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My Wonderful Dream Girl

31 Min Read

College really is the time of your life. The things you witness, the things you do, the things you hear. It is really a gigantic jump from high school life to life on a college campus.
When I went to college, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t into parties or going to sporting events (always preferred pro sports) or even the basics such as drinking. I was just this awkward, typical nerd. I was a bit overweight, knew too much about movies, music, games, and computers, wasn’t a fan of social situations, and was a virgin.
Needless to say, going away to the biggest party school in the state made life difficult at first. I went to a few parties and realized that I just couldn’t do that, and it really put a strain on being able to make friends. Thankfully, the people on my dorm floor were incredibly friendly and I quickly became friends with my neighbors. In particular, the girl in the dorm next to mine, Erin. She wasn’t your insanely hot college girl or anything, she was just your everyday girl. A hair under five feet tall, she was just over a foot shorter than me with brownish blonde hair down to her shoulders, beautiful brown eyes, and an intoxicating laugh. She rarely put on makeup, and felt that any guy that didn’t like her without makeup didn’t really like her, and I have to agree with her.
Personality wise, Erin was the polar opposite of me. She was incredibly social, was willing to try everything at least once, and was just wild. She went away to school for the experience, whereas I went away for the freedom, something she had had since she was young.
I met her about two weeks after I had moved in. Of course, I made a fool of myself when she walked into my dorm room and introduced herself. I stumbled a hi and told her my name was John and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she went around the room to introduce herself to my three roommates. When she had left, Ty (one of the three) actually shot a rubberband at my chest because I was still staring at the door she had just walked out of. Flustered and embarrassed beyond all belief, my roommates got a huge kick out of my immediate infatuation with her.
Over the next few weeks, Erin gradually spent more and more time in our room, mainly sitting around and talking with Ty and me and watching movies (her favorite was Superbad and we all absolutely despised The Ruins), to the point where she was in our room for every hour of the day except for when she was sleeping and even that didn’t stop her, as she occasionally camped out on our futon for a night.
The amount of time she spent with me only fueled my infatuation and it grew into lust, something she found hilariously fun. When it was only me in my room, she would come over in skimpy outfits, sit in my lap while I was at my desk, and purposefully squirm to get comfortable before relaxing against me. She would drop things while with me and take forever to pick them up. One time she even snuck into my room after taking a shower while I was trying to fall asleep. She climbed into bed with me in nothing but a white towel and I got a face full of strawberry scented wet hair. The aroma alone was enough to give me a hard-on, and that was before I noticed all she had on was a towel. At that point, I knew that I was going to try and have her. The entire time she lay there talking to me, I was slowly and carefully tugging on the towel and I am sure she noticed. After 15 or so minutes, she got out of the bed to go back to her room and towel fell right off. All I got was an absolutely perfect silhouette in the darkness as she giggled and picked it up, bent over me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving.
I was in heaven when I was with Erin. She was perfect in every way in my eyes, everything that I wasn’t. It was like we were two Legos coming together in my mind, even though all she was doing was teasing me until she gave me a hard-on and left me there to deal with it. It was infuriating… and yet, I would let it happen and even encourage it. I loved what she was doing and craved more.
About halfway into the term, we had a four day weekend. Because she was on color guard and had practice, and I was not welcome at my home, we remained while most of the school and all but 4 (including us) of the 40 or so people on our floor went home for the mini-vacation. Erin wasn’t a fan of spending a weekend alone, so she grabbed a suitcase and packed it with full, with the intention of staying out of her own room until her roommates got back and staying with me the entire weekend. With her planning to spend all weekend with me, my mind (and, invariably, nether regions) were going wild with desire. I just knew that this weekend would be it.
That Friday, we spent time together like normal. Talking, exploring campus, eating the surprisingly good cafeteria food, and just enjoying each other’s company. That night, she told me we were going to watch a porno. This wasn’t that rare, as we had watched several pornos at that point, usually in a large group of 8 or 10 people in her room. Unfortunately, the porno was “Not The Brady’s XXX” and was just awful. We still cuddled up together on the couch and watched it, though. In the third act, I decided to finally make a move. I reached over with my left hand to where her head was lying on my shoulder, and raised her chin toward me until we made eye contact for a brief second before we both closed our eyes, leaned in, and kissed.
