My Sister Become my Wife

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I say little sister, but my sister in law and I are the same age. Just one of the many benefits of marrying an older woman. My SIL was having a rough time after a divorce so my wife decided she should stay with us until she got back on her feet. At 30 she still had no real direction in life and my wife wanted her to go back to school. I agreed and converted our extra room back into a bedroom for little sis. My wife has an 8-5 job and I work the night shift, so I’m home all day after coming in very early every morning. Sometimes I take a nap after work to catch up on sleep. Sis likes to stay out late partying and sleep in till lunch time. It did not take long for our schedules and living situation to put me and my SIL in a compromising situation. One morning after a nap I went to jump in the shower. The bathroom door was open so I thought it was unoccupied. As I walked in, there stood sis, naked and toweling herself dry. I didn’t really know what to say except sorry, and I didn’t know you were in here. She didn’t act too surprised and said that it was ok, she should have shut the door but she thought that I was asleep. She put her robe on and left me to take a shower. Afterward in the kitchen she was still in her robe. She bent over to pick up a spoon she dropped and upon standing her robe kinda opened up exposing her breast. She could tell I had noticed and asked, does seeing me nude make you uncomfortable? I said not really, and that I didn’t mind seeing her as she looked like a younger version of her sister. Very similar except tighter and perkier. Now flirting with her, I told her that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her if it didn’t bother her. Well, she took that as the compliment it was intended to be, and let her robe fall off to the floor. I was stunned by her aggression and lack of modesty at first, but then I remembered some of the stories my wife had told me about her sister. She is, for lack of a better word,a slut. It was the reason her marriage had ended, and why she didn’t have a job. The bosses wife found out about an affair sis had with the boss and told sis’s hubby. Turns out, this ended up being good for me on this day.
Sis, standing there naked in the kitchen then said, you can do more than stare, would you like to touch? It will be our little secret, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t, she said. This shocked me! I couldn’t help it! I was staring! At her perfectly shaped handfull sized breasts with bright pink up turned areolae and fat juicy nipples. My eyes were scanning every inch of her flat tone tummy. My gaze moved all the way down to where there should be a mound of pubic hair, but I found only silky smooth tanned flesh with a teasing of pouty fleshy lips protruding. I turned into a bumbling idiot for a few seconds and actually asked her where she would like me to touch. She moved closer and turned around, placing her perfect little nude bubble butt right against my crotch. She took my hands and placed them on her hips and said, you can start here.
I was actually a bit shaky at this point. I thought maybe I was dreaming, but as she moved my hands around over her tummy, down across her naval and over her pubis then up onto her perfectly little titties, I knew that this was really happening. She whispered into my ear as she caressed herself with my hands. telling me she had been aching for me to touch her since she moved in. Two weeks of agony had went by as she knew I was asleep alone in my room almost every morning. Knowing that, she said she had been walking around in her panties and nude every chance she got just hoping that I would catch her. For all her rubbing and whispering she was rewarded by the feel of my throbbing cock pressing against her tight little ass. She suggested that we take our conversation to the bedroom, and I agreed. As I followed her to my wife’s bed I had a hard time concentrating watching her fit strong legs move back and forth, pushing the perfect curves of her round ass up and down. I was looking at my Sister in Law in a way I had never imagined, she was obviously in heat, and she was hypnotizing. I was deep in lust when we got to the bed, and she knew it. She told me to lay down as she climbed onto the bed and crawled around like a lioness circling her kill. I did as I was told as she climbed up on top of me and straddled my face. As she held onto the headboard she humped and grinded her wet pussy and ass on my mouth and nose, she was face fucking me. I couldn’t believe it, but I was loving every second of it! Her juices were really flowing as she got closer to cumming. She was filling my mouth with her girl cum, and I was swallowing every bit of it. She turned around on my face and grabbed my cock out of my shorts and started jerking it as she came on my face. I could feel the waves of orgasm ripple through her as I penetrated her as deeply as I could with my tongue. One last gush of sister in law cum in my mouth and I was about to unload in her hand! I guess she knew I was about to cum because she quickly jumped off my face and onto my cock just as I unloaded. The feeling was unbelievable as I pumped my cum deep into my SIL’s pussy and felt her from the inside out for the first time. :hihi:

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