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Mother in Law erotic fetish stories

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I met Jane two years ago, when we were both twenty and immediately fell for her. With her jet-black hair, dark eyes and 36-24-38 figure, she could have had anyone she wanted. Although she is 5’10” to my 5’2,” we seemed to get on right away. Amazingly to me, we got closer and closer, and within three months were talking of marriage.
The only problem we had was Jane’s 43-year-old mother Grace. It was clear she did not like me from the start, and to be honest it was mutual. Grace is a couple of inches taller than her daughter, with the same coloring. Her figure is slightly fuller than her daughter’s, but it suits her and to be honest she is incredibly sexy. In fact it was the sexual hold that she seemed to have over me that proved my downfall. But more of that later.
The two problems that Grace had were one that she thought me a wimp because of my height and slight build, and two Jane’s former boyfriend Brad. Up until six months before I met Jane, she and Brad had been intending to marry. Jane had admitted to me that she had deep feelings for Brad, and had his parents not sent him to join the Army after he got in a spot of trouble, she would be his wife.
Grace adored Brad, you see, tall and good looking, and well built she thought him the ideal man to look after her daughter. The total opposite of me, in her words. Luckily for me (at the time), Jane has as strong a will as her mother and the wedding went ahead. Grace is a rich woman, having been divorced from a very successful businessman, and she made sure the wedding was a lavish affair for her daughter’s sake.
My most vivid memory of the wedding, was when Grace found her moment to catch me on my own. She caught me in a corridor, and pushed me roughly up against a wall.
“I think you are a wimp John,” she began, in a soft, menacing voice. “An inadequate, weak- willed little faggot, who can’t even look after himself, let alone a wife. If I find out I am right, I am going to punish you for it. I will see that you are humiliated, degraded and broken. You will wish you had never laid eyes on me, do you understand?”
I just gulped, because to be honest with you, she frightened the hell out of me. Slowly, she reached down, and took a tight hold of my balls.
“I asked you a question boy.”
“I understand,” I replied meekly.
Things went pretty well for the first couple of months, although Jane did mention that she was not enjoying the sex very much. We had not had sex before our marriage at her insistence, although she had been intimate with Brad. She said she thought all cocks were the same size as his, though mine was about 5″ shorter than his and much thinner. She also mentioned that he lasted a long time, while I was lucky to last longer than a commercial break. I countered that we were all different and, fearing Grace’s wrath, promised that I would spend plenty of time using my tongue to make sure she was satisfied.
As it was her first time away from home, Jane felt more comfortable having her Mom spend every other weekend with us. These were always uncomfortable for me. Grace seemed to deliberately leave her bedroom door open in the morning, so that I would often get a glimpse of her in just her black underwear. At these times our eyes would meet briefly, and she would give me a smirk, which said “you want me, but you can’t afford me”. She seemed to know that she had a power over me; it was as though she knew all about me. Like when she would sit around in the evenings in only a short robe, showing lots of leg, and in particular her beautifully manicured feet. She would catch me looking at them, and smile as if to say, “I know about your foot fetish boy”.
I well remember the Saturday that started me on the road to where I am now. Grace and Jane had planned a shopping trip, and I had said I would have a lie in and then catch up on some work at home. In my half sleep, I had heard the door close, and realized they had gone. This was my first chance to do something I had wanted to do for a while.
Still naked, I went down to the kitchen and made straight for the laundry basket. Rummaging through, I found a pair of Grace’s black panties. Putting them to my nose, I sniffed deeply to get the aroma of the woman I did not like, but drove me crazy sexually.
“So, you like the smell of your mother in law do you?”
I reeled round in horror, to see a smirking Grace standing by the door. Apparently, she had told Jane she had a headache, and decided to have a bath to clear it. She walked over to me with the same smirk, and looked up and down my weedy body.

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“God John, Jane told me you were small,” she laughed. “But I didn’t think they made them that small!”
“I’m sorry Grace,” I muttered, my face deep red.
