Motherhood From Special IVF

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I am Shaalu from Mumbai. I was just watching my daughter perform a dance on her school stage. She is now in Junior Kindergarten. My minds raced. How my deserted life blossomed with the arrival of my beautiful daughter, Dhwani, 3 years ago.

Oh! The remembrance itself is exciting. Readers may be surprised to see the title of my story. Yes, it was blindfold and in a way an IVF. The difference I will tell later. Now read on.

My marriage was not a fairy tale event like what all girls dream in their college days. But it happened without any planning when I was only twenty years. I wanted to study further, complete my MSc. But fate had decided other way. I lost my father on the day of the results of my BSc final.

I came home with joy to inform my parents but my father’s body was waiting for me. He had left this world due to an accident near his office at while returning from his office at LBS Road, Kurla. My mother was devastated. My father had not made any big savings.

As he was struggling to save for my marriage, we stayed in a rented flat at Nahur East. Just three months after the demise of my dad, the landlord asked us to vacate the flat as we had not paid rent. We were devastated. My mother thought of seeking the help of local corporate who was influential in that area.

So, that evening we went to his house which was nearby and waited for his arrival. Mr. Naik, the MLA came by seven and heard our plight. He assured help and asked us to come the next morning. Next day he not only paid the balance rent of flat but also suggested us to shift temporarily to a guest house of their party.

We were very happy with his help. A day after we shifted to the guest house, Naikji met us there and asked me if I am ready for marriage to one of his friend’s son at Indore. His argument was that it will reduce the load on my mother. My mom also agreed and he invited his friend and son to the guest house to meet us.

They came by car which indicated that are well to do. The bridegroom was not bad looking, and he was doing a business in Indore. The only drawback was that this was his second marriage as the first wife had passed away two years ago. Though the age difference was more than 12 years, as he had no issues, we agreed.

Mr. Naik himself shouldered all expenses of the marriage. I shifted to my in husband’s house a week later and Mr. Naik had helped my mom and to buy a small flat nearby. He also gave a job to my mother in his office. It was almost a year later that I came to know that all the courtesy shown to us by Naik was not just kindness.

He was interested in my mother who was still good looking. So he had arranged to send me to Indore. Mom had initially refused but finally agreed for his advances as she had no other way out and she also needed a companion. Anyway, I don’t want to write much about that in this story.

Coming back to my own story, after marriage the very first night I got to know about my husband. He slept snoring within few minutes of general talks. In the coming days, months and years I remained a virgin, thanks to his ED and PE issues. It was during the first year I came to know that his first wife, in fact, divorced him because he could not consummate the marriage.

They had a huge ego and family pride if not anything else. Divorce that too citing any issue from his side as a reason was a big disgrace to them which had happened to him once. So I never raised the topic of children or to divorce him. Often I used to look at myself in the mirror.

My unused 38+ boobs were quite big and erect and looked much bigger as the stood on my lean waist. I was rather tall with long thighs, good color, and big eyes. My long hair was the envy of all. Overall every head used to turn when I went anywhere and I was proud of myself. What use was the pride when my body remained untouched?

After three years of our marriage, all of a sudden my husband started to take interest and talk about children. Often he would say how nice it would be to play with kids moving around in the house and such talks became frequent. I was wondering what he had in mind. Was he planning to adopt? I was not averse to adopting a child.

One evening he raised the issue of IVF from a donor. I was surprised, baffled and could not speak. Was it he who was speaking this? What may be the reason? Was he really interested in kids? I just could not understand. He went on to say that I can Google and find out which are the best place for IVF.

I was dumb stuck with his words. Next week he asked me if I had made any searches. I said in negative and he again told me that he is serious and want the kid to smile in the barren house. So I started to find out from Google. There were many. But the reviews also told to be cautious as many are frauds and there were chances of HIV and such stories.

So I thought to forget it and adopt a child. But it kept on coming in my mind to try for IVF as I can become a mother myself. Whenever I saw my heavy boobs in the mirror I was feeling them becoming tighter with the thought of my child suckling them. How good that feeling maybe?

