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My Masters Lactation Slave

210 Min Read

I sat in front of the PC and stared in awed disbelief at the message on the screen, I had placed the ad on the adult web site less than twenty-four hours ago and already I had almost a dozen responses. I was admittedly surprised because the details of the ad specified a certain type of woman I was looking for and usually I found it a challenge to locate a woman either willing or even eager to fill my needs.
I scanned through the responses eliminating all the subjects with kids or any ex husbands; I didn’t want to deal with those things in a relationship. However, I paused reading the fifth message noting that the woman was a widow and she had sent me a picture of her wearing a very brief bikini that barely contained her large, ripe breasts. The photo showed she was full figured though her bosom was noticeably full in its generosity.
A glance at her data told me she was in her early thirties and had no family in this part of the country, a possible keeper I thought. I continued through the other seven candidates and found two others that fitted the bill of what I wanted. I sat down and composed a brief E-mail instructing them to send me a second picture; this time topless in a pose that they found erotic.
I went back to the house that evening wondering just how these women would respond to my instructions, posing in a bikini or bathing suit for a stranger is one thing, topless is quite another. I ate a quite dinner that night and then sitting down at my PC I went on line to chat a bit only to discover that I had two messages waiting me in the adult web site I had placed my ad.
I opened the web page and sure enough there were two messages waiting me. I opened the first one and found it was a response from one of the women. She flat out told me she wouldn’t send me any photos of her topless until we had chatted and got to know each other better. I deleted her message and opened the second to find another letter that peaked my curiosity.
Dear Sir X,
I received your request a few minutes ago and understand your desire to see what I have to offer you. I have no problem with that, however before you open the attached photos please read this first. I feel that you need to know a bit about me initially, so there will be no misconceptions about my background.
I was married for ten years to a very dominate man that I submitted to, not just as his wife; but as his submissive. He started me lactating four years ago and I have milked my breasts every day since selling the product to local milk banks for mothers that need it for their newborns.
As you will see in the photos I am into serious breast and nipple discipline, also I enjoy bondage and going about wearing just lingerie. I hope that you can understand my needs and it poses no problems for us to chat, thank you for reading this first.
I blinked my eyes at the message and with trembling fingers clicked on the first picture attached to the E mail. It opened and I found myself looking at a woman bent over at the waist, wearing a waist cincher, stockings, and heels. A black leather sleeve encased her arms which were drawn behind her attached to a cable hanging from the ceiling above her.
Her lush ripe breasts hung from her chest about the size of two large flawless cantaloupes each one capped with a transparent cylinder that clung to her dark engorged nipples that were drawn into them from the suction applied. Her face was clearly visible to the camera and the raw lust and need I saw in her eyes told me she was totally enjoying her torment.
I opened the second attachment and discovered Melinda standing in front of a pine tree totally naked wearing only a set of slave cuffs and a collar. Her lush breasts were adorned with clothes pins crushing her dark nipples. Her creamy flesh was marked with bright pink lines from the switch she held in her mouth as she gazed into the camera. I saved the photos to my hard drive and started typing a letter to her as my pulse raced;
Dear Melinda,
I just got your letter and after reading it I viewed the two photos you attached to it. To say I am impressed is putting it mildly. I was not expecting to find a submissive when I placed this ad; however, I think that perhaps we can find common ground if we sit down and talk this over.
I have no relative experience as a Dom. However I must confess that I would be open to learning in order to fulfill your needs. I am an alpha male and am used to running my own business so I feel that is a plus factor in my behalf. I am listing my phone number if you want to call and discuss this. I leave that up to you, if you call we can go from there. I have attached a photo of myself for you to view also.
Sir X.
I was watching TV when my laptop resting on the coffee table chirped telling me I had an E mail message, my head snapped around so fast I almost fell off the couch. I had thought long and hard about the add I had found in the web site only yesterday but in the end had determined to take the chance that it was legit and not a scam to get some kinky pictures of women.
Reaching over I lifted the slim Mac to my lap and with the stroke of my slender finger I opened the letter. I smiled as I read the words before me and fought down the butterflies that came with them, a phone call? I could handle that, no harm there. Oh he sent me a photo, what a nice touch! I opened it to see a well knit Caucasian male on one knee beside a beautiful golden retriever.
Sir X wasn’t movie star handsome, but he had a ruggedly, earthy masculinity about him that sent a shiver of anticipation through me. His openness about his lack of knowledge in dominating a woman really didn’t bother me too much, a bit of research on the web could bring him up to speed in short order.
A few clicks later I knew what state he lived in by the area code and prefix of his phone and smiled. He was about two states away, interesting! I set aside the Mac and lifting my cell phone I entered his number into the memory then hit the call tab as I held my breath wondering what the next few minutes held in store.
I was actually sitting on the commode when the phone rang and with a laugh I plucked my cell from the leather holder on my belt. I didn’t recognize the number and I smiled wondering if it was Melinda, I answered as I always did, �Jack speaking.�
There was silence for several moments then a soft yet husky female voice shyly asked, �Sir X?�
I swallowed hard and replied, �Melinda?�
�Yes Sir.�
�Well this is a very nice surprise; I wasn’t expecting to hear from you for awhile.� I replied soberly.
�Oh why is that?� she inquired hesitantly.
�Well to be honest I thought you might want some time to think this over before taking this step. Not that I mind at all you understand.� I replied.
She giggled and quipped, �Well to be brutally honest I felt I should call before I chickened out.�
I chuckled and retorted, �Melinda, you are a very beautiful unique woman, you have absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about.�
I blushed and retorted, �Well not many men want a woman with big cow tits that get’s off being tied up and milked, then screwed in the ass.�
His voice was warm as he retorted, �You might be surprised dear lady, there’s a fine line between fantasy role playing and actual submission in your case. I mean wanting a human cow isn’t very usual these days, but having a woman that likes to get her tit’s milked every day is special.�
�True enough, �I conceded, �However does the aspect of disciplining a woman’s body bother you?�
He was silent for a few moments then he replied, �As long as I know she wants that and that I’m not abusing her, but rather adding pleasure to the sex aspect of things I think I can do it. I know enough about the color code system, are you familiar with it?�
�Yes I used it with my late husband. May I ask some questions?�She inquired.
�By all means;�I insisted.
She paused for a few moments then inquired, �You mentioned in your add you live out in the country?�
�Yes, I own a rather large tract of land about a half mile from my nearest neighbor. I have several out buildings on the property. One is a rather large stone barn where I want to have a stall and milking stantion placed to milk you in. The upper level of the barn is all finished off and part of it could be made into a discipline room for you.�
�I see, that would be nice to have a room to role play in for us. What do you do for a living?�She asked shyly.
I laughed and replied;�Would you believe I design bedrooms and adult play rooms for a very discreet special clientele?�
There was open surprise in her voice as she gasped, �Really, for real?�
�Yes indeed, I designed one for a couple in California about a week ago and sent a crew out to do the job, it will cost them about 30K by the time it’s all furnished with the bondage equipment they want in it.�He replied.
�Oh my god you design bondage chambers?� she demanded.
�Sometimes, other clients want an Arabian Nights room, or a starship officer’s quarters. I’ve even done a captain’s quarters of an old sailing ship of the British Navy for a couple that liked to have his female cabin boy tied up and flogged by the captain.�He insisted.
�I would never have thought there would be a market for that type of thing.� I quipped.
�I get a lot of couples that just want a master suite that caters to a romantic sensual setting for normal sexual activity. When you consider the amount of time a couple spends in the bedroom, it only makes sense to make it a bit lavish.�
She agreed and I asked, �And what is your line of work, since were on the subject?�
Her giggle made him smile as she quipped, �You won’t believe me.�
He chuckled and retorted, �Try me.�
�I own an erotic lingerie shop.�I sighed.
He stood and laughed as he tucked the phone under his neck and exclaimed, �Oh you naughty lady, no wonder you like to run around in Lingerie, you get a discount!�
�That’s true but also I can order anything I like and no one asks any questions. I also carry a very exclusive line of breast harnesses for fellow submissive around here.�She informed him.
I had to admit that his voice, rich and filled with confidence sent shivers through me. Not even my late husband radiated such commanding authority. Master X wasn’t even dominating me yet and still my thick nipples were aching with need. I found my hand cupping my lace covered left udder as I toyed with my nipple.
I stifled a moan and to my acute embarrassment he insisted, �Are you getting off on this Melinda?�
I blushed and confessed, �Well sort of, your voice is so sexy and authoritative. I like a man who takes control and makes me obey him.�
His next words sent a rush through me as he asked, �You have a web cam?� I replied that I did and he told me to go on line and contact him in YM. Tucking the phone under my chin I set my laptop on the coffee table as I ask him about his long range plans for himself.
I invited him to join me on line and in mere seconds I saw his face on my monitor. He smiled at me and asked, �Disappointed?�
I shook my head and retorted, �God no! It’s just that, well-a- I normally don’t do this type of thing this quickly.�
He nodded in response and then he declared;�What happens here is up to you Melinda, I will tell you what I want, but you must decide what you will do, understand?�
�Yes, I understand Sir.� I replied blushing.
I had to admit that Melinda’s peaches and cr�me complexion blended well with her dark brown hair that was highlighted with streaks of burnished gold. Her facial structure held a slight Hispanic cast to it and the black lace camisole she wore along with her cut offs only enhanced her lush figure.
I smiled at her and taking a deep breath I spoke, �The pictures you sent are amazing. Your husband was a very lucky man. How did you get started in the D/s lifestyle?�
�We found a couple of DVD’s at an adult book store and after watching them we concluded that it was something we both wanted to try. Tom was very dominating to begin with so it wasn’t all that hard to take it to the next level.� She informed me over the phone.
I caught the glitter in her eyes and asked, �Okay Melinda, what’s on your mind?�
Blushing, a deep crimson she whispered, �Please, I need you to take control, it’s been so long since a man took charge and I really need that-�
I nodded and asked, �You have any toys handy?�
�In the bedroom, I’ll take my laptop in there and plug it in by the bed, okay?�
�Yes, do it now Wench!� I insisted firmly. Her girlish giggle told me she was happy to comply. I waited as she set the Mac notebook on her bed. Her bedroom from what I could see was nicely appointed and totally feminine, just as I expected it to be. She turned the laptop so the high resolution camera was focused on her womanly form and she knelt on the floor beside the bed and placing her hands behind her head thrust the lace camisole covered chest towards me as she smiled into the camera and spoke, �I am here to please you Sir, command me and I will obey.�
To be honest I was stunned at my response to Jack’s attitude, I was not at all in the habit of submitting to a stranger this early in a on line relationship. I had found it a challenge sorting out the players from the real Doms and most of them were taken. However there was just something in his eyes that conveyed to me a deep inner sense of untapped authority and dominance that I was eager to unlock.
I looked into the screen and waited anxiously wondering just what lay in store for me. It had been months since I had even had a man speak to me in a commanding tone of voice and when Jack had ordered me to the bedroom I had almost wet my pants.
His eyes swept over my kneeling form and then his voice came across the cell phone’s speaker, �Melinda do you have your pumps handy?�
A shiver coursed through me as I realized what he wanted me to do. I nodded and he smiled eagerly as he informed me, �I want to watch you milk your big fat tits as you sit with a dildo in your tight pussy.�
I bit my lower lip and hesitated as he inquired, �Is that possible, or did you recently express all your milk?�
I shook my head and shyly asked, �Sir may this wench ask a small favor of you?�
He nodded and I suggested, �Might this wench have her milk swollen udders disciplined first by your command?�
I saw his eyes widen as he considered my suggestion and he nodded as he replied, �I think I can handle that, however since I have no idea just what you have in mind might you give me an idea of what you are thinking?�
I blushed and reaching onto the bed lifted a wooden slotted spoon up before the camera and suggested,� Perhaps a dozen strokes to my udders, five strokes to each one; three to the tops and sides, two to the tender undersides and the last one to each nipple? After I remove my clothes and play with my big fat udders for you of course.�
Her bold declaration hit me like a slap upside the head and suddenly my cock was as hard as a rock as I agreed, �Yes you shameless slut, take off that camisole and show me those big fat cow tits. You have no right to wear clothing in my presence!� I heard her giggle as she stood and facing the camera slid the straps off her creamy shoulders and eased the taunt black lace down letting her generous breasts bounce free.
Her lush udders were a work of art; even as she leaned forward to slip off the two garments I found my hands aching to cup and heft her generous hooters. She knelt again before me keeping her knees wide allowing me an excellent view of her hairless pussy and fantastic breasts. I asked, �Alright slut, just how big are those udders of mine?�
She bit her lip and replied, �Normally I’m a 38DD, but now I’m a fill E cup. After about twelve hours I can produce almost a full pint of milk unless I’m well stimulated, then I can go even more. Shall I keep a verbal count for you Sir and play with my tits between each stroke or just punish my tits hard and fast?�
I knelt on the satin cushion waiting for his verdict knowing that playing with my nipples between each stroke would make me horny as hell and just the pumping action would bring me off. He smiled at me and spoke firmly, �Take your biggest dildo and force it in your pussy you whore!�
I swallowed hard and looking up on the mattress found the black ribbed dildo that I used only once in awhile. I picked it up and showed it to him on the camera and he nodded in approval then ordered, �Lick it well bitch; show me how well you can use your mouth on a cock.�
I blushed at his crude language as I realized that he was proving to be a natural dominate and if he kept this up he would be keeping me quite happy. My entire body was trembling in anticipation of obeying his commands. I reached under the bed and slid out the small basin I kept there to pour my milk into from the pumps and set it aside in preparation for what I knew was coming. My bald pussy mound was actually throbbing as I licked the black rubber surface of the dildo and played with my nipples for him.
I stared in awed wonder and delight at the screen of my 54 inch plasma TV that I had my PC hooked into as I watched this stunning brunette lick the ribbed dildo. Her breasts were not just flawless, they were engorged with milk and I was eager to watch her apply the pumps to her puffy, swollen areoles and thick dark nipples.
