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Namrata’s sexual Fantasy Chapter 2

127 Min Read

Namrata was simply amazed by the lesbian sex she had with Vandana. She had enjoyed sex so much with men and boys but it couldn’t have been as good as with the other woman, Namrata thought. Because other woman knows how to fuck you so good, and she never gets tired. She can just go on doing it to you, and you can do it to her, until neither of you can lift a finger anymore.

After the thrill of their first climaxes subsided, Vandana put on music and they lit cigarettes and poured whisky in their glasses. The music and the gin made Namrata feel so good that she stood up and started dancing in front of Vandana. She swayed in her high heels before Vandana’s fascinated gaze. She ran her hands over her body, and moaned softly, and danced naked in front of Vandana. Soon Vandana, half-hypnotized by her whisky and Namrata’s murky, irresistible sensuality, stood and began to dance, too. Like Namrata, she caressed her own body, and the two naked women circled each other in the glowing tube-light, swaying in time with the music, yearning and swaying and teasing one another as their bare, excited bodies drew close together, then tantalizingly slipped away. They danced until the record played itself out.

Both of them poured another stiff peg of whisky. Namrata felt a strong urge to pee and when got up to go to the bathroom, Vandana whispered “nahIn”. Vandana’s lips quivered and she licked them. She poured some whisky in her glass and handed it to Namrata. “apnA .kImatI aur sunaharA amR^ita jaisA peshAba is glass mein kar…” Vandana said with a shine in her eyes. Namrata was almost overwhelmed with the depravity of Vandana’s request. She was in fact extremely turned on by the nastiness of what Vandana was saying. Without knowing what came over her, Namrata put the glass between her legs let the jet of her piss fill the glass that became warmer. Excited, she heard the sound of the glass filling up and fascinated she saw the yellow liquid foaming. Before the glass could overflow, Vandana replaced it with the other glass that also contained some whisky. Namrata put the glasses on the table devoutly. Vandana kissed one of the glasses and looked into Namrata’s eyes. Vandana felt the warmth with her tongue. Then she drank it in big gulps without putting it down. Ahhhh… garma peshAba kay swAd kA jawAb nahIn ” she panted. The taste of Namrata’s hot urine pouring over her taste buds was unbeatable.

Vandana gestured with her eyes to Namrata to pick up other glass. Namrata wanted to taste her own hot golden piss in her mouth and feel it running down her throat. She sniffed the aroma from the glass as she slowly rubbed her pussy. “UGHHHHHHHHHH,” she moaned as she brought the glass to her lips and sipped gingerly from the glass at first. It was salty and warm, and it tasted good. She drank a little more. The hot body-flavor of her own piss was making her so horny. Vandana bent down and kissed her as Namrata took a big volume of whisky-piss penistail in her mouth. Vandana’s tongue darted in and out of Namrata’s piss filled mouth and Namrata pushed a portion of penistail in Vandana’s mouth. Vandana pushed it back to Namrata’s mouth. They were swapping the piss back and forth to each other’s mouth until finally they swallowed it down. While they were kissing, both of them reached down and played with each other’s pussy. Within one minute, they were both having an intense orgasm. They were cumming at the same time and were still darting out tongues in and out of each other’s mouth, moaning and shaking and twisting in delight.

They were both so insatiable that they seemed constantly to be steaming and sizzling with lust and desire for one another. They lit cigarettes and continued drinking which somehow lit the fires of their lust again, but this time they were no longer urgent and driven by fierce, quick hunger for each other. Instead they moved languorously together, and calmly stroked and nibbled and sucked and kissed one another’s bodies, taking a smoldering, fantastic joy in pleasuring each other. “teray liye ek aur surprise hai…tujhey achhA lagegA” Vandana whispered in Namrata’s ear with a sly grin on her face.

Namrata seeing the look Vandana had on her face she was intrigued. Not asking any questions because she knew that she would get her answer soon enough.
“Merey sAth bedroom mein chal” Vandana said and Namrata followed her. Both were teetering due to intoxication as they walked. Vandana opened a cabinet, “teri choot ki sab takalIpha in sey dUra ho jAyegi” and with that pulled out a bag and took out five dildos of different kinds and sizes.
“Oh, mA!” was all Namrata managed to speak out. She stared wide-eyed and jaw dropping on the floor. She knew what they were from the porn-movies. She had never seen anything like this before. For a minute, Namrata stammered unintelligibly and picked one of those toys. It was about ten and half inches long, and the girth of about two inches at the base. The hefty member was bent towards the ground and a nicely tapered head, which went to the thickest part, nearly two and quarter inches thick. It was very realistic, every detail of blood veins and glans and testes elaborately recreated. Namrata studied the artificial penis and gonads. The testes were the size of golf balls!

”teri to bolti hi banda ho gayi. ‘Oh, mA!’ kay Agey kuchh nahin bolegi kyA?” Vandana jeered. An amusing thought struck Namrata and she giggled, “aur gAnd nahin hai kyA iski?” She stroked the long, thick shaft. The skin looked as resilient as that of a real, live hard pecker. She saw that the blunt point had a slit in it–just like the genuine penis!

“Sali…gAndu kahin ki… yah hi dildo jaba main harness mein pahan kar teri gAnd mein ghusAungi taba pata chalega” Vandana mocked. “aur yeh dekh… yeh saba say kamAl ka hai…” Vandana showed her a massive 18-inch double dong, which had balls facing each end. It was black coloured solid rubber full of lifelike veins. “Yeh do auraton kay ek saath chudAi karnay kay liye hai aur yeh teesrA bhI bahut mast cheez hai…” Vandana said as she picked up and licked another 18 inch curved double dong. “yeh sirfa solo-use kay liye hai…iska thick end choot mein dAlnay kay liye aur tapered end gand mein ghusAnay kay liye…jis say ki choot aur gAnd mein ek sAth mazA ley sakein.” Vandana explained.

Namrata was feeling so horny listening to description of toys. Then Vandana showed her fourth dildo, which was 9-inches long and 2-inches thick. It had a suction cup, which helped that dildo mount on floor or chair or table to give a sturdy base. “Yeh dildo kA ek naughty secret hai… yeh asli lund ki taraha ejaculate kartA hai! Iskey saath yeh attached bulb mein jo bhi chAhe liquid bharo aur sahi moment para squeeze kara dau… itna realistic experience miltA hai ki kyA batAoon….doosrA advantage hai ki jis position yA angle mein chAho adjust karo aur phir is para jitnA chAho Uchhalo.. ” Vandana said. The last one was a pink colored with strawberry scented 6 Inch multi-speed vibrating penis to fuck yourself silly.

Namrata was extremely excited, thinking about the fun she was going to have due to these dildos. Namrata felt her body begin to quiver. “Mmm,” she hummed as she spread out on Vandana’s bed, “bahuta majA Anay wAlA hai, eh?” She smoothed her thighs open with two palms. Her sap producing twat hole opened wide enough to accommodate an elephant hog. She reached down with two fingers and plied apart her cunt lips. “aba jaldi say yeh moTA plastic kA lund meri choot mein andara taka ghused dey!”

Vandana smiled cool white teeth between her dark-red lips, “sAli Chudakkar kutiyA, teri choot to bahuta tarasa rahii hai, parantu itni jaldi bhi kyA hai…” said Vandana as she put on the ten and half inches long dildo with harness around her waist. “tujhe ranDi ki taraha hi chodoongi…. Bol….saali… banegi meri ranDi? Vandana taunted. Namrata looked at Vandana with questioning eyes. Vandana now informed Namrata that she was her love slave for the day and she should just relax and enjoy what was in store for her. Namrata knew she was in for a real passion filled day, hoping that the bondage was as good as she knew Vandana was capable of. “hAn  main  teri ranDi hoon. tU jo bhi hukm degi, main  mAnUngi.” Namrata replied submissively.

“ghuTane jhukA kar baiTh jA, kutiyA,” Vandana ordered. Namrata slowly sank to her knees before Vandana. Vandana smiled down at her, then abruptly turned sat on the comfortable chair, leaving Namrata in the middle of the floor on her knees. Vandana rested her legs on the coffee table, her sandalled feet dangling over the edge, bobbing back and forth in front of Namrata. “chAla idhara Aa,” Vandana ordered as she lit another cigarette. Namrata began to rise, but was stopped. ” nahIn , dhIre dhIre ren gate hu.ay idhara Aa.” Namrata leaned forward onto all fours, and slowly crawled over to Vandana. Namrata reached the edge of coffee table in front of Vandana, and sat back on her feet awaiting her orders. “meray sandal aur paira chat kay sApha kara… chudakkar kutiyA!” I Namrata scurried over to her feet and began raining very sincere kisses of worship and gratitude across her sandals, their soles and heels and her exposed toes and feet. A ravenous tongue, lapping sloppily at her high-heels, trying to pleasure her, soon replaced kisses. Namrata licked the top of her feet with broad stokes of her tongue. They glistened with saliva, wet with her mouthing, smearing her glossy burgundy lipstick. Namrata sucked the heels of sandals like they were peniss. “Sandals kay talve bhi hain …chut-marani ! jIbha say chAT kay sAf kar… kutti . Namrata kissed the under-soles of the sandals. She cleaned the soles with her tongue. She cleaned them well. She cleaned one then she did the other. The exotic flavour of leather drove her wild as her tongue danced and slid over shiny straps and soles of Vandana’s sandals. “aba behatara hai,” Vandana sneered, “bol harAmee ! kyA inAm chaahi_e?.” “Mujhe apni kutti… randi… banA lo…mera gala sUkha rAhA hai… thodi si whisky pilA do is apni randi ko” Namrata replied. Grabbing hold of her hair, Vandana jerked Namrata’s head up to look into her face and blew a plume of cigarette smoke into the Namrata’s face. “Saali… dialogue mArti hai… bewadi ko whisky chaahi_e!! Vandana sneered and poured some whisky on her own feet. “le kutiya… merey pairon  se chAT whisky.” Vandana laughed, a cloud of smoke wreathing her cruel features. Namrata lapped at Vandana’s feet and sandals drenched in spirit like a Rocky(D) licking water from a bowl.

The attention Namrata was giving to her feet was also having a sexual effect on Vandana. Vandana leaned back in her seat and her hand wandered down to her pussy. She lifted up her dildo and started to slowly stroke her pussy. Vandana began to moan and move sensuously within her chair. Vandana then suddenly lifting her long leg and placed the sole of her sandal immediately under her chin, all the while exhaling a long drag of smoke in her face. “randi! teri choot ko apni sandal sandal se chodoon  kya…bol” Vandana grinned.

