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My Naughty Niece

20 Min Read

This is an adult story written for adults. It contains scenes of graphic sex between an adult male and a pre-teen girl. If you are not allowed to or prefer not to see this kind of material, please leave now. If you proceed it is at your own risk.
I was lying on my bed half dozing. It was a quiet afternoon and I had been reading. As I rested there, I heard a rustling over by the door. I glanced over and was met by a vision of beauty.
Standing there in the sunlight from the bedroom window was Sandy, my niece–a little pixie of a girl. She was small, slender but full of life, her flaxen hair like a halo in the sunlight. She was dressed in my favorite outfit: black shiny shoes, with white knee-socks, the little plaid skirt I had gotten for her when I was in Scotland, and a demure white blouse. A vision to be sure, and only eight.
My niece often came over to visit me unannounced. Her father didn’t really like me all that much … but let his daughter come over anyway. I think he was just glad to get free baby-sitting. For me, having the darling child come over was more of a delight than a chore. This time the little girl was just standing there, head bowed and hands clasped in front of her. Her tiny fingers twining and intertwining as if searching for the right hold in a wrestling match.
“Come in, Sandy,” I said.
She walked over to the bed slowly, with her head still downcast. I couldn’t see her face, as her hair covered most of it. Nor could I see her eyes. Those glorious eyes were never the same color it seemed, as the last time I looked. One minute they were blue, the next brown and then green. Then a mix. But always with that special gleam. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. These eyes were surely the window to a treasure hidden deep inside this little nymph. In case you haven’t noticed, I love her dearly.
As she stood by my bed I watched for a moment. Something was wrong. I gave her time. Finally, in a small almost whisper of a voice she asked, “Can I snuggle with you, Uncle Sky?”
“Of course, my dear.”
I held out my arms and she climbed on the bed and snuggled down next to me. She pushed close to my side, put her head on my shoulder and a delicate hand on my chest. As I reached down and brushed her hair away from her face so I could see her, I felt something on her cheek. I brushed it away and looked at my finger. It was a tear. She had been crying.
“Why have you been crying, my little one?” I asked.
She whimpered a bit and then in that small voice said, “I was a bad girl, and Daddy spanked me. He made me take off my panties and he pulled up my skirt and he spanked me on my bare bottom and, and … and on my pee-pee.”
I held her close and stroked her hair.
“It hurts, Uncle Sky,” she said.
Oh how sad this little waif seemed, cuddled up there so close. I wondered how anyone could hurt this little angel. I held her close and tried to soothe her.
“Uncle Sky?”
“Yes, Sandy.”
“Will you make it all better for me?”
“How can I do that, Sweety?”
“Same as always when I get a boo-boo, Uncle Sky.”
I didn’t know for a minute what she meant. She used to come to me when she fell or bumped her knee. I would brush her off, rub the injury gently, then kiss it to make it all better. No! That couldn’t be what she meant. Well, I guessed it wouldn’t hurt to rub her little bottom. And so I started on the path I never thought I would travel. The path to paradise. I gently rubbed her bottom.
“Not that way, Uncle Sky.” Sandy got up and stood next to the bed. Slowly she unfastened her skirt and slipped it off. I was about to say something when she amazed me even more. She put her fingers under the elastic of her little white panties and slipped them down and off.
“Now you can rub it,” she said, as she got back up on the bed. She lay face down next to me, her fanny sticking up in the air slightly. Hesitatingly I reached over and began to rub her little cheeks. I could see they were very red and felt very warm. He must have really whaled her.
“Is that better, dear?” I asked. All I got was a quiet, “Mmm.”
I rubbed gently first one side then the other. Such firm little cheeks. “Damn, she has a fine ass,” I thought. No! I shouldn’t be thinking like that. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. My little Sandy was hurting and she wanted my help.
As I was rubbing, she slowly moved her legs apart just a little. Then a little more. “Lower, Uncle Sky.” I moved my hand lower to the bottom of those round cheeks. “Now my pee-pee,” she said.