Her eyes glittered as she moaned and swirled her skilled tongue around the flared tip of the black shaft and then slid it into her mouth coating it with saliva. She held it up and smiled as she whispered, �God I wish this was you. It’s been so long since I’ve had a real hard cock in my mouth Sir.�
I grinned and retorted, �We’ll work on that you wanton whore, now slide it in your hairless cunt, nice and hard.�
I watched as she rose up on her knees and biting her lower lip focused her attention on positioning the dildo under her pouting swollen labia. She eased the tip in place and looking at me she asked, �May I sit down Sir?� I nodded and she dropped groaning as it lanced into her tight passage, she shivered visibly as she gasped, �Oh Sweet Jesus, Oh fuck that’s good!� Her crude, naughty language turned me on even more as I watched her rock on the black dildo.
I sat impaled on the ribbed shaft as I picked up the spoon and waited for permission to proceed. Just the look in his eyes told me he was both awed and pleased as the low frequency buzzing in my cunt pulsed through my swollen throbbing clit. His voice over the speaker phone brought my eyes wide as he commanded, �Alright you cock hungry slut, I want to see marks on those big fat cow tits, or you don’t get an orgasm, understand?�
I swallowed hard realizing that Jack was actively making an effort to fill his new role as my dominant and for me that was a good thing as I craved it. His voice was firm as he instructed me, �Just as you agreed to, but stop and tease those nipples between each stroke. Show me how you like it done.�
I blushed and nodded, �Yes Sir Jack.� I hefted my milk swollen udders in my hands and squeezed them as I held them out for him. I could feel the heat radiating from my pussy as I squeezed and worked my tits, my dark nipples were aching with need and I knew all too well it wouldn’t take much to have them dripping on the carpet beside my bed.
I got my nipples rock hard and picking up the spoon brought it down on my left udder with a solid, �WHAP!� The sting brought a low groan from my lips as I felt the delicious pain radiate from my breast to my aching cunt. Without a second thought I switched hands and again brought the spoon to my other udder with a second solid stroke as I whimpered.
I could clearly see on the screen the light pink marks on Melinda’s flawless creamy udders and I licked my lips discovering that I was wishing I was there to take over the task at hand. I had never even considered disciplining a woman’s breasts before yet seeing the way this wanton wench relished in it was both awe inspiring and totally erotic. It was becoming easier to understand why a man would want to dominate and control a woman; especially one as eager to please as Melinda.
Her bright red lacquered nails gripped her nipples and she tugged at them, stretching out her lush udders towards the camera before she again brought the spoon to the tender flesh of her swollen creamy tits. I took a sip of my soda and asked, �How does it feel slut?�
Her voice was raw with lust as she whimpered, �Oh Sir it hurts so good, may I continue, please?�
I nodded replying, �Lift your tits by the nipples using your fingernails when you target the undersides, wench!�
Looking up into the cam she licked her lips and inquired, �Are you sure you’ve never been a Dom? You sure are getting into this fast.�
I chuckled and retorted, �I guess it’s just natural for a man to want to control a beautiful sexy woman like you.�
She nodded and blushed, �I think we are going to get on splendidly, shall I continue Sir?�
Jack’s reference indicating he found me beautiful sent a thrill through me as I brought the spoon again to my milk swollen tits, most men thought I was too top heavy and my figure too curvy for their liking. The pain from the spoon was both delightful and yet only enhanced my need to be fucked, I so hoped that he wasn’t just using me, I really liked the way he made me feel and for the first time since I had lost Tom I felt an actual connection to a man.
The last two strokes to my moist nipples almost made me orgasm as Jack watched me shake and quiver before him. He waited until I had caught my breath then he firmly commanded, �Okay bitch, now I want to see you milk those big fat udders! Make the milk squirt from those nipples for me as you ride that dildo!�
His verbal command sent a shiver through me as I reached for the transparent cups and turned on the commercial grade milking pump. I eased the cups over my hurting, throbbing dark nipples and my mouth dropped open in a silent cry of anguish as the powerful suction clamped them down against my udders.
I removed my hands so Jack could view my areoles as they were drawn into the cups by the powerful machine. I could feel my life giving nectar flowing through my ducts and through my nipples as I rocked my hips lewdly on the buzzing shaft in my cunt. My poor brain was in a fog of sexual bliss as I let my hand find my clit and I gently stroked it as I begged, �Oh please Good sir may this whore cum, please?�
I faintly heard Jack’s voice grant me permission and seconds later I squealed in total bliss as my first orgasm coursed through my womanly form. Everything from that point on was a blur of sexual pleasure and warmth as I felt the milk flowing from my nipples and through the tubes into the container. I held my tits out to the camera as I rode the dildo shamelessly as Jack called me a slut and a cock hungry whore.
His words were quite true and I had no regrets knowing I was being a total wanton slut, but I was also having the best orgasms I had experienced in months with him. I found myself aching to know what it would be like to actually be with him and have him in total control of my body.
I watched the blue/white fluid flow down the tubes into the catch container from Melinda’s swollen udders and licked my lips wanting to taste the sweet essence of her breasts. They juddered on her chest as she shamelessly rode that thick black dildo and the glazed look in her eyes told me she was in total bliss. Her hands squeezed her creamy cantaloupes as she groaned and whimpered, �Oh thank you sir, this wench is so grateful. How may I ever repay your kindness?�
I smiled as I pondered her question and came up with an idea; it was going to be interesting to see just how eager she was to go the distance. I waited as she regained her composure and asked, �Are you about empty now?�
She leaned over and I gasped as the suction cups clung to her nipples, my god I would so love to fuck her like that. She grinned at the camera and insisted, �My husband took me like this all the time. It is so great having a hard cock in you while you’re being milked.
The flow has slowed a bit but I’m not quite empty just yet. I can turn up the suction a bit if you like sir. It hurts a bit but I can handle it.�
�Yes, do it wench, I like to see you squirm a bit.�I insisted. Melinda blushed and complied, watching her swallow hard as the motor’s pitch changed and she gasped, �Aw shit!�
Thinking back I don’t know why I told Jack that I could turn up the suction but now I realize that I was wondering if he could grasp the fact I needed the added pain to produce more milk. However his command sent a shiver through me and I sat there holding out my almost empty udders to him seeing the glint of lust and desire in his eyes as he viewed my naked body. I rose up on my knees and let the glistening dildo slide from my lower passage and lifting it to my lips started licking my own juices from it as I smiled and insisted, �I wish this was you Sir, I so enjoy sucking a hard cock.�
I looked up and let the dildo drop to the floor as I saw the blank, dark screen, Jack was gone! I made a frantic grab for the phone thinking something had happened to his computer only to hear a dial tone. SHIT!
* * *
I was unlocking the front door to my lingerie shop the next morning when I heard the phone ringing. Dropping my bag on the counter I plucked up the phone and answered it to hear a slightly familiar male voice insist, �Hey are you angry with me for last night?�
My mouth dropped open in total bewilderment and surprise as I demanded, �Jack, what on earth, how did you get this number? I tried to call you back but the call wouldn’t go through.�I insisted anxiously.
His voice was filled with suppressed aggravation as he explained, �I called you on my cell and my PC is hooked up to DSL at the local tower too. Someone was working on the tower and messed it up, so I’m calling you from my office land line. They are supposed to have the tower fixed later this morning, so they say. I’m sorry Melinda, things were just getting interesting.�
I giggled and glanced about making sure someone hadn’t come in before replying, �Yes indeed it was. I bottled up the milk for you and was thinking about freezing it and sending it to you; if you like.�
�No. When I drink your milk it will be directly from your udders cow.�He declared firmly.
I gasped, �Jack, what are you saying?�
�I know this is pushing things a bit but if you can get away for a weekend,� He responded, �I think we have a good chance of getting on well. I think that will tell us if we have a future together, don’t you agree?�
I waited with bated breath as she pondered my suggestion and then I glanced at my watch as I heard the door of her shop chime, everything was right on schedule. I heard a female voice ask for her and she identified herself. I waited patiently then heard her gasp as she exclaimed, �Jack you sent me roses! Oh my God, how did you know my name or my address?�
I chuckled and replied, �Relax Angel, it was very easy. You gave me your first name and that you own a lingerie shop. I Goggled your name along with lingerie in Tulsa and BINGO!, By the way nice web site work, how many can there be in Tulsa? Besides, I felt so badly about last night. It’s not proper to screw a lady and run.�
I heard the door chime as the delivery girl left as she giggled playfully and sighed, �Care for a rematch tonight?�
I chuckled and replied, �Oh we might chat and get to know each other a bit. The big question here is do you trust me?�
She was silent for several moments then replied, �I’d like to Jack. You have no idea how much.�
�Okay, grab a pen and write this down.� I heard her move things around then gave her my full name and address before insisting, �Look me up, I want you to feel safe and know I’m being straight with you. If you want to meet I’ll set it all up for us. Enjoy the roses Melinda; I’ll call you tonight.�
The rest of the day seemed like a few brief minutes as I waited on customers and accepted an order from a supplier. By the time I returned home my lush breasts were aching with need to be pumped out and I hurried into my bedroom hoping that Jack would be on line. I sent him a message and slipped on my headset hoping he would be there.
His response was almost instantaneous and in a few moments he was watching me as I undressed down to a mere garter-belt, stockings, and heels. His voice was filled with appreciation as he groaned, �Oh you shameless whore, teasing a poor man like this. I’m keeping score you know!�
I knelt before the cam and looking into his deep blue eyes insisted, �Keeping score, what do you mean?�
�I mean I’m keeping tabs on how you drive me crazy so I can properly discipline you when we get together in about four days.�He insisted eagerly.
I gazed at his smiling image on the screen and gasped, �In four days, this weekend; where?� The thought of refusing him hadn’t even entered my mind. He winked at me telling me he had reserved us the embassy suite at the most lavish hotel in KC, for the entire weekend. I was stunned and awed at the rapid speed this relationship was progressing. He paused and inquired, �That is if you want to drive halfway to meet me in KC. on Friday afternoon.�
I waited as she looked at me in total shock then exclaimed, �Of course I will; what shall I bring with me?�
I chuckled and retorted, �Just one dress for going out and a lot of erotic lingerie, plus your pumps. I will give you instructions on what to wear for the trip to KC.�
Her soft giggle preceded her plea, �Sir this lusty wench’s udders are so full they hurt; may she pump them out for your pleasure?�
I viewed her delicious body and agreed on the condition that she kept the milk and drank it for me. She made a face but agreed and I grinned at her as she turned on the pumps and brought the transparent plastic cylinders to her swollen leaking nipples. She held the cylinders in place till they had a firm grip then placing her laptop on the floor she knelt on all fours letting her generous udders sway under her as the pumps drained her sweet nectar.
The view was totally decadent as she shimmied her shoulders making her creamy breasts sway under her in full view of the camera as I heard her moan and declare, �Oh God you must promise to fuck me like a bitch in heat when you milk me this weekend. I need my ass beat so badly Sir, please?�
I laughed at her open eagerness to please and retorted, �You shameless whore, by rights I should make you crawl naked around the suite all next weekend. Have you no shame?�
Her eyes gleamed at me in the camera as she smiled back and shook her head, �None Sir, I am a total whore and I obey my Sirs commands.�
Thank God I only had four more days of this to endure, my god she was going to pay for this!
Meeting Day
I had placed Melinda’s cell phone number in mine set to speed dial 7 and she had mine on hers as well before I left my place that Friday morning. I had three bags packed, one had clothes, the second had my new collection of B&D toys I had purchased on line over the past week and the third clothing bag held a very special dress for Melinda to wear for me.
I had found it in a website that sold clothes for women to wear for parties and clubbing, it was so naughty and daring that I knew she would probably refuse to wear it in public. Not that I cared so much, just having her model it for me would get my crank going. I made sure everything was locked down, loaded the luggage in my Solstice and I hit the road.
The sultry brunette reflected in the mirror smiled coyly and twisted her body at the waist as I took note of how much cleavage my silver gray silk blouse revealed. It was considerable but I had to admit it showed less than my bikini halter I usually wore sunbathing. However the black satin and lace cincher under it was designed to lift and enhance my lush E’s leaving my nipples exposed to poke against the fabric of the blouse.
Under my short leather mini skirt I wore only stockings held up by the straps from the cincher and my new silver five inch heels. I felt totally decadent as I looked at the single large wheeled bag that contained my pumps, toys, and lingerie plus a little black dress that would have Jack drooling in no time flat.
I had called the hotel on a whim making sure Jack had actually made the reservations and breathed a sigh of relief assured that he had, however it didn’t stop the butterflies from flying around in my stomach as I loaded my little MR2 Spyder and closed the shop door behind me at noon. Ten minutes later Tulsa was behind me and I was headed off for a wild weekend as Jack’s sexual submissive wondering what was going to happen when I arrived in Kansas City.
The last two days had been a whirlwind of exchanges between us. For some reason Jack had insisted I send him a detailed account of my ultimate sexual fantasy and I had sat down that Wednesday evening and processed out a five page encounter that I had to admit I had always fantasized about but never had the courage to tell anyone, not even my late husband.
Mainly because Tom had never liked the idea of allowing anyone outside our marriage to know about our lifestyle, but I had no qualms about it as long as they were discrete. I smiled to myself remembering how Jack had reacted when I had asked him if he had read it and he grinned asking me if I was really that submissive. I told him that as long as it was discreet and not obvious to others I had no problem submitting to him in public. His knowing grin had made my pulse race as I started wondering just what he had in mind for me when I arrived in KC.
I was just crossing the state border when I slid the cordless mic/earpiece in my ear and touching the call button on my phone mounted on the dash called Melinda’s phone. It rang twice and her voice came back filled with eagerness,� Hi Jack, where are you?�
I chuckled and told her then asked; �How open minded are you to starting this weekend a bit early?�
She laughed and quipped, �What do you have in mind Sir?�
I smiled hearing the anticipation in her voice as I asked, �Are you dressed as I requested?�
She giggled and replied, �Yes Sir, right down to the color of my shoes.�
I checked my mirror then changed lanes moving around a slower moving vehicle as I decreed, �Excellent wench, I want you to do something for me.�
She was silent for a few moments then she answered, �Of course Sir, what is it you require?�
�I want you to unbutton your blouse all the way down and draw the sides back just enough to show your entire cleavage. You will leave it that way unless you stop for fuel or have to exit your vehicle, understand?� I ordered firmly.
