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My Dirty Little Secret

8 Min Read

Secret pleasures we all have them, mine is to be treated like a Rocky(D) by a woman in latex. Though when you look at me you would never think it, I’m “The Boss” as my employees put it, which is basically them being polite and sparing the term Hard Ass. I think that is because when I catch them slacking I’m on their asses like Moth to a flame, I’m the dominate one when I’m working. I take command and give the orders. Only if they could see me now, strapped to the rack, my back side exposed and my mistress, giving me a good spanking; oh how the tides would turn.
“Mistress may I have another!” I scream as she smacks my ass with her wooden paddle, my erection growing harder by the minute. “Please, I’ve been a bad boy I need to be punished!” My voice cracking as I speak, I should be ashamed of myself, but I am a masochist, I have no dignity.
“SILENCE WORM!” My mistress barks as she smacks me again. “You will only speak when spoken to. You are a dirty boy take your punishment.”
WHAM, again the wooden paddle strikes my bare flesh, I can feel my ass starting to get raw, to which I think she notices as she loosens the restraints and pushes me down onto the bed. My mistress, straps me down, and I watch as her figure paces back and forth the black latex thigh high boots glisten against her milky white skin, the black lace corset she wears pushed her lush D-Cup boobs up and out, giving a supple mound of cleavage, her long raven hair falling about and swaying as she moves to tighten my restraints.
She stands before me, and stares at me; a smile twitches across her ruby red lips. I only can pray that she will show me no mercy. I want this punishment, nay I need this punishment. She raises her leg and then places her heel right on my balls and foot into my quivering meat as she slowly lowers the zipper on the boot.
I watch as she pulls the boot off her foot her long slander alabaster legs give way to feet that are adorned with silver toe rings and black nail polish. How I long to suck on those toes, kiss her feet, for her to press them into my manhood. “What shall I do with you?” she asks as she removes the other boot in the same fashion. “Every means of punishing a dirty boy like you only makes you more excited. What am I to do with you?”
“Permission to speak mistress,” I whimper my hard on straining longing to be taken care of.
“Do as you wish with my body, I am yours in all means.”
“Is that so?” I hear her ask as I feel her foot rubbing against my shaft. “You have been a good boy and taken your punishment, maybe I should reward you.”
Her toes danced up and down the shaft of my cock tickling the head and pressing against my balls, as I laid there groaning, I could feel it coming but how long would it be? If I could make this last, make her wait for what she will get for doing this. But the force she uses is too much for me to handle as I feel, my balls contracting, my breathing gets ragged and my moans louder she presses my cock towards my chest as a torrent of hot cum splashes across my chest, I look down at her, sated and thank her for being kind to a naughty boy such as myself.
I watch as she slowly peels away her black lace panties revealing a neatly trimmed snatch. Glistening wet as she climbs atop me and places herself before my face, commanding, me to do one thing. “Lick it.”
I gladly oblige as my tongue does it’s magic, dancing across her swollen clit, and up and down her dripping wet slit, every so often darting inside, and swathing about, her juices are now starting to pour out onto my tongue I feel her arms as she steadies herself against my shoulders, pressing herself deeper into my face. I start to laugh a bit as she squirms, and her pubic hairs tickle my nose, causing her to squirm more. I hear her starting to pant as she rides my face, moaning and dripping more and more.
It wasn’t long after that I could tell she was about to orgasm as I stuck my tongue back inside and her cunt trued to suck it out of my mouth clamping down all around it, soaking it with a torrent of her nectar. I lapped her clean as she sat there panting.
She slowly stood up and then moved over out of view taking the corset off, and then crawled back onto the bed with me, her hands dancing circles around my nipples causing shivers to run down my spine. I looked over at her, and she looked at me. I look into the face of the woman I married, the woman who is my mistress. The woman I had been married to for 10 years before I knew that she was a Sadist.
“I love you Honey,” She says as she kisses me licking her juices from around my mouth.
“I love you too,” I replied as I kissed her again. “But tonight leave me strapped in. It’s comfy like this.”
“Who would think the hard ass is a Maso Ass?” She teased as she stroked my cock digging her fingernails into my balls. “I fell in love with you because you took charge, but when it comes to intimacy you are a whimpering coward who gets excited after being spanked.”
“You really have room to talk, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Miss little meek office lady. I never thought I would find out that you were a sadist. Maybe tomorrow we can try some hot wax play?”
“Perhaps,” she said with a grin.
At the office I’m the boss, but at home she’s my mistress, and she’s my boss. My reputation around the office would be ruined if it were to happen, but in all honesty, that wouldn’t be a bad thing now would it?

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