My Uncle & me

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For the sake of this letter I will use the name Julie because I always liked the name. Last summer I got an invitation to visit my Uncle Bob and his girl friend in San Diego. I had not seen him in for over three years. I was so excited about seeing him again and when I got off the train and saw him standing there my legs became very weak and I started to cry. He took me in his Arms and gave me a big hug. We drove to his girl friend home that was on the out skirts of San Diego. It turned out to be a four bedroom and three bath ranch style on about seven acres. They had a large Rocky(D) kennel with about thirty purebred Rocky(D)s and a bunch of mixed breeds they boarded for other people. She owned six male and eight female Great Danes; four Saint Bernard’s one male and three females; four Afghans, two male and two female; four Mastiffs, two male and two females. People came from all over the world to buy their Rocky(D)s. The fact that all their Rocky(D)s were trained to fuck on command had gotten a lot of attention in the Rocky(D) world.
That night was really special because his girl friend April ate my pussy. It was the first time I had ever had a women do that and she really turned me so when Uncle Bob shoved his beautiful cock into my really wet pussy it brought back a lot of great memories. I felt his perfect cock sliding in and out of my hot fuck hole. My Uncles cock to me was the perfect cock at seven inches long and three inches in diameter. Just big enough to fill me but not to big to be painful. He fucked me twice that night and I watched him fuck April which really made my pussy so wet that I finger fucked myself until I climaxed. being with my Uncle made me feel like I was in heaven.
The following morning he let me use his computer. Out of curiosity I found this forum on his site. I new that he often used the name Shaggy Bob for some of his correspondences and I found he had written many stories here so I began reading them. I must admit that they turned me on. I asked him if I could write about him and me and would he post it on this forum. He agreed so I decided to write this.
The Story:
My Mother was of Mexican decent and a fourth generation American. She was five years older than my Dad. I have a ½ brother and sister and two younger sisters. My ½ brother and sister were four & five years older than me and were from Moms previous marriage. My Dad is three years older than my Uncle and was nineteen when Mom and Dad had me. All the days of my growing up I heard many stories about my Uncle and how many women he had been with. I also realized after reading his stories that they must have been true. Based on the stories I read I came to the conclusion that he also had been fucking his own mother, my grand mother since he was fourteen. I asked him about his Mother but he wouldn’t tell me anything but maybe some day he would explain it.. He also has fucked two of my mother’s four sisters over the years. He was only 16 when I was born. My brother went in the Army when he was 18 and my sister got pregnant and married just before her 17TH birthday.
I was thirteen when my life changed. My Uncle started baby sitting for us at least once a week so that my Mom & Dad could go out. Both my sisters and I loved Uncle Bob; he was a lot of fun and treated us as adults even when we were very young. I loved to get on his lap facing him and for some reason I didn’t understand would grind my pelvis into his groin. When I was about eleven I noticed that his pants would get very hard and bulge out and rubbing myself on it made me feel good. He usually would lift me off himself and say you’re getting to big to sit on my lap Julie. I would giggle and jump right back on his lap and he would tickle me until I couldn’t stand it and would have to get off him.
I think it must have been my Latin blood because I began to develop very young. By the time I was twelve I had tits that were 33b’s. My brother use to play with them and suck on my nipples that would really pop out when he did. Just before he went into the service I let him finger fuck me and he gave me my first climax. I was about 5 foot tall and weighed maybe 100 lbs at the time. I am only 5’2” and weigh just five more pounds now but my tits are 34cc’s.
After my brother went into the service and my sister got pregnant and moved in with her husband was when my Uncle started baby sitting us. My Dad asked Uncle Bob to baby sit one night because they wanted to go to his reunion. After that it got to be a regular thing every week, usually Friday’s but some times on Saturday. That would give Mom & Dad a chance to go out and have some fun. Uncle Bob was divorced and had an apartment about a mile from us. I use to put my little night gown on and get on his lap. Both my sisters did the same thing. But when I sat on his lap I would get this great feeling as I rubbed my pee hole over his crotch. Like I said earlier he would get a hard on and then make me get off him.