I could almost imagine her blushing over the phone as she sighed, �Yes Sir, I fueled my car before I left Tulsa and I have a cooler here loaded with snacks so I won’t have to stop along the way except to use the bathroom, unless you command me to.�
I smiled and listened as she continued; �I’m unbuttoning my blouse now Sir, it’s all undone as you ordered, the breeze coming through the window is pushing it back allowing a nice view of my breasts Sir. However my nipples and areoles are still covered, is that acceptable Sir?�
I grinned and asked, �Quite acceptable, how does that feel Slut?�
Her voice was husky with lust as she confessed, �Very naughty Sir, you do realize I’m driving a convertible Sir?�
I blinked my eyes in total shock as I demanded, �What? Is the top down?�
�Of course Sir, it’s a beautiful summer day.�She replied with a soft laugh.
I quickly decreed, �Melinda, roll up the side windows right now. I can’t risk having you stopped by a state trooper.� There was silence for several moments then she answered, �I rolled them up Sir, without the breeze the view is much more, discreet shall we say?�
I laughed and retorted;�Melinda I don’t believe you are so uninhibited. Things will be very interesting this weekend.�
She giggled and responded warmly, �I was the open one in my marriage Sir, Tom was the conservative part of our team. I was open to anything as long as it wasn’t blatantly obvious.�
I smiled and declared, �I’m going to hold you to that when we get to the hotel, remember that.�
She giggled and replied, �God I hope so. I am so horny I could fuck a coke bottle, with the cap still on!�
I laughed and told her to drive safely.
I called Jack just before taking the proper off ramp to the hotel and to my surprise he informed me that there was a message waiting for me at the front desk. I resecured the lower three pearl snaps on my blouse as directed and pulled into the entrance to the hotel where an eager young man came out to unload the front compartment of my Toyota.
I knew he was enjoying the view as he held open my door for me and I swung my stocking-clad legs out giving him a glimpse of my lush cleavage and stocking tops. I smiled at him and winked playfully as my pulse raced in anticipation of what the impending hours held with Jack. I was all too aware that this could either be a total disaster or the start of something very intense.
The physical chemistry was there and it was very high volume, but did Jack possess the ability to be the man I needed, the forceful commanding Dom that would give me the discipline I craved?
A second young man drove my car away and I followed the bell boy inside the plush lobby to the desk where a very pretty young woman greeted me with a warm smile welcoming me to the hotel. I smiled back and inquired, �Do you have a message for Melinda Graham?� The woman nodded and reaching behind her she picked up a pale blue envelope which she extended to me as she informed me, �The bell captain will show you to your suite when you’re ready Ms. Graham.�
I nodded and moving away from the desk I crossed the floor to a plush seat. Sitting down I broke the seal on the back and withdrew the single sheet of hand written script. I scanned the page and my breath caught in my throat as I read the instructions. I lowered the page and glanced about the busy lobby as my pulse raced and I blushed understanding now why Jack had insisted on my writing out my fantasy. He was making it happen, right here and right now! I again read the handwritten note and gathered my wits about me knowing that this was a test I had to pass in order for Jack to accept me as his.
I quickly memorized the pass phrase and the proper coded response before standing to my feet to move to the waiting elevator as a well knit young Afro-American man in a tailored suit trailed behind me pulling my single piece of luggage. There were two other people in the elevator on the trip up to the eighth floor where they exited and as soon as the doors closed behind them I looked over at the bell captain and spoke the pass phrase, �Are you hard up?�
He smiled back and replied, �Yes, show me the goods.� A shiver coursed through me having received the proper response and I nodded as the doors opened on the top floor where Jack’s suite was. I trailed behind him as he led the way to the double doors at the end of the corridor and slid the pass card through the scanner. I swallowed hard knowing what I had to do in just a few moments and I felt my pulse race hoping that Jack would think I was proving myself to him by my obedience.
The young man crossed the plush carpet through a room that was lavishly furnished into what I assumed was the master bedroom with my luggage and he returned to stand before me with a knowing smile on his face. I bit my lower lip and he gently reassured me, �Relax, Jack arranged it, I will be totally discreet.�
I stood behind the slightly open bedroom door and watched as Melinda spoke to the bell captain. I had taken the young man aside upon my arrival and discreetly asked him to assist me in my efforts to make this weekend one Melinda would never forget. He had no problem at all when I asked for his assistance and he assured me that he would be the sole of discursion.
I smiled as I watched her tug the ends of her silk blouse out of her leather miniskirt and then tug it open to drop the silver gray material on the nearest chair as the muscular bell captain ogled her lush ripe udders. His dark hands had a mind of their own as he hefted them in his hands as he declared, �Oh sweet mother of god, you are awesome lady. I have wanted to see these tits from the instant I saw you walk in the door.�
I heard Melinda giggle as she replied, �Why thank you kind sir. May I give you a blow job as a tip for your services?�
I grinned as the young man nodded and reached for his belt buckle, things were going right on schedule.
I gasped in unexpected delight as the young man’s strong, lean black fingers cupped my heavy ripe breasts in his hands. The contrast between our skins was such a turn on, I knew too that Jack was no doubt somewhere observing us and that only added to the pleasure I was getting from this encounter.
His name was Jeff and he was a college student that worked at the hotel part time. His eyes were filled with raw desire as he unbuttoned his slacks and slid down his dark blue boxers. I dropped to my stocking clad knees before him and smiled seeing the impressive curved ebony shaft that jutted from his groin. I had dreamed of sucking a thick black cock for so long and now Jack was making it happen.
I reached out and touched his solid seven inches of dark man meat and stroked it with my fingertips as he looked down at me and firmly ordered, �Suck my black cock you white whore!�
A shiver coursed through my body hearing his firm command and I meekly replied, �Yes Sir.� I wasted no time grasping his circumcised shaft and opening my mouth I swirled my tongue around the thick flared crown as he sighed, �Ohhhh yessssss!� He had a strong male taste and I shivered as I pursed my lips and pressed forward slipping my mouth down over his black fuck tool as he moaned and hissed, �Suck it bitch, drink down my cum!�
His verbal commands made my already wet pussy twitch as my nipples throbbed and I knew that soon they would start dripping and I wondered what he would think then. I wasted no time at all, this was my fantasy to suck off a total black stranger and secure knowing Jack was nearby I went to work to enjoy this to the fullest.
Jeff was enjoying himself immensely, I could tell by his thrusts into my face. The way his shaft pulsed in my mouth I knew that he wasn’t going to last long. My breasts were juddering on my chest as he thrust lustily into my eager mouth. Just the thought of sucking off a black stud made me so hot. I felt my milk letting down as he ravaged my face. He grunted loudly and seconds later he flooded my mouth with his hot salty load that I savored like a rare delicacy before swallowing it down. Jeff watched me lick him clean with a lusty grin and then without so much as a thank you he adjusted his clothing and left the room leaving me kneeling alone on the carpet.
I eased the bedroom door closed and after quickly scanning to make sure everything was ready I picked up my glass of wine and beat a hasty retreat out on the balcony that overlooked the downtown area. The next phase of my plan was about to begin.
I remained kneeling on the plush carpet for several long moments as my mind accepted the fact that I had actually sucked off a black stranger. On one hand I felt totally ashamed that I had acted so wantonly and yet on the other hand I had to admit that it was something I had craved for so very long. Jeff tasted different from my husband and I wasn’t sure if it was because he was black or if each man tasted different; I would taste Jack and find out soon enough.
I managed to get to my feet and picking up my blouse from the floor I looked about the plush suite. I blinked my eyes in total awe seeing the plush d�cor and all the amenities that it held. The fireplace, the wet bar, the huge big screen TV, the plush leather furniture; the entire room reeked of class and elegance and I had to admit I was impressed with Jack’s tastes.
I visually swept the room again and then my eyes locked on the blue envelope that was taped to the large mirror on the east wall. I smiled coyly and strode across the room to find out what was next. My fingers actually were trembling with eager anticipation as I peeled the envelope from the glass and I paused to view my reflection in it and blushed seeing the open wantonness in my eyes.
I quickly looked away feeling a stab of guilt as I realized that this was the first time since I had lost Tom that I was actually submitting to another man. I lifted the flap and removed the single piece of paper then unfolded it to read:
Dearest Melinda,
I hope you enjoyed your opportunity to tip the bell-captain. He has assured me that he will be quite discreet and has offered to assist us later if we desire. The door to your left leads to the master bathroom and also accesses the master bedroom. On the counter in the bathroom you will find several items I wish you to put on after you remove your skirt and blouse. Then go into the master bedroom where you will find more instructions.
Sir J.
I smiled at the note and almost giggled like a school girl, Jack was proving to be a most unusual Dom. Not even Tom had been this innovative when it came to our role playing! I spun about and almost skipped into the bathroom turning on the light eager to see what awaited me.
I leaned against the heavy brick railing of the balcony and looked out over the city below as my mind went over the past week in retrospect. I was in my early thirties and up till now I had never considered settling down with one woman; mainly because my desire where a woman was concerned was both unique and still evolving in my mind. True enough I had dated several women and even had a couple of serious relationships but nothing on the level I was doing now.
Melinda was not at all the normal woman I got involved with and yet observing her on her knees sucking Jeff’s hard black cock had brought it home that I was missing out on a part of life that held unfathomable possibilities, for both of us. Not that I was ready to toss the big titted brunette over my shoulder and carry her off just yet, but her openness and eagerness to please me as a man sure made it tempting.
I had planned out this weekend very carefully along with enough flexibility in it that we could easily change our plans if needs be. My fingers ached with raw need as I anticipated holding her lush creamy udders in my hands and drinking her warm, sweet nectar of life from her dark thick nipples.
I wasn’t into the adult infant scene per say, I just relished in the taste and the texture of a woman’s breasts. They were a most unique work of art, one that should be enjoyed and given pleasure as well as pain from my subs point of view. I felt my cock pulsed in my snug slacks as I knew that Melinda would be on her knees before me in minutes eager to suck it for me.
I slid the fur lined slave collar around my neck positioning the large D ring in the front as I looked at my reflected image in the large mirror. I swallowed hard knowing that beyond the door to the master bedroom I was committed to spend the next forty-eight hours plus with a man I had met only a short week ago. Yet for some reason I could not for the life of me explain I knew that in spite of the risks involved, I had to do it. I had to find out if Jack was the man that could push me beyond my limits and in doing so prove his need and desire for me.
My poor pussy was pulsing and aching with need, my milk swollen breasts now capped with the small silver metal clothespins I had found laying on the counter were all but bursting with my sweet nectar. I had no shame or inhibitions left, I craved Jack’s possession and I would give him everything I had, if he asked or even suggested it.
I made one last quick check of my makeup and exhaling loudly I grasped the doorknob accessing the bedroom. Ignoring the discomfort that accompanied every step I took from the clothespins I stepped into a world that almost took my breath away, for all the d�cor and the large windows that overlooked the city skyline the one thing that caught my eye was the bed.
It was a massive black metal monstrosity with four round cylinders that ran clear to the ceiling. Each cylinder was located at the corner with silver rings mounted about three feet apart up each one, the bed was a Doms dream and made my aching pussy twitch. The possibilities I could envision were almost endless and I realized that Jack had indeed done his homework so to speak. My eyes found the blue envelope on the mattress and I strode across the plush gray and black swirled carpet to pluck it up in my hand. The mid afternoon sun flooded the room making it easy to decipher the hand written message it bore.
My wanton Wench,
If you have managed to get to this point then you have but one last task to accomplish. There are knee pads on the floor by the sliding glass door, slip them on and crawl out to me on the balcony. There I wait to drain your lush udders dry in the bright summer sun. Hurry my sweet slut, I miss you. Sir J.
I bit my lip and blushed, oh god he wanted me outside in broad daylight in downtown Kansas City! I reached out and bracing my hand against the cool black metal pillar of the bed willed my racing pulse to slow. I risked a quick look outside and breathed a sigh of relief noting that there were no structures as tall as this one close by. I knew that Jack would never openly expose me to the risk of being caught but-it all came down to one thing, trust!
I looked at the closed sliding glass door and saw the two black pads waiting me. Tossing the paper on the nightstand I moved to the door and squatting down I slid the pads in place. I had come too far to stop now!
I heard the door slide open and seconds later Melinda crawled out into the afternoon sunshine. Her dark brown hair, streaked with gold gleamed in the warm sunlight as she closed the door behind her and turned towards me. My pulse skipped a beat as I took in her lush beauty, this woman was even more impressive in the flesh and I realized just how damn lucky I was finding her as she crawled across the carpet to kneel before me.
The instant she sat up I dropped to one knee before her and taking her face in my hands I kissed her long and deep. She moaned loudly against my mouth as she surrendered her mouth to my assault, her lips parted admitting my tongue as she groaned unashamedly in my grasp.
I eased back for a moment and she groaned, �Oh Jack thank you, you have no idea how special you have made me feel.�
My lips found hers again in a kiss that only enhanced my need for her as she gasped, �Oh God the clamps hurt so damn good Jack, yes!� I eased back and she smiled weakly as she met my gaze and begged, �Oh please Sir, suck my milk swollen udders!� I nodded and standing to my feet I moved to the cushioned chaste lounger a few feet away. Once seated on it I crooked a finger at her and she crawled across the carpet then climbed up astride my lap facing me.
She blushed as I tenderly hefted her generous creamy udders in my strong lean fingers and I squeezed them slowly yet with a firmness that made her shiver as she franticly looked about discovering that we were indeed in relative privacy. Her hands came to rest on my broad shoulders as she met my gaze. Her voice husky with raw lust and fervor hissed, �I have waited all week long for this moment sir, please for the love of god take me!�
I smiled up at her and saw the raw need and total submission in her eyes, she was totally mine; she was holding nothing back whatsoever. Something inside me opened up and I shook my head as I answered, �Oh no wench, you must earn your pleasure, remember?�
Her head lowered in submission, she nodded as she meekly replied, �Of course Sir, please forgive my unwarranted outburst. I must be punished for forgetting my proper place. I await your pleasure Sir.�
I cupped her right breast in my hand and flicked the tip of the silver aluminum clothespin with the index finger of my other hand. Melinda’s head dropped back as her grip on my shoulders increased and a soft cry of anguish escaped her lips, �AWWWWW GAWWWWWD!� I smiled at her response and plucked the silver device from her dark flesh only to place my eager lips over her now available nipple.
