My First Fuck With My Sister

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This is my first story and is real and may be accepted. I am 19 yrs old and doing BSC in banglore. I have never seen a naked girls for 18 yrs but this is my first experience towards sex. First let me tell about my sister she is mind blowing she has a figure of 38 24 38 and she is fair she has big boobs. she is 4 yrs elder and her name is Manjula. She has finished her studies.
So let me start with the when I and my sister were alone at home and watching wrestling on TV and I was sitting on the chair watching it suddenly women’s wrestling started and she to was watching it so I asked whether she could wrestle with me but she ignored and I started teasing her that she was afraid and she got angry and changed the dress and said lets play this was the moment where I felt that I could touch her parts she had wore skirt and we started to wrestle with me.
I just made I as if I was losing but after few minutes I caught her legs and lift them up surely her skirt went down and I saw her pink panty she didn’t care but was yet trying not to lose to me then I did as if I had caught her from behind and caught her big boobs there were so soft as orange. she then took me down and pulled my shots I was on underwear she starts laughing I got angry and pulled her skirt but it didn’t come out so I caught her panty and pulled it out she screamed but she took of my shirt. Accidentally while playing I kissed her pink lips she felt great and it was this moment where I had a great chance to have sex with her.
While playing she to kissed me she then took of her skirt and was on black bra. I to was on under ware so I took her to my bedroom as no one enters it. I then took of her bra and kissed her lips and simultaneously kept on pressing her boobs I then took of my under ware she started playing with my cock as it had raised. she then took it in her mouth at same time I was sucking her boobs. I then started sucking shaved pussy. I asked her
that whether she shaves her pussy she said yes. then some one came in so she dressed quickly and went out it was my mom.
The next she came early in afternoon from her friends house and I to came early from college she saw me and bent down to remove her shoes I could see her v shape of her boobs my mom went to my cousin house and my sister went to her room to change dress seeing this I went to my sister room she was changing her dress I entered and caught her from behind and pressed here boobs I then made her sleep her on her bed and took my cock and tried to put in her pussy it didn’t go but after applying force it went she started making some noise like this ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa and asked for more I kept on fucking until the juice came out I then suck her pussy her juice was as sweet as my sister I then made her sit in Rocky style and fucked her ass she also made noise like morerreeeeeee aaahhhhhhhhhhhh ahaaaaaaaaaa she then took my cock in her mouth and kept on licking it I then put my finger in her pussy and kept on fingering for nearly 5 minutes. then I put my cock in between her breast and shaked it she sucked the juice of me while it was coming out.
it was really a fine experience to have sex but my sister got married but we yet have sex when she comes home from her husband house. we have sex at night as every one in the house will be sleeping.

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