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My Submission As A Sex Slave To Gangsters

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Hi, I am Malti, 32-year female. Here I describe the reason why I have abandoned my husband. It is a long story. I was married to him 10 years ago. I was a poor village girl while he was much rich and living in a city with all the modern amenities.
There was an age gap between the two of us. I was 22 years while he was 38.A great difference of age, but as my parents was poor, and I was not getting any proposal for long, so I reluctantly consented to this marriage. However in physical strength he outwitted me. He copulated with me very powerfully on our first bridal night, suhagraat. I was more than satisfied with her stamina and technique. I bore a baby girl next year. I was caring his whole family with zeal and as a duty. There was not a stint of trouble of any kind for a few years.
During all these years I could little noticed that my husband was surrounded by friends who were later having an eye on me. I was not only beautiful but sexy as well. Although I was slim my boobs and buttocks were pretty heavy and inviting. I was only metric passed when I married to him; as years passed my hubby taught me certain etiquettes i.e. how to speak English with an accent, how to dress, and how to entertain his friends and guests. I noticed that in the company of his friends he behaves differently. Sometimes I have seen him taking liquor. I did not object to it just because of modesty.
While obeying his orders I, indeed, was turning from ‘a respectable wife’ (kula-vadhuu) to ‘a society girl’. My daughter was 7 year old at this time, and I noticed that her grooming will be affected if I further obeyed my dear husband. I tried to divert his attention from his lusty friends to my little daughter. After all he was her father, and being so, it was his duty to take care of her and build her character. But my advice was disregarded. He did not mend his behavior. However, he remained very soft and polite to me, and tried to convey his arguments in favor of modernity and free behavior.
As a trick, he began to spend much more on my daughter. I was cooled down at this point.
A year passed; I noticed now that he is not a duty-bound husband to me or a faithful gentleman to his own family; rather he is being gradually turning into a strange person, beyond my recognition. In all I noticed perverse desires into his eyes and bodily gestures. I was terribly afraid realizing my future and my daughter’s physical safety. To my surprise he amended his behavior, and I was satisfied to his sudden change.
A few months passed calmly. But a new trouble started. He suddenly informed me about the gradual business loss he has faced. To recover the loss to his business he borrowed heavy amount of money on credit but is now unable to pay back. The loss was occurring more and more to us. I blamed all this to bad luck. As time passed our financial position was going from bad to worst. It is this time I found myself in a real moral trouble.
The Seth and his associates from whom my hubby borrowed a heavy amount of money began to threaten my husband for paying immediately, or else they will file a civil court case as well as a criminal one, resulting in an arrest and going to central prison.
My husband was truly helpless. He sent me to the particular Seth for evolving a formula to rescue his business and our prestige. I went to his haveli, and obtained an appointment with the Seth Dharamchand Karamchand Ghodewala, the surname was quite strange to me, however, I noticed several Rocky(H)s standing in his courtyard and a bagghi. This Seth was 58-year old, heavy built, with a thick mustache.
He welcomed me and described how he himself occurred a great loss due to the fault of my hubby. I told that we shall pay back all his dues but need time to recover from the present crisis.
In return he repeated his inability to advance further amount of time. He pleaded that he is not the sole owner of the company whose debt we must pay, rather immediately he said that the trustees of the company have already engaged a lawyer to frame the charges, and also filed an FIR against your hubby in spite of my plea to the treasurer against it. The treasurer said that central vigilance team suggested it, and in a manner ordered it. The whole case has been very much complicated. I then met a senior member of the vigilance team and requested to evolve a way out of it. I also met the said treasurer as well. and then again the mota Seth Dharamchand.
I rounded from pillar to post to save my hubby with a possible prison sentence, arrest, and humiliation. Mota Seth was sympathetic to me. I noticed a spark in his eyes when he gazed me. I noticed the same gaze in the eyes of the treasurer and the chief of vigilance team. I realized what they want. But did not say a single word. Now all the three and a few more arranged a meeting and evolved a nice formula. I was suspecting it.
Now Seth called me, and sat very much near to me, he picked my hand and while rubbing it gently, said quite in plain words to menthe words he uttered I could not trust, but later I understood the plain meaning of it. In all there are 6 people, including the Seth. All are 50+, good enough to be my father or father-in-law; but bad enough to lose me and my charm. The meaning was clear, if I entertain all the 6 lusty males in an open orgy of raw sex and obscene chat and acts of various kinds for at least 15 hours or more; they will forget the heavy debt, and even reward me with a sufficient amount of money to ease our financial circumstances.