Once I was scanning through Facebook posts which were one of my past times. In one of the Facebook page by ID ‘Sexy bhabhis & aunties’. I once saw a message from a reader in Indore. I read it with interest. He had asked any housewife wanting children can contact him for IVF. He had given his e-mail ID.

I thought about this man for a few days and then decided to send an email which was harmless. I introduced myself and asked about his procedure and the expense involved. By evening I got the reply. He wrote that he runs an IVF center to help women who desire to have their own child.

He has helped many women to get children and they are all very happy now. When I asked him to send his photo he declined and also told me not to send any of my photos. He told that he does so to ensure confidentiality from both sides. Neither he nor the woman who wants children should know or able to identify each other.

That looked strange but I somehow got interested. On further prodding, he told that he is helping women through IVF (His abbreviation of IVF was different which I came to know later and will tell later on) and further details only in person. I was in dilemma now. Is it genuine?

They may take advantage and blackmail me later, what if it doesn’t work. What if the donor semen is infected? All these thoughts were coming to my mind and were unable to take any decision. But the urge for the child was increasing day by day. After a couple of days, he sent few photos of kids, male and female whom he boasted were born with his IVF technique.

OMG, their kids were not just kids but looked like angels. So beautiful, very good complexion and looked very adorable. That ended all my dilemma and I decided to try it out. Anyway, I had the sanction of my husband to try any means. I asked him to mail me the details of where and how to meet the IVF Centre.

Within an hour I received a long reply. He clarified that he would keep the identity very discreet. For that, he explained that I and also donor will remain complete strangers. This would ensure that in public we will not be able to recognize or even tell the child some years later about the biological father.

That was an excellent idea. His one more condition was that first, their doctors will examine me. Also, the donors may be different on my different visits. That will also protect the identity of the donor. Having somewhat convinced with his mail I decided to check it out.

Next day I searched his place which was a resort on road to Mandav. Within a few minutes of my reaching the resort, a lady came and welcomed me. She also explained a few things and was then taken to another room where a gynecologist examined me. She was smiling. She said something to her assistant and also to some other person on phone.

Afterward, she asked a few details from me like age, year of marriage etc. My blood sample was taken. She then told that the days were not fertile. She asked me to meet on a few specific dates after knowing my last MC date saying that they need to do IVF on fertile days so that chances of success would be more. I returned and felt better on visiting them and seeing the facilities.

Part 2 — Blindfolded IVF

Next day I searched his place which was a resort on road to Mandav. Within a few minutes of my reaching the resort, a lady came and welcomed me. I didn’t bother if it was legal or illegal, but my goal was important to me. On the specified date, I informed my husband that I would be going for IVF.

He wished me all the best and even advised me to visit a temple on way, perform pooja. I thanked him for his concern. I dressed simple but I knew that I always looked stunning.

Of course, I was told that IVF will be done by injecting donor semen medically. So I had waxed my private part the previous day and on that day I took special care to clean, put on light perfume between my legs so that the doctors will not get any bad odor. I reached the resort before lunchtime.

The receptionist welcomed me and I was given fabulous food. The special drink, which they told would help was very delicious. I was waiting to be taken to an OT. After half an hour of rest to my surprise, I was attended by a few girls who removed my clothes in a very provocative way.

I was, in fact, getting nervous and also excited. I thought they are doing preparatory works for IVF. Yes in a way it was. In the corridor, a few men were walking briskly but they were masked with a black cloth leaving their mouth only open. I laughed and wanted to know about them. The girls told that the donors who had come to donate their sperm but do not want their face to be seen.

They also told me that even my face would be covered likewise which ensure complete confidentiality. I was by then getting a bit sleepy. I was given a very sheer gown to be worn. I was then lead carefully to an air-conditioned spacious room. The room was big, dimly lit, fragrance all around.

The bed had pure satin or silk sheets. I thought that they may want me to take some rest before the procedure. A doctor came to the room and showed me an album of kids. She asked me to go through the photos and say which child I liked most. Then she added that the sperm of the father of that child which I choose would be used to impregnate me.

