My wife fucked the Rocky(D)

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My life as a long distance trucker kept me away from home quite a bit. I thought my wife had taken a lover as our sex life was hitting the bottom. I had installed a camera and video player in the attic to watch her while I was gone on the road. I knew she had a female lover but I wanted to make sure it was not another man. If it was I could put a stop to it before it got to far along. The camera would only come on when there was movement in the bedroom, it cost a bundle, but it was worth it.
I fucked my wife just before I left but made sure she didn’t climax, because I wanted her to be very horny. When I got back that night after my wife left for work I watched the tape hoping there was something on it. It was my wife masturbating on our bed then she got up and went to get her vibrator. My eyes opened wide when I saw that she almost took the whole nine inches of it and finally brought herself to a climax.
The insatiable women was still horny so she placed a mirror by the bed so she could watch herself while she brought herself off. To do this she had to face the wall with her legs off the side of the bed. After she came for the third time she dropped the vibrator on the floor and fell asleep. Our Rocky(D) always sleeps in the bedroom at the foot of our bed and when she dropped the vibrator he came over to see what the noise was. He started licking the vibrator, as he liked the taste of my wife’s pussy.
Then the Rocky(D) started smelling her pussy, which was sort of hanging over the edge of the bed. I couldn’t believe it! The Rocky(D) started licking the source of the taste he so liked. As he licked my wife she began to writhe on the bed, she was starting to feel his tongue on her clit and it woke her up. Realizing what was happening she pushed the Rocky(D) away from her. Then to my everlasting surprise she lie back down and spread her legs so the Rocky(D) could get better access to her. Apparently my wife had decided to let him finish what he had started.
It didn’t take very long for him to bring her to a fourth very good climax. Afterwards, she reached down and pulled the Rocky(D) up by his front paws to give him a hug. The Rocky(D) was fully hard with about 8 inches of red dick showing and he was in a direct line with her sopping pussy. When he touched he warmth of her wet pussy with his throbbing Rocky(D)gy-dick he hunched forward and buried all of himself in one stroke. I watched open mouthed as my wife let the family Rocky(D) fuck her for about ten minutes. When I saw the Rocky(D) stop humping and his body started spasming, I knew he’d shot off in her.
I looked down at my lap and realized that I’d cum in my pant while watching that perverted scene. This is a true story, which my wife does not know I saw. Now I watch her on video every time I get back off my roar trips. She has a very interesting and varied sex life, and I’ve built up quite a video collection.

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