‘hAn  chodo meri choot ko apane sexy sandals se” Namrata mumbled. With her legs to either side of Vandana’s leg, Namrata squatted over Vandana’s foot encased in high-heeled sandals, the leather against her choot. Vandana flexed her toe. Namrata moaned as she rubbed up and down the sandaled foot leaving a wet, shiny trails. Lower now, the toe of the sandal slid in and out of her dripping sex. Swollen, pink lips spread against gleaming straps of the sandals. Her hands caressed the slim, calves of her dominating lover. Vandana pulled away her foot from Namrata’s pussy and placed her sandal clad foot in the center of her chest and gave a little push indicating to her to lay on the floor. Namrata lay on her back on the floor near her feet and Vandana slid her left sandaled foot smoothly over Namrata’s breasts while rubbing her other foot across Namrata’s throat, up along her cheek to her forehead, then back down across the other cheek. Namrata felt Vandana’s sandal slide across her lips to her nose. Vandana’s left foot slowly and softly began sliding down Namrata’s stomach over to her crotch and then slowly and softly began sliding up her legs again while Namrata allowed her to rub her other sandal all over her face, mouth and nose.
Vandana began rubbing the sole of her sandal on Namrata’s wet pussy. Then while she was still kneading Namrata’s tits with her heels, she slowly inserted the 5”-heel of her other sandal inside Namrata’s pussy. When it was all the way in she withdrew it slowly and then plunged it in harder. Namrata began moaning uncontrollably with the heel of the sandal embedded deep inside her cunt and the soles of the sandal rubbing against her clit. Vandana pressed tight the sole of sandal against her clit and slowly rotated it. Her own wet cunt was coursing and burbling with prickly fires, but somehow she didn’t mind postponing her own satisfaction, because she knew it would come. For the moment, it was Namrata’s squirming sweat-damp naked body that consumed her, and kneaded Namrata’s firm round beautiful breasts with her sandal and fucking her cunt with the heel of the other sandal, making Namrata howl and groan with pleasurable agony. “UNH! UNH! UNH! AOOWWWNNNGGGH! UNH! UNH!” Namrata grunted and wheezed with mad delight, simply shattered and wrenched into a hot throbbing jelly of smoldering flesh as the peak of her climax crashed through her.

Vandana felt her own body pulsing and shivering with excitement, felt the sparks of desire speeding through her hot blood, felt her cunt moistening, gushing, flooding, and itching like crazy. Planting her feet wide apart and lifting up the dildo, Vandana spread her pussy. “chala SAli.. ghuTanon pe baith jA… aur meri choot ko chaT kar iski pyAs bujhA” she ordered, She grabbed a handful of hair at the nape of Namrata’s neck and jerked her head and pressed Namrata’s face in her cunt. Vandana was so excited that she was heatedly shaking. “aur yadi mujhe khusha kar diya… to teri choot ki pyaas main  is lund se bujhAungi” Vandana said before placing the cigarette between her painted lips.

Reaching her tongue out to flick across the Vandana’ clit, Namrata ran her tongue through the soft pink folds. She slid her tongue deeply into Namrata’s sweet entrance. She tasted her, her senses filled with the Vandana’ scent. She started thrusting then slowly at first, slow even strokes with her tongue, then speeding up. Vandana thrust her hips into Namrata’s mouth, holding her head still. “jor jor se chAT meri choot,” Vandana moaned, feeling Namrata’s velvet tongue stroking harder and deeper. Stroking the Vandana’ inner walls with her tongue she drove it in and out faster creating a rhythm, her hands clawing at her own thighs with the force of her need. The bridge of her nose pressed against the Vandana’ clit and rocking back and forth on it with every stroke of her tongue. She withdrew her tongue and flicked the tight, hard clit, then drew it into her mouth sucking on it as her tongue danced over it. Vandana’ moans were coming louder, her grip on Namrata’s head never slack. Each stroke of Namrata’s tongue pushed her hips harder against Namrata’s mouth.

“Ooohhh, meri pyAri randi..khusha kar de mujhe… meri rAni…Ohmmmm…” Namrata heard the Vandana gasp loudly and tasted the sweet cream flow over her tongue. Vandana’ body quivered as her knees and thighs held Namrata in between them and her stiletto heels dug into Namrata’s thighs. Namrata’s nose and mouth were buried in Vandana’s wet cunt and it became difficult to breathe. Namrata never slacked up on her tonguing and sucking of the Vandana. Namrata’s tongue drew Vandana over the edge again as her hips began to buck on Namrata’s tongue. Vandana’s body writhed, her hips twisting and undulating on Namrata’s tongue, her cunt dripping pussy nectar down her willing throat. Vandana came quickly, spasming wildly, gushing great flood of cream as she actually ejaculated over Namrata’s face. The hot pungent fluid covered her face, stinging her eyes and filling her mouth and nostrils. Vandana released her grip then and Namrata pulled her face away gasping desperately for breath. Namrata coughed and spluttered as she swallowed a mouthful of her juices. Vandana looked down at her then, with a cruel grin on her sated face. Namrata knelt with her head bowed, still gasping for air. Vandana could see the results of her explosive orgasm dripping from Namrata’s chin. Slowly Vandana drew Namrata to her feet and kissed her deeply, her tongue reaching out to taste her own flavor on Namrata’s face and lips.

Namrata was on the very brink, hoping for Vandana to fuck her hard, fast, rough with that dildo. Vandana also realized the hunger in Namrata’s eyes as she saw her eyes burning with lust and knew she was dying to get fucked by her strap-on dildo. “tu ney mujhe bahut khusha kiya hai… to aba teri KhwaahiSH bhi poori kar deti hoon… bahut ta.Dap rahi hai nA teri choot, is dildo say chudwAney kay liye…bol chhinaal ! Vandana asked as she stroked the 10 and half-inch length of the dildo with one hand. Half-terrified, but also half-starved with hunger for it, Namrata stared at the massive thundering dildo. “hAn  chod mujhe… jaise chAhe… chod apni is kutiya ki pyaasi choot!” Namrata replied. Vandana held her roughly by her hair. Namrata screamed in pain and the moment her mouth was opened, Vandana pushed her dildo between the soft lips and deep into Vandana’s mouth. “chala sAli! Andara tak le.’ Vandana pressed further forward grinding her hips as the full length of the dildo slid into Namrata’s mouth and then her throat. Namrata gagged as the rubber balls came to rest against her face. Namrata’s jaw was forced as wide as it could go by the huge rubber penis. She was totally defenseless against Vandana as she began banging her mouth, forcing the dildo into her throat. Vandana looked down on the gagging Namrata as she made her suck her big black penis. Namrata attempted to withdraw, but Vandana wouldn’t allow it. Instead, she grabbed Namrata’s head and drove the tool even deeper, yelling at her to suck it. Namrata’s eyes bulged from her face as Vandana started to fuck her throat, driving strap-on down her gullet. Her face was purple and her eyelids were fluttering. Sensing her dismay, Vandana gave one last thrust and finally withdrew the dildo from her mouth. Pulling her penis from Namrata’s mouth, Vandana watched as she gasped for breath. A long thread of saliva ran from the head of the strap-on to Namrata’s wet mouth.

“mujhe ummiid hai ki too ney achhi tarah say laura chATA hai, chhinaal! kyon ki yeh teri gAnD mein ghusane wAlA hai. poorA ka poorA ghused doongi teri gAnD mein ,” Vandana snarled, and rose to move behind Namrata. “nahin  gAnD main  nahin … meri choot ko chod… itnA baDA meri gAnD mein nahin  jAyegA…please” Namrata pleaded. Vandana planted the heel of her sandal in the center in the center of Namrata’s back and pushed her face down on the floor. “sAli! choot bhi chodun gi teri, kintu pahale teri gAnD maroongi…kala shAm ko to neelay gagan kay tale kissi anajAna kay muusal lund se apni gAnD marwA rahi thI… aba chup kar aur mujhse bhi gAnD marwA.. kutiyA…” Vandana said as she manoeuvered into position and blew a stream of smoke over Namrata from the cigarette clamped between her lips.. She shifted until the head of the great thick dildo was pressed firmly against Namrata’s anus. Namrata grimaced and gritted her teeth as the mighty phallus was positioned at the end of her asshole. Vandana grinned and spit on the entrance of her bum, then began to slowly but firmly insert the ribbed dildo, giving Namrata a savage slap with each rib that slipped inside the distended anus.

Namrata felt split in half with a searing pain. She cried out, loudly, and then bit her teeth after three stinging blows from Vandana. The dildo continued its relentless assault, until Vandana’s groin bounced off Namrata’s fleshy buttocks. Satisfied, Vandana then really went to work. Namrata began to weep tears of pleasure and pain as the tool ripped into her guts, thrust savagely by Vandana. Each thrust became a little easier to bear, and the pleasure emanating from her stretched anus began to outweigh the pain. Vandana continued her verbal assault as well- “sAli kutiyA, teri gAnD ko aaj phAD Daloongi. teri gAnD ko itni baDi kar doongi ki isme meri muThThi bhi aarAm say ghUs jAyegi ismen ” Excited by the dirty talk and the revelation of how much this fantasy of Vandana’s also turned her own, Namrata began to buck like a Rocky(H), thrusting back onto the rubber penis, trying to take it deeper, ignoring the pain as it punched past her second sphincter, even though it brought fresh tears to her eyes. After another full five minutes of rampant thrusting, at last Vandana stopped her thrusting, leaving the dildo embedded in Namrata to the hilt. Vandana began a rapid circular motion grinding her own erection, her long stiff clitoris, against the butt of the plastic penis. Her breathing increased rapidly, becoming loud in Namrata’s ear as she approached her climax. Vandana humped her cunt one last time against the end of the dildo pushing it deeper still into Namrata’s arsehole. Vandana came with a scream and Namrata felt her juices on her butt-cheeks and thighs as Vandana ejaculated a thick river of cream all over her bum. Vandana groaned and pulled out, mimicking the actions of a man who had just emptied his load in Namrata’s gaping butt. Namrata twitched and collapsed, exhausted, on the floor, while Vandana gazed in adoration at her gaping anus, which was distended to the width of the dildo, refusing to close after that assault. Vandana swayed the dildo in front of Namrata’s face showing how slimy the rubber penis was from being in her ass so long. “chala haramzadi mun ha khol apna… aur chAT kay saaf kar” she told Namrata. Namrata opened her mouth to her. Vandana put the penis on her tongue pushing some of the sticky shaft in her mouth. Namrata opened her mouth wider to accommodate the huge black scummy dildo. Vandana pushed more in. Namrata didn’t resist; she took it. Then Vandana forced it deeper making her swallow the big black rubber penis. Then Namrata wrapped her lips tight around the penis while Vandana slowly extracted it. All of the slime covering that coated the shaft, the scum from deep within her ass, Namrata cleaned off with her mouth and lips. Then in one gulp, she swallowed her own dirty asshole gunk down. Vandana kissed Namrata on mouth and felt the taste of her scat on her tongue.