“What is your wife going to say, when she knows you sniff her mother’s panties while she is out?” she went on.
“Please don’t say anything Grace,” I pleaded. “She would leave me, and I could not bear that.”
“Kneel down,” she said, with a voice of authority, and I complied automatically.
She kicked off the slippers she was wearing, to reveal the unblemished feet with scarlet painted toenails that I had stared at so often.
“You love my feet, don’t you John?” she observed, her voice softer now.
“Yes,” I admitted.
“Why don’t you plant half a dozen kisses on each one, I know you want to,” she added.
Hesitantly, and feeling embarrassed and humiliated, I bent down and kissed her soft feet. When I knelt up again, I found that she had opened her short robe, and I was staring directly at her black haired bush.
“Why sniff the panties, when you can sniff the real thing,” she laughed, pulling my head close. “Let me hear you sniff, boy.”
I sniffed at her fragrant pussy, and was horrified at the fact that, despite my fear, my cock had become erect. Pushing my head back, Grace looked down to view my feeble cock.
“I see you like my pussy,” she smiled. “Let’s see if you like my ass.”
She turned around to present her firm ass to me, and instructed me to kiss each buttock half a dozen times. Then I was made to first sniff and then lick her puckered asshole six times. That done, she told me I could get up.
“Well, just wait till I tell Jane that her macho husband has been sniffing my ass and pussy, won’t she be amused?”
“Oh please Grace,” I almost yelled. “She must not know, I beg you!”
“Don’t you think a wife should know something like that?” she inquired.
“Grace,” I said, hysterical now. “I will do anything, anything you say if you will keep this quiet.”
“Really?” she asked, and I nodded furiously. “Come upstairs.”
I followed my mother in law upstairs and into the bathroom. Once there, she turned to me and looked down into my eyes from her superior position.
“Have you ever eaten a woman’s shit John?” she asked.
“No, of course not,” I retorted. “That would be a disgusting thing to do!”
“Not would John, will,” she continued. “I am going to shit in your mouth right now.”
“I could never do anything so awful!” I protested.
“Very well,” agreed Grace. “I will just wait for my daughter, so I can tell her my news.”
“OK I’ll do it,” I agreed resignedly, hoping that it would not be as bad as I thought.
My mother in law got me to lie down on my back on the cold tile floor. Facing away from my head, she lifted her robe and squatted just above my mouth. Almost as soon as she had, she let out a long, loud stinking fart.
“That is just to let you know exactly what I think of you,” she informed me. “Open your mouth, in a second you will see a turd coming out. Make sure you catch it in your mouth, then use your hand to put it all in and start chewing.”
As I pushed the stinking turd into my mouth, I knew it would be far worse than I had imagined. It took me several seconds to stop gagging, before I could think of chewing. Grace retained her position, listening to me gagging and retching, as I struggled to swallow her shit. Finally, I told her I was done.
“Right,” she said. “Open up for the next one.”
“Oh no more, please Grace,” I pleaded.
“I said open!” she snapped, as the second turd emerged.
This time, she stood and watched as I pushed the log in and began chewing.
“I said you were a wimp,” she sneered. “Now I have turned you into a shit-eating wimp. If only my daughter had waited for Brad. You will never see that young man lying on a bathroom floor while a woman feeds him her shit. And he will never have to spend an hour lapping his wife’s pussy, because his dick is worse than useless!”
I finished the shit, and then opened my mouth again to receive her warm, salty piss. Once I had done that, I was made to kneel up.
“It is customary in polite society,” she said. “To lick a lady’s ass spotlessly clean after you have eaten her shit.”
She pushed her ass in my face so I could clean her, obviously reveling in my degradation, and having fun with me. That done, she told me to clean up, dress and join her in the lounge. When I returned, she too was fully dressed. She told me to sit down, as she wanted to talk.
“This is how it is going to be,” she began. “When Jane returns, I will tell her that I need you to come to my house three times a week after work, to assist me with something or other. What you will actually be doing of course is eating shit and drinking piss.”