While I would love to tell you that it was passionate and lead to immediate sex, it did not. It was my first ever kiss beyond quick pecks, and it was sloppy beyond all belief. It was pure and utter bliss for me, but when we stopped the kiss and looked at each other breathing heavily, I felt foolish. I quickly told her, “Erin… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”
Erin pushed herself off of me, looked at me and shook her head in disbelief. “I don’t understand you, John. You have your dream girl in your arms watching porn with you. And yet… you apologize when you finally make a move and kiss her.” She sighed and shook her head again before whispering, “I know how you feel about me. I know you want me. You may even love me, but I doubt you would admit that.”
Looking back, I think she was right. I do think I loved her. But I never said it, never got the chance as she took the bulls by the horns and moved herself into a sitting position and reached for my hand.
“This,” she said as she moved my hand onto her right breast, “is what you want. Now take it.”
It was at that point that I noticed the change in Erin. She had gone from trying to nudge me toward what I wanted, to demanding it. I hesitantly squeezed her breast. It was wonderful. Soft, yet firm. Her C cup breast was slowly igniting the fire within me as I steadily gained confidence with what I was doing. I gained some confidence after about a minute and started to play with the nipple through her shirt, which was made easy due to her lack of bra.
The second I brushed her nipple, Erin let out a long and drawn out moan. I figured that she was very sensitive, and I was right. By the time I had first put my fingers around the nipple, she had her eyes closed and was breathing slow and long, but steady, breaths, each exhale accompanied by a low moan.
After a minute or so of playing with her nipple, she reached up with her own hand and ran it under her shirt to play with the other one. At this point, I knew I was finally going to do what I really wanted. I was beyond the point of return, as my erection ached against the inside of my jeans. I took my hand away from her breast, and got on my knees and lowered her onto her back on that futon. I looked down at her and she up at me, and we knew exactly that we were doing it all that night.
Erin took her hand out of her shirt and hooked the bottom of it with her fingers and raised it up and off her body. Looking down at her naked torso, her tits magnificently lit by the porno still playing on the TV, I smiled and reached down with both hands to play with her nipples. She continued to breath heavily and emit moans for another minute or so until she gave this loud squeal and opened her eyes wide. She had had the first orgasm of the night, and it was solely from her nipples being touched.
I just smiled as I looked down at her while her breathing slowed. I was ready to rip her pants off and taste the outcome I had produced when Erin suddenly jumped up off the futon and looked at me with a grin.
“Listen,” she said, “we’re going to do this my way. If you do it the way I want tonight, I will do whatever you want me to for the rest of the weekend. I won’t object to any strange fantasy you have, so long as you let me do mine.”
I was so turned on at this point that I could feel the smear of precum I had already left in my boxers. I was going to do whatever she wanted, and then I was going to ravage her for the next three days.
I nodded eagerly and asked, “What’s your fantasy?”
She grinned mischievously and ran into the bedroom. I could hear unzipping and hoped she was taking her jeans off. Then I heard some rummaging and grew curious, because it sounded like she was in her suitcase. Then I heard another zipper, some clothes moving, and then some velcro. Finally I heard her moving stuff around in the other room. I wanted to go see, but I decided to wait.
When she finally returned, my jaw dropped. My dream girl was naked. She wasn’t thin, but not fat either. Just perfect, with curves that drove me mad. Her tits stood there with nipple so hard they could probably cut through glass, and I surely hoped I would get them in my mouth soon. When I followed those curves downward, I got the surprise of a lifetime – she wasn’t naked. No, the velcro I had heard was her putting on a rather large looking, purple strap on dildo. It was at this point that I knew what her fantasy was and saw the rope in one hand and lube in the other. My ass tightened at the thought, but my cock knew that it would be worth it in the end.
Erin giggled evilly when she saw the look on my face and told me, “My fantasy is to fuck a guy. If you want to fuck me, you have to let me fuck you first.” She paused and let me consider it. “Do you want to fuck me?”