I swirled my tongue around the rubbery engorged flesh and felt her tremble on my lap as she groaned, �Oh you sadistic bastard, you’re driving me insane!� I kept my laughter in check as I tasted a few drops of her liquid of life and then as I suckled her deeper into my mouth the milk seemed to gush from her glands. I savored the sweet delectable taste of her essence. She panted and moaned without shame as I bit down tugging at her dark nugget then suckling her again, harder this time.
I was totally dumbfounded, how and why I was responding this way was beyond me. Tom had never brought this side of my personality out like this in all the time we were together. Jack was by no means being gentle, he was like a man possessed as he ravaged my breast. His hands were tormenting my other love jug flicking and twisting the clothespin sending jolts of intense pain straight to my pussy but it only added to the raw need I felt to be filled with a hard cock.
I focused my eyes on his mouth attached like a leach to my left nipple and I leaned back making my breast stretch out from my chest as the life sustaining nectar flowed into his mouth. I panted and moaned lustily my hips jerking atop the very impressive bulge in his slacks as he drank his fill of my liquid offering.
I had no explanation for my total lack of inhibition, all I knew was that Jack brought something out in me that both shocked and bewildered me. I felt like an addict desperately needing a fix and I was willing to do whatever it took to achieve it.
Jack let my nipple slip from his mouth as he laid his head back on the cushion and declared, �Oh damn lady you are sweet! You taste incredible; if you want to ride my cock go for it!�
His words were music to my ears and in mere seconds I had his shirt free and his belt undone. He lifted his hips and I slid his slacks and boxers down with one swift motion to seek out his man root. My slender fingers sought him out and I stared into his eyes as I gasped, �HOLY SHIT!� I tried again to encircle his shaft with my small hand and realized it was not possible. I licked my lips and meeting his smiling gaze he asked, �Disappointed wench?�
I used both hands this time reaching down to stroke him and my eyes went wide in shock and awe. Easing back a little I looked down needing to confirm what I was touching as real, I shivered and looked back up and swore, �Damn Jack you are hung! You’re going to ruin me!�
He chuckled and commanded, �Impale your cunt on that, you shameless whore! Show me how well you handle a real man!�
I held his thick ivory staff in my hand and eased forward positioning myself over him before ever so slowly easing down feeling the flared crown engage between my outer labia. I slowed my breathing forcing my body to relax as I felt the pressure increase and his thick scepter invaded my body. I moaned in delight as he hefted my other breast and removing the clothespin he let his tongue tease my crushed flesh. The rush of my milk to my nipple blended deliciously with the expansion of my lower passage to accept Jacks massive tool and I whimpered, �Oh please, let me cum, please?�
His permission was all I needed and in seconds my soft cry of release and delight filled the air. I was unprepared for what Jack did next. His mouth still attached to my nipple he grasped my slender waist and pulled me down hard on his rock hard shaft filling me more than I had thought possible. My cry of anguish mixed with delight as another orgasm tore through me like a runaway freight train.
I tried desperately to focus on everything at once but it was all too much and I was lost in a fog of sexual delight that left me totally helpless under Jack’s control. My inner muscles grasped his thickness as he lifted my body upwards and let it drop again on his shaft as a squeal of delight erupted from my lips. I suddenly realized that I was totally under his spell and at some point in the last two minutes he had taken control. His cock was like that of a raging bull and I was his cow unable to do much more than stand still for his breeding.
I shuddered and bounced on his lap, my breasts juddering in the half cups of the cincher as Jack took his fill of my warm nectar. The orgasms were coming almost nonstop now and I was almost out of my head with delight as I felt the hard shaft in my pussy actually swell up even larger. Jack’s teeth bit down on my tender nipple and my scream of delight blended with his groan of total bliss as I felt his thickness pulse in my bald passage. I swear I could feel his hot scalding jism blast into my cunt as I collapsed against him totally spent and exhausted.
I lifted my head from Melinda’s soft bare shoulder and peered down into her face. In sleep she looked like a sixteen year old teenager and the expression of total bliss brought a smile to my face. I eased her almost limp form closer and she roused lifting her head up to meet my gaze as she blushed and sighed, �Oh my god, you must think I’m a total cock hungry whore.�
I caressed her shoulders and retorted, �As long as you’re my cock hungry whore I have no objections at all.�
She giggled softly and cast me a coy look as she reached down between us to where our bodies were still joined and she touched me as she whispered, �You do realize that most women would kill to have that in their cunt. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to feel in my ass.�
I smiled at her and insisted, �You’ll find out in due time. Just remember you have to earn it and you do that by teaching me what you need in the way of discipline. I want to be a good proper Dom for you Melinda.�
She nodded in comprehension and slowly eased herself off me to drop to her knees beside the lounger as she replied, �I will tell you everything you want to know and even make a few suggestions to try new things with you if you like Sir.�
�Good,� I replied, �Now crawl your sweet ass back inside before you get sunburned and make me a drink. All this sex has made me thirsty�
Weekend Training
Jack might not have much background in being a Dom but he certainly had a vivid imagination and a romantic soul. In a matter of minutes after we had met out on the balcony we were cuddled up on the plush couch, my head on his shoulder. He caressed my full ripe udders as he asked me a barrage of questions about various aspects of my life as a submissive.
To be honest I was impressed by his depth of insight and thoroughness of his questions. He asked about every aspect of the lifestyle from basic role playing to total 24/7 sex slave roles. I confessed that Tom and I had kept our D/s roles confined to weekends because of our jobs and the fact that we were so socially busy with other couples.
He asked me if I had ever considered expanding my role as a submissive to that of being a full time love slave and I paused to look at him in a mixture of surprise and curiosity as he shrugged his shoulders and insisted that if done properly no one would ever suspect it. I agreed it was possible as a shiver coursed through my body wondering just why he had asked me that.
He again proved himself as being insightful as he changed the subject and ordered me to model the lingerie I had brought with me. I was more than happy to oblige him swaying around him wearing my brightly colored wisps of satin and lace as he boldly caressed my body and explored me at will.
Those two hours all but drove me wild with need as Jack teased my body and made me feel so desirable. He fingered my hairless pussy and had me play with my tits for him as he sipped a cold drink then when I begged for a drink he had me pour a brandy snifter half full of cognac and then ordering me to kneel before him he dipped his hard cock in the brandy and had me lick it off. I had never felt so decadent in my life and yet I found that I wanted him do even more to me.
Melinda was proving to be a most adept teacher, she explained to me her needs in detail as she modeled her lingerie and was totally open to the erotic whims I put forth in response. She was openly embarrassed when I had her suck the cognac from my cock but she complied never the less. I then undressed both of us and lead her across the room to the Jacuzzi where we eased into the bubbling water and relaxed for a bit before I sat on the edge of the tub and ordered her to suck my cock.
I allowed her the freedom to examine my male equipment at her leisure as she boldly informed me that I was going to totally spoil her before the weekend was over. I smiled and suggested, �Perhaps you’d like Jeffery to join us tomorrow on his lunch hour and we could double team you?�
Her eyes went wide in stunned awe as she paused and easing away from my glistening shaft she gasped, �You would actually let him do that?�
I reached down and caressed her dark hair as I reassured her, �Only if you want to, I know he would love to play with your big tits and have you suck him off again.�
She stroked my shaft with her hands as she looked away then back to whisper, �Would it be possible I could be put in bondage and he could spank my ass before you fuck me?�
I smiled and replied, �I’ll have to think about that, he would have to know that you were willing to be spanked you know and how hard to spank you.�
She nodded and licked around the dark red crown of my shaft as she nodded then replied, �You could show him and I could use the color code to tell him the limits.�
I nodded and placing my hand on the back of her head I pushed her mouth down around my throbbing shaft and snarled, �Suck me you whore, drink down my jism.� She giggled around my shaft and went to work with eagerness.
I closed my eyes and let my mind return to those minutes when I had first stepped into this suite. Kneeling before Jeff and submitting to a black man had been the most unusual thing I had ever done and now my Dom was asking me to allow him to interact with me again. I found myself both eager and yet anxious at the same time. On one hand Jack was allowing me to experience things that Tom would never have allowed and yet I sensed that Jack wanted something more from me as well and I had to figure out just what that was. I bounced my face on his thick delicious cock and hollowed my cheeks applying firm yet gentle suction to his shaft as he groaned and shuddered under my skilled touch.
I felt his cock pulse and seconds later his hot tart load erupted in my mouth as I swallowed it down eagerly discovering that he tasted differently as well. I kept my efforts going until his last drops trickled down my throat then I licked him clean as it suddenly dawned on me what he was wanting. I eased off his shaft and sitting back in the bubbling water I looked up at him and smiled as I informed him, �Sir, I need to tell you something, may we take a time out for a few minutes?�
He nodded and slid back into the water to gather me close and I slid my arm about his neck before I spoke, �Jack, this isn’t just a weekend encounter for me. I’m not here just for the wild sex and the B&D. I’m looking for something more and if you’re not serious about us then I need to know that by the end of the weekend.�
I looked up at the ceiling and smiled as the weight lifted off my shoulders. I reached down and spreading my fingers wide I cupped her right breast in my palm as I looked down at her and met her intense gaze. I squeezed her udder firmly and informed her, �Melinda I should have been a bit more specific I guess in my advertisement. But at the time I wasn’t even sure there was any woman out there that could meet my criteria. When I met you and you sent me the pictures I was so blown away that it never dawned on me to share my long range plans and for that I must apologize.
Let me be clear alright? I know that you come from a mutually exclusive marriage where your husband was both Dom and lover. That’s cool and I can understand that, however now you have needs that go beyond those boundaries, correct?�
She nodded her eyes filled with uncertainty as I continued, �Well if I became your Dom then things have to change. I can’t see doing this weekend thing, it’s too expensive and time consuming for both of us, right?� She again nodded and I declared, �So if this weekend goes like I think it will we have to sit down and come up with a plan. Now I can as your Dom order you to sell your business and move up to live with me and you could open a new store in the metroplex. But that’s in the future, are you really ready to do that?�
She looked up at me and smiled, �If I find the man that can give me what I need, yes. However there is one inflexible rule I have for my Dom.�
�And that is?�I asked in curiosity.
�I will submit to servicing any man or woman you command me to but my asshole is your exclusive domain. No one but you may have it, agreed?� she insisted soberly. I nodded and smiled as I replied, �Damn woman, I want to fuck you again.�
I smiled even more when she rose and bending over the edge of the tub looked back at me and begged, �Oh please Sir, fuck this shameless whore, I need your hard cock in me!�
I gasped and quivered as Jack’s strong lean hands found my swaying udders and grasping them firmly he held me in place as he drove his thick man tool into my snug passage. I groaned loudly as I felt the thick flared tip of his shaft graze the entrance of my womb and I begged,� Please kind Sir, fuck your slut. Make her cry out in pleasure as you fill her with your hot jism.�
I yelped as Jack’s hand came down on my pert bubble butt with a solid �SMACK!� as he decreed, �You wanton whore! How dare you seek your own pleasure! For that you are not allowed an orgasm until after I cum in your worthless fuck hole!�
I laid my head on the plush carpet and pleaded, �Oh please forgive me kind Sir. I am so overwhelmed by your massive cock that I forgot my place as your fuck toy.� His hand again landed on my pert backside and I sobbed, �Oh please show mercy Sir, forgive me!�
I bit my lower lip relishing in the heat that radiated across my ass as my inner muscles rippled the length of his long hard shaft. Oh god he felt so damn good in my tight pussy, I knew that unless something major happened I was totally hooked on his cock and I would do whatever it took to make it my exclusive property.
He spanked me soundly as he rammed his hard cock into my tightness. I begged for mercy knowing he would show me none until he unloaded his tight balls into my hairless passage. I balled my fists, my lacquered nails digging into my palms fighting the urge to touch my throbbing clit, oh god I wanted to cum so desperately and yet I knew to disobey would only prove to Jack that I had no control or self discipline at all.
I smiled down at her kneeling form watching her small hands fisted tightly as she struggled for control over her raw need and desire to hurtle over the edge into her impending orgasm. A thrill of power coursed through me as I discovered I really liked controlling Melinda. She was both sexy and feminine with a dash of naughtiness that made her both fun and exotic. I rammed into her harder as she moaned and whimpered begging me to forgive her lack of submission.
My fingers cruelly dug into her full ripe tits, her creamy flesh oozing between them as I savagely raped her cock hungry pussy. She rocked back meeting my every stroke as she whimpered, �Oh, oh, oh, please Master let your slave cum, Please!� Her addressing me as Master was what did it; she had debased herself to the role of my sex slave and her admission as being my slave whether intentional or not sent me over the edge. I thrust balls deep into her shaved cunt and groaned, �Come slave, come for your master!�
I quivered under Jack’s assault my arms almost too weak to hold me up as I shed my last vestiges of civility and pleaded as a slave for him to let me come. When I let the words pass my mouth I felt something inside me open up and a flood of raw untapped emotion cascaded from my very soul out into the open as I made a shocking discovery.
Mere submission was no longer enough, I craved Jack’s total control, I wanted to give him everything I had or possessed, even beyond my body. His commanding voice filled with such total authority swept over me like a tidal wave and I felt my body instantly respond as my orgasm struck me with the same intensity. I screamed and bucked wildly against him my head tossing wildly as I rode his thick fuck tool with total abandon not caring how I appeared or looked as I cried out in delight, �Thank you Master J, oh thank You Master!�
I ground my hips back against him as his hands twisted my sore aching udders in his hands. I could feel his cock pulsing deep in my tight sheath as I meekly milked every drop from him I could. He stepped back and without any hesitation I turned and dropping to my knees before him I grasped his glistening shaft in my hand and brought it to my mouth. I raised my gaze to his and found him staring at me in total awe and disbelief as I licked away the last residue of our coupling. I remained in place his semi hard shaft in my mouth as he informed me, �I need to go use the bathroom wench.�
I ever so slightly tightened my lips around his cock and shook my head gently as I cupped his buttocks and held him in place. His eyes flared wide as he asked, �Melinda are you saying-� I nodded and he insisted, �Are you sure?�
Again I nodded and he smiled as he insisted, �Very well, but I’ve never done this before, so-�
I nodded and easing away I said, �Give me a little at a time, I’ll nod when I’m ready, okay?�
I slipped his thick man meat back in my mouth and tightened my lips around the back edge of his crown then nodded.