About the fourth week I had a climax while rubbing myself on his lap. Cum seeped through my panties and some got on his pants. When I got off you could see the white stuff on his pants. I was so embarrassed but he pretended not to see it and just went into the bathroom and wiped it off. I had started masturbating after my brother made me cum while finger fucking me so I wasn’t that surprised just embarrassed. From that time on Uncle Bob would let me rub myself on him until I came. When I did I would hug him and tell him how much I loved him.
Just after school let out that summer my cousin was getting married in Blythe and Mom & Dad were invited to the wedding. We didn’t want to go because Blythe is so hot that time of year and my cousin’s family didn’t have very good air conditioning, just swamp coolers, so Uncle Bob agreed to watch us that week end. That night after he took us to McDonalds for dinner and we played our usual games with him we all went to bed. Uncle Bob was in the living room watching TV when I got up to pee about 11:30. I decided to go in and get on his lap and make myself cum because I really felt horny and had not done it earlier. I took off my panties and went into living room. He was in his pajamas so I jumped on his lap and put my arms around his neck and started rubbing myself on his lap. It didn’t take long before I felt him getting hard so I started grinding my self on him faster and came very quickly.
He looked at me and said, “Honey you are getting to grown up to do this, you could get into some real trouble.” I just grinned and leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. We started french kissing each other and my pussy became very hot and I came again. It was then that I realized that his cock had come out of the hole in his pajamas with my grinding and I could feel it sliding back and forth across my opening. I felt so hot as I began to really move myself back and forth on his cock and I was breathing very fast. I don’t know what made me do it but I lifted up reached down and took his cock and put the end of it at the entrance of my hole and pressed my self down onto him.
It wouldn’t go in, so I took both my hands and pulled my pussy lips apart and pushed. He went into me about three inches and hit my hymen. “Honey I don’t think this is a good idea, you are a minor and my Niece and could,” I pushed down hard and felt him go all the way inside me. Oh shit I said because the pain was terrible, “get pregnant,” he finished saying. I just sat there on his lap and could hardly breathe. After about two minutes I began to move up and down on his cock and the pain turned to pleasure. It took about three minute’s before I came for the third time. That made me begin to really ride up and down on him faster and faster. I came again and then again. My vagina felt like it was on fire. Suddenly he lifted me off him and shot a load of his cum all over my Ass and stomach. He milked himself until there was no more white liquid coming out and then he lowered me back onto his cock. He fucked me for over twenty minutes the second time and I came so many times I couldn’t keep count. My breath was heaving in and out so fast I thought I was going to die. I had never felt so excited in my life. When he pulled out of me he came on my tits and rubbed his sperm all over them and my stomach.
We sat like that for about ten minutes as I kissed him and told him how much I loved him. He took me into the bathroom and we showered together. As we showered he took the end of the shower nozzle off and shoved it into my pussy and douched me out. He said he wanted to make sure I didn’t have any cum up there. We then went into Mom and Dads bedroom where he laid me down and spread my legs as he shoved his tongue into my vagina. I can tell you I had never felt anything so sensational in my life. I felt like my pussy was full of electricity as he ran his tongue up and down my slit. When he tickled a spot at the top of my slit I thought I would die it felt so good. My Ass was jumping all over the place and he made me cum so much I could hardly catch my breath. He sucked and probed my little hole for almost an hour.
Finally I grabbed his head and told him I couldn’t stand any more that I was going to pass out. He slid up and began to suck my titties as I felt his hard cock enter my love hole. He fucked me slow with long easy strokes. He fucked me for close to forty minutes and made me cum over and over. The feeling of his hands on my tits also made me quiver as he kneaded and sucked the nipples. I can tell you now that no one has ever made me feel the way I felt that night. When he withdrew his cock and let his sperm shoot onto my tits I had another climax. He then licked all his own sperm off my tits and tickled my nipples with his tongue making me giggle.