“But I did what you asked,” I protested.
“That’s the deal,” she insisted. “If you want to keep your wife, you will be my toilet three times a week.”
“If that’s what it takes, I have to agree,” I conceded miserably.
She smiled triumphantly, knowing that she had me exactly where she wanted me.
On Monday afternoon, I sat with my mother in law in the lounge, as she told me she was not quite ready to use me. The front door closed, and Jenny, Jane’s 16-year-old sister appeared at the door. She looked a typical schoolgirl, with her black hair tied back, glasses and school uniform with white socks.
“Hi Mom,” she said, ignoring me. “Just going to have a shower.” Then she ran upstairs.
I should say here that Jenny dislikes me as much as her Mom does, for much the same reasons. Brad had been like an uncle to her before he went away. I must admit I had forgotten that she would be there, and dearly hoped her mother had kept from her the reason for my visit.
Jenny returned a few minutes later. She no longer looked anything like a schoolgirl. Dressed in a short blue robe, her hair down and the glasses gone, she looked a very sexy young woman. She sat down by her mother.
“Are you going to make the panties-sniffing creep eat shit then Mom?” she asked, to my horror, shame and embarrassment.
“That’s why he’s here dear,” her mother smiled. “I waited, in case you wanted to watch.”
“I certainly do,” the girl replied. “Eating shit is all he is good for. Jane told me about his small dick, and said she wished she had waited for Brad now. She said Brad’s all man, and she can’t believe she agreed to marry this weedy little shit.” Grace smiled, as she enjoyed my expression of dismay at her daughter’s words.
“Come on then,” said Grace. “I’ll show you what to do Jenny, if you are unfortunate to end up with a wimp like this.”
When we got to the bathroom, Grace told me just to strip to the waist and lie down. As I looked up, I saw her raise her skirt and slip off her panties. As before, she took up her position facing away from my head.
“Is it really bad for him Mom?” asked Jenny.
“It must be awful dear,” her mother answered. “You know how shit smells, imagine what it tastes like.”
“Good,” said her daughter. “I want him to suffer.”

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Within a few seconds, I had received my mother in law’s first offering, and pushed it in my mouth. Jenny came closer, and looked down at me as I began to chew on the filthy waste.
“Go on pervert,” she sneered. “Eat my Mom’s shit, I hope it chokes you. You must have got as low as any man can go.”
“Not quite dear,” argued her mother. “He may well go lower.” I wondered what she meant.
After I had completed serving Grace, I got up to grab my shirt.
“Does Jane know about all this?” asked Jenny suddenly.
“No dear,” replied her mother. “He doesn’t want her to know.”
“Well I think I should tell her,” Jenny went on. She should know that her husband is a shit- eater.”
“No please Jenny,” I begged.
“Listen said my mother in law. “Perhaps if he were to eat your shit too, you could agree to keep quiet. Just think, a grown man being forced to eat a schoolgirl’s shit. How degrading is that? How many other schoolgirls do you think get to feed a wimp their shit?”
“Yeah,” smiled Jenny. “Get back on the floor pervert.”
Resignedly, I resumed my position on the bathroom floor, and Jenny squatted over me.
“I have a touch of diarrhea boy,” she laughed. “I hope it’s to your taste!”
With that, she let go a stream of greeny-brown liquid shit into my mouth, which practically choked me as it slid down my throat. Jenny and her Mom laughed as they listened to my sounds of gagging and choking.
“Now clean my asshole toilet boy,” she snapped, really getting into it.
I expected her then to piss in my mouth, but instead she stood up and straddled my waist. Suddenly, a stream of yellow piss landed right in the crotch of my trousers. When she had done, she turned towards me, bent down and said:
“Now you can walk home smelling of schoolgirl’s piss!”
“Oh Jenny, you are good at this,” laughed her mother.