I grimaced. This was more than I bargained for. She was wilder than I thought, but she had gotten me so turned on without laying a finger on me that I knew I couldn’t turn back. I stood up, undid my belt, and dropped my jeans and boxers in one fell swoop. I then walked over to her as I took off my shirt.
When I got to her, I told her, “I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad the last few weeks that nothing will stop me now, not even… that,” as I pointed to the dildo.
Her smile widened as she reached down a pumped my cock a few times to show her appreciation at actually doing this (I would later find out that I was the eighth guy she had asked and first to say yes). I’m not overly big, six and a half inches when hard if I am lucky, but I fully intended to use every single inch of it that weekend. She smiled once more and led me by the hand to the bedroom.
Erin had been busy while she was in here, as she had cleared my desk of everything and quietly moved it away from the wall. She patted the desk, so I went over and sat on it. It was cold and made me uncomfortable, something Erin sensed. She told me it would all be worth it as she bent over and took my cock into her mouth for 5 seconds, completely negating the coldness of the desk.
She pushed me backward so that my back was flat on the desk while my legs hung off, bent at the knee. She put down the lube and grabbed her rope. She walked over and tied my wrists together in an elaborate knot. She then extended my arms all the way and pulled my legs up and tied my knees together tightly, about a foot apart, and connected the two rope jobs with another piece of rope.
I was tied up in a makeshift fetal position, about to be fucked in the ass by the girl I wanted so badly. Erin then disappeared from my sight. A few seconds later, I felt a cold push on my asshole. Erin leaned over so that I could see her and told me, “Relax. It’s just my finger and some lube. I want to get you ready for this.”
She then resumed, but every time I felt her poke my asshole with her finger, I tightened it. After a few tries, she sighed and leaned down and sucked on my cock again, just putting the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. That was all it took, as I relaxed for a second and she slipped her finger into me with a loud gasp from me.
Erin kept my head in her mouth as she slowly worked her finger further in and started to slowly finger fuck me with it. It felt… strange. Not bad, not good. Just out of place. Then I felt her pushing another finger in and it hurt. She was starting to stretch my rectum and that was not something I had been ready for. She tried to counter this by engulfing my entire shaft in her mouth; man was she good at that. I groaned loudly when she did that and relaxed yet again and she got in not just her middle finger, but her ring finger as well. I now had three fingers in my ass and my cock in Erin’s mouth. Somehow, every part of my body was beginning to feel good.
She began to finger fuck me with those fingers, going slow and steady and taking half a minute for one full stroke. After two or three minutes or that, I was ready to have my first orgasm, but she pulled her mouth off my cock and slowly pulled her fingers out of my ass. That was agony, being so close to release and her stopping it. She stood up, grinned at me, and laughed as I fought against my restraints to touch myself to get that release.
“Nu uh,” she said, “ you don’t get that yet. Your first orgasm of the night is going to come from your ass being fucked. This is going to feel a bit weird, by the way.”
And then I felt something really cold on my asshole as Erin dumped a bunch of lube just outside it and started to spread it around and inside with her fingers. She was right; it was extremely weird feeling having that amount of lube entering me. I then heard the lube bottle being squeezed again and Erin stepped to the side so that I could see her spreading the lube over her fake cock, so that I could see her smile that crazy smile and laugh in a way that made me wish I could get up off this desk, throw her on the ground, and show her what I wanted to do to her. She was awakening an animal inside of me, but she had managed to cage it while she had her with with it. This wasn’t heaven anymore, it was hell.
Erin stepped back over, her beautiful face disappearing behind my feet again. She put my restrained feet on her shoulders, her hands on my hips, pressed her cock against my asshole and I gasped loudly. With the opening already lubed and widened by her earlier finger fucking, the dildo’s head slipped in easily. When she got the head in, and I was in considerable pain, she told me, “It’s time for some fun,” and pushed it in entirely.
I screamed. I wasn’t ready for that and it was more than I bargained for. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was the one I often felt when I suspected I was about to throw up, only I knew that that wasn’t coming this time around. She just held it there and let me attempt to adjust.
“Aw, why’d you do that?” she asked me.
