My wife got banged – My Inner Development to Be Sissy

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Hi I am Ravi, 28 year old from Delhi 5.8, slim, hairless and minimal facial hairs. I am married for 3 years, my wife Shivika is 24, 5.4, slim and beautiful. I was in crossdressing since my school days. I use to wear my sister’s and mom’s clothes when nobody used to be at home. In 12th class I lost my virginity to a college guy whom I met online but that another story, I will tell you guys later. Even in college and after that before marriage I had many boyfriends and they all fucked me as there girlfriend. But things got changed after I got married arranged by my parents. Even in front of my wife I once had tried to wear female clothes but my wife didn’t liked it and got angry on me.

The story I am going to tell you today is of how my wife got banged by a group of people and how I restarted crossdressing with my wife’s approval and help. 6 months back we went to Bangkok for 1 week holiday. We stayed in a 5 star hotel there which had an awesome pub. So after roaming around whole day we came back to hotel and went to the pub after getting fresh. I was wearing jeans and t-shirt and Shivika was wearing a short black dress with hot smokey makeup and high heels, she was looking so hot even more hot then the hookers.

We went there and sit on a side tables and ordered drinks for us. My wife likes to drink but gets out of control after 2nd one only. After 1st drink I noticed she was looking towards 2 guys with gym toned body and great physic. In the 1st look only I figured out those 2 were male escorts, I new this because in my last trip to Bangkok I use to dress like woman and roam around whole city and hire these type of male escorts to get fucked whole night. I made a plan at once to trap my wife while fucking other men and then blackmail here to let me dress like women and fuck other guys. If this plans work she will always feel guilty of cheating me and will always do whatever I will say.

I waited till our 2nd drink got over then I ordered 3rd even though she was not willing to drink more. After some time I said to Shivika that let me go and call home otherwise till will be too late and my parents will sleep. I went on the other side of the pub from where my wife can’t see and signal those 2 guys to come over there. There names were Rob and Jerry, I told them to go and ask wife to dance and then arouse here and fuck here but told them you should not tell her that you people are escorts and are paid by me to fuck her. They agreed but asked me for more money to do so, I gave them more money, told them the our room number and asked them to go there and ask my wife immediately.

I kept standing on the side of the pub from where she can’t see me. They went near my wife and sit on the chair, after 2 minutes they all stand up and she started dancing with them. She was in between them and they both were touching here all over her body after 10 minutes they all took tequila shots and again after 5 minutes. I saw Jerry started kissing my wife and she responded it by putting her hand on his head. After another 10 minutes they all started walking towards the door, I came out before them and went to our room and hide in the closet. I took out my phone put that on silent mode and prepared myself to start filming the whole thing.

After 2 minutes they all came inside the room and my wife free-felled on the bed and Jerry came near her and started kissing her, in the mean time Rob got naked and came on the bed. Jerry stopped kissing her and started getting undressed, Rob started making my wife get rid of her clothes while kissing her madly. After getting undressed Jerry put his lips on my wife’s pussy and started licking her and she was sucking Rob’s dick like it was an icecream. I was also getting wet in the closet and my ass had also started crying to get fucked.

After sometime she stopped sucking and asked Rob to lay down, she stood up and them sit on his giant cock and took it her wet pussy. Jerry also stood up and put his cock in her mouth, she started jumping like a mad bitch and moaning all the bad words and cursing me to not fuck her hard and tightly while sucking Jerry’s dick. After around 15 minuted Rob came in her and after that immediately she changed her position to bitch style and asked Jerry to immediately start fucking her. She started shouting and moaning and asking him to fuck her hard like a cock hungry bitch. Jerry kept fucking her for next 20-25 minutes and came inside her.

She went to sleep after that because she was heavily drunk and fucked. I came out of the closet and Rob came towards me and asked whether they can leave now but I told Rob, Jerry can leave but you have to fuck me too before leaving. He started kissing me and put one of his hand inside my jeans onto my ass and I put my hand on his dick. Jerry stood up, got dressed and left without saying a word. Rob took me in his arm and put me on the bed near my wife. I stopped kissing him and start sucking him and also start undressing. After 5 minutes he asked me to bend over and then he put his lips on my ass and started licking it. I started moaning in pleasure but suddenly he stopped and put his dick on my ass and inserted it with a jerk, tear came out of my eyes because he inserted it without any lube or jelly. Then he started fucking me like a mad Rocky(D) and as if I am his fucking bitch. He fucked me nonstop for around 20 minutes and then came inside me. After that he started getting dressed and left. Now in room me and my wife were lying down both satisfied and having come dripping out of the holes.