Things went much the same for the next three weeks, with me serving mother and daughter three times a week without my wife’s knowledge. Then on one of her weekend visits, Grace produced a video that she thought it would be nice for us to watch. As the tape began, my wife’s mouth dropped. It showed me on a bathroom floor with her mother dropping shit into my mouth. She had set me up!
Everyone was quiet as my mother in law retrieved the tape from the VCR.
“Jane, I wanted to show you what kind of a wimp you were married to,” her mother told her.
“I don’t understand,” replied Jane. “Why was he eating your shit?”
“Well, I found him sniffing my panties one weekend a few weeks back, and he told me he would do anything so that you would not find out his dirty ways. I suggested that and he went along with it. I wanted to show you how weak the little wimp is.”
“I see,” said my wife. “Well I think I had worked most of it out for myself!” The two of them laughed.
“Please don’t leave me Jane,” I cut in rather pathetically.
“You must be kidding,” my wife sneered. “We are straight down the divorce court!”
“Hang on,” interrupted her mother. “This could work for you. Obviously you would never have any sexual contact with him, but you could keep him on as your toilet slave, and make use of his tongue. I am sure you would enjoy feeding him your shit every day like I do. Believe me, he hates it so much it is the best way you could punish him.”
“Yeah, but what about when I want a real man?” countered Jane.
“Well, that’s my great surprise,” said my mother in law. “Brad is back in town!”
“You’re kidding!” yelled Jane.
“No,” said her mother. “I found out from his Mom. He hasn’t been in touch, because he heard you got married. I phoned him up and put him straight about the prick you are married to, and what Jenny and I have been doing to him. He knows he has no competition, so has agreed to come over to my place Saturday to see you. He said bring the faggot too, and he’ll put him in his place.”
“Just a minute,” I started.
“Shut the fuck up toilet mouth!” my wife interrupted. “We are going on Saturday, and you will see a real man. Come on Mom, let’s take this little shit to the bathroom to eat shit!”
For the few days to Saturday, my marriage changed completely. There was no affection from my wife, though I was made to lick her ass and pussy every night until she was satisfied, before being forced to sleep next to her naked body without being allowed to touch her.
On the Saturday evening, Jane had gone to great trouble. I had never seen her look so stunning. She wore a short black dress, which made her figure look perfect. Her hair had been done, and her makeup looked great.
“I am going to enjoy this evening,” she smiled as we left. “I’m not so sure about you though.”
As soon as she saw Brad, my wife ran over, threw her arms round him and kissed him with a passion she had never shown me. I stood there feeling jealous, as it seemed to go on forever. Eventually, they broke off, and he turned to me.
“So you are the toilet boy eh?” he began, with my wife by his side. “Well I am back now, and you are history. Oh, by the way, I had a dump in the downstairs toilet earlier, and Grace told me to leave it for you. Go sort it out will you?” My wife laughed at me, as she put her arm round his waist.
“Now look here,” I said, in a rare moment of courage.
In response, he grabbed my tie with his left hand and thumped me hard in the stomach. I would have fallen had he not held on to me.
“Hit him again for me Brad darling,” my wife asked him. “Let the little shit-eater know that you’re the boss, and I’m your woman. Really hurt him.”
Brad certainly obliged. All the breath went out of my body as he hit me again. This time he let me drop to the floor gasping for breath, with the laughter of three women ringing in my ears. Young Jenny, looking sexy in her own little black number took me along to the downstairs toilet to make sure I ate all the shit.
“What’s it like, eating the shit of the man who is going to be fucking your wife tonight?” laughed the young vixen, as I struggled to digest the three large turds that had been left for me.
“Come on hurry up and swallow Brad’s shit,” she said impatiently. “I want to get back for all the fun we are going to have with you.”
“Better go upstairs and strip,” my mother in law told me when we returned. “It’s going to get very messy for you tonight.”
Miserably, I went upstairs and removed my clothes. When I got back, Grace told me she had a present for me. She took hold of my cock, and locked a little cage device on it.
“What’s this?” I asked, not knowing what it was for.