The police officer himself wanted a nod from me. I acted quickly; the prestige of my loved husband was at stake, so I said ‘yes’ to this heinous proposal; I did not know that time that a separate session was arranged with my husband where they suggested this solution, and my husband agreed that his wife may sure be fucked in an orgy! So I whispered to these gentlemen that you people should manage that my hubby agrees to this sex gang bang. Now they all laughed, and then brought my hubby who asked me to do what these rascals want!
The upper story of the haveli was reserved for the sex orgy. With Seth (58 years); chief of the vigilance teams. S. Rana, 50 years; the treasurer mukun baksh, 54; police officer, 52; and two others, both 50+ I entered in the ‘blue room’. Two having a long thick beard, while two were real wrestlers.
The president or chairman of this session was, of course, the mota Seth Dharamchand, 58 years. I was in a tight sari, a long cloth to be wrapped around the body, my own husband pushed me towards the Seth, and the Seth picked me, and began caressing my buttocks. Kissing my lips lip-lock he told my hubby that”your bibi is very tasty, I will juice her young pussy that is”chut”.
Seth told to my husband,”chal apni bibi ko nangi kar, mein iski jawani ka ras lunga!” my hubby made me naked with his own hands and the Seth then pushed a finger into my pussy! The other male came forward, and pushed my hubby away, saying,” tu, dekh, teri bibi ko ham ekes maje le-le chodte han!’My hubby obeyed. The other one, the treasurer began to stroke my boobs, with nipples getting into his mouth. The Seth was penetrating fingers into my ass-hole and inside my pussy lips.
For some time Seth Dharamchand abused me in this manner, then he ordered me to get his cock in my hands:”chal, mera lauda pkd, chhori!’ he told me. Seth’s cock was fat. It was 8 inches long and 5 inch thick. I wondered how much strength his cock gained to see my little chuut. I caressed his cock for about 7 minutes, then he began fucking my chut. His lund went right into my pussy hole to the depth of 5 inch in one stroke. He was pushing his whole weight against my body. I was being fucked by the Seth in a standing position.
While he was fucking me from the front, three studs went behind me to examine my buttocks and to abuse them. Two of them having a long thick beard and one was very fat and bald. Three of them told loudly to my hubby,” dekh, teri bibi ki gaand ko peet kar ham maja le rahe; teri bibi ki gaand me ham anguli chubho-chubho maja lenge. Teri bibi hamara lund chategi”.
The other two also gathered, and began to fingering my pussy lips soon after Seth finished fucking me. The three who were examining my ass-hole with their fingers, they succeeded in penetrating their fingers up to the depth of three inches into my ass-hole. I witnessed that nails of their fingers were too sharp. The two who were raving my pussy began to fist my chut one-after-another. The Seth was dancing in joy and I used to suck his cock. My dear husband watched all that. He was proud of me.
As I was able somehow to handle 6 males. I do not know how many times I was fucked exactly, but guess that each of them must have fucked me at least 9 times; I did not count who has fucked me most. Probably it was Seth Dharamchand, because all of the time he was saying me,”beti! beti!!”
Kya kahun ye esse log the jo apni beti ki umr ki ladki ko nangi krke, auor ek sath jhaptta mar ke chod rahe the. Ek bar to do lund ek sath meri chut me ghuse aur dono lundo ne mujhe 30 minute tk choda. Teeen ne bari-bari meri gaand mari. Aur mere muh me sab ka cum gaya.Koi 200 ml.
This orgy was continued over night. In the morning at 4-5 AM. I was again banged. I could not sleep the whole night as every one of them was destroying my three holes like a wild animal.
However, our debt was cleared in written. I was awarded enough money, as well, with the promise that whenever the Seth or treasurer wants to fuck me he will fuck me and reward me. I was in utter shame. But I saved my hubby.
After this incident my husband began to spin money by landing me to unknown lusty males. In the second such orgy all the 3 studs were from Nigeria and Ghana, and South Africa. They crushed me till I became tired. My husband earned huge money but did not give me a single rupee; so I decided to live independently, and earn money by offering my flesh and blood to rich overage males as they can give me much more money, you understand!

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