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My Drunk Leela Aunty likes to be abused

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My name is Arjun . I am currently doing my final year of engineering . As it was my final year i wanted to prepare hard for the exams so my aunt Leela told my mom I could stay with her in Cochin as uncle was working overseas and she was afraid to stay alone too especially after an incident of robbery took in their neighbors house.

I was totally excited as Aunty was probably the most Hottest mature chick I’ve seen in my life. I moved in as soon as I could. Aunty never had any children and her husband only came once in a year . She was extremely lonely and Sad most of the time. I would sometimes go drinking with my friends to the bar and one day I was too drunk I could barely make it to aunties house. I was afraid Aunty would become angry but When she opened the door she just smiled. I don’t remember anything after that but when I woke up the next day Aunty had breakfast ready for me.

While sitting for breakfast Aunty smile and said ” do you remember anything about yesterday.” I was embarrassed and put my face down.

Lela Aunty: “you went flat on the sofa . When I came to put you onto the bed you kept saying ” Aunty I love . Aunty I love you. I want to kiss you Aunty . (Giggles). I had to put my hands on your mouth coz u were screaming. I had to kiss you just to keep you silent.

Me : “I’m really sorry Aunty I was too drunk yesterday. This is the first time . ” I could not face her . I was afraid she would tell uncle.

Leela Aunty: “don’t worry Arjun . You slept off very fast and besides I enjoyed it too. But I don’t want you to drink with your friends. I can drink at home . I will give you company . i will give you money . Buy a bottle of whiskey when you come from college.”

I was totally amazed by her reaction . That evenin i ran to the store and bought a bottle of signature as she requested. When she opened the door she was looking 10 years younger. She had dark lipstick on her. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and saree. The material was soo thin I could almost see her tits . They were the size of huge melons and I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty.

Leela Aunty : ” did u get the bottle, Arjun

Me : oh yeaaa”

Aunty: why don’t u take a bath and come while I prepare some bites .

I didn’t waste any time . I ran to my room and took a quick shower and by the time I came back Aunty had aldready set the table. She had placed 2 glasses on the sofa table and was waiting for me. I came over and sat opposite Aunty.

Kerala Aunty: come sit near me Arjun . It’s easier to pour the whiskey. I used to always pour uncles drinks for him. U remind me of uncle . I want to see what u will do today after u get drunk. Hehe.

Me : Aunty, I will not get drunk today .but I am so happy to have drink with you. It was always my dream.

Aunty :” we will see who gets drunk. “. She poured me my first drink and said ” drink up” . I took a bottoms up. It was very strong . She kept pouring me drinks after drinks . In between she would drink a shot too. She looked totally hot and sexy sipping on her glass.

After about an hour of drinking and chitchat I was aldready feeling high. I was now getting restless and all I could think off was of lifting aunties saree up and sticking my cock into her pussy.Aunty realized it from my eyes and she put her hands on my thighs and started rubbing it.

Aunty: Arjun , if you want you can kiss me. I want you to kiss me.

I was so horny I didn’t wait to reply . I just grabbed her face and started kissing her lips. I put my tongue all the way in and started rolling it in and out . We exchanger salivas and out faces were all sloppy . She started moaning and her hands reached for my face. Her long nailed pierced my face in the mood and caused a little bleeding. The pain made me grab her hair and pull her back hard. She loved it and started begging me to treat her as my slave.

Aunty: Arjun, slap me Arjun on my face . Treat me any way you want . When you kissed me yesterday I wanted you to fuck me so badly.

I bent over and slapped her face just as she wanted me to. She kept begging me for more. I kept slapping and kissing her alternately till her face was red . I kept caressing her face in between to ease the pain. I was feeling so much in control. I then pulled her saree top and used both my hands to rip off her blouse . She just at ther helpless letting take control of her.

I then grabbed her hair again and pulled her to the ground. She was on her knees now .

Me: take my cock out and suck it u fucking bitch.

Aunty: yes Arjun , let me suck ur dirty cock. I want to taste ur sperm .give me all ur salty cum.

She pulled my boxers out and took my cock in her hands and started stroking gently. I didn’t have the patience. I pushed her hands away and took my cock in my hands and started jerking it myself.

I shoved my cock into her mouth and for a minute she was gasping for her breath. But she loved it when I choked her with my cock . She was finding it hard to take the entire cock in and had to puke out the whiskey she drank.

She then took another glass of whiskey and and poured it over my cock and started to lick it like a lolly pop.

After a while I was tired of her sucking . I pulled her back . I took th remaining whiskey in the glass , sipped on it and swapped the whiskey into her mouth.

Me : u like that don’t u Aunty. She just kept moaning all the way. I want u to drink my pee now .

Aunty : aaarhhhh yes Arjun . Pee on me Arjun . I want to bath in ur pee.

I took my cock and directed onto her face and started to pee. The drinking had filled my bladder and I could pee forever. I drenched her top to bottom in my urine. She had kept mouth open the whole time .

Aunty : hmmmm yummy baby now fuck me Arjun . I want your wet cock in my pussy. Show me me how good you can fuck.

I threw her down on the floor .i knelt in front of her and lifted her legs over my shoulder. I then pulled off her pink panties and threw it it away. I took the remaining whiskey bottle and poured all of it onto her . I then guided my dick into her wet pussy. I lay over her and started pounding her hard. Her hands reached for my ass pulling it towards her . Her finger nails scratching my ass causing me to react by slapping her face while fucking her deep.

I kept saying ” Lela Aunty , I love u bitch . Ur such a sweet lil fuckin whore.

Aunty : I love you too Arjun.

I kept slapping her and she kept begging me for more.

Finally I grabber her neck in my hands and with one final thrust came inside.

I pulled out and lay down beside her. We kissed the night away and finally took a shower together before sleeping.

Ever since that day I have only had drinking sessions with leela Aunty and she also taught many new ways to use alcohol to stimulate our sexual experience.

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