I came near my wife hugged her, took the blanket and went to sleep
Next morning, we both slept quite late then our usual time, I don’t know about Shivika but I was still feeling cum inside my ass. Last night my wife, Shivika was fucked by 2 sexy men in a 3some and then one of them fucked me really hard.

Shivika woke up around 9:30 and went to washroom without disturbing me, I was awake but I pretended as if I am sleeping. I woke up little after 10 by that time she had gotten fresh and was sitting on sofa and had ordered for the morning tea and some light breakfast. I went straight to the washroom ignoring her after 5 minutes she shouted that the tea and breakfast is here come out fast.

I came and sit next to her and start having the breakfast, we both were ignoring and were trying to not have eye contact with each other. After 10 minutes she broke the silence and said whatever happened last night was real or I was having a dream. I said I don’t know what are you talking about, what happened last night. She said I think it was a dream and stood up to wash her hand.

Just then I told her that what ever happened yesterday night was real. She became a statue and was speechless. I told her that yesterday night you fucked 2 people in a threesome and I saw everything. I told her that I am really disappointed in you and started staring at her with fake angry eyes.

She blew the bomb on my face and told me that she also saw me getting fucked by one of them. My red angry face turned into pale white shameful face. She told me that I am a very disgusting person and instead of sleeping with women I am sleeping with guys. She told me that I am a sissy faggot who likes to get fucked by men even after viewing that those men are fucking his wife.

I told her I was also drunk darling and this will never happen again. She said no not at all from now onward this will happen every night. She told me that from now onwards daily she will fuck other people in front of me and if those men want then they will fuck me also afterward.

In my mind I was really happy that I got what I wanted but to show her that I am not into this, I kept saying no but after an argument of more then 1 hour, I said yes, I can try but I had a condition. Then I told her that I am ready for everything but I want to crossdress. She was shocked she shouted whattttt.

I said, I want to dress like a woman in sexy clothes with full makeup and then only she can fuck as many as men she wants to fuck in front of me. She said nothing and went to the washroom to take a bath and get ready. She came out after 20 minutes she was nude with wet hairs. She went straight toward the wardrobe and told me to get ready in 15 minutes we are going for shopping.

Around 1 we were outside of hotel looking for a cab, she told something to the cab driver and we set in the cab. He took us to the central world mall. We went inside the mall my wife took me directly to a lingerie shop she asked the sales girl directly that she is looking some sexy stuff for me. Sales girl said that we don’t sell men stuff, my wife laughed and said I am not a man, I am a sissy faggot.

Both my wife and the sales girl laughed again. Sales girl showed us more then 100 dress out of which Shivika took 3 for herself and 9 for me. Then we went to footwear shop and bought few pairs of heel for me. Atlast we stopped at a beauty saloon, we went inside my wife went to the counter and said something to the receptionist. She smiled and nodded then she called a saloon girl and told her loudly addressing towards me that this Indian sissy needs a ladyboy makeover, I saw everybody looking towards me and smiling.

She started with shaving my face then did my eyebrows. Afterwards she did my facial and in the meantime 2 people were doing my manicure and pedicure. After doing manicure and pedicure they started putting red designer nail paint with some golden sparkles. In the last step they took me to a room and asked me to get naked completely then they started doing waxing. I cried every time they pull out the hair, the most paining thing was when they were doing waxing on my dick and ass. I cried like a baby that time.

By the time every thing was over and I came back to the reception, my wife was nowhere. I asked the receptionist about my wife but she ignored me, when I asked the second time she signaled me to sit and wait and mock at me that my wife is shopping for a real cock as mine is a sissy clit now. I waited for around 10 more minutes then she showed up with 3 men and told me that these men will be join us in the night.

We came out of the mall and took a cab for the hotel. In the car she was smiling and looking towards me in a cunning look. She complimented me for good nail paint and eyebrows. We reached hotel around 6:30 and went to our room directly. She took me to washroom; we both got undressed and entered the shower together. I got aroused and tried to kiss her but she stopped me and said that I had loosed my rights on her and now I am her husband just legally not physically and then kissed me on my forehead and said we are sisters now Ravina. And that was the moment we became sisters and I became Ravina from Ravi.

We came out and she patted herself and me dry. She told me that while I was in saloon she bought many more things for me from a transsexual store. After making me completely dry she told me to watch her carefully and learn how to get ready as a woman while she do makeup and stuff.

