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Naked Homeworker

4 Min Read

The first time his father found him that way, he explained that he was
hot, and had to cool down to do his homework.
The second time his mother found him….he was hard….but she seemed to
accept his explanation.
But he heard his folks talking about it….and when his father told his
mother to leave him alone it was natural, he sighed.
And his periods of nudity became more frequent….he stripped as soon as
he came home, and except for the shorts and tee shirt he put on for
dinner, he stayed that way until he had to dress for school the next
He found that more and more, he liked to be bare….free as he called
In gym class, he couldnt wait to strip and walk around the lockerroom to
talk to buddies, or frolic in the shower. He seemed to always be that
way when the coach came into the locker room.
When he stayed at a friends house, he quickly got naked, and some of his
friends would imitate him too. He never knew why, but it felt great.
His cock got hard of course, and he would join in the circle jerk
parties at school and at friends houses….but being naked was the best
part…for him.
His parents announced that he would be going to a week long camp with
his Uncle and he got excited. Uncle Jack was his favorite…and he loved
wrestling, talking, and learning from him.
He didnt know until Jack and he arrived at the remote beach camp that it
was a nudist camp. Jack carefully told him, but he laughed and stripped.
Day and night he ran, swam, played, and stayed naked.
Other kids his age would join him and wrestle, jerk off, play
volleyball, swim, and more….he was happier then he had ever been.
At home again, his parents told him he could enjoy his nakedness around
the house anytime he wanted….it was natural.
Soon not only him, but his brother, and sometimes his parents would be
in various stages of being naked.
On those weekends his mother worked, his father would always strip and
join him and his brother in games, watching tv, and even some jerking
But it was during his visit to Uncle Jack, that he learned more about
being naked.
His Uncle Jack and his special friend, as he called him, loved to pet
him…play with his butt, and cock. He was told that if he wanted to
spend time with them , he’d have to earn it.
It only took on night for him to learn to love being tied up, collared,
and sexually serve his Uncle and friend. And best of all, he could do so
while being naked.
These games became part of his love for nudity…and plans for him to
spend th esummer with his Uncle were quickly put together.
By the end of the summer he would be totally tanned…except for a band
around his neck….the collar would stay on the entire time.
He loved being naked, he loved it all.

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