It was funny but I flipped through the pages. Each and every child was very attractive. One was more beautiful than other. Finally, my eyes fixed on a girl and I could not take my gaze out of the child. The lady was looking at me and asked, “This baby?” I nodded and Okayed.

She called someone on her mobile and asked me to lie down and take rest. She also gave me a tablet which she said would help. My eyes were closed and I had half slept when the door opened and a man whose head was covered with a black mask entered. She put on a black mask over my head.

It was fully dark but the mouth was open. As his head was masked he might not have seen me and I could not see his face. I was instructed not to speak at all. Anyway may be the effect of medicine, I was in no mood to talk at all. I was lying on the smooth bed of satin sheets, feeling its smoothness.

On the contrary, a rough and touch hand touched me. I knew that must be that of the doctor who would conduct the procedure. The hand was now moving up and down my hand, sleeve. Another hand was on my leg and moved up to my thighs. I could not speak as I was told not to.

The touch and the slow movement of the rough hand were mesmerizing. I was highly excited. Those hands didn’t stop. The caressing continued and for the first time in my life, I felt I was experiencing unbearable orgasm. Automatically my thighs had widened and those rough hands no more felt rough but were now very smooth.

The invisible hands helped me to rid off my robe. I was semi-conscious by that time. I wanted more and more of the experience. I was not disappointed as the hand now was exactly between my legs on my clean shaver pussy. One finger of that invisible hand was now rubbing at the center of my triangle, a bit up, a bit deep, in out, in and out.

Certainly, this cannot be a medical procedure. Nevertheless, I wanted it more of it and didn’t want it to stop. I shivered, bit my teeth and exploded with another orgasm. The room was perhaps pitch dark. Those magic hands then moved up along my belly and held my breasts lightly and then squeezed them turn by turn. My nipples were erect which were held between to fingers and rubbed.

Slowly I could sense a pair of lips pressing on them and suckling, biting the nipples, left, right, left right. Oh my God is there no end to those continuous orgasms. I didn’t want either. Yes, yes, yes, I wanted more and more. My lips were trembling on which suddenly another pair of lips sealed them in a long kiss. As my mouth was open from the mask, those lips tore open mine and a very hot and long tongue entered my mouth.

Our tongues twisted and danced, kissing and our saliva flowed in both directions. His hands were holding my head from the back and pressing further to unending mouth to mouth kisses. Those fat fingers were again inside me exciting me. I stretched my thighs to provide greater access. My hands were automatically prodding in dark in search of something which I myself didn’t know.

Sensing my mind that person gave what I wanted in my hand. Yes, it was his long and fat dick. It was gigantic. Coming slightly up he guided my hands on to his testicles. They were too heavy and big. With his hands, he further widened my legs and placing the tip of that huge weapon he slowly pushed inside my wet valley.

He was probably informed that I was still a virgin and he handled me very carefully. Once I was fully lubricated he pushed in one fast stroke which sent a chill along my spine and I shouted with pain when the hymen broke. Immediately his mouth sealed my mouth to prevent my shouting loud. The kisses were in millions which made me forget that pain.

Within a few minutes, the pain had vanished completely. My legs surrounded his body and he was raising me slightly making entry complete. While he was hopping on me I was clinging to him like a baby monkey to its mom. My legs gripped on thighs rising on to his hips and my hands circled his back digging my nails in uncontrollable excitement.

Our bodies moved as one sealed, welded, and fusion as if we were inseparable. I was imagining that we might be looking like Siamese twins with two head and one body. There were silence and action except for the creaking of the cot, the AC and my moaning.

He was not allowing me to shout loud and any attempt he was stopping by sealing his mouth on my open mouth. I had lost all senses and didn’t know if it was day or night. After a spate of orgasms, my thighs pressed his testicles urging him to release his load, but he had no courtesy for my request. Did I really want it to end? No.

In fact, I would have spent whole life in that heaven. I was able to sense his climax and he guided me to tighten my thighs around him and dug further in. He came in me starting with drops, continuing to spasms, ending in gushes. After minutes of flooding inside me, he pushed a pillow below my hips. We stayed fused for a long time.

