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My Pervert uncle Fuck Me

11 Min Read

Okay so I have this pervy uncle. He would always comment on my “little boobies” or how beautiful I’d be when I grew up. He’s always been like that. I had 2 different boyfriends. The first one had a nice dick. Maybe 7 inches and ok thickness. The last boyfriend was maybe 4-5 inches. He was so nice and ate my pussy good so I didn’t really care about his dick. Although when I mssterbated, I thought mostly about big dicks. So I’m 16 and my cousin stayed at her moms but sometimes was at her dads who is the pervy uncle I was talking about. We were at my uncles and I usually wore baggy clothes to avoid his comments. It was hot and I had a low cut shirt on. He looked a lot but never said anything. So my cousin left for practice and I was alone for a while and wanted to get off. I put a porn on my phone and put my hand in my pants. It was feeling really good, had my headphones in, my eyes closed and rubbed my clit just right. I opened my eyes and he was standing there. I know he didn’t see anything but it was embarrassing as fuck. Our conversation went like this.
“Looks like someone hasn’t been fucked in a while.”
“Uh actually I did yesterday by my boyfriend.”
“Nah he ain’t fucking you right if you have to get off in the middle of the day.”
“I don’t know. I was just horny. My boyfriend fucks me right.”
“Nah I can tell. He got no experience or a small dick.”
“My boyfriend is awesome and he’s got a nice dick.”
“Just nice? Probably small then.”
“No it’s a really big dick.”
“Really big, huh? Bigger than this?”

He was next to me at the head of the bed and showed me his dick. I’ve never been shocked seeing a dick until I seen his. It wasn’t all the way hard but it was close. It looked almost identical to my first ex just way, way thicker. The look on my face gave it away so he didn’t believe me when I said that it was gross and to get it away from me. He spit in his hand and rubbed his dick right in front of my face. I couldn’t stop watching. He waited a few seconds until he asked if I was sure I didn’t like it because it looked like I did. I didn’t even process what he said or realize that he took my hand and put it on his dick. It was the nicest dick, I completely blocked out who he was for that moment. I used two hands on that monster taking my time staring at it and appreciating it. He was slow about it but his dick was getting close to my mouth so I opened it and stuck my tongue out. He was so close but stopped because he wanted me to make the next move I think. He brushed my hair out of my face and said, “Go ahead. Suck your Uncles cock.”. I pride myself on my blowjob skills but his was hard to suck. I used both hands, a lot of spit and took as much as I could. He put his hand in my pants and touched my pussy. I grabbed his wrist to stop him. He took his free hand and pinned both arms above my head. I liked a little rough play. Besides, He knew exactly how to rub my pussy. He said I could stop if I wanted to, just tell him. He went so fast on my pussy I was screaming on his dick moving my head on it the best I could and he made me cum. He slowed his fingers and let me enjoy it. When I was finished, he rubbed between my lips and sucked his fingers off asking if that felt good. I moaned an Mhmmm on his dick because I didn’t want it out of my mouth yet.

I was disappointed when he took it out but got nervous when he went for my pants. Even after he took off my panties I was trying to cover my pussy with my hand. It was so hot but weird. He moved my hands and held them down and buried his face in my pussy. I didn’t know exactly what he was doing but my pussy never felt like that ever. I had a massive orgasm so loud I couldn’t control myself. He got next to me and pulled me on him. He pulled my top off and mentioned how long he’s wanted to see them. He complimented me then started soft kissing them until he started biting and sucking hard. I was grinding on that dick and he knew exactly what he was doing. He teased me for so long he could see my frustration. He didn’t stop, his big hands grabbed my ass and his fingers were all over my pussy. He got me the horniest I ever been. He was pulling me while I was grinding and tested me. He put his hand around my throat and grabbed my hair telling me to go faster. I listened and he liked that. He knew I was ready. He pulled me higher up his chest to suck on my tits, then my neck and finally looked me in the eyes and asked if I wanted his cock. He grabbed my hair tighter and told me to say it. “YES I NEED THAT UNCLE COCK”. He pushed my hips down, put his hands behind his head and told me to go ahead. I wiggled my hips until his dick found my hole. I had my mouth wide open. It had been so long since I had big dick like that. I rode it but couldn’t get it all the way in. He still watched me struggle and eventually asked if I wanted help. He told me to reach back and spread em. He grabbed my hips and gave me all of that dick. He got me talking dirtier than usual. I was calling myself whore and slut more than ever and letting him be rough. He rolled on top and had my legs up and hit that spot I never knew I had. I saturated his dick and some of the bed with pussy juice. We realized she was coming home any minute so we frantically cleaned up and put on clothes. Before we left the room, he pinned me up against the wall and told me I owe him a nut.

Thankfully my cousin was tired. So after she showered and ate, she passed out. I snuck into his room and he was waiting for me. I snuggled up next to him and pulled my pants down so he knew I was ready. He was hard almost right away after playing with my pussy. He found my hole and gave me a slow fuck. He rubbed my pussy and stuffed me full. We fucked like that for so long just enjoying each other. He pushed me over on my belly and got on top. He got me going again where liquid was gushing out of my pussy. With how wet my pussy was, sex was loud for how slow he was going. He made me cum again with that slow, deep fucking. Then he went harder and told me he was gonna give me so much cum. He wanted to pull out but I wanted that dick for as long as I could. He said if I really was okay with it then I’d have to ride him. I put my hands behind me and spread my legs. I wanted him to see everything. He loved my tits bouncing while riding. He said he was going to cum and asked if I was sure. I smiled and went faster. “You’re going to make your uncle cum. I’m gonna fucking cum. Oh shit slow down.” I went nice and slow while he came in my pussy. I hurried off to bed. I felt really dirty and kind of gross by it afterwards. The next morning too. I was up before my cousin and he was in a robe in the kitchen. He said good morning and walked over to my chair and opened his robe. I loved that dick. I sucked it with no questions asked. He told me he cums quick in the morning so this won’t take long. With no lube besides my wet pussy and his cum from last night,he bent me over the counter and fucked me hard. He was right, as soon as I said I was cumming he did too.

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