Mom is Son’s Slave

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It was ten years ago when I first noticed the welts on my mother. Being so young it didn’t mean anything to me at the time but I was worried about the obvious injury on her legs, high up on her thighs. So I asked her, “What happened to your legs?”
She just smiled and said, “Oh Timmy, don’t be concerned, they are just love marks from Daddy.”
Mom handled the incident so deftly that I forgot about it, until a few months later, when I saw them on her again. She reassured me that I need not be worried and once more I put it out of my mind. But the welts kept showing up, only I didn’t say anything about them any more.
Then ten years later, a bizarre situation occurred, at that time my mature, eighteen year old body and mind travelled beyond mild and innocent curiosity. I became a changed person overnight.
At eighteen I was a nice kid, got average grades, but I was kind of shy and still a virgin. How embarrassing to admit for an eighteen year old, but then so was my best friend Fred. I’m sure that some would say that we were a couple of losers. We were just shy, not losers.
It was a Saturday night and I had been sick for two days. Although I was feeling better, I decided to go to bed early, and mom seemed happy that I had made that decision. As I slowly went up stairs I heard mom tell dad that tomorrow was Sunday and they wouldn’t be able to buy liquor, so he should go get some wine for the Sunday meal. Then, in a low and sultry voice she said, “I’ll need some special treatment when you get back.” Dad said that he’d be back in a flash.
I closed my bedroom door behind me, but my curiosity was seriously piqued. What did ‘special treatment’ mean?
I turned out the light in my bedroom, but I was no longer weary. I heard mom’s footsteps coming down the hall and stop at my door. She stood there for a long moment before she rapped lightly and said, “Night honey.” I waited a moment and mumbled, “Uh huh,” as though I was almost asleep. Her footsteps carried her away so I crept to the door to check out the situation.
I waited to be sure that she wasn’t still in the hall, then cracked open my door. I gazed up the hall to see that her bedroom door hadn’t latched and in fact had opened up a bit, about six inches. Staying in the shadows, I slowly made my way to her doorway, and then peered in.
As I peaked in I could see that she had started to undress. What a sight! I’ll remember it as long as I live. Her skirt and blouse were off and as she turned completely toward the door, I took in the full image of my mother in black garter belt, stockings and high heels.
At thirty-eight years of age she was a remarkable beauty. Her breasts were large, full and firm. (At the time I didn’t know the difference between a mature woman’s bosom and young woman’s bosom)
My curiosity had me staring at my mother’s big tits without much thought to anything sexual in nature at first, but my interest was powerful none the less. They sat proudly on her chest with a beautiful tan line from her bikini top. As I looked more intently I noted how the weight caused them to sag a little and I could make out some of the blue veins that ran across them. The nipples were an incredible attraction and huge, although I had no sense of what normal should be, they were certainly bigger than any I had seen in a few magazines. Her pendulous breasts were dark tipped, with areola three to four inches across, topped off by her long plump nipples.
She was my mother, and I felt some small guilt at sneaking around to gaze with growing lust at my own dear mom. But I just couldn’t help myself; she was a babe. I realized that she looked like some of the women I had seen in an adult magazine that Fred had taken from his dad’s office. Mom was every bit as pretty as any of the great looking babes in the magazine and I never thought of it until then, but I had to admit she was a hottie.
I was hiding in the shadows across the hall so mom couldn’t see me as I tried to imagine what it would be like to hold those beautiful boobs in my hands and take one of those phenomenal nipples into my mouth.
She sighed and reached to her skimpy panties, bending over to pull them down her long, tan shapely legs. Without fanfare she lifted one foot, then the other and I was suddenly staring at my mother’s pussy. I felt a little guilty thinking of it as a pussy but what the hell that’s what it was. Mom has full, wavy brown hair on top and, as it became apparent, a sparsely thin covering to the entrance of that most intriguing of all places on the female form, the cunt (God, how I love that word).
The hair was right where mine was except that I had a cock hanging down while she had nothing. I knew there was a hole there but I couldn’t see it. I wanted badly to run into the room, yank her legs open and ruffle through the hair until I could find the entrance where you were expected to insert your cock (Fred and I talked a lot about it), but I didn’t have the courage and she would have killed me anyway. But I was perfectly satisfied with the show I was getting already.
Mom disappeared into her closet for a minute and came out wearing strange leather bracelets on her wrists and ankles. In her hands she was carrying ropes and some other stuff I had never seen before.
She got up on the end of their king size bed and removed the artificial plant from the hook in the ceiling. Then she hung one of the ropes from the hook and got back down on the floor. Taking another piece of rope, she tied it to the bracelet of her left ankle and then to the leg of the bed. She did the same with her right ankle.
I was both mystified and mesmerized. Here was my mom, in garter belt, stockings and high heels, facing me while her legs were spread wide apart and tied to the bed. I was so naïve. I had no idea at all what was going on, but my curious nature was working overtime.
Mom sat down on the bed and picked up a weird looking contraption. It looked like a Rocky(D)’s collar only it had a red rubber ball right in the middle of it. To my amazement she placed the ball in her mouth and then buckled the collar behind her head. Finally she stood up and, with her arms high over her head, managed to loosely tie both of her wrists to the rope hanging from the ceiling.
As I stood there in the dark staring at my sexy, naked, bound and gagged mother, I was shocked when I realized that I was stroking my very erect cock and it felt fabulous. To have a live muse while I jerked off was beyond belief, except that’s when dad came in downstairs.
I had just snuck back into my bedroom and closed the door when he came bounding upstairs, two at a time. I had my ear pressed firmly to the door and heard him say, “Hot damn slut you want it hard and nasty tonight don’t you?”
