuck, and that you let loose when you cum. They can all see how much you like to fuck,’ he said.

‘There’s people I know here. Friends and neighbours,’ she quietly protested.

‘They know what you are, my slutty wife. They know you’re an easy fuck when aroused. They know you have a sexy body, as they can see it all. All the men want to fuck you,’ he said, without keeping his voice down.

‘Please!’ Mohini whispered.

‘Alright then. As you’ve said please, I’ll take you to a spare room and fuck you,’ he promised.

He knew she meant, ‘please take me home’. He couldn’t do that, while everyone was admiring her body, for it was too exciting. He would probably keep the promise, to fuck her, knowing there was more than one spare bedroom here. 

His eyes were roving around the room, watching men and a couple of women, admire his wife. One of those women had been playing with her sex when he walked in. They could see her charms and had probably stroked her body. They’d watched that woman working her up, and were probably waiting for their turn. 

They all want her, and that made him feel powerful. They wanted her, but he could have her anytime he cared to. Especially recently, as he’d learnt to excite her beyond resistance. He knew this flaunting of her body pushed her into a state of no return. She was now panting for it, and couldn’t refuse a cock. He’d have to watch her, as his wife was in such a state, she would let any of the Rocky(D)s here mount her.

Dhruvi spoke to Mahroof about a business deal, with the promise of a little something extra. Next, she needed a word with Sudhir. 

‘You’ve been working too hard, Sudhir,’ she sympathised. She patiently listened to his excited chatter about a new project, then interrupted, ‘I have a special gift for your birthday. I know, it’s not for a couple of weeks, but I can’t wait to give it to you,’ she smiled.

‘Drink up, and I’ll show you,’ she said.

Even Sudhir found Dhruvi’s statements to be an order. He followed her to the master bedroom. He looked around wondering what she had for him. She turned around, and the Roman dress fell to the floor. 
She was wearing a bustier, which held up stockings, and only just supported her breasts. She was ten years younger than him, and for all her faults, she was very desirable. 

‘Kiss me, Sudhir,’ she demanded. 

How could he refuse. While they deeply devoured each other, he wondered what else was on offer. Was she intending to go all the way? Knowing Dhruvi the answer was yes. Was he willing to screw her, and risk Mohini finding out? If he didn’t put a stop to this madness, there would be no turning back.

He felt her pulling his cock out, and knew it was too late to stop. It was his turn to be driven past the point of no return. He pushed her back on the bed, and fell on top of her. She had her legs open, with the panties pushed aside. Had he done that or had she?

He rubbed his hardness up her slit, but she didn’t want to play around. She thrust up at him, while holding his cock. He was delightfully ensnared. In and out, he thrust and pulled back. As though changing his mind, just as his cock was almost free of her vagina, he thrust back in. This was no escape plan, this was a determined attack. He was pounding her pussy. 

Her only sound was a heavy breathing, and a murmured, ha, ha, ha. Not a rational word escaped her lips, unlike Mohini who shouted for more. The young woman under him was stronger than his wife, and thrust up at him with equal force. Their hips would be bruised in the morning. 

Dhruvi was still in control, loving every minute of her retribution. This was far more forceful a fuck than her husband delivered.

‘You’re a dirty bitch. This is a birthday present a whore gives. You’re a dirty fucking whore, Dhruvi,’ he heavily breathed over her face.

She didn’t know what to say. She’d never been talked to like this. The terrible words were keeping her back from an orgasm, yet at the same time they exciting her passionately. 

The passion arising in her was overwhelming. It wasn’t just his sex language, it was that this was a victory fuck. She was fucking her friend’s husband, and loving it. She was always in control, but now it seemed she was losing it. The sexual excitement was overtaking her reserve. She panted out some unintelligible words, which were best unsaid. He heaved at her, then suddenly stopped. 

For her there had been no warning signs, but she knew he was spurting his load into her. He was pushed right up inside, deeper than she had felt a cock before. He was shuddering, and it seemed to go on forever. How much cum did one man have?

Then it struck her. She threw her head back and wailed. An animal grunt was sounded then another. She couldn’t stop the awful noise. This wasn’t like her! She was always so calm. Her whole body trembled. Her nerve endings were on fire. Her breasts throbbed, and her nipples tingled. Her tummy was rippling like an earthquake.

Eventually he stopped pumping his cum into her. She sank into the bed, replete, sated, and satisfied. She was exhausted, and thoroughly fucked. She dare not let him know how much he had stirred her, and that it was unprecedented. She clamped her mouth shut, not wanting to let on how disturbed she was by him.

She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

‘Very nice. Thank you Dhruvi, for the birthday present. Will I get another on the day?’ he asked.

‘Cheeky bastard! Maybe, if you are good,’ she relented.

‘I was good, I know,’ he declared.

‘Maybe I’ll indulge you. Just keep it between us, and we’ll see,’ she told him, and got up out of bed.

A hand seized Mohini by the crotch, and fiercely whispered in an ear, ‘Make sure you keep this away from my husband.’

‘Sorry, Dhruvi, it was all my fault,’ she began.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, just so long as you behave yourself around my husband, alright?’ she said.

‘Sure, Dhruvi, thanks, Dhruvi,’ Mohini simpered.

