More dirty knickers and now a woman’s foot fetish – Caught Panty Sniffing

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I was up late the next morning it was almost ten. I headed straight for the shower to wake myself up. As the water cascaded down I closed my eyes and my thoughts returned to the previous evening. By the time I’d stepped out the shower I was already semi-erect.
Knowing I was alone in the house I made my way down to the kitchen naked to make a drink.
“Well that’s a nice way to start the day, Morning Tom,” Tasha said taking me by surprise.
She was sat at the kitchen table with a half empty cup of coffee in front of her.
“Oh God, sorry Tasha I didn’t think anyone was home,” I said trying to hide my crotch with my hands.
“Don’t be sorry, if I hadn’t such a hangover I’d be jumping on that,” she said making a nodding motion towards my hands now covering myself.
“Back in a mo,” I said rushing off to find something to wear…
“Thought you’d be at work,” I said when I returned now wearing my shorts.
“Rose persuaded me to take the day off. To be honest I didn’t need much persuading, not the way my head feels. Too much wine last night no doubt,” Tasha said rubbing her temples.
“Sorry you don’t feel well. Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.
“Thank you Tom, I think I will just have to sleep it off,” she said, but didn’t move.
Making myself a cuppa I sat down opposite Tasha. She was wearing a white bath robe and I couldn’t help notice her cleavage as the robe had come loose.
“Would you have some paracetamol Tom?” Tasha asked.
“Yeah sure I’ll get you some,” I said.
Finding the pills I handed them to her and sat back down to drink my tea.
“Thanks, and thanks for last night, It’s been so long since I’ve had any fun, and that was definitely fun,” she said with a dirty smile.
“No need to thank me, you must of noticed I rather enjoyed it myself,” I said smiling back at her.
“God I wish I didn’t feel so rough. The thought of last night is getting me going, but I think I’d best have a kip,” she said washing the pills down with her coffee and standing up.
“Give me a shout if you need anything, hope you feel better soon,” I said as she walked away.
“Thanks Tom, see you later,” she said…
It was a couple of hours later when I heard Tasha walk along the hallway.
“Are you there Tom?” she called from outside my bedroom door.
“Yeah come in,” I replied.
“I thought I’d have a soak in the bath, is that OK?” she asked standing in the doorway.
“Yeah of course help yourself, how you feeling now?” I asked.
“A lot better than I was, I’ll catch you later,” she said closing the door as she left.
I had a few errands to run which took me forty or fifty minutes. When I returned Tasha was in the kitchen. Wearing a large red bath towel wrapped around her with her blond hair tied up she was at the sink washing up.
“Hi Tom, thought I’d make myself useful,” she said turning her head while continuing with her chore.
“Enjoy your bath?” I asked studying her bare feet and legs from the knee down reminding me of the previous evening.
“Ooh yes, just what I needed,” she replied turning around drying her hands on a tea towel.
“Laying back in the warm soapy water I couldn’t help thinking back to last night. I know I’ve said it before but I can’t tell you just how much I enjoyed it,” she said.
“You’re not the only one. I assume from last night that you and Rosemary are very close friends!” I said taking a seat at the kitchen table.
“Well yes you could say that. It started way back when were a lot younger but it’s been a while since we’ve, well you know, done anything,” she said looking a little embarrassed.
“Rose did tell me to make myself at home and help myself to anything I wanted so, I was wondering!” she said and walked towards me and crouched down.
Looking up at me her hand began stroking the front of my shorts.
“There is something I really want,” she said pressing harder on my shorts.
I looked down at her and saw the lust in her eyes.
“Why don’t you slip those shorts off and sit on the table for me,” Tasha said.
I didn’t need asking twice and was soon sitting on the table totally naked.
“Yes that’s it. God your cock is so nice, looks good enough to eat!” she said looking up at me as she knelt down.
My cock began to stir as I felt her fingers very gently touch the shaft.
“Mmm look at that, I think he likes me,” she said continuing to run her finger tips all over me.
I didn’t take long before my cock was standing to attention.
“Such a lovely big cock, I think he needs a kiss,” Tasha said.
I felt her soft lips gently kiss my knob.
“Mmmm yes lets give him a lick,” she said.
Tasha began running her tongue up and down my shaft making my cock twitch.
“Oooo yes very tasty,” she said.