When we detached I was exhausted. I don’t know when he left. After about fifteen minutes two ladies entered my room and woke me up. I felt shy but it was natural for them. They game my clothes and asked me to wear. They checked the sheets but there was only slight wetness.

They smiled and even told me that it may be a success as entire semen has been sown inside. Only I have to wait for my next MC. On my coming out of the room, the doctor met me in her room. She told that I have to visit every alternate day till conception is confirmed. I was too glad about that news. But she cautioned me not to discuss or reveal what happened here to anyone including my husband as it may be very risky for all.

I agreed. My only goal was to get pregnant. I returned home and took bath. My body was aching and I at many spots on shoulder, thighs and my breasts there were red, purple biting marks which burned in hot water. I touched them and felt excited. My husband returned at night and asked me about the day. I told that a doctor attended and examined and did some procedure in minor OT.

I told that I could not know what exactly they did but they injected something from cold storage into my uterus and then told that it will take time and I have to go every alternate day for examination and more procedures if needed till I conceive. He was convinced and was happy. I slept recollecting all the heavenly feelings I experienced that day and had a deep satisfied sleep.

Next day looked to me as if it had 48 hours. I just wanted to run there. Now only I understood the real meaning of IVF in their terms. It was not In Vitro Fertilization, as it stands for but it was Intimate Vaginal Fucking!!! Oh my God, what I had missed in all these years. Now I had no bad feelings for my mom who lost my dad and was intimate with the politician.

I questioned as to how can a woman stay without sex? How I stayed without it all these years? Now I decided to compensate for what I lost in my life. Come what may I will go every alternate day. Though I was curious to know the name of the donor it was not allowed. Also, he may not be interested to reveal his identity.

It really didn’t matter no and it was enough as long I got what I wanted, my physical satisfaction and motherhood. That day I had taken extra special care to be completely hairless, put on best body spray and perfume, lipstick which I wanted to be erased by his lips. In my purse, I took mouth spray which I wanted to use just before going inside the room. I reached the center a bit before the prescribed time.

The receptionist had a big smile and welcomed. She teased me about my eagerness to be there before time. I smiled and kept quiet. A girl came to me and gave me a drink which was given the first day also saying that it will increase my desire for sex. I was already burning with heat and this drink now!

She led me to another room inside which, to my surprise, there was no cot but the entire room of 14×14 had wall to wall foam mattress. I went to the washroom, looked at myself, put mouth freshener a bit, corrected my lipstick. The girl was waiting with a black mask. How much I desired not to use it but it was compulsory.

The zip of the mask also had a small lock so that both would not be able to remove during “procedure”. I lay down on the floor mattress waiting for the donor to arrive. Just a few minutes there was the sound of door opening and closing from inside. My heart was pounding and blood rushed into my adrenaline.

Suddenly I was hugged by two strong hands and not allowing a second he sealed his mouth on mine. As he almost tore open my gown my hands were searching for his penis. He was already undressed and I held his penis for the first time. He had a gigantic tool. He lifted me and took me on him, spreading my legs and placing on either side of his legs.

I was right on top and holding his tool in my hand I lowered on to him completely. He hugged me and we kissed for a long time. The kiss was different than the first day (Let me call him A). Also, I felt his (B) chest wider and arms stronger. As I was descending on him I felt his weapon also fatter and longer.

Was this donor different than the first day? I thought for a moment but the intensity of mating was not allowing me to think further. Let it be anyone, I was getting what I needed. Be it anybody’s child, no problem as all photos of kids which I was shown were all very beautiful. Yes, I was right.

This man was different which I realized as my breasts rubbed his chest which was bushy and hairy tickling me all along. He rolled me down and was thrusting in and out, again rolled taking me on his top. We probably were rolling all over the room without detaching. That was the idea of wall to wall mattress. Oh! Fantastic experience.

Part 3 — Gratifying Sex

There were different men fucking me at the clinic. But all of them had the same amount of stamina and fucked with the same intensity.