“It’s the end of your sex life,” laughed my wife.
“That’s right,” agreed Grace. “It means you are never going to come again.”
“You can’t be serious!” I whined, my voice cracking.
“I think he is going to cry!” laughed Jenny.

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“Well if he doesn’t now, he will certainly be crying a lot in the future, after he has given us oral worship without being able to release the sexual frustration!” They all laughed out loud at this, and I tried to maintain what dignity I had left.
Brad called me over then to inspect my cage.
“Jeez!” he laughed. “You call that a cock? Jane, how did you manage with that?”
“I didn’t honey,” she answered. “He had to tongue me half the night, to get me to feel anything!”
Brad unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his own cock stroking it gently. Jane had not exaggerated; it was really impressive, long and very thick.
“Now this is a cock boy,” he announced, as it became fully erect.
“Make him suck it darling,” my wife asked him. “So he knows who the superior man is.”
Brad made me kneel between his legs, and take his cock in my hand. He then grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth on to it. I was commanded to suck. Jenny giggled aloud at the sight of my head bobbing up and down on the massive shaft, and then took hold of my head and pushed, to force as much of it in as possible.
“That cock will be in your wife’s pussy tonight,” mother in law told me, as she knelt by my side. “Imagine the pleasure it will give her, as it stretches her pussy to the limit.”
“He won’t have to imagine,” declared Brad.
“No,” added Jane. He will be in there watching. I want him to know what he is going to be missing, and the fabulous sex I am going to be getting in future. Besides, who else is going to clean us both up each time we finish?”
I seemed to have to go on sucking forever, as Brad was able to last much longer than I ever could, but finally I heard him groan and then fill my mouth with his cum.
“Drink it,” ordered Jane. “Drink the cum that will be filling your wife’s pussy tonight.” She was enjoying rubbing it in, without any compassion for my feelings whatever.
“Right,” said Brad, as he put his limp cock away. “We’ll play that game we talked about. We had better do it now, before his stomach is too full of your shit. Probably best to take your dresses off for maximum effect.”
The three women slipped off their dresses and their shoes, as I wondered what was going to happen to me. The three were left in their underwear, or should I say panties, because none of them had worn a bra. I had my first view of Grace and Jenny’s breasts. They were both gorgeous, Grace’s bigger but firm, and Jenny’s smaller but perfect for her sexy young figure. They both looked fabulous.
Brad brought in a portable frame with manacles attached, and placed it in the middle of the room. He then announced to me with a huge grin that this was the “ball kicking game”.
“Oh no please,” I said, panicking. “I know I have to accept eating shit and so on, but please leave my balls alone.” They all laughed.
“Listen, I have been looking forward all day to kicking you in the balls,” said Jenny. “And believe me, they are going to be well and truly kicked!”
I was grabbed by them all, and fixed in the frame with my legs well spread. When they were satisfied, Brad announced the rules.
“The winner will be the lady who makes wimpy here scream the loudest,” he began. “Each lady will have two chances, in two rounds of kicking. I will choose the winner at the end of the second round. Grace will go first.”
Grace came over to me with a huge grin on her face. She bent down and whispered in my ear.
“I am really going to enjoy this,” she purred. “I am really going to hurt you, I promise.”
She then stepped back, and with a short back swing smashed her pretty foot into my unprotected balls with amazing force. I screamed out at the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. The others were obviously impressed too, as they broke out into spontaneous applause.
“That was awesome Mom,” remarked my wife. “I don’t know if we can match that!”
“We’ll sure be trying though,” Jenny said to me as she took her place.
Because she is a lot lighter than her mother, Jenny decided to take a short run up, before planting her little foot exactly where her mother had. I couldn’t tell whether I screamed as loud, all I know is that it hurt real bad. It didn’t help when Jenny spat in my face while laughing at my agony.
Last to go was my darling wife. She stood in front of me looking excited at the prospect of inflicting pain on me in front of the man she intended to sleep with.