Suddenly, Vandana realized her bladder was putting more and more pressure against her pee hole. It hurt to hold it in. She told Namrata to lie on the floor. “tujhey pyaas lagi hogi…chala tujhey main  apnA delicious amR^ita pilAti hoon ” Vandana said and she slowly positioned herself so that each high-heeled foot was on either side of Namrata’s head, Namrata’s eyes gazing upward into the darkness of her warm, moist pussy. Spreading her knees slightly, Vandana slowly lowered herself into a squatting position. Vandana blurted out in her passion, “chaahi_e tuhjey? piyegi merA peshAba?” “hAn , mphghhh! jaldi say moot de! tu jo bhi kahegi… main  karoon gi, Vandana. jahAn  kahIn  bhi, jaba kabhI bhi.!” sexually frenzied Namrata begged into Vandana’s cunt squeezing on her mouth. Namrata waggled her long, thick tongue out of her mouth, seeking the first drops as Vandana began to pee slowly. The first few drops of warm piss splashed against Namrata’s chin and neck. The trickle slowly became a stream as Vandana rocked forward to direct her golden nectar into Namrata’s waiting mouth. Her mouth filled quickly to overflowing when Namrata took her first gulp of Vandana’s piss, sending it cascading into my throat. Each mouthful was quickly replaced by another as Namrata repeatedly swallowed what seemed like gallons of her warm piss. Vandana proceeded to rock back and forth on her heels even further, sending the strong stream of piss crashing against Namrata’s cheeks, nose and forehead. Namrata moved to catch the hot yellow stream with her mouth. She arced up fastening her mouth onto Vandana’s piss-hole. She sucked the piss out, right out of her cunt. She took it as fast as it could be given it to her. She drank it straight from the Vandana’s pussy. She slurped it! She gulped hot piss–Vandana’s hot piss, drinking it all. Namrata just looked up with lust in her eyes at this female object of her passion. She was drenched in Vandana’s hot piss. She wiped her mouth like a whore coming off a trick. Then she tried to get the last drops as they dribbled out of Vandana’s pussy. She licked up each drop. “Uummm I love your pussy-piss,” Namrata moaned. Vandana looked down at Namrata, her face all shiny and wet with my pussy juice and pee. She looked so pretty.

” teri randi banane mein bahut mazaa Ayaa, Vandana. teri choot ka rasa bhi kitna achchhaa hai. main  to teri deewAni ho gayi hoon, I love you so much. tu kitni sexy hai, Vandana, aur teri choot bhi utni hi sexy hai. main  terey saath hara din isi tarah choodai karna chaahati hoon .” The words just poured out of Namrata, like an orgasm. “teri sandals chATne main  bhi bahut mazaa Ayaa aur teri choot ka to jawAb hi nahin  hai. teri choot ka rasa aur moot to bahut hi delicious hai, I love you Vandana!”

With that, Namrata crawled up into Vandana’s arms. Slick with piss and cunt juice. She wanted to be kissed and held so much. She needed to be loved. Vandana took her and embraced her, holding her tight, tighter, and so tight to her full tits. She didn’t care that her pee was now rubbing off on her own full tits. Vandana started kissing Namrata’s mouth and face. She tasted her own cunt juice, sweat and pee, covering her in wet open-mouth kisses. She kissed her mouth soulfully and deeply. Namrata leaned back into Vandana’s arms, looking up into her beautiful eyes, cunt juice smeared all over her face. Her eyes sparkled with love and lust.

“Main  bhi kitni digusting hoon  nA, Namrata, tu bhi sochati hogi ki main  kitni awful hoon ” Vandana said caressing Namrata’s tits. “Nahin  Vandana, tu to bahut pyaari hai, pichhaley do dinon  mein jitni aish tooney karwai hai… utni to main  ney poori zindagi mein nahin  ki… tujh sey mil kar to poorA jeewan safal ho gayA…” Then pulling Vandana in close, Namrata kissed her hard on her cunt-stained mouth as if to reassure her tasting the glorious residue of her own cunt on her lips. Vandana felt the passion of Namrata’s words. Vandana loved groping her freely, openly, tasting her, feeling her. She pulled Namrata tight, kissing her mouth deeply, tongues wrestling hotly together, saliva leaking out of the corners of their mouths onto their lipstick-smeared chins. Namrata broke the kiss and gazed soulfully into Vandana’s eyes. “abhi to baaqii ke yeh dildos bhi try karney hain …”

“tu to ek number ki choot hai… koi bhUkha ya pyAs nahin  lagi kya? pahale kuchh khA len . How does that sound? chudaai ke liye to poori raat baaqii hai! aur phir abhi to tooney sirf trailer dekhA hai… bahut kuch dekhnA seekhnA baaqii hai… aane vaale dinon  ke liye bhi kuchh surprises rahaney de” Vandana smiled as she felt Namrata’s cunt already moistening again, her hips involuntarily rolling up into Vandana’s softly stroking hand. Namrata bit her lower lip. Her eyes were flooding again with renewed desire. “God, I just don’t know ki main  itnA intazaar kar pAoon gi ki nahin .” Vandana giggled and moved towards kitchen.
 “Namrata tu bhi bathroom mein jA kar haath-mun.ha dho lay, main  Tiwari  lagAti hoon … aaj servant ko main  ney chhuTTi de di thi, par voh TiwariA taiyaar kar ke fridge mein rakh gayi hai… mujhe sirf garam karna hai.”

Vandana also freshened up after arranging the dinner on the table .She slipped into a satin robe, found another one for Namrata in the closet. By this time it was getting dark outside, so Vandana pulled all the drapes tight and put on some music. They had light dinner and then lit cigarettes and had a couple of drinks, which somehow lit the fires of their lust again. They went quickly to the bedroom. Namrata shut the door behind them while Vandana went to the bed and stripped off the robe. Namrata embraced her again, standing at the edge of the bed, and they stroked each other and sank slowly down onto the cool sheet, coiling together with slow smoldering sensuality, now free to move in whatever way they wished.
 “Ohhh abhi abhiiiii,” Namrata murmured, running her hands all over the sweet trembling smoothness of Vandana’s curvy body. “Ohhh I love your body, love it. aba hum phir se chudaai kar sakte hain , oh haan  .” She scooped up Vandana’s round breasts and slurped the wide brown nipples again with her tongue, but Vandana swarmed over her so intensely that she could not hold onto her. She wanted to eat Vandana’s cunt just as much as Vandana wanted to eat hers, but before she could squirm around into a good position for it–her whole body convulsed with joy as she felt Vandana’s mouth passionately kissing her wet crack!
“Unnnnhhh … ohhhnnnnohhhhnnn ohhh god! ahhhhhhh!” Namrata cried out, her hips jumping and gyrating helplessly as sensations of honeyfire unlike anything she’d ever felt shot through her flowing, hungry pussy. Vandana then took that massive 18-inch double-ended dildo. Namrata told her that it looked deliciously naughty and that she couldn’t wait to fuck with it. She spread her legs for Vandana as Vandana began to tease her with the head of the dildo. She began by running the head of the dildo over Namrata’s nipples as Namrata rubbed her own clit. Her pussy felt like it was on fire; she needed Vandana to fuck her. Vandana put the head of the rubber penis at Namrata’s mouth and she hungrily sucked it in. Vandana slowly began fucking Namrata’s face with her toy. Finally Vandana moved her attentions to Namrata’s pussy. She rubbed the large head between the lips of her pussy. Vandana ran the penis from Namrata’s clit, over the entrance to her pussy and down to her ass. At last Namrata felt the rubber monster at the entrance to her pussy.
“chod mujhe” Namrata begged her. She was so ready. Vandana inserted only the head and withdrew it almost immediately. She began her slow in and out motions, each time reaching a little bit further inside Namrata. As Vandana fucked her with her long dildo, Vandana bent down and sucked her clit into her mouth. Namrata grabbed her hair and pushed Vandana into her pussy as another orgasm began washing over her. Vandana continued sucking her clit as she increased her fucking motions. Vandana had the penis buried so deep inside her; Namrata had never felt such a tremendous sensation.

Vandana removed the penis from Namrata’s pussy and began licking her juices from it. After licking her cum from the dildo, she reinserted about eight inches back inside Namrata’s choot. She positioned herself between Namrata’s spread legs and asked her to fuck her. Namrata grabbed the other end of the dildo and began rubbing Vandana’s pussy with it. Namrata paid special attention to her clit as Vandana’s moans became louder and louder. Namrata placed the head of the penis on Vandana’s hole as she began to move down to impale herself on it. She let out a loud moan as the shaft disappeared inside her.

They began moving back and forth, connected by the long rubber shaft inside each of us. Soon both sluts were pumping their hips in opposite rhythm until the penis was completely swallowed between both of their cunts. Their pussies were rubbing together as Vandana humped Namrata, as Namrata, now engulfed in lustful abandon, wrapped her legs tightly around Vandana, digging the high heels of her sandals into Vandana’s pumping ass. “chod mujhe, saali rAnD!” Namrata cried to Vandana, “apnA yeh lund meri choot mein andar tak pel de.” As Vandana pumped and her cunt would tighten, the slippery dildo would shoot all the way into Namrata’s cunt. And as Namrata pumped back, Vandana would feel the thing thrust against the back of her hole. The women had the dick so deeply buried into them that their clits were rubbing together and it didn’t take long until both sluts shuddered into ecstasy, juices flowing from their cunts and down the crack of Namrata’s ass. The feeling was exquisite. Both of them cumming at the same time, while being fucked by the same tool was highly erotic. They collapsed in exhaustion, their slippery toy now glistening as it lay cast aside on the bed. Vandana laid her head on the Namrata’s shoulder. They hugged, so tight. Their long feminine fingers entwined with each other. They were so tired from the emotion of the experience.

At times they dozed, coiling together, letting their exhausted bodies rest, but soon they would find themselves kissing again lazily, then not so lazily. Soon Namrata would find herself whooping and flashing through still another climax. She would swarm over Vandana’s palpitating flesh until she too was whimpering again in the throes of a hot, throbbing orgasm. By midnight there was nothing they could do but sleep a dreamless sleep, but in the morning when they awoke it was the same thing all over again, and they each climaxed twice before even getting out of bed.

Vandana got up and fixed up the breakfast. Namrata’s body felt deliciously raw and achy. They did not bother to put on any clothes while having breakfast. They gazed murkily at each other while eating. “I can’t believe it!” Namrata said. ” itanaa chudaai to ek din mein pahale kabhi nahin  ki… aur abhi bhi teri bAhon  mein aaney ki ichchhA ho rahi hai!”

“chala dono saath mein nahAte hain … saath-saath nahAne mein bahut mazaa aataa hai.” Vandana said smiling suggestively, licking her sensual lower lip, as she passed her own cigarette to Namrata. “Ohhhnn!” Namrata moaned and grinned wickedly.

They hurried to the bathroom, holding each other’s hands. Vandana quickly prepared the bubble bath. Namrata bent down to remove her sandals but Vandana stopped her. “itnA zulm nA kar, meri jaan, ina sandalon  se hi to pairon  ki khoobsurti hai.” Vandana herself stepped into the bathtub wearing her high-heeled sandals and pulled Namrata too.

And in the bath they suddenly found themselves going at it again. They were both so insatiable that they seemed constantly to be steaming and sizzling with lust and desire for one another, and when Namrata began lathering Vandana’s sweet smooth voluptuous body with soap, she felt the need bubbling up in her again. One of her hands found Vandana’s vagina under the bath water, while the other grasped and slid over Vandana’s slippery breasts, and she finger-fucked her until the echoing sobs of her orgasm were reverberating with deafening intensity off the bathroom tiles.