I could vaguely hear a muffled response from mom but I guess she wasn’t able to talk very good with that ball in her mouth.
I heard their bedroom door shut; I waited a few minutes, and then I snuck into the hall and quietly placed my ear at their bedroom door. What I heard scared me at first.
There was the swish of a switch or paddle or something and then the obvious slap against naked skin followed by the loud but garbled scream in my mother’s high pitched voice.
I was very excited in every sense of the word. I knew something kinky was being revealed to me, and what it was I wasn’t sure; yet, my enthusiasm for finding out more about this was powerful. My state of sexual arousal might have been frightening, but I was somewhat unaware of the stiff penis that my hand was fondling.
I heard my father say “I haven’t whipped your tits in a while but I’m going to make up for that tonight. Stick your tits out, Sara; I’m going to make you scream”. Then more muffled groans from my mother as the sound of leather against flesh came through the door.
I closed my eyes and imagined my mother standing with the ropes holding her in that most vulnerable position as the whip (apparently that’s what it was) went crashing into those big round tits and I envisioned the anguish on her twisted face.
An incredible feeling of warmth and pleasure shook my entire body and my shorts suddenly had a sticky mess in them. I damn near fell over. I had jerked off before, but never had such an explosion of liquid shot out of my cock before, but this was quite a lot, or so I thought at the time.’
I listened at that door for an hour or more as my dad worked over my mom. He had her ‘suck his cock’, ‘bend over and take it like a Rocky(D)’, ‘take it up the ass and then finally ‘clean me with your mouth’. Throughout the entire night he had her admit to being a ‘slut’, a ‘dirty whore’ and other nasty things.
I was getting very tired and was afraid that I might fall asleep in the hall so I went back to bed and as I dozed off it was to images I had seen and heard which I couldn’t get out of my head.
I decided not to share this incredible experience with my friend but I did start talking to him about kinky sex. Fred (my buddy) was my age yet he seemed far worldlier than me. He said all real men want to have a girl as their ‘Sex Slave’. Then we discussed what we would like to do to a girl if we had such an obedient ‘cunt’ available.
I was getting aroused and I could tell that Fred was also by the bulge in his pants. He told me that he thought often of Beverly, a girl in our class at school who had larger budding breasts than the other girls her age. He wanted her to ‘suck his cock’ while he pulled her hair and played with her ‘tits’.
I had known Beverly all of my life. We had come up through elementary school together and I sort of felt like she was a sister. Because I didn’t want to seem wimpy to my friend I said, “I think about her a lot too”. In reality I was thinking about my mother’s soft full lips sliding up and down my cock. The fact was I knew my mom would be about the only person that I would be jerking off to. I changed the topic when I realized that I was getting a hard on also.
Fred did give me some help, without realizing it. He said that I could find all sorts of stuff on the Internet about weird sex. He was right.
I had known for some time that dad hid his computer passwords, PIN numbers and other security info on a single 3″ X 5″ card taped to the back of the headboard in his bedroom. (I was a kid and they find things.) I used it to enter a world unknown to me but oh so intriguing.
I learned about women who like to be treated rough, about men who dish it out and I knew very quickly that I was one of the latter. My fascination was powerful and my quest for knowledge boundless.
For the next two months I used every trick in the book to listen to my parents make wild, passionate love. I was not jealous of my father but I was quite envious of him. He was such a great dad that I certainly couldn’t begrudge him the pleasure he enjoyed with mom. The two of them were so much in love with each other and with me. Those were great times.
Then dad was killed in an auto accident. Mom and I were waiting for him to come home from work, but a police officer came instead. He was very sympathetic when he said, “Mrs. Jorgenson, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you that your husband has died as a result of an auto accident.” Mother passed out and collapsed right at my feet.
The next few months were a nightmare for mom and me, and I don’t care to recall any of it. She would cry almost every night. I did too some nights, shedding tears for me and for her.
I used to jerk off frequently (thinking of mom) but I quit when dad died. A few months later I found out mom had started to masturbate.
I got up in the middle of the night to piss and heard moans coming from mom’s bedroom. The same kind of sounds I used to hear when dad was alive. For a moment I thought that perhaps she had a secret lover but then I realized that her lover was her own right hand.
Her door was ajar so I crept quietly to the entrance and heard her talking to my departed father.
“Hurt me Mike”, she said, “let me be your slut again. Fuck me hard”.
I couldn’t see in but I was pretty sure by the sounds that she was using one of the dildos that I had found with the sex paraphernalia in her closet.
She had an orgasm and lay there softly crying. “Oh Mike I miss you so much. How in the hell am I ever going to find someone to treat me the way I need it?”
I know this will sound cruel but my first thought was, ‘I know just the guy, me of course’.
I pissed, went back to my bedroom and pulled on my cock for the first time in months. Then I tried to come up with a plan that would help out both my mom and me.
I knew that if I were going to score that it would be important that mom view me as a man and not a boy. It’s kinda hard when you’re eighteen. At least I was big for my age. I stood just over six feet tall and while I still had a lot of filling out to do, I felt confident about my physical presence. I decided that I must begin to do the manly things about the house that my dad would have done, without being told.
Dad had left us in great shape financially but mom was still struggling to get a grip on it all. I suggested that she let me keep up with the bills by using the computer program that dad had shown me how to use. I told her that I thought it would be a good idea if she worked with me to help her understand how to use it and that it would be nice to work together. She said, “That’s a great idea. We’ll have fun.” We did.
My voice had changed by then, but it didn’t sound very mature. So I made every effort to speak in a low tone and I tried to use better diction. I stood or sat up straight and tall whenever she was around and I found myself doing that even when she wasn’t. Fred even mentioned that there was something different about me that had changed, but he didn’t know what it was.
