My Indian maid became my mistress

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Hello I am 24 years old unmarried and just completed my graduation.
I was doing a job being away from home. It was the first day of my 1 week holiday in office.
A young maid around 30 years old called Monika worked for me and lived in the servants quarter. Though not educated much she was quite modern thinking and had left her husband 1.5 Years back…. And 1 year before started working for me.
I loved to sniff her panties when she was away and had been doing this for about 6 months.
One day when she had gone to dairy I slipped in her bathroom and was lost when suddenly after 5 minutes I realised she was right their and was filming me.
I got really scared she shouted at me like anything and told me she would make the video viral
I begged her not to do this….. After begging her for 15 minutes she agreed and told me that she is now the boss of my house and that I should refer to as maalkin.
She laughed and said I had been observing you for about 5 months and I knew it then only that you like to lick my panties. I also had seen your laptop twice in which femdom videos were playing…. I was shocked as I considered her a dumb maid…
She further told that she also had been watching a lot of femdom videos and was waiting for a good opportunity which has come today
Then suddenly her tone changed. She said you are from now on my paltu kutta and that she will call me Tommy….
She then raised her arms and ordered me to lick her armpits which were sweating heavily and were unshaved… After licking for a good 15 minutes…… My mistress then asked me to be naked.. I hesitated but she reminded me about the video… I got naked she then ordered me to remove her saree I obliged after stuffing her panties in my mouth she ordered me to wear it..
She then asked me to lick her ass and feet and then bath her in my bathroom….. I applied soap on her body…..
After bathing I dried her applied moisturizer and then she called her friend….. Our neighbour’s maid Nanda to come to our house and told her everything…. She was first surprised but maalkin told her everything…
I opened the door for Nanda she saw me in my panties…. She also raised her arms and asked me to lick her armpits which I did while my maid was telling her about the video and the incident……
She asked me to call her memsahab…… Then they went to the hall to eat dinner and drank coke….
It was quite late and they decided to watch a film….
I licked their feets while they were watching a desi movie….
The slept while watching and I slept on their feets….
When they wake up it was quite late in the morning.. They went to my room and took my credit card and asked me to wash their panties and other clothes and took a bath while they went for shopping…. I still did not realise how modern my desi maid was…. But out of fear I washed both of their clothes took a bath and wore the same panty
They came back after 2 hours and doing shopping worth around 1 lakh…..
She told me that Memsahab Nanda had to go to her village for an urgent work but she will come back in a few days…….
She ordered me to lick her armpits and feet…..
Then she told me to come to my bathroom which had become hers……
She told me to undress her and then asked me to lick her quite hairy pussy….
After licking she ordered me to shave her pussy and armpits which I did and again licked her clean…… She now did not had a single hair on her body…… And I bathed her……
This time she had brought shirt and shorts and she wore that…..
She then switched on the tv I kept standing beside her with a glass of juice…… She was telling me how she dreamed of such a day….. That my boss becomes my kutta and she took control of all the house……..
This went for a week she started taking English classes from internet watched lots of movies femdom videos while I served her and did all the household chores….
She slept at my bedroom while I slept at ground….. She would sleep naked and would often ask me to sniff her ass….. She would choke me with that big ass she had…..
I would be naked all the time or would just be in my panties…..
She had asked me to wax all my body and facial hair…. And would often put lipstick on me……..
She went to saloons and shopping daily……
I had got quite a good job.. Now that my one week break was over and our online video meeting starting I told her how important my job is for both of us……. My maalkin also realised that she needed money to enjoy….. So she gave me the permission and one coat but below I must be in my panties…….
My beautiful busty maid was transforming a lot…… She started wearing quite revealing and hot clothes…. Learnt quite good English and also started working out…….
I would lick all her sweaty body her armpits her ass after her workouts and then would bath her…….
Till now she did quite mild femdom….. But as I said she was transforming not only in her personality but in choices as well
She had sexual desires and was getting a lot of attention……
She started drinking and going to late night parties……
One day she came back with a tall muscular boy…… I realised he was our neighbour’s day watchman Vinod……
I was shocked that he has seen me in this condition…… I felt quite humiliated but I did not what was next……
She said Tommy this is your new master greet him on all fours….. I went on all fours and licked his feet…… She continued. Tommy I want you to suck your master Vinod’s cock….. I was speechless……
But he whipped me hard and I went and took out his cock which was MASSIVE……. It was the size of pornstars…… I sucked her cock while they were smooching then Vinod lifted her and went to my maalkin’s bedroom…… My maalkin signed me to come to their bedroom while still smooching…….
He was giving him anal while I was licking my maalkin feet…….. Then I licked Vinod’s cum filled cock and proceeded to lick the cum of my maalkin while they were smooching…… They fucked for a lot of time in different positions while I suck the cock balls pussy armpit feet…….
This continued as my mistress would come up with a different man every night from bar and sometimes my colony different servants and I would follow the same procedure of licking while they were fucking my mistress maid……
I would do my job in morning but the rest of the day I would be her slave…… She had full control of my body and money……..
Every servant in the colony knew by then….. She would call her friends and I would serve them……
She even got me a tattoo….. I am mistress Monika slave!!

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