I took a slow calming breath and willed my body to relax watching Melinda’s face. She took her hand and lightly caressed my stomach as she moaned in anticipation of my offering and then I let it go for about three seconds then stopped. She looked up at me and winked then swallowed her tongue swirled around the crown of my cock and she again nodded. It took a few times to get it right but by the time she had taken all my hot piss she was smiling at her accomplishment.
She smiled up at me and winked as she informed me, �I’ve always wanted to try that, but Tom was too inhibited to even try it. Thank you Master J.�
I looked at her and sitting back down in the bubbling water I insisted, �Why did you call me Master?�
She bowed her head and answered, �Because I discovered a few minutes ago that I am a slave at heart. I have met my true master in you and I will serve you as long as you desire me.�
I reached out and cupping her face in my hands I raised her eyes to meet mine finding tears in them as she confessed,� Tom never understood that part of me and perhaps I was too young to understand it as well. He was my husband and his love for me was a road block that I couldn’t get past. I tried so hard to tell him but he refused to listen. Please Master J please except me as your slave. I will only ask that you keep my asshole your exclusive property as my symbol of total obedience to you.�
Her plea sent a rush through me that nothing had ever even come close to. I needed time to think and without a word I spun about and climbed from the tub grabbing a towel as I left.
I dried off and wrapping the towel about my lean waist I glanced back through the open door to the Jacuzzi and found Melinda still kneeling in the tub her head bowed. I called to her, �Get out and dry off, then come in here. We must talk.�
Her soft, �Yes Master J.� again sent a jolt through me as I sat down on the couch and glanced at the wall clock. Six freaking hours and already things were going to hell, what a mess! I watched as Melinda dried off then dropped to her hands and knees and crawled out to kneel before me her thick dark hair falling around her soft, creamy shoulders as she waited silently before me. I took a slow calming breath knowing all too well that she had not planned this but the impact of her declaration changed the parameters of the entire weekend.
I fought back the tears as I accepted the fact that my brazen declaration had no doubt ruined the entire weekend ahead. Jack would no doubt send me packing and I would never see or hear from him again. Me and my big mouth, give me a nine or ten inch cock and I went totally brain dead! How stupid could I be anyway!
I placed my hands behind my head thrusting out my generous udders and whispered, �May this slave speak Master?�
�Not as a slave; no, but if you want to sit up here on my lap as Melinda and explain how you feel yes, you may.� He decreed. I nodded and standing I eased my naked body into his lap and to my surprise he eased my head to his bare shoulder and he drew me into his arms cradling me close as he hissed, �Melinda Graham, you shocked the hell out of me in there. Here I am just getting comfortable with being your Dom and you up and ask me to make you my sex slave?
I have no idea what that entails or even what that means. Oh sure you would live with me and have lots of hot sex and bondage but there has to be more than that to it, right?�
I blushed and nodded as I enlightened him, �A master is responsible for the care and well being of his slave. She exists to please him in any way he desires and yet he must protect and care for her as his most prized possession. She must have a �safe� word that she can use if the discipline becomes too intense or she feels she’s in danger. Her master must not allow her to be abused by other Masters unless she is being disciplined for disobedience. She must feel safe and protected by him at all times and know he will never let her be placed at risk.�
I listened and had to admit that the details she gave me were mostly common sense, but deep inside I knew there had to be an emotional connection there and as much as I enjoyed controlling Melinda, she still had a lot to teach me and prove herself to be what I needed too. I sat in silence as I pondered her declaration then to my surprise she lifted her head from my shoulder and smiling at me she suggested, �Perhaps if you viewed the DVD I brought with me you will understand better. May I fetch it for you Master?�
I nodded and Melinda scrambled from my lap to all but sprint to the bedroom closet where her bag was. I smiled seeing her lush full breasts bounce on her chest as she moved back to insert the DVD into the player on the wall under the flat screen TV. She noticed my eyes and actually blushed as she bent over to pick up the remote and hand it to me before easing her lush form on my lap. I looked up at her and demanded, �What’s on this DVD?�
She met my gaze and informed me,� It’s an interview with a female sex slave and her Master. There is lots of bondage and sex in it but you need to listen to the first few minutes where the slave is asked about why she needs to be a slave, she says what I feel so much better than I can. I have felt this way for several months now but to be quite honest about it I just never had the courage to say so till now with you. From the moment we met on line that first time and you took control I knew that you were special and then today it all came together for me.
I know that this is all new to you and it can be quite intimidating being responsible for another human being. However, Jack I feel so safe and yet so free with you; Tom loved me and cared for me too but I never felt the raw passion and open wantonness I feel with you.� She smiled at me and taking my hand she brought it to her lush, ripe breast as she whispered, �I know that once you discover how much pleasure we both get from disciplining my body you will want to do it more and I really need that from you. Having Jeff use me is awesome but I need to feel helpless so I can focus on being the totally sexual creature I truly am.�
I nodded in understanding as I allowed my mind to grasp her soft earnest declaration, she was being so completely open with me; more than any other woman ever had and it sparked a response deep inside me that showed me just how special she really was. I knew even then that I couldn’t allow her to slip away from me; I had to make her mine. I had to mark her as my property in some way or form.
I leaned against Jack’s broad bare chest as we watched the interview, his strong lean fingers toying with my thick dark nipples. We watched the black leather garbed Dom place the big busted blond in bondage as the narrator interviewed them. The naked woman boldly declared her need to feel safe and cherished by one man and in doing so she rewarded that protection by surrendering everything to him and allowing him to use her as he saw fit.
I felt Jack’s shaft start to swell up under my pert backside as the man wrapped coils of ordinary clothesline rope around the blonde’s fat tits making them stand out obscenely from her chest before picking up a flogger and trailing it across her jutting udders. The woman begged her master to show mercy and the man only smiled and drawing back the flogger let it lightly swat her left breast.
The slave moaned as the off screen interviewer asked her why she begged knowing she would be punished anyway. The woman smiled and responded, �Because I know that my Master enjoys hearing me beg and plead for mercy, the more I beg the more excited he gets and that adds to the intensity of the sex. He has taken me many times in bondage but it’s not actually rape since we both enjoy my bondage, even though I beg him to spare me.�
The flogger came down on target and the woman’s right breast bounced under the impact of the stroke as she squealed in discomfort and struggled in vain to escape her bonds as she moaned, �Nooooo please Master show mercy!� The flogger again landed on her bound breasts and she again pleaded for him to let her go.
I smiled as I felt Jack turn my body so I could see the TV as he lifted my hips up positioning his hard shaft under my cunt. I reached down guiding his thick hardness into my bald snatch and seconds later I gasped as he lanced deep into my passage. I moaned low as he spread me wide filling me with ease. I placed my hands on my knees as his hands cupped my lush breasts and gripping them firmly he rocked his hips upwards.
I groaned and sighed, �Oh Master J take my worthless cunt, fill it for your pleasure. Please hurt my big fat udders, please?� I watched as Jack reached over to the satin bag I had my toys in and with drew a pair of adjustable C type nipple clamps from the bag. I hefted my generous udder in my hands holding them out for him as he slid the first clamp over my swollen thick nipple.
I watched as his skilled fingers turned down the adjuster tightening the two sides. I felt the pressure almost instantly and it grew with each turn of the knob. I bit my lip knowing that Jack would stop if I told him to, however I wanted to see if he could read my body language and figure out that fine line between discomfort and out right pain.
I tightened the knob slowly watching my slave’s face as she closed her eyes and remained motionless impaled on my thick man meat. I paused and tugged on the chain that was connected to the two clamps and her mouth opened in a silent gasp that brought a smile to my face. I slid the second clamp in place over her left nipple and slowly turned it down the same number of turns as the first one before again tugging on the chain.
She moaned loudly as I glanced up to see the blond on the screen take a full force blow to her right udder as light pink lines appeared on her trapped flesh. The woman squealed loudly as she nodded and begged. �Oh yes Master, flog my big tits, please!�
I smiled and lifting the chain in my fingers I lifted Melinda’s breasts upwards bringing the chain to her mouth. She turned her head and looked at me with questioning eyes as I insisted, �Hold this in your mouth wench, it’s time you showed me how badly you need your nipples disciplined.�
There was surprise in her eyes as she meekly opened her mouth and accepted the chain biting down to hold it making her lush breasts judder on her chest. I then grasped her waist and lifting her up I rocked my hips upwards thrusting deep into her.
I groaned around the chain as I felt Jack’s thick shaft thrust deeper into my passage, the weight of my breasts combined with the actions of his hips made my udders tug at the clamps sending jolts of anguish through my torso. I forced my hands to remain on my knees as I felt his thick man root ease back then ram into me again as he filled me to capacity. I moaned in a mixture of delight and anguish as for the first time he actually disciplined my body.
My eyes focused on the screen before me as I saw the way the bound woman’s breasts were being mercilessly flogged by her master as the man informed the interviewer that his slut needed the pain to achieve the intense orgasms she craved. I nodded in agreement and in doing so I tugged on the chain sending even more intense anguish to my aching nipples.
I felt Jacks hand ease between my spread thighs and seconds later his fingers found my swollen throbbing clit. I squealed as he teased it as it protruded between my pouting swollen labia stretched wide by his hard shaft. His voice low and intense growled, �You want to cum slut?� I nodded franticly and he chuckled as he retorted, �Then pull on those clamped nipples and do it, you shameless whore!�
I moved my legs under me and squatting on his thick man meat I started to ride him as I tugged on the chain as ordered. I shivered and sobbed in anguish as my poor aching nipples burned and hurt, yet I knew I had to prove to him that I wanted to obey and serve him. I placed my hands flat on the cushions and rode him with total abandon. My ass quivering as I felt his strong hands lifting my tits then let them drop making them stretch out by my nipples as the fire raged through my breasts.
I had never felt anything so intense in all my life and I screamed out my release around the chain as I bit down on it, my orgasm rocketing through me as my inner muscles tightened around his thick magnificent shaft. I felt his hand clamp down on my right shoulder and seconds later he pulled me down hard on his man root as I felt him explode in my tightness flooding my cunt with his hot jism.
I couldn’t hold out any longer and my mouth opened wide as my shrill cry filled the room. The thick jeweler’s chain dropped from my mouth tugging at my tortured nipples. I bucked on his shaft taking every drop of his offering into my body as he teased my clit mercilessly. I whimpered and pleaded, �Please Master show mercy, I-I-a-� His strong arm encircled my waist drawing me back against his chest. My feet slid out from under me impaling me on his pulsing shaft.
I screamed in delight as he lanced deep into me, my ears rang and my vision blurred as I vaguely saw his finger hook under the chain and tug it out as a fresh wave of aguish ripped through my abused udders as a second orgasm hit me seemingly out of nowhere. I let my head fall back against his shoulder as my body collapsed in his grasp and everything went dark.
I held Melinda’s limp form in my arms as I eased the silver clamps from her dark abused nipples. Her breathing gradually slowed as she floated in the afterglow of her twin orgasms, I had to admit that this widow was proving to be something else and I was now even more convinced that unless she totally turned tail and ran I was going to take this to a new level and soon.
Her tight pussy pulsed and twitched around my semi-hard shaft as she rested in my arms and I let her recline against my body. I gently rolled her nipples between my fingers and to my amazement I saw tiny drops of milk form at the tips. Seconds later milk was dripping from her nipples and I quickly reached over and grabbing the twin pumps from off the end table I turned it on to slide the transparent cups in place over her puffy areoles.
She moaned as I held them in place watching the milk start to flow from her dark nipples. Her mouth opened in a soft gasp as she whimpered, �Oh God, yes milk my tits, that feels so fucking good!� She arched her back thrusting her udders upwards as I held the cups in place over her jetting nipples as she used her inner muscles to massage my rapidly hardening cock.
I smiled as she opened her beautiful green eyes looking up into mine she slid her arm about my neck and whispered, �Mooooo!� I grinned at her as she wiggled delightfully on my cock and biting her lip she pleaded, �Oh God damn Jack please let me get on my knees so you can properly breed your cow, please? I need that hard cock in my tight ass, please?�
I knew that I had been waiting all afternoon for this moment and even though I knew it was going to stretch my limits, I knew I had to do it. Jack was far too special a man to withhold anything from, besides I had to know if I could handle his magnificent shaft up my ass since I wanted him to be my master, if he would have me. Even as I rose off his glistening man meat I held the cups in place relishing in the powerful yet erotic suction they provided. I turned and kneeling on the couch I placed my hands on the top of the back and spread my knees wide giving him total access to my tight ass.
I sensed him move behind me and then I yelped in surprise as he brought his hard thick tool to my gapping pussy and shoved it in me hard and deep. His hands reached under me pressing the cups to my breasts as he thrust harder and I begged, �Master please use my asshole, please?�
His hand came down on my ass with a solid �Smack!� as he declared, �I’ll take your ass when I’m good and ready to slave, not before, understand?� I lowered my head and shivered in delight being addressed as his slave as I nodded and sighed, �Yes Master J, forgive my lack of control. Use me as you desire.�
Part Four
By early Sunday morning I had come to the conclusion that Melinda was without a doubt one of the rarest women I had ever met or even known. Her total focus and desire to teach me about the lifestyle was only superseded by her lack of inhibition and craving to please. Jeff proved to be a definite asset as he joined us on his lunch hour on Saturday and after Melinda assured him she was truly a submissive we bound her naked body on the edge of the bed with her leg tied to the head post and foot posts in the splits with her arms secured to the posts on the other side, after binding her lush full breasts with red satin drapery cord. He took it all in stride and in a matter of minutes he was using the flogger on her as I reamed out her pussy with my hard cock.