She started with the face makeup she put matching foundation, red lip gloss, smoky black eye liner, eye shadow, mascara on my face and then asked me to stick fake stick-on boobs after that she gave took out a wig and placed it over my head. Then she said that she have one more surprise for me and asked me to close my eyes, I felt her hands on my useless sissy dicklet she was putting something on it. I wanted to open my eyes but didn’t and then there was a click sound. She told me to open my eyes and what I saw made my day again, my worthless dicklet was behind a beautiful pink cock cage. She told me that once a month this lock will be opened from now on for 15 min and during that time I can only wash and clean it that too in front of her only.

Then she told assisted me in wearing a baby doll lingerie that we bought from the mall, it was black and red in color and was very soft and silky. It had a matching panty with red flowers and laces. I started getting wet from behind, I was wondering when those men that accompanied us from mall will come now and fuck me one by one. She got an idea that I am feeling aroused now and then without any notice there comes a hard dick slap on my useless meat, now I was in pain but still looking forward to get fucked as soon as possible.

She told me that those men are for her and not for me. Now let me introduce those hunks who are going to fuck my wife in front of me. The best guy out of them was Ahmed 6 feet tall well built then there was Steve he was also 6 feet but not that well built, the last guy was Tom he an average looking guy. I was ready to be served but my wife was all nude because she was busy in transforming me into a sissy bitch.

Now it was her turn to get ready and she started by wearing a blue-black corset and matching panty. She was done with her makeup in 2 minutes, she was looking really beautiful and slutty. Now we both were ready to serve real men, she picked up her phone and called Ahmed and told him to come to the room. He told her that they are in the bar drinking and will be there in 10-15 minutes.

After some time the room bell rang and she ordered me to open the door and greet the guests. I opened the door as told and greet all the 3 men by kissing on the feet, they started laughing and so my wife. They came inside the room and sat on the sofa. They started talking dirty and erotic to Shivika while completely ignoring me. Shivika told me to make drinks for her and the guests. I forgot to tell you that Shivika was sitting in between Ahmed and Tom and they both were touching her here and there, rubbing there hand all over her body. I served drinks to all four of them while I was serving Steve slapped on my butt when I was bend to put the drinks on table. They all laughed again and Ahmed told me that I am born to serve real men like them.

Shivika started kissing Ahmed just after that and Tom put his hand on her wet pussy. I was enjoying that but suddenly I felt a strong hand on my neck and I was made to take a about turn and then was forcefully bend on my knees. It was Steve he slapped me and told me to open his jeans, I did what I was ordered. Then he told me to take his dick into my pathetic mouth and suck. I was waiting for that only, without wasting any second I took his dick into my hand and started sucking it nicely and smoothly. I can hear the sound of my wife moaning in pleasure but I was not able to see her as they were on other sofa. I was sucking the dick like a professional whore now, Steve told me to stand up and bend like a bitch on all my four legs. I did it instantly, now I was able to see my wife, she was looking like goddess of lust with her eyes were closed and sucking Tom while Ahmed was licking her tasty wet pussy. I felt something on my ass it was Steve’s manhood trying to enter my sissy cunt slowly and steadily, I also closed my eyes in pleasure.

I was moaning too as I was also getting extreme pleasure, but I had to open my eyes when Ahmed told Tom that now he wants to fuck my hot wife. Even before Tom could do anything my wife stopped sucking him and went to the bed from the sofa and bend on all four legs like I was. Ahmed stood quickly too and immediately put his dick inside my lawfully wedded wife. Tom came to me and put his dick in front of my face, I opened my mouth like a obedient sissy. Now my was getting fucked by Ahmed and I was getting fucked by 2 men from both ends.

After 10 minutes Steve came in my sissy cunt and pulled out his dick, cum started dripping from my ass. Just after that Tom told me to close my mouth and open my eyes and then he came on my face. On our bed my wife was still getting fucked my Ahmed, Shivika asked me to come on bed and kiss her as she is getting the best fuck of her life and she wants her useless pathetic husband to see the pleasure on her face. I went close to her cum was all over my face and my ass was still dripping. We kissed each other, she licked cum from my face as if it was some fruit jelly. After that Ahmed told me to go down and lick her pussy and his dick while he is fucking her. I did it for couple of minutes and then he came in her pussy and on my face, as I was expecting my wife told me to clean his dick and then lick every drop of cum form her pussy, I did the same.

After that they all left as it was 1 AM, they told us that they will come again tomorrow to make love to her and abuse me. My whole make up was ruined because of sucking 2 men. Shivika told me to do my makeup again as she is going to makeout with me whole night. When I asked her to open my chastity cage, she said by makeout mean I have to use a strapon dildo and fuck her whenever she wants or lick her till she come. I fucked her with a strapon dildo twice in the night she didnt called me Ravi a single time, I was Ravina for her.

Next day is another story when I will be sold to black men for 1000 baht.

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