The teachers at school seemed to treat me with more respect. I was called on more often to answer questions and I almost always had the right answer. Of course that was the inevitable result of my being more studious at home. In my efforts to impress mom, I was far more disciplined about my homework because I felt she should see a more serious side of me.
The thing is that at first I was acting the part that I thought was necessary to alter mother’s view of me. But my behavior began to change me as well. To put it in Fred’s terms, ‘You really have got your shit together’. It was a compliment that I rather enjoyed hearing.
At night when I went to bed, I made it a habit to think things through, to plan in an organized fashion, to extend potential acts to their logical conclusion. I realized that what I wanted to happen was not necessarily going to be the end result of my action. So I continued to seek a plan that would lead to my mother becoming my obedient slave.
That thought alone was a maturing factor in my development as a ‘Master’. I was no longer fantasizing about seducing my own mother, but I was very seriously concocting a strategy to have my mother groveling at my feet and performing every nasty act that I commanded her to do.
I still jerked off dreaming of the wonderful pleasures she would give me, but I tried to maintain a reasonable set of short-term goals and long-term goals. I realized that in some respects I was turning into my father. That’s probably why I was naturally inclined to dominance anyway; I was like my dad.
I continued to read every thing that I could about dominance and submission, S&M and all the techniques that were used in those practices. I read several stories on the net about incest. In those stories the boy in question always shot his load the first time he got near a hot pussy.
Extending my imagination to myself and the first time that I ‘fucked my slut’, I realized that I would embarrass myself going off way too early and I would look like the young boy that I really am. So, I thought, one way to avoid that is to masturbate before I take her the first time. Of course I couldn’t be sure when that would be, but it seemed like that would help if I could accurately predict the timing of the big event.
It also occurred to me that my lack of any real experience with women would make me clumsy with mom; and I knew that it was very important that she see me as her dominant male from the beginning. That would be hard to do when I had never even fondled a breast or stroked a thigh and I didn’t have a clue how to find or play with a clitoris.
At the age of eighteen and painfully shy I wasn’t going find a willing girl to work with me on this basis, so I attacked the problem from a logical perspective. (Mom is real impressed when I talk like that.) I would hire a hooker!
This was sure to be difficult, but it proved easier than I could have imagined. How do you find one? Where do you get together? How much does it cost? How do I pay for it? That last part was resolved first. As a result of dad’s death I had my own bank account and it was a substantial sum.
You couldn’t just look up ‘Prostitute’ in the phone book, could you? Actually, as it turns out, you could, if you rephrased it as ‘Escort’. Cool!
After making a few calls, and hanging up when I got to a point in the conversation where I didn’t know what to do or say, I finally made a connection with the Paradise Escort Service. I made an appointment for Friday night at a Holiday Inn on the other side of town. It was going to cost $300. I didn’t know if that was high or not but what the hell, I was going to get laid.
I told mom that Fred and I were going to stay at a friend’s house Friday night and she OK’d it if I gave her the phone number. (I had this planned out in advance) So I gave her the number of a friend’s house where Fred would be staying but one of the middle numbers was one digit off. That way if she did call she wouldn’t get through but I could just say that I screwed up the number by one. As it turned out she never called.
Checking in at the hotel was slightly harder than I thought. It seems they require ID and they don’t rent to ‘children’. Having seen dad work a little ‘green back magic’, I slipped the clerk $100 (twenty probably would have done it) and suddenly I was Mr. Mantle in room #201. Way cool!
The ‘Lady of the Evening’ showed up a little early, which was fine with me. She was a blond named Patricia and she thought at first that she was in the wrong location but I assured her that she was in the right place.
She told me that she didn’t escort little boys. I was prepared for this, so I started by handing her $350 saying, “The extra fifty is for being early and there’s more where that came from. All I need from you are a few sex lessons. I promise you I’ll be no trouble and we’ll both benefit from the experience.”
She mulled it over and asked, “How much more?”
“I may be young and inexperienced but I’m not stupid. You can tell that I can be a good source of income so don’t put the squeeze on me. You treat me right and I’ll treat you right.”
That business approach seemed to put her at ease and from then on we hit it off.
I told her that I wanted to seduce a girl at school but that I was very ignorant about the mechanics of the process. I knew nothing of the details of a woman’s plumbing but that I was a quick study. I was totally honest with her about what I wanted and she delivered in spades.
Patty had me strip down to my under shorts and then she slowly removed all of her clothes. Damn she was pretty. Not as fabulous as my mother but a great body just the same.
Her tits weren’t as big but they were much firmer and by the time I got my hands on them I had a raging hard on. The pink nipples talked to me and told me to kiss and suck them. God I was hot!
As I took one of those erect little nubs into my mouth she gently slipped her hands into my shorts and wrapped them around my cock. She stroked it softly two times and I went off like a cannon and collapsed on the floor.
Patty had been there five minutes.
When I recovered she said that she expected no less from me. In fact she said that she would have been disappointed if I hadn’t. “Now let’s get down to some serious education”, she said.
For the next twenty minutes Patty let me explore her body at will. She explained that it was important to touch, stroke and kiss areas on a woman that were not in the most intimate locations in order to gain access to the ‘Prize’ as she called it. I told her “I call it a pussy”.
“There is a time in a relationship when a woman is ready for hot language during sex but you ‘ain’t gettin laid’ if you walk up to a girl and tell her ‘It’s about time I fucked you’. You see what I mean?”
I assured her that I did understand.
She informed me that she was confident that because I was a virgin that I was clean but that there was no way for me to know that she was, no matter what she said. Other ‘Professional Ladies’ might tell me they were OK but that I shouldn’t trust in their word because they might not know for sure themselves. In other words always wear a condom.
