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My Wife is Fucked By Three Person In a Single Night

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We had several friends over for a cook out and swimming. My wife and I do this a lot every summer and most of the friends are single. I’ll use their real names , Mike and Eric came over together in Eric’s new truck. They are young good looking guys in their early twenties and best friends. My wife and I had only met them once before at Jim’s house. As the day went on I noticed my wife was paying a lot of attention to both of them.

She was looking very sexy in her bright orange bikini. The florescent color really popped next to her dark tanned skin. The top was the triangle style and as the day wore on I noticed she was sliding them farther apart exposing more and more of her thirty four B cup tits. She Suns topless so they are tanned as dark as the rest of her body. And a couple of times the small bottoms would get into her butt crack and looked alot like a thong.

At one time in the late afternoon John said he thought she was getting over served.

I know better than to try and mother her, she is a lot of fun when she has been drinking but if I try to make her behave she gets very mad. I was talking with one of our friends about some work he needed done on a truck he had bought and I lost track of my wife.

It had been well over an hour since I’d seen her, I made an excuse to run in the house and slipped in quietly. I looked around the corner from the kitchen down the hall. What I saw floored me. Mike was laying in the floor in the doorway of our spare bedroom and my wife was riding his hard cock. Her bikini bottom was pushed aside and the top was pulled so her hard nipples where exposed.

She was fucking him extremely hard and didn’t see me. I picked up another twelve pack from the fridge and slipped out.

I refilled the cooler and sat down to wait on my wife. In about a half hour I saw Mike over talking to Eric. They looked my way. I stood up and looked around , I saw my wife walking down the sidewalk coming to the pool. She walked over to me and asked for a cold one.

I said you look flushed are you OK Sweetheart? She said yeah she was just a little tired. She walked straight over to where Mike and Eric where standing. Mike looked at me then turned so his back was to me. Eric was talking to my wife but he knoded his head toward me. I couldn’t help but think he was talking about me. Then Mike walked over and asked me if I had checked out Eric’s new truck? I said not really.

He said come on I’ll show it to you, it’s a four wheel drive. He and I walked around the house to the front yard. Mike opened the door of the brand new Chevrolet. The smell of leather filled the air. We looked it over real good, Mike said lets drive it ,the keys are in it. I said no I’ve been drinking. He said we will go just to the dead end and back.

He said you drive. We drove to the end of our street and back. Mike managed to keep me busy for about fourty five minutes and in my mind I knew why. I told him I needed to use the rest room and started toward the front door. It was locked. Oh well I told him I’ll go around to the side door. I told Mike that I’d meet him back at the pool, I didn’t want him in the house in case I got to see my wife fucking Eric.

But they weren’t in there.

I went to the pool and there was Eric and my wife in the pool. Their drinks where setting on the sidewalk next to the pool and they where talking. Eric’s right hand was under water and when I walked around I noticed it was on my wife’s ass. I kept and eye on them the rest of the evening, I couldn’t believe he hadn’t tried to fuck her yet.

And around eleven everyone started leaving, I walked around to see them out and I had to go into the house to let some of them get their Street cloths they wore over. I was about to go back to the pool when Mike came in, he said Eric is on his way in and they where going. I followed Mike out to Eric’s truck and we talked for a long time. I said I wonder where Eric is? Mike said he’ll be here soon it was about ten more minutes when he did come out, he thanked me for a nice time and as he got in his truck he said be sure to tell your wife that Mike and I enjoyed ourselves.

I said OK.

Back in the house I looked out at the pool it was totally empty so I turned off the lights. I started down the hall and saw my wife in the restroom. I stopped and asked she where OK? She was setting on the toilet and looked up with half open eyes she said I’m just fine. She untied her top and tossed it into the sink, then she picked up the bikini bottom from the floor and tossed it in too.

She started to get toilet paper to wipe her self but I stopped her. Wait I said, did you poop? She said no I pee’d why? I said don’t wipe. She asked why? I said I want to fuck your pussy with Mike’s cum still in it. She said oh you saw? I said yes. She said well I bet the pool washed his cum out of me, I lowered my head. She said but Eric just filled me with his cum.

I took her hand and led her to the bed. I ate her wet pussy, it tasted of cum and chlorine. As I slid my hard dick into her I told her she was loose, she said Eric had a fat dick and he had to f***e it into her. Hearing her say this made me blow my load. She told me to eat my own cum from her. Then we fell asleep.

The next morning she complained about her back hurting and wanted me to have a look.

All the way down her back she had small scabs over each of her back bones. I told her what it was, she said Eric had fucked her on the diving board. They had laid a towel down but that had fucked her so hard that it still ground the skin off her back. She didn’t want anything touching it so she wore only a small pair of Terry cloth shorts and went topless all day.

I was out at the pool when my wife came out with Eric, she was still topless. Eric said I wanted to apologize about hurting your wife’s back. I said what about her pussy? He went pale, my wife said he didn’t hurt it, then she said in fact I want some more of that thick cock of yours. She told me to stay outside while she fucked Eric in our bed. She took his hand and led him into our house.

I picked up trash and vacuumed the pool and after a little over an hour I heard his truck start up. I was headed toward the house when my wife came to the patio door and said if you want to eat my freshly fucked cunt you had better come on. She said his cock is so thick that she is left slightly gapped and his cum is leaking out. I ate her then tried to have sex with her.

She was so loose that she laughted at me. She said I can’t even fell you in me. Eric has become a regular and he comes by to have sex with my wife at least twice a week. Mike never came back, Eric explained it that Mike was a nervous wreck after that first time. But Eric had gotten so at ease that he allows me to watch him when he fucks my wife.

She seems to be enjoying herself and has even been more fun to be around. She even wants to invite him on vacation with us this year

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