He took me to my bedroom and put me to bed reaching under my covers and finger fucked my pussy. He made me cum again before he left. It took me quite awhile to go to sleep as I re-lived what had happened that night. I woke up about 5:30 in the morning because I had to pee and after I finished I sat on the toilet and rubbed my pussy lips and the area above my slit that I later learned was my clitoris. I got real wet so I snuck into Mom & Dads room where my Uncle Bob was sleeping and crawled into bed with him. He was nude because he hadn’t put his pajamas back on so I took hold of his dick and put it into my mouth. His dick tasted kind of salty and smelled like my pussy.
When I got him hard I sat there admiring how big it was as I sucked and moved my hand up and down his shaft. I found out later that he had a seven inch cock and about three inches around. I stood up and then straddled him sitting down on his beautiful cock. I moved up and down his shaft and I could feel how tight and full it felt inside me. Uncle Bob woke up and rolled me onto my back lifting my legs high above my head. He began to shove his magnificent cock in and out of me. I could hardly believe how good he felt inside me. I began to breathe faster and faster and I felt that wonderful feeling well up inside me as I got close to an orgasm. I whimpered as I exploded into a magnificent climax. When he pulled out of me I quickly took his cock into my mouth and began to suck. It only took about 30 seconds before he erupted into my mouth. I had never done anything like it before and it caught me by surprise. I choked and some of his cum went down my throat but some of it ran out the sides of my mouth and onto my chest. I continued to swallow as much of it as I could.
I felt so alive, I started french kissing him and muttering how much I loved him. He made me feel so wonderful as we lay there while he played with my breasts and licked the cum off my chest and tits. He sent me back to bed. When I woke up it was almost ten o’clock. When I went into the kitchen Uncle Bob was making pan cakes and my sisters were sitting at the table watching him. Teresa the one who was two years younger had her legs up with her feet on the front of the chair she was sitting on. Her little night gown was pulled up and you could see her tight little bare pussy. My pussy had grown some hair around it the past year and was a jet black like my hair. I motioned for her to close her legs and she giggled as she sat up.
Uncle Bob took us to the LA Zoo after breakfast and we had a wonderful time. I had a lot of trouble keeping my hands to myself. A couple of times when my sisters were watching one of the animals in their cage I would take my Uncles hand and place it between my legs. If no one was around he would slide my panties to the side and insert a finger into my pussy. I have always been amazed at how quickly he could make me cum. I still remember how I always got so hot whenever I was around him. We got home about four and Mom & Dad were not home yet but there was a message on our answering service telling us that they would be back before nine o’clock.
The kids went out in the back yard to play as Uncle Bob began to fix dinner. I set the table and while we were letting the potatoes boil he bent me over the sink and fucked me Rocky(D)gy fashion as he kept an eye on my sisters playing in the yard. He made me cum three times before he pulled out of me. He shoved his cock into my mouth and came. This time I swallowed every bit of his cum and I felt so grown up and could not get enough of my Uncle. I was so in love with him. We had dinner and My Mom and Dad came home about 8:30. I almost cried when Uncle Bob left.
That summer I had to go to summer school because I had let my grades fall. I stopped by his office after school that first time and when I arrived there was a women talking to him. I couldn’t believe how jealous I became. I went in and he introduced me telling me that she was a client that had just bough a house through him and was there to pick up the keys. I could tell by the way she looked at him that maybe she wanted more than just the keys. I could have scratched her eyes out. My Uncle is not what you would call handsome but he was very attractive in a physical way. He was 6’2” tall and weighed about a hundred and ninety pounds. He had spent four years in the Navy and was a boxer on his ship.