I quickly jumped off of the bed, picked up my trousers and proudly pulled a condom out of the pocket. She asked if I knew how to put it on. So I admitted that I had been practicing at home.
My cock had been hard for some time now and Patty watched as I slipped it over and down the length it.
“Come here you fresh young thing”, she said, “I want to suck that beautiful stiff cock for you”. My dick jumped in anticipation at her suggestion.
She stuck her tongue out at me and wiggled it up and down, then in and out. For a brief moment I thought that I would cum right there and then, but I was determined to be in control of my body. So I fought off the urge with some will power
Patty slid off of the bed and onto her knees at my feet. (A position I had frequently fantasized my mother assuming before me.) I was expecting her to take my cock in her mouth but she reached out with both hands and stroked the backs of my thighs, then worked them around to the front and finally ended by gently fondling my aching nuts. Damn this whore was good!
I realized that I had been moaning the whole time but when she took the head of my prick into her hot mouth I blurted out, “Oh god you hot slut suck my cock”.
For a few minutes she performed wonders with that mouth. She finally pulled off and asked me if I was deliberately holding off. Sensing some hurt pride I told her yes but that it was extremely difficult because she was so damn good at it. I said, “I don’t want to cum this way this time. Right now I want to fuck your brains out”.
Patty smiled and stretched out on the bed, reached out her arms and spread her legs and said, “Come on and put it to me, ‘Big Boy’, ride me hard to your hearts content.”
I knelt between her legs and she showed me how to use my hand to hold my dick and slide it up and down a woman’s ‘cunt lips’ (I love this bitch) in order to get my cock and her pussy ready for an easy entry.
Patty moved her hips forward just enough to take in the head of my throbbing erection and said, “Fuck me!”.
That action and those words spurred me on to an immediate response by thrusting my hips forward to meet hers thereby burying my shaft to the hilt in her cunt.
Five strokes later I exploded through a phenomenal orgasm. Five strokes!
When I began to recover I said out loud, “Jesus I can’t help myself. You’ve got me so hot I don’t seem to be able to hold off”.
“Don’t worry so much about it,” she said, “It is an acquired skill and you are..cumming along..nicely,” and laughed at her pun.
After another twenty minutes and a fresh condom, we screwed again. I lasted quite a while this time. As a matter of fact Patty scared me when she came, clutching at me and screaming obscenities. That’s what drove me crazy with lust for the third time in an hour.
I asked her if she really came and she told me never to ask a woman that. “If a woman thinks enough of you to fake it just accept her gift and go with the flow.”
“I’ll answer your question this one time,” she told me “You made me feel like a teenager again and I got off on it.” I think Patty was telling the truth because she seemed embarrassed about it.
When Patty heard that I took three different buses and two hours to get to this side of town she offered me a ride home. I settled for a ride to my high school, which was only four blocks away.
On the way to my neighborhood we made arrangements to get together again in a few days but at a closer location and she would pick me up at McDonalds. What the hell fries and a fuck, what a life.
For the next two months Patty exposed me to a wide variety of sexual experiences, including bondage. It was during our fourth get together that I told her of my desire to have a woman as my sex slave and that I would like to tie her up. I thought she would laugh at me but she paused in thought and then said,” I get an additional $200 for that, but absolutely no pain.” I agreed and another sexual adventure was underway.
After I had an awkward session tying her up with pillowcases, she urged me to try switching rolls. She said that I should at least know what it was like to be the ‘tyee’ instead of the ‘tyor’. Frankly, while I did get off pretty well (it’s hard not to when a hot mouth is sucking your cock), I didn’t find it all that exciting.
When I had Patty tied up and at my mercy I was very tempted to use my belt on her in spite of my promise but I knew she would never see me again, that is if she didn’t kill me first! I really felt the desire build in me when she was vulnerable and at my mercy, but I had given my word not to hurt her, and that was important too. Damn!
Considering how much money I was spending on Patty I knew she would be there when ever I wanted her to be, but I came to the realization that I would move sooner on mom if I wasn’t fucking Patty.
I made my decision to stop seeing her but I didn’t want to close the door entirely just in case I got horny and needed some ‘Tang’. I told her after one of our sessions. I said, “I’ve found a woman that I’ve really got the hots for and I want to work on getting into her pants. You’ve taken me to a point were I have the self confidence to go for it, but I think I’ll do better if I don’t see you for a while Is that OK?”
“Sure kid, its just business, so you call me if you need a good fuck.” I realized by her tone of voice that I had hurt her feelings. But what the hell, she was the one who had always kept this on a professional basis. Just the same I felt badly that I didn’t find a better way to put it. I assured her that we would get together again after a while. It was a very awkward moment for me. But, life must go on.
I had not been ignoring my mother all this time. I continued to play the roll of the competent, capable young man that I hoped would lead her to more readily accept me as her Master.
The Mortgage on the house was paid off right after dads’ funeral but taxes on the investments that we lived off of and all other bills, credit cards utilities etc., were handled by me. Mom was very appreciative and impressed.
As I was sure that dad would have done I reviewed mom’s purchases each month and I noticed a trend of ridiculous consumption, such as an end table and lamp that we didn’t need. There were few other items also, nothing really outrageous, but enough for me to bring it up with her.
“I’ll buy what ever I want,” she shot back at me.
I came back in a calm but firm tone that I had heard dad use many times. “Look, I’m just trying to keep you from getting carried away. If these were things we really needed, it would be different but they’re not.”
“Who in hell do you think you are? You’re not my husband and you don’t tell me what I can and can’t do.”
