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My little sister lost her virginity

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Hello friends, I am Shikher and I am 35 now and a married person. I am a sex lover and love experiment in sex. I am seeing blue films and reading sex stories since i was 14. Since then only I am addict to do masturbation. I do sex with wife and fuck her almost every night since our marriages. And even in her period days, I fucked her mouth and boobs. She never allowed to fuck her asshole to me. Still, I love to do masturbation. Sometime, I feel it helps to release my stress or give me pleasure feeling if i am unhappy and worry about something. I don’t know about others. But, you must notice and please share with me here if this is true in your case also.
Friends, I am sorry if I am making your bore. Lets direct come to story. It is about my little sister Himani and mine. She lost her virginity with me. I had lost of sex experience as I had spend my time in hostel but ones I came back and till my college time. I didn’t get opportunity to have sex. I used to do masturbation every day before sleep. Even, I tried putting my dick between pillows and then fuck them. We had rounded pillow in our house. I loved to put my dick in between and play. My little sister Himani is 4 years younger than me. i was 22 and she had become 18 by then. It was her 12th and she used to do maths with me.
Generally, I had time in night only. So, she used to come to my room and study. In spite of rainy and cold nights. She used to wear only sleeveless undies or barmuda. She never wear a bra inside her undies at home. Whenever she get little down. I could see her boob’s line and also some portion of boobs. Her act always made me hard. I always felt uncomfortable and control myself. But, sometime due to pressure or tight clothes. My dick had been seen and i faced embarrassed situations. Himani always smiled on my things. But, I never had courage to done something with her. One day, i was reading sex stories. It was a description of a sexual relationship with brother and sister.
The person said correctly that ones two opposite sex has arrived at peak point of their teenage and felt physical attraction, can smell body fragrance. It means both are ready for sex and want each other. After than, the relationship never matters. If two are bother and sister, after this feeling. They are pussy and penis, thats all. If two opposite sex people understand this, can enjoy sex at home only. He also given tips how to seduce your own sister. I Was thinking to apply same for that night only. I opened that website on my mobile and kept in such a way that she can see. She asked what is it? But, I said nothing and went outside. She took my phone and read the entire story. I was hiding myself and was noticing her facial colours. She felt something and she put her hand inside her barmuda and checked. She was wet.
That night, it was up and I said – lets stop and sleep. She went to her room. It happened continually for 2 – 3 night. She had become horny and It was my last step. It was Saturday night. My mom and dad used to go to my grand-father house on every weekend. Sometime we go and sometime not. This time, we stay behind. I had downloaded a movie from internet and it was a romantic holliwood movie. I had been made assure that it must have lots of love making scene or sex scenes. We had dinner and then she brought coffee. We were seeing movie. It was great. After few sex scene, I could see that my sister was feeling crazy. She was breathing fast.
I could see the movement of her boobs which were going up and down with her fast flow of breath. It was long kissing scene going on screen. It was right time for me and I got close to her and kept my lips on her lips. She said nothing and hold her hands tight. I felt good and I caught her face and started kissing her passionately. She was not saying anything. Then, I made her sleep on floor and came over her. My dick was very hard and it was touching on her pussy. She was still breathing fast. In next 5 minutes, I was all nude and started rubbing my dick on her pussy from over her barmuda. She was moving her ass and saying please fuck me now. It is so hot and wet. I can’t control any more.
I didn’t want to make any delay. I made her nude instantly. Wow, her boobs were super hot and her brown nipple over her boobs was making my lips wet. Her pussy between small bushes was super hot. She had taken my dick in her hands and started pressing and rubbing on her clit. She was moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahah hmmm hmmmm… She had hold me tight and scratched my back with her nails. I was rubbing dick on her pussy. She had closed her eyes and feeling sexual pleasure. Suddenly, I had pushed my dick inside her pussy. only few inch went inside and she started shouting. She hugged me tight and scratched my back. She was shouting – please leave me. Please take it out…. It is soooo hot…. I am going to die… I was not listening her and stroked again. This time, little more than half of my dick went inside and in third stroke, my entire dick was inside her pussy. She was crying and asking me to take out my dick.
Her pussy was bleeding and I could feel something was coming our from her pussy. I was stroking hard and fast. She was crying and asking to stop. But, I had been curial enough. After 15 minutes, she also started responding by moving her ass. She started enjoying and saying – fucking me hard… Fuck me sister fucker… fuck me hard mother fucker… It was so horny.. I am getting mad… yes.. fuck me hard… She had come 2 time and entire carpet was deep with her blood and cum. After 35 minutes of continues fucking, I was about to cum. I started stroking fast and as I felt that it is now finally coming. I pulled my dick out and released my all cum on her pussy. It was very hot and she saying saying hmmmm… hmmmm…. I fell on her and we slept like that for some time.
I fucked her 3 times that night. Her pussy was red hot in morning. I had taken her to doctor and she had given some medicine. It made her feel comfortable. After that day, we both behave like husband and wife and enjoy sex whenever got opportunity. So friends, this is how my little sister lost her virginity. If you have same kind of sex experience. I would love to know how did you lose your virginity. Can you post that in comment for me please!

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