She didn’t feel Dhruvi ease open the plastic zip-lock, sealing the suits crotch. Dhruvi smiled with glee, knowing what was to come. The lights in the dance room were low, so there was a chance only she would know of this retribution. 

‘Do me a favour, go and dance with Mahroof. All will be forgiven then. Remember, you are doing me a favour, so put everything you’ve got into it,’ Dhruvi told her.

It sounded like yet another order. To get back in her friends good books, she would do as she had been told. Dhruvi was pointing to the handsome guy from earlier. The one who held her tight in his arms. 

‘Dhruvi said you wanted me to dance,’ she said.

That statement was all wrong, if she were to please Dhruvi. They probably had a business deal going, and Mohini was to be a sweetener for the deal. That would be typical of Dhruvi, to make an offer you couldn’t refuse. A dance or two wouldn’t be a hardship, especially if it pleased her friend. 

‘Only if you want to,’ he said.

‘Of course, I promised, remember. I agreed, ‘later’, didn’t I,’ she teased.

He grinned and led her onto the dance floor. She didn’t like the way he looked at her, as he was thinking of continuing that naughty episode. What she just implicated was going too far, and he was responding to it. That wouldn’t be a problem, usually, as she could easily get a man to behave. The difficulty now was that she couldn’t control herself, let alone a man wanting her. 

In a slow dance he had an excuse to hold her close, but would he take advantage of her? Stealing a kiss was one thing, but she knew from earlier, he kissed deeply and thoroughly. In front of her husband that would be going too far.

Though, on the dance floor she would be safe enough. After all, a kiss was just a kiss. It was afterward that she would have to find Sudhir, for his protection. If Mahroof tried to hold her too tight, she would have to tell him off, this time.

A fast number came on, and he asked, ‘Can you dirty dance?’ 

She hadn’t the slightest idea what he was talking about. She let him guide her, slipping into a tango to keep time with the beat. He was flinging her around the sparsely inhabited dance floor. Her head was in awhirl. It was like jiving, and she hadn’t danced like that in years.

Mahroof held her under her arms, and swung her around. Then up, and down between his legs. If she were wearing a dress, her panties would have shot off into the watching crowd. This was the only advantage of wearing the tight outfit. He picked her up and slung her legs around his waist. She clamped them tight around him, not willing to be made more dizzy than she was. He let her down a little, and she had to wrap her arms around his neck. It was necessary to keep a tight hold, so as not to fall to the floor. It also gave her a chance to get her breath back.

She felt a hardness rub between the legs. She was safe in the one piece suit, but it was highly embarrassing. Everyone was watching the spectacle of them dirty dancing. Then she felt the hot hardness push between her lips. Her eyes widened with fear. 

Friends and neighbours were cheering their dance show, not knowing how dirty it really was. She tried to break free, only it was too late. She felt him enter her, and when he thrust up with his hips, she had no option except to take it all.

Others on the dance floor thought it looked sexy, as though she were being screwed. They didn’t know she was being fucked by a stranger! Mohini had to keep dancing, or reveal his cock, and let them know she was being fucked in public. The crowd, made up of friends, neighbours, and others, were clapping and cheering. 

Revealing her breasts, or showing off her panties was one thing, but being taken in public was going too far. That he was a stranger made it far worse. Even in front of strangers it would have been so very bad, but in front of friends it was terrible.

He was humping her in time with the frenetic music. She was smiling over his shoulder, pretending to enjoy the dance. His hands weren’t touching her anywhere sensitive, it was just his cock, thrusting into her vagina that was so wrong. He was circling the dance floor thrusting with his hips, while she clung on. If she moved, his cock would be seen, and everyone would see it disappearing into her body.

The angle was interesting, as his cock was rubbing her clit. he couldn’t get all the way in, but it was enough. She began to climax, at the same time as the song came to its crescendo. Her head went back, and she screamed out her orgasm.

Friends and neighbours, and others, cheered, thinking she was acting the part. They didn’t know a stranger had given her an orgasm, and she didn’t want them to. She clung to him, breathing heavily. A moment ago she’d felt him stiffen, indicating he was spurting into her. The feel of a stranger shooting his cum into her vagina should have been devastating, but instead it was exciting. It was the trigger that sent her over the edge.

They came to a halt, with each of them trembling from the orgasms. She opened her eyes to see her husband watching her. He had a funny look on his face. Emotions were contorting his face. He looked sad. Was he aware of what she had done? She had let a stranger fuck her on the dance floor, in front of their friends. She should have fought the man off. If she hadn’t been so stoked up she would have.

The record changed to a slower number, and the dance floor became full. He pulled out, and quickly tucked himself in. This time he tucked his cock into his trousers, not her vagina. 

Mohini dare not make a fuss. She hardly knew Mahroof. All she knew about him was that he had the audacity to fuck her in front of everyone. Many of her friends were there, watching the dirty dancing. It was bad enough they thought she was pretending to be screwed. If they found out she was being fucked on the dance floor, she would die of shame.

Her husband and Dhruvi were applauding them. Dhruvi looked radiant, but her husband looked pale. She couldn’t stand to share small talk with them after such an obscene act. She indicated she was getting a drink, then going to the toilet. Instead, she ran for the back door to escape them all.







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