While Vandana was tenderly drying Namrata off with a towel after the bath, she stooped and pried apart Namrata’s moist glowing buttocks and ran her skillful tongue up and down the crack of Namrata’s ass until Namrata was shivering and whimpering with unaccustomed delights. At the same time Vandana thrust two quick fingers into Namrata’s cunt from the rear, and kept licking her ass-crack, and reaching up with one hand to tweak and scissor Namrata’s damp, excited nipples, while her fingers plunged rapidly up and down in Namrata’s boiling pussy. Namrata’s knees grew so weak that she had to grab a towel rack to keep from falling, but she spread her feet and thighs, and pressed her cheek against the tiled wall, and sucked on her bottom lip as she gyrated her hips down into the fast-flying hand. She came standing up, gagging joyously on the sweet sharp sensations that fled through her trembling body.

After the bath, they went back into the bedroom. Vandana made Namrata sit on the bed. She removed Namrata’s sandals and dried her feet with the towel. Then she wiped her sandals too with the same towel and strapped them back on Namrata’s feet. “hamArA size different hai, nahin  to tu change karke mere sandals pahan sakti thi… mere pas bahut collection hai….” Vandana said and opened her almirah.

Namrata squealed with delight when she saw that there were more than hundred pairs of sexy high heels neatly racked in the almirah. Namrata walked over to the racks of sandals and spent ages picking them up, studying them and smelling the leather. “tujhe jo bhi pasan d ho, mere liye choose kar le” Vandana said. Namrata carried on looking and settled for a gleaming pair of open toed bright red sandals with 5-inch spike heels and ankle straps. “chala tu baiTha jA, main  tere sandals change karti hoon …” Namrata told Vandana to sit on the chair. Vandana made herself comfortable, easing back into the plush black leather of the chair. Namrata dropped down to her knees and leaned closer to Vandana’s wet feet encased in heels, now dangling provocatively in front of her. Namrata lifted Vandana’s feet into her lap and slowly undid the straps of her sandals. Delicately cradling her calves, the sandals slipped off effortlessly in Namrata’s hands and Vandana took them from her before Namrata could put them aside. While Namrata dried Vandana’s feet with the towel, Vandana stroked the heel of one of those sandals in a very suggestive manner as if she was stroking an erect penis. She lifted one to her nose and smelt the leather. The other one she left in her lap. Namrata picked up the red sandals that she had chosen for Vandana and holding her foot in her lap, she carefully fitted the first sandal and fastened the ankle strap. Then she put the second sandal on Vandana’s left foot and fastened the ankle strap making sure it wasn’t too tight. Namrata proceeded to work Vandana’s feet in stiletto sandals like a kid licking a lollipop. Namrata wrapped her tongue around Vandana’s toes through her sandals and lick her feet in sandals. She feverishly licked the sole of sandal. The scent was sexy, and the taste was heavenly.

The look on Vandana’s face showed Namrata she was enjoying the attention to her feet. With her eyes still closed, Vandana started nibbling her lower lip. She now had her mouth wide open and her tongue was licking her lips. She was sighing and breathing heavily. She opened her legs and slowly inserted the heel of the sandal inside her pussy. When it was all the way in she withdrew it slowly and then plunged it in harder. In a matter of a few seconds she was happily fucking herself with the 5-inch heel of the sandal. Namrata licked the sole, from heel to toes, running her tongue over the soft leather. Eventually, she concentrated on the toe and ran her tongue between each toe, eventually coming to Namrata’s big toe, which she began licking with every bit of horniness she had. Namrata moved back to the sole, and kissed her way back to the heel, rubbing her sole all over her face. With the heel deep inside her cunt Vandana had the sole of the shoe pressed tight against her clit that she was slowly rotating and bringing herself closer to her orgasm. Shortly afterwards Vandana took it out and handed it to Namrata. Namrata took it from her and smelt it first. There was the wonderful aroma of leather and Vandana’s pussy juices. Namrata happily put it in her mouth and licked Vandana’s pussy juices off the heel.

Vandana moved Namrata over toward the bed. Namrata lie down on it, and spread out as Vandana got on top of her. Vandana lowered herself onto her, spreading her legs and lifting her ass so that she straddled Namrata’s stomach. She kissed Namrata’s lips gently, licking deep into her mouth. Then she began to slide down her body, pressing her cunt down against Namrata’s thighs. Vandana gasped and moaned as she felt her firm clit stroking Namrata’s wet flesh; Vandana opened her mouth and pressed her lips around Namrata’s nipple. Namrata let out a soft, horny moan as Vandana began to suck and tongue her nipple; Vandana reached between her legs and pressed a finger into her cunt. Namrata lifted her hips against Vandana, helping her to thrust her finger deeper into her cunt. Vandana bit her nipple lightly, then flickering her tongue back and forth against it as she plunged her finger rapidly in and out of Namrata. She pressed a second finger up against Namrata’s tight cunt; she shoved it in as Namrata’s spine arched in pleasure. As Namrata lifted her back, her tits pressed toward Vandana; Vandana closed her mouth around Namrata’s hard nipple and licked even faster. Vandana let go of her breasts so she could move further down between Namrata’s legs and get a better grip on her cunt. Namrata spread her legs further as Vandana put a third finger up against her. “Mmmmmmm…” Namrata moaned. “andara taka ghused Dala… oh, Vandana, bahut achhaa lag rahA hai…” Vandana forced all three fingers in and Namrata practically screamed in ecstasy. Namrata took a firm hold of Vandana’s ass as she lifted it off the bed. Vandana massaged her luscious buttocks as she finger-fucked Namrata. Namrata’s voluptuous body began to quiver as the fourth finger entered her cunt.

Namrata felt the lust sensations swirling in her loins, making her hungrier and hungrier for Vandana’s hand. “Please Vandana… apni muThThI meri choot mein ghused de!” Namrata gasped, lifting her pelvis in supplication. It made her writhe as Vandana tucked in her thumb and started to twist. ” hAn … hAn …!” Namrata cried, and unable to stop herself, she grabbed Vandana’s wrist, and pulled her hand. Namrata squealed as the width of it popped her vulva and then slid deep into her cunt, in one long, squelching movement. She contained a woman’s hand, and it was wonderful. Vandana’s fingers played exquisitely in her womb. “Gee, teri choot nahin, bhosda hai!” Vandana exclaimed, finding more space than she expected. Namrata could only shudder and mew with rapture. Vandana was moving deeper, it felt better and better. “dekh Namrata… dekh, terey bhosdey ney meri kalAi pakaDa rakhi hai!” Said Vandana, as genuinely surprised, as Namrata was to hear her say it. Namrata raised herself, bending to look at her groin. Namrata too was astonished to see that she had taken her well past the wrist. Namrata saw Vandana draw her hand halfway out, and then plunge back in, feeling the hardness of her knuckles rippling the ridges and bumps inside herself.

Namrata fell into a sexual delirium of feverish, accelerating hunger. Groaning, arching her body, panting almost hysterically, she lunged forward, driving her pelvis into Vandana’s fist, feeling it slide deeper into her body. “Ungghh! Ungghhh!” she grunted softly, feeling the orgasm build further toward explosion. Lunging forward, she gripped Vandana’s forearm, the one protruding from her splayed, fist-crammed pussy, with both hands and began jamming her throbbing cunt down onto Vandana’s hand, bearing down with her pubic bone as she had felt Vandana do to her last time, and suddenly whinnying helplessly in a complete loss of control as the bubble finally burst inside her. “Unngghhh! Oh . . . hAn ! Auungghhh!” she cried out, flipping and surging forward, her body convulsing in fierce spasms of acute, throttling pleasure as she came in a rush. It was a rending, crushing, deeply searing orgasm that nearly made her pass out as she slumped forward, twitching and moaning, into Vandana, her face buried in the Vandana’s shoulder. Vandana’s fist was still deeply embedded in her aching pussy. Finally, the shockwaves subsided, and Vandana gently helped her to lie back again, and then extracted her hand as gingerly as possible. Namrata was a wreck, still stunned by this rending climax, her senses only gradually returning. “Oh god . . . oh god!” she gasped, pathetically, overwhelmed by the ferocity of her orgasm.

Vandana lay down beside Namrata, letting her arms slide forward and up, beckoning to Namrata. Now they embraced in a slow, erotic dance, having put out the most urgent flames and indulged their mutual perversities.

Later that morning, Vandana asked Namrata if she wanted a drink. “hAn  yaar… saruur ho tau… chudAi kA aur bi mazAh AatA hai.” Namrata replied. Vandana got up and went out of the room, her high heels clicking softly on the polished marble floor. She came back with the chilled French wine bottle wine in a silver wine-bucket along with two crystal wineglasses. Vandana removed the cork from the bottle very neatly using the corkscrew and poured in the glasses.
The dazzling wine impressed Namrata, which was opaque purple in colour. She liked the exceptional flavors of blackberry and coffee creme brulee. “MazAh aa gayA yaar… itni ûmdah wine pahale kabhi nahin  pee” Namrata said savoring the wine. ‘hAn … baRhiya to hogi hi… Ch. Angelus Bordeaux wine hai” Vandana said sipping the wine. After they refilled their glasses, Vandana opened a small wooden humidor glancing at Namrata in the process, trying to read the expression on her face. Her hand paused over a particularly long and elegant cigar, for a moment undecided. She selected the cigar and savored its pale greenish length. She carefully clipped the cigar then put it to her mouth and wrapped her heavily painted lips around it. She fired up the lighter and held it to the end of the cigar. She slowly turned the cigar back and forth and puffed until she brought it to life with a huge cloud of smoke. Exhaling a dense stream of smoke she turned toward Namrata. Vandana then asked, “kabhi cigar try kiyA hai pahale?”
“nahin .” answered Namrata. Pulling heavily on the cigar and exhaling smoke through her nostrils, Vandana said, “Try kar… bahut mazah AyegA… Cuban cigar hai!” Namrata took the cigar from her hand and as she inhaled her first drag, her eyes bulged and she started to cough. Vandana immediately handed her the glass of wine, which Namrata gulped down in a single stroke. “dheere se suTTA laga…” Vandana instructed her. Namrata closed her eyes, threw back her head, and blew a thick plume of smoke towards the ceiling. “Mmm that’s not bad, aba achha lag rahA hai.” Taking a deep drag Namrata smiled broadly before exhaling another dense column of cigar smoke. Vandana selected a similar cigar and lighted it taking a couple of drags. Pulling heavily on the cigar and exhaling smoke through her nostrils, she picked up her goblet and sipped the wine.

During the next half an hour, they just talked while enjoying cigar and wine. They talked about their family and financial backgrounds and their pasts. “tu itni mAladAra hai to car kyon  nahin  kharida leti?’ Vandana asked. “kharida rahi hoon  yaar… Mercedes book ki hui hai… agle haphtey delivery mil jAyegi” Namrata replied refilling her goblet.

“Vaah..Mercedes… bahuta paisa chhodDa hai tere parents ne.” Vandana said. 

