My stepdaughter has an insatiable appetite, but not for food – Blackmail stepdaughter

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When Carol got home that evening from work I was nervous. I hoped I had done enough to keep Tina quiet but couldn’t be sure. As it turned out Tina behaved as though nothing was wrong and was just the same as she normally was, much to my relief.
Working a long shift Carol, after a quick meal was soon in bed and I knew she had an early start in the morning so I wouldn’t see her until the following evening. After a quick shower I thought I may as well turn in early myself. With the events of the day I was more than ready to get some sleep now that I could relax.
The next morning I was sitting in the lounge having a cuppa as I usually started my day and wondering how Tina would behave today. Perhaps all would be back to normal and my misdemeanour would be forgotten. Then again perhaps that was just wishful thinking on my part.
I got my answer soon enough when Tina walked in. Standing with her hands on her hips and wearing just a bra and, what I assumed to be the pink panties she had worn yesterday, I could tell she hadn’t finished with me yet.
“So Daddy, I hope you’re ready to look after your little girl today!” she said looking at me expectantly for my answer.
I had never experienced being dominated before but I had to admit I was finding it quite a turn on. Unable to resist I suddenly found myself playing along, “What can I do for my little girl today?” I asked.
She looked a bit surprised at my response, “Oh, so will Daddy do anything to please me?” she asked.
“Of course, what would you like me to do?” I replied, surprised at how the expectation was making me feel.
“Well I have to admit I do like my Daddy’s cock so I would like to see you play with it,” she said and sat on the sofa opposite me.
Although embarrassed I also felt a certain excitement and pulled my dressing gown open to reveal my underpants.
“Take your pants off Daddy and let me see your lovely cock,” she said as she sat with a hand gently stroking her breast under her bra.
Standing up I let my pants fall to the floor before sitting back down.
“Oh dear Daddy, it’s all soft. Please make it nice and big for me,” she said.
I began stroking and pulling but nothing was happening.
“Perhaps this will help,” said Tina, realising I needed encouragement she unclipped her bra and took it off placing it beside her on the sofa.
As I watched, she cupped her large firm breasts and pinched her nipples. My cock soon began to respond to the sight in front of me. With one hand still tweaking a nipple Tina slipped her other hand down the front of her pink knickers. She slid forward a little and leaned back to give her better access to her crotch.
“Oh yes Daddy that’s much better, but I’m sure we can make it bigger,” she said.
She stood up and came closer. Pulling her hand from her panties she offered her fingers to my nose. I found the aroma of her dirty pussy very arousing. She obviously hadn’t bathed since our adventures of yesterday.
“Does Daddy like his little girls dirty smelly pussy?” she teased.
“You smell so good,” is all I could say, wanting to smell more.
“Ooooh look at that big shiny knob,” Tina said looking down.
She lifted her fingers to her own nose taking a sniff then lowered it to push her pink panties down. I watched as she pushed a finger deep inside herself and then once again held it under my nose before taking a sniff herself.
“I can see Daddy likes his little girls dirty pussy, look at all that pre cum dribbling out your knob,” she said going back to the sofa and sitting down.
She began fucking herself with her finger while pinching her nipples with her other hand, “Cum for me Daddy,” she said as she watched me wank, “let me see Daddy shoot his spunk.”
Tina pulled her finger from her pussy and while smelling her dirty odour pushed a finger up her cunt from her other hand. As I watched her getting closer to coming I wanked my shaft faster and was soon shooting my load all over myself.
“OH DADDY… OH GOD… All That Spunk,” she cried before she was gripped by her own orgasm…
We both sat silent for some time. Eventually Tina grabbed her bra and panties and walked from the room naked, “Thank you Daddy, that was very nice,” she said before disappearing upstairs…
It was the middle of the afternoon when I saw Tina next. I’d heard her in the bathroom having a bath earlier but hadn’t seen anything of her.
“I’m off out for a while, see you later,” she said and was soon gone.
My guilt was subsiding, being replaced with desire for a new and exciting sexual enlightenment. Although I thought myself a fairly experienced lover I had never experienced the thrill that I was now getting from this adventure with Tina. Today I didn’t feel used as I had yesterday, it seemed more of a shared pleasure. Perhaps I had just excepted that I hadn’t a choice and had given in to my true desires.
It was only an hour or so later when Tina came home. To my surprise she wasn’t alone, “This is Adam, Adam this is my stepdad,” she said introducing me to a young tall skinny boy.