We traded places and I switched to a flyswatter targeting her thick nipples. He plundered his white bitch as she begged for mercy and rode his hard black shaft flooding her pussy with ease. By the time the young stud left to return to work he had also tasted her milk and declared she was one stone foxy whore.
I made reservations for a private dining room downstairs and then laid out the dress I had bought for her. She had gasped in awe and delight upon lifting the dress off the bed and then declared that she might very well get in trouble wearing it without anything on under it but would do so if I told her to. I suggested she try out a soft pastel garter-belt and sheer stockings to start with and she eagerly scampered off to try it on.
I was stunned by the way the dress not only enhanced her womanly form but the way it barely hid her areoles and nipples with the wide V that plunged almost to her navel. She donned her five inch heels and moved to the large mirror in the master bedroom where she slid a velvet choker about her neck that bore two small jeweled S on it declaring her a sex slave.
She crossed the room and with a soft knowing smile reached between her lush breasts and drew the soft fabric apart allowing me an unobstructed view of her magnificent breasts. She winked and reaching in the satin bag removed a set of tittilizers. With sure deft movements of her hands she applied them seating the metal rings at the base of each nipple then reclosed the material leaving her dark swollen flesh poking against the fabric with a brief glimpse of gold chain that swayed between her breasts as she walked across the room.
We took the elevator to the main lobby where she held my arm as we strolled into the lounge then down the hallway to the private room. I knew that her swaying hips and bouncing breasts were getting a good deal of attention but she never once faltered or even seemed to notice until we were safety in the room where she leaned against me and gasped, �Oh god I thought everyone was watching me from the instant the elevator doors opened. I have never felt so erotic in all my life. I hope my master is pleased?�
I felt Jack’s arms about me as he chuckled and replied, �I am most pleased with you my sexy little slave. You have proven beyond doubt that you truly desire a position in my household, if you continue to please me I will be forced to allow you just that.�
I smiled up at him and looking about the candle lit room I asked, �When are they bringing our dinner?�
I smiled back and replied, �When I call them and tell them to. They will push it inside the door and leave it, why?�
I smiled back and suggested, �Perhaps I should shed my dress?� His eyes gleamed at me as he shook his head and replied;�Not this time wench, you look very erotic wearing that and I might want you to expose your body to me upon demand during the evening, if I get thirsty?�
I blushed and nodded as he took my hand and led me to the table.
That evening was one I would never forget, Jack not only treated me with a good deal of dominance he also mixed it with great gentleness that made my heart melt for him. After we ate prime rib and shared a bottle of wine he turned on a speaker in the ceiling and taking me in his arms we slow danced. I let my arms drape around his neck as he eased my dress open and played with my lush udders.
He tugged at the chain stretching out my creamy breasts as he informed me that he had made a decision. I lifted my head and met his gaze and felt something inside shift when he informed me that he would not take my ass until I officially became his love slave.
I blushed as he declared that it would be my gift of total submission to him as his property and I nodded agreeing. He smiled and retorted that in spite of that he wanted to use me before we returned to our suite and I eagerly moved to the table where I bent over it lifting the handkerchief skirt up over my hips and spreads my legs giving him complete access to me. I lowered my head to the table, my fingers curling around the edges of the black surface as I heard his zipper run down and then his thick man tool was pressing between my pouting lips as he thrust into my soaking passage.
The cool surface of the table rubbed against my swollen throbbing nipples as he lanced into me with one solid firm stroke as my soft cry of delight escaped my lips. His strong hands slid under me finding my full ripe udders and gripping them hard he took his pleasure as was rightly his. I met his strokes with zest and delight knowing that even if I didn’t come he was relishing in my obedience as his slave.
* * *
I listened to his heart beat under my ear that Sunday morning as he cradled me in his arms in the big bed and I smiled realizing that this was the first time since Tom had passed that I was actually sharing a bed with a man. Tom had never liked sharing my bed but now I had cuddled up with a man all night.
Master J had awakened me twice in the darkness and I had eagerly pleasured him giving him my body without reservation. He had been both gentle and yet demanding and I had almost wept at the level of insight he had gained in just a few hours. It was quite apparent that things would not be the same when I left him that afternoon to return to Tulsa. How was I to go back to on line submission to him after having had him touch me and give me the discipline I so desperately craved?
I closed my eyes and fought back the tears that threatened to escape my eyes. He could not know, he must never know what I had so foolishly done. I had given him so much more than my body; I had given him my heart and that was the biggest mistake I could ever make. After we had spent most of the day Saturday here with him learning everything I knew about being a proper Dom we had enjoyed a very romantic candle light dinner in the suite and then he had used me for the next several hours with such total dominance that I knew he had at last taken his proper place as my controller.
I had woke in the night to find myself alone in the bed but upon peeking out the open bedroom door had found Jack sitting before his laptop his fingers flying over the keyboard and I had returned to bed sure that he had some work he had to do.
Sunday was the most amazing day; Melinda informed me that she wanted to show me what it would be like living together; It peaked my curiosity and I consented. She told me to remain in bed and I complied as she drew the covers down and kneeling between my legs she took my hard cock in her mouth and sucked me off. Then after licking me clean she took me by the hand and led me into the master bathroom. There she adjusted the water in the shower and urged me inside where she knelt before me and taking my semi hard cock in hand she begged me to empty my bladder on her massive tits.
Just the idea of doing so made my cock harden in her grasp and she giggled as I let the stream loose she directed the hot piss on her nipples and then licked my cock clean again before taking the loofa in hand and the shower gel to wash my entire body. She carefully washed my hair and face then stepping out of the shower she dried me off and asked me to take a seat in the chair by the sink.
After I sat down she took my shaving cr�me and covered my morning beard with a layer of lather. I leaned back against her lush breasts as she carefully shaved me and then wiped away the last vestiges of foam. I then gasped as she swung her leg across my lap and easing down she presented her lush udders to me asking me if I would like to milk her. I nodded and she brought her right breast to my mouth so I could suckle her.
She gasped and moaned lustily as I nibbled and sucked the sweet warm juice from her lush tits. But she never once hesitated or protested as I teased her lush breasts. Once I drained her she brazenly kissed me and asked what I wanted her to wear for the day. I smiled and grasping her buttocks I lifted her up and carried her from the room back into the bedroom where I dropped her on the bed and without any hesitation shoved my cock into her tight bald cunt.
I yelped in surprise and delight as Jack drove his hard monster cock into my greedy pussy. I placed my hands behind my head and let him have his complete way with me as he lanced deep into my tightness. I moaned and whimpered, �Oh yes Master J fuck my worthless cunt, fuck your slave, fill me with your hot jism!�
His strong hands found my fat cow tits and squeezed them cruelly, I would have bruises for days, but I didn’t care. I was his and he owned me, body and soul. I arched my back off the mattress letting him know I was okay with his torment and he grasped my dark nipples tugging and twisting them as I squealed and bucked under him. I felt my orgasm yawning before me and I gasped, �Oh Master Please let your worthless slave cum, please?� His fingers tugged at my nipples as he consented and seconds later my cry filled the room as I came on his hard thick man meat.
I wiggled under him like a worm on a hook as I gripped his hard shaft and felt his hot jism blast the length of his ivory scepter and into my pussy. It took every bit of self control I had to keep the words from escaping my mouth. I so desperately wanted to tell him that I loved not just what he did to me and made me feel. But I loved him as a man.
The remainder of the day I was at his constant beck and call, even answering the door for room service wearing just lingerie. Jack proved to be a most adept student trying out various forms of bondage and discipline on my lush body as I eased him into this new world we were discovering together. For me I was pushing my limits and for him he was learning how to expand his as well.
Part Four
I unlocked the back door of my house early Sunday evening and placed the two bags just inside the back door of the kitchen. I had intentionally shut off my cell phone because to be honest I wasn’t ready to hear Melinda’s voice on the phone. No woman had ever made me feel as she did and it not only confused me, it had hurt to even watch her drive away from the hotel.
I smiled in spite of that because even in leaving me she had insisted on submitting to my every desire. She had eagerly allowed me to secure a vibrating dildo in her bald pussy with rope and had helped me insert a small anal plug in her tight ass under her black dress. She had slipped in the titilizers over her thick dark nipples after I had drained them out on the balcony and she promised to leave them on till morning when she would pump out her tits for me.
On the other hand I didn’t want her calling until she had the time to find what I had secreted in her toy bag. I wanted her to view it totally before we talked; it was both important and vital that she do so.
I managed to get my bag inside the front door and lock it behind me then with a low moan I unzipped the dress letting it fall to the floor as I stepped out of it and all but dashed to the bathroom. I untied the rope from behind my back and tugged it away from my soft creamy skin allowing the dildo to slip from my soaking pussy. I had lost count of how many times I had come on the way home and I needed to relieve myself desperately.
I reached between my legs and eased the plug from my ass dropping it into the bathroom lavatory then sat down and with a sigh of bliss let my bladder void. It had been a definite struggle to focus on the drive back to Tulsa because the vivid images of what had transpired in Kansas City kept coming back to my mind.
I knew that Jack had taken photos of us and of me with Jeff and he had promised to send me a set of them in a few days. Not that I needed them to remember the way Jack made me feel as a woman. It had taken every ounce of resolve I possessed to slip behind the wheel of my MR-2 then have him lean down and kiss me before I drove away not looking back. Tom only seemed like a brief memory now in light of Jack’s dominance and I knew that life would never again be the same for me.
I flushed the toilet and moved back into the hallway and seeing the bag in the living room picked it up to carry it to the bedroom. I unzipped the bag and turning it over dumped the contents out on the deep red satin duvet and frowned seeing the two DVDs. I had taken only one with me, what was the second? I dropped the bag on the floor and picking up the second case I read the label, it was in Jack’s familiar handwriting.
For my Beloved Melinda- Please watch this -Sir J.
I spun on my heel all but falling on my ass as I hurried to my PC and turning it on inserted the DVD into the drive slot. I anxiously waited; my heart pounding as I wondered what could be on it. I took a slow calming breath knowing that I had pushed Jack at times over the weekend and that didn’t bode well for a woman to do that to an alpha male.
The screen finally came up and I found myself looking at an index of sorts. I selected photos and in seconds a slide show of our weekend was flashing on the screen. I blushed and gasped seeing the open lust and raw desire in my eyes and the way I so shamelessly flaunted my body for Jack’s pleasure. I was indeed a total cock hungry whore, there could be no doubt seeing the way I rode Jeff’s black shaft as Jack used a flyswatter on my bound tits.
There were over fifty photos in the file and I sat there in stunned awe wondering how Jack had managed to take so many without my being aware of it. I returned to the menu and opened the next file to find it contained a virtual reality tour of Jack’s house and property. I sat on the couch and took in every detail of his well appointed home and the way it was laid out.
I realized that a woman could go about his house totally naked without fear of being seen outside. The rows of tall pine trees around the property assured privacy and the gazebo and finished barn made my nipples ache thinking of the possibilities a couple could share. I shook my head in sadness wondering why Jack would send me this. He hadn’t mentioned anything to me about another rendezvous.
I closed the file and opened the next one to blink my eyes in total bewilderment, it was a video file. I waited as it downloaded then Jack’s smiling face came on the screen. I found myself reaching out to touch the screen wanting desperately to feel his hands on me one more time. I saw his eyes glitter as he spoke;
� It’s Sunday morning about three AM and you’re asleep in the other room. By now you’re back in Tulsa probably wondering what the future holds for us. To be totally honest I have never felt about any woman the way I feel about you Melinda. On one hand you scare the hell out of me because of the way you seem to have no inhibitions and on the other I want you so desperately that I ache.
Having admitted that, you probably are thinking that I’m not the type of man you want or need as either a Dom or a master. If that’s the case then I’ll understand if you toss this in the trash and I never hear from you again. However, if you think that I’m what you want and need in a man then please proceed to watch this and comply with the instructions I am laying out.
First, you told me that you have several people that have indicated they would be interested in purchasing your business. I would like you to negotiate with them, get the best price for the store and sell out. You should be able to do that in under a month. Second, once the deal is made ship all of your B&D furniture here by motor freight. The address is in the contract file you will read later. Thirdly, you will move all financial funds to a new account here at my bank so you have funds available when you arrive. Lastly, you will contact me only when you have complied with the first two conditions and let me know when you will arrive. I will give you your final instructions at that time for the trip.
I would advise that you read over the Slave contract in the next file and make sure you understand it completely. I will accept E mail questions should you have any before you sign it and E-mail it to me.
I sat there in a mixture or awe and anxiety as I replayed the video watching Jack’s face as he reiterated his message. I swallowed hard as I realized that Jack was actually offering me a position in his house as a sex slave, or was he? I exited the video and accessed the contract file, my heart pounding in my breasts.
I slowly took my time reading over the details of the five year contract. I agreed to be Jack’s exclusive property for that time period. He would provide proper shelter, clothing, food and medical care in exchange for my total obedience as his bovine slave. He would routinely remove my product from my udders and dispose of it as he desired. He would also restrain and discipline me as he saw fit and breed me on a regular basis. I would be required to dress as he desired and service anyone he instructed me to.
