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It was hot sexy night. I was feeling so hot… yet before it happen i didn’t know that i gonna suck her pussy,,,,,
It was a friday night…I was returning home after spending time with my friends at a restaurant….While i was returning from the restaurant i saw a girl and a car in my way..The girl seemed familiar and was probably there because her car had some problem…It was night time so i didnt see her face clear…I went near to her and realized she was katrina kaif….Katrina, the motive of my life….
Kat- Hey, meri car kharab ho gayi hai…Raat bahut ho gayi hai isliye yaha mechanic dhoondna muskil hai…Agar aap bura na maane toh kya aap mujhe lift de sakte hain ??? If u dont mind please ??
Me- Sure…I am your biggest fan , katrina…I will surely give u a lift….Ok sit on my bike and i’ll take u to your destination…
(I was not sure if this was a reality but it seemed like i was in heaven…Katrina was in the back seat of my bike…Her boobs were touching my back and i could feel her breath so close to me….)
Kat- Mujhe bandra ki taraf jaana hai, so kya aap please left turn ley sakte hain ??
Me- Kyun nahi !! Zaroor…
(I was about to take a left turn and suddenly i realized my tire was punchured…We were on our half way and the punture was going to be a big problem for both of us…)
Kat- Oh no !!! The tire is punchured in half way..!! Cant we go a few miles more ??
Me- No katrina…I’m sorry…
(Katrina was scared…It was 12;30 at night and there were no public transport running…Besides chor lutere ka bhi dar thaa…)
Me- Aap ghamraiye mat katrina….Main kuchh intajaam karunga….Aap yehi rukiye, main madat leke aata hoon…
Kat- Nahi…Mujhe akele dar lagta hai…Main bhi aapke saath chalungi…Please…Chaliye na, kisi se madat mangte hain…
( Hum dono bahut chal chuke the fir bhi koi umeed nazar nahi aayi….We both were sad and suddenly katrina saw an old house…)
Kat- Oh look !!! There is an old house up there….Maybe we can spent a night there…!! Hamare paas aur koi chara bhi toh nahi hain naa…..
Me- I was confused what to do….Main decent banne ki koshish kar raha tha lekin katrina ki harkate mujhe uksaa rahi thi…Katrina ke saath ho toh raat ko kise neend aayegi !!! fir bhi main uski baat maan ke us purane ghar ki taraf badhne laga….)
Me- Koi hai ??? Ghar main koi hai ??? Please bahar aayiye ???
Kat- Maybe they’re sleeping…Call loudly…
Me- I dont think so…I called multiple times but no reply from inside…Lets go in…
Kat- Do u think we shud go in ??
Me- Lets go..!!
( We were shocked to see the house was not locked… We went in and started looking for the owner…We couldnt find anyone…)
Kat- I dont think anyone lives here…Its quite an old house and it must have been difficult for the people to live here….But we can spend our night here…If u dont mind…
( Main bahut insecure feel kar raha thaa…Mujhe saran aarayi thi….Katrina was my favourite actress and i had a strong fantasy of fucking her ass..Still i didnt show the animal inside me and acted to be shariff ( decent..)
Me- Kya ?? Katrina aapko kai aitraaz nahi hoga agar hum dono yaha raat bitaye…??
Kat- Maine yeh toh nahi kaha ki kum saath soyenge…Dont get me wrong…I was just asking for your company….Main ek saaf din waali insaan hoon…Muje aap saaf dil wale lage isliye maine aap par trust kiya….I dont think aap mera faida uthyange…
Main speechless thaa…I couldnt speak a word…Kitni ladkiyon ko choda maine aaj tak fir bhi yeh mujhe sharif kehe rahi hai !! Isko kya pata ki main kitna bada kamina hoon !! )
Kat- Kya soch rahe hain aap ??
Me- Nahi nahi !! Kuchh bhi toh nahi !!!
Kat- Accha… ( She smiled…I could see her white teeth and sexy smile…Her lips were too good and i was getting seduced step by step…Still i tried to control my emothions…..Suddenly it started to rain outside..)
Kat- Woh dekhiye bahar barsaat ho rahi hai…Barsaat ka mousam pyaar karne waloh ki mousam hai….Aap ko kya lagta hai ??
