My wife taken by strangers in hotel room

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The big cock was pounding my wife’s shaved pussy like there is no tomorrow, the young stud had her knees on his shoulders, would go all the way out, just leaving his big head in her pussy, her pussy lips would stretch all the way around his thick shaft, he would then pound it all the way in!
Reema, my wife’s would groan with each thrust and her hands which were clawing the bed sheet sometime ago was on the young studs back almost urging him to fuck her like never before!
I could feel my heart sink with each passing moment, my beautiful innocent wife was experiencing the fucking of her life, after all I could never fuck her like that, even if I tried, physically I was only about 5 inches long, and with her tight pussy I only lasted about a minute, most of the time eating her to ensure she cums. Reema, like any other sweet Indian wife, never complained, after all she came from a not so big city, not exposed to the world of porn or exposed to the world of super fucking studs — like the one who before my eyes was ripping my wife’s tight pussy apart!
We are a couple from India. I am 35 and Reema is 23, it was an arranged marriage as most are in India. Though things are changing now and India is a modern country, with women too liberated, however for me I was lucky to find a wife like Reema. She has been raised by a conservative family — our families knew each other for long and it was agreed that we would marry when I would settle in my life. I finished my studies and was now working with a leading bank — it was our honeymoon now, though about 3 months after our marriage as I could not get leave. We are a great looking couple, I am a handsome guy, work out and keep in shape, have had my share of girls, but the only department I am left behind is between my legs! Reema on the other hand is the typical Indian beauty, she is about 5 5″, 34 b breast, shoulder length straight black hair, lovely eyes, luscious lips and slender body, she is very fair and is naturally not hairy, very hygienic and likes to remove all her hair often. She is soft spoken, extremely loving and loves to do all the housework herself, which in turn keeps her fit.
I was extremely nervous to make love to her, I don’t know why but when its your wife, you are more sensitive, kind of protective and though I would imagine pounding my wife, I was always gentle, and though rarely would we cum together (I use condoms as I don’t want kids yet) I would always eat her nicely to make her cum too. Reema always looked happy and I wondered if in her heart she wished more.
Back to present and the stud of a man has now moved from his missionary position and rolled onto his back. He guides my wife to be on top of him with his muscular arms – gosh what a specimen of a man… a true man in all sense — and now has my wife riding him, though its him who is piston fucking her as she just stays stationary on her knees bending on top of him, her hair over his face, I cannot tell if she is kissing the guy!
With me standing right at the foot of the bed, with my hands tied behind, I suddenly realize that there are two more thugs in the room! Yes that’s right. The three guys tricked into getting into my room, I will learn later that they do this often, spy on young foreign couples, get into the room and get on with their business — which is to fuck all night long!
I am being humiliated by them, they had spy cams to know all about my non-manly adventures on the bed so they waited for us to be naked, and then got in by making me believe that at 11 in the night, they had to check for security reasons, they were three well built guys in security uniforms, I did not have any choice but to allow them in, Reema as naked and they had timed it well as I had just about entered her and we were both horny as hell!
Once in, they had a story about me being a suspect, had guns and I was scared to even speak, they said they will report and I would be in jail for the rest of my life, all in all they had me by the balls, made me say that I would do anything to get this over with, they just smiled and started disrobing! Before I knew it they were naked, their muscular bodies and big cocks hard, I looked at Reema and she had her mouth wide open.
Two guys went and sat on either side of Reema and asked her to cooperate, if not I would be in trouble, I am not sure if it was her love for me or the sight before her lovely eyes that she just sat there nodding.
They pulled the sheet away and started touching her slowly, playfully, one of them kissing her ears, the other playing softly with her beautiful breasts, just the way she loves it — their homework over the spy cam worked wonders — the guy would just play with her breasts outline and slowly bring it to her nipples, just touching her lightly, the other guy was kissing her ears still and Reema soon had her eyes closed and in the world of her own — the guys were pros!
The third guys made me sit right at the foot of the bed and watch — he said watch and see how real men fuck women. I can learn as much as I want but would never be able to give it to her, he gestured to his big cock in his hand and smiled in a humiliating way.
As I looked back, the guy kissing my wife’s ears was now on his knees and had his cock on her lips. Reema glanced towards me and I just stared back, I knew there was no way out, and in a strange way was getting hard just looking at the two porn star like studs playing with my wife.
Reema just closed her eyes as the guy pushed his cock head in her mouth, she opened the lips slightly and the guy started fucking her lips in slow calculated movements.