“han  so to hai…abhi ek plot bhi liya hai Panchkula mein … architect aur builder se negotiations chala rahi hain …jaldi hi kaam start hone ki ummiid hai” Namrata added. “voh sab chhoD, Vandana, tu yeh bataa ki yeh dildos aur blue-label whisky aur yeh expensive wines tu kahAn  se kharidati hai?” Namrata asked. “Contacts…yaar… contacts…tujhe chaahi_e to teri whisky aur wine kaa intezaam main  next week tak kar sakti hoon , kintu dildos to main  Europe aur America sey laayi thi… next trip jab bhi lagegA… tab tere liye lA sakti hoon ” Vandana said puffing on the cigar dangling from her lips. “kitni bottles chaahi_e?” Vandana asked as she took a deep drag from the cigar, leaned over and put her face close to Namrata’s and exhaled a stream of smoke. “possible ho to chhaH botala karvA de” Namrata said. Vandana grinned “chhaH botala almost ek lakh rupaih ki aayen gi!” “main  tujhe check de deti hoon ”, Namrata got to her feet balancing on her high heels, and left in a wake of cigar smoke, puffing her way out of the bedroom. She returned a minute or two later with her purse. She pulled out her chequebook and signed a cheque for one lac for Vandana. “yaar! yeh wine piney mein mazedaar thi kintu isme voh nashaa nahin  hai… kya Kayaal hai… ek do peg whisky ke ho jayen … madhoShi mein hi to chudaai ka mazaa hai, jaani! ” Namrata said chugging down the last of her wine and raised her empty goblet to Vandana.

Vandana brought two tall glasses and a bottle of Scotch whisky from the liquor cabinet. “kaise pasand karegi? Neat, paani ya soda….” “pahalaa peg to neat hi chalegaa… aglaa peg special soda… yaani ki moot ke saath len ge” Namrata replied with naughty smile. Vandana poured straight scotch into glasses and handed one to Namrata. Namrata took her drink, took a big swig then tilted her glass in a little toast. “acchi piyo kharab piyo, jab bhi piyo sharaab piyo”. “ek ghUn Ta peene ke baad hi shaayraana ho rahi hai…” Vandana giggled and sat on the couch opposite Namrata. “sharaab chIja hi aisi hai…. shaayari to chhoDa, isko peete hi badan mein masti dauDne lagti hai…roma-roma chudaai ke liye ta.Dap uThataa hai”. Namrata replied sipping her drink and taking a drag on cigar. Vandana stretched the left leg out until her left foot was extended between Namrata’s legs. She pulled her foot up level with Namrata’s open twat and began to rub and caress the open, wet lips with the tip of her sandal. Namrata sighed deeply, leaning back against the couch, grasped Vandana’s foot in her hands and rubbed her sandals harder against her aching pussy-flesh. Holding Vandana’s foot with both hands, Namrata began to probe into her cunt-hole with Vandana’s five-inch heel, stroking it in and out of her hot slit feverishly. Namrata moaned through the cigar in her mouth with pleasure at the penetration into her pussy. She loved the feeling as she fucked the spiked heel of sandal in and out of her cunt and rubbed the leather sole of the sandal against her clit. Vandana took a drag on her cigar and grinned at the by now hysterical Namrata, who brought herself to a thundering orgasm. They both finished their drinks and Vandana got up to refill their glasses.

She poured some whisky in both the glasses and then winked at Namrata, “ho jaaye, apnaa special drink?” Namrata knew what she meant, “neki aur pUchh pUchh, kaba se taras rahi hoon  tere precious moot ke liye.” Namrata replied smiling slyly.

“main  bhi kaba se moot roka kara baiThi hoon …aba aur rokA nahin  jAtA… tu glass pakaD… main  mootnA start karti hoon … ok? Vandana requested. Namrata nodded her head enthusiastically, and tried to hold the tall glass with a shaking hand. The moment that the rim of the glass just touched briefly Vandana’s adorable pussy lips, she shivered pleasantly and uttered a soft “ahh”, And with that, a yellow smelly thin stream, made its sloshing hot way into the glass, mingling with the whisky there. Namrata’s eyes almost popped out, her tongue licking her dry mouth. “Be careful Vandana… glass almost brim taka bhara gayA hai…” said Namrata who was devouring the hot urine with misty eyes. And that was the truth! The heavy glass was hot in Namrata’s hand, part of it was covered with soft haze, and the delicate trickle kept filling the goblet with no sign of stopping. “Vandana…. aur jagaha nahin  hai…. glass full ho gayA hail… main  doosrA glass leti hoon …” Namrata said and switched the full glass with an empty one while Vandana strengthened her muscles, causing the piss stream to became weaker and weaker. She didn’t want to spoil even one drop of her urine during switching of glasses. When both the glasses were filled, the two women stood face to face, each feasting her eyes on her companion; and it was a glance full of love and devotion. They clinked glasses and brought their glasses to their’s lips. The hot urine filled their mouths, and was swallowed happily right after with big gulps of desire. “Oh … so tasty… so sweet and tasty…” said Namrata when she stopped to breath among deep gulps. At that moment she almost finished drinking fervently half of the enormous quantity of the piss from the goblet, but showed no signs of stopping. Vandana also poured her own warm liquid waste into her mouth. She guzzled it down as if it were plain water, moaning with delight as the burning liquid washed down her throat. Some of the warm fluid spilled from her mouth onto her chin. But Namrata’s mouth was there, collecting cheerfully the thin streams, which escaped the opened mouth of Vandana. The two mouths enjoyed together the yellow fruits of Vandana’s pussy, changing hot kisses, licking each other mouths, and sucking playfully each other tongues. Namrata’s right hand was busy holding her glass carefully, and with great care she irrigated her with constant supply of urine. Her left hand was laid on Vandana’s left buttock, embracing her and caressing shyly the deep and hot crevice. “Oh… itanI jaldI khaalI ho gayaa…” complained Vandana as she finished swallowing the last drop. Namrata hugged her, feeling Vandana’s heavy tits tight against hers. She kissed every part of her face, licked her nose and her cheeks, covering every part with her saliva.

Vandana drew Namrata over to the bed, while still clinging to Namrata’s body – her fingers dug deep into Namrata’s long naked back, and dropped her hands to the Namrata’s phenomenal ass. Namrata nearly drove her tongue down Vandana’s throat. Groping and grasping and sucking one another’s flesh, they fell onto the bed, face to face. Namrata scooped up one of Vandana’s breasts in her palm and immediately sucked Vandana’s nipple deep into her mouth. “Unhhh!” Vandana gasped, biting her lower lip, waiting for the thrilling squirt of sexual fire that shot through her whole body when Namrata sharply sucked her nipple. Namrata was like a hot whirlwind. Even though half-drunk, she wasn’t slow, or sloppy. She was fast and urgent, her mouth searing and sucking Vandana’s breasts hungrily, while Vandana whimpered and moaned. She could not keep her hands or her mouth off Namrata’s sleek young flesh either. Vandana guided one hand up and seized the flowing loose flesh of Namrata’s left breast, then reached up and grabbed the other one and began to kneed them, shivering with excitement as the heavy flesh filled her hands and pushed back at her fingers. Her red nails were hot flashes on the snow-white skin, deep purple nipples and areolas. She trapped the hard flesh between two nails and squeezed. Namrata groaned at the wave of heat that flowed over her. Vandana plunged her tongue deeply into Namrata’s pussy and licked the pulsing walls rapidly. Vandana pressed her whole mouth against Namrata’s pussy. Namrata churned and bucked so violently at first that it was hard for Vandana to hold on, but she was determined, and she slid her tongue up into Namrata’s spasming channel, mashing her sensual lips against Namrata’s pulsing cunt.

Vandana ran her tongue through Namrata’s wet pussy tasting her juices and then licked her way right up through her asscrack. Her tongue worked hard on Namrata’s puckered asshole pushing against it, licking it, and tasting it. She spread Namrata’s asscheeks wider. Then taking her fingers, Vandana pushed them in to Namrata’s anal hole and pulled on Namrata’s anus until it stretched open to her. Vandana went again inserting her tongue inside Namrata’s ass. Vandana licked her open hole tasting the musky slim on the inside of Namrata’s rectum. Namrata went wild as she felt Vandana’s tongue probing her asshole, licking inside her rectum.

“chod mujhe… Vandana!” Namrata panted, almost unable to speak now from being so sexually excited. “woh dildo se se meri choot aur gand maar .” Namrata’s eyes raced to the Double Penetrator on the floor near the bed. Vandana’s eyes darted to it too. This was 18 inch curved double dong comprised of two penis-shaped dildos linked together at the base, one for the pussy and the other for the ass. The one for the pussy was fat and thick, and looked to be about seven or eight inches long, while the other one was even longer, though comparatively thinner, with a more pronounced curve. “are you sure…. tu ek saath choot aur gand mein yeh lavde jhel legi” Vandana teased her. “arrey main  ne bahut baar ladkon  ke lund ek saath gand aur choot mein le kar chudaaI karvaaI hai” Namrata said in a state of almost drunken sexual frenzy. Vandana got slowly off the bed, feeling Namrata’s eyes on her body, and fetched the harness. Namrata again watched Vandana in fascination. Namrata’s fingers shook a little as she snapped the huge obscene device into place and fastened it tight. Vandana slipped into the harness quickly and walked toward in her high heels to the bed as two huge curved prongs bobbed up and down. Vandana was moaned softly as she pressed her hands against Namrata’s warm inner thighs, pushing them open, and running one sensitive fingertip along Namrata’s asshole. “Annmmffgghh!” Namrata groaned, her hips suddenly rocking in a suggestive way as the sensations streamed through her body. It was a funny feeling for Vandana as she looked down at the two joined, monstrous appendages bobbing from their anchorage on her pubic bone, both of them pointed toward Namrata’s open, vulnerable groin, Namrata’s pussy wet and puckered, her little asshole a dark, tightly shut aperture between her two beautifully round and bulging buns.

Vandana held the dildo apparatus firmly in her right hand and guided both stalks up until the gristled, thicker top one was almost touching Namrata’s puffy, swollen cunt lips. Knowing that the upper shaft would slide easily into Namrata’s oozing slit, she dropped her fingers to the lower one, holding it steady, pressing the tip into the groove of Namrata’s anus. “Ahhnnnnnn!” Namrata moaned as the two thick poles slid into her ass and pussy. Vandana was not rough about it, but she leaned forward, pushing them in deep. Namrata gave a squeal as the two shafts penetrated deep into her body.