Pressing my shaft against one cheek and then the other Tasha seemed to want to touch every part of her face against it.
“Lean back Tom, mustn’t leave those big balls out,” she said.
Leaning back I felt Tasha’s tongue licking all around my balls. One by one she took them into her mouth and gently sucked, my cock twitched away at the sensation.
“Sit back up Tom,” she said and as I did so I watched Tasha lay down on the floor and raise her legs.
“You may of noticed I have a bit of a foot fetish,” she said placing a foot either side of my shaft.
From her movements the towel had come loose giving me another view of her lovely firm breasts. Further down I could see her wet pussy lips and a trickle of juice running from her hole.
“Steady my feet for me Tom,” she said.
Supporting her perfect little feet as she moved them up and down either side of my shaft I watched her fondle her tits.
“Let me feel that pre cum on my toes,” she said.
Holding her feet she wriggled her toes around my bulging knob.
“Oh God I love that,” she said.
The feel and sight of her little feet and the painted nails of her toes soon had my cock throbbing.
“Come on my feet Tom, come all over my toes,” she said.
Tasha now had one hand between her legs while the other stroked her tits and nipples. Holding her feet tightly against my shaft I began fucking between her arches.
“God Tom that looks so hot. Let me feel your hot spunk, come all over me,” she said.
Taking my throbbing cock in my hand I rubbed the knob on Tasha’s toes giving them a fresh coat of pre cum that now flowed freely. Very close to coming I began wanking while still rubbing my swollen knob on her toes.
“Oh Yes Tom look at all that spunk,” Tasha said watching stream after stream of cum shoot from my cock all over her feet, toes and legs.
As soon as Tasha was sure she had all my spunk she stood up.
“Change places with me Tom and lick my pussy. I’m so close to coming,” she said.
Within moments she was laying on the table with her legs wide open. Kneeling down I kissed her inner thighs working my way towards her sopping wet hole. She smelt fresh and soapy from her bath earlier.
“OH Fuck Yes,” she cried as my tongue found her swollen clit.
Licking down to her pussy lips I teased the entrance of her cunt. Licking down further I pushed her legs up and tickled her arsehole with the tip of my tongue.
“OH GOD YES,” Tasha cried out again.
Returning to her pussy lips I licked up to her clit again and slipped a finger up her cunt.
“OH OH OH That’s It Just There…OH FUCK,” she cried out as her body tensed…
“Oh Tom that was fantastic,” she said when she’d caught her breath.
Slumping back I sat on the floor to catch my own breath and watched Tasha’s creamy juice trickle from her pussy.
Tasha climbed down from the table. Clutching my head she pulled it against her belly and held me there.
“Oh you sweet boy. I don’t think you realise just how much I’ve needed what you and Rose have done for me. I’ve been so miserable lately I’m starting to re-evaluate my life. Thanks to you two, You’ve reminded me of how I should be enjoying life,” she said with sincerity.
“So glad you’re feeling better, will you be staying again tonight?” I asked standing up.
Tasha pulled me to her again hugging me to her naked body.
“Yeah but tomorrow I’d better get home and sort things out,” Tasha said letting go of me and picking up the towel from the floor.
“I promised Rosemary I’d mow the lawn so I’d better get on,” I said pulling my clothes on.
“OK see you later Tom, think I might give the place a tidy. Need to keep Rose sweet don;’t we. Oh by the way I was going to order Pizza as a little thank you for Rose, You’ll have some won’t you?” Tasha asked.
“Yes, thank you,” I said and headed for the garden.
. . .
Just after seven that evening I heard a shout from downstairs. The Pizza had arrived. I found Tasha and Rosemary in the kitchen.
“Oh there you are Tom, here help yourself,” said Tasha with a smile.
“Thank you I’ll take it upstairs if you don’t mind,” I said grabbing a plate from the cupboard.
“Thanks for doing the lawn by the way,” Rosemary said.
“You’re welcome,” I said and headed back to my room with my food.
For the next hour and a half I heard the two friends talking and laughing downstairs. I assumed they were both on the wine again as the volume gradually increased as the time went by. After another ten minutes or so I suddenly realised it had all gone quiet. After a further ten minutes of silence I began to wonder what they were up to.