After the women left I told him how much I loved him and wanted him to fuck me as often as we could. He told me that we must keep this to our selves that not only was I a minor but his niece and if anyone ever found out he could go to jail plus my Dad would never forgive him. He tried to tell me that it was a mistake and we should never do it again. I began to cry uncontrollably and I told him I would never tell anyone ever. He took me in his arms and tried to console me but I kept crying and telling him how much I loved him and wanted him. I couldn’t stop crying until I felt him put his hand up under my skirt and pushed my panties aside and inserted a finger inside my pussy.
I immediately stopped crying and opened up my legs. He went over to the front door and locked it turning off the lights and sat down on his chair and inserted his cock into my vagina after pulling my panties off. My legs straddled him and it felt so good as I felt his cock slide up into my cunt. He lifted me up and down his shaft for almost fifteen minutes before he turned me around and fucked me Rocky(D)gy style over his desk. He made me cum so much and my pussy wanted that cock of his deep inside me. After words he drove me home and let me out of his car a block from the house.
For the next three weeks I came buy his office every day after school and he would fuck me and eat my pussy. I couldn’t concentrate at school because all I could think about was my Uncle Bob and how much I loved him. He found out about my grades and told me that if I didn’t get them up to a C or better he would stop seeing me. That scared me so bad that I really forced myself to study. I brought my grades up to a “B” average. By the end of August summer school was over. For the rest of the summer when Uncle Bob baby sat us I would sneak into the living room after my sisters were asleep and I would let him fuck me. He fucked me sitting on the toilet, over the kitchen table, on the back porch and sometimes I would sit on his lap facing away from him with his cock in my cunt as we watched TV. I think I like that most of all.
One such night Uncle Bob was finger fucking me and he found a spot inside my vagina that set me on fire as he shoved his fingers in and out. When I came I thought I had peed because I shot so much water/cum all over the couch. My scream of ecstasy woke my sisters up. When they came into the living room Uncle Bob told them everything was Ok that I had spilled a glass of water onto the couch. That seemed to satisfy them and He took them back to bed. He later told me that I had had a “G” spot climax. Over the years my Uncle Bob has been the only one that could make me have those kinds of orgasms.
For the next two years my Uncle fucked me at least five times a week. Several times my sisters almost caught us. I also got very upset when my sister Teresa started doing the same thing to Uncle Bob that I had done sitting on his lap. She asked me why I got so made at her because she hadn’t done anything. I asked her that when she sat on Uncle Bobs lap how did it feel. She told me that it made her feel real good down there, pointing to her pussy. I told her that she should stop that it was a nasty thing to do. I told Uncle Bob what was happening and he promised not to let the her do that anymore. I think I was more scared that he would want to fuck Teresa than anything else.
Uncle Bob did a lot of dating and I would get furious whenever I found out he was fucking someone, which was all the time. He had three married ladies he use to visit during the week. I threatened to tell their husbands but Uncle Bob told me that if I didn’t stop being such a pain in the ass he would end it. I was so afraid of losing him that I kept my mouth shut. I liked being fucked by him to much to take a chance that he would end it. It never dawned on me that the threat of exposure was more fearful to him than my being cut off.
Uncle Bob moved to Manhattan Beach with a friend so I didn’t get to see him as much. I met a boy who I liked very much when I was fifteen and let him fuck me. I got pregnant and we went to Utah and got married. It was a mistake. He was a lousy lover and would cum to quick. We lived with his parents for two years. I finally had had enough and ran away to my Aunts in Blythe. My one Aunt took my son and raised him, later she adopted him while I went back to school and got my high school diploma. I lived there three years.