Oh God, no! If I do what she asks, I may not stop there. But I had never refused her anything, so I moved my hand down lower and between her legs. I felt the warmth and a little moisture of her smooth, plump pussy lips. “Mmmm, that feels better.”
I took my hand away. It was shaking as if I was terrified. I was. Then she opened her mouth and out came the words I wanted, yet dreaded to hear,
“Now kiss it and make it better, Uncle Sky.”
I hesitated for a moment. This was getting way out of hand. I was treading on very dangerous ground now. I resisted. “Please?” she pleaded.
Slowly I moved down on the bed. I bent over that lovely little ass and planted a tiny kiss on each cheek. “Mmmm.” I started to get up, but she reached down and stopped me. “You missed a spot.” What? Oh no. Not …
“My pee-pee still hurts, Uncle Sky.”
Hesitating only a moment, I bent down again, and spreading her legs a little more, I planted a gentle kiss on those delectable lips. And then another one. And then a little harder.
“Oooh, that feels gooood, Uncle Sky.”
I started to rise and heard her croon, “More please … Pretty please?” I was lost. She had me spellbound. I was mesmerized by the beauty, by the smell, the warmth of that pussy. There was no way in hell I could stop now. I bent down again and started to kiss her ass and then the backs of her thighs. Then back to the lips. I darted my tongue out and licked them swiftly. Then more kisses. I moved my mouth over her pussy and slipped my tongue out and over her mound, down over the lips. Then into the slit, gently separating the lips and probing softly. The tiny inner lips. The little hole and finally, the clit. As I gently licked her tiny button she jumped and then moaned, “Oh Uncle Sky, that feels sooo goood.”
I continued back and forth. First the clit, then the lips, then probing her little hole. Slowly and gently I inserted my tongue a short way in. Then back to the clit and lips and back again to the hole. In a little farther. All the time being careful not to be too rough. Always softly. Sandy moaned and wiggled. She finally turned over and spread her legs wide so I could get in closer. There was no thought of stopping now. I had my head down between her legs doing the very best I could to bring this pixie to a level of pleasure she had never dreamed of. And she was pushing her mound into my face ever more forcefully.
“Oooh, that feels so good.”
I went back to her tiny clit and took it between my lips and sucked on it. She squirmed and moaned some more.
As I was doing this, I suddenly felt her tiny fingers fumbling with my pants. I kept on as if I didn’t notice. She got my pants open and slipped her little fingers inside. Grasping my prick, she pulled it out. I was by this time fully erect with a hard-on the likes of which I had not seen in many years. I am not huge, but rather average in size, so she was able to get a good hold on me. Slowly she began to rub my prick with her hand. Then she kissed the tip.
I very nearly came right then. I concentrated on what I was doing so as not to climax too soon. I kissed and licked for all I was worth. Still not too firm, but rather gently, so as not to hurt her.
The bottom half of my niece’s body was all over the place. She wiggled and pushed and generally moved in reaction to my ministrations. At the same time, she was using her hands to minister to me. She seemed to know instinctively what to do. She slid her hand up and down my prick then placed a kiss on the head. Then more sliding and then another kiss. Then more kisses all over the head. Then I felt a shock run through me as she stuck out her tongue and licked the head. Then she licked the underside. Up and down the shaft her tongue moved.
I tried to concentrate on my own task. I was by now using my fingers to caress her pussy and pull the lips open so I could get my tongue farther in her hole. The hole was small but wet and stretching slowly as I slid my tongue in and out of that delicious feast.
I wondered what would be next. Then I knew. I felt the warmth of her mouth close over the head of my cock. It was a stretch, but not too much. She managed and seemed to know the teeth would hurt, and so covered them with her lips. Slowly she sucked me into her mouth. Then she slid back. Her head bobbed back and forth and I was humping too. I was getting close now. So was she. Her tiny pussy was swollen and hot. The juices were flowing like wine and tasted every bit as good.