Me- Aap ne sahi kaha katrina…
( Suddenly bijli chamakne lagi !!!!!! Us ghar ki bijliyan chali gayi…Katrina was scared and she hugged me !!! Jab usne mujhe gale lagaya, mere andar ka jaanwar bahar aane laga…Uske boobs mere sine ko touch kar rahi thi,,,,She was so close to me that i could hear her breathing and smell her breath…..Her lips were close to me and we both were speechless…)
Kat- Mujhe bijli se bahut dar lagta hai…
Me- Daro mat plz…Main hoon na !!!
( Jab maine aisa kaha katrina mujhe ghoor kar dekhne lagi…I dont know what she was thinking but she was looking very sexy…I dont know how we both were so much into emotion that i kissed her lips !!! )
Kat- (Shy..)
Me- I was driven by emotions ..I’m sorry…
Kat- Nahi nahi….Sorry mat boliye aap…Hum dono emotion me the…Fir bhi ek kiss main kya rakha hai…Darasal when i saw u i realized u were special…U’re so special..Saying that she hugged me and kissed me…I was also temppted and so i kissed her badly…I kissed her neck, lips and began sqeezing her boobs…Damn !! Her boobs were so bouncy and tight ..I had a dream of grabbing them and my dream was coming true…Slowly i started going for her pussy…She was wearing jeans…I opened her jeans and went for licking her pussy…I was shocked she wasnt wearing any panties….Uss ne panty nahi pehni thi….Uski chut ki khushbu se main apne aap ko rok nahi paa raha tha….)
Kat- Baby…Lick my pussy…
Me- Ohh katrina….I will lick it the whole night baby….Piss on my mouth baby…Iwill drink it….
(Katrina pissed a little and i started drinking it…I wud not have done that if it was someone other than her…But her urine too was very seducing and entertaining..Then i licked her pussy…I did it for 15 minutes approx….
Katrina than asked for my cock…She wanted to suck it….My 8 inch cock was so happy to go into the sex queen of bollywood’s mouth….I took my cock and put it into her mouth….It took it deep into her throat and she started sucking it..)
Me- Uhh katrina….U are so good at sucking….Ohhhh baby !!! Uhh !!! My katrina !! You’re the best cocksucker in this world !!! One more minute and i’ll cum on your face….!!!
(Suddenly i started to cum….My sperms were all around her lips and she was enjoying it…Then i threw it near her boobs and she was loving to lick it…..)
Kat- Now please fuck me !!!
Me- Sure baby…! I will fuck you hard and give u enough please u desire….
( I put my cock into her pussy and started slowly…She was enjoying slow sex and suddenly she asked me to go wild….I went wild and fucked her and fucked her hard!!! She was moaning…Uhh !! OOOO !!! Oooh laa laa baby !!! U are a super good fucker !! Better than salman !!!! I was so happy and continued fucking her….After 15 minutes i wanted to fuck her ass…..I first licked her asshole…I cleaned it with my spit….I licked it for few minutes and then tried to put my dick into her ass…..)
Kat- Your dick is so big !! Will it fit in my ass ??
Me- It has to fit !! U know katrina, I always wanted to fuck u in the ass….Cant believe this is the same ass that shaked in SHIELA KI JAWANI and CHICKNI CHAMELI….Cant believe these are the same boobs i was in ZARA ZARA TOUCH ME !!
(My dick entered her ass and then i started fucking it…Her ass was too tight….I was enjoying the tight anal sex but katrina was crying as well as enjoying….She was screaming harder !! ARGGHHHHH !!!! UHHH !!!!!! UHH !!!! OOOOOOO !!!!!! I was afraid anyone wud hear her screams but i was lucky that no one was around…After some time katrina went for an orgasm……I licked her orgasm …..I licked her pussy and also it was time for me to go for second orgasm…This time i threw all the sperms into her ass….Her ass cheeks were so fat and got me horny even after the second sperm…I realized that i cud waste my full tanker of sperms while having sex with her…Her black asshole was shining white due to my sperms…)
Me- Katrina, this is the best sex i have ever had…You were so good…I think i accomplished my dream…Thank you..
Kat- You were good too..And your dick gave me so much please that salman couldnt even imagined to give me….I thank u for this wonderful hard sex….

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