Occasionally my Uncle would come with my Dad and Mother to visit. We always had a great time. I remember the first time he came, he was sleeping on the couch and I snuck into the living room and got on top of him. I was so excited I came as his cock slipped into my wet hot hole. I think the thought of getting caught added to the excitement. I remember that we fucked for a long time that night. He came twice before I went back to bed. The first time he came on my tits and the second time in my mouth. Another time I heard him go into the bathroom and I snuck in and he fucked me while he sat on the toilet seat. Many times when no one was around he would fuck me Rocky(D)gy fashion with my dress up just enough for him to put his cock into my always waiting pussy. More often than not I would have one of those magnificent “G” spot climaxes when he fucked me like that. It always made a mess on what ever floor we wee standing on so we got to where we would put a towel down and stand on it as he fucked me.
My Uncle Bob never came inside me until I was eighteen when I started taking the pill. I remember how great it felt when his hot sperm shot up into my vagina that first time. It made me cum just from the feeling. I still love the feel of his cum each time he shoots a load of cum into my love hole. I let him fuck me in the Ass on my 19Th birthday. It hurt like hell at first but he took a lot of time. When he finally was fully inside my Ass I thought I was going to shit. My ass felt so full and when he began to move in and out of me very slowly I kept thinking I was going to shit all over him but as he moved in and out of me it kept feeling better and better until to my amazement I came. it was and after awhile it felt good. He was always very gentle with me. He is the only one I have ever let up my Ass. I also love him because he always made sure I came several times before he would shoot a load of cum inside me.
I started living with a guy who owned a bar in Blythe. He was older and a pretty good lover but was very jealous of me. I worked as a bartender in his bar and a lot of guys would hit on me and we fought all the time about it. He didn’t have as big a cock as my Uncle and not as good at eating my pussy like my Uncle did. I did fuck several of the guys who came in but only ones that were married because they could keep their mouth shot. Most of them were Mexican or of Mexican decent and none of them had very large dicks. I think the biggest was maybe 6”’s. I would always fantasize about my Uncle when any one fucked me. Whenever my Uncle came for a visit I would find a way to sneak off and fuck him.
Every September Uncle Bob would come for the dove hunting with my Uncles in the fields around Blythe. Also besides fucking me he was fucking my Aunts when he came. I didn’t realize it until I began reading his stories. I should have caught on especially after I came into my Aunts house and found my Aunt leaning against the sink one afternoon. Her face was all flushed and her dress was hiked up on her ass. Uncle Bob was sitting on the kitchen chair and both were breathing a little heavy. I asked her what the matter was. She told me it was nothing it was just so damn hot. She took her skirt and fanned it and then let it slide back down. I now know that my Uncle had been fucking her Rocky(D)gy fashion when I came into the house. I would have had a fit had I known then that he was fucking my Aunts. Even now I get a little pissed thinking about it. I didn’t blame my Aunts because my Uncles were always drunk at night. I think it was because it wasn’t me. Even when he said his stories were fiction I could tell that there were always a good deal of his life in them.
There was something about my Uncle that just kept drawing me back to him. When He would enter my pussy with his cock or tongue I would go simply crazy with desire. I never seemed to get enough of him and no sooner we would finish fucking than I would want him inside me again. I tried to get pregnant by him but never did. When ever he left I would cry for hours and my pussy would ache for his cock. This went on for almost six years.
The first few days in San Diego I spent reading his stories and letting him fuck me. I even began to eat his girl friends pussy and we had some great nights doing just that. I loved it the second night when she was eating my pussy and Uncle Bob fucked me in the Ass. It had been a long time since I had cum that much. When I read his story that she co-wrote about how to fuck a Rocky(D) I really found I got turned on and masturbated while I was reading it. I asked my Uncle if she really let her Rocky(D)s fuck her. He said “Would you like to watch her fucking a Rocky(D)?.” Just thinking about it made my pussy wet and I told him I would love too.