She didn’t sound all that pissed but I wasn’t about to back down from a confrontation just because she was angry. As a matter of fact, this was just what I had been looking for. Mom was in the wrong, so now I could be forceful in opposing her by being right. It was time for a little guilt trip.
“Mother I have worked hard at school and on the household budget to keep everything in line, so that you wouldn’t have to worry about me or anything else. Frankly I’m concerned about you. I took dad’s death hard and I realize that you had him in your life much longer than I did so it affected you even more.”
“My fear is that you’re retreating from life and maybe shopping is a form of escape. Also, you have let the house get kinda run down and yourself too. You must have gained ten pounds the last few months. You used to dress prettier, you know sexy. You don’t seem to give a shit anymore, but I’m still here and I care.”
“As for dad, nobody is ever going to replace him in your life or mine. You know dad taught me to take responsibility where I felt that it was mine to take, and I have. I love you very much but damn it you get your shit together because I need you.”
Quite a speech I thought. Mom was in tears. On the one hand I felt bad about making her cry on the other hand I knew that I was right about her falling apart. What I had said was from the heart, even if there were ulterior motives also involved.
In a whisper she said, “I’m sorry son, I really am. I guess dad being gone has affected me in ways that I never imagined and I certainly didn’t dream that my actions would affect you. I’ll try to do better. I promise.”
I walked over to her, leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips. I didn’t press in, but I did hold it for an extra second. Patty had thin lips; mom’s were full and unbelievably soft. I thought for a moment that she was going to really kiss back hard, but I may have been kidding myself.
As I pulled my head back I took her chin in my large left hand looked her in the eyes and said, “I know that it’s been tough lately but I’m going to insist on a few things around here because I love you, do you understand so far?”
Mom just nodded her head yes and asked, “What?”
“From now on you’re going to exercise on a regular basis, you’re going to keep up with the house and you’re going to look gorgeous when I come home from school. OK?”
“OK!” she mumbled. Then she brought up an important point, “What happens if I don’t?”
“Then I shall PUNISH you and if you think for one second that I won’t then think again.”
“What kind of punishment will I get”, she asked.
“I’m going to spank you on your bare behind, just like a naughty little girl,” I said with determination, while maintaining a serious look. “So you’d better obey. Do you understand? Will you agree to these terms?”
“OK honey, I’ll do better. I promise.”
I could swear that I heard a weak moan from her when I mentioned a spanking but maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. On the other hand, the outline of those large nipples poking through her blouse was solid proof of something going on in her head. I was greatly encouraged.
The next day, when I returned home from school, I found that mom had vacuumed the entire house, cleaned the kitchen and dusted all over. I was very pleased, especially when I saw that she was dressed in an attractive, albeit conservative, pant suit and she was made up with her hair done nicely.
I had a big grin on my face and said, “Wow! The house looks great and you look pretty darn good yourself. Looks like you’ve avoided a spanking, and I was really looking forward to giving you one.”
‘Well,” she said, “You did shake me up yesterday. I guess I needed something like that to bring me out of my funk. Say, how about you helping me with dinner?”
“Mom I’ve got a lot of homework to do, but if you’ll get started without me, I’ll pitch in when I’m finished.”
She agreed and the rest of the evening was a very cheerful experience. It was probably the best night we had spent together since dad’s death.
The following afternoon when I returned home from school the house looked OK. (It had just been cleaned up yesterday) I found mom in the den, with no lights on, drink in hand, dressed in loose Bermuda shorts, oversize T-shirt and her huge bosoms obviously were braless.
I was very disappointed. After last night I was happy for mom and her up beat mood, but this was totally the other direction. However, I quickly remembered what I was trying to do here and saw an opportunity to take the next step.
“Mom what the hell are you doing? You look like shit and you’re drinking.”
“I’ve only had this one drink but I guess I’ve been sort of down today; it’s just a little set back, no big deal.”
Mom was sitting in a large, overstuffed chair that dad liked to use when reading. I bent down and placed a hand on each arm of the chair and tried to look her in the eye but she wouldn’t look at me.
I asked her in an accusing way, “Did you exercise today?”
She peered into her lap and told me, “No! I just wasn’t up to it.”
“Mother,” I started, “we agreed two nights ago that you would take the steps that I laid out so that we could get back to a more normal life. We’re both torn up over dad’s death but this has nothing to do with that. You’ve dropped the ball and I’m not going to allow you to fall apart like this.”
Pausing for effect, I announced, “I’m going to have to spank you for your poor performance.”
Still not able to look at me, she reached for her drink and said, “Oh chill out I’ll be fine.”
I knocked her hand away from the drink before she could pick it up. Then taking her face in both hands I asked, “Do you love me?” She shook her head yes. “Did you mean everything that we talked about the other night or was that just a big fat lie to get me to leave you alone?”
“Oh no son, I meant it all, but I didn’t know how deep my depression was or how badly it affected me.”
And now for the coup de gras, “Then you must realize that I have to punish you. It’s for your own good and you know it, don’t you?”
“Please Tim,” she pleaded (weakly I thought), “I’ll do better.”
“You will do better because I’m going to see to it.” In a powerful voice I commanded, “Now get up, turn around and bend over the arm of the chair.”
Mom stood up and as she turned around she said in a husky voice, “Don’t do this, please”. However, she continued to get into position by bending over the large, rounded arm of the chair. As she slowly lowered her upper half to the chair seat, I could see the underside of her swaying boobs. What a jolt that put through my crotch.
“Mother,” I said firmly, “You are going to get five smacks on your bare ass for not exercising and five for not dressing better. I won’t punish you for not wearing makeup this time, just to be fair but next time it will be added to the list. You dig?”