After a few seconds of pushing forward, Vandana looked down to see their groins almost touching, and the both ends of the dildo sunk completely in Namrata’s body. Namrata was totally impaled on both thick stalks. In another second or two Namrata herself began to undulate her body under Vandana. Vandana leaned forward, smiling at Namrata, placing her palms on either side of Namrata’s head, swishing her own naked breasts against her so that they could both feel their nipples sliding together, brushing, tingling. Vandana too could feel hot, wonderful twinges of sexual excitement as the base of the double penetrator rubbed against her pubic bone, forcing the hood to slide up and down across her own aroused clit. The pressure against her own pussy gave her feathery pulses of fantastic pleasure, and she wondered if she too might come, just from the excitement of this gentle thrusting. Slowly, their rhythm accelerated. Namrata’s eyes fluttered open and again locked into Vandana’s. And Vandana, in response, began to fuck her more vigorously, more energetically, picking up the pace from the slow, rhythmic grinding they had been using to a faster, more frenzied tempo. Namrata whimpered and tossed her head, arching her body, undulating under Vandana in quicker, more violent waves, now clamping her thighs around Vandana’s hips, pushing her groin up into the double invaders. “Auunggghhhmmmmpphhfffff!” Namrata groaned and grunted, “Mmmmnggiieemmpphhhh! Ungghhmmpphh!” The bed itself began to sway a little more as their two striving bodies grew more violently active. Vandana’s hands slid down to Namrata’s thrusting hips and held them steady so that she could plunge the two peniss more deeply into Namrata’s quivering body. Owwmmgggnnfffpp!” Namrata groaned as Vandana stabbed the peniss deep into her. “Unghhmmpff! Owwmmgggnnfffpp!”

Vandana was gripped by a fierce, hungry mania of sexual passion for this beautiful nymphomaniac, who had come into her life only couple of days ago. Namrata’s thighs were scrunched up, her knees close to Vandana’s shoulders already, as Vandana pumped her heatedly and energetically, and Vandana could not resist the temptation to loop her arms under each knee, lifting both of Namrata’s legs high into the air and rolling her ass slightly up off the bed. This gave Vandana even greater leverage, and she now slam-fucked Namrata mercilessly, piercing the squealing woman with sharp thrust after thrust of the hard stalks. Namrata’s legs flailed in the air above Vandana’s shoulders, her high-heeled feet kicking, her thighs flexing, her ass squirming each time the thick shafts slammed down into her crammed channels. “Ummngg . . . ummngg!” Vandana heard herself grunting, almost as if she were overhearing someone else, as she pumped and ripped the peniss into Namrata’s marvelous, supple, twisting body, feeling Namrata’s feet leap spastically over her head, feeling her pelvic girdle begin to shudder a little with each gyration, knowing this signaled the fiery finish. By this point Vandana was fucking Namrata mercilessly, slam-fucking her with almost malevolent energy and exuberance. She finally had to drop Namrata’s legs and grab the double dildo with one hand, fearing it would slip out during all this frantic, violent thrusting. Her other arm she slipped under Namrata’s back below her armpits, mashing her own body now down into Namrata’s as they approached the finish line. “Oh haan ! Oh haan !” Vandana panted, feeling Namrata’s wonderful body quiver and strain under her slamming thrusts.

Then Namrata stiffened. Sharp little pinched-off squeals began to come from her throat, one after another, like animalistic yelps. Vandana stopped thrusting, leaning forward and grasping Namrata’s shuddering body in her arms, embedding both peniss deep in her and embracing her as the climax shattered her. The force of Namrata’s orgasm was so powerful that she lifted Vandana up too in the same arching convulsion, and they both fell back to the bed together. Namrata’s body went slack after the major onslaught had waned, but then suddenly grew tense and strong again, as she gripped Vandana and pulled her even closer, undulating her hips again. “Ohhnnnnn . . . ohhnnnn . . . Vandana! Unhhh! Oh! Unhhhh! Haan  . . . oh haan ! thoDA aur karo.. aur chodo!’ Ungghh!” Vandana could feel yet another hard shock seize Namrata’s body, and Namrata arched her back, squeezing Vandana’s hips with her thighs fiercely as a sharp spasm rocked her. “Oh Vandana! mujhe apni baahon  mein le kar jor se nichoD de! Ohhhhhh . . . mujhe apne se chipaTA le! Arrnnggghghhh!” Vibhga was already pressing their sweaty, naked bodies together as close as they would go, and yet in response to Namrata’s wild, desperate appeal she gripped her spasming body even tighter, almost crushing her, again ramming the two dildos deep into Namrata’s body to help her through this last, shattering wave of coming. Namrata quivered, sighed deeply, and then began actually to whinny softly and her hips shuddered and still bucked up into the huge dildos as the last waning currents of a second electrifying orgasm began to dissipate. Soon she had stopped moving under Namrata, and stopped moaning and whinnying too, and the only indication that she was still alive was her faltering, erratic breathing. Vandana, feeling that the pressure of her own body on top of Namrata was making it harder for her to breathe, quickly disengaged herself and slowly, carefully with drew the wet, obscene shafts from Namrata’s body. She slipped effortlessly out of the harness, set the dildo and harness aside, and stretched out again next to Namrata, who was only now beginning to stir again. A blissful half-smile began to spread over Namrata’s face. She turned her head to look at Vandana lying next to her.

The last two days were marathon of fucking, so beautiful that Namrata did not want it to end. Her body was sore from the rough, constant fucking, and yet she couldn’t keep her hands off Vandana’s fantastic body. And Vandana was the same. Namrata looked over at the clock radio.
It was almost three o’clock in afternoon. “wow…. Vandana! itni aish to kabhi nahin  ki…. aisa lagA jaise do dinon  se jannat mein hoon . tujhe chhoDa kar jaane kA mann hi nahin  kar raha… para aba mujhe chalanaa chaahi_e…” Namrata said. Vandana got up and helped Namrata up. Still a little dizzy from really violent climaxes, Namrata nearly stumbled in her high heels, but Vandana grabbed her, embraced her, held her, and kissed her searchingly again, running one hand over Namrata’s breasts. Namrata bit her earlobe. “itni chudaai ke baad bhi hamara mann nahin  bhara… ek aur chudaai ka daur ho jaaye… kya khayaal hai?” Vandana winked at her. nahin  to ghar pahun chAne mein raat ho jaa_egi…” Namrata said. “jaane se pahale lime our soda ke saath vodka chalegA?” Vandana asked. “Vodka thik hai,” Namrata smiled. “but bahut stronh nahin . ghar jaanaa hai… chaDh jaayegi .“

“chaDh jaayegi to kya… tu to ranDi hai hi…phir uss din ki tarah kissi se neele ambar ke neeche chudwaa legi” Vandana said laughingly, ‘abhi kaun se poore hosh mein hai tu.” Vandana went into kitchen to prepare the drinks while Namrata put on her sari and the make-up. Vandana returned with vodka for Namrata and herself in a tall glass.
Handing one drink to Namrata, Vandana settled back on the sofa beside her. They looked at each other, brimming with joy over what they had done together during the last two days.

arrey bra nahIn  pahanI, blouse ke nIche terey nipples sApha dikha rahe hain ” Vandana said as she sipped her vodka. “Oooohh, sexy hain  ki nahIn ?” Namrata giggled. Vandana moved forward, tracing her forefinger around Namrata’s wildly sensual mouth. “merA man to phir se bahak rahA hai” she said. Vandana’s voice was slurred due to drunkenness. “aba phira se chheD-chhAD chaaluu mat kar, bahut mushkil ho jaayegi aur hum dono poori raat aisey hI chudaai karti rahen gi” Namrata whispered to Vandana. “humne to chudakkar-pann men  mardon  ko bhi pIchhe chhoDa diyA.”

They finished their drinks and Namrata got up to leave. Vandana followed her to the door, half-lurching in her heels under the influence of too much drinking. “saali tu to nashe men  choor hai
Namrata giggled as she kissed Vandana, who was still breathtakingly naked, at the door of her house before leaving.

Namrata’s steps were also slightly unsteady as she walked on the footpath looking for auto-rickshaw. Even after walking for about ten minutes, she did not see any rickshaw. It was a quiet locality and she thought this might be the reason she could not find auto-rickshaw. She lit a cigarette and walked towards a bus stop hoping to take the bus instead. Her body still tingled in the afterglow of their exhausting sexual encounter as she walked feeling the aching, distant throbbing in her pussy that reminded her of what they had done. She reached the bus stop and luckily she saw an auto-rickshaw parked nearby.

The driver was sleeping on the back seat of auto-rickshaw. She called him to wake him up. “Mohali chaloge kyaa?” The driver got up with a startle. He was a young and handsome guy, around 18-19years old, with broad shoulders and shaggy black hairs. “nahIn  memsahaab… aaj bus or rickshaw waalon  ki hadtaal hai” he told her wiping his eyes.

dekho.. mera ghar jaana jaroori hai… tum paise ki chintaa mat karo” she tried to lure him.

dekhiye memsahaab.. main  aapki takaleef acchii tarah samajhta hoon , par ek to Mohali Punjab border ke doosri aur paDtaa hai…hamaare auto ka license wahaan  nahIn  chaltaa. Thulle (cops) pareshaan karte hain . doosre, agar auto-union waalon  ne passenger ke saath dekh liya to bahut mushkil ho jaayegi” he explained while unashamedly looking at her breasts which were visible through the thin material of her blouse. Namrata noticed this and to entice him, she adjusted her pallu in such a way that he could clearly look at her boobs and then again requested with a very coquettish smile, “tumhen  mun ha maangA inAma milegA.”

hum aapko naa bhi nahin  kaha saktaa hoon … chaliye… par hum baahar-baahar ke raaste se aapko le jaaoon gA… thoDa time jyaada lagega…” driver agreed to take her. His voice was boyish and he spoke with a rustic accent.

time ki parvaah mat karo… tum sirf mujhe ghar pahoon chA do” Namrata assured him as she got in the back of the auto-rickshaw.

Her mind was still on the wild and fulfilling episodes she had with Vandana. “Have I turned into a lesbian,” she wondered. “Women like Vandana make me quiver and shiver, that’s true,” she thought “But I like men too.” All these thoughts once again triggered the endless throbbing of her blood, the hot hungry itchiness of her still-gripping cunt. What’s coming over me? She thought. Why won’t it go away? I really am a nymphomaniac after all. While she was turning all this over in her head, and trying to suppress or ignore the gushing tumult of her blood and the hot unsatisfied yearnings in her burning pussy, she caught the driver glancing at her in the rearview mirror. He stared at her brazenly, eating her with his eyes, promising to deliver anything she might request. The double meaning song was playing on auto-rickshaw’s stereo. “maal gaaDi ko dhakkA lagA, dhakkA lagA, dhakkA lagA..” And she suddenly knew that there must be something about her he could smell.

She noticed his face with a vicious, sarcastic twist as the song changed to “choli ke peechhe kya hai… choli ke peechhe…” and she realized her own boobs were visible through her blouse, as she was not wearing bra. In some ways she must be advertising herself like a bitch in heat. It was getting little dark and they were passing through a very lonely stretch of road. Still, the way he kept looking at her gave her goose bumps. His dark bold eyes riveted hers in the mirror for such long periods that she was afraid he might loose the control and swerve into the bushes or hit the trees along the road. Namrata could feel herself being swept over with a lascivious wave. Her sexual encounters of the last week had reawakened her appetites, rekindled her needs.

A tremendous surge of lascivious excitement charged through her and her mind was filled with visions of shameless plans to seduce the young auto-rickshaw driver who sat staring openly at her. Ever since she had started seducing her students, perfect young smooth boys had become her weakness. She could see that he was a good deal older than any of the students at her school, but there was something about his appearance that hid his age from her. He could be anywhere from eighteen to twenty, thought Namrata quickly. This could be pretty interesting. ” I might have a great deal of fun with this one,” thought Namrata.

kahan ke rahne waale ho tum…aur naam kya hai” Namrata initiated the conversation as she lit a cigarette.