Do these men take some tablets like Viagra or some other to sustain so long? There appeared no end to our mating. I was soaking with my own secretions flowing down my thigh but he was still going strong. There was no sign of him resting or slowing down. An hour passed? I didn’t know but always wanted to continue for an hour more.

His palms were very big as he held my breasts and caressed, squeezed them, raised my hips with his palms. I could not avoid moaning but kept it low voice. Lowering his head he took my nipples and sucked them; bit them endlessly while he continued his in-out movements inside me. I was grasping him tightly afraid he may stop.

But he didn’t till I got my millionth orgasm or so. He pushed a pillow below my bums which was an indication that he may discharge finally. I raised my hips and allowed the pillow to be placed properly and pulled him deeper into me. After a few long strokes, he started to discharge. Probably the tip of his phallus was centered at the entrance of cervix.

He came and what it was! I felt a hose pile inside me connected to a tank and valve opened. He gushed his cum directly into my womb I suppose. I was gradually getting filled to the brim and he slowly detached ensuring that I will close my thighs tightly preventing much of his semen overflowing.

I was exhausted and felt tired. I thought he will go out and after a few minutes I can get up. But I could feel something touching my lips and automatically my tongue touched it. The taste was bit salty and bit insipid, sticky and I realized that he might have taken drops of his discharge and tasting it to me. As I opened my mouth I was shocked that he had inserted his penis into my mouth.

It was not so hard and big at that time. I had not even guessed such a thing would happen. Holding his huge phallus in one hand I pushed it further into my mouth. My other hand was playing with his sacks. Will he come in my mouth? I didn’t know but was ready for experiments.

As he became very hard, big he slowly withdrew from my mouth and spread my legs again entered me. This time it was a very easy entry as I was filled with his cum of the previous mating. I garlanded my hands around him and pulled for a kiss. I opened my mouth and his tongue mated with mine. His hand was on my breast and squeezing nipples.

I raised my hips urging him to start. Not disappointing me Mr. B made love intensely, intimately without stop. I had lost count of strokes, time even strength. I lay surrendered to his magic but my hands and legs were entwined with him. This time he discharged much more of his hot ejaculate deep in me and we lay undetached for a long time.

I didn’t notice when he actually left the room. I opened my eyes only when a girl came to the room and removed the mask. The big sheet spread on the mattress was entirely shabby, wrinkled indicating our great actions. The girl had a look at the condition of the room and smiled at me.

I too had to smile back and we both burst into a big laugh. She asked if I had a good time. I nodded and in a low voice told that I can wait if he is ready to come again. The girl could not stop her big smile and told me to wait and she would check. In five minutes time, she came back and put on the black mask again.

I didn’t even go to wash. I was filled to the brim with two huge ejaculations. I kept my thighs close and waited eagerly. I heard the door open and someone entering. Searching me with his hands he reached me and lifted me easily. I laid myself on the mega bed and he came near me, pulled my face for kisses.

OMG, this was another say Mr. C which I could easily find out by touch and his beard touching my boobs. What should I do? I should not have asked for a third time. I thought of pushing him and asking him to stop. He laid me face down and came on my back. With his hands, he widened my thighs and pushed his demon size penis slowly.

I raised my hips to allow easy entry and it was not a problem due to the highly lubricated vagina. He held my boobs from back and started making love slowly and gradually increased speed. A few minutes later he pulled me and made me kneel and rest my hands on the bed. Yes, this gave complete access for entry.

He just pushed himself completely inside me in that Rocky(D)gy position. His hands were continuously squeezing my breast and nipples. In between, one of his finger was searching my clitoris and rubbing me incessantly sending me thrills and to experience repeated orgasms. I reached his balls from my one hand and fondled them.

They were bigger than tennis balls. He continued without break and came in me. Feeling his climax I pressed my thighs and he pushed further into me. His ejaculation lasted for a long time and I could feel the hot fluid overflowing and flow down my thighs on either side. As he withdrew, I collapsed on to the bed tired, satisfied and confused.