She shook her head yes and I growled, “I think under these circumstances you should respond with ‘Yes Sir.”
“Yes sir,” she whispered, again in that low husky voice.
I moved in behind her and, without any warning, I grabbed her shorts at the waist and pulled them down. Mom actually lifted her hips a bit so that I could get then past the chair arm. I took them down to her ankles and would have left them there but mom lifted one foot up, so I slipped them out from under her feet.
This left me in a position of squatting and staring right at my mother’s firm, dimpled, NAKED ass. Mom wasn’t wearing panties. Wow! What a gorgeous site to behold. The white smooth skin framed by a modest tan line was breath taking. Even better was the fine brown fur of my mother’s pussy staring back at me.
“Should I count the strokes as you beat me,” she asked?
“I’ll count the first five and you count the next five,” was my compromise.
“Yes sir.”
I had decided from the very beginning that when this day came, I would not back off one iota. I would put it to her good and hard.
I placed my right hand in the middle of her back and smacked the crap out of her left hindquarter. Mom shrieked loudly and tried to bolt upright but I was prepared for that and applied my weight to her back, pushing her down again, into the chair seat.
“That’s way too hard Tim,” she shot back at me.
Oh how well this part was going. I had played this in my minds eye many times, trying to foresee all of the scenarios. I had just the reply to that complaint ready.
“We’re all adults here and adults must suffer grownup level punishment or it has no meaning. I’m serious about how I expect you to behave. You’ll just have to take it. Will you do that for me?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good, now stay bent over but stand on your feet and stick your butt out for me.”
Mom moved as directed without comment. Now she was bent low into the chair and that beautiful ass was thrust high and out. I couldn’t help but notice that she had also spread her legs and I got a great look at the crack of my mother’s pussy.
Placing my hand on her back again, I smacked the cheek on the other side of her rump. Mom grunted as I announced, “That’s two!”
By the time I had administered five good swats, she had slid back down to the arm of the chair. This was not the original position; however, she was now straddling the arm with a leg on each side. Her ass was thrust out, but her legs were wide apart and I gained a view of mom’s open and very wet cunt.
By now I too was extremely aroused, as evidenced by my throbbing erection pressing against my pants. Jesus, I was ready to fuck her and I could tell that mom really needed fucking, but timing is everything and this just wasn’t the right time.
“All right it’s your turn to count out another five. Are you ready?” Mom nodded her head but said nothing.
As I raised my hand to strike her I thought how pretty the bright red marks on her derriere looked in contrast to her delicate pale white skin. With another harsh blow she uttered, “Oh God!” but didn’t give me a count.
“That one didn’t count because you never gave it a number. So we’ll start over and keep starting over until you remember to count it to five.”
I loosed another smack and this time she eked out, “One.” Her voice was quivering and it was obvious that my dear sweet mother was hot as a firecracker. She was actually humping the end of the armchair. I loved it.
A second splat on that fabulous butt and, “Two.” She was humping the chair with abandonment now.
When I got to number four, mom had an incredible orgasm, hugging the chair and loudly saying, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck.”
I let her rest for a bit and then ordered her to meet me in the kitchen after I had changed and she had calmed down. She just nodded her head. I picked up her shorts and went off to my room where I proceeded to masturbate (it didn’t take long) and change clothes.
When I went downstairs to the kitchen mom was there with a towel wrapped around her. She couldn’t look me in the eye but she told me that, “I couldn’t find my shorts.”
“I know,” I said, “I put them in the dirty clothes, and take off that damn towel, you still have one more swat coming.”
“Please Tim, we can’t do this like we just did. It’s terribly, terribly wrong.”
“Mother we are going to have an important discussion and straighten out a few things but first you have to remove that towel. I’ll give you your last one tomorrow but that thing you’re wearing goes now.”
As she pulled the towel away from her hips, she began to cry saying, “Oh Tim, I’m so ashamed. A son should never see anything like you did tonight. It’s bad and it’s wrong.”
It was very difficult for me not to look at her magnificent pussy so I focused on holding her with eye contact, but she wouldn’t look back.
“Look at me mother.” She finally did. “You’ve been moping around this house for months and tonight you had a screaming climax, in front of your son, while humping your naked cunt on the chair. As bizarre as that sounds, I think that’s just what you needed.”
“Don’t you think for one minute that I’m unaware of your sexual needs? I’m quite sure that you and dad had a very active sex life and, sadly, you were suddenly deprived of that.”
“You always took great pride in your beauty and I know dad did too. I overheard dad one day while he leered at you from another room. He said to himself ‘Geez what a fabulous set of tits and, baby, you’ve got the best ass in the city. I’ve got to be the luckiest man in the world.’
Mom was sobbing now with large tears rolling down her cheeks.
“Dad loved you and he loved your great body. He was proud of the way you used to show it off and I think you liked to do it for him. But you’ve lost him, yet you’re still here and you’re still a woman who needs to strut her stuff. It’s an important element of your identity.” (I was way over my head here, but I had done some reading on this stuff and it sounded good to me)
“From now on, while you fix my breakfast in the morning, I’m going to lay out the clothes that I expect you to be wearing when I get home. You’ll do your chores and then clean up and spruce up for me. Then maybe you’ll feel more like a natural woman again.” (All right I stole that from a song I heard.)
I stood there staring at mom as she wiped her eyes and dabbed at her nose. Then she walked over to me, pressed that hot body against mine, hugged me and said, “Son when did you become so wise?”
I responded truthfully, “Well in the course of taking on more household responsibilities I was forced to ponder what was happening to both of us and especially you. I’ve been real concerned about you lately.” Mom’s breasts were pressing into my chest and her crotch was up against my rapidly growing penis.