I paused reading the last clause of the contract; �The originator of this contract may at any time modify the contract to either increase or decrease the time span herein and the conditions of said contract with the approval of the signee.�
It was almost a week before I heard from Melinda; she called me on my cell and begged me to return her call informing me she needed my assistance in her transition. I called her back that evening and she sounded so relieved to hear my voice, �Thank God you called back Sir. I desperately need your help in order to comply with your wishes.�
I smiled hearing her voice again, damn I had missed her! �What’s up Melinda?�
�Sir I have found a buyer for my business. However I also am an exclusive dealer for a manufacturer of custom breast bridles and harnesses used for breast suspension. It’s a very small part of my operation, but it’s strictly on line. May I have your permission to retain it and keep it operational after I move in with you?�
I heard the concern in her voice and I asked, �Is your supplier a local person?�
�No Sir it’s a couple in New Mexico that make these to order. I have sold several in the past few months; they are quite expensive but very erotic and unique.� She replied. I pondered her request for several moments then she interjected, �I would be happy to model one for you on cam Sir. That way you can see for yourself how they look and function.�
I smiled hearing the eagerness in her voice, she was happy to let me see her lush body and get a possible orgasm out of the deal. I chuckled and declared, �No Melinda that won’t be necessary. You have my permission to keep that part of your business, any idea how soon you’ll be leaving Tulsa?�
Her voice was filled with remorse as she confessed, �No Sir I don’t. The lawyers are drawing up the paperwork now and as soon as they are signed, the bank will issue me a check which I will put in my account up there. Please Sir would you allow your unworthy whore to have an orgasm for you, please? I haven’t had one since I arrived back here and-�
I blinked my eyes and demanded, �You mean you’ve been just pumping out your udders twice a day and that’s all?�
�Of course Master, I am in training to become your slave. My body belongs to you and all you gave me permission to do was pump out my milk.�
I took a slow easy breath and with a satisfied grin instructed her, �Melinda, listen to me very carefully. You are allowed to have orgasms when you pump out your tits, but only then, understand?�
I could tell she was crying as she gushed, �Oh Master J thank you for your kindness, how may I repay you? Please tell me.�
I smiled and replied, �You may repay this kindness by wearing your titilizers to the store every day for the rest of the week under your clothes. Leave them off at night, but after you pump out each morning they go on till you milk again.�
Her voice was low and filled with resignation, �Yes Master J. My nipples will be quite sore after doing this for three days. May I use udder balm on them?�
�Yes you may and send me a picture of you milking each day as well.�
�Oh gladly Sir.� She gushed eagerly.
Jack’s permission to come was such a god send, I had been getting quite bitchy without the daily release of tension from sex and that evening I had three magnificent orgasms in a row as my big E’s were pumped dry. I also hated to admit it but just hearing his clear crisp voice ordering me to send him pictures by e mail had sent my pulse racing. I felt like a child at Christmas waiting for morning to come knowing that I had set in motion events that would change my life forever.
I spent the following weekend remodeling the far end stall in the barn for Melinda’s arrival. A very close friend of mine was a welder and when I showed him what I wanted made he assured me he would have it fabricated in one day and then I went to work ordering all the parts needed to make my machine functional.
Up to this point having my own human cow/slave had been a fantasy but now Melinda was actually making it happen and I was determined to go for broke and get all I could out of her commitment. I worked all day Sunday adjusting and testing out the air powered pistons and controls that operated the commercial type goat milking machine and the motor that drove the optional ribbed dildo.
Everything had to be perfect for my new slave’s arrival. I set up the hidden digital video cameras and microphones to record her ordeal and tested them out to make sure everything was in readiness. I finished late Sunday evening and paused in the open stall door looking at the polished walnut paneling that not only lined the walls but hid the cameras from her view.
The milking stantion stood on a solid polished oak platform waiting Melinda’s lush body under the focused flood lights that would allow the cameras to clearly view her ripe engorged udders as they hung under her as she rested on the soft foam covered framework. Her lush creamy breasts would hang between four leather covered metal half circles that when the trigger was touched would close around the base of each cantaloupe sized milk bag and hold her firmly in place.
Her knees would rest in soft gel filled pads that were located about 16 inches apart giving me total access to either her hairless pussy or delectable ass hole. An adjustable chin rest was swiveled out of the way that could be locked in position with a tube gage allowing me free access to her mouth for fucking her face if I so desired.
The adjustable pumps were a commercial grade with multiple setting ranging from very gentle stimulation to levels that would have her screaming in agony in mere seconds. I was very curious to discover just how much she could handle and had an idea she was going to surprise me. Her sweet nectar would be drained into a sterile environment below her in a rapid cooling system where her milk would be strained and stored in a reusable bottle. I smiled as I shut down the lights and moved to the house. Things were going to be very interesting very soon.
I took a slow easy breath as I looked at the cell phone on the counter then glanced about my almost empty apartment. I had lived here since shortly after Tom had died and now it was all part of my past. Once I placed this call to Jack I was no longer my own person, the prospect of what I was doing hit me full force and I felt my body shaking as I accepted the fact that I wanted Jack more than anything else in this world. He was my very life and I had to go to him to be complete.
Everything was packed except my bag of toys that rested on the counter before me. I only had to leave the keys on the counter, pick up the bag and pull the door closed behind me after I called Jack. I swallowed hard and picking up the phone flipped it open and hit the speed dial for his cell. It rang twice before his rich baritone voice spoke, �Hello there Wench!�
I grinned and sighed, �Greetings Sir. I am calling you to inform you that I am leaving Tulsa now.�
I heard him clear his throat and he replied, �Not just yet, there are instructions for you first.�
I shivered wondering what he had in mind but closing my eyes I sighed, �Of course Sir how may I please you?�
He chuckled and inquired, �Did the package I sent you arrive yet?�
I bit my lower lip as I realized what was coming, oh god was I up to this? I swallowed again and whispered, �Yes Sir, it arrived yesterday by Fed-Ex.�
�Did you open it?�
�Yes Sir I did.�
�Have you tried them out yet?�
�No Sir I didn’t have your permission to.�I reminded him.
�Very well I want you to insert the egg into your pussy after you insert your biggest butt plug in your sweet ass hole, understand?� he commanded. A shiver coursed through my body hearing his orders; damn this was going to be one hell of a trip!
I discovered that no matter how much I tried I couldn’t find a way to sit in my Toyota that was totally comfortable. The tapered plug in my backside let me know it was there and only the low frequency hum of the vibrating egg in my hairless pussy offset the discomfort. That combined with the titilizers that were snug around the base of my freshly pumped out nipples was posing a definite diversion to my driving skills.
However Jack’s instructions were quite clear. Unless it posed a safety factor I was to leave all three devices in place and keep a running total of how many orgasms I had enroot to his house. I was grateful that I had fueled my MR-2 and again packed my cooler with goodies because I wasn’t sure I could handle going into a diner to eat and maintain my composure. Not to mention the fact I was wearing the dress that Jack had bought me with only a garter-belt, stockings, and heels on under it. Every guy in the place would be staring and I was so horny that I might be tempted to do something foolish. On top of that the steadily falling rain would turn the dress transparent in mere seconds.
I set the cruise control at two miles over the legal limit and turned on the radio to distract myself from the pleasure building in my lower passage. This was not the first time I had done this but never on my way to start a new life as a sex slave.
I watched the weather channel and frowned seeing the line of heavy rain showers between Tulsa and my place. I knew that asking Melinda to be on task in good driving conditions was one thing, but in severe weather it was quite another. I picked up the phone and punched in her number, her safety was more important than my pleasure.
I recognized the number on the display instantly and smiled. I knew Jack so well and I reached over and turned off the phone, I didn’t have time to argue with him about this tasking he had assigned to me. I had to do this, not just for him but for myself. I had to show him that as his slave I would do whatever it took to prove to him I was worthy of his possession.
The concern turned to frustration after the third attempt to contact her in a ten minute time frame. The message said her phone was shut off and I left her a voice message instructing her to cancel the tasking, I had come too far to risk this special lady. I found it difficult to imagine not having her there to cuddle with and to converse with after a hard day designing a new project. I waited another hour then called again and this time the call went through. Even over the headset I could hear the rain hitting the top of her sports car as she greeted me, �Hello Sir.�
�Where are you?� I demanded anxiously as she chuckled and replied, �Just south of the border in Missouri. The rain has slacked off quite a bit in the last hundred miles or so. I pulled over under an overpass in KC and waited for a few minutes till it slacked off. I had a wonderful orgasm while I waited. I should be there in about three and a half hours. Is it raining there?�
�As a matter of fact the sun is shining. Are you sure you’re able to continue the tasking, I sent you a message earlier-�I insisted.
Her voice was soft and tender as she replied, �Oh I know you did and it was sweet of you Master being concerned about me. However, you must understand that I must show you that I truly want to be yours. A little rain and thunder isn’t going to stop me now. Please Master let me continue, you may punish me as you see fit once I arrive.�
I smiled and retorted, �Very well wench how many orgasms have you had so far?�
She moaned and confessed, �Sixteen is in view now Sir, this egg is only on low and it’s got me juicing like a Florida orange. I had to put a towel on the seat to soak up my juices, I’m not sure I can handle the high setting.
I laughed and retorted, �Very well by the way I have chosen you a new slave name, so get used to being called Big Tits.�
I heard her giggle as she gasped, �Oh dear, Yes Master Big Tits is eager to let you milk her any time you desire. Shall I call you when I leave the main highway just south of your house?�
�Yes. Big Tits.�
�Thank you for your concern Master. Big Tits is grateful for your kindness.�
I flipped the phone closed and smiled in happiness; Jack had no way of knowing just how happy he had made me by giving me a totally new slave identity. I was no longer Melinda Graham; I was Master Jack’s slave Big Tits! My nipples tingled in anticipation knowing that I would be disciplined for ignoring his phone calls but that paled in comparison to the pleasure I felt in my pussy as the road sign told me I had only another 200 miles to go.
Her phone call came quicker than I expected and I surmised that she had hedged the speed limit a little in her eagerness to arrive. I felt a sense of relief as she told me she was passing through Clearfield and had about three miles to go. I instructed her to park her car in the barn and that there was an envelope under the wiper of my Solstice for her.
She giggled and replied, �I think it safe to say that life with you will never be boring Master Jack.�
I slowed down and eased the Toyota around the corner of the driveway through the gate and up the incline towards the large multilevel house that matched the pictures Jack had sent me. Even as I topped the rise I saw the barn surrounded by trees in the distance and wheeled the low-slung, two seater into the empty stall beside Jack’s Pontiac. I shut off the engine and just sat for several long moments as I looked about the barn.
It wasn’t at all what I imagined, everything was neat and tidy. The concrete floor was painted a dark gray and the walls were finished in sheetrock and painted a pale white. Commercial type fluorescent lights ran the length of the center section of the barn and I opened the door to ease my cramped form out of the seat. I unplugged the eggs power chord from the dash and tucked the battery control pack in my pocket as I stood.
I closed the door and stretched languidly working the kinks out of my shoulders and back then froze as I heard a strange sound behind me. I turned and saw the golden retriever that I had seen in the photo with Jack. I squatted down and held out my hand to him and he came to me his tail wagging. I petted him as he nuzzled my hand then when I stood up he growled at me and I froze backing up against the car, my eyes wide in fear. What was going on?
I watched in utter terror as the golden canine sniffed at the front of my skirt and I blushed knowing he could smell my arousal. I made to push him away and he growled again making me draw back. In utter disbelief I watched as his head slid under my skirt and in seconds his nose was pressing against my pouting labia.
I almost fell out of my chair laughing seeing the expression on Melinda’s face as Max held her in place. I had trained him well over the past months and she was the first to experience his skills, or at least part of them. I picked up the silent Rocky(D) whistle and blew two times and without a hesitation Max eased away and came on the run. I opened the door of his kennel and he went in without a whimper as I watched Melinda leaning against the hood of her MR-2 trying to regain a similitude of composure.
The large Rocky(D) had vanished as quickly as he had come and I felt a deep sense of relief not really sure just what would have happened if he had wanted to subdue me. I caught my breath and remembered Jack’s instructions. Turning my head I saw the aforementioned envelope waiting me. I shook my head to clear it and rounding my Toyota I eased the blue paper free and unfolded it to read;
My Dearest Big Tits,
Today you begin a new life as my lactation slave. Remove your dress and walk to the far end of the barn where you will find another paper with further instructions.
Master Jack
I laid the paper on the hood of Jack’s Solstice and untied the thin ties at my shoulders letting the dress pool about my trim ankles. I laid it atop the paper and reaching in the pocket of the dress slid the battery pack from it and slid it under the wide strap of my garter-belt. Then with a quick glance about me I moved down the barn, my unfettered breasts juddering with each step as the chain swayed between my nipples. I felt a shiver course through me as I wondered what lay in wait for me and hoped I was up to the task.
There was an open half door off to the right, I moved to it and peered inside to gasp as I viewed what it held. I had never seen such a contraption before but once I examined it I knew what it was. I swallowed hard seeing the blue paper taped to the wall by the counter and unlatching the door I crossed the floor to tug it free;
Well Big Tits it seems you have come to the end of your journey. On the counter you will find your new slave cuffs and collar. Put them on then remove the titilizers from your nipples and replace them with the cow bell clamps.
Once you have done this kneel in the stantion and secure the ankle cuffs to the carabineers. Then lean forward and place your udders between the half circles under you. Place the power pack on the floor next to you and turn it on high. Once in place slip your wrist cuff rings over the pins and push the green button.. I will be joining you shortly. Master Jack.
I bit my lower lip and dropping to one knee examined the contraption noting the position of the air cylinders and the transparent rubber cups in the bracket under the device. I knew that the instant I pushed the button I would be totally helpless and at Jack’s mercy. A shiver of delight coursed through me as I admitted that I wanted just that, nothing less! I saved the nipple clamps for last, not knowing how long Jack would leave them on me.
It took me a few moments to figure out how it worked but I managed and laid the power pack on the floor. Closing my eyes I turned up the setting on the egg and gritted my teeth as the vibration frequency doubled in intensity. The delicious sensations started slamming through my clit as I fumbled my wrist cuff rings into position and collapsed into the framework my hand grazing the brightly lit green button.
My head dropped down in time to watch the two halves of each circle close snug about the base of each of my generous E’s trapping me in their grasp. The pressure around my udders was intensified by the fullness of my milk load and my soft cry of anguish filled the stall. I trembled and quivered helplessly as the intense pleasure rippled from my clit to my brain and another orgasm rocked my hips.
I smiled watching as my new slave quivered in the milking stantion, at last she was here and she was mine. It was time to start her training as my lactation slave! I had carefully planned this out for days, right down to the camera positions and the sound levels of the hidden microphones, both in the stall and in the new dungeon I had built in the rear section of the loft. Turning on the recorders I stood and hit the switch closing the garage door. It wouldn’t do for anyone to hear her cries of anguish as I punished her.
Even as I walked down the length of the large stone structure I could hear her soft feminine whimpers. The egg was doing just what I wanted and it was quite obvious that Melinda was working her way through another orgasm. I paused in the doorway and leaning against the doorframe surveyed the sight before me.