I slipped my prick out of her mouth and slowly kissed my way up over her mound, past her belly button, dipping in for a moment as she giggled from the tickle. I moved up over her belly to her chest, giving only a brief suck on her soon-to-be nipples. I raised up and kissed her on the mouth and was surprised when she reacted by opening her mouth slightly. I probed with my tongue and she responded with hers.
This was it. It was time to either stop or go all the way. “Sandy, dear?”
“Yes, Uncle Sky?”
“Do you like the feeling you got from my tongue in your pee-pee?”
“Oooo yes, Uncle Sky.”
“Would you like even better feelings?”
“Oh, yes, please.”
“OK, then I’m going to put my ‘thing’ in your hole, and make you feel real good.”
“That big thing is going to fit in my little hole?”
“Yes, my dear. It will stretch your hole and slide right up inside you. It will hurt a little at first but then it will feel real good I promise.”
“OK, Uncle Sky. I want to feel real good.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Uncle Sky. Even if it hurts at first and I get a scared look in my eyes, you go ahead and do it till it feels good.”
So I reached down and took my cock in my hand. I rubbed it up and down over her pussy. The lubrication from my earlier activities was copious and coated the head of my cock easily. I put the head against her little hole and began to push. There was no movement at first but then it slowly slid in a little ways. I got the head in and moved back and forth a bit to let Sandy get used to it. Slowly I was able to get more and more in.
Then I hit her hymen. By now my niece was moving right along with me and seemed to be enjoying herself. “Now comes the part that hurts a little. Are you sure you want to go on?”
“Yes, Uncle Sky, I’m sure.” She clenched her fists and I could see the tension in her face.
“Try to relax, dear. It will hurt less”. I caressed her cheek and bent down and kissed her. She responded as she had before, and while she was doing that I pushed hard and quick through her hymen.
“Ooow, that hurt,” she cried. There was a little tear in her eye and I was ready to stop.
“I’m sorry, dear. Maybe we should stop now.”
“But you said it would feel good, Uncle Sky. Will it?”
“Yes, Dear. If we keep going, it will feel real good all over.”
“OK. Then let’s go on and do it some more.”
And so I started moving in and out slowly, letting her get used to it. Soon I could see that the pain had passed, because she was smiling again and moving her hips in unison with my thrusts. I slid deeper and deeper into her with each thrust. I finally was as far in as I could go in her tiny pussy. I moved slowly in and out, giving and getting the best feeling possible.
Sandy groaned and moaned as we made love there in my bed. I did a little moaning myself. This was the most wonderful sex I had ever had. And it was with my little niece whom I love dearly. The world could not be better. Somehow I was able to keep my climax from overtaking me and continued to plunge in and out of that sweet little pussy. We both moved and moaned and generally thrashed around as we were enveloped in passion.
After a while Sandy began to move faster and faster. I sensed that she was actually going to reach her first climax. I was ready too. We moved faster and she asked me to hurry. “Faster please, faster, deeper … oooh … harder.”
I did the best I could for this girl I loved. We moved like lightning and in a moment there was thunder. We both tensed and I plunged my cock deep into her as she clung to me. We held each other tightly as I pumped my cum into her sweet little pussy. Her pussy squeezed my prick in waves, as we both reached a tremendous climax.
I was ready to collapse and Sandy was only half aware. I turned and rolled to my side off her, but she would not let go. She hugged me to her as tightly as ever and we lay there like that with my slowly shriveling prick still inside her.
“Thank you, Uncle Sky. That was the very best feeling I ever had in my whole life.” And with that she drifted off to sleep, still in my arms.
As I too began to fall asleep, I answered, “No, my dear, thank you .. for giving this old man the best damned afternoon delight of his life.”
And so we slept … the Satyr and the Nymph. The Man and the Child. The Uncle and the Niece. The Lovers.

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