“Tim,” she said, “sex was something that I never even thought about after your father died. I guess being exposed to you and having any kind of touching in a sensitive area made me respond in a way that I just couldn’t control.”
She backed away from me to reveal my raging hard on. “You know dear, it would seem that I’m not the only one who’s having a control problem.”
“How nice of you to notice,” I quipped. “You know it’s been a while since I had a woman.” I was dying to see her reaction to that.
At first she chuckled then got a serious look on her face and asked, “You’re teasing me, right? I mean you are still a virgin aren’t you?”
“Heck, no mom. I haven’t been a virgin for a while now.”
The shock on her face was a sight to behold. “You mean to tell me that you slept with a girl? I certainly hope you thought to use a rubber.”
In reverse order I calmly said, “Mom I always use a condom and I have never slept with a girl but I have been to bed with a woman.” I was hoping to make her visualize me with a grown woman not some one my age. It backfired.
“Damn it, your having an affair with an adult. I won’t allow it, this will stop immediately.” Shit, she was back into mother mode, taking control. I knew I had to nip this in the bud and turn it around; but I had to be cool or I would just seem like an argumentative teenager.
“That’s already been taken care of,” I said quietly, “I told her that I wouldn’t be seeing her for a while.”
“You’d better not be seeing her again. Who was she anyway?”
“No one you know, mother. But I left the door open with her, just in case I really need to satisfy my unusual desires.”
“What desires?” Damn this had started to go in a direction that I hadn’t anticipated.
“Mom you don’t have to worry about my sex life. It’s doing fine and I know how to be responsible. I’m not going to get a disease or make any one pregnant. Further more, I’ve already had a number of experiences and nothing either of us say or do will change that. I’m sure, as a woman who has been sexually active, you know full well that the door of pleasure once open can never be closed again”. Jesus Christ where was I getting this stuff? It sounded great to me. I was just hoping that mom was going to buy it.
Mom came back with a much calmer sounding, “Well just because you sound more mature doesn’t mean that you are ready to deal with all of the complex issues involved with sexual relations.”
I quietly breathed a sigh of relief because I saw a window of opportunity to redirect the conversation. “Mother with all that has gone on, what with dad’s death and everything, I didn’t feel that I could bring this up with you and I needed to. After the last two nights, I thought maybe I would be able to have a reasonable discussion about sexual needs for you and me but then you seemed to have this let down tonight. I want to apologize to you for bringing this up. It was bad timing on my part and I’m sorry that it spoiled what looked like a moment of real improvement for you. I was just being selfish, I guess, because I wanted to be able to talk to you about anything. I think another time will be better.”
“Oh son, no not at all! You can talk to me about anything. I just was caught off guard when you said you weren’t a virgin any longer. I’m the one who should apologize. I’m sorry. You’ve been such a good son lately, and here you’ve done so much to ease my grief. Let’s talk, please.”
I opened my arms signaling my desire to hug her and she practically jumped into my chest, smashing those great tits against me while the warmth of her hairy snatch burning through my pants reinvigorated my stiff dick.
“Mom, right now I’m going upstairs to study while you cook up some hot Rocky(D)s. I’ll be back down shortly for a bite to eat.” Good lord, her body felt fantastic so tight against mine.
“I know that I’m only eighteen but I don’t know how that’s supposed to feel. I feel pretty OK about myself, better than ever as a matter of fact. And don’t forget, I’m a growing boy.” Man was I ever. I thought my prick was going to explode out of my pants right there in the kitchen.
Mom slowly glided from my arms, looked down at my crotch and said with a slight smile, “You certainly are a growing boy. Gracious, I think you may already be more hung than your father.”
That surprising revelation aside, I decided that it was time to move on so I told her, “Thanks for the compliment but I’m going upstairs to change and you are going to whip up dinner.” With that said, I turned and headed out of the kitchen.
As a parting shot mother said, “While you’re there you might as well do something about that erection.” I was a bit taken back by that, but kept my mouth shut.
After I stripped off my clothes I decided to do exactly what mom had suggested. I didn’t just masturbate; I performed one of the loudest jerk offs of all time. I had left my bedroom door open so she was sure to know what I was doing. I moaned and groaned. I oo’d and ah’d until I had a fabulous cum shot all the way up to my chin.
After cleaning myself up, put on a nice pair of shorts and a good shirt and went down for some food.
In the kitchen I found that mom had put the towel back around her. I just looked at her, pointed at the thing and sternly said, “TOWEL OFF!”
“Tim I don’t think this is right and I want to leave it on, OK?” She was timid in her objection and I was glad that I had another weak moment of hers to exploit.
“Now mother, we went through this already. You agreed to these circumstances yourself, so take it off or I’ll be adding more strokes to your bottom tomorrow night.”
She turned her back to me and removed the object in question without saying a word.
Mom had made sandwiches for dinner and I told her that we needed to eat in the family room with the TV because part of my social studies assignment was to write a report about something in the news. That was true. It was also true that mom couldn’t hide that beautiful cunt under the kitchen table if we were not there.
I was tempted to try another heart to heart discussion in order to do some more of that close up hugging, but thought better of it. I had made more progress than I had a right to expect so why blow it. What the heck, I was having a good time sneaking looks at her pussy which she could have easily hidden by crossing her legs.
I took notes while the news was on and when it ended mom looked at me and smiling she said, “You certainly were vocal upstairs young man. Couldn’t you have been a little more discreet?”
“Well you were the one who suggested it and it seemed like a good idea. I hope I didn’t offend you. As for being loud, I have found that I am more turned on by letting it all hang out just like you did.” Zing!