“I’m going to bust your balls baby,” she told me. “Because I don’t want them any more. This one’s for you Brad!”
With that, she brought her leg up swiftly and powerfully, catching me in exactly the same place as her Mom and Sis before her. She seemed really pleased at the level of my pain, as I screamed out once again.
After three more incredibly painful kicks, where the women tried to outdo themselves and each other, my mother in law was declared the winner. I was left in peace for a little while to try and recover from my ordeal.
“I’m going to shit in his mouth now honey,” Jane told Brad, after a time. “I want you to see what I think of my husband, so you know you are the real man for me.”
“That’s great baby,” Brad responded. “Make sure you fart in his face a few times, and then give him as much as you can.”
“You can see why Brad is the real man here, can’t you wimp?” Jane said looking down at me. “He gets to fuck me, while you just get to eat my shit!” Everybody laughed at this.
My wife squatted down, and after a few loud farts, unloaded a large, soft turd into my mouth. Getting up, she turned and forced the whole thing in my mouth.
“Hey, look at his cheeks bulging,” laughed Brad. “You really gave him a big one to deal with honey!”
Jane fed me another turd of similar size, before filling my mouth with piss, and then having me lick her clean in front of her boyfriend. Jenny then took her place, in order to treat me to another couple of stinking loads. All the time she and the others constantly taunted me, calling me names such as panties sniffer, shit eater, cocksucker and so on. All of which were true, to my shame and humiliation.
Jane couldn’t wait to get Brad in the bedroom, so I was sent to clean up. On my return, Jane ordered me to follow them to the bedroom.
“I will be seeing you later.” My mother in law said to me with an evil grin.
In the bedroom, Brad and Jane stripped off quickly, and began kissing passionately, while I stood there feeling insanely jealous. After a time, Jane broke off.
“We have to be gentle with him baby, because he is so jealous and he really loves me. That’s right, isn’t it cocksucker?”
“Yes,” I said miserably hurt by her taunting.
“Tell Brad you love your wife, and you don’t want him to fuck me,” she went on.
“Brad,” I began pathetically. “I really do love my wife more than anything, please don’t fuck her.” They looked at each other and laughed hysterically.
“Get on your knees, and get Brad really hard for me faggot,” she sneered. “And don’t forget to suck his balls.”
When they were ready, Brad sat on a chair in the corner. Jane turned to face away from him, straddling his legs. She took his cock lovingly in her hand, and told me to kneel in front of them.
“Please don’t make me watch,” I pleaded. “I know you are going to do it, but I don’t want to see it.”
“Oh you are going to see it all,” my wife insisted. I don’t care how much it hurts you. In fact, I am looking forward to seeing the tears flow.”
As I watched, Jane began to lower herself on to the huge cock. An involuntary sob escaped from me.
“Oh look how this big cock stretches your wife’s pussy John,” she gasped. “Oh God, it feels so good! I have really missed this Brad, I haven’t had a decent cock since you left.”
My wife began to slide up and down on Brad’s pole, gradually increasing speed. The gasps and cries coming out were something I had never heard with me.
“Oh I love you Brad, you really do things to me. Oh Yes! Make me come baby, make me yours again after all this time!”
I could not stop my tears flowing, as she got faster and faster, and louder and louder. Finally after about twenty minutes, Brad groaned loudly before filling my wife’s womb with his seed. The moment was accompanied by a loud cry from Jane as she had her first real climax since he left. As they sat and recovered themselves, I could see cum leaking from her cunt on to his balls. I was still sobbing.
“Clean us both up properly,” Brad said a little later, as I knelt with my face between my wife’s thighs.
“Yes,” added Jane. “It will be a regular job of yours in future.”
When I had cleaned up to their satisfaction, I was told to go and look after my mother in law.
As I entered Grace’s room, I could see she was lying naked on top of her bed, looking stunning. As I approached her bed with my face still tear-stained, she smiled triumphantly.
“I told you I would break you.”

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