The following morning before they opened for business we went out to the kennel. She brought two of the biggest Great Danes I had ever seen into a shed they had. Inside the shed was a chair, one of those big soft ones. She was still in her robe and when she took it off she had nothing on. Uncle Bob’s girl friend had a great body for a 40 year old. Her tits were firm and she had long legs. She was 5’9” tall and weighed about a 135 lbs. She asked me to eat her pussy so it would be nice and juicy for the Rocky(D)s. She sat on the chair and I got down on my knees and began to eat her pussy. I could hear the Rocky(D)s straining at there leashes as I ate her. I was just getting into it when my Uncle slipped his cock into my exposed pussy really turning me on, I started sucking and running my tongue in and out of her hairless pussy with gusto. I sucked on her clit with a furry and she began to cum one after the other. My pussy was on fire also and I came several times. Right after I felt my Uncle cum deep inside me he helped me get up.
She turned over and put her knees on the chair and my Uncle led one of the Rocky(D)s over behind her. He began to lick her pussy and I was amazed at how deep that Rocky(D) could get his tongue inside her. I heard her command the Rocky(D) to mount and he did. I watched in fascination as his dick slammed into her pussy. Uncle Bob had me get down and close so I could watch what was happening. I couldn’t believe how fast his dick was going in and out of her as I knelt down just behind the Rocky(D) with my own pussy dripping my Uncles cum.
I heard her moan as his long dick slammed into her. When I saw his knot on his dick begin to swell my eyes almost fell out. It got huge and when he finally forced it into her he slowed down some and was just making little jerking motions. She was moaning something awful . Uncle Bob told me that when the Rocky(D) was making those short hard jerking motions was when the Rocky(D) was really cumming inside her. She reached back and took hold of his back legs and began to rotate back and forth on that Rocky(D)’s dick. She kept doing that for over fifteen minutes as she kept moaning with ecstasy. “OHHHHHHHH GOD OHHHH SHIT YESSSSS . OHHH HOW HE MAKES ME CUMS” she cried. Finally the Rocky(D) pulled out of her and I was astonished at how long he was. Uncle Bob told me that from the tip to the knot was 6 & ½ inches and the knot was 3 inches plus another inch behind the knot and his balls. That meant that she had taken 10 & ½ inches of his cock inside her.
I thought the show was over but my Uncle went over and unleashed the other Rocky(D). He didn’t wait a second but mounted her just like the other one had. I again watched with fascination as that Rocky(D) pile drove his cock in and out of her. This ones knot was even bigger, almost as big as a soft ball. When it went inside her pussy and stayed there I watched as he pumped his Rocky(D)gy cum into her. She was moaning and jabbering something I couldn’t under stand. When he stopped pumping her she again took hold of his hind legs and forced that cock back an fourth inside her pussy.
All in all it took about forty minutes for those Rocky(D)s to fuck her from start to finish. She curled up and laid in the chair after the Rocky(D)s dick came out of her for about twenty minutes. My pussy was so wet I could see drops of cum on the cement floor where I had been kneeling. My Uncle asked me if I wanted to try it. I told him that I was really turned on but was afraid that the Rocky(D)s were two big. I told him that the biggest cock I had ever had was his. Finally I said I would if they had a Rocky(D) that wasn’t so big. My Uncle said that he would make sure the knot didn’t go in the first time until I got use to a Rocky(D)’s dick.
We decided it would be my turn after breakfast. When his girl friend got up I noticed her legs were a little shaky but she smiled and said, “I can never get enough of them.” She told me that about a previous she let twenty of the Rocky(D)s fuck her. She said she fainted several times from the shear ecstasy of it. She also said she could not walk for about two hours because she was so drained. She also said that that her goal was to eventually let all 30 Rocky(D)s fuck her. Wow I thought.