“Hello Adam,” I said offering my hand.
“Hello,” he said in a nervous, almost scared sort of a way.
With the quick introduction out of the way Tina said, or rather commanded, “Right upstairs Adam.”
I’d never known Tina to bring a boy home before. Not that it bothered me, in fact I was pleased to see her with someone of her own age. She was certainly old enough to do as she pleased and we had never put any rules down about taking boys to her room so I left them to it.
About half an hour later Tina came down by herself, “I’ve set up my webcam so you can watch us on your laptop. Adam doesn’t know, he just thinks I’m recording our session. So go and watch, it’s all set up in your bedroom,” she said and quickly ran back upstairs.
I was totally gobsmacked but couldn’t deny intrigued and excited at this unexpected turn of events. I rushed upstairs to my bedroom being careful to be quiet. Sure enough my laptop was open on my bed. Closing the door I sat back against the headboard and pulled the laptop onto my lap.
As I focussed on the screen I saw the two of them. Adam stood with Tina kneeling in front of him on the floor, “Take your clothes off,” Tina said in a stern voice.
Adam looked so timid as he began to strip. He was soon standing naked in front of Tina. The boy seemed embarrassed as Tina stared at his cock, “Oh dear, I do hope it gets bigger than that,” she mocked.
I felt sorry for the lad but soon realised it was all part of the game. Tina pulled off her t-shirt giving Adam a view of her deep cleavage between her bra covered breasts. The view I had was side on which of course was by Tina’s design. She began running her fingers over his cock and balls which soon had his cock growing harder.
Within moments his erection was standing up proud and when Tina removed her hands I could see he was perhaps seven inches long. Although the shaft was quite thin the knob looked huge in comparrison.
I think I flinched when to my surprise Tina slapped the side of his shaft making it wobble several times. Before it had settled she slapped again and kept slapping, first with one hand and then the other.
“I hope you’re going to give me a big load, I want to feel it all over my face,” said Tina as she changed tact and began tenderly touching and kissing his rock hard cock.
I watched as his cock twitched from her tongue gently licking up and down. Pre cum began oozing from the huge purple knob and ran down to be licked up by Tina’s tongue. She ran the tip of her tongue across the leaking eye and then opened her mouth wide taking the knob between her lips.
Adam began moaning as Tina sucked and then licked, suck and lick, suck and lick she was bringing him ever closer. Sitting back on her heels she then began stroking his balls with one hand and wanking his shaft with the other.
“Come On, I want your hot spunk all over my face,” she said positioning her face to where she hoped to catch his load.
Tina wanked faster and it wasn’t long before Adam began thrusting his hips followed by his hot cum spraying all over Tina’s waiting face, “That’s a good boy,” she praised as more and more cum shot over her.
He had barely finished when Tina demanded, “Right now lay on the bed,” she said pulling him to where she wanted him to lay.
I had the perfect view of Tina lowering her pussy on to his face after quickly removing her clothes, “Now make me cum, Lick my pussy,” she demanded.
I suddenly became aware that I had subconsciously pushed my hand under my clothes and was stroking my own erection. Watching on I could see Adams face wet with Tina’s juices as she ground herself harder onto his face.
“OH YES, Suck my clit,” she said with urgency, “OH FUCK, YES,” she cried.
She almost suffocated the poor lad while she smothered his face until finally her orgasm abated and she lifted herself off allowing him to breath.
“Good boy, now get yourself dressed,” Tina said laying back against her headboard, Quickly now or I wont want to see you again.”
Adam quickly pulled his clothes on, “Now you can see yourself out, go on,” Tina said shooing him away with her hands.
I watched as Adam disappeared and when Tina was sure he’d left, looked straight at the webcam and beckoned with her hand for me to join her, “Come here Daddy,” she said.
Walking into her room she was still naked on her bed wiping Adam’s cum from her face with her finger and sucking it off between her lips, “Now Daddy I want your cum on my face,” she said.
As I pulled my cock out after dropping my clothes around my ankles Tina fingered her pussy. Turning her face towards my cock as I wanked she was quickly rewarded by my load squirting over her to join Adam’s. When the last of my spunk dribbled out over my knob Tina reached her head closer and sucked the last drops into her mouth.
“Thank you Daddy, you may go now,” she said dismissing me.
Leaving as instructed I wondered what Tina would ask of me next. It wouldn’t be long before I found out…

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