Lokesh naam hai hamara aur hum bihar se yahan  aaya hoon …” he replied, ” apne chacha ke paas… yeh autorickshaw bhi chacha ka hi hai…

kab se ho yahAn ” she asked as she pulled out a hip pocket flask from her purse and took a much needed swig. Her flask held four or five stiffies at say one measure per gulp.

ek hi saal hua hai abhi… metric pass karne ke baad idhar aayA hoon … rozgaar ke liye” Lokesh replied.

tau tumhaari shaadi-vaadi hui ki nahin  abhi?” Namrata asked with a sexy smile.

shaadi to hamrai bachpan mein hi ho gayi thi…” he replied blushingly “par abhi tak gauna nahin  hua hai

gauna… who kya hai?”

gauna… matlab abhi tak hamaari lugaai hamaare saath nahin  hai… apne mayake mein hi hai… vidaai nahin  hui hai…. pahle hum do char paise jod lein … phir vidaai ki rasam hogi“… he explained.

tau tum aba tak kunware hi ho…. mera matlab tumhen  biwi ki jaroorat nahin  mahsoos hoti?….. Namrata’s sultry voice, and sizzling smile suggested only one thing: sex. She took a drag of her cigarette, shaking her head as she exhaled.

The young driver tried to speak, but he could not, so instead, he just mumbled incoherently. He was totally confused. A rich and beautiful, half-drunk woman talking to him like this… what was going on? Maybe she’s gonna let him fuck her after all. He had had sex only once in his life and now he remembered the one girl he had fucked, back in his village. He knew that after he dropped this pretty woman at her destination, he would probably have to masturbate.

Namrata couldn’t help smiling as she saw him squirm in embarrassment. Namrata knew that he was in an agony of confusion and frustration as she brazenly flaunted her intentions. She was enjoying teasing him while testing his guts. Watching the young auto-rickshaw driver in this condition, and knowing that she alone had caused it, gave her a little secret thrill. She had gone through this many times with her own students.

Namrata twisted in the seat, spreading her knees little wider apart, massaged her crotch gently with her hand, from over her saree. Driver’s eyes were ready to bounce out of his head. She grinned at him, but he didn’t notice. His attention was torn between her crotch and keeping the auto-rickshaw in the dirt road. With her mouth half-open, she placed the tip of her tongue against the ridge of her upper teeth as she stared back murkily at him. Her eyes were saying to him, you could fuck me if you want to, and she knew her body was saying it too, it was smoking with invitations that only a stone could have failed to notice.

She was being so nasty, tempting him like this. Now she wondered if the fool was ever going to stop the auto-rickshaw, pull over and make love to her. Luckily, the driver stopped the auto-rickshaw off the track, on the very lonely stretch of dirt-path & got down & walked a few paces ahead and in her full view opened his trousers and took his lund out & acted as if he was having a leak. His penis was long, thick and beautiful, though not as big as that of the vagabond who had fucked her in similar surroundings, a couple of days back. He had an amazing ass, tight as hell, and Namrata found herself staring right at it. Namrata looked around at the surroundings. What the hell, there was no one about. Most likely there would be no one else through here for hours on this lonely dirt- road at this hour. She was transfixed by his penis and couldn’t take her eyes off it. Namrata realized that he was not having a pee, but was deliberately stroking his penis. She was now out of patience and crazy with lust. Here Namrata was, laid out in front of him, all wet and ready and the aggravating young stud was masturbating his big lund instead of jumping at her. She was getting desperate. Namrata was now out of patience and crazy with lust. She took a hard, long pull on her flask until she squeezed out one last solitary drop. Her eyes were still fixed on his rock hard young dick. She thought that if she didn’t do something soon his young penis would squirt and become smaller, something she didn’t want to happen. He was real simpleton. And as it always is, the initiative was on the smarter one – Namrata.

Oye bewakoof, vahAn  khaDe-khaDe lund hilA rahA hai… yahAn  main  kaba se chuddai kA signal de rahi hoon ….” Namrata waved her hand as she tossed the burning end of her cigarette and daringly cried out, feeling totally horny and drunk. She was no longer thinking with her brain, nor was she thinking with her heart. Only thing that mattered to her now was the wetness that she felt between her legs. She feared not the consequences, but she did fear inaction.

The driver turned around, his dick in his hands and his eyes fixed onto Namrata’s. He watched her, thoroughly confused and he was completely speechless. His young but big, turgid penis throbbed wickedly in his fist. Man juice leaked from the mulberry-colored knob and ran down the thick stalk. He lifted his eyes once again to look at her. Namrata took her saree and petti-coat off in a single fluid motion and placed them on the seat. The driver, Lokesh was now completely fixated at her breasts, not even daring to look anywhere else. Fucking this rich woman had been something he had fantasized about from the moment she had hired his auto-rickshaw but he had never imagined that he would actually get lucky. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He was overwhelmed by the situation. He had no idea on what to do.

Namrata stepped out from the back of the auto-rickshaw and stumbled forward on the wet grass… wearing nothing but her blouse, panties and red heels…and fell to her knees in front of him. Namrata looked at his penis lovingly, and then lashed out her tongue to lick his hotly throbbing young penis. An impassioned grunt emitted from Lokesh’s mouth as he looked down to see the lovely naked woman lick her tongue up and down the full length of his lustfully pulsating penis, dipping and swirling with gathering momentum, while at the same time her hand pumped spasmodically at the dangling scrotum of his balls, kneading and caressing the flaccid flesh skillfully. She drew in her breath and opened her mouth to enclose the hard rubbery head between her shapely lips. She could feel his sperm-filled testicles squirm and contract, and he began an almost imperceptible flexing motion of his hips, actually trying now to force more and more of his pounding penis into Namrata’s penis-contorted face.

Lokesh could see that her cheeks were bulging and there was only a tiny bit of reddish flesh protruding from her firm, ovalled lips. It gave him a strange thrill to see a woman’s shapely red lips curve around his fully erect penis. He never dreamed he would ever see such a thing, and now that he was doing just that, he was unable to believe his own reaction … He liked it … and he hoped she never stopped.

Namrata choked back the moan of delight trying to rise in her throat. She felt the heated secretions seeping wetly from her feverish vagina and flowing down between her widespread thighs to puddle wetly on the floor beneath her. She pressed her thighs together and pinched the tiny throbbing bud of her clitoris between her hairless cuntal lips.

He gazed with rapt interest as Namrata finally released the hardened length from her mouth, and still clasping it firmly around the base, began to run her tongue all around it once more, dropping even lower to coat his writhing balls with her warm saliva, wringing moan after moan of exquisite pleasure from him. He could feel his body weaving from side to side, and instinctively his hands tangled in her long hair as she once more enclosed the heavy, blood-filled penis in her mouth and began to suck greedily on it.

Feverishly, Namrata sucked and licked, thoroughly examining with her tongue every inch and ridge of his pulsing penis. She cupped his sperm-filled testicles in one palm while the clasping finger and thumb of her other hand held to its thickly rigid base. She felt him thrusting his hips forward to her descending motions, fucking his aching hardness between her wetly clasping lips deep into her sucking mouth. Namrata was hardly aware of her young lover’s moan of intense delight. She was too overwhelmed herself with the staggering immensity of her salacious pleasure that filled her quaking belly and hotly seeping cunt as she sucked his sweet-tasting penis. She grabbed his buttocks with her hands and pushed her face into his groin swallowing his seven-inch tool. Now she had the auto rickshaw driver’s penis down her throat. It was easy; Namrata swallowed it without a hint of any difficulty. She took him in and out, all seven inches, repeatedly, over and over. She fucked her own throat with his shaft as if it were a loose cunt, no pushing, and no forcing; just penis swallowing. And in the back of her mind was the ever-present knowledge that this penis would soon cum … soon shoot a searing load of white, creamy sperm deep into her hungrily sucking mouth. She did not want all this to end there. Namrata was aware that her own aroused body was seeping copious vaginal moisture. Her own erotic juices were seeping out from deep within her burning cunt! God! Oh, God! How she wanted him … needed him. She wanted his big, young penis fucking into her aching pussy. Namrata had to have something fucking in and out of her … nothing else mattered. It would trigger the ecstatic release she must have before she went totally insane with lust.

“Uuuuuuuhhhh…” she pulled away from him, “meri choot tere lund ki pyaasi hai….aba chodo mujhe.” Namrata stood up and yanked her blouse off revealing her huge, voluptuous tits to his bulging eyes. Then she pulled her panties down over her high heels and threw them aside, exposing her shaven choot. He could feel his heart pounding at the sight of her nakedly compelling beauty. She was a really sexy sight with her naked body shining in the full moon light now. The moonlight lit her to make her skin silvery. Her dark hair was around her shoulders, dark nipples against her white chest. Her sexy red high-heeled sandals also glistened brightly in the moonlight

Namrata lay down on the ground on her back and opened her legs wide. He had his pants and under-shorts off by then and he looked down at her spread-eagled and ready. Namrata lay with her legs open and inviting. The driver boy came down on top of Namrata, his thick, bloated lund pressed down into the softly yielding naked belly as he lowered his body to hers. Namrata had to feel his hard and burning lund shoving deep inside her belly, yearned to feel its bloated, hard length fucking in and out, ramming home in her eagerly juicing choot.

Oh, chod mujhe aba!” Namrata moaned and squirmed, thrusting her hips upward toward him. “chod mujhe! jaldi kar!” Following the urging tag of her fingers, he slid atop her and between the inviting spread of her thighs, lowering himself on her body, so that the majority of his weight was born by his elbows on either side of this willing and wanton woman. Namrata’s hands grabbed at his lund, pressing the huge knob to her cunt. He hunched roughly and she squealed with pain and pleasure as her cunt lips gaped open and peeled back his foreskin. In one hard thrust, he plunged into the liquid warmth of her cunt, lashing into her like a rapist taking a virgin. But Namrata was no virgin; her hips leapt up to welcome his entrance. Their bodies slapped together. Together they moaned, lost in the fulfillment of two willing and desirous people having achieved sexual union. There were no longer any confusion as he wrenched out and lunged back into her body. He had but one thought – to fuck the hell out of this woman, who had seduced him in this lonely place for the sole purpose of having him fuck the hell out of her!

Namrata had the same thought! Her legs locked around his, holding his firmly between her thighs, as if she expected him to attempt an escape. Her hands were at his back, fingernails biting into his skin. Namrata twisted and rolled the heavy cushions of her breasts against his chest, exciting both him and herself at the same time. Like a spike of flesh, he slammed into the humid hole of sex that swallowed his lund and squeezed it in a chamber of velvet-covered steel muscles. As hard as he thrusted inward, he jerked out of the encompassing softness, her pussy flowed with him, its pink lips flowering outward.