Curiosity eventually got the better of me. Slowly and quietly I made my way down the stairs. By the time I reached the bottom I could hear their voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. They were in the lounge so I crept closer to the open doorway.
“So you made him come all over them?” I heard Rosemary ask.
“Yeah it was so erotic, you know what I’m like with my feet,” Tasha replied.
“Yes I do. I can just imagine you watching his sperm drip between your little toes,” Rosemary said.
“It almost made me come, I was so close,” said Tasha.
“And look where those spunky toes are now,” Rosemary said.
Not being able to see got to much for me so I peered around the door frame. They both were sitting on the sofa, well Rosemary was sitting while Tasha who had her back to me was sitting with her legs up. Her feet were on Rosemary’s bare breasts. Both women were bare except for Rosemary who still wore her knickers.
Rosemary had hold of Tasha’s feet and was guiding them around her large tits. Moving them down Tasha wiggled her toes, teasing Rosemary’s stiff nipples.
“That feels good,” Rosemary said.
After a couple of minutes Tasha pulled her feet away.
“I can’t wait any longer, I want to taste your pussy, it’s been so long,” Tasha said sliding off the sofa and kneeling on the floor.
“But I haven’t showered today!” Rosemary said.
“I don’t care lets get those knickers off,” Tasha said reaching up to pull them off.
Rosemary now fully naked slid forward on the sofa and laid back opening her legs. Tasha began kissing her way up Rosemary’s legs from the knees until Rosemary stopped her.
“Hang on Tash. You may as well come in Tom I know you’re there,” she said catching me totally by surprise.
Sheepishly I stepped into the room.
“Hello Tom I didn’t know you were there,” Tasha said not the least bit phased as she looked up at me from her position between Rosemary’ legs.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to err well,” I couldn’t think what to say and was glad when Rosemary put me at ease.
“It’s OK Tom, I knew you were, If you’re going to watch you may as well make yourself comfortable,” Rosemary said.
“Yeah come in Tom but I think it’s only fair that you strip off as well,” Tasha said.
I was soon sitting naked in the same chair as the night before, facing the sofa.
“Here Tom these will help you on your way,” Rosemary said tossing her black cotton panties towards me.
“Now where were we,” said Tasha turning back to the job in hand.
“I think you were about to lick my pussy,” said Rosemary jokingly.
Tasha kissed up Rosemary’s inner thighs, one leg then the other.
“Oh Rose you smell so good, I’m glad you didn’t shower,” Tasha said as she reached her goal.
After being caught out my cock had gone quite limp but was soon rising with the view before me. Rosemary’s large tits with their large areola highlighting the stiff nipples and Tasha’s arse and pussy in perfect view soon had me as hard as ever.
“Oh Tash that’s so good, I’d forgotten just how good you are at that,” Rosemary said looking down at her friends head between her legs and running her fingers through her hair.
“You’re so wet girl, lets try a finger in that gorgeous pussy,” Tasha said.
“OH FUCK,” cried Rosemary as Tasha’s finger slipped up her wet hole.
“Come on my face Rose, let me taste your cum,” said Tasha.
“OH Yes suck my clit that’s it OH FUCK THAT’S IT OH MY GOD,” Rosemary cried out in her ecstasy.
“Oh yes that tastes good,” Tasha said tasting Rosemary’s cum.
Tasha wasn’t finished. Rosemary barely recovered from her climax before Tasha started licking again.
“Oh Fuck what are you doing to me,” Rosemary said.
“Come on Tom stick that cock in her mouth, I’m gonna make her come again,” Tasha said.
Standing next to Rosemary’s head she turned towards me and sucked my Knob in to her mouth. Holding her dirty panties to my nose and smelling her familiar aroma I was soon close to shooting my load.
“Oh Fuck Yes I’m coming again OH GOD,” Rosemary cried out once again.
Absorbed in her pleasure she had released me from her mouth. Still standing beside her I took my shaft in my hand. Another sniff of Rosemary’s smelly knickers had me coming all over her face and tits just as her second orgasm racked her body.
“Oh Wow look at that,” Tasha said looking up from between Rosemary’s legs.
“What a sight, cum all over you Rose, Wow,” Said Tasha with obvious delight at what she saw.
I couldn’t help thinking it was a shame Tasha would be leaving us soon but consoled myself when I remembered the twins would be coming home soon…

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