The other guy was now eating my wife and she was gasping between the cock invasions that were operational in her mouth. The guy pulled away and came and sat down next to me. I guess it was all well rehearsed, the two guys sat next to me stroking their huge members, as if cheering their mate to give my wife a good banging.
As on cue, the guy swiftly moved my wife on the bed, covered his cock with his spit and placed the head on her shaved pussy. I almost surprised myself by saying, please be gentle to her.
The guy just looked back smiled and said not to worry, it’s been a long time since they had such an exotic beauty, they will treat her like a queen, she deserves, just relax and enjoy the fucking of her life!
And how true it was. The stud moved slowly, allowing Reema to accommodate his thick (my guess would be about 8 inches) cock. He would slide another inch and then wait, with each thrust Reema would move uncomfortably, the stud was true to his promise, he would gently move and whisper something to Reema and she would then nod, I guess he wanted to know if she wants him to move deeper and only when she would nod he would move more in her.
It was almost 10 mts by which he moved almost two thirds of his cock in her, this was the most cock Reema had ever had and she was getting used to it quickly, I could see that she was very wet and the stud was now able to move back and forth fucking Reema with just two thirds of his huge cock.
Slowly he began to gather rhythm and soon he was balls deep in her! He stayed there for what seemed a long time, probably enjoying the tightness of one sweet Indian pussy! He started whispering into my wife’s ears as he gained momentum and was soon pulling the entire length out and then back with some force.
With each thrust Reema would let out a shriek, ahhh, ohhh, ahhhh, hm ahhh.. It was strangely erotic and I felt like I would cum any moment!
The guy then moved to short fast paced thrust and it was the fuck I had always imagined… only it was not me but this stud who was fucking my wife wild. Reema was now screaming in ecstasy. oh oh oh ah ah ah ah ahit must have been about 5 minutes of this and I knew Reema was cumming…. She came hard and just dug her nails into the studs back, he responded by pounding her even harder and Reema let out a load aaah
The guy then pulled out, smiling, and the other guy took his place within no time, the guy came up to me, smiling, his cock shining with my wife’s juices… I looked up to him and he moved closer. His cock was now touching my lips, and before I could think, I surprised myself again my wrapping my lips around his cock, I never would know why I did it, but it just happened. He took my head in his hands and started fucking my face slowly. I though he would cum but he was far from it… he pulled his cock out and sat down as if nothing happened!
When I looked back the guy was fucking Reema like a bull, it was fast paced rough fuck, I though he might hurt Reema but it seemed she was loving it .., she was saying, hmm yeah, yess ahhh.
This guy was probably too excited and did not last that long, maybe 10 minutes of animal fucking and luckily he pulled out and came all over my lovely wife’s flat belly.
The third guy was quick to jump on the bed, and he continued what was another 25 minutes of fucking my wife, missionary, she on top of him, he having her Rocky(D)gy and this time the first guy put his cock in my wife’s face, when she was near my end of the bed, she would just look at me and then close her eyes, I did not know what to say or do.
The guys pounding my wife’s pussy Rocky(D)gy style too came after about 10 mts and moved out of the bed. The first guy then laid my wife on the bed so that her head was over the bend looking at me and he got between her legs and started fucking her nice and slow.
It was an extremely erotic site, my wife looking at me and the stud pulling his cock out and pushing it in. slowly gaining momentum, I was in awe of this guys staying power, he then pulled my wife to him and pulled her legs over his shoulders, and brought his mouth close to my wife’s lips.. As he started to pound her hard, she moved up and started kissing the guy… it was the hardest thing for me to see that night. But I guess the guy deserved her, she deserved him, a real man. They kissed passionately as he fucked her hard, the would slow down and pull out, my wife would gasp, he would then push his cock all the way in her and she would let out a groan ahhhh
He would kiss her then move to her nipples, then move away and fuck her hard for few minutes then lean and kiss her passionately again. he went on for a long time and then finally pushed her legs all the way up his shoulders, leaned into her with his tongue deep in my wife’s mouth groaned and filled my wife’s pussy with his man cum… my wife shuddered as he pumped a big load in my wife.
To my surprise Reema continued to kiss the guy with her eyes looking directly in his, almost thanking him for the fuck of her life.
The guy pulled her up and continued to kiss her as he embraced her, his cock still inside of her. He then hugged her and with his face on her shoulders looked at me in look that said. I have her. She is mine…
He then slowly lowered her to the bed, moved the sheets over her, kissed her lips again and moved away. Reema had closed her eyes, the stud walked towards me and I was shocked to see him still semi hard. He came up to me and I took him in my mouth, tasting his cum this time with my wife’s juices. My hands were untied and I sucked him like a woman. He held my head again with his hands and pushed his cock deep in my mouth.
I licked him clean and looked down to see my own cock had sprayed my cum all over my tummy! The guys got dressed and left. I went to the shower and cleaned myself, got a towel to wipe my half asleep wife clean. No words were spoken, she was soon sleeping soundly.

———————- By Mastiksh

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