“It didn’t sound as though you held anything back. And I can’t imagine hanging out more than you have me hanging out now,” she said as she thrust her hips forward and pointed at the lovely patch of brown fur between her legs.
It occurred to me that she was quickly becoming comfortable with being nude in front of me. It did concern me, however that she was swinging back and forth on this and I knew that I must cement this element of my dominance over her at every weak moment that she displayed.
She had been smiling when she brought it up, as though it was a joke trying to be light about it. I needed her to accept commands seriously.
“Mother, if you’re going to make fun of me and my sexual pleasure that’s fine, but don’t you dare make fun of my discipline of you. It’s for your own good and you know it. I’m not going to back down. As for hanging out, you’re not completely out but I think that it’s important to demonstrate that fine point. Remove your T-shirt.”
“Son, no please,” she pleaded weakly.
“Listen mother, that filthy rag you’re wearing doesn’t cover much anyway. Get it off now.” I stood up as though I was going to step over and rip it off of her.
Without a word or fanfare mom lifted the old shirt over her head and the most incredible sight in the world hit me right square in the groin. Good God they were huge, with enormous, dark brown aureoles (I love that word) about three inches in diameter. The nipples (another great word) stood out more than half an inch.
I could feel my cock starting to grow and I didn’t want mom to see that so I quickly said, “Good! I have work to do now and you have to pick up the kitchen. I expect you to stay nude for the rest of the night.”
I scooted out of the room before mom could get a glimpse of my obvious arousal. I went upstairs and knocked out my homework. That took about two hours. Then I went to the kitchen to get a soft drink. I saw that mom was watching TV and that she was still nude.
When I started to walk up the stairway, I said to her, “G’night mom.”
Mom jumped up from her chair, hands on hips, legs spread wide and firmly said, “You had better get right back here and give your mother a big hug and kiss.”
No problem. Geez, what a vision she was. I moved deliberately toward her and engulfed her in my arms pulling her body tightly to me. She plastered every inch of her self against me, holding nothing back. Then she planted those full soft lips against mine for several seconds. I resisted the urge to shove a mile of tongue down her throat. Things were going in the right direction and I didn’t want to screw up now.
Still hard against me, she observed, “Well I can feel your growing problem again. You should take care of that; you’ll sleep better afterwards.”
I came back with, “I’m glad that you’re so concerned about my PHYSICAL well being.” Then feeling comfortable with the atmosphere, I briefly clutched both cheeks of her ass in my hands sand said, “G’night mom. I love you very much. I want you to know that you’re the most important woman in my life.”
“Thank you for being such a good and loving son, Tim.” Then, as she pulled away she grabbed my cock through my shorts and gave it a little squeeze and said, “Nightie night BIG BOY. I love you too.”
The next morning I took my usual shower, dressed and went to mom’s bedroom. There I picked out what I wanted her to be wearing when I came home. I selected black lace garter belt, stockings, skimpy lace panties and a black matching bra. (38DD Wow!) I added a fairly short black skirt and an extremely shear flowery top. I guess she would normally wear a slip under this but I wanted to see those large puppies pouring out of that bra.
I had heard mom moving around as I got ready for school and I was anxious to gauge her attitude this morning. As I walked toward the kitchen, I could smell bacon and eggs. That was a good sign, as she hadn’t actually cooked breakfast for months. I generally found a bowl of cereal waiting for me to add the milk.
I noticed that she was wearing a conservative, pink nightgown, which still managed to accentuate her ample curves. Damn if she didn’t look fine.
Mom turned when she heard me walk in and ran to me and hugged me, then stepped back. She pulled at the bottom of her nightie and said, “I stayed naked all night like you ordered, but I didn’t think you would mind if I wore this. After all you did say to be naked last night but this is a new day. If you want me to though, I’ll take it off and go nude again.”
She laid this on me as though it was perfectly normal, and I was really tempted to take her up on it. I would love to have that view of her to carry with me to school. I quickly realized that she was looking for a way, a reason to show herself to me. In order for me to have her under my thumb it would be necessary to control her with my ideas, not hers.
I calmly responded with, “That’s fine mom. You did as I ordered and that’s as it should be. Breakfast smells wonderful, let’s eat.”
“You’re getting the big man’s breakfast and I’m going to have a small bowl of fruit,” she said. “I’ve got to start losing those extra pounds for you.” I liked the way this was going. ‘FOR ME’, she had said.
While we ate we engaged in small talk about my schoolwork. At one point mom got up and poured me some orange juice, making sure to let her huge tits rub against my face and shoulder. This was fun but I showed no reaction. When I was finished I grabbed my books and turned to say something. (A gesture I realized that I had seen my father do many times when he was leaving) Just as I was about to speak she charged me and hugged me again, pushing her lips against mine. This was no mother son peck on the cheek. This was a major erotic move, with her lips slightly parted but no tongue.
Frankly, as horny as she made me, this caught me off guard. I was flustered but managed to kiss her back strongly, avoiding the temptation to slide my tongue into her inviting mouth.
As we broke apart I reminded her about my laying out her clothes for the afternoon and admonished her to be sure and do her daily chores or else. She bowed her head and answered, “I made a difficult decision last night after you went to bed. You’re my son and I know that you love me as much as I love you. I know I can trust you to get me to wherever it is you want me to be. So from now on I will do what ever you wish.” Mom looked up into my eyes and without blinking said, “I shall obey your every command sir.”
There was no mistaking the intent of her words. She was mine for the taking. I damn near did right there on the spot, but reason prevailed. I answered her implied offer with a stern, “I expect no less,” and gave her a hard swat on her rear end.
“Thank you,” she said as I walked out the door.

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