Then he plunged inward again, trying to bang his penishead against the opening of her cervix waiting in the depths of her belly. Grunting with pleasure, Namrata welcomed the thick circumference. Deeper and deeper he drove and she felt the piston of pleasure stretch and fill the channel of her choot. Her own muscles worked as best they could, as lust took complete control of her body. Squeezing, she desperately tried to grasp the hot rod that sliced in and out of her cunt.

jor lagaa ke,” Namrata mumbled in his ear between deeply sucking gasps of pleasure. “jor se! aur jor-jor se ghuseD meri choot men 

He obliged by reaming as hard as he could into the exquisite heat of her pussy. He pounded and ravaged into the juice-slick tunnel of her belly. Like an angry jackhammer, he poled into her depths, his own lust screaming from the tight friction of her cunt. Her hips worked in unison with him. As he plunged downward, her pelvis jumped up and accepted every inch of swollen penis he could stuff into the mouth of her sex. As he wrenched out, in preparation for another lancing thrust, her hips fell away, her ass bouncing onto the grassy patch beneath her. Then she was there with that predatory hunger for penis, sheathing his prick once more as he rammed into her again.

Their bodies melted into a tangle of hot, urgent, aching flesh as they worked together, feeding the flames of desire that consumed them. In and out, he pumped into the clutching socket of her sex. Faster and harder, he tried to drive his thick, swollen lance of prick into her pyaasi choot as she had urged him. Groaning and bucking, Namrata existed only for the fat slab of man meat that packed its way into her cunt. Her whole body was caught in a rushing tidal wave of sexual desire. Higher and higher, he whipped her on. Centering at their joined cores, swirling fingers of pleasure washed out and covered her. Each torrent of desire growing in strength, Namrata was blasted into the exploding universe of orgasmic oblivion.

Clinging to the young auto-rickshaw driver, who still pumped himself into her body, she soared on a skyrocketing nebula of pleasure. Lust completely shattered her soul, then re-assembled it over and over Salaciously, Namrata fucked her naked buttocks back at her panting young fucker to get the full benefit of his shaft of hardness buffeting into the inflamed cuntal passage. Every muscle in her naked body contracted as she felt the erotic jolt of sensual pleasure spasm through her screaming belly. “Yeeeaah.” As the orgasm hit her, she threw herself around on the ground, rubbing her back and her naked ass against the earth and the dead leaves, her cries of lust echoing among the trees.

Feeling the woman beneath him go rigid, he let the last wall of control crumble from his body, allowing the thick rush of sperm and semen to boil up through his penis and blast into the contracting hole of pussy surrounding him. Groaning in the stream of ecstasy that raced through his loins, he emptied his balls into the awaiting chalice of her belly. Gratefully, the steaming fountain of come spurted from his testicles, coating and soaking the quaking folds of her choot. Then he pulled out leaving Namrata begging for more as her orgasm continued to consume her body.

Namrata lay on the grass unable to move and not caring. A flickering smile of sensual satiated pleasure played across her happy face as he quickly stood up, gaping down at her as though he still could not believe what had happened to him. Namrata lay on the damp grass for a couple of minutes before she felt the cold against her bare backside. She got to her feet, her cunt still twitching and staggered towards auto-rickshaw. Lokesh watched her hips swaying, her ass bobbing as she teetered in her high heeled sandals. Namrata lit a cigarette and slouched down on the back seat spreading her legs as she took a classy drag and exhaled a long, slow, thick line of smoke through pursed lips. Namrata wasn’t finished with him by any means. She had a deep-seated lust and one orgasm, although incredibly gratifying, was not nearly enough to satisfy her.

“saba kapaDe ikaThThe kar ke yahAn  le aao.. abhI merA man nahIn  bharA hai…” she told him. Lokesh did as he was told and picked up his trousers and Namrata’s blouse and panties and came back to her. Namrata stopped him as he started putting on his trousers. “arey… baiTh na.. sunasAna jagaha hai… koii nahIn  aayega… le cigarette pIyegA…” Lokesh told her he did not smoke and sat there on the ground beside the auto-rickshaw before Namrata. She smiled at him drawing deeply at her cigarette, and then adjusted her legs, parting them and her fleshy choot stretched open. Lokesh smiled back drinking in the beauty of her fleshy hairless choot. The entrance to her cunt dripped with his spent sperm. “kyA khyaal hai… ek aur daur ho jaaye…idhara mere paas baiTh… tere pyaare lund ko taiyaar karti hoon …” Namrata said in a very sex voice as she stretched her leg and caressed his penis with her high-heeled sandal.

Lokesh’s heart and penis jumped. He was in heaven. He had never expected any woman like Namrata in the world. She was one in a million seeking the wild times and kinky adventures. She could have any man just for the asking. But instead she was here fucking a poor boy like him in a public place. “memsaab… hum to aapakA gulaam ho gayA hoon … aap jaise kahen gi, main  aur merA lund vaise hI aapkI seva karega,” Lokesh replied as he climbed into the back of auto-rickshaw.

Namrata reached out and took his penis in her hand. She took a deep drag on her cigarette and exhaled slowly, her hand pumping at his sticky, flaccid prick.

Namrata took another drag on her cigarette and leaned forwards. She opened her mouth, and with the thick, creamy cigarette smoke swirling inside, she slid Lokesh’s lund into her moist mouth and wrapped her red lips around it and started to suck. She sucked his penis into her mouth, tasting a hint of sperm and her own mild pussy flavor. Lokesh was good and hard again. Sucking wetly on his knob, she pulled it from her saliva-filled mouth and took a drag on her cigarette. She then started to kiss his hard, thick prick all over, leaving smears of red lipstick on the smooth skin. Namrata wetly sucked on it, tracing her small, pink tongue over it’s surface, leaving trails of her saliva all over it as she alternated between kissing and sucking on it and taking drags on her cigarette. Lokesh’s penis was now seeping milky water into Namrata’s sucking mouth.

Once Namrata felt he was really horny and couldn’t take much more, she backed off him, and took a last drag on her cigarette, “meri gand mein pail yeh lund.” Namrata turned around to kneel on the back seat, but it was too cramped in the small space. So she knelt on the edge of the seat with her ass up in the air facing out the auto-rickshaw. Quickly Lokesh went out walking around the auto-rickshaw to the other side. Namrata’s ass was ready and waiting for his penis. He positioned himself right on her back door and Namrata beckoned him again. “chal, jaldi kar… meri gand mein apna yeh mota lund ghuseD de.” Lokesh wasted no time. He pushed on her anus and penetrated her back hole. Once inside her and hearing Namrata moan in enjoyment of his stiff lund, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back as he pushed forward. His penis forced through her tight asshole in one motion. He was buried completely up her rectum. Lokesh was in heaven. He had only one sexual experience in his life. Now he had his hard penis stuffed up the asshole of a beautiful, rich, and drunk lady and she loved it.

Oh, haaiii haaaaaan ,” Namrata cried. “chod mujhe.” “meri gand chod. Oooooo…” Namrata was making him crazy with her slut talk. Lokesh couldn’t believe such a beautiful looking woman would beg so desperately to be fucked, much less in the ass. But that’s what was happening. Namrata was begging him to fuck her tight anal hole. He stayed buried in her for a moment trying to come to his senses that this was really happening. As he looked down he saw that he really did have his penis inside this incredibly beautiful mem-saab’s asshole. And her words kept echoing in his mind, “chod mujhe, meri gand choD.” Namrata began gasping and moaning as her butt was filled with penis. Like a bitch in heat, Namrata suddenly wanted the whole penis-lance in her arse, and she thrust backwards at Lokesh.

He withdrew his tool slightly and shoved it back in several times until Namrata’s hole got accustomed to him. He was going to give her what she wanted. He picked up the pace fucking her faster and harder with longer strokes until eventually he was able to extract all of his penis from Namrata’s ass and re-penetrate her hole in one quick motion. Arsehole crammed full of prick, Namrata was experiencing the heights of ecstasy. “UUOHH! UUHH! UUOHH! UUOHH!” she grunted as he Pistoned her obscenely squelching butt. Lokesh was holding Namrata’s ass-cheeks with his hands keeping them spread apart as he bucked his hips back and forth driving his penis over and over up Namrata’s ass. The auto-rickshaw rocked each time he bottomed out when his body slammed into Namrata’s rear end. When he did, Namrata let out a grunt from the force of him slamming her. “Oh… Oh… OHOHOHOHOHOH… OOOOOOHHHH!!! He was relentless fucking her hole, his penis pistoned like a machine driving both him and Namrata to the brink.

Namrata bucked back to meet his forward fuck thrusts. She took the entire prick he could give and asked for more, begging for him to fuck her arse harder and faster. She bucked and pumped backwards and forwards, out of control, with her arsehole filled with prick. Her arsehole squeezed open and shut and gripped Lokesh’s penis with super power on every squeeze. The tightness was too much for Lokesh to take any longer. He screamed and climaxed, his mammoth penis exploding, drenching the inside of Namrata’s arsehole in a shower of hot, creamy cum. Spurts of penis-cream jetted into Namrata’s arse. Wads of cum, after filling Namrata fully, leaked out of her arse, spraying his penis and balls and her buttocks with cum. Namrata, in the throes of orgasm, felt her arsehole contract and squeeze on Lokesh’s prick. She heard his cry of climax, and felt him slam into her arse with all the power at his command. Her climax was still in full swing as she felt these things. “AAAWWWWWWWWWH!” “AAAAIIIIIIEEEE!!!” Arsehole squeezing and contracting, full of hot, hard prick, Namrata experienced utter bliss. She wiggled her butt squeezing his penis with her ass milking out every bit of his hot sticky cum, until he was drained. Then Lokesh pulled out leaving Namrata begging for more as her orgasm continued to consume her body.

Namrata, still in her orgasm, wanted Lokesh’s lund. She didn’t care that it had just come out of her ass. “mujhe lund kaa swaad lene do..” She twisted around grabbing his slimy dirty scum covered penis and brought to her mouth. Then down it went, all the way. Namrata sucked him down cleaning his penis in the process of every bit of the scumy substance that came from her own ass. It aroused Lokesh again. Seeing Namrata slurping and cleaning his dirty scum covered penis made him start cumming in Namrata’s mouth, giving her a big mouthful of sticky White MakTiwariof lund to swallow to go along with the brown mucous that she already ate. Namrata groaned while she continued sucking a swallowing, her Adam’s apple bobbing crazily as she gulped the flood of boiling semen squirting into the warm wet cavern of her mouth … And then the two of them were finished … his deflating penis pulling from her still nibbling lips … and there was nothing left … nothing but the wonderful feelings of total satisfaction. Lokesh looked at her semen covered lips with a huge smile on his face as he picked up his clothes and dressed slowly.

It was now dark. Namrata just pulled her saree around her naked body as she was too drunk to put on her blouse and petticoat or neatly tie her saree. Lokesh drove her to her house in his auto-rickshaw. Namrata gathered her clothes and purse as she got down in just her high heels and her saree carelessly wrapped around her. She paid him two thousand rupees. 

Then she stumbled through her lawn to the front door. 

Her legs felt wobbly and she fell more than once before she reached her bed.


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