We finished breakfast about 10 O’clock and then went out to the shed. I sat on the big chair as my uncle’s girl friend began to lick and suck my pussy. It didn’t take very long before I began to cum. Uncle Bob came into the shed with an Afghan and a large black Rocky(D) that looked like a huge Bull but was called a Mastiff. He asked me which one I wanted. I said the one with the smallest knot. He tied the Mastiff up and led the Afghan over to me. I turned around and that Rocky(D) started licking my drooling cunt. His tongue was a little rough but it felt food when he snaked it up into my pussy and then raked it across my clit. He told the Rocky(D) to mount and he did, boy did he. He slammed the longest Dick I had ever had into the depth of my pussy. I felt its cock begin to swell and fill my pussy. I felt his knot on the outside of my pussy hammering my opening as he was jamming that long cock in and out of my pussy like a jack hammer. He gave a huge shove and his knot went inside my pussy and at the same time the narrow end of his dick shot into my uterus about an inch. I exploded in a series of climaxes. He held me tight and with little quick jerks I felt him begin to shoot his hot cum straight into my uterus. I thought he would never stop cumming. Squirt after squirt shot into me. I came almost every time I felt that hot liquid hit my uterus.
I just knelt there with that long big cock buried deep inside my stomach it seemed like forever but was only about five minuets. I kept cumming long after he stopped fucking. I felt him finally withdraw his cock but before I could take a breath the other Rocky(D) mounted me and jammed his cock deep inside me. He was much bigger around than the Afghan and he stretched my pussy just like my Uncle does. Like the Afghan he pumped my pussy like a jack hammer when suddenly I felt his knot go inside my vagina opening and begin to swell. Boy did that knot swell as he filled my pussy cavity to where I thought I was going to split. He stopped jamming his cock in and out of me and held me real tight and began to have those short little jerks as he pumped his hot Rocky(D)gy cum into my hole. His knot was sliding over my “G” spot and I exploded with a huge climax. As tight as his cock was in me I still shot a bunch of water/cum out the sides of my pussy. I think I fainted for a few seconds. I was cumming and I didn’t want it to stop so I reached back and grabbed his hind legs Like I had seen April do and began to push that knot back and forth inside my fuck hole. I fucked that Rocky(D)’s huge cock for over a ½ hour because I couldn’t stop cumming. I was moaning and groaning something terrible as saliva was running out the side of my mouth as I fucked that Rocky(D)’s huge cock.
I finally started to come down off the high. When the Rocky(D) pulled out of me he almost pulled me out of the chair. I couldn’t move I was so exhausted. After about twenty minutes I was finally able to speak. I told my Uncle that I had never had such a great experience. I said the Rocky(D) was the first one to make me have a “G” spot climax other than him. That on a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 12. I also told him I haven’t been that excited since the first night he had fucked me when I was thirteen. later on I found out that the Afhgans cock was eleven inches long and that was why he was able to penetrate my Uterus.
That evening April asked me if I would like to try another Rocky(D). I told her I would like to be eye ball to eye ball with her and watch one of her Rocky(D)s fuck her as another fucked me. She brought in a Great Dane and a big Akita she was boarding. What a turn on. To watch the expressions on her face as that huge Great Dane fucked her while at the same time feeling the Akita’s cock pounding my hot pussy was indescribable. I watcher her roll her eyes up into the back of her head as her Rocky(D) fucked her and pumped his cum inside her. My pussy was on fire as that knot entered me and soon made me have another of those huge climaxes. The next morning they asked me if I would like to move in with them.
Well it’s been just over a year now. April accomplished her goal and was able to fuck all thirty Rocky(D)s this summer. It took just over five hours. My Uncle and I helped the Rocky(D)s mount her one after the other. There was so much Rocky(D)gy cum you could have taken a bath in it. Her pussy was so swollen we had to put ice packs on her. It was five days before her pussy was back to normal. I was kind of glad because my Uncle fucked me twice a day while she was recuperating.
The most Rocky(D)s I have let fuck me at one time was eight. I was so exhausted after words that I slept for two days. I really am turned on to Rocky(D) fucking. Their knots really make me cum like a fountain but for pure romantic pleasure I love my Uncle. He knows just how to pleasure my tits and pussy. My Uncle and I take turns eating Aprils pussy and April and my Uncle Bob share mine.

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