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My Step Brother Blackmailed and Fuck Me

11 Min Read

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine that I plucked from my perverted mind. Hope you enjoy guys and gals……

Since I can remember my step brother Zach and I have been complete opposites. He on one hand is outgoing and kind of a jock playing all kinds of sports and easily picking up girls with his short, wavy blonde hair, baby face and fit body while me on the other hand is kinda of a recluse enjoying spending time in my room drawing, listening to music and playing video games.

I guess if you needed to put a label on me I am kinda of an emo guy always wearing black to match my black hair and blue eyes. Now even though Zach and I are opposites we do get along sometimes but most of the time he just busts my balls about being a “Weirdo” to quote him and but one day things between him and I turned rather interestingly. Everyone was out of the house and like I usually did when that was the case I grabbed my laptop, climbed onto my bed and began scrolling threw porn.

Now I hadn’t embraced it but I was beginning to think I was bi sexual because I enjoyed videos of guys in girls cloths being used by other guys and sometimes emo gay porn. Anyways I laid in bed with my shorts to my ankles and was stroking my cock to a video of an emo guy being pounded by a hung guy and was really getting into it stroking my cock faster and faster getting ready to cum when suddenly I heard someone clear their throat followed by Zack’s voice “What the hell are you doing?”.

I turned to see him standing in the doorway of my bedroom with a grin on his face looking at me and then at the video I was watching. “Dude are you into that kinda stuff?” he asked as I quickly paused the video and shouted “Man get out of here”. Zach just laughed and walked into the room again looking at me and then the screen “You like dick?”.

“Dude get out!” I shouted again as Zach just laughed again staring at the screen “Does that guys dick turn you on?, wanna see a real dick?” and I watched as he reached into his pants and pulled out his long, limp cock and let it lay over his pants “You like this dick?” he asked and started wagging it back and fourth as he chuckled.

“Dude what the hell?” I asked as he grabbed his cock and started to stroke it “You wanna suck on my dick? he asked as I shook my head no but Zach quickly grinned “Maybe you suck me or I tell mom and dad about your gay porn addiction”. I scoffed looking at his cock which was starting to harden as he stroked it when again he said “Suck it or I tell, up to you”.

I paused weighing the options and thinking about my parents reaction would be if they found out I was into guy on guy stuff so I sighed and sat up turning towards Zach as he stepped forward and rubbed the tip against my lips “Open that mouth”.

I slowly parted my lips until I felt his warm tip slide into my mouth and then his throbbing shaft pass over my tongue. “Oh fuck yeah” he moaned putting his hand on the back of my head and began thrusting his cock into my mouth over and over slowly at first but then faster as I put my hands on his hips to keep my balance.

“Yeah take that dick, I know you like it” he groaned fucking my mouth harder and harder until I gagged. I sat back coughing and catching my breath as Zach stroked his cock now covered in my saliva “You want more?” he asked as I quickly leaned in and took it into my mouth once more. “Damn your good” he smiled as I worked my mouth on his cock until he said “How about you stand up”.

Zach stepped back as I got off the bed and he quickly turned me around facing the bed and bent me over. I knelt on the bed with my ass hanging over the side as I felt Zach pull down my pants and boxers.

“You got a girly ass” he chuckled and started to rub his cock up and down between my ass crack “I wanna fuck you” he said and then I felt the tip of his cock press hard against my hole.

“You want my dick inside you?” he asked as I looked back and nodded. I felt slight pressure and then a little bit more pressure until suddenly I felt shock go up my back as his cock slid into my ass. “Oh god” I cried loudly as Zach groaned “Damn your tight” and began slowly inching his cock into me. I laid my head on the pillow biting my lip and moaning as he slowly inched his cock out and shoved it back in and started to fuck me.

“Oh fuck that ass feels good” he said gripping my ass and started to fuck me a little harder. “Who’s ass is this?” he groaned as I squealed “Yours!” feeling him start to drive his cock into me harder and harder until he groaned “Your gonna make me cum”. I continued moaning as Zach fucked me harder and harder until he thrust once more into me deep and growled as I felt his load start to spray into my ass.

“Ooooh fuck!” Zach chuckled and slowly pulled out his cock and as he did I immediately started to feel his cum run out of my ass. “That was good” he grinned “You liked that didn’t you?” he asked as I just grinned and shrugged. “Now go take a shower” he said tucking his cock away and left my room as I got into the shower and reached down feeling my slightly gaping ass.

The next day our parents asked if we wanted to go grocery shopping with them so Zach and I climbed into the SUV and we went to the store but when we arrived Zach asked if he and I could stay in the car to talk and stuff. “Its so good to see you two getting along” they said before heading into the store. Zach watched them until they entered the store and then turned to me with a smile “I want you to suck my dick”.

“Here?, now?” I asked as he nodded and pulled his hard cock from his shorts.

I looked around as Zach said “No one will see now come on” so I leaned over in the seat and took his cock into my mouth and started to suck him. “Damn yeah suck it” he moaned as I lifted my head up making him push it back down onto his cock “Don’t worry I will keep a look out”.

I sucked him until he was really hard and then he told me to sit up and pull down my pants. I gave him a look like come on but he grinned “It will be fun, you know you want it”. I scoffed and dropped my pants as he told me to stand in front of him as he opened his legs. I rested my arms on the front seats as he grabbed his cock and guided it to my ass “Lower yourself down” he said softly as I slowly squatted down until his cock slid into my ass.

“Oh god” I cried as he grabbed my hips and started to bounce me on his cock slowly and then faster. “Yeah bounce on that dick” he said as I tightly gripped the seats and started to bounce up and down on him.

I moaned feeling the car rocking until I looked forward and saw mom and dad come out of the store. “There coming” I said and began to get off but Zach held my hips and slammed me down on his cock harder and harder until he groaned and once again filled me with his load.

I quickly slid off his cock, pulled up my pants and sat down feeling his cum start to run from me and fill my boxers. Zach just smiled as they entered the truck “How was your talking?”. “Amazing” Zach smiled as we headed back home.

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