I smiled seeing the way her lush milk swollen udders swayed under her kneeling body. The small cow bells chimed with every movement of her body no doubt bringing added pain to her tits as they tugged at her nipples. I could clearly see the black cord that vanished between her spread labia going to the egg that was making her quiver and squirm in vain.
I heard her moan low as she grunted, �Ohhhh Gawwwwd!� I smiled and then crossing the floor I reached down and shut off the egg’s control box. She sagged into the framework as she softly sighed, �Thank you Master Jack.� I moved around her helpless form to kneel before her and taking a handful of her thick silky hair I drew her head up.
I only faintly recognized the sound of his footsteps, yet I knew who it had to be. I was stunned at the gentleness of his touch as he ran his fingertips over my body as he moved around me. He dropped to one knee before me and grasping my hair in his hand he lifted my head till my eyes met his as he smiled at me. His mouth came down over mine in a kiss that up till now I never knew could even be.
There was both affection and yet demand in his lips as he plundered my mouth. I moaned against his lips as his tongue demanded entrance and I eagerly gave it. No man had ever kissed me this way before and in his kiss alone I knew he was demanding my submission. I leaned into it opening my mouth in surrender as he ravished my oral cavity. His other hand found my trapped udders and he flicked the cowbells sending jolts of anguish trough my sensitive nipples.
I whimpered in anguish but never once even considered begging for mercy, Jack owned my body and it was his to use as he pleased. He eased away and I closed my eyes submissively lowering my head as he spoke, �I have missed you Big Tits.�
�And I you Master Jack. I humbly offer you myself for your pleasure Master. Use me as you desire.�I confessed.
He nodded and inquired, �So how many orgasms have you had today?�
I shivered at his question knowing I had to clarify what he wanted to know as I asked, �Full blown orgasms or the tiny aftershocks between them?�
He chuckled and retorted, �Only the big ones Big Tits.�
�I had three this morning when I milked my udders, and two dozen more on the trip here, then one hellacious one just now. That gives me a total of twenty-eight Master Jack.�I informed him softly.
�My god woman how is that possible?�He demanded in awe.
I blushed and answered hesitantly, �Master I have only come with your permission and to be honest I have been horny for days now. Our weekend seemed to just flip a switch or something; I have needed fucked so badly since then.�
His fingers lightly caressed my trapped lush udders and they were so full that it hurt just having them touched. I waited as he lightly flicked the clamps on my nipples as a whimper escaped me at the intense discomfort. I heard his voice, rich and firm decree, �You shut off your phone on your master Big Tits.�
I swallowed hard knowing what was coming. �Yes Master Jack.�I answered meekly.
�You know you must be disciplined for that.�He insisted resolutely.
�Yes Master, please forgive me Master Jack,� I begged earnestly, �I only wished to-�
I seized her hair and yanked her head up to glare into her eyes as I snapped, �You belong to me Slut. I’m responsible for your well being; correct?�
Her eyes filled with tears as she whimpered,� Yes Master, forgive me.�
I tugged at her hair and insisted, �I spent a good deal of time finding you, took a big risk in meeting you and this is the way you repay me? You signed that contract of your own free will, now you are mine and I happen to care about you. By rights I should fuck your ass then whip those milk filled tits with a riding crop till you bleed!�
The look of utter terror on her face was a sight to behold as fresh tears rolled down her face. She licked her lips as she wept and pleaded, �Oh please Master Jack, please understand that this unworthy slut has missed you so badly she was desperate to get to you to serve you. I gladly accept my punishment for my lack of submission and promise I will never do so again.�
I let go of her hair and she bowed her head in abject humility as she pleaded for my forgiveness, however I noticed not for mercy. Reaching down I flipped the egg back on and she squealed as the pulsing vibrations exploded in her tight dripping cunt. Crossing the room I opened the cabinet and looked at the array of instruments I had available to use on her helpless body.
I glanced up and bit my lower lip as I saw what hung on the inside of the full length cabinet door. The three items there sent a cold chill down my spine as I realized that Jack indeed fully intended to make my body pay for my lapse of good judgment. I saw him pluck the thin willow switch from the center hook between the cat and the riding crop and closed my eyes as I let my head fall forward in total despair.
I realized that in my mind I had made Jack into my lover and companion more than my owner and trainer. Now I was to find out just how wrong I had been. I knew too that I truly deserved this for my insolence. I hung my head in abject submission as he moved into position beside the stantion and without any warning he brought the switch to my left trapped udder with the flick of his wrist.
The stroke wasn’t hard, in fact it was just a sharp tap but with my udder so engorged and the clamps on my nipples it felt like a razor had sliced through my taunt milk bag. I cried out in anguish as he paused to stroke my abused flesh and then again he struck it only this time from below landing the stroke to the tender underside as I wailed in abject pain. I struggled in vain to escape my bonds only to discover that it only made the weighted clamps tug on my nipples as the bells chimed.
The pulsing, throbbing in my cunt blended with the red hot fire in my nipples and the cutting agony in my udders to create a vortex of torment that I had never known before. I begged for mercy as I fought the urge to use my safe word but I knew to do so would end everything and I could not even imagine loosing Jack. I had broken the cardinal rule of B&D, I had fallen in love with my master!
To my utter disbelief Jack paused and leaning down whispered, �Do you need a blue light Big Tits?� I nodded eagerly and he stopped moving to what I thought was just another cabinet. He opened it to reveal it was a small fridge. He took out a bottle of chilled water and twisting off the cap he inserted a drinking straw. Moving back he dropped to one knee and held it to my lips.
I drank deeply then expressed my gratitude as he caressed my hair and kissed my brow. I caught my breath as his skilled hands caressed my body and then he gave me another drink before setting the bottle on the counter and picking up the switch. I lowered my head and meekly spoke, �Green light Master Jack.�
The switch again targeted my trapped udders leaving bright pink lines in its wake as I groaned and shivered under the lash. I cried out and begged for mercy knowing full well that Jack would not stop until I had received my punishment full measure. He paused and I lay before him totally helpless as I opened my eyes and looking back under me saw him flick the switch against the clamp on my right nipple.
I swallowed hard knowing this could not bode well for me and his arm drew back as he took careful aim. The switch whistled through the air landing on the end of the clamp solidly connecting with it. The force of the blow ripped the clamp from my crushed dark nubbin sending in across the room to clatter against the far wall as the sheer agony exploded in my nipple. I screamed in abject torment, the sound of my wail filling the barn as Jack moved around my shuddering helpless form. I opened my eyes just in time to see the second blow land on my other nipple as again the sheer agony exploded in my breast.
I shook my head franticly as my cries filled the room. I tried to beg for mercy and then suddenly I felt the transparent rubber cups of the milking machine grasp my puffy swollen areoles as the surging suction sprang into life under me. There was nothing gentle or gradual here, my master’s hands worked the controls to punish, not pleasure.
I gasped and whimpered in anguish as the pumps pulled my milk swollen udders into the cylinders with a vengeance. I could feel the milk being drawn through the ducts past my whipped nipples with painful force. I shivered and panted anxiously as the first drops of liquid dripped from my abused sore nubs but I was unprepared for what happened next.
Even as the pumps wreaked their powerful surging force on my large cow tits I sensed my master moving behind me. I heard a faint sound as he positioned himself between my spread legs and seconds later the plug in my ass was pulled out with a firm solid tug. I felt something press against my still open rectum and then the red hot fire seared through my body as he gradually yet firmly forced his hard cock in my tight backside.
I could feel the lubrication he had applied to his shaft as he forced his way deeper into my ass and I groaned, �Oh yes Master, fuck my worthless asshole, take all I have to give you Master. I am yours!� I glanced down to see the fluid jetting from my tits into the suction cups as Jack drove his hard ivory scepter into my tight backside.
I licked my lips as I realized that this was what I had wanted for so long. I needed to be a man’s property, craved to be his most prized possession. I heard Jack groan as his balls finally came to rest against my outer labia. The vibrations in my cunt were sending waves of delight through my body now that blended with the exquisite surging of the pumping of my udders.
The suction was higher that I was used to but I found that by focusing on the high frequency pulses of the egg it didn’t really bother me. I felt Jack ease back and rock his hips forward stretching my rear passage to accept his girth as I begged, �Master please, a short blue light? My poor ass needs to adjust to you, please?�
I complied amazed that my new slave had endured so much this quickly. It was obvious that she was determined to prove herself to me as being truly sorry for her actions earlier and I knew that I would respond to that in ways she would not believe. I had fully expected her to use her safe word after the switching of her tits but she had both amazed me and earned my respect by her perseverance. I made to move away and fetch her water only to have her plead, �Oh please master stay, this poor slave loves the way you fill her tight ass. May she beg for permission to cum?�
I smiled down at her and grasping her trim waist I agreed, �Yes Big Tits, you may come if you like. I think it safe to say you have earned a couple of orgasms.�
Her voice was a low sensual purr as she sighed, �Master Jack is too kind to this wanton whore. I shall be indebted to you for this Master.�
Having Jack’s thick magnificent cock buried balls deep in my ass was both a painful yet delightful experience. Tom had used me this way on occasion but he had not been anywhere close to the size Jack was. His willingness to give me a blue light had been such a relief as my poor body slowly adjusted to his thickness. He had also been generous with the lubrication which made it even better and when combined with the buzzing of the egg in my pussy I was like a bomb ready to detonate on impact.
I had no idea how much product my udders had produced but I knew it had to be considerable because of the length of foreplay I had endured on the trip. I slowly wiggled my as at him and he chuckled, �Are you ready to give your ass Big Tits?�
I moaned and nodded, �Yes Master Jack. Fuck my tight asshole. Fill me with your hot cum, please?�
I took a slow calming breath and willed my bound body to relax as much as possible as Jack eased back then thrust into my rear passage. I gasped as I felt his balls graze my outer labia and I begged, �Oh Master Jack, fuck this humble whore’s asshole. Flood her with your hot jism.�
I vaguely remember snatches from what followed as Jack slowly built up his speed and depth of penetration. I started to squeal and sob as the pleasure in my cunt matched the pounding of his shaft in my ass. I knew I came two or more times before he blasted his load in my ass and things then became a blur.
* * * *
I woke up to find myself totally naked leaning back against Jack’s bare chest submerged in lavender scented bubbles and circulating hot water in a large sunken tub. The room was obviously the master bathroom from what I recalled from the tour of his house. Jack’s strong arms held me to him as he dripped water over my body from a large sponge. The entire wall next to the tub was one way glass allowing us a magnificent view of the back yard of his house and the barn.
I sighed in total bliss as the aches and stress from the long trip seemed to fade under my master’s touch and I tipped my head to one side to look up at him as he smiled down at me. His right hand cupped my lush creamy striped udder, his fingers toying with my dark tender nipple as he asked, �Feeling better Big Tits?�
God knows how hard I tried to hide it from him but sadly I lost the battle as my arm slid up around his neck and I arched my back bringing my mouth to his to kiss him. He met my kiss with a tenderness that made my knees weak and I knew that I had to tell him the truth, now. I eased back down and blushing in total shame at my lack of self control I whimpered, �Master Jack I must tell you something. I cannot hide it from you any longer. I have tried for so long. From the first time you touched me in Kansas City I have known and I know it’s wrong, but I have to tell you-�
I placed a singer digit across her lips and shook my head as I insisted, �I know Melinda, I know.�
There was shock and bewilderment on her face as she insisted, �You know? But how can you know that so soon? I have tried so hard to hide my feelings from you! It’s all too soon!�
I smiled at her stunned expression and easing her head back against my chest as I caressed her breasts with my other hand. I gently informed her, �It was your total lack of inhibition and eagerness to please me that told me. A woman does not submit to a man to the level you did unless she is totally committed to that man. I saw in everything you did in KC that you wanted this to work, you offered me it all and I knew you meant it. You could have stopped Jeff at any point but you knew that by obeying me you were showing me just how serious you were about me being your Dom.
I on the other hand discovered an entire new world of sexual pleasure with your help and it has made my world totally new. How can I not truly love and appreciate the woman that does that for me? You need to understand something Melinda, our relationship is just that, ours! We make our own rules and we choose how we interact.
Am I going to expand your limits, yes, absolutely! Will I share you with other Doms, perhaps if we can come to an agreement on what the limits are? However understand this, for every limit I expand with you I will in turn increase my affection and pampering of you. It’s what a man does for the woman he cherishes and loves. Heaven knows how long I have searched for you and if I have my way that five year contract is just an opening training period.�
His words filled me with a joy that I had never actually known could exist until this moment. Tom had loved me but he had compartmentalized our lives limiting our level of transparency and openness. But Jack was laying it all out before me and telling me he wanted it all with me, nothing held back and I was thrilled at his offer and declaration of love.
I eased away from him and turning I knelt in the hot water before him lifting my eyes to meet his I smiled and spoke from the very depths of my heart, �Jack my beloved Master would you grant this humble slave a request?�
His strong hands cupped my full ripe breasts as he asked, �What is it Big Tits?�
I bit my lower lip and with a soft smile I begged, �Would my Master consent to having my areoles pierced just behind my nipples for slave rings and my outer labia as well? It is this slave’s desire to wear your symbols of ownership for all to see.�
The look of surprise was mixed with delight as he asked, �Can it be done and not pose a problem with your milking schedule or production?�
I nodded and replied, �I think so if proper precautions are taken, there is a new laser procedure I have read about.� His hands tugged me closer and I giggled as I worked my knees up on either side of his thighs as he drew me to him. My poor cock hungry pussy was begging to be filled and I could feel my milk letting down in anticipation of his mouth drinking my nectar.
I somehow managed to keep my composure and not confess to my new slave that I had already bought her four rings to implant in her body. I was just going to allow her time to get adjusted to her new home first then tell her. But now it seemed we were on the same page about this and I was looking forward to her meeting my surgeon friend that was also a Dom.
She smiled at me and whispered, �Master may this worthless cow impale herself on your shaft? Will you breed me please?�
I nodded as I retorted, �As long as I get to drink your sweet warm milk Big Tits.� She blushed and held up her udders eagerly as she insisted, �Oh Master Jack these are your udders, you may feast anytime you like.�

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