I dressed and left home in a cab. My legs were aching but mind was happy, the body was happier. I found difficult to climb steps of my house. My walking style itself had changed it seemed to me. At home, I took a hot water bath which soothed my body. Was I doing the right thing? I asked myself.

No said my mind but yes said my body. My hungry body justified my actions as compensation to the dry years in my life. Always body wins. An hour of rest and fresh coffee made me normal. I was wondering as to whose seed may fertilize me? A, B, or C. Personally I felt B is better and made up my mind to ask only for B from next time.

I was somehow feeling happier and in light moods all evening. My husband asked me at night if I had any leg problem. I just told that I slipped in the washroom and it is a bit in pain. After dinner, I had a very deep sleep, contended as if I have achieved something unconquered.

A day passed with the only recollection of the sweet memories of four-time sex I had in two days. In my next session, I sort of complained saying that how they changed partners each time. I asked them to send only B till conceive. They spoke to someone, maybe B, on phone and said it is done.

But the condition was that if I need second time mating on the same day then the partner would be another person. I thought I may not need second and what had happened earlier was only an aberration. I agreed. Their fee structure was that it was a lump sum amount till conception subject to max of two months within which they were sure to provide results.

That day I had a great time with B who was really very good. After spending an hour in foreplay, sex and after the play he tried to leave. But I had learned the art of making him stay back. Raising up I held him close and took the semi-hard penis in my hand and started stroking slowly and fondling his testicles.

I played my tongue on his strawberry in a circular motion and took fully in my mouth. As expected he came to life again and after five minutes of oral ministrations, he was rock hard. I pulled him on to me and he was too pleased to enter me. We made love for a long time and his second ejaculation was much more intense. He left soon and I also returned home.

Thus two months passed and probably I had more than 60 times sex with B. As I had missed my periods I knew I had conceived. I was too happy with it but waited for them to test first and confirm. The center too was aware that two months had passed and the doctor examined and confirmed that I was pregnant.

Though I was happy with that news I was disappointed that the program was over and I can’t visit even on that day. My face was pale. Seeing me they asked the reason and without any shyness, I asked despite having conceived can I continue to visit the center. The reply was in affirmative. Yes, I could come any time but the package was 3 months, 6 months. They suggested me to take 6 months package and then stop as I would be in my seventh month of pregnancy.

I immediately paid the amount and looked at the girl. She understood and after making a few entries lead me to the first room. I returned late in the evening after hectic a multiposition sex. I informed my husband only after two months. I also told that I need to go alternate days for medical examination.

So I continued for another month to enjoy and compensate for my losses. In between although I had asked for B earlier, I myself asked for change a few times. I stopped going from the seventh month. My child was born, who I believe is the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. My husband was very happy.

Once the baby was four months, I called them and took an appointment. I reached there in time. The doctor congratulated me and took me for a general check-up. I was fine. Then I went to the receptionist and told that I want to enroll for a yearly membership. She again asked me to meet the doctor.

The doctor told me that I am fine and can resume sex. She added that until I wean the child chances of pregnancy are rare. I told that I want to take annual membership to come to the center. She looked at me for a while and said there is no problem but I should insist on using a condom.

I didn’t say but she must have read my face. After all these months I could not think of using any rubber barrier. I dreamt of skin-skin contact, I wanted flooding of my vagina with hot semen. So I asked the doctor if there are any other methods. I was confident that all donors are medically tested periodically and are in good health. So there was no fear of contracting any disease by not using protection.

She understood me and after half an hour of wait took me to minor OT for inserting Copper T. She advised me to take three to four days of the gap and then only have sex. I returned home. From next week I started going once a week, which I increased to twice after another three months.

But I could not make it alternate days because of the baby. I had to first feed her and then go otherwise my mate would empty all the milk!! Now there was no restriction to A or B or C. In fact in last two and half years it has reached probably J.

Now my daughter is 3 years old and I am looking forward to asking the doctor to remove Copper T and have one more child. Of course with permission of my husband. I am always grateful and indebted to my husband for understanding my problem and helping me with a broad mind.

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