I had no idea what she was talking about until I felt her hand on my cock. I lifted my head up, and my raging erection had gone away. She stroked it a few times, but got no response.
“Well, I’m going to fuck you until you cum. Understand? So you’re going to want that thing to get nice and hard for me again, John. Mmhmm. So let’s do it.” She was nuts. I was supposed to get hard again from… this?
Erin then started to pull out. I hoped she was pulling out for good, but I knew better. She pulled out as far as the head of the dildo and I gave a sigh of relief, before she laughed maniacally and pushed it right back.
“How’d that feel John? Good?” she asked look at the pain on my face. The twisted joy she was getting from this was horrible, and yet… it turned me on. To see that this was making her feel good without any real stimulation at all was exhilarating.
It was at that point that I began to enjoy this. That I allowed myself to look past the pain that was beginning to lessen and see the true pleasure this was causing her and even myself.
“Woh woh wee woh,” she said, her customary phrase to express surprise. “Someone is starting to enjoy this.”
I looked and my cock was flaccid, not hard but not soft either.
“You like this, John? You like me fucking your ass, Bitch?”
She gave another maniacal laugh as I nodded and told her, “Yes, Eriiiiin. I like it.”
She took joy in this and sped up her rhythmic fucking of my ass. When she pushed it in as far as she could, I would feel full and I would crave for her to push it back in when she pulled it out. It got to the point where I would work the muscles in my ass to try and pull her back in before she did it herself, something she took obvious pleasure in.
“Ooooooh. Someone’s really starting to enjoy this,” said Erin as I looked back at my cock and saw that it was rock hard again.
It was what felt like hours later when I started to feel the sensations in my balls. Erin was still rhythmically fucking my ass, and I could feel my orgasm start to build. She was right. That crazy ass bitch was right, I was going to have an orgasm from her fucking my ass, and that thought made me all the more hot.
“Uhhh,” I moaned, “you were right. I am going to cuuum.”
I was lengthening every other syllable in tune with her pounding of my ass and this giant grin appeared on her face as she sped up. I tried to reach for her tits, I needed to feel them; I needed to twist those pink nipples until she came with me. My restraints prevented me from touching them, though.
She took her hands off my hips, but kept fucking, and put them on her tits and played with them. “Do you want these?” she asked the obvious with a grin on her face that told me only she was allowed to touch them right now.
I gave her a playful frown before she really started to pound. She pulled out slow and easy and then thrust in with all the power her hips could muster. That wiped the frown from my face and I leaned my head back with my eyes closed, and arched my back so that my cock rose toward her, showing her how close I was. I had hoped she would pull out and take me into her mouth to finish, but I had no suck luck.
Instead, she slowed her pace to draw it out more, and put me in more agony. I needed to cum and she was holding me back. It took another minute or two, but finally I felt that all too familiar sensation in my balls as my orgasm started to boil up my shaft. When it began, I gave a loud groan and cum shot up and landed on my stomach. Erin squealed at the site of this and kept thrusting until the last drop had fallen from the tip and landed on my stomach.
She pulled out and undid the ropes holding me together. My arms and my legs fell of the edge of the table. I was exhausted, and could only think about getting onto the futon or a bed and relaxing. My ass was sore, my cock softening. All in all, though, I felt good.
Erin stood next to me and grinned at me before leaning over and licking the cum off my stomach. “Thanks for giving me my fantasy,” she told me.
All I was able to do was moan an acknowledgement. I heard velcro being pulled apart and heard the strap on fall to the ground. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into a sitting position, and helped me off the desk. It hurt to walk, as she led me to the other room and the futon which she let out and let me lay on. The porno was over and was on the main menu. She disappeared for a second and came back with my comforter, turned off the TV, and laid, naked, with her back and ass against my chess and crotch, spooning with me. She then covered us in the comforter and nestled herself into comfort next to me and draped my arm over her.
Erin’s breathing slowed and slowly became a soft snore. She was as spent as I was, but much more content with it. I fell asleep with her in my arms, contemplating what I was going to do with my sex slave over the next three days and what exactly my big fantasy for her was going